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    Thread: Read before posting!

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      Read before posting!

      Thank you so much for volunteering for translating the tutorials found here: DV Tutorials - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views into a language other than English.

      To keep this place simple and clean please follow these steps.

      1: Find your language. Is your language not in this part of the forum? Create a new thread with the name of the language. For example; "Swedish" would be the name of a thread full of Swedish tutorials. If there is already a thread in your language, go to step 2.

      2: Find existing tutorial. If you can't find the tutorial you're looking to translate in the thread, you can go ahead and post your translation of that tutorial. The entire language thread should contain NOTHING but tutorials. Any other posts will be deleted and you will receive a warning.

      Try to keep the tutorials as close to the original when it comes to content as possible. If I'm notified by any "trolling" within the tutorials you will be severely punished.
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