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    Thread: Used to have a lot of lucid dreams, now almost none!

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      Used to have a lot of lucid dreams, now almost none!

      Hello people, i'm a 29 years old guy from spain. I'm gonna start saying that I've had lucid dreams since I was a child , but occasionally ,not at will. And like most of us I started this journey with the control in dreams , first , and the lucid dreaming , after when I was a child and I wanted to overcome my nightmares and control them.
      Lets go to the topic , about a month and a half ago I started to be again interested in the topic of lucid dreaming , and for my surprise I start having a lot of them, almost every day , till the point I started to think I was having them almost at will. Almost all of them were in the same situation: after sleeping like 5-6 hours , I wake up , stay awake like half and hour or so while I wrote the dreams in a dream diary app on the pone , go back to sleep and just "trust" that I was going to have a lucid dream. And the start of 90% of them was the same ; while I was feeling asleep I arrive to a point where I suddenly feel I am dreaming ( while being in bed ) and I roll from the bed , get up , put first a leg off the bed and the rest of the body after , etc ( some way to stand up from the bed , depending on the position I was or the way I felt it was more easy to do it ) , all of this being complete consciouss that Im dreaming and aware of it. Then I usually went to the window on the hall , go out flying and start the "journey " of the lucid dream.This was almost every night I tried , and some days it was 5 followed one by another, other 3 , etc.. ( depending also on the time i had to get up in order to do ordinary things ). Now it comes the " problem " . U know all the stuff is happening with the coronavirus, and I guess u know that Spain is one of the most affected countries. So we are going to be at home ( most of us , only a few jobs are still operative ) for about 2 months , no working , sooo all the time of the world to do whatever u want ( of course inside of home , cause is forbidden to go out if its not for buying food , taking the dog for a walk and few other things ) so i thought it was the perfect time in order to try to learn, practrice and dedicate more attention to the lucid dreaming topic. whats the problem ? we're now on the 10th day of cuarantine , and Ive had only one lucid dream and it wasnt not even intentional. And I dont know why ; I do ( or this is what i think ) the same as when I used to have a lot as I explained before, I focus the same way , visualize the same things, etc. ( u know all the stuff involved ) BUT i only get normal sleeping and normal dreams ( by normal I meant not lucid ones ).
      And I asking myself why this it happens and I dont have any real idea, so I come here to see if some of u have any idea why could this be happening , or maybe some of u had a similar situation from having a lot of lucid dreams almost at will to not being able to have even one.
      Sorry for my bad english , I hope I make it understandable , and sorry for the long text but I like to explain things the best I can in order to make myself understood the best possible.

      Thanks in advance and strong to all in what is going on with that virus.


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      Your English is understandable, the only thing is it might be more easily readable if you separate the paragraphs of your post a bit more. Personally I find that the text in DV is a bit too dense at times if you don't add paragraph spacings.

      When I was a child I had a similar experience of going into lucid or semi-lucid dreams while falling asleep. That hasn't happened for years but for me the reason is a physical one. In your case, I think part of the reason why it maybe stopped again after this recent "restart" is that there's probably been a routine change to how your day is happening and by extension to how you are perceiving things happening, since the quarantine.

      Perhaps it's an expectation issue, because as you said, you thought "now is the perfect time" so maybe you're focusing too much on it consciously somehow? But apart from that, I think I'd start by looking for differences between what happens daily now versus what was usually happening when the dreaming situation started again. The most prominent question in my mind, is your sleep pattern/routine altered?
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      First of all , thanks for your response , and for reading all ! jaja

      Im happy to say today ( I still dont know why , I have teories but I really dont know the truly cause ) I had 4 lucid dreams , one again the other, in the same way I used to have from one month ago to 2 weeks more or less ago .

      Answering your questions ( an taking into accout the separation between phrases matter ) I have to say that my sleep routine didnt change , the way I went to bed those days in comparation from before is more or less the same , in any case the difference would be in the waking up hour ( no need to wake up in an X hour because the actual circunstances ).

      But , related to what u were saying , my routine of course changed ( not going out from home in all the day , only 30-60 min for taking the dog for a walk or buying something for eating ) so in that way this could have any kind of repercusion.

      Im going to translate using google the notes I took from the today lucid dreams. I hope google translate it good ( at least good enough ) for u to understand and that it could help anyone with a similar situation or simply wanting to learn more about the lucid dream world.

      Here it goes:

      ----------notes from dream diary, 25-03-2020-------
      previous sensations:
      * curiously I was sure that I was going to have it, I felt the same feeling of security when it came to having them a few weeks ago when I had them *
      * possibly I have remembered those sensations when reading in the newspaper the lucid dreams of then (end of February) *
      * concentration and / or initial intention, then delivery and attention *

      -It has been 4 if I remember correctly, all have started in the same way and in the same way as always, rolling or rising from the left. I think that in one I have not reached the door of the room and I have awakened before (or I have had a false awakening). In all of them I have left through the dining room window.

      I think it has not been any of them very long, the last one in any case the most.

      In one I could not control the flight well (it was too fast, I remember that I "stamped on things"), I also remember that in one the color of the environment (of the sky) was like gold, something similar to a sunset but not quite . In others I think I remember that it was night and in others by day, but that I remember especially because of the color.

      I think that is also the last one (I already knew it was daylight because before leaving the room under the door there was already light). In this before leaving the balcony I stop to check "realism" or to stabilize the dream looking at my hands, which look very real, and I think that also touching a specific light bulb or light on the roofs of the houses once I start to fly, which also feels very real. I also remember that in this dream I decide to go up the street, and I see how the global scenario (if I look in general) seems to be changing on the fly, but I can attend to details of the scene so that they are "fixed" and I csn observe or interact with them .

      I think about entering some houses where light is seen from the outside, and inside first I see a girl lying down but it turns out that there are 3 in other beds. I do several things with them(dirty things jaja) and there if I remember correctly I wake up. I no longer try to have more because, apart from the fact that it is late, I no longer feel like sleeping and I am already satisfied with what I "achieved".

      In the start of one, before standing up ( so laying still on the bed) something comes from the toilet room towards me, like the monsters from the movies, and he wants to bite me but I think I remember that I ended up biting him. I do not remember feeling pain or anything, not even fear, although it is a bit annoying (is this what many call astral entities or things like that?)And then I remember thinking about imagining or feeling a kind of protection that zoom out to get to the balcony quietly, which works.


      So here it is, I hope google translator done it well 😂 I know is a long post but I think all ppl here is interested in thosd things so , at least for me , I wanna know as much as I can from what I'm interested on.

      Greetings ppl!
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      Hi Gensor. It is my experience that you need to be relaxed and at peace to lucid dream. Tension does not help. So, while you started out the first 2 weeks worrying about COVID-19 you didn't lucid dream. Even if it was a subscionscious worry. After a couple weeks things calmed down. Also intention to lucid dream is good and useful, but willing to lucid dream isn't. It is a fine line, but don't try to force them. Good luck and have many more!
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