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    Thread: long time lucid dreaming evolution

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      uh... always?

      long time lucid dreaming evolution

      oh man im so happy to find this forum again, its been driving me NUTS trying to talk about my dreams and feeling like no ones really getting it

      so heres a topic ive found interesting, since ive been lucid dreaming since i was very young and have very vivd dreams, as well as rmebering, most of them, really.

      im curious if any other folks have similar expirences with their lucid dreams... lets say.... evolving?

      im not entirly sure how to describe this other than, well, hmmm

      my dreams in recent years, ive noticed have reached a sort of hyperrealistic state of violence and surealism.

      i havnt had nightmares in a sureal sense since i was very young as thats why i taught myself to lucid dream to begin with, to combat the chronic nightmares.

      over time nightmares mostly ceased aside from trauma related ones, because i was no longer afraid of most of the stuff that would cause them, even horror such and dismemberment and kidnapping and surealism became more amusing then anything (tho "shadow" presences have always been an issue)

      but with recent years evolution into the hyperrealism ive found myself having more nightmares again. sometimes of things i find very diffcult to graps when i wake up, highly surealistic concepts or scenarios, and other times, or sometimes combined, hyperrealistic violence withc ends up being quite disturbing as i try to change the flow of the dream or defend myself.

      this is a bit jumbled but my thoughts are honestly all over the place right now lol, uh, lemme know your thoughts? i can clrify any points if need be.
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      Surrealism violence only in your lucid dreams or all your dreams? Or is it that as soon as the surrealism violence begins, you become lucid?

      The patterns and trends of my dreams change over time, yes. Sometimes there's some violence but it's not a huge trend for me. I haven't questioned myself about that but these is an estimate of the questioning I might do for myself if this was happening to me:
      1. Is there an actual threat of violence in my life? (if yes, then, the best way to deal with the dreams is to deal with the real threat of violence)
      2. Do I have some subtle survivalist anxiety or fear in life? (if yes, I would set some strategies to deal with my anxiety)
      3. Am I competitive? (I might find a healthy way to channel my competitiveness/violence like a sport).

      Because at the source, I think there's violence in all of us rooted in the need for survival and competition of our species. There's something important about it that we shouldn't throw away.

      If everything really always leads to surrealist violence, I'd also practice visualization. At first, when I visualized, I couldn't get past a door. I still feel a resistance and when I pass it, I am pulled back to the doorway. But with practice, I can move on. Maybe if you visualize some sort of surrealist violence, you can train to visualize a conclusion to the violence and then visualize moving on. See if it's difficult (the mind returns to the violence). If it's difficult, focus on a sense of closure, of letting go. And focus on something else. Perhaps a sport to keep in the same competitive energy.

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      Here's my take on it, just based on my own experience. Sometimes we are not ready to face the traumas or bad stuff in our unconscious (stuff that could be from our childhood, or even maybe other life times, depending on what you believe). Then, we grow, and we're ready. Our higher self (forgive my spiritual bent here, you can take or leave it as you will) knows this, and brings that stuff to the surface for us to integrate and heal when we are ready for it. We may get more nightmares as a result. If we can lucidly engage the nightmare, we can integrate to become more whole.

      I would use your lucid talent to question nightmare figures and ask them what message they have. You might get some clues as to where the dreams are coming from (current issues or past issues). I would also try flowing love or hugging any scary dream characters.

      Good luck! Welcome back to the forums!
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