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    Thread: the shadow

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      the shadow

      I read some of C.J on wikipedia about the Shadow etc. and it said somewhere that you can actually meet ur shadow as a person in ur dreams or something like that. Has anyone tried that?
      Or do they just mean ur shadow is ur supressed personality traits that show in dreams because there is no culture there to supress it for?
      I think it's pretty interesting i guess, anyone have any experience with dealing with ur shadow and bringing it to the surface?

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      I've thought pretty heavily about my shadow. A big fan of Carl Jung, though I wish I understood it better. I don't believe I fully understand it, but I think it represents the things we try to deny of ourselves. Supposedly all the dream characters we meet are projections of our personality. The shadow is an archetype I believe. I'm still not fully sure of what exactly an archetype is. I'd suggest finding and reading the book "Man and his Symbols" by Carl Jung. I've only read it once, and at times I'd get lost in what he is saying. I mean to read it again but my friend has been borrowing it.

      I'm not so good at inducing lucids, but this is one of my goals, to approach my shadow, whatever it may be. This probably isn't a response you were looking for, but I also am very interested by the shadow. If you find any new information or any light on this subject, no pun intended, I'll check back to this thread. I'll do some more thinking on it.

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      maybe people before starting meditating or anything they should try to work in their own shadow.maybe then meditation is work on your shadow.

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