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      The way I dream

      I've been able to lucid dream for as long as I can remember, it often happens as I'm waking up. When I'm waking up and just laying around in bed, I have the high-level lucid dreaming where I'm aware that I'm awake and in bed, but my mind keeps flowing with the dream. I'm both in the dream and watching it at the same time. I do think to myself "should I wake up?" but I decide I don't want to, and just let my mind keep going until it runs out of ideas. Then I wake up. For me it's like watching TV. You can't control it, you could turn if off if you wanted to, but you want to see what happens.

      I don't control my dreams purposely. I wouldn't want to, because dreaming to me is like making up stories of what I and other people would do in certain situations. I don't control the people and I don't control the situations or the outcomes, it's just whatever flows out of my subconscious that happens, which is guided by what I know of the people I know. If I was controlling them, then it wouldn't be dreaming as far as I'm concerned.

      My dreams are all realistic, meaning that they are possible situations subjected to the laws of nature. My dreams are basically me and other people I know, sometimes other people that I don't quite know or made up, going through some kind of situation. Not everyone even has to look like anything, because in my dream it may not matter. If I care or wonder, my mind will chose or make up someone. The scene is usually realistic or based off something in real life. It also is usually pretty spartan, unless I care and then my mind creates something that makes sense. It's mostly action/movement with some talking. It took me a while to figure out if I dreamed in color, and eventually I figured that there is some color, but it doesn't matter to me while I'm dreaming.

      The only nonrealistic part is when people suddenly change or scenes change; it's my mind either changing or refining who it was or where we were. Sometimes that bothers me while I'm dreaming but I usually just go with it. I suppose that would be a "dream sign." The only other "dream sign" I have is when some part of my dream repeats, or I realize I've had this dream before. Then I'm in a lucid state thinking "I've had this dream before" and just let the dream continue until I wake up or go back to non-lucid sleep.

      The only time I have a low-level lucid dream is when something scary is happening... and then I wake up at the end of it. I've dreamt about killing someone before, or doing something else that I really really regretted, and I'd be scared and regretting it absolutely terribly as it's going along... then as I wake up, I try to figure out if it really happened or if it was a dream. Sometimes I have difficulty. But I slowly come to the realization it was a dream and feel so relieved and just keep thanking God over and over that it didn't really happen.

      Other characteristics of my dreams: I've tripped many times in dreams before... some normal dream will be going along and I'll just accidentally trip at some point. My whole body feels like it's falling and I wake up half way through the fall realizing I'm in my bed not going anywhere, even tho my whole body continues to feel like it's falling through my bed... it's so wrong and strange feeling. When I'm scared and try to talk or scream, it gets stuck in my throat and I can't talk. Otherwise when I'm feeling normal, I will sometimes talk out loud, tho not while I'm lucid dreaming.

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      my dreams

      my dreams are basically totally random (well the plots are) but the scenery is always awesome, lucid or not. but anyway, my situations are always stupid and im always weak when im not lucid. and sometimes i have dreams where there is a killer or the end of the world is literally comming!! then flying would be really usefull lol. the moods of my dreams are usually an exploring type or i think i am someone else and i know what i have to go do lol. like i dreamt i had to drive to this one place and i didnt know who i was, but it wasnt me lol. i really need to have lucid dreams more often. and my situations would never happen in real life, even when im not lucid i can do matrix moves and the scenery and overall dream itself defies everything in the normal world in some way, even though it is set on earth.

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      Thats interesting "me", that you can have dreams being lucid, but not in the way that you want to control the dreams. Its interesting how you see it is a movie, and you would like to see what would happen, rather than most people who would rather change whats going on, and take control. Interesting outlook.

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      I know what I am saying... err I mean I know what me is saying hehe sorry that was horrible..

      About totaly taking controll of a dream and molding it to your will, making other people do what I want seems a lil weird to me I would rather they work on their own or whatever my subconsious decideds

      I used to try to controll the total outcomes of my dreams and they usualy crumple changing the scene totaly shocks me awake and I have learned as such to not do that anymore, like in nightmare situations I can only turn around and face whatever it is the focus for the nightmare.
      I can only do what I can do, and it all requires expenditure of energy in varying degrees, I started off as a scientist so now I guess my dreams are blended with it so there are rules and such, but some rules can be bent =) for instance gravity can be weakened but not totaly ignored, I find flying in my dragon form much easier than doing the superman. And no im not some fat tiny winged european dragon, and no im not a serpentine eastern dragon, more of a blend of the two I can fly with wingpower alone and be one with the air... *siggggggh*
      So you ask... changing into a dragon isint all that scientificly possible your probably much larger as a dragon.
      Yes but not frikin huge there is only so much mass you can put in the air using musclepower alone, (check out some of the giant petrodons 45-50ft wingspans?)
      Well the change involves prettymuch destroying my current physical form and then using matter around me, mostly air and rearange everything at a subatomic level, and sitck myself back together it happens in a weird kinda growing feeling, the wings are the weirdest feeling as well we dont have any normaly This is one of the things that dosent require much energy for some reason, it jsut feels right so its kind of a bend the rules deal.
      Wholy crap
      /Rant off/
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