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    Thread: #DVA Chat Times & Logs

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      Spoiler for #DVA:
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      [19:58:53] Channel topic is: lucid dreaming
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      [20:00:05] <Idionym> its 8!
      [20:00:06] <Idionym> =O
      [20:00:23] <Burke> 'tis
      [20:00:28] <TheElusiveHobo> Yo.
      [20:00:37] Fourced [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:00:43] <cookieh> it's 4 am here >.>
      [20:00:50] <Idionym> lol its 8 here
      [20:00:53] <Idionym> CST ftw
      [20:00:58] <cookieh> well im in europe
      [20:01:02] <Burke> 9 PM
      [20:01:15] <Burke> hmm... germany?
      [20:01:23] <Idionym> lol @ the euro
      [20:01:26] <Idionym> just btw
      [20:01:35] <cookieh> nope
      [20:01:39] <RareCola> woo I remembered this time!
      [20:01:44] <cookieh> im in finland
      [20:02:06] <OpheliaBlue|Away> hey y'all!!
      [20:02:07] <RareCola> only 2am here
      [20:02:11] <Exotiraan> 2002 CDT.
      [20:02:12] <RareCola> hey Ophelia
      [20:02:13] <Idionym> Heyyyyyy
      [20:02:20] <Burke> hola
      [20:02:20] <cookieh> RareCola: waitwaitwait, where are you from?
      [20:02:28] <RareCola> UK
      [20:02:32] <cookieh> ahhh alrighty
      [20:02:36] <TheElusiveHobo> Hey Ophelia.
      [20:02:42] <OpheliaBlue|Away> UK, yeaaaah baby! Just saw Austin Powers earlier
      [20:02:56] <Burke> mumford & sons... so boss
      [20:03:07] <RareCola> I just got done watching Waking Life. So awesome.
      [20:03:12] <cookieh> what if i manage to attend all chat sessions..>
      [20:03:14] Exotiraan wonders how many apples it would take to increase dream recall.
      [20:03:19] <Idionym> im 3 for 3
      [20:03:20] <OpheliaBlue|Away> ok, something I just barely touched on in the chat earlier today, but want to really stress, is night time routine
      [20:03:32] <Idionym> what about it
      [20:03:34] <OpheliaBlue|Away> RareCola made a point of this, and I think it is also noteworthy
      [20:03:41] wana [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:03:47] <TheElusiveHobo> One of my favourite movies, that one. Sorry I couldn't make it in earlier, by the way.
      [20:03:52] wana [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "time for a lucid dream"
      [20:03:53] Exotiraan then slaps himself for how badly he worded that question.
      [20:04:01] <RareCola> Definitely, night time routine ftw
      [20:04:07] Fourced [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:04:08] <OpheliaBlue|Away> what do you do besides just brush your teeth and hop into bed, something that prepares you for lucid dreaming?
      [20:04:12] <Fourced> sorry im late
      [20:04:17] <Idionym> well
      [20:04:21] <cookieh> i usually look through my dj
      [20:04:23] <Idionym> for sleep
      [20:04:23] <Burke> that's a detention!
      [20:04:29] <Idionym> or just lucid dreaming?
      [20:04:45] <cookieh> maybe think of my mantra
      [20:04:48] <cookieh> or say it
      [20:04:57] <RareCola> Sleep, dreaming or lucid dreaming really
      [20:05:07] <RareCola> all are important factors to think about in a night time routine in my opinion
      [20:05:11] <Burke> I relax, do some mild meditation and think about LDs
      [20:05:12] <OpheliaBlue|Away> yeah reading dreams, yours and others, is great cookieh!
      [20:05:16] erinerinfalk [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:21] creepyemps [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:24] <cookieh> lool paige
      [20:05:27] <Fourced> hey erin
      [20:05:31] <Burke> so many tardies
      [20:05:34] <erinerinfalk> hi lol
      [20:05:35] <RareCola> welcome paige/erin
      [20:05:37] Evolventity [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:40] <Evolventity> Ohai.
      [20:05:43] <creepyemps> hello
      [20:05:47] <RareCola> We're talking about night time routines
      [20:05:47] <creepyemps> i was just gonna go to bed
      [20:05:50] <creepyemps> lol
      [20:05:55] <Mindraker> I try to clear my head. I find if my forehead is all scrunched up with thoughts of the previous day, I need to "let go". My body is usually a good indicator of stress in the mind.
      [20:05:55] <creepyemps> hmm okay
      [20:05:56] <Evolventity> Is le session here?
      [20:06:01] <Idionym> ya
      [20:06:04] <Evolventity> Ah okie.
      [20:06:10] <creepyemps> nah evo this is AA
      [20:06:11] <creepyemps>
      [20:06:12] <Evolventity> Who's teaching, ophie?
      [20:06:16] <RareCola> Mindraker: That's a great one.
      [20:06:20] <OpheliaBlue|Away> I was like, where's paige haha
      [20:06:22] <cookieh> yesh and rare
      [20:06:25] <Mindraker> If I start feeling my eyes wiggle back and forth on their own, then I'm on a good track.
      [20:06:28] <RareCola> Yea Evolventity
      [20:06:31] <Evolventity> AA? Cool. I'll use this info for my older sister.
      [20:06:39] <TheElusiveHobo> I did some meditation before bed last night, and my recall improved quite a bit.
      [20:06:40] <cookieh> AA meeting?
      [20:06:41] <cookieh> lol
      [20:06:43] <Burke> Hi, I'm Burke, and I'm a LDer
      [20:06:48] <OpheliaBlue|Away> haha
      [20:06:57] <Evolventity> Hey
      [20:07:20] <cookieh> Hello, I'm cookieh and..I'm a cookie monster
      [20:07:40] <creepyemps> hi Burke
      [20:07:42] <RareCola> I find my most vivid dreams and lucids come when I spend a good amount of time preparing my mind and body before bed. If I just get into bed and fall asleep in a rush, it usually suffers
      [20:07:45] <creepyemps> i'm creepy
      [20:07:46] <Evolventity> I just met you and this is crazy, by here's my username, so PM me maybe.
      [20:07:48] <creepyemps> wait what
      [20:07:50] <cookieh> lol creepyemps
      [20:07:59] <Burke> hi creepy
      [20:08:04] <cookieh> k focus kids
      [20:08:05] <TheElusiveHobo> I also noticed another dream sign.
      [20:08:10] <cookieh> what is it?
      [20:08:15] <Evolventity> What is this?
      [20:08:16] <OpheliaBlue|Away> something I do is make my bedroom like a hotel room.. it's the cleanest, most minimalist room in the house
      [20:08:24] <TheElusiveHobo> Not having shoes.
      [20:08:30] <cookieh> hmm
      [20:08:36] <Burke> I don't have shoes on...
      [20:08:38] Burke does a RC
      [20:08:42] <Evolventity> This room is whack.
      [20:08:43] <OpheliaBlue|Away> haha
      [20:08:43] <cookieh> me neither
      [20:08:44] <Idionym> lol
      [20:08:48] cookieh RC's
      [20:08:52] Burke forces entire room to RC
      [20:08:55] <Mindraker> I've watched a lot less TV since I've picked up lucid dreaming.
      [20:08:55] <Burke> do it now!
      [20:09:04] <RareCola> Definitely, Ophelia. Having a good sleeping space is important. Another thing I think is important is having your bed a "haven" for sleep. So many people use their beds for things other than sleep.
      [20:09:04] <creepyemps> I like to turn on this little fan near my bed, even though I have a/c, the buzzing sound of the fan helps me focus or something
      [20:09:10] <cookieh> i never even watch tv >.>
      [20:09:12] <OpheliaBlue|Away> I've had several LDs in hotel rooms, FA's too come to think of it.. I think it's because I was in a different place
      [20:09:37] <Evolventity> No wonder it's close to impossible for me to fall asleep in my bed.
      [20:09:38] <Burke> a hotel was where i had my first ever LD
      [20:10:12] <creepyemps> oh cool
      [20:10:12] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:10:25] <OpheliaBlue|Away> syth! woohoo
      [20:10:26] <Evolventity> Are there reasons for being in hotels other than one night stands?
      [20:10:35] <OpheliaBlue|Away> I was an opera singer and traveled alot
      [20:10:35] <Idionym> yes
      [20:10:39] <OpheliaBlue|Away> !back
      [20:10:41] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:10:41] <RareCola> I can see why hotels would be good for LDing, because you're in a relaxed environment with a new bed that's associated directly with sleep.
      [20:10:41] <OpheliaBlue> oops
      [20:10:41] <Evolventity> News to me.
      [20:10:42] <creepyemps> lol evo
      [20:10:45] <cookieh> what really
      [20:10:47] <cookieh> D:
      [20:11:04] Exotiraan is in a new apartment and his recall has been shitty.
      [20:11:07] ldobe [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:09] rudedudeowns [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:10] <creepyemps> also, i might crash soon, so goodnight in advance
      [20:11:11] <syth406> Hey guise school's finally over!
      [20:11:14] <OpheliaBlue> so erinerinfalk, you're our newhat do you do before bed normallywest!
      [20:11:14] <rudedudeowns> harro
      [20:11:16] <creepyemps> welcome, children.
      [20:11:16] <OpheliaBlue> crap
      [20:11:18] <Evolventity> RareCola: Just think of all the sex those beds have endured.
      [20:11:24] <rudedudeowns> whats the topic
      [20:11:24] <creepyemps>
      [20:11:26] <OpheliaBlue> damn keypad
      [20:11:31] <RareCola> Lol Evo
      [20:11:32] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:33] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +h Oreoboy1996
      [20:11:33] <creepyemps> evo i do not need a mental image lmao
      [20:11:34] <creepyemps> hey oreo
      [20:11:36] Evolventity sets topic to Nothing.
      [20:11:37] <cookieh> wow hai Oreoboy1996
      [20:11:41] <%Oreoboy1996> hello
      [20:11:44] <OpheliaBlue> hey oreo
      [20:11:44] Exotiraan giggles.
      [20:11:47] <cookieh> finally.
      [20:11:50] <%Oreoboy1996> internet finally came back
      [20:11:52] <OpheliaBlue> let me try that again..
      [20:11:55] <cookieh> #LucidDreaming is dead
      [20:11:55] <RareCola> We're talking about night time routines at the moment
      [20:11:57] Mzzkc [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:58] Evolventity waves to Exotiraan
      [20:12:00] <cookieh> because you werent here
      [20:12:03] <creepyemps> wow so many people!
      [20:12:05] <OpheliaBlue> erinerinfalk: how are you
      [20:12:07] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Mzzkc
      [20:12:07] <Evolventity> Ikr.
      [20:12:12] Exotiraan then actually thinks about this, contorts his face and "Ewwww."
      [20:12:13] <Evolventity> More active than #DV lol.
      [20:12:14] <OpheliaBlue> hey Mzzkc
      [20:12:15] <Mzzkc> Yo.
      [20:12:18] <Idionym> heyyyy
      [20:12:21] <Idionym> i know u
      [20:12:24] <Idionym> i read ur guide
      [20:12:25] <Idionym> or guides
      [20:12:28] <erinerinfalk> opheliablue: i'm good lol you?
      [20:12:39] <Evolventity> Newbs.
      [20:12:49] <RareCola> Btw Ophelia I'd like to grab you for a couple minutes after class if you're free
      [20:12:55] <OpheliaBlue> erinerinfalk: not bad.. so any ideas on what direction you would like to take toward lucidity?
      [20:12:57] <Mindraker> I'm surprised, you'd think it'd be easier to have a lucid dream in a familiar environment than an unfamiliar one?
      [20:12:58] <creepyemps> haha grab
      [20:13:00] <Exotiraan> RareCola: Oooh...!
      [20:13:03] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: of course
      [20:13:04] <creepyemps> bad brain. bad.
      [20:13:05] <%Oreoboy1996> i rememberd a third lucid earlier but i can't really talk about it since it was completely sexual
      [20:13:06] <Idionym> gaga
      [20:13:09] <Idionym> haha*
      [20:13:11] <cookieh> lool
      [20:13:16] <Evolventity> Lol gaga
      [20:13:24] <Idionym> =/
      [20:13:25] <OpheliaBlue> what can I say, I like the way them UK boys grab
      [20:13:29] rudedudeowns [[email protected]] is now known as rudedudeowns|BRB
      [20:13:30] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:13:32] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Yes you can!
      [20:13:33] <Mindraker> ... because I'd be naturally more "relaxed" in my familiar bedroom than in a strange hotel room?
      [20:13:33] <Evolventity> Wowza
      [20:13:35] <Exotiraan> * Oreoboy1996
      [20:13:40] <erinerinfalk> opheliablue: yeah I've been doing a little research about LDing here and there for the past few years but I've never had a lucid dream. I just wanna have one
      [20:13:43] <cookieh> creepyemps: lady gaga, stop raping the guests' legs
      [20:13:49] <creepyemps> yush :3
      [20:13:50] <Evolventity> Exotiraan: Any sexy dreams?
      [20:13:53] <RareCola> Mindraker: I don't think that's the case with hotels at all.
      [20:13:55] <OpheliaBlue> erinerinfalk: ever had a false awakening?
      [20:14:04] <creepyemps> erinerinfalk: you can do it!
      [20:14:08] <Exotiraan> Evolventity: No. :< I had a lucid this morning (and almost forgot it).
      [20:14:23] <Evolventity> I've been havign dreams about picking fruit.
      [20:14:23] <RareCola> Hotels are always made to be incredibly homely, even more so than your actual home in some circumstances.
      [20:14:33] <cookieh> oh congrats, Exotiraan
      [20:14:36] <Evolventity> Exotiraan: Congrats, nonetheless.
      [20:14:38] Aeolus [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:14:41] <Evolventity> Hey Aeolus
      [20:14:42] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Aeolus
      [20:14:44] <Idionym> Exotiraan: Lucky
      [20:14:50] <Aeolus> Hello
      [20:14:53] somekindofpony [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:14:56] <Aeolus> I've got to go to bed soon just checking this
      [20:14:56] <erinerinfalk> opheliablue: yeah i have actually, I remember one night where i "woke up" two times before i actually was awake
      [20:15:00] <Evolventity> Hey somekindofpony
      [20:15:04] <somekindofpony> Hai
      [20:15:05] <%Oreoboy1996> OpheliaBlue: i think your class may be a little big
      [20:15:06] <Mindraker> RareCola: well, perhaps a 5-star hotel, yeah, but not some motel with the redneck next door and the roaches crawling around... lol.
      [20:15:14] <cookieh> Oreoboy1996: a lot of illegals
      [20:15:14] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: Then leave.
      [20:15:17] <Idionym> lol
      [20:15:22] <Idionym> WOAH
      [20:15:23] <erinerinfalk> opheliablue: what techniques would you suggest?
      [20:15:27] <somekindofpony> I can't participate in this weekly because I usually have karate at this hour
      [20:15:29] <OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: yeah it's ok, I'll stay over a bit
      [20:15:30] <Aeolus> Woah evovle
      [20:15:32] <RareCola> Plus as I was mentioning. When you're in a hotel bed you're associating that bed directly with sleep. So many people use their home beds for things other than sleep, and that changes the sleep and relaxation association your mind usually has with the bed.
      [20:15:48] <cookieh> hm
      [20:15:48] <Fourced> haha i get it
      [20:15:50] <%Oreoboy1996> somekindofpony: there is a noon class
      [20:15:51] <Evolventity> Aeolus: What? o-o
      [20:15:56] <somekindofpony> Oh there is?
      [20:15:56] <OpheliaBlue> erinerinfalk: have you read any of the lessons yet? good information about RCs and DILDs
      [20:15:57] <Idionym> u so hostile
      [20:16:01] <Evolventity> Nu uh.
      [20:16:01] <somekindofpony> What time?
      [20:16:04] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah at 12pm CST
      [20:16:08] <Evolventity> Just propsing a solution.
      [20:16:11] <Evolventity>
      [20:16:18] <Idionym> bad
      [20:16:19] <Idionym> bad
      [20:16:20] kraid [[email protected]] has set mode +o OpheliaBlue
      [20:16:21] <Idionym> bad!
      [20:16:29] <Evolventity> What time is this session starting
      [20:16:32] fOrceez [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:16:34] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +a fOrceez
      [20:16:34] <@H4x0rWave|Away> what the-
      [20:16:36] <Burke> 16 minutes ago
      [20:16:37] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o fOrceez
      [20:16:38] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [20:16:46] <creepyemps> hey forc
      [20:16:46] <erinerinfalk> opheliablue: no I haven't. I'll look at them. But I do have a dream journal that I stopped using a while ago, I'm gonna start again
      [20:16:47] <Evolventity> Sooo what's the wait
      [20:16:48] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:16:48] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v dreamerJon23
      [20:16:52] <Evolventity> Hey dreamerJon23
      [20:16:54] <@OpheliaBlue> finally.
      [20:16:55] <Burke> hai 4C
      [20:16:57] <creepyemps> hey jon
      [20:16:57] <@H4x0rWave|Away> this is, erm,
      [20:16:58] <@H4x0rWave|Away> rather active.
      [20:16:58] <+dreamerJon23> hiya
      [20:17:03] Exotiraan is disappointed at his lucid 'cause he couldn't find what he wanted.
      [20:17:05] <cookieh> D so many students
      [20:17:10] <RareCola> God so many! Lol
      [20:17:11] <Evolventity> What did you want?
      [20:17:12] <&fOrceez> I came just to +o OpheliaBlue
      [20:17:12] <RareCola> Love it though
      [20:17:13] <@OpheliaBlue> erinerinfalk: oh totally, a dream journal is really helpful
      [20:17:15] <Burke> Exotiraan: practise and stabilization
      [20:17:16] <creepyemps> zomg so many people, my sleep-deprived zombie-mode self can't keep up
      [20:17:16] <&fOrceez> but she was already +o
      [20:17:17] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks fOrceez
      [20:17:18] <Exotiraan> But at least the DCs were nice.
      [20:17:23] <syth406> Rarecola do u read dream studies?
      [20:17:27] <+dreamerJon23> hello Ophioe, Paigey, evolv
      [20:17:28] <@OpheliaBlue> I wasn't a min ago, thanks all the same
      [20:17:29] <&fOrceez> And away!
      [20:17:31] fOrceez [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:17:36] <Exotiraan> 'Specially the guy that helped me when I couldn't move properly.
      [20:17:39] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h RareCola
      [20:17:48] <%Oreoboy1996> should we get started? O_OP
      [20:17:50] <Evolventity> o-o
      [20:17:53] <%Oreoboy1996> O_O
      [20:17:53] <%RareCola> I've done a lot of research into sleeping and dreaming in general, syth406. I used to have huge insomnia issues so that's what started it.
      [20:17:54] <+dreamerJon23> hey oreo
      [20:17:57] <%Oreoboy1996> hello dreamerJon23
      [20:18:01] <erinerinfalk> opheliablue: okay i'm gonna use it
      [20:18:05] <Idionym> i suggest that this should be more structured
      [20:18:05] <cookieh> get started? this is on.
      [20:18:08] <Mindraker> lol I thought we *were* started
      [20:18:08] <Evolventity> I request op
      [20:18:08] <Aeolus> Yo ophelia dawg is there any suggestion box for task of the months?
      [20:18:11] <Mindraker> we're pumpin'
      [20:18:14] <Idionym> so there isnt like 5 conversations
      [20:18:14] <%Oreoboy1996> didn't feel like we were started
      [20:18:17] <Idionym> at the same time
      [20:18:21] <@OpheliaBlue> Aeolus: yes there is a whole subforum actually
      [20:18:29] <Aeolus> Cool thanks
      [20:18:29] <@OpheliaBlue> anyone have the link bookmarked?
      [20:18:37] <Aeolus> I got it
      [20:18:42] <somekindofpony> So whats going on right now, I'm so tired and can barely keep track
      [20:18:53] <%RareCola> We were trying to talk about night time routines, somekindofpony
      [20:18:57] <somekindofpony> Ah
      [20:18:59] <@OpheliaBlue> somekindofpony: go to sleep then, there will be more chats
      [20:19:05] <somekindofpony> I cant
      [20:19:09] <@OpheliaBlue> sleep is number 1
      [20:19:10] Exotiraan is almost jelly at how Oreoboy1996 gets the sexy dreams even when he's not trying. :p
      [20:19:12] <creepyemps> i read your name as "somekindofporn"
      [20:19:15] <Idionym> LOL
      [20:19:17] <Mindraker> lol
      [20:19:17] <+dreamerJon23> incline INCLINE!
      [20:19:19] <cookieh> HAHAHA
      [20:19:19] creepyemps slaps self
      [20:19:19] <%Oreoboy1996> -_-
      [20:19:19] <@OpheliaBlue> oh you have karate?
      [20:19:19] <somekindofpony> o-o
      [20:19:20] <Evolventity> Whivh class is this
      [20:19:26] <creepyemps> intro class
      [20:19:26] <Burke> intro to LD
      [20:19:27] <Mindraker> "nighttime routines"
      [20:19:28] <somekindofpony> but If I sleep now I won't be able to sleep when its my bedtimes
      [20:19:32] <%Oreoboy1996> this is the introduction to lucid dreaming class
      [20:19:33] <%Oreoboy1996> for the basicas
      [20:19:36] <@OpheliaBlue> Beginners Intro to LDing
      [20:19:53] <@OpheliaBlue> yes Mindraker, minus the kleenix box
      [20:20:01] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:20:02] <Mindraker> LOL *blush*
      [20:20:08] <Evolventity> Intro Class for Beginners - Starting Now
      [20:20:15] <@OpheliaBlue> yes
      [20:20:18] <%RareCola> Technically those "activities" before bed can hinder your dreaming and lucid dreaming performance.
      [20:20:18] <Evolventity> K
      [20:20:26] <Idionym> really??/
      [20:20:28] <Idionym> danm it
      [20:20:32] <Idionym> how
      [20:20:36] <Burke> "it" actually helps you fall asleep i believe
      [20:20:37] <Fourced> lmao @ idionym
      [20:20:40] <Evolventity> Light stimulated your brains
      [20:20:42] <@OpheliaBlue> not for sure either way
      [20:20:45] <Idionym> ya
      [20:20:48] creepyemps facedesks
      [20:20:51] <Burke> for men anyway
      [20:20:53] <Mindraker> I thought (seriously) masturbation helped you sleep
      [20:20:54] <creepyemps> it?
      [20:20:56] <somekindofpony> I still feel very tired even though I'm on a computer
      [20:20:56] <Idionym> it helps me go to bed
      [20:20:56] <creepyemps> OHHHHHHHHHHHHH
      [20:20:57] <@OpheliaBlue> but this chat is not about the effects of that
      [20:20:58] <Idionym> masterbation
      [20:20:59] <creepyemps>
      [20:20:59] <Idionym> ya
      [20:21:05] <Evolventity> hahaha
      [20:21:10] <@OpheliaBlue> ok FOCUS FOCUS
      [20:21:12] cookieh sighs
      [20:21:15] <+dreamerJon23> !nick studerJon23
      [20:21:15] Burke focuses
      [20:21:15] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] is now known as studerJon23`
      [20:21:15] <somekindofpony> focusing
      [20:21:16] <%Oreoboy1996> we're talking about the effects of masturbation on sleep?
      [20:21:17] <@OpheliaBlue> how many of you incubate a dream before bed
      [20:21:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i didn't know there were any
      [20:21:25] <+studerJon23`> :/
      [20:21:25] <Idionym> i DILD
      [20:21:25] <%Oreoboy1996> i do
      [20:21:27] <creepyemps> me
      [20:21:30] <Idionym> with some mantras
      [20:21:34] <Idionym> if thats what u mean
      [20:21:36] Exotiraan 's lens whirs. A TRACKING VIDEO... notification blinks.
      [20:21:38] <Evolventity> That's sometimes the only way I can fall asleep.
      [20:21:46] <creepyemps> i imagine the dream i wanna have and stuff
      [20:21:51] <%RareCola> If you mantra, you're technically MILDing, Idionym
      [20:21:54] <%Oreoboy1996> me and Evolventity know a lot about dream incubation
      [20:22:00] <Idionym> oh fine
      [20:22:01] <Evolventity> YEah we wrote a tutorial
      [20:22:02] <@OpheliaBlue> creepyemps: awesome, that's exactly what I'm getting at
      [20:22:06] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [20:22:06] <Idionym> i guess im milding then
      [20:22:08] Mindraker makes a new year's resolution: he won't use his "kleenex box" in bed anymore.
      [20:22:12] <Fourced> i forget what dream incubation is
      [20:22:14] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:22:14] <somekindofpony> o-o
      [20:22:17] <cookieh> Oreoboy1996: Evolventity could either one of you link it?
      [20:22:18] ldobe [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:22:19] <Evolventity> Dream Incubation Tutorial: http://www.dreamviews.com/f45/dream-...torial-130133/
      [20:22:24] <Fourced> thx
      [20:22:24] <cookieh> oh thx
      [20:22:26] <Evolventity> Mhm.
      [20:22:27] <+studerJon23`> and thats where it all started..
      [20:22:35] <%Oreoboy1996> me, Evolventity, frobthebuilder, and nightspy2 wrote it
      [20:22:39] <Exotiraan> Mindraker: There's a challenge for that, actually...
      [20:22:39] <%RareCola> If you'd like to know more, Mindraker, you can PM me after class. This isn't the place to talk about it, though
      [20:22:44] <creepyemps> noice noice
      [20:22:59] <@OpheliaBlue> having a dream in mind, that you can put yuorself into, even visualizing an RC while you incubate it
      [20:23:09] <creepyemps> ahh yess
      [20:23:10] <Fourced> oh ya i did this last night
      [20:23:20] <creepyemps> when i incubate my dream, include a part where i "get lucid"
      [20:23:24] <Fourced> i tried to do it during my nap today and almost succeeded
      [20:23:25] <Idionym> wait we didnt finish that last conversation
      [20:23:32] <Mindraker> Yeah, so far I haven't been able to consciously control a dream, although my daily events have clearly affected my dreams.
      [20:23:32] <creepyemps> so when i dream, the "getting lucid" part will happen
      [20:23:33] <Idionym> does it hinder your ablitiy to lucid
      [20:23:36] <@OpheliaBlue> yes to what creepyemps said as well
      [20:23:37] rudedudeowns|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as rudedudeowns
      [20:23:38] <somekindofpony> Wouldn't it be easier to let your self dream, belive the location you want to be in is in the room near you?
      [20:23:48] <Evolventity> Good job paigey
      [20:23:48] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah paigey
      [20:23:50] <Fourced> idionym is worried lmao
      [20:23:55] <Idionym> =/
      [20:23:58] <Burke> Idionym: that's better left for a thread on the forum
      [20:24:03] <@OpheliaBlue> somekindofpony: I don't understand
      [20:24:10] <%RareCola> I don't think dream incubation necessarily has to be aimed at incubating a specific dream scene though. I believe it can be aimed at "incubating" your mind for dreaming, as in, just getting into that state of readiness.
      [20:24:13] <Idionym> ok
      [20:24:20] <somekindofpony> Wait your talking about preselecting a dream location right?
      [20:24:22] <%Oreoboy1996> i think there is a thread somewhere
      [20:24:23] <somekindofpony> before you fall asleep?
      [20:24:32] <@OpheliaBlue> yes
      [20:24:32] <creepyemps> :3
      [20:24:33] <%Oreoboy1996> yes
      [20:24:35] <Evolventity> yes
      [20:24:40] <Fourced> its prolly on lucid aids
      [20:24:41] <%Oreoboy1996> even a scenario and story to it
      [20:25:00] <somekindofpony> Well, wouldn't it be easier to just dream, then belive that location is going to be in a room near you
      [20:25:00] <%Oreoboy1996> you can also select people or objects
      [20:25:08] <@OpheliaBlue> although it can be more of a general preparation, as RareCola stated
      [20:25:08] <%Oreoboy1996> no
      [20:25:09] <somekindofpony> And then select the people to be involved
      [20:25:10] <somekindofpony> Oh
      [20:25:17] <%Oreoboy1996> to me it is much easier to incubate
      [20:25:18] <Burke> somekindofpony: that would involve being lucid
      [20:25:22] <somekindofpony> Ohh
      [20:25:26] <%Oreoboy1996> incubation can be done without lucidity
      [20:25:29] <%RareCola> I think it's better to have a more dreamy location, somekindofpony. Something out of the ordinary.
      [20:25:44] <somekindofpony> Okay
      [20:25:44] <%RareCola> Having a completely radical dream scene in your incubations gets your mind into more of a dream state
      [20:25:46] <cookieh> oh i can do that
      [20:25:47] Exotiraan needs to work on that, too.
      [20:25:48] <%Oreoboy1996> dream incubation also doesn't require you to be skilled at dream control
      [20:25:49] <cookieh>
      [20:25:59] <somekindofpony> So what is dream incubation?
      [20:26:00] <Exotiraan> RareCola: Not for me. :<
      [20:26:03] <Fourced> should dream incubation as an aid for lucidity be of a dream that defies reality?
      [20:26:03] <+studerJon23`> incubate; to sleep on
      [20:26:10] <%Oreoboy1996> [21:22:24] <Evolventity> Dream Incubation Tutorial: http://www.dreamviews.com/f45/dream-...torial-130133/
      [20:26:21] <Burke> creating a dream scenario of some sort and focusing on it while falling asleep so it carries over into your dreams
      [20:26:22] <Evolventity> Dream incubation is the process of facilitating the formation of desired dreams prior to falling asleep.
      [20:26:23] <cookieh> i cant wait to try it!
      [20:26:23] <Exotiraan> It's the compete opposite when used to try that.
      [20:26:30] <+studerJon23`> like sleeping on a problem, except you can sleep on anything imaginative
      [20:26:43] <@OpheliaBlue> yes studerJon23`
      [20:26:46] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: Oh now people pay attention to it.
      [20:26:47] <@OpheliaBlue> exactly
      [20:26:49] <%RareCola> I don't think the goal of dream incubation should directly be to induce this scene when you go into the dream state, just preparing your mind for a dream in general.
      [20:26:50] <Exotiraan> The more 'out of the box' I try to make it, the harder it is to sleep or the more likely I am to forget..
      [20:26:51] <+studerJon23`>
      [20:27:00] <%Oreoboy1996> lmao Evolventity
      [20:27:11] <cookieh> creepyemps: you know what i love the most about this dj i decorated? that big red e
      [20:27:21] <Fourced> i tried thinking of myself on the moon and it almost worked
      [20:27:25] <creepyemps> what big red e
      [20:27:26] <creepyemps> lol
      [20:27:30] <Fourced> im gunna try the same think tonight
      [20:27:30] <cookieh> i felt like i had to point it out
      [20:27:36] <cookieh> waitasec
      [20:27:37] <Exotiraan> Places that I normally are at in my dreams are much easier.
      [20:27:37] <Evolventity> RareCola: Sure thing. Dream incubation has many variations.
      [20:27:56] <@OpheliaBlue> I know what you mean RareCola, and while some people do better having a specific scene in mind, it's not always necessary to have a scene iron clad, like you said
      [20:28:13] <+studerJon23`> going to moon once
      [20:28:21] <Evolventity> Program it however you like.
      [20:28:23] <%Oreoboy1996> preparing your mind for a dream in general is pretty much what I use DDA for
      [20:28:34] <cookieh> creepyemps: that big e, it's like..perfect http://ompldr.org/vZTQzMw
      [20:28:34] <+studerJon23`> out a window I just imagined it had been a sky skraper and kept going
      [20:28:42] <+studerJon23`> :/
      [20:28:48] <+studerJon23`> kinda worked
      [20:28:58] <@OpheliaBlue> I used to do it all the time, but it was always romantic fantasies, because that was most motivational when I was single
      [20:29:01] Exotiraan suddenly recalls something and gasps.
      [20:29:08] <@OpheliaBlue> I need something more grown up now
      [20:29:10] <%RareCola> My theory is that, night time routine and spending a good amount of time preparing yourself for a dream is one of the best ways to induce better dream recall and lucidity
      [20:29:19] <Evolventity> Same here OpheliaBlue
      [20:29:20] <@OpheliaBlue> amen my brother
      [20:29:24] <Evolventity> There is so much more potential
      [20:29:27] Exotiraan hugs studerJon23` and writes stuff down in his Vim journal.
      [20:29:29] <Mindraker> Our mind changes when we get older. And so do our dreams.
      [20:29:34] <+studerJon23`> ^_^
      [20:29:35] <@OpheliaBlue> amen again
      [20:29:41] <Mindraker> We go for more abstract things as we get older.
      [20:29:49] <Idionym> older=
      [20:29:50] <%Oreoboy1996> forgot to update my LD count D:
      [20:29:50] <Idionym> ?
      [20:29:52] <@OpheliaBlue> like what for example Mindraker
      [20:30:01] <Exotiraan> Mindraker: I'm not sure if I agree with that or not.
      [20:30:01] <cookieh> creepyemps: no comment on my e? ..honestly, i dont even know why i said it
      [20:30:07] <Evolventity> e?
      [20:30:08] <Exotiraan> Mindraker: It feels like the opposite for e.
      [20:30:15] <Exotiraan> s/.../me./
      [20:30:25] <Evolventity> As far as I know, e stands for ecstacy.
      [20:30:25] <creepyemps> ahahaha sorry cookie, it took a while to load, browser sucks
      [20:30:32] <creepyemps> and yes it is very very cure lol
      [20:30:36] <cookieh> lol Evolventity http://ompldr.org/vZTQzMw
      [20:30:37] <Exotiraan> s/...$/me./ #, even.
      [20:30:39] <cookieh> not like that
      [20:30:40] <%Oreoboy1996> 17 lucids so far this month
      [20:30:47] <Idionym> haha noob
      [20:30:47] <@OpheliaBlue> good job man!
      [20:30:47] <creepyemps> it reminds me of wEmon
      [20:30:48] <Idionym> i got 0
      [20:30:51] <Fourced> thats sweet cookieh
      [20:30:56] <Evolventity> the e looks nice
      [20:31:03] <cookieh> lol thank you
      [20:31:04] <+studerJon23`> weakammon?
      [20:31:10] Aeolus [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:31:13] <Mindraker> Well, for example, we're not just dealing with the world around us, but abstract, imaginary, notions as well. For example, if I were to try to explain to a 3 year old what the square root of negative one is, s/he wouldn't understand that.
      [20:31:14] <@OpheliaBlue> ok, 5 minutes recess, I need to use the restroom
      [20:31:19] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:31:21] <Mindraker> But it would make sense in a dream.
      [20:31:26] Burke throws paper airplanes and spitwads
      [20:31:27] <Evolventity> recess from what
      [20:31:29] <Evolventity> ;P
      [20:31:30] <Fourced> cookieh who does it say you miss?
      [20:31:32] Exotiraan is surprised he remembers a dream from this morning this late in the evening.
      [20:31:33] <+studerJon23`> !brb
      [20:31:34] studerJon23` [[email protected]] is now known as studerJon23`|BRB
      [20:31:35] <@OpheliaBlue> think about false awakenings next
      [20:31:36] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:31:36] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:31:38] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:31:39] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [20:31:49] <Evolventity> I think FA's are a pain in the ass.
      [20:31:49] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:31:49] <Exotiraan> Even if it is just a fragment.
      [20:31:50] <Burke> Key to FAs: to RCs whenever you wake up
      [20:31:51] <Evolventity> NEXT.
      [20:31:57] <cookieh> Fourced: have you seen the tenacious d and the pick of destiny? there's this one song in it and i changed a word
      [20:31:58] <%RareCola> False awakenings are amazing
      [20:32:00] <cookieh> he misses his legs
      [20:32:11] <Idionym> how r they amazing
      [20:32:12] <cookieh> i had to rip his legs off, so he would fit there
      [20:32:19] <Evolventity> Cause
      [20:32:19] <somekindofpony> o-o
      [20:32:21] Exotiraan wonders what the latest anyone has recalled a dream.
      [20:32:23] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't usually have anything against FAs
      [20:32:26] wana [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:32:28] <Evolventity> It messes with your mind
      [20:32:29] <Burke> they mean you're still in a dream
      [20:32:32] <%RareCola> Because, if you do the simple thing of just RCing each time you wake up, you can get so many easy lucids
      [20:32:38] <somekindofpony> I recalled a dream that I had 7 and a half hours ago
      [20:32:39] <erinerinfalk> I've only had a false awakening once or twice and it was so frustrating for me because I was subconsciously trying to force myself to wake up
      [20:32:42] <somekindofpony> or maybe eight
      [20:32:58] <TheElusiveHobo> 7 1/2
      [20:33:35] <Evolventity> Go to sleep, have an awesome dream, wake up, write down your dreams in your DJ, wake up again and write down your dream of writing down your dreams in a dream in your DJ.
      [20:33:52] <%RareCola> haha I've had that a lottt recently Evo
      [20:33:56] <Evolventity> ;P
      [20:33:58] <Burke> or wake up, write down an awesome LD, then wake up again only to find out you don't remember the awesome LD.....
      [20:34:05] <%RareCola> I even dreamt that I recorded my dream on a voice recorder. I don't even have a voice recorder!
      [20:34:12] <%RareCola> but because of that I forgot my dream x_x
      [20:34:12] <Mindraker> LOL!
      [20:34:13] <cookieh> i've dreamt of dj'ing the dream i was still in
      [20:34:13] <Evolventity> Uhg Burke x_x
      [20:34:30] <somekindofpony> Should I be asorbing any of this
      [20:34:32] <Burke> I hated that dream so much
      [20:34:47] <Burke> I still don't know what it was, just that it was the most epic thing ever <.<
      [20:34:51] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: that sounds really cool lol
      [20:34:54] <Evolventity> somekindofpony: Idk, no, maybe, sure, i guess, yes, duh.
      [20:35:03] <Mindraker> None of you will dream about pink elephants tonight.
      [20:35:04] <somekindofpony> Oh snap D:
      [20:35:05] wana [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "time for a lucid dream"
      [20:35:10] <cookieh> lol Mindraker
      [20:35:19] <Evolventity> Mindraker: I hope I do.
      [20:35:25] <Burke> ^^
      [20:35:28] <Exotiraan> In the one that studerJon23`'s sentence made me remember, I jumped off of a platform and tried to grab onto a giant helix of chains made out of some styrofoam-y material.
      [20:35:29] <Evolventity> I want to dream abotu climbing trees and eating fruits again.
      [20:35:36] <Evolventity> It's so relaxing to be in a jungle.
      [20:35:38] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [20:35:48] <cookieh> after this class i wanna go out and meditate in the beach D:
      [20:35:50] <Exotiraan> The chain connected from a pile in the ground all they way up into the sky.
      [20:35:57] <Evolventity> You have a beach?
      [20:35:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i find flying islands more relaxing
      [20:36:02] <%RareCola> I want to meditate on a beach
      [20:36:09] <%Oreoboy1996> or forests
      [20:36:09] <cookieh> not exactly, it's a huge lake
      [20:36:14] <Burke> I want to meditate on top of a mountain
      [20:36:16] <Burke> in waking life
      [20:36:18] <cookieh> we just call it beach
      [20:36:27] <creepyemps> ohey i was wondering
      [20:36:29] <Exotiraan> There were some other people there in mid-air, but I don't remember who any of them were.
      [20:36:36] <Evolventity> I find standing on clouds in the sky and looking at several up close moons in the bright blue bliss most relaxing.
      [20:36:42] <creepyemps> maybe some time we can about how we write on our DJ?
      [20:36:46] <+studerJon23`|BRB> !here
      [20:36:47] studerJon23`|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as studerJon23`
      [20:36:54] <creepyemps> like format, and stuff, style, etc
      [20:36:58] <Evolventity> what
      [20:36:59] <cookieh> creepyemps: you accidentally a word
      [20:37:03] <Burke> creepyemps: on my physical one just key words
      [20:37:07] <somekindofpony> I think I'm going to take a nap
      [20:37:10] <Burke> then much more details when i get time online
      [20:37:11] <%Oreoboy1996> lol cookieh
      [20:37:12] <Evolventity> LMFAO cookieh
      [20:37:17] <cookieh> ;D
      [20:37:19] <creepyemps> hahaha
      [20:37:21] <creepyemps> x)
      [20:37:25] <Evolventity> that was ood
      [20:37:28] <Evolventity> srs
      [20:37:28] <creepyemps> muggles can't see that word
      [20:37:42] <cookieh> YOU'RE A LIZARD, PAIGEY
      [20:37:53] <%Oreoboy1996> dragons are not lizards >.>
      [20:37:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i take offense to that
      [20:37:59] <Idionym> this is so offtopic
      [20:38:03] <Mindraker> But are they reptiles or amphibians?
      [20:38:05] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: AMEN
      [20:38:06] <%Oreoboy1996> it's recess
      [20:38:08] <cookieh> are you implying that you can see the word, Oreoboy1996?
      [20:38:12] <Exotiraan> creepyemps: I have two, one on the computer and the DV one. In the one on the computer, I write programmer-ish-y outlines, and then re-write them into paragraphs on the DV journal.
      [20:38:14] <cookieh> lol
      [20:38:19] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:38:19] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:38:20] <%Oreoboy1996> no, i'm saying it's not nice to call a dragon a lizard
      [20:38:25] <cookieh> i didn't
      [20:38:27] <creepyemps> hmm like, how do you write your dreams?
      [20:38:33] <creepyemps> i personally use a multicolored pen
      [20:38:34] <Mindraker> with a pen
      [20:38:34] <Burke> like a story
      [20:38:35] <%RareCola> Welcome back Ophelia
      [20:38:38] <Burke> so it's entertaining to read
      [20:38:41] <Burke> and write
      [20:38:42] <creepyemps> to use different colors for dream signs
      [20:38:48] <%Oreoboy1996> paigey's a dragon i'm sure
      [20:38:51] <%RareCola> Oh that's a great idea Paige
      [20:38:51] <creepyemps> and important words
      [20:38:54] <creepyemps> and stuff
      [20:38:56] <cookieh> creepyemps: i mostly write it all in one pencil..meh
      [20:39:03] <cookieh> though i might underline things later
      [20:39:07] <cookieh> i like colors
      [20:39:08] Exotiraan thinks he has a screenshot somewhere...
      [20:39:12] <%RareCola> I just use black ink xD I'm far too disorientated in the morning to deal with multiple colours
      [20:39:13] <%Oreoboy1996> for my dream journal i just use blue, purple, and red
      [20:39:20] <%RareCola> Let alone the fact that I can't see without my glasses
      [20:39:21] <cookieh> yeah
      [20:39:24] <%Oreoboy1996> blue for non-lucid dreams, purple for lucid, and red for awake
      [20:39:30] <Mindraker> Sometimes I do underline something that "sticks out", or a dream that was "really sharp".
      [20:39:38] <@OpheliaBlue> I always start out with notes, then I type the dream, lucid stuff is in red, then maybe more notes at the end if I think of more
      [20:39:43] <somekindofpony> I just write everything in notepad
      [20:39:46] <Fourced> i was acutally gunna color coat mine but i didnt know anyone else did
      [20:39:47] <cookieh> yeah, i "bold" some things as well
      [20:40:00] <cookieh> and italics
      [20:40:01] ldobe [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:40:09] <@OpheliaBlue> hey ldobe
      [20:40:13] <ldobe> hello
      [20:40:14] <%RareCola> welcome to the class
      [20:40:15] <Idionym> my dj is to pathetic to color coat
      [20:40:18] <creepyemps> oooh
      [20:40:19] <cookieh> hi ldobe
      [20:40:24] <creepyemps> do any of you draw sketched as well?
      [20:40:29] <%RareCola> my dream journal is a scribbled mess right now, but it does the job
      [20:40:33] <%Oreoboy1996> nope
      [20:40:34] <cookieh> creepyemps: sometimes
      [20:40:36] <ldobe> I have a question about wilds
      [20:40:36] <%Oreoboy1996> i suck at drawing
      [20:40:38] <@OpheliaBlue> I used to creepyemps.. I want to again
      [20:40:43] <creepyemps> sometimes in my dreams i see a weird object or place, and i like to draw them
      [20:40:47] <Idionym> !BRB
      [20:40:48] Idionym [[email protected]] is now known as Idionym|BRB
      [20:40:48] <@OpheliaBlue> what's that ldobe
      [20:40:48] <Mindraker> I tried drawing a sketch of something, but it didn't look anything like what I saw
      [20:40:49] <creepyemps> then when i see them irl, BAM
      [20:40:51] <cookieh> if i remember something that is hard to explain or such
      [20:40:53] <creepyemps> i feel like an oracle
      [20:40:53] <creepyemps> LOL
      [20:40:56] <Mindraker> lol
      [20:40:58] <creepyemps> though i probly just saw them before
      [20:41:00] <creepyemps> x)
      [20:41:04] <creepyemps> but still, dat feel
      [20:41:11] <Mindraker> deja vu?
      [20:41:14] <Exotiraan> I don't format the Vim jorunal or DJ journal any specific way except putting consistent tags at the top of each dream entry so that I can write programs (or «awk» scripts) to parse it.
      [20:41:23] <@OpheliaBlue> I know what you mean.. it happened to me yesterday creepyemps
      [20:41:25] <cookieh> okay, ldobe, your question?
      [20:41:29] studerJon23` throws water balloons
      [20:41:36] <Burke> im uploading a pic of my usual DJ entry in my physical notebook XP
      [20:41:38] <cookieh> studerJon23`: focus on the lesson
      [20:41:43] <@OpheliaBlue> I saw something in my dream and then I saw it irl.. it was really mundane, but still.. dat feeling
      [20:41:46] <+studerJon23`> :O
      [20:41:55] <creepyemps> ikr!
      [20:41:59] creepyemps hi5's OpheliaBlue
      [20:42:01] <ldobe> I know everywhere it says they are advanced type of induction: I get they could be hard but I just dont see how learning to do dilds or milds first is going to help to do a wild.
      [20:42:08] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:42:29] <DaveTheJoker> Oreoboy1996: I have to try your daydreaming technique again
      [20:42:30] <@OpheliaBlue> ldobe: you're looking at it at the wrong angle
      [20:42:31] <Fourced> its the experience of know how it feels
      [20:42:38] <Fourced> knowing*
      [20:42:40] <@OpheliaBlue> yes to what Fourced said
      [20:42:47] <Fourced>
      [20:42:49] rudedudeowns [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [20:42:53] <%Oreoboy1996> of course you have to try it again DaveTheJoker
      [20:42:54] <@OpheliaBlue> once you know that lucid feel, it's easier to attain it using any method
      [20:43:01] <%Oreoboy1996> it's a technique that asks for consistency
      [20:43:05] <%RareCola> Personally, I don't see what's wrong with doing DILDs and MILDs while also training to do WILDs. They are completely different techniques and can be practiced side-by-side if you wish.
      [20:43:10] <DaveTheJoker> I just am not having any recall
      [20:43:11] <cookieh> yeah
      [20:43:25] <%Oreoboy1996> and i agree with OpheliaBlue
      [20:43:26] <DaveTheJoker> thats my goal
      [20:43:29] <DaveTheJoker> Increase recall
      [20:43:41] <ldobe> RareCola: thats what I was planning to do.so do you think thats a good idea?
      [20:43:44] <@OpheliaBlue> yes to RareCola.. just don't be all "Oh well, DILD didn't work so I'm never trying it again, just MILDs from now on"
      [20:43:50] <cookieh> hahaha
      [20:44:05] <%Oreoboy1996> perhaps focus on recall as well in your daydreams?
      [20:44:11] <%RareCola> I do, ldobe, but yes as Ophelia said don't abandon any one technique too quickly.
      [20:44:13] <Burke> creepyemps: http://oi49.tinypic.com/x0sq4w.jpg
      [20:44:18] <Mindraker> Recall was what I worked on first; I had zero recall, so that's the easy part. I just used a dream journal and recorded everything and anything. Even any dream I ever remembered in my past. And started there.
      [20:44:18] <cookieh> worst. technique. EVAR. </comicbookguy>
      [20:44:18] rudedudeowns [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:44:20] <Burke> that and a few lines is a usual DJ entry of mine
      [20:44:27] <creepyemps> hahaha
      [20:44:29] <creepyemps> cute
      [20:44:34] <%RareCola> DILD and MILD are great techniques, DILD especially is a great fallback and shouldn't be overlooked in any way.
      [20:44:35] <Mindraker> I would reward myself with a little candy every time I remembered a dream.
      [20:44:38] <Burke> it's a flooded NYC xD
      [20:44:39] <Fourced> davethejoker: i said a mantra last night and i remembered to write a dream down after each time i woke up during the night . i got 5 that night and i usually remember none let alone wake up after them
      [20:44:42] <Mindraker> And I saw results quickly.
      [20:44:42] <creepyemps> "waterfall">
      [20:44:43] <creepyemps> ?
      [20:44:47] <DaveTheJoker> yea, if I had a bunch of boring classes at school or something daydreaming would be a piece of cake
      [20:44:48] <erinerinfalk> mindraker: that sounds like a really good idea.
      [20:44:48] <Burke> there were waterfalls
      [20:44:52] <DaveTheJoker> but I am out of school
      [20:44:53] <creepyemps> kewl
      [20:45:01] <somekindofpony> I'm going to take a nap and try doing a wtbh
      [20:45:05] <somekindofpony> wbtb*
      [20:45:12] <%Oreoboy1996> little fast for a moment O_O
      [20:45:16] <%RareCola> Alright somekindofpony
      [20:45:18] <DaveTheJoker> I will try that Fourced
      [20:45:22] <%RareCola> Sweet dreams!
      [20:45:22] <Idionym|BRB> has anyone CAT before?
      [20:45:31] <%RareCola> What's CAT again?
      [20:45:31] <cookieh> i like cats.
      [20:45:32] <%Oreoboy1996> i haven't
      [20:45:34] <DaveTheJoker> no I only have dogs
      [20:45:36] <cookieh> meow.
      [20:45:37] <%Oreoboy1996> cycle adjustment technique
      [20:45:37] <somekindofpony> I like trains
      [20:45:43] <%Oreoboy1996> i hate trains
      [20:45:43] <@OpheliaBlue> I will admit, that after so many fun DEILDs, and the control I felt I got inducing them, I don't like falling back on DILDs.. But any lucid experience is pure gold to me
      [20:45:43] <cookieh> somekindofpony: hi5
      [20:45:45] <Exotiraan> <ssh:[email protected]> screenshot-upload: http://wintervenom.brandonw.net/screenshot.png
      [20:45:48] <cookieh> asdfmovie ;P
      [20:45:49] <%RareCola> ah, no CAT here.
      [20:45:54] <ldobe> I think im going to go to bed and try and mild plus do a WBTB-WILD and have that be routine for the next 3 weeks
      [20:46:01] <Fourced> im gunna start trying cat once i get a solid schedule
      [20:46:11] <@OpheliaBlue> ok good luck ldobe!
      [20:46:12] <%RareCola> ldobe: if you really want to learn about WILDs, I'd suggest Sageous' class in DVA
      [20:46:21] <Idionym|BRB> im starting to CAT tommrow
      [20:46:25] <cookieh> meow
      [20:46:25] <Fourced> prlly gunna be 11-8 or 9 normally
      [20:46:30] <Exotiraan> @ creepyemps
      [20:46:41] <+studerJon23`> goodnight guys
      [20:46:45] <%Oreoboy1996> and if you want to learn WILD I suggest trying it out for yourself and experiment with your own ways
      [20:46:48] <+studerJon23`> thanks for class
      [20:46:49] <cookieh> bye studerJon23`
      [20:46:51] <%RareCola> But yes Ophelia, I've found my DEILDs are infinitely better than my DILDs, but the experience from DILDs I think is invaluable.
      [20:46:51] <creepyemps> goodnight hon
      [20:46:53] <creepyemps> *jon
      [20:46:54] <@OpheliaBlue> sure!
      [20:46:54] <creepyemps> DAMNIT
      [20:46:55] <+studerJon23`>
      [20:46:57] <ldobe> RareCola: Do you know when the class starts?
      [20:46:58] <+studerJon23`> ^^
      [20:47:02] studerJon23` [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:47:04] somekindofpony [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:47:06] <Evolventity> o-o
      [20:47:09] <cookieh> ldobe: it's already on, isn't it?
      [20:47:12] <%RareCola> It's ongoing, ldobe. Check it out on the forum and read the sessions.
      [20:47:13] <DaveTheJoker> Fourced: what mantra did you use?
      [20:47:14] <Idionym|BRB> how long until DEILD actually starts going
      [20:47:15] <ldobe> kk
      [20:47:18] <Idionym|BRB> !back
      [20:47:19] Idionym|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Idionym
      [20:47:22] <Fourced> and 11pm - 6:30 or 7:30 with the 90 mins
      [20:47:35] <Evolventity> I love deild
      [20:47:37] <%RareCola> Oreo: Learning yourself is great, but knowledge is power. Sageous provides knowledge in bucket loads.
      [20:47:37] <%Oreoboy1996> I think I find my DILD/MILD dreams better than my DEILDs
      [20:47:39] <Idionym> cuz idk when to give up XD
      [20:47:40] <cookieh> Idionym: i think it's different for everyone
      [20:47:43] <Idionym> ok
      [20:47:52] <Idionym> cuz idk when to just like stop
      [20:47:58] <cookieh> how long have you practiced it?
      [20:48:00] <Idionym> i dont want to sit there for like 10 mins
      [20:48:03] Exotiraan likes WILD because he can remember the dreams better since he wakes up right after, usually.
      [20:48:03] <Idionym> yesterday =P
      [20:48:11] <rudedudeowns> Wild <3
      [20:48:13] <rudedudeowns> i love that
      [20:48:14] <Exotiraan> DILDs for me have the problem of being forgotten.
      [20:48:19] <%Oreoboy1996> of course you need knowledge, but to me it seems that the knowledge doesn't do much good until you experience and learn it for your self
      [20:48:21] <@OpheliaBlue> the cool thing about DILDs, is they tend to be longer than DEILDs.. Sometimes DEILD's are long too, but more than likely they're a chain of short lucids
      [20:48:29] <rudedudeowns> Exotiraan ever woken up feeling like you had an ld but cant remember?
      [20:48:29] <Burke> I wake up after every LD i have so i use DEILD all the time
      [20:48:33] <rudedudeowns> happends a lot to me lately
      [20:48:43] <Exotiraan> rudedudeowns: Many times.
      [20:48:45] <rudedudeowns> OpheliaBlue chain em fo eva
      [20:48:48] <%RareCola> Heh, my DEILDs have been far longer than any of my DILDs, Ophelia.
      [20:48:52] <Burke> OpheliaBlue: what's your longest deild chain?
      [20:48:57] <%Oreoboy1996> if you want long dreams then look into time dilation
      [20:48:59] <Fourced> Davethejoker: i was trying to a DEILD so i said to myself" when i wake up i wont open my eyes" but during the night i found myself waking up after each dream so i wrote them down and i remember actually waking up with my eyes closed once. so i mean the mantra workd with something i wasnt intending kind of
      [20:49:00] <@OpheliaBlue> knowledge and experience go together.. like lecture and lab
      [20:49:01] <cookieh> hahaha
      [20:49:03] <cookieh> been far
      [20:49:10] Exotiraan longs so much for his old dream recall.
      [20:49:11] <rudedudeowns> Oreoboy1996 kinda advanced isnt it?
      [20:49:17] <Exotiraan> Before all the panic attack brouhaha started.
      [20:49:19] <Exotiraan> :<
      [20:49:25] <rudedudeowns> i still can recall my daily 1-2 dreams daily
      [20:49:31] <%Oreoboy1996> time dilation may be considered advanced i guess
      [20:49:35] <DaveTheJoker> but if you dont know its a dream... how will you wake up in the first place
      [20:49:36] <Idionym> no1 awnsered my question =(
      [20:49:37] <@OpheliaBlue> Burke, I posted it in my journal, I think I called it Epic DEILDs or something? it was maybe 4 or 5, my recall wasn't perfect
      [20:49:37] <Fourced> but i woke up that many times prolly cus i did the mantra and was focused on waking up at that time
      [20:49:38] <rudedudeowns> i cant even bend fire
      [20:49:40] <rudedudeowns> yet
      [20:49:49] <Burke> nice, same as mine
      [20:49:50] <%Oreoboy1996> fire bending is easy
      [20:49:54] <%Oreoboy1996> but i guess everyone is different :/
      [20:50:03] <Evolventity> Pyrokinesis fuck yeah
      [20:50:04] <rudedudeowns> someday oreo
      [20:50:06] <rudedudeowns> i will burn the worl
      [20:50:08] <rudedudeowns> world
      [20:50:13] <rudedudeowns> flying is easy, firebendin isnt
      [20:50:16] <DaveTheJoker> hey DIELDs might actually work for me
      [20:50:17] <Exotiraan> Before that came around, my dream recall was getting really good and I could remember fine details of dreams I had had.
      [20:50:21] <Fourced> idk i guess subconciously i just woke up
      [20:50:33] <Burke> Idionym: what was your question?
      [20:50:36] <DaveTheJoker> like in my last lucid, I became lucid right as the dream ended
      [20:50:48] <DaveTheJoker> so I should just try to keep my contiousness
      [20:50:51] <%Oreoboy1996> that's common dave
      [20:50:54] <Idionym> how long should i stay still for during DEILDs before i know they wont happen
      [20:51:02] <Fourced> Davethejoker: i think they will work for me too because i have a bad time noticing things that arent real in my dreams
      [20:51:04] <Burke> 3-5 minutes
      [20:51:08] <%RareCola> You can't think about it that much, Idionym
      [20:51:10] <%Oreoboy1996> for me I just have to stay still for 10 seconds during a DEILD
      [20:51:10] <TheElusiveHobo> What's the difference between DILD andDEILD?
      [20:51:11] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: when it's time for breakfast
      [20:51:14] <Burke> they normally happen within 30 seconds
      [20:51:20] <%Oreoboy1996> TheElusiveHobo: a major difference
      [20:51:20] <cookieh> hahah OpheliaBlue
      [20:51:21] <Idionym> i dont eat breakfast
      [20:51:24] <Idionym> =P
      [20:51:33] <Idionym> jokes on u
      [20:51:34] <cookieh> breakfast is good
      [20:51:34] <%RareCola> If you're thinking about the time at all during a WILD or DEILD, I think you're going about it the wrong way
      [20:51:41] <%Oreoboy1996> DILD is dream induced lucid dream, where you become lucid from within a dream by noticing a dream sign or whatever
      [20:51:49] <cookieh> i never ate any but when i started eating, i felt much less hungrier
      [20:51:49] <Burke> at least, that's when I notice a change in what's going on (dream starting, HI, etc.)
      [20:51:54] <DaveTheJoker> so you are only awake for a few seconds?
      [20:51:56] <Idionym> and there isnt to big of a differernce between DEILD and FILD right?
      [20:51:57] <@OpheliaBlue> Burke: yes exactly.. I'll wake up, but I'll feel reaaaaly relaxed, and i immediately ease into vibrations that turn into the next lucid
      [20:52:00] <rudedudeowns> cookieh in a lucid?
      [20:52:02] <%Oreoboy1996> DEILD is dream exit inititated lucid dream, it's where you wake up from a dream, stay still, and then go right back in
      [20:52:10] <TheElusiveHobo> Oh, I see.
      [20:52:10] <rudedudeowns> ive eaten raw pastas in dreams, not tasty
      [20:52:11] <cookieh> rudedudeowns: no, im talking about real life breakfast
      [20:52:11] <DaveTheJoker> so if you keep still you should go back to a dream
      [20:52:22] <rudedudeowns> oh
      [20:52:25] <Burke> however, for DEILD you shouldn't move at all, not even open your eyes
      [20:52:25] <%RareCola> Yes, DaveTheJoker
      [20:52:36] <%Oreoboy1996> you shouldn't, but it doesn't hurt too much
      [20:52:38] <Burke> unless your oreo (I think it was you)
      [20:52:41] <Idionym> what if ur eyes moves?
      [20:52:44] <%RareCola> Not necessarily true, Burke. I open my eyes and even moved my arms and still DEILDed
      [20:52:51] <Burke> nvm, it was rarecola xD
      [20:52:53] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i can move around a little and open my eyes
      [20:52:54] <%RareCola>
      [20:53:00] <@OpheliaBlue> my eyes open sometimes, but it feels like more of an effort to keep them open than closed.. sooo relaxed
      [20:53:03] <%Oreoboy1996> so it's oreo and rarecola
      [20:53:05] <%Oreoboy1996> and ophelia
      [20:53:11] <cookieh> yeah, if you move without giving it much thought it's gonna be okay
      [20:53:19] <Idionym> kk
      [20:53:23] <Idionym> i need that danm sleep mask
      [20:53:25] <Burke> you can move your eyes just try not to open them. if you do though just try it anyway
      [20:53:33] <Idionym> oh and that novadreamer 2 is coming out this month
      [20:53:35] <Burke> what's the worst that can happen?
      [20:53:38] <Idionym> for anyone who cares
      [20:53:44] <%Oreoboy1996> the state of mind is one of the most important things in any technique
      [20:53:54] <%RareCola> The real thing to remember with both DEILD and WILD is... you need to sleep. It's not about staying awake.
      [20:53:57] <@OpheliaBlue> but like RareCola said, try not to think about the time, or other details like that.. being the right amount of tired is crucial, and focus on relaxing
      [20:54:03] <Fourced> way to overpriced. unless youre refering to the REMEE
      [20:54:28] <%Oreoboy1996> the REMEE isn't overpriced?
      [20:54:40] <Fourced> OpheliaBlue: i dont think my deild worked last night cus i wasnt tired
      [20:54:44] <Fourced> i meant the rem dreamer
      [20:54:49] <creepyemps> holy sh i forgot to say
      [20:54:54] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah, i still think it's overpriced
      [20:54:54] <Fourced> remee is the best thing i want to get one
      [20:54:59] <creepyemps> Exotiraan: nice dj you got there, looks so techy
      [20:55:09] <cookieh> hey, remind me again, what is REMEE?
      [20:55:12] <@OpheliaBlue> Fourced: when did you go to bed, and then get up?
      [20:55:16] <%Oreoboy1996> lucid dreaming is free to me so i consider all of those things overpriced
      [20:55:19] <Mindraker> (OK guys, it's 10 PM here -- thank you for the lesson, it's bedtime for me.)
      [20:55:24] <Idionym> lol
      [20:55:24] <cookieh> bye Mindraker
      [20:55:25] <DaveTheJoker> so if I go to bed at 11:30
      [20:55:28] <Burke> by Mindraker
      [20:55:33] <DaveTheJoker> and wake up at 7:00 will it work
      [20:55:38] <%Oreoboy1996> REMEE is like the nova dreamer, one of those electronic sleep masks that alerts you while you're dreaming
      [20:55:40] <%RareCola> I agree, Oreo. I don't think using fancy gadgets is the best way. Natural ftw
      [20:55:41] <Evolventity> Bye Mindraker
      [20:55:42] <DaveTheJoker> I mean DIELD will it owrk
      [20:55:44] <Mindraker> hugs
      [20:55:46] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Mindraker
      [20:55:47] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:55:47] <cookieh> oooh, okay
      [20:55:47] <Evolventity> Mindraker: Send me more nudes tomorrow.
      [20:55:50] <Evolventity> Damn
      [20:55:54] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:56:15] <cookieh> Evolventity: he's still in other channels ;D
      [20:56:19] <erinerinfalk> did anyone else try the lucid dreaming app for iphone?
      [20:56:20] <Evolventity> ooh
      [20:56:21] <Exotiraan> cookieh: The thing in the one at the top right was an editor I wrote for a different purpose, then thought it'd be cool if it could parse my dream journals, too. :p
      [20:56:23] <%RareCola> DaveTheJoker: Is this with or without an alarm?
      [20:56:25] <Exotiraan> * creepyemps
      [20:56:28] <DaveTheJoker> with
      [20:56:29] <%Oreoboy1996> lucid dreaming with your own mind feels way better than using technology i'm sure
      [20:56:33] <Evolventity> welp he left
      [20:56:33] <%RareCola> Then probably not
      [20:56:39] <creepyemps> ahhh
      [20:56:43] <DaveTheJoker> although I will likely wake up before it due to my mental clock
      [20:56:53] <cookieh> Evolventity: TOO DAMN SLOW
      [20:56:54] <creepyemps> im shocked there are no demon pics or something
      [20:56:55] <creepyemps> x)
      [20:56:57] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: You're just saying that because you don't have the technology.
      [20:57:03] <%RareCola> DEILDs work when you're relaxed, alarms shock you awake far too much
      [20:57:08] <DaveTheJoker> ok
      [20:57:09] <Exotiraan> creepyemps: In the background...
      [20:57:13] <cookieh> creepyemps: lol, mindraper.jpg.to
      [20:57:14] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't need the technology lol
      [20:57:14] <Idionym> oh
      [20:57:20] <DaveTheJoker> but it isnt possible to not move at all
      [20:57:22] <DaveTheJoker> I mean
      [20:57:22] <Idionym> i use my alarm
      [20:57:33] <%Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: don't overthink it >.>
      [20:57:35] <Idionym> does it make it not work?
      [20:57:37] <%RareCola> It is possible to not move at all, with practice
      [20:57:37] <Evolventity> No, but you can't deny that it would be useful.
      [20:57:42] <%RareCola> But yes, don't overthink it
      [20:57:43] <DaveTheJoker> I need to look at my clock
      [20:57:51] <cookieh> no you odnt.
      [20:57:54] <@OpheliaBlue> no don't
      [20:57:56] <Burke> sometimes when you wak up for deilds you're already in SP so you lterally can't move
      [20:57:56] <DaveTheJoker> to see how much time I have
      [20:57:57] <@OpheliaBlue> I never do
      [20:57:58] <creepyemps>
      [20:58:03] <%Oreoboy1996> it is useful, but i'm saying it would probably feel better using your own mind
      [20:58:07] <DaveTheJoker> well I have to go to school...again
      [20:58:10] <Evolventity> If there were a legitamte, effective, cheap LD induction device. We would all have noe.
      [20:58:12] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya dave
      [20:58:12] <DaveTheJoker> and I have already graduatedd
      [20:58:16] <%RareCola> I've looked at my clock and still DEILDed, it's not complete taboo to move
      [20:58:18] <DaveTheJoker> no I mean tomorrow
      [20:58:20] <%RareCola> just don't focus on time too much
      [20:58:20] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: i wouldn't
      [20:58:21] <cookieh> then sleep and just wait til the alarm
      [20:58:22] <Exotiraan> If you prefer the technology, I think it would be more fun (and a metric shitton less expensive) to make your own.
      [20:58:29] <Evolventity> LD inuction devices still use your mind
      [20:58:36] <creepyemps> cookie you have school tomorrow?
      [20:58:40] <Evolventity> its not barbaric or anything
      [20:58:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I know that I personally obsess about time, so I just don't look
      [20:58:40] <creepyemps> what day is today even?
      [20:58:41] <creepyemps>
      [20:58:42] <cookieh> creepyemps: pfft, no
      [20:58:44] <@OpheliaBlue> but that's me
      [20:58:46] <cookieh> wait what
      [20:58:47] <cookieh> day
      [20:58:47] <cookieh> is it
      [20:58:49] <DaveTheJoker> obess
      [20:58:52] <cookieh> guys
      [20:58:52] <Burke> i think i'm the only one still in school here
      [20:58:57] <cookieh> what day is it?
      [20:58:58] <Fourced> haha
      [20:59:00] <Burke> and by that i mean school hasn't ended
      [20:59:02] <DaveTheJoker> tuesday
      [20:59:02] <Fourced> its SUMMER
      [20:59:03] <Idionym> so alarms mess up DEILDs?
      [20:59:04] cookieh RC'S
      [20:59:08] <Evolventity> Don't be so conservative
      [20:59:10] <Idionym> its summer tommoorow
      [20:59:11] <%RareCola> I'd say so, Idionym.
      [20:59:13] <DaveTheJoker> I am a senior and I only just got out
      [20:59:18] <%RareCola> Alarms mess up a lot of stuff.
      [20:59:21] <cookieh> it appears to be....6th of june?
      [20:59:22] <DaveTheJoker> yea
      [20:59:23] <cookieh> wait.
      [20:59:24] <%RareCola> Bad for WBTB in general I think
      [20:59:25] <Evolventity> Idionym: in terms of having to move that much, yes
      [20:59:27] <cookieh> oh yes
      [20:59:28] <@OpheliaBlue> I set my alarm, I just don't look at my clock every few minutes
      [20:59:29] <cookieh> alrighty
      [20:59:33] <Idionym> oh
      [20:59:34] <Burke> cookieh: you be in the future! :O
      [20:59:39] <Idionym> mines turns off automaticlly
      [20:59:40] <Idionym> is that ok>
      [20:59:41] <cookieh> Burke: yesh ;D
      [20:59:44] <Evolventity> I need a clock that shuts itself off.
      [20:59:48] <Idionym> i have 1
      [20:59:49] <@OpheliaBlue> but that's just for the first LD in the chain, after that I let nature do the waking
      [20:59:51] <%RareCola> it still shocks you awake, Idionym
      [20:59:52] <Evolventity> Fuck you.
      [20:59:59] <cookieh> vibrating phone in a sock?
      [21:00:01] <%Oreoboy1996> ahh chat got fast
      [21:00:02] <Fourced> has anyone used the lucid dreaming app?
      [21:00:04] Oreoboy1996 slaps Evolventity
      [21:00:07] <cookieh> i've slept through that >,>
      [21:00:10] OpheliaBlue slaps Evolventity
      [21:00:11] <Evolventity> RareCola: Use a bird chirping alarm?
      [21:00:14] <cookieh> Fourced: which one?
      [21:00:21] <cookieh> i've used Dream:ON
      [21:00:30] Evolventity cyber humps OpheliaBlue and Oreoboy1996.
      [21:00:32] <DaveTheJoker> Tips on being able to wake up enough to be contious for a DIELD?
      [21:00:34] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:00:36] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: have you heard of singularity?
      [21:00:39] <Idionym> so i shouldnt use an alarm that turns off by itself?
      [21:00:47] <cookieh> eh..i have heard but i havent gotten it
      [21:00:47] <Evolventity> Idionym: I would.
      [21:00:52] <%Oreoboy1996> sorry DaveTheJoker i don't really have any tips
      [21:00:54] <Exotiraan> Fourced: I have one I made, but since I'm now getting forced awake in the morning, anyway, except on weekends, I don't use it a lot anymore.
      [21:00:55] <Idionym> cuz i cant wake up on my own in the middle of the night
      [21:00:56] <@OpheliaBlue> haha poor guy
      [21:00:58] <%RareCola> Of course everyone is different, but I believe no alarm is the best way to go
      [21:01:03] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: you can experiment
      [21:01:04] <%Oreoboy1996> i've trained myself to become aware the second i wake up naturally
      [21:01:08] <cookieh> Exotiraan: you made an app awesome! DD:
      [21:01:08] <erinerinfalk> how did Dream:ON work for oyu
      [21:01:11] <erinerinfalk> you*
      [21:01:15] <%RareCola> DaveTheJoker: Just keep practicing, mantras, etc.
      [21:01:17] <Fourced> Exotirann: did you code it yourself?
      [21:01:21] <Evolventity> Idionym: I say use an alarm. You can program your body to wake up at a certain time every night.
      [21:01:32] <Idionym> ok
      [21:01:44] <cookieh> erinerinfalk: eh, i think my mattress might be a bit too hard for it, i was pretty much awake when it played the dream signal..
      [21:01:50] <Exotiraan> Fourced: 'Tis a script that runs on the netbook that sits at the head of my bed.
      [21:01:53] <Evolventity> Also, have you tried using a manta to wake up at a specific time?
      [21:01:54] <DaveTheJoker> I just am sooo tired whe I wake up
      [21:02:00] <DaveTheJoker> my brain doesnt work
      [21:02:02] <%RareCola> that's a good thing, DaveTheJoker
      [21:02:08] <Evolventity> I've told myself to wake up at 7AM, and I do, withint minutes.
      [21:02:13] <%RareCola> you need to fall asleep to DEILD, you can't be awake
      [21:02:24] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: maybe i'll try that one. singularity was pretty confusing for me, i didnt know how to use it so it did basically nothign
      [21:02:24] <Evolventity> what?
      [21:02:26] <erinerinfalk> nothign *
      [21:02:29] <erinerinfalk> nothing*
      [21:02:33] <cookieh> erinerinfalk: i also used the trip to tokyo one..have you ever listened to the captcha audios? it's scary like that, when you're half-asleep
      [21:02:37] <Evolventity> I wake up for DEILD.
      [21:02:39] <Fourced> thats cool ive seen stuff like that
      [21:02:43] <cookieh> i mean, the "dream" trip to tokyo
      [21:02:47] <Evolventity> Only for a moment.
      [21:02:52] <cookieh> but if you haevnt used it you wouldnt know
      [21:02:55] <%RareCola> of course you wake up but I mean... you can't be "awake"
      [21:02:59] <%RareCola> as in, overly aware
      [21:03:00] rudedudeowns [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:03:04] <Evolventity> Ah yes.
      [21:03:09] <%RareCola> you need to be in that half dream state
      [21:03:09] <Evolventity> Remain calm and sleepy.
      [21:03:14] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: so it plays captcha audio? i don't think i'd like that either... lol
      [21:03:17] <Evolventity> hypnapompic
      [21:03:28] <Evolventity> hypnopompic*
      [21:03:36] <DaveTheJoker> but how can I keep that conciousness
      [21:03:36] <cookieh> erinerinfalk: no, no, no, it just sounded scary to me the few times i ever heard it
      [21:03:39] <Exotiraan> Fourced: https://github.com/Wintervenom/Scrip...ter/toys/lucid
      [21:03:41] <cookieh> or just creepy
      [21:03:47] <cookieh> that was that one "dream"
      [21:03:52] <cookieh> there are others as well
      [21:03:57] <Evolventity> "satan: let there be capatchas"
      [21:04:01] <cookieh> AHAHHA
      [21:04:04] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: ohhh okay
      [21:04:06] <DaveTheJoker> do you think about DEILDing while you are doing it?
      [21:04:08] <erinerinfalk> lmao!
      [21:04:11] <Fourced> i dont have access to a computer when im sleeping
      [21:04:20] <%RareCola> This is why I say DILDs are also great, DaveTheJoker. Personally I've found DEILDs easier when I wake up from a DILD because I'm already partially aware from that DILD state.
      [21:04:23] <Fourced> i wish i could used that but it looks good
      [21:04:31] <Evolventity> ok im hungry
      [21:04:33] <cookieh> i only use it now for the alarm, which chooses a good time to wake me
      [21:04:34] Evolventity [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: http://goo.gl/XJV5y
      [21:04:43] <creepyemps> ohey i was wondering
      [21:04:51] <cookieh> and to just see how deep i slept
      [21:04:57] <%RareCola> Yes, think about the DEILDs, DaveTheJoker. It's kind of hard to explain really you don't really "focus" you just... drift.
      [21:04:59] <cookieh> and how i slept in general
      [21:05:10] <cookieh> creepyemps: what were you wonderin...baby...?
      [21:05:12] <cookieh> >
      [21:05:14] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: you use the captcha or the tokyo thing?
      [21:05:18] <creepyemps> i usually get DEILDs, but i dont lay still... when i wake up a bit, i roll over, and then i get lucid
      [21:05:22] <Idionym> cant u just FILD instead of DEILD
      [21:05:22] <@OpheliaBlue> yes to what RareCola said... after that initial lucid, DEILD chaining is easier
      [21:05:28] <Idionym> they the same thhing bascially
      [21:05:29] <creepyemps> that's still DEILD right?
      [21:05:34] <Idionym> but they have ancors
      [21:05:35] <DaveTheJoker> all this talk about lucid dreaming I better get one tonight
      [21:05:36] <creepyemps>
      [21:05:39] <creepyemps> lol
      [21:05:41] <cookieh> erinerinfalk: it has this smart alarm feature as well, as it monitors your REM cycles it wakes you up at a good time
      [21:05:48] <%RareCola> yes paige
      [21:05:55] <cookieh> i find that pretty nice
      [21:06:05] <erinerinfalk> cookieh: is that for android or iphone?
      [21:06:07] <%RareCola> FILD is basically just WILDing, Idionym.
      [21:06:11] <@OpheliaBlue> creepyemps: I roll over occasioanlly too
      [21:06:11] <cookieh> it's for ios
      [21:06:20] <creepyemps> ah alright :3 thanks
      [21:06:22] <cookieh> though i dont know if they have it for android as well
      [21:06:24] <cookieh> you could check
      [21:06:44] <@OpheliaBlue> the rules aren't set in stone for DEILDs, but you'll know if you move too much
      [21:06:51] <cookieh> wait, is class over?
      [21:06:53] <erinerinfalk> i have an iphone it's downloading right now lol
      [21:06:56] <DaveTheJoker> I just need to do it
      [21:06:59] <cookieh> oh okay
      [21:07:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm hanging out a bit longer cookieh since we had alot of folks.. and I peed for 8 minutes
      [21:07:13] <TheElusiveHobo> I wanted to thank you guys for your suggestions yesterday. My dream recall was far better last night.
      [21:07:22] <cookieh> hahah, okay
      [21:07:24] <@OpheliaBlue> not really, but I was away for 8 minutes
      [21:07:27] <%RareCola> you must have had a very full bladder
      [21:07:28] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't think rules are set in stone for any technique
      [21:07:30] <%RareCola> haha
      [21:07:35] <@OpheliaBlue> good TheElusiveHobo!!
      [21:07:36] <%RareCola> I agree Oreo
      [21:07:37] <%Oreoboy1996> you make your own rules in lucid dreaming
      [21:07:51] <%Oreoboy1996> another person's rules are kind of like guidelines i suppose
      [21:07:57] <@OpheliaBlue> yo really do.. all these techniques are just guidelines really
      [21:08:03] <@OpheliaBlue> but you can take from our experiences
      [21:08:10] <%RareCola> I think people set far too many rules and definitive steps for all guides. The trick to lucid dreaming is remembering that it's still dreaming, and it should be relaxed and come naturally.
      [21:08:10] <Exotiraan> Take Hukif, for example; he has his own everything.
      [21:08:12] <@OpheliaBlue> take what resonates with you
      [21:08:14] <cookieh> haah
      [21:08:16] <cookieh> hahah
      [21:08:37] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah RareCola, that's why in my guide i tried to give as much room for personalization as i could
      [21:08:46] <Idionym> woah
      [21:08:49] <DaveTheJoker> just talking about it helps
      [21:08:49] <Idionym> u have a guide?
      [21:08:55] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i do Idionym
      [21:09:00] <%Oreoboy1996> http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/daydre...hnique-129932/
      [21:09:01] <TheElusiveHobo> The dreams weren't of a nature that makes me comfortable with posting them here, though. Just a heads-up.
      [21:09:13] <%RareCola> Definitely, talking about it is great! I wouldn't be surprised if people walked away from here tonight and went and had a lucid.
      [21:09:19] <%RareCola> You get into that mindset I was talking about earlier.
      [21:09:20] <%Oreoboy1996> well actually i have 2 if you count the dream incubation one
      [21:09:44] <TheElusiveHobo> But I remembered 4.
      [21:09:45] <Fourced> rarecola i will quote you on that when i have one hehe
      [21:10:00] Exotiraan makes assumptions about what that means and is now more the curious. ;p
      [21:10:01] <Fourced> last night i DID get into the mindset
      [21:10:04] <%RareCola> Haha
      [21:10:06] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah back when i was new to this my lucid frequency spiked after reading a bunch of lucid dreaming stuff and getting excited about it
      [21:10:29] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^ same
      [21:10:37] <@OpheliaBlue> when I first joined holy crap!
      [21:10:44] <%RareCola> Having that mindset for dreaming is the key. Really focus on becoming lucid and be sure about it in yourself and what it would be like to be in a dream and becoming lucid
      [21:10:46] <@OpheliaBlue> it was like a bottle of 5-htp
      [21:10:59] <Fourced> exotiraan what state are you in
      [21:11:14] <Idionym> i think that cant happen to me now
      [21:11:19] <Idionym> its been like 4 months
      [21:11:28] <DaveTheJoker> well goodnight everybody
      [21:11:30] <%RareCola> What? Excitement?
      [21:11:32] <%Oreoboy1996> good night DaveTheJoker
      [21:11:32] <@OpheliaBlue> but not 4 months of DVA Idionym
      [21:11:39] <Idionym> ya
      [21:11:40] <Idionym> true
      [21:11:41] <Idionym> =P
      [21:11:41] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya dave
      [21:11:44] <%RareCola> Excitement is easy to obtain, there are so many ways.
      [21:11:51] joemiranda [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:12:01] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:12:01] <joemiranda> hey can someone help me
      [21:12:03] <%Oreoboy1996> excitement is good at first, but i think it's best if you calm down overtime like me
      [21:12:06] <Exotiraan> Fourced: Conservative, Texas.
      [21:12:09] <%RareCola> Movies are a great one I've found. There are three movies I know about that help with the excitement factor. The Matrix, Inception and Waking Life
      [21:12:09] <%Oreoboy1996> perhaps joemiranda
      [21:12:23] <%RareCola> Maybe oreo, but maybe not.
      [21:12:27] <joemiranda> im trying to get rid of my lucid dreams how do i stop dreaming
      [21:12:34] <%RareCola> You said a little while back you were forgetting your lucids and they were becoming less vivid
      [21:12:34] <Burke> you dont
      [21:12:45] <%Oreoboy1996> sorry, but no one here would know the answer to that
      [21:12:48] joemiranda [[email protected]] has been kicked from #DVA by OpheliaBlue [[email protected]]: OpheliaBlue
      [21:12:54] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:13:02] <@OpheliaBlue> troll
      [21:13:02] <Idionym> lol?
      [21:13:05] <%Oreoboy1996> i didn't finish D:
      [21:13:13] <Burke> i gave him an answer
      [21:13:15] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry, it was discussed in staff
      [21:13:16] joemiranda [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:13:20] <joemiranda> did i get kicked
      [21:13:22] <@OpheliaBlue> mother fuck
      [21:13:25] <%RareCola> LOL
      [21:13:26] <%Oreoboy1996> i know it was discussed, but what if it isn't?
      [21:13:56] <%Oreoboy1996> joemiranda: anyone who would know how to stop wouldn't be here
      [21:14:02] <@OpheliaBlue> precisely
      [21:14:06] <%Oreoboy1996> they would want to get as far away from this website as possible
      [21:14:08] <%RareCola> I suggest #LucidDreaming
      [21:14:14] <Exotiraan> joemiranda: You're in the wrong channel. :p
      [21:14:26] <Fourced> exotiraan: city?
      [21:14:27] <%Oreoboy1996> and for the natural lucid dreamer it would be about as easy as stopping dreaming all together (which is not easy)
      [21:14:32] <Exotiraan> Fourced: Lubbock.
      [21:14:36] <Fourced> cool
      [21:14:42] <Burke> Oreoboy1996: you can't stop dreaming
      [21:14:45] <%RareCola> Oh it is easy to stop dreaming. Just become stressed.
      [21:14:48] <Burke> though you can try to destroy your recall
      [21:14:52] <%RareCola> Well yes
      [21:14:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i know Burke
      [21:15:03] <%Oreoboy1996> that's what i meant >.>
      [21:15:11] <Exotiraan> joemiranda: There are several threads on the forum about that, too.
      [21:15:22] <Burke> eradic sleep schedule, stress, starting your morning right when you wake up
      [21:15:23] <joemiranda> well i can help get into a lucid dream if you guys want to know how it happens from a naturals pov
      [21:15:52] <ldobe> Whats a good mantra to think while going to bed if im trying to realize the times i wake up in the middle of the night?
      [21:16:02] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm pretty sure naturals just notice something odd and say "oh i'm dreaming"
      [21:16:07] <Burke> "I will take up after my dream tonight"
      [21:16:16] <Burke> wake*
      [21:16:18] <Burke> not take
      [21:16:18] <TheElusiveHobo> I was that way when I was a kid.
      [21:16:21] <Idionym> why do u not want them?
      [21:17:05] <joemiranda> when im about to fall asleep my body gets like paralized but im still awake then i start to hear the sounds of the dream come in and next thing i know im in the dream and completely aware that im dreaming
      [21:17:20] <Idionym> oh cool a wild
      [21:17:51] <joemiranda> but my dream continues and its like the end of the world.. creatures come out of the ground and im part of the military
      [21:18:18] <%Oreoboy1996> if you're lucid then fix that with proper dream control
      [21:18:19] <Idionym> u can change them u know
      [21:18:30] <%Oreoboy1996> i have nightmarish scenarios almost everynight
      [21:18:37] <%Oreoboy1996> so i go lucid and kick the nightmare's ass
      [21:18:50] ldobe [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:18:56] <Fourced> use lucidity to your advantage ^.^
      [21:19:11] erinerinfalk [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [21:19:39] erinerinfalk [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:19:58] <joemiranda> i tried to change it for years, i realize im dreaming and im able to move and make decisions but nothing extraordinary. i actually went to docotrs for the problem and thats when i found out about lucid dreaming and did research.
      [21:20:56] <%Oreoboy1996> then learn to do extraordinary things
      [21:21:15] <%Oreoboy1996> i can transform into a dragon and go on a rampage, so why not you?
      [21:22:21] Exotiraan would like joemiranda's ability.
      [21:22:28] <Exotiraan> And possibly your monsters, too.
      [21:22:36] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [21:22:46] <Fourced> hahh same
      [21:22:57] <%Oreoboy1996> Fourced: i doubt you want them for the same reason >.>
      [21:23:05] <joemiranda> how do you do it, theres been times where i was close to being able to do something extraordinary but theres something blocking me
      [21:23:08] <Fourced> why?
      [21:23:17] <%Oreoboy1996> joemiranda: the key is to not think about it and just do it
      [21:23:30] <joemiranda> ill try tonight if i get the dream
      [21:23:32] <%Oreoboy1996> don't think about how you're going to do it
      [21:23:56] <%Oreoboy1996> hold on one second
      [21:24:14] <joemiranda> last time i tried to do something lke that the creatures grabbed me by the ancle and dragged me to hell pretty much
      [21:24:17] <%Oreoboy1996> joemiranda: Dream Control Tutorial - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [21:24:23] <Fourced> holy shit
      [21:24:35] <Idionym> its a repetitive dream?
      [21:24:44] <Idionym> that means its trying to tell u somthing
      [21:24:49] <joemiranda> it continues not really repetitive
      [21:24:55] <Idionym> hm
      [21:25:13] Exotiraan wonders what joemiranda's creatures look like.
      [21:25:30] <joemiranda> i can tell you the story and maybeill make a forum post about it but its gona be long so not tonight
      [21:25:56] <%Oreoboy1996> oh you should try invincibility joemiranda
      [21:26:09] <%Oreoboy1996> a very powerful dream ability and yet so easy to perform
      [21:26:53] <joemiranda> one thing im able to do thats a little extraordinary is my strength will increase a lotttt when im in fear in the dream and thats why im able to stay alive during the dream
      [21:27:08] <Burke> good night everyone
      [21:27:27] <Fourced> byee
      [21:27:29] <%Oreoboy1996> good night Burke
      [21:27:35] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya burke
      [21:27:35] <TheElusiveHobo> Night.
      [21:27:37] <%Oreoboy1996> super strength is another easy ability
      [21:27:40] Burke [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:28:02] <%Oreoboy1996> i prefer to turn my fear into anger
      [21:28:05] <Idionym> who gets gold stars tonight?
      [21:28:18] <Fourced> me!!!
      [21:28:21] <TheElusiveHobo> Gold stars?
      [21:28:22] <joemiranda> anyway guys my gf is getting off from work and im gonna clean the house for her so ill be back on some other time and ill post my story on a forum soon
      [21:28:25] <@OpheliaBlue> everyone who showed up!
      [21:28:35] <Idionym> aw
      [21:28:39] <Idionym> u should make like
      [21:28:44] <Idionym> platnium stars
      [21:28:45] <Fourced> ophelia how exactly do i see the gold star i got..
      [21:28:46] <TheElusiveHobo> Oh, the calss.
      [21:28:52] <Fourced> lol
      [21:29:04] <Idionym> oh so i got 3 gold stars???
      [21:29:06] <TheElusiveHobo> *class
      [21:29:12] <Idionym> im 3 for 3 on showing up =P
      [21:29:18] <%RareCola> Here's your gold stars: http://bit.ly/KvD5b5
      [21:29:18] joemiranda [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:29:39] <Idionym> yay
      [21:29:48] <Idionym> why no class tommrow
      [21:30:06] <cookieh> because ophelia has a life too!
      [21:30:07] <Fourced> i thought there was only 2 ? or did you count the noon clase
      [21:30:08] <@OpheliaBlue> lol best gold stars ever
      [21:30:19] <cookieh> wut i get gold star?
      [21:30:21] <cookieh> kewl
      [21:30:23] <@OpheliaBlue> oh because I work 15 hours tomorrow
      [21:30:28] <Idionym> wow
      [21:30:30] <%RareCola> ouch
      [21:30:37] <@OpheliaBlue> well, 13 and the commute time
      [21:30:52] <%RareCola> !brb grabbing some food
      [21:30:52] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [21:30:57] <creepyemps> wait did someone say gold stars?!
      [21:31:03] <Exotiraan> Oreoboy1996 turns fear to anger.
      [21:31:17] <creepyemps> you should turn fear to mana
      [21:31:20] <creepyemps> :3
      [21:31:21] Exotiraan turns fear to sexytime (or tries to, where it is possible).
      [21:31:40] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:31:47] <Fourced> i have to go
      [21:31:48] <cookieh> lol
      [21:31:48] <Exotiraan> With the exception of stuff like panic attacks.
      [21:31:52] <cookieh> bye Fourced
      [21:31:54] <Exotiraan> :<
      [21:31:55] <TheElusiveHobo> See ya.
      [21:31:59] <%Oreoboy1996> i get angry and throw people through walls and then stuff them in drawers
      [21:32:01] <Fourced> byr
      [21:32:02] Exotiraan doesn't get a choice with those.
      [21:32:08] Fourced [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:34:00] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I never dismissed class, I blame all the PMs
      [21:34:02] Exotiraan tries to make friends with everyone, then he has more people to help him when he needs the help.
      [21:34:02] <@OpheliaBlue> CLASS DISMISSED
      [21:34:07] <Idionym> NOOO
      [21:34:09] <Idionym> NOOOOOOOOOO
      [21:34:10] <@OpheliaBlue> feel free to keep chitchatting
      [21:34:15] <Idionym> YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
      [21:34:16] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm going to log from here
      [21:34:23] <TheElusiveHobo> Thanks a lot, Ophelia.
      [21:34:23] <@OpheliaBlue> lol Idionym
      [21:34:33] <cookieh> class dismissed? awh
      [21:34:34] <Idionym> ur going to log?
      [21:34:43] <%Oreoboy1996> alright, i browse the forums a bit
      [21:35:05] Exotiraan really needs to get more active theer.
      [21:35:33] <Exotiraan> (Senseless Banter and friends don't count. )
      [21:36:01] <Idionym> the final day of finals is tommorw
      [21:36:02] <cookieh> hall poiiiints
      [21:36:28] <%Oreoboy1996> eww senseless banter
      [21:36:50] <cookieh> o__o
      [21:37:06] Exotiraan guesses Oreoboy1996 really hates the off-topic stuff.
      [21:37:08] <Exotiraan> :p
      [21:37:09] <Idionym> i wonder if cat works =/
      [21:37:11] <TheElusiveHobo> Okay, I'm logging too, guys. See you around.
      [21:37:13] <%Oreoboy1996> yep
      [21:37:16] <@OpheliaBlue> 2 more days until hall poiiiints
      [21:37:17] <%Oreoboy1996> bye TheElusiveHobo
      [21:37:22] TheElusiveHobo [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:37:29] <Exotiraan> Just slightly less than Hukif.
      [21:37:36] <Exotiraan>
      [21:37:58] <@OpheliaBlue> log the chat Idionym
      [21:38:01] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:38:02] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
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      June 7 11:30am chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [11:31:42] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:31:42] Channel topic is: lucid dreaming
      [11:31:42] Topic was set by Oreoboy1996 on Mon Jun 4 16:28:33 2012
      [11:31:42] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
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      [11:31:43] Channel was created at Sat Jun 2 03:29:01 2012
      [11:31:48] <linschoppingh> i got a lucid today n___n
      [11:31:50] <linschoppingh> hai OpheliaBlue
      [11:31:53] <Caenis> Good timing as always, Ophelia!
      [11:31:54] <paigeyemps> hello OpheliaBlue
      [11:31:54] <RareCola> Haha, we were getting worried you forgot!
      [11:32:00] <paigeyemps> congrats cookie!
      [11:32:00] <@OpheliaBlue> morning guys!
      [11:32:10] <DawgBone> Afternoon!
      [11:32:18] <Idionym> herro
      [11:32:28] <@OpheliaBlue> talk about a last minute lucid.. I set my alarm for 11:15, then snooze for 5 minutes, and I had an FA and a lucid in those 5 minutes
      [11:32:30] <paigeyemps> midnight!
      [11:32:35] <linschoppingh> D:
      [11:32:37] <Caenis> Congrats, linschoppingh! Did you RC and stabilize in the LD?
      [11:32:39] <paigeyemps> ig buce
      [11:32:42] <paigeyemps> **oh nice
      [11:32:43] <paigeyemps>
      [11:32:51] <RareCola> I tend to have moments like that a lot. It's nice.
      [11:32:52] <linschoppingh> i didnt stabilize though -___-
      [11:33:03] <linschoppingh> that's probably why it faded away
      [11:33:21] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: I did! I also came up with a technique to remember several back to back dreams and it worked, but I'll tell all about it later
      [11:33:26] <paigeyemps> mine didn't last long either
      [11:33:33] <@OpheliaBlue> first off
      [11:33:42] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [11:33:47] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h RareCola
      [11:33:49] <%Caenis> Sounds exciting, OpheliaBlue.
      [11:34:00] <@OpheliaBlue> ok RareCola what was that set topic thing you were talking about before?
      [11:34:17] <%RareCola> I think we'll be fine for today with fewer people
      [11:34:34] <%RareCola> It's mainly when the chat gets impossible to keep up with
      [11:34:40] <@OpheliaBlue> ok cool... if it gets out of hand later, like in 30 minutes for people who didn't realise this class was early
      [11:34:52] <DawgBone> Last time was rather crowded
      [11:35:01] <paigeyemps> when it gets unruly, you can mute it and tell the topic
      [11:35:02] <paigeyemps>
      [11:35:06] <linschoppingh> ye
      [11:35:12] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I have a topic I REALLY want to talk about, remembering several dreams in a night
      [11:35:26] <@OpheliaBlue> I think Caenis asked this before, and I mentioned something gab did
      [11:35:34] <DawgBone> Are these chained dreams?
      [11:35:40] <@OpheliaBlue> yes
      [11:35:58] <@OpheliaBlue> or even just if yuo have several non lucids in a night but want to remember them all for your journal
      [11:36:03] <%RareCola> I need to get my dream recall back. Ever since my immense work stress last week I've had issues even remembering 1-2 dreams whereas before I was easily remembering 3+ per night.
      [11:36:32] <paigeyemps> i remember several dreams a night, but i hate it when i tell myself to write it later so i can dreamchain, then when i wake up later, i forget
      [11:36:32] <@OpheliaBlue> well you know when you wake up from a dream but don't want to wake up too* much by getting up and journaling them?
      [11:36:43] <paigeyemps> exactly
      [11:36:45] <@OpheliaBlue> yes exactly
      [11:36:45] <paigeyemps> D:
      [11:36:47] RommiH|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:36:51] <DawgBone> right
      [11:36:53] <paigeyemps> hi RommiH|Away
      [11:36:55] <%Caenis> Hey RommiH.
      [11:37:00] <RommiH|Away> Hey!
      [11:37:08] <@OpheliaBlue> well this is what I did last night, because I woke up at 8am and remembered 4 dreams, but didn't want to write them yet, but didn't want to forget
      [11:37:12] <RommiH|Away> how late am I?
      [11:37:13] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RommiH|Away
      [11:37:18] <linschoppingh> 7 minutes
      [11:37:25] <paigeyemps> we're talking about dream chaining RommiH|Away
      [11:37:34] <linschoppingh> actually, 5 minutes
      [11:37:35] <@OpheliaBlue> I assigned each dream or dream fragment an image, based o nthe subject of the dream
      [11:37:52] <RommiH|Away> ohthanks for the update paigey
      [11:38:00] <paigeyemps> np
      [11:38:05] <paigeyemps> ooh nice idea oph
      [11:38:06] <@OpheliaBlue> for example, there was one abotu a vacuum, a photograph, eating noodles, a funeral, my boss, a dress and Rammstein
      [11:38:10] <@OpheliaBlue> THEN
      [11:38:30] <@OpheliaBlue> I assigned a beginning image to help start the memory process.. I chose "w" for wednesday
      [11:38:55] <DawgBone> interesting
      [11:39:07] <@OpheliaBlue> then I mentally wrapped the vacuum cord around the W, the picture to the vacuum, noodles on the picture, my boss holding the noodles etc
      [11:39:26] <@OpheliaBlue> get the idea? I took a minute to do that in bed, remembered them all this morning
      [11:39:29] <@OpheliaBlue> boom!
      [11:39:30] <paigeyemps> i use numbers for mine though, so i also remember the number of dreams, since i forget really easily when i use objects :'(
      [11:39:34] <%RareCola> I've just been having issues lately where I get hypnagogic imagery of journalling my dream when I really haven't. Quite annoying
      [11:39:44] <paigeyemps> but mostly because im better at numbers than visuals
      [11:39:54] <linschoppingh> paigeyemps: asian ;D
      [11:39:57] <DawgBone> Hooking things together like that is a memory technique
      [11:40:00] <paigeyemps> lol
      [11:40:04] <@OpheliaBlue> hey whatever works... I'm just glad I remembered without actually moving out of bed and writing
      [11:40:04] <paigeyemps> ;D
      [11:40:06] <%Caenis> Huh. That's a really interesting technique, Ophelia. I'll have to remember that! Usually I just try to remember a few key events, and that sometimes works.
      [11:40:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I used to do that for homework in college, why I didn't think of it earlier I dunno
      [11:40:40] <@OpheliaBlue> attaching them together is really the key
      [11:40:46] <@OpheliaBlue> the vacuum dream was so gross too
      [11:40:53] <paigeyemps> hahaha
      [11:40:58] <DawgBone> lol
      [11:41:44] <@OpheliaBlue> it was used to suck eyeballs out of dead animal's skulls at a meat fabrication plant
      [11:41:51] <paigeyemps> O_________O
      [11:41:54] <%RareCola> wut
      [11:41:57] <linschoppingh> o___o
      [11:41:59] <%Caenis> Huh. That's...creative?
      [11:42:00] <DawgBone> yuck
      [11:42:11] <paigeyemps> now we know what THAT girl's into
      [11:42:14] <paigeyemps> hahaha ;D
      [11:42:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I know, I would have hated it if I forgot that one, and it was the first one
      [11:42:20] <linschoppingh> lol paige
      [11:42:21] <@OpheliaBlue> lol paigeyemps
      [11:42:24] <paigeyemps> <4
      [11:42:42] <@OpheliaBlue> ok so what else is on the table
      [11:43:10] <DawgBone> Ophelia: How still do you have to be for DEILD to work? Any suggestions?
      [11:43:14] <%RareCola> Haven't got much to talk about I'm afraid, dry spell is still crippling me
      [11:43:34] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:43:36] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:43:39] <@OpheliaBlue> DawgBone: the stillness is different for everyone.. I toss and turn a tiny bit
      [11:43:43] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys
      [11:43:43] <DaveTheJoker> oh there it goes
      [11:43:48] <%RareCola> DawgBone: I've found, the more you think about being still the less likely it is to work.
      [11:43:49] <paigeyemps> hello exo and dave
      [11:43:50] <%Caenis> Well, linschoppingh and paigeyemps had lucids last night too. Care to share what you two dreamed about?
      [11:43:52] <@OpheliaBlue> I called them in here
      [11:43:57] <DaveTheJoker> hi all
      [11:44:04] <DawgBone> RareCola: interesting
      [11:44:04] <Idionym> hey
      [11:44:09] <@OpheliaBlue> yes, share (I gotta let the dogs in real quick)
      [11:44:15] <paigeyemps> i had this red convertible, but for some reason i had to pedal to make it move
      [11:44:20] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:44:45] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [11:44:45] <paigeyemps> then i got lucid and i noseplugged, rubbed hands, and tried that arm-licking thing i heard about
      [11:44:46] <paigeyemps> haha
      [11:44:55] <%RareCola> arm licking?
      [11:44:58] <%RareCola> that's a new one
      [11:45:01] <DawgBone> arm licking?
      [11:45:12] <paigeyemps> i heard something about licking your arm, and it wont be wet
      [11:45:13] <Idionym> sounds hot
      [11:45:16] <paigeyemps>
      [11:45:16] <%Caenis> Huh. Tasting and feeling at the same time. Creative!
      [11:45:18] <paigeyemps> lol
      [11:45:20] <Idionym> =P
      [11:45:24] <paigeyemps> it was really weird
      [11:45:26] <DaveTheJoker> I am not sleeping right anymore I dont think
      [11:45:26] <paigeyemps> oh and also
      [11:45:41] <%Caenis> How so, DaveTheJoker?
      [11:45:43] <DawgBone> I don't think arm licking is legal in my state ...
      [11:45:44] <%RareCola> Haha join the club DaveTheJoker
      [11:45:45] <paigeyemps> i paid much attention to the noseplug and took like 15 seconds doing it
      [11:45:53] <paigeyemps> and it was amazing
      [11:45:54] <DaveTheJoker> I wake up feeling uncomfortable
      [11:45:57] <paigeyemps> x)
      [11:46:02] <DaveTheJoker> and I dont sleep in late anymore
      [11:46:08] <paigeyemps> lol DawgBone
      [11:46:17] <RommiH|Away> !back
      [11:46:18] RommiH|Away [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH
      [11:46:54] <paigeyemps> wb
      [11:47:17] <paigeyemps> silence in the classroom!
      [11:47:18] <RommiH> thunks
      [11:47:24] <TheElusiveHobo> I was shooting monsters on somebody's porch in Arizona and got my hand bit by some kind of land barracuda with one giant 25cm tooth.
      [11:47:32] <linschoppingh> ohwaitwat
      [11:47:36] <@OpheliaBlue> back.. sorry dogs had muddy feet. damn rain
      [11:47:38] <paigeyemps> ooooooooooooh barracuda
      [11:47:41] <RommiH> i was cloned in last nights dream
      [11:47:44] <paigeyemps> D:
      [11:47:46] <@OpheliaBlue> haha weird
      [11:47:49] <linschoppingh> i dreamed of being at home with misplaced furniture
      [11:47:55] <linschoppingh> and it was christmas time -__-
      [11:47:56] <%Caenis> Huh. That's weird. Did something change DaveTheJoker? Did you start sleeping different hours? Has something in your bed changed?
      [11:48:02] <linschoppingh> and it was night
      [11:48:02] <@OpheliaBlue> I had an interesting stabilization thing this time
      [11:48:04] <DaveTheJoker> I am going to bed later
      [11:48:09] <DaveTheJoker> but not that much later
      [11:48:12] Exotiraan DILDed this morning, then FA'd twice. His favorite anonymous sexy aggressor also made an appearance between the DILD and first FA.
      [11:48:13] <RommiH> for some reason i had to be cloned so we could start the grill
      [11:48:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I was blind for a very long time while I was walking down the hall
      [11:48:14] <paigeyemps> christmas :#
      [11:48:20] <paigeyemps> D:
      [11:48:22] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:48:23] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +h Oreoboy1996
      [11:48:28] <paigeyemps> hello oreo
      [11:48:35] <@OpheliaBlue> I just kept clapping and waving my hands in front of me until the scene changed and I could see again
      [11:48:36] <%Oreoboy1996> there's a class right now?
      [11:48:39] <%Caenis> Hm. =/ I guess just see if it persists. It might be temporary.
      [11:48:41] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Oreoboy1996
      [11:48:42] <Idionym> ya
      [11:48:50] <paigeyemps> nahh this is music class
      [11:48:50] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I started it early for Appe but he didn't show up
      [11:48:54] <RommiH> hello Oreoboy
      [11:48:55] <paigeyemps> lalalaa
      [11:48:56] <linschoppingh> paigeyemps: i sure hope christmas isnt a dream sign, that would suck imo o__o
      [11:49:00] <%Oreoboy1996> hello
      [11:49:01] <paigeyemps> LOL
      [11:49:03] <paigeyemps> ya
      [11:49:05] <%RareCola> I'm beginning to think the small time difference in going to bed is actually a problem, DaveTheJoker. I've got in the habit of going to bed just 15-20 minutes later since I've been busy and my dreams aren't liking the change.
      [11:49:06] <%Caenis> =D Good job, Exotiraan! You've had two lucids this week, right?
      [11:49:16] Exotiraan nods.
      [11:49:23] <paigeyemps> congrats exo!
      [11:49:32] <@OpheliaBlue> well done exo
      [11:49:38] <DaveTheJoker> I think I will try going to be earlier
      [11:49:41] <linschoppingh> congrats!!
      [11:49:47] <DaveTheJoker> and maybe going for a walk or something right before bed
      [11:50:04] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: hey are you waking up more than once in the night by the way?
      [11:50:04] <TheElusiveHobo> I think I'm starting to get a handle on recall.
      [11:50:05] <Exotiraan> I think being back to my usual split-sleeping schedule is helping.
      [11:50:24] <%RareCola> Not as much as I used to, and when I do I'm not remembering as much if anything at the moment.
      [11:50:54] <@OpheliaBlue> do you at least remember when you briefly wake up then forget later? or just don't remember as much period.
      [11:50:55] <%Caenis> Split sleeping schedule? Like bi-phasic sleep? Or whatever the title is.
      [11:51:35] <%RareCola> Sometimes I remember briefly, then as soon as I move to write it down I forget it. Other times I don't remember at all.
      [11:51:45] <%RareCola> I just need to figure out what's causing the dry spell, I think
      [11:51:54] <DawgBone> Exotiraan: By split, do you mean WBTB?
      [11:51:56] <%RareCola> I don't think my frustration is helping
      [11:52:04] <Idionym> !brb
      [11:52:06] Idionym [[email protected]] is now known as Idionym|BRB
      [11:52:17] <Exotiraan> DawgBone: Pre'much, 'cause I get forced awake on weekdays.
      [11:52:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I know, frustration is such a dream killer
      [11:52:35] <Exotiraan> Then I stay up for a while and normally go back to bed.
      [11:52:36] <@OpheliaBlue> that and trying too hard
      [11:52:39] <DawgBone> RareCola: LDing is largely a head game.
      [11:52:45] Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:52:51] <Idionym|BRB> !back
      [11:52:51] Idionym|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Idionym
      [11:52:54] <Lunatide> Class? D:
      [11:52:57] <paigeyemps> hi luna <4
      [11:52:59] <@OpheliaBlue> it so is... like as soon as I hit snooze for the last time and gave up, I had a lucid lmao
      [11:53:09] <%RareCola> Haha
      [11:53:34] <@OpheliaBlue> though the nonlucids before that were way more interesting
      [11:53:47] <@OpheliaBlue> who doesn't RC when a vacuum is sucking eyeballs
      [11:53:49] <@OpheliaBlue> honestly
      [11:53:56] <%Oreoboy1996> O_O
      [11:53:57] <%RareCola> I think my problem at the moment is my first month was such a success that when I finally got really busy I wasn't prepared to deal with a dry spell.
      [11:54:00] <DawgBone> Ha!
      [11:54:08] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I got a big baby for you oreo, have to wait til I post it
      [11:54:18] <Lunatide> I'm off, I have nothing to do
      [11:54:20] <Lunatide> Have fun guys
      [11:54:21] <Lunatide>
      [11:54:25] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya luna
      [11:54:25] <%Oreoboy1996> heh?
      [11:54:25] <linschoppingh> bai Lunatide
      [11:54:27] <TheElusiveHobo> See ya.
      [11:54:37] Lunatide [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [11:54:40] Appe96 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:54:47] <Appe96> hi sorry im late :S
      [11:54:50] <@OpheliaBlue> there he is!
      [11:54:59] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I woke up early JUST FOR YOU
      [11:55:00] <%Oreoboy1996> i thought it was still early
      [11:55:16] <%RareCola> It was 30 minutes earlier today
      [11:55:20] <Appe96> Did'nt watch the clock untill now :/
      [11:55:20] <Idionym> how was work yesterday Ophelia?
      [11:55:21] <@OpheliaBlue> JUST FOR YOU
      [11:55:27] <@OpheliaBlue> that's ok
      [11:55:42] <Idionym> nice
      [11:55:43] <@OpheliaBlue> work was ridiculously long, but I talked to a coworker about LDing
      [11:55:49] <Idionym> XD
      [11:56:06] <Appe96> had a speech about ld today
      [11:56:13] <@OpheliaBlue> really?
      [11:56:16] <Appe96> yes
      [11:56:38] <@OpheliaBlue> how did an LD speech work its way into your class/work?
      [11:56:54] <%RareCola> I'd love to give a speech about lucid dreaming
      [11:57:02] <Appe96> yeah it was for or swedish project
      [11:57:02] <%RareCola> I feel like people would get bored though, I'd talk far too long
      [11:57:08] <Appe96> so i had speech for the class
      [11:57:21] <Appe96> and i mentioned dv
      [11:57:24] <%Caenis> RareCola: That's what YouTube is for. Make a speech and post it there!
      [11:57:32] <%RareCola> Haha
      [11:57:42] <linschoppingh> my class would be way too childish to understand something like that -__-
      [11:57:45] <@OpheliaBlue> we would so not get bored.. and definitely youtube
      [11:57:55] <@OpheliaBlue> your english accent would seal the deal
      [11:58:05] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm serious
      [11:58:07] <Appe96> a lot of people got interested in mine
      [11:58:13] <linschoppingh> lool
      [11:58:45] <%RareCola> I was thinking of writing a tutorial on my whole night time routine concept actually. I've been getting asked a lot about it
      [11:58:49] <@OpheliaBlue> hey, apprentices have to make a youtube video speech in order to graduate
      [11:58:57] <linschoppingh> hahah
      [11:59:03] <paigeyemps> loool
      [11:59:04] <linschoppingh> ..i make sure i never become one o__o
      [11:59:05] <%Caenis> Ha, I guess I won't be graduating then.
      [11:59:10] <@OpheliaBlue> awwwww
      [11:59:11] <paigeyemps> x)
      [11:59:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis you could bring Bricklesworth, or whatever his name is
      [11:59:37] <RommiH> whoa guys! the song im listening to right now has this part at the end where this guy just talks about dreaming
      [11:59:49] <linschoppingh> RommiH: what song?
      [11:59:51] <RommiH> first time I heard the song. just downloaded it now
      [11:59:52] <linschoppingh> link!
      [11:59:52] <paigeyemps> what song is that
      [12:00:06] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I like the idea of you makign that tutorial. Nighttime routines are so overlooked in general
      [12:00:15] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't like speeches
      [12:00:21] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:00:27] <RommiH> I Am S/H(im)e[r] As You Am S/H(im)e[r] As You Are Me And We Am I And I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness‚ Psyc
      [12:00:28] <%Oreoboy1996> or talking actually
      [12:00:32] <RommiH> name of song^
      [12:00:34] <%Caenis> XD D'Brickashaw. He'd certainly attract more folks to watch me talk.
      [12:00:36] <Appe96> it depends on what you talk about i guess
      [12:00:41] <@OpheliaBlue> you can write the speech but have someone not shy (cough cough) read it and post it in youtube
      [12:00:42] <paigeyemps> whuuut
      [12:00:43] <linschoppingh> wish i could be more like my brother, he is great with speeches
      [12:00:44] <paigeyemps> RommiH:
      [12:00:47] <paigeyemps>
      [12:00:59] <paigeyemps> loool
      [12:01:02] <paigeyemps> im confus
      [12:01:09] <linschoppingh> copy it and google
      [12:01:22] <Appe96> anyone who got tips for a WILD attempt tonight?
      [12:01:30] <%RareCola> Haha, I'm fine with speeches as long as I have someone to talk to. I'm awkward as hell talking to a camera.
      [12:01:34] Xyvoch [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:01:40] <paigeyemps> im still learning WILD
      [12:01:43] <@OpheliaBlue> Appe96: have you read a WILD tutorial yet?
      [12:01:53] <Xyvoch> Hey
      [12:01:54] <paigeyemps> the WILD class hasn't gotten to the actual WILDing yet
      [12:01:54] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Xyvoch
      [12:01:55] <paigeyemps>
      [12:01:58] <Appe96> yes ophelia
      [12:02:02] <%Oreoboy1996> Appe96: my tip is don't overthink things or worry too much
      [12:02:09] <%RareCola> How are you doing with this whole schema thing btw, Paige?
      [12:02:11] <%RareCola> It's really interesting
      [12:02:13] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Xyvoch
      [12:02:16] <paigeyemps> ooh
      [12:02:25] <paigeyemps> yea it really is
      [12:02:31] <paigeyemps> i've been doing that for a while now
      [12:02:37] <paigeyemps> since forceez told me about it
      [12:02:42] <%RareCola> It's interesting to engage your brain like that and notice how it works
      [12:02:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I'd say join the WILD class Appe96.. this class is more about beginner stuff, and isn't really focused on one particular technique
      [12:02:49] Exotiraan reads RommiH's expression as a regex.
      [12:02:59] <@OpheliaBlue> unless it's DEILD or DILD because they seem to be the concensus areound here
      [12:03:10] <Idionym> or CAT
      [12:03:13] <Appe96> I will still lurk on this, and at the same time join WILD class i guess
      [12:03:20] <paigeyemps> yay
      [12:03:22] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah you can do both
      [12:03:31] RommiH [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:03:37] <%RareCola> WILD class is really under-appreciated, I feel sorry for Sageous
      [12:03:37] <%Oreoboy1996> people know a lot about DILD and DEILD because they're common and generally easy techniques
      [12:03:39] <Appe96> the I sign up after this session
      [12:03:43] <@OpheliaBlue> so I would still like to know about all your experiences with FAs
      [12:03:45] <Appe96> *then
      [12:03:52] <@OpheliaBlue> and yes to what Oreoboy1996 said
      [12:03:55] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Mine or his?
      [12:04:04] <@OpheliaBlue> Everyone's FA Experiences
      [12:04:22] <Idionym> oh
      [12:04:22] <%Oreoboy1996> last false awakening i had...
      [12:04:23] <Idionym> i had 1
      [12:04:28] <Idionym> like 2 nights ago
      [12:04:33] <%Oreoboy1996> i saw my sister and her boy friend in the room talking
      [12:04:33] <@OpheliaBlue> they're such a great way to induce lucidity, and RCs can be performed during your wake up routines
      [12:04:44] <%RareCola> Any idea how to deal with FAs that aren't really FAs but just hypnagogic imagery, Ophelia?
      [12:04:44] RommiH [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:04:46] <%Oreoboy1996> and i became lucid because i knew they were supposed to be 1000 miles away from home
      [12:04:49] <TheElusiveHobo> I had a mild one this morning.
      [12:04:55] <RommiH> lost connection...
      [12:04:56] <%Oreoboy1996> and then i made jelly toast and went back to sleep
      [12:04:56] <linschoppingh> the lucid i had on 16th of may. didn't know it was one til i saw the second set of headphones..
      [12:05:11] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm talking about actual FAs, where you think you woke up and got up and started your day, but really didn't
      [12:05:20] <linschoppingh> nope.
      [12:05:21] <Idionym> ya
      [12:05:22] <Idionym> i did
      [12:05:28] <paigeyemps> ohhh
      [12:05:32] <paigeyemps> the very first lucid i had
      [12:05:33] <%Caenis> TheElusiveHobo: How did you have a mild FA? Care to explain?
      [12:05:35] <%Oreoboy1996> well it was an actual FA, but i turned it lucid
      [12:05:40] <paigeyemps> was a very very vivid and long FA
      [12:05:55] <@OpheliaBlue> for example: I got up, went to the mirror, and there was a gap between my front teeth. I thought, damn, I must have chipped it, now I'll have to get it fixed. Then it went away.
      [12:06:09] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: oh I was directign that at Romm
      [12:06:12] <paigeyemps> i woke up, went to class until lunchtime!! i didnt notice til a deceased teacher sat next to me and whispered "you're dreaming"
      [12:06:14] <paigeyemps>
      [12:06:18] <%Oreoboy1996> oh
      [12:06:20] <DawgBone> I can only remember having 1 FA. I wonder if there is a way to induce them ...
      [12:06:45] <linschoppingh> paigeyemps: o__O
      [12:06:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I think FAs happen alot with me if I hit snooze alot
      [12:06:57] <%Oreoboy1996> not sure why you would want to induce an FA
      [12:07:00] <TheElusiveHobo> Well, not really an FA. I just dreamed that my mother was calling me, and it took me a while to figure out that what she said made no sense.
      [12:07:02] <RommiH> I am s/h(im)e[r] as you am s/h(im)e[r] - YouTube
      [12:07:04] <Appe96> I have never had a FA, but i remember dreaming about, going to bed and not be able to sleep
      [12:07:08] <RommiH> 7:00
      [12:07:12] <paigeyemps> and it was really weird because it felt like the whole morning had gone by, but not really literally, it may have been just a few minutes but it was like a movie, you know? where it's only 2 hours but the timeline is long
      [12:07:13] <paigeyemps> or something
      [12:07:25] <@OpheliaBlue> wow that's cool paigeyemps
      [12:07:30] <paigeyemps> god i suck at explaining haha
      [12:07:31] Exotiraan after he realized he was dreaming "woke up," but everything was dark in the room. He closed his eyes again, then the sexy thing happened, and he "woke up," read the note on his mirror, then did a hand-check and saw white stuff growing.
      [12:07:32] <paigeyemps> sorreh x)
      [12:07:46] <paigeyemps> O__o
      [12:07:48] <%RareCola> I've had that a few times, Paige. Really frustrating to play out your entire morning for it to just be fake
      [12:08:01] <%RareCola> I haven't had an FA where I haven't become lucid for a while though, I seem to always notice it now
      [12:08:03] <@OpheliaBlue> in mine, I just kinda, wiped the gap away with mu finger, then thought, hey this must be a FA, then I looked at my eyes and they were mily green with no pupil. Boom
      [12:08:04] <paigeyemps> yea haha it was very interesting, it really drove me to LD
      [12:08:19] <paigeyemps> noice noice
      [12:08:46] <Exotiraan> That kind of freaked me out and I got up and looked in the bathroom mirror. My face looked a bit like I was having a stroke.
      [12:08:47] <@OpheliaBlue> I was just going to mention, that if you have alot of FAs like I do, there's things you can practice to help get lucid
      [12:08:55] <paigeyemps> oohh like what
      [12:09:01] <@OpheliaBlue> like looking in the mirror alot i nthe morning in rael life, lookign for oddities
      [12:09:06] <paigeyemps> exo wut D:
      [12:09:15] <@OpheliaBlue> lol exo
      [12:09:24] <paigeyemps> ahh im gonna practice it i guess ;
      [12:09:26] <paigeyemps> ;D
      [12:09:34] <paigeyemps> i rarely catch FAs
      [12:09:42] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, you notice stuff on yourself more than say, in your room or whatever
      [12:09:45] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't have many FAs
      [12:09:59] <RommiH> i get plenty of FAs during the week when I have school
      [12:10:05] <@OpheliaBlue> hard for a mirror reflection to be perfect in a dream, so that can induce lucidity if you pay attention to your reflection in real life
      [12:10:07] <linschoppingh> i cant even remember having any fa's
      [12:10:18] <RommiH> I always wake up around 6 then fall back asleep into a FA
      [12:10:18] <@OpheliaBlue> like a big RC in the mirror
      [12:10:19] <Appe96> yay im not alon
      [12:10:30] <Appe96> *alone
      [12:10:33] <linschoppingh> hehe
      [12:10:45] <@OpheliaBlue> RommiH: what usually happens in the FA?
      [12:11:04] <RommiH> just me getting ready for school
      [12:11:08] <Idionym> me too
      [12:11:09] <@OpheliaBlue> paigeyemps: I catch them alot because, like I said before, I'm a chronic snooze button hitter
      [12:11:10] <RommiH> !brb
      [12:11:11] RommiH [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH|BRB
      [12:11:20] Exotiraan still grins when he thinks about the sexy part because he hasn't had that happen in such a long while.
      [12:11:26] <@OpheliaBlue> oo I have a question for you RommiH|BRB for when you get back
      [12:11:26] <linschoppingh> xD
      [12:11:57] <%RareCola> It's my "reverse FAs" that are ruining me. I wake up and then get imagery that I'm journalling or doing my WBTB routine and then never realise that I didn't actually do them until I properly wake up. Nobody seems to know how to deal with it :/
      [12:12:04] <%Oreoboy1996> it was easy for me to become lucid in my dream last night because everything was messed up
      [12:12:20] <paigeyemps> ahh
      [12:12:23] <DaveTheJoker> I only had a few sentances of recall last night
      [12:12:30] <%Oreoboy1996> like my cat gave birth to aquatic cats
      [12:12:34] <linschoppingh> O__o
      [12:12:34] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:12:36] <Appe96> lool
      [12:12:43] <%Oreoboy1996> and he's a male cat
      [12:12:44] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: oh yeah I used to do something similar when I had my computer by my bed.. I would get up, get on DV, type my dream, chat with DV members, but it was all fake
      [12:12:44] <linschoppingh> loool
      [12:12:44] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [12:12:54] <@OpheliaBlue> lol Oreoboy1996
      [12:13:21] <Idionym> i remembered a chunk of my a dream last night
      [12:13:31] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't know, maybe perform a special RC just prior to journaling? Like making sure your pen or pencil is the right color, size etc
      [12:14:05] <paigeyemps> good idea!
      [12:14:06] <@OpheliaBlue> brb one sec
      [12:14:07] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [12:14:07] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:14:08] <%RareCola> It's always so realistic though, I even go through writing out the entire dream.
      [12:14:31] <%Caenis> Why not do a text RC?
      [12:14:32] <%Oreoboy1996> oh and apparently in my dream scientists discovered that humans have a hidden 6th finger that when pulled, will make you fly really fast through water
      [12:14:40] <Appe96> lol can tou remember your dream dream?
      [12:14:45] <%RareCola> Doesn't work Caenis, because it's not really a dream
      [12:14:46] <Appe96> *you
      [12:14:48] <linschoppingh> what lol Oreoboy1996
      [12:14:56] <paigeyemps> looool oreo
      [12:15:01] <%Oreoboy1996> and then i asked Claire to help me pull my finger
      [12:15:06] <%Caenis> Huh. Never mind.
      [12:15:09] <%RareCola> That's the point, it's hypnagogic imagery and I'm not actually a sleep, rather just on the brink of sleep. RCs just don't seem to work.
      [12:15:10] <paigeyemps> 6th finger... fly in water...seems legit
      [12:15:11] <Idionym> i gots a question
      [12:15:11] <paigeyemps> ;D
      [12:15:13] <%Oreoboy1996> and she slapped me in the back of the head
      [12:15:20] <%RareCola> asleep*
      [12:15:28] <paigeyemps> go for it Idionym
      [12:15:36] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:15:36] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:15:37] <Idionym> i saw this thing were if you have an alarm go off every 90 mins
      [12:15:44] <Idionym> u can remember more dreams
      [12:15:50] <linschoppingh> paigeyemps: this IS legit. didn't your parents ever tell you?
      [12:15:54] <linschoppingh> ;D
      [12:15:57] <paigeyemps> D:
      [12:16:03] <Idionym> so like after 5 hours of sleeping
      [12:16:08] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I see what you mean
      [12:16:16] <@OpheliaBlue> it never becomes a full fledged dream
      [12:16:18] <Idionym> you can just wake up, right down what you remember, and then go to sleep
      [12:16:19] <@OpheliaBlue> hrmm...
      [12:16:25] <Idionym> think that will work?
      [12:16:48] <@OpheliaBlue> never tried it Idionym, experiment and see! I'd love to know the results
      [12:16:49] <RommiH|BRB> !back
      [12:16:49] RommiH|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH
      [12:16:51] <%RareCola> Yea, it's when I'm laying in bed recalling and then I slip into the hypnagogic imagery state by accident and think I'm writing my dream or doing my WBTB routine as I plan to do and then... I just go back to sleep.
      [12:16:57] <RommiH> yes opheliablue?
      [12:17:03] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RommiH.. what do yuo normally do when you get ready for school?
      [12:17:12] <Idionym> but do u think it will mess up my CAT?
      [12:17:29] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't see how?
      [12:17:35] <Idionym> ok
      [12:17:37] <RommiH> nothing much wash up get dressed eat if i have time
      [12:17:53] <@OpheliaBlue> do you look in the mirror at all when you wash up?
      [12:18:00] <RommiH> in the FAs i only make it till me getting dressed
      [12:18:07] <RommiH> yeah
      [12:18:08] <@OpheliaBlue> I bring up mirrors alot because they're an excellent tool, and easy to use for an RC
      [12:18:37] <RommiH> I hope I become lucid next time and complete the TOTM
      [12:18:51] <%RareCola> That's my goal too Romm
      [12:19:01] <paigeyemps> ^^
      [12:19:05] <%Oreoboy1996> weird things happen when you go through mirrors
      [12:19:08] <%Oreoboy1996> at least for me
      [12:19:15] <linschoppingh> i need to go through one as well..
      [12:19:25] <Appe96> what happend oreo?
      [12:19:27] <@OpheliaBlue> OH that reminds me Oreoboy1996 I need your opinion
      [12:19:31] <@OpheliaBlue> all your opinions actually
      [12:19:32] <paigeyemps> i hope my LD will last longer
      [12:19:51] <@OpheliaBlue> someone posted a dream in TOTM where they just put their head through the mirror and saw a mirror tunnel thing
      [12:20:05] <@OpheliaBlue> everyones' opinions* I meant
      [12:20:11] <@OpheliaBlue> does that dream count for the TOTM?
      [12:20:14] <%RareCola> I think that would count, the task was just to see what was on the other side, right?
      [12:20:17] <@OpheliaBlue> just the head and not the whole body
      [12:20:17] <%Oreoboy1996> Appe96: i became a 2d image and everything i could see that was 3d became distorted and warped into a new image
      [12:20:25] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: my thought exactly
      [12:20:29] <Appe96> lol
      [12:20:53] <linschoppingh> i think it counts
      [12:20:54] <%Oreoboy1996> the goal was to walk through a mirror and see what's on the other side
      [12:21:09] <%Oreoboy1996> if more focus was put towards walking through a mirror it wouldn't count
      [12:21:18] <%Oreoboy1996> if the point was just to see the other side then it would count
      [12:21:42] <%Caenis> Yeah, that's a tough call.
      [12:21:52] <paigeyemps> she/he gets half a wing
      [12:21:53] <paigeyemps> ;D
      [12:21:57] <%Oreoboy1996> seeing as he phased through it and saw the other side
      [12:21:58] <linschoppingh> lol
      [12:22:01] <paigeyemps> i mean one wing
      [12:22:01] <%Oreoboy1996> i think it might as well count
      [12:22:05] <paigeyemps> on the left side
      [12:22:06] <paigeyemps> hahahah
      [12:22:07] <@OpheliaBlue> ok thanks guys
      [12:22:25] <@OpheliaBlue> because yeah, the focus WAS to see the other side. You only need your head for that
      [12:22:27] <paigeyemps> OHHHH I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING
      [12:22:30] <@OpheliaBlue> WHAAT
      [12:22:35] <Idionym> !!!!
      [12:22:41] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [12:22:53] <paigeyemps> in one of my dreams earlier..i was apparently a slipper
      [12:22:53] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker|Away
      [12:22:54] <paigeyemps>
      [12:22:57] <%Oreoboy1996> ;
      [12:22:58] <%RareCola> interesting
      [12:22:58] <linschoppingh> o__o
      [12:22:59] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [12:23:00] <@OpheliaBlue> like, a shoe?
      [12:23:03] <paigeyemps> i cant quite explain
      [12:23:03] <paigeyemps> yes
      [12:23:06] <linschoppingh> lololol
      [12:23:07] <paigeyemps> like a fluffy slipper
      [12:23:08] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao
      [12:23:14] <Appe96> rofl
      [12:23:15] <paigeyemps> and this old lady was angry and threw me at her son
      [12:23:17] <paigeyemps> loooool
      [12:23:19] <paigeyemps> it was so weird
      [12:23:19] <@OpheliaBlue> what triggered that memory?
      [12:23:22] <%Oreoboy1996> O_O
      [12:23:23] <DawgBone> left or right?
      [12:23:26] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:23:27] <paigeyemps> YES
      [12:23:28] <paigeyemps> LEFT
      [12:23:29] <RommiH> my friend was a video on youtube a few nights ago
      [12:23:32] <paigeyemps> that triggered it
      [12:23:34] <paigeyemps> haahaha
      [12:23:54] <paigeyemps> it was so weird, like i could feel the lady taking me from her left foot
      [12:23:57] <paigeyemps> and stuff
      [12:24:00] <RommiH> lol
      [12:24:09] <Appe96> awesome dream
      [12:24:12] <%RareCola> Speaking of remembering things, does anyone ever get deja vu but know that the deja vu was from a dream, but can't really remember what happened?
      [12:24:13] <@OpheliaBlue> that is nuts
      [12:24:14] <paigeyemps> x)
      [12:24:31] <Appe96> all the time rare
      [12:24:33] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: oh yeah that happens to me occasionally, but the feeling usually passes
      [12:25:11] <paigeyemps> yesterday i had a dream where i talked to a DC about this old dream i had, and i flashed back to it, and it was exactly the same dream as 3 years ago
      [12:25:21] <paigeyemps> it was amazing how i still had that memory buried somewhere
      [12:25:22] <@OpheliaBlue> it makes me feel like it was never a dream, rather just a temporary brain fart that triggered the memory center of the brain
      [12:25:27] <%Caenis> That sometimes happens to me RareCola. Takes me a moment sometimes to remember the dream fragment.
      [12:25:28] <paigeyemps> brain fart
      [12:25:29] <paigeyemps> nice
      [12:25:36] <%RareCola> I was making breakfast this morning and knew that I had a dream where I was in my kitchen but it was incredibly fuzzy, like a deja vu feeling.
      [12:26:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i had deja vu when i woke up in the morning and found at the task of the month was to ride a train >.>
      [12:27:10] <@OpheliaBlue> well any last question y'all? almost time for my breakfast
      [12:27:45] <%RareCola> May write up that guide later and get your opinion before I post it, Ophelia
      [12:27:53] <@OpheliaBlue> that would be awesome
      [12:28:11] <@OpheliaBlue> and RareCola and/or Caenis.. let me know if y'all have time later to chat one-on-one
      [12:28:24] <paigeyemps> WOAHHHHHH
      [12:28:25] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll be around allll day
      [12:28:31] <%Oreoboy1996> yay lol
      [12:28:33] <%RareCola> Should do, I'm trying not to do much today to reduce these stress levels
      [12:28:41] <%Oreoboy1996> what is it dragonborn paigey?
      [12:28:43] <paigeyemps> one hour has passed already?! if only my real life classes were like this
      [12:28:44] <@OpheliaBlue> fair enough, do what you gotta do
      [12:28:44] <paigeyemps>
      [12:28:50] <%Caenis> Sure, I'll try to think of a time. Probably not today though, I have a quasi-date.
      [12:28:54] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah or work too paigeyemps
      [12:28:58] <paigeyemps>
      [12:29:04] <%RareCola> What time were you thinking, Ophelia?
      [12:29:07] <@OpheliaBlue> a quasi date.. with your fiance I hope
      [12:29:22] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: just whenever you get the tutorial typed up
      [12:29:33] <%Caenis> Nope. >.> My fiancee knows the girl though, so it's okay. =p We'll just be eating and gaming and flirting.
      [12:29:42] <@OpheliaBlue> ohhhhh..
      [12:29:43] <@OpheliaBlue> k.
      [12:29:46] <DawgBone> Sure
      [12:29:54] <@OpheliaBlue> bring brickerbracker as a chaperone
      [12:30:01] <%RareCola> Alright, I'll PM you later when I'm free
      [12:30:11] <@OpheliaBlue> ok cool
      [12:30:18] <%Oreoboy1996> not sure what i'm going to do today
      [12:30:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Ents!
      [12:30:26] <%Caenis> XD The girl wants to see D'Brickashaw, so he'll be a very good chaperone. My family will be around anyway, no funny business.
      [12:30:34] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:30:39] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:30:50] <%RareCola> You sound very suspicious, Caenis!
      [12:30:51] <%RareCola> haha
      [12:30:53] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I said Ents because I just remembered to finish reading Jason's Ent dream
      [12:31:05] <%RareCola>
      [12:31:07] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah Caenis has a naughty streak me thinks
      [12:31:10] <%RareCola> That was incredibly weird
      [12:31:15] <%Caenis> I see no problem in admiring other people. =p
      [12:31:25] <@OpheliaBlue> no, not at all...
      [12:31:46] <@OpheliaBlue> like looking at a dessert menu when you're on a diet
      [12:31:49] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [12:31:53] <paigeyemps>
      [12:32:07] <%Caenis> Haha, I guess that's one way of thinking about it, yeah.
      [12:32:08] <@OpheliaBlue> I do that at work alot, there's this one guy in Dairy that makes my mouth water
      [12:32:15] RommiH [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:32:17] <@OpheliaBlue> but he's stupid
      [12:32:18] <%RareCola> Or buying a dessert and eating it when you're on a diet. Or is that just me?
      [12:32:40] <@OpheliaBlue> haha well, just don't tell your girlfriend
      [12:32:57] <linschoppingh> loool RareCola
      [12:33:08] <paigeyemps> LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
      [12:33:10] <paigeyemps> x)
      [12:33:14] <%RareCola> Luckily for me I'm forever alone.
      [12:33:20] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [12:33:24] <Idionym> ^^
      [12:33:27] <@OpheliaBlue> ah, confirmed bachelors
      [12:33:28] <paigeyemps> ^^^
      [12:33:32] <paigeyemps> dang
      [12:33:33] Xyvoch [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [12:33:35] <%RareCola> Haha
      [12:33:36] <Idionym> ha
      [12:34:07] <@OpheliaBlue> well good, more time for me with y'all then, no gf's getting in my way
      [12:34:13] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:34:14] <paigeyemps> x)
      [12:34:14] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:34:22] <@OpheliaBlue> I mean in terms of the class, not other stuff
      [12:34:29] <@OpheliaBlue> Danny would kill everyone
      [12:34:30] <%RareCola> Glad you clarified
      [12:34:34] <linschoppingh> hahaha
      [12:34:44] <%Caenis> Haha, I think we all knew what you meant.
      [12:35:00] paigeyemps pervsmiles
      [12:35:02] <paigeyemps> waitwhat
      [12:35:08] <paigeyemps> ;D
      [12:35:08] <Idionym> lol
      [12:35:10] <%Oreoboy1996> nothing
      [12:35:11] RareCola pervwinks
      [12:35:13] Oreoboy1996 pervsmiles
      [12:35:14] <@OpheliaBlue> on THAT note
      [12:35:29] linschoppingh derps.
      [12:35:32] OpheliaBlue pervposts this chat in the log thread
      [12:35:39] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [12:35:40] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
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      June 7th, 8pmCST chat class (thank you SO MUCH RareCola for taking over the last 15 minutes plus for me, and thanks to oreoboy for saving all the logs when I got booted.. seriously, could a girl ask for better coworkers? I think not!):

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [20:51:35] <@OpheliaBlue> hey
      [20:51:39] <Idionym> heyy
      [20:51:44] Exotiraan is actually early, for once.
      [20:52:19] <Mindraker> Hi
      [20:52:19] <Idionym> lol
      [20:52:20] <Idionym> gj
      [20:52:25] <Idionym> HEY
      [20:52:26] <@OpheliaBlue> hey hey
      [20:52:28] <%RareCola> heyyy
      [20:52:36] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Jason
      [20:52:41] <@OpheliaBlue> how awake are you?
      [20:52:49] <%RareCola> As awake as always
      [20:53:03] <Mindraker> lol, I look at my hand when you ask me that question
      [20:53:06] <Mindraker> dangit
      [20:53:22] <Idionym> does having a fever do anything to ur lucid chances?
      [20:53:23] <Mindraker> It's become a habit
      [20:54:09] yomi [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:54:17] wana^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:54:20] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> Idionym: i've heard that sometimes people have higher lucidity when sick
      [20:54:24] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: it could
      [20:54:28] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah ecactly
      [20:54:30] wana^ [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "time for a lucid dream"
      [20:54:31] <Idionym> =D
      [20:54:34] <Idionym> well
      [20:54:38] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> not quite sure what the reason is
      [20:54:43] <Idionym> u sleep more\
      [20:54:46] <Idionym> probably
      [20:54:51] TheElusiveHobo [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:54:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I don;t know either, but changing things up in any way has helped me, like the hotel room thing
      [20:55:00] <yomi> Was the opposite for me.
      [20:55:04] <@OpheliaBlue> hey hobo
      [20:55:10] <TheElusiveHobo> Hey Ophelia.
      [20:55:35] <yomi> So tiredI'm do other things
      [20:55:41] <@OpheliaBlue> hey I want y'all to look a ta link while we wait for more students
      [20:55:42] <yomi> Slightly important things
      [20:55:53] <yomi> Sure.
      [20:55:54] <Idionym> sure
      [20:56:10] <@OpheliaBlue> http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/night-...cidity-132655/
      [20:56:18] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola wrote this and I think he's on to something here
      [20:56:19] <Idionym> im already on it XD
      [20:56:27] <@OpheliaBlue> haha cool
      [20:56:31] <Idionym> havent read it tho
      [20:57:38] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> !back
      [20:57:38] Oreoboy1996|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996
      [20:58:02] <@OpheliaBlue> wb oreo
      [20:58:09] <%Oreoboy1996> thanks
      [20:59:50] Coolb3rt [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:59:55] <Coolb3rt> sup
      [20:59:58] <Exotiraan> I guess that means I need to stop programming on the crapbook in bed.
      [21:00:00] <%RareCola> supp
      [21:00:19] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Coolb3rt
      [21:00:34] <%RareCola> Yes probably Exotiraan
      [21:00:35] <Coolb3rt> hello OpheliaBlue
      [21:00:35] <TheElusiveHobo> Made another entry in my workbook.
      [21:00:37] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Coolb3rt
      [21:00:40] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: well I think so
      [21:00:43] <Coolb3rt> hello Oreoboy1996
      [21:00:49] <@OpheliaBlue> people go to sleep with too many distractions
      [21:00:49] <TheElusiveHobo> Just now.
      [21:00:56] <%Oreoboy1996> prepare to get learned Coolb3rt
      [21:01:09] <@OpheliaBlue> and don't put their minds in a place that's conducive to lucid dreaming
      [21:01:13] <Mindraker> Yeah I need to stop watching TV on the bed... that's taking a *LOT* of discipline.
      [21:01:26] <Coolb3rt> I better be learned
      [21:01:30] <Coolb3rt> what do you think I'l paying you for
      [21:01:54] <@OpheliaBlue> or I dunno, if you don't want to be super orthodoxed about his technique, then at least stop early enough to do the relaxations and incubations
      [21:02:02] <%Oreoboy1996> i actually need distractions to sleep
      [21:02:05] <@OpheliaBlue> still, if you're going to try a technique, really go for it
      [21:02:17] <%Oreoboy1996> so i fall asleep with the tv on and daydream :/
      [21:02:30] <linschoppingh> o__o
      [21:02:36] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, but you're extra special with your ways oreo
      [21:02:37] <Coolb3rt> Oreoboy1996: here's the deal, I bet you a dollar that you can't get past my base defenses
      [21:02:42] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:02:42] <Coolb3rt> in my shared drema
      [21:02:52] <linschoppingh> lool
      [21:02:56] <%Oreoboy1996> i'll just walk in Coolb3rt
      [21:03:29] <Coolb3rt> you'll be blown into dragonbites
      [21:03:41] Exotiraan giggles.
      [21:04:02] <Idionym> i want to shared dran =/
      [21:04:05] <Idionym> dream*\
      [21:04:30] Exotiraan stops giggling when he re-reads that. That wouldn't be good!
      [21:04:31] <@OpheliaBlue> so Idionym, what was your dream about?
      [21:04:37] mydera [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:04:40] <Idionym> being at a hotel
      [21:04:40] <@OpheliaBlue> you said you remembered a "dream chunk"
      [21:04:47] <@OpheliaBlue> hey mydera!
      [21:04:49] <Idionym> and some crazy flying train thing
      [21:04:49] <%Oreoboy1996> hello mydera
      [21:04:52] <Idionym> it was kinda werid
      [21:04:53] <Idionym> lol
      [21:04:55] <mydera> Hey everyone ^_^
      [21:05:12] <%RareCola> Hey mydera!
      [21:05:15] <@OpheliaBlue> mydera: I still have a tab open to yuor most recent textwall entry in your workbook
      [21:05:23] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: what happened in it
      [21:05:29] <Idionym> well
      [21:05:38] <Idionym> i was going to see if a room was empty
      [21:05:41] <Idionym> for me to sleep in
      [21:05:50] <Idionym> and some werid old guy was like almost naked
      [21:05:52] <mydera> LOL, Sorry it's so long! It's catching up for the three days I haven't posted
      [21:05:57] <Idionym> so i was like "wtf" and left
      [21:06:06] <@OpheliaBlue> I figured mydera
      [21:06:14] <Idionym> then I got on the elvetor, which was this huge flying train thing
      [21:06:16] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [21:06:24] <Idionym> and thats basiclly all i remember
      [21:06:52] <@OpheliaBlue> ever dream about hotels on a regular basis Idionym?
      [21:07:04] <Idionym> i dont think so
      [21:07:11] <%Oreoboy1996> i think the last time i had a dream i was in a hotel
      [21:07:17] <%Oreoboy1996> my grandmother was eaten by a giant spider
      [21:07:21] <Idionym> lol
      [21:07:21] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:07:36] <Exotiraan> Idionym: Isn't riding on a train one of the tasks this month?
      [21:07:41] <%Oreoboy1996> yep
      [21:07:45] <%Oreoboy1996> it's the advanced task
      [21:07:47] <Idionym> it wasnt a train tho
      [21:07:51] <Idionym> it was a werid flying train
      [21:07:58] <@OpheliaBlue> elevator-train
      [21:08:01] <Idionym> ya
      [21:08:04] <Exotiraan> Still a train.
      [21:08:12] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that would have been bad ass if you got lucid
      [21:08:24] <Idionym> i agree
      [21:08:26] <%RareCola> I have a lot of moments where I wish I had become lucid in a dream
      [21:08:42] <Idionym> every moment i wish i become lucid XD
      [21:08:50] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [21:08:54] <Idionym> i want to talk to my sub more then have fun atm
      [21:08:58] <Idionym> i want to learn
      [21:09:00] <mydera> I agree to that WIshing every moment was lucid
      [21:09:03] <Idionym> then have fun
      [21:09:05] <Exotiraan> Idionym: You're a dom?
      [21:09:13] <Idionym> a dom?
      [21:09:18] <Coolb3rt> advanced?
      [21:09:21] <Coolb3rt> riding on a train
      [21:09:26] <Coolb3rt> seems pretty easy to me
      [21:09:26] Burke [[email protected]] is now known as Burke|BRB
      [21:09:32] <%Oreoboy1996> standing on top of a speeding train Coolb3rt
      [21:09:40] <%RareCola> Not if you whack your face on a tunnel
      [21:09:47] <Coolb3rt> meh about twice as hard as riding in one
      [21:09:52] <Coolb3rt> which is easy
      [21:09:52] <Idionym> can u feel pain in a dream?
      [21:09:57] <Coolb3rt> you can if you can
      [21:09:58] Exotiraan does not think he knows if Idionym's word 'sub' is what he is thinking of 'sub.'
      [21:10:00] <%RareCola> Of course
      [21:10:01] <Coolb3rt> that makes sense trust me
      [21:10:06] <%Oreoboy1996> Basic Task - Walk through a mirror and see what's on the other side. Advanced Task - Jump on top of a speeding train and stay on for a while.
      [21:10:16] <Coolb3rt> I've walked through a mirror
      [21:10:29] <Coolb3rt> one dream I walked through like 50 mirrors
      [21:10:32] <%Oreoboy1996> Idionym: yes you can feel pain in a dream
      [21:10:37] <Idionym> ok
      [21:10:40] <Mindraker> ONCE I've felt the "stinging" of someone throwing rocks at my face in a dream, but it turned out that a mosquito was biting my face in real life.
      [21:10:41] <%Oreoboy1996> i've even felt pain in places that don't exist, like my wing
      [21:10:52] <Idionym> haha
      [21:11:12] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [21:11:13] <Mindraker> Wow Oreoboy1996
      [21:11:24] <Exotiraan> The last time I felt pain is when I was lucid a long while ago (before the apartment move) and tried to jump through a "portal" I drew on a wall with a Sharpie.
      [21:11:34] <Exotiraan> Concrete hurts.
      [21:11:37] <%RareCola> LOL
      [21:11:41] <mydera> LOL
      [21:11:55] <%RareCola> Sharpie isn't portal material
      [21:12:02] <%RareCola> Should have tried magic markers
      [21:12:03] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:12:07] <%Oreoboy1996> hello syth406
      [21:12:11] <%RareCola> hey syth406
      [21:12:25] <syth406> Hey guise
      [21:12:32] <mydera> lol cola, "magic" markers, because the magic part makes all the difference right?
      [21:12:41] <%RareCola> of course!
      [21:12:43] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:12:44] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o OpheliaBlue
      [21:12:44] <mydera> Hey syth!
      [21:12:49] <%RareCola> Welcome back
      [21:12:51] <@OpheliaBlue> barf
      [21:12:51] <mydera> welcome back ophelia
      [21:13:00] <syth406> Hey mydera
      [21:13:04] <%Oreoboy1996> magic markers have great potential for dream control
      [21:13:04] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry, I have had this problem the last 2 nights
      [21:13:13] <syth406> Hey ophelia
      [21:13:16] <%Oreoboy1996> draw whatever you want and make it come to life
      [21:13:39] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [21:14:12] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:14:23] <mydera> I tried to use a magic wand in a dream once, but it kept turning into other stuff
      [21:14:30] <@OpheliaBlue> haha mydera
      [21:14:41] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that's the problem with props
      [21:14:47] <%RareCola> I tend to find dreams like trolling you
      [21:14:51] <syth406> Bananna wand
      [21:15:16] Burke|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Burke
      [21:15:22] TheElusiveHobo [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:15:34] <mydera> AT least if a bananna wand didn't work, you could eat it and say that you accomplished something in a dream, tasting food
      [21:15:35] <%RareCola> Lots of people coming and going today
      [21:16:02] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I don't get it
      [21:16:12] <%Oreoboy1996> my dreams troll me sometimes too
      [21:16:12] <@OpheliaBlue> hope they're not all getting booted too
      [21:16:17] <syth406> I'd just tell myself that the banana will give me wizard powers if I eat it.
      [21:16:23] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [21:16:34] <mydera> Good idea
      [21:16:34] <%RareCola> That'd probably work actually
      [21:16:50] <%RareCola> Gotta love those magic bananas
      [21:16:55] <mydera> , Wonders what a magic banan would taste like anyways
      [21:16:57] <@OpheliaBlue> oh like in Alice in Wonderland
      [21:17:07] <@OpheliaBlue> find something that says "Eat Me" and see what powers you get
      [21:17:15] <Mindraker> OK I've got a question... how does "space" behave in your dreams? Is it a rigid feature, or is it something bendable and malleable?
      [21:17:20] <%Oreoboy1996> new task of the month?
      [21:17:27] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I was just htinking that haha
      [21:17:35] <syth406> My brain comes up with the randiest shot a few days ago I dreamt about my English teacher giving me a 6 inch cast wire.
      [21:17:38] <Idionym> what happens if u die in a lucid
      [21:17:43] <%Oreoboy1996> i had a similar suggestion to find a potion and drink it
      [21:17:49] <%Oreoboy1996> Idionym: normally i wake up when i die
      [21:17:50] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: mine is usually rigid, but can lose clarity
      [21:17:56] <Idionym> oh
      [21:17:58] <%RareCola> Space as in, the environment?
      [21:18:16] <Mindraker> Well, both space, and objects in space which normally are rigid.
      [21:18:19] yomi [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Gone. Later.
      [21:18:22] <%Oreoboy1996> sometimes i'll be in some sort of ghost mode where i view the dream like a movie instead though
      [21:18:24] <Mindraker> Space time
      [21:18:27] <@OpheliaBlue> but I'm sure it can become malleable if you will it so
      [21:18:34] <syth406> I heard that when you jump, u sometimes just float down
      [21:18:56] <%Oreoboy1996> Mindraker: i think it's something you can interact with
      [21:18:58] <mydera> also wondering what you mean by space... most of my dreams start in strange rooms. When I'm lucid though I can just walk through them or break holes in them that open up somewhere else
      [21:19:05] <%RareCola> Generally my dreams are pretty sturdy, only real warped dream I've had is one of my recent lucids, where the world was bent around a fish eye lens
      [21:19:07] <Mindraker> Because I had something which normally was *supposed* to be rigid become malleable in my hands in a dream the other day.
      [21:19:07] Exotiraan only experiences with dream-dying either resulted in getting put back at whatever point the dream started from or, only once, going into SP.
      [21:19:13] <%Oreoboy1996> i once grabbed the fabric of spacetime in a dream and ripped a hole in it to wake up
      [21:19:15] <Exotiraan> Except not the sexy kind.
      [21:19:21] <mydera> SO it's like space is infinite, I can break through as many walls as I want, theres nothing keeping me from making more spaces
      [21:19:31] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: really? do tell..
      [21:19:35] <Exotiraan> But the "holy shit, complete emptiness" kind.
      [21:20:18] <@OpheliaBlue> I got shot in a dream once, and I fell back slowly, and i could see the silhouette(?) of my mom over me, trying to help me
      [21:20:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I felt as if my life was pouring out from the bullet hole, but no pain.. then darkness then I woke up
      [21:20:42] <Exotiraan> The one that ended in SP happened when I blew myself up
      [21:20:46] <Mindraker> Well, I was having a "save the world" dream, I don't remember much about it (it was the second dream of the night) and I was looking at the TARDIS door -- but apparently I hadn't actually completed the mission. And the TARDIS door wouldn't let me back in. So the door just turned into a big cloth zipper.
      [21:20:47] <%RareCola> I never make it to death in dreams, I'm have a pretty reoccurring thing where I'm being stabbed though.
      [21:21:00] <@OpheliaBlue> eww really?
      [21:21:05] <@OpheliaBlue> who's stabbing you
      [21:21:08] <Mindraker> and the door just folded and peeled back into my hand
      [21:21:20] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't think my dream deaths are very vivid and graphic
      [21:21:30] <%RareCola> Just whoever, an angry shopkeeper, my friend, my mum
      [21:21:38] <@OpheliaBlue> what is this TARDIS thing I keep hearing about?
      [21:21:38] <%RareCola> always stabbing my arm specifically though
      [21:21:41] <%Oreoboy1996> but when i die my focus is usually put elsewhere
      [21:21:51] <%RareCola> the TARDIS is from a British TV show, Doctor Who
      [21:22:00] Exotiraan adds on for the sake of any NSA agents listening in the channel that blowing-up was a fault of going through menus too fast on a device he had found somewhere and selecting the wrong thing.
      [21:22:02] <Mindraker> Ah, the TARDIS is a teleportation device from a sci fi show... back from the 1980s
      [21:22:13] <@OpheliaBlue> ahh ok
      [21:22:27] <mydera> This death thing reminds me of a dream I had once where I was shot in the neck, and in the dream I could feel my blood gurgling out through the hole as I fell backwards...
      [21:22:48] <mydera> ... then I woke up when my body hit the ground and my neck was twitching in the spot I was shot in teh dream
      [21:22:49] <@OpheliaBlue> wow
      [21:22:52] <syth406> I wanna have a doctor who dream some time. I should try dream incubation but it would be so awesome to have David Tennant as a drea
      [21:23:00] <mydera> Did the dream cause the twitch? Or did the twitch cause the dream?
      [21:23:05] <syth406> Dream teacher
      [21:23:13] <@OpheliaBlue> goood question mydera
      [21:23:37] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm sure we've all experienced external sensations that have entered our dreams
      [21:23:38] Exotiraan has learned to not tell doctors about the dreaming.
      [21:23:45] <Idionym> oh
      [21:23:47] <Idionym> why*
      [21:23:52] <Idionym> idk how i said oh
      [21:23:53] <Mindraker> I agree Exotiraan
      [21:23:56] <%Oreoboy1996> most likely the dream caused the twitch if you ask me
      [21:24:03] <%RareCola> I agree with Oreo
      [21:24:05] <@OpheliaBlue> and I was talking to a coworker last night who had a draem that someone pointed a gun to her head, right on her forehead, and she woke up still feeling that spot on her head
      [21:24:21] <%RareCola> I get that a lot, actually
      [21:24:29] <%Oreoboy1996> like if you fall in a dream and wake up, your body kind of jumps
      [21:24:33] <@OpheliaBlue> me too, the second one of course
      [21:24:33] <Exotiraan> The last time I did that when I went to a doctor because of panic disorder, she tried to put me on anti-convulsives for temporal lobe epilepsy.
      [21:25:03] <@OpheliaBlue> I get bit on the hand alot, and I can feel it when I wake up
      [21:25:18] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: that's... something
      [21:25:24] <%RareCola> It's really quite surprising how many people don't understand dreaming
      [21:25:24] <Idionym> ^
      [21:25:29] <%RareCola> or think you're insane if you tell them about lucidity
      [21:25:44] <Exotiraan> She thought I was having waking hallucinations.
      [21:25:46] <Mindraker> My goodness, Exotiraan, that's kind of a little overreactive of your doctor!
      [21:26:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I've been fortunate when I talk to people about it... orthey think I'm crazy but are too nice about it
      [21:26:05] <%RareCola> Haha imagine if you told her about sleep paralysis!
      [21:26:05] <Exotiraan> Changed doctors after that.
      [21:26:36] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: oh fuck I thought you were describing a dream!
      [21:26:38] <mydera> lol, don't blame you
      [21:26:41] <linschoppingh> LOL
      [21:27:10] <@OpheliaBlue> hey cookieh!
      [21:27:17] <Exotiraan> She made the second doctor (in my lifetime) to blame something on temporal lobe epilepsy.
      [21:27:19] <linschoppingh> every time i try explaining it to mom for example, it seems like i am crazy xD
      [21:27:22] <linschoppingh> hi OpheliaBlue
      [21:28:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm lucky there too, because my mom and my brother both lucid dream. They DEILD actually, before I ever learned how to, they could reenter dreams at will with full control
      [21:28:11] <Mindraker> Well, doctors... you have to find the right balance. Either they are going to be too scared to make the wrong diagnosis (for legal reasons) or they are nutty nuts and they will be overprescribing everything in the book to make money.
      [21:28:14] <linschoppingh> D:
      [21:28:15] <%RareCola> I've not really tried explaining it to anyone yet
      [21:28:38] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: you are so right about that.
      [21:28:53] <linschoppingh> i've mentioned it in health class once or twice and the look on the teachers face..
      [21:28:54] <linschoppingh> lol
      [21:28:56] <@OpheliaBlue> nowadays, they love to underperscribe I've noticed
      [21:29:10] <%Oreoboy1996> OpheliaBlue: so DEILD runs in your family? lol
      [21:29:14] <@OpheliaBlue> haha wow
      [21:29:38] Exotiraan 's mom and grandmother used to both have sleep paralyis episodes often in their twenties.
      [21:29:49] <Mindraker> Be careful mentioning all this in school. The last thing you need is some teacher thinking you're on drugs.
      [21:29:49] <%Oreoboy1996> no one in my family really talks about their dreams so i don't know much about the genetic side of my dreams >.>
      [21:30:02] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: it really does.. but my dad thinks it's not really lucidity. He thinks we wake up, and try to make sense of what happened, and just insert the fact that we knew we were dreaming.. since a dream only exists in memory when we wake up
      [21:30:03] <Idionym> my dad has a nightmare of bears alot
      [21:30:09] <@OpheliaBlue> clearly he never had an LD and is jealous
      [21:30:18] <linschoppingh> i look forward to bringing my little brother to the dark si--lucid world
      [21:30:24] <%Oreoboy1996> lol ophelia
      [21:30:26] <linschoppingh> mwahahah
      [21:30:29] <Exotiraan> Then my first SP stuffs started happening at the same age.
      [21:30:40] <%RareCola> It's really quite cool to be part of a select few who control their dreams though. Quite sad how dreaming is forgotten in the majority of the world
      [21:30:48] <linschoppingh> yeah..
      [21:30:52] <mydera> lol, come to the lucid world, we have tasty calorie free cookies
      [21:30:58] <linschoppingh> OHOH, i watched waking life before!
      [21:31:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I tried to tell him that when I remember an LD in the morning, that it's the second time it's been in my mind. The first time was in real time, because I manipulated things consciously
      [21:31:03] <linschoppingh> it was noiice
      [21:31:10] Exotiraan does not think that is genetic, though, but because each of us in our twenties had really, really shitty sleeping habits.
      [21:31:10] <%Oreoboy1996> i watched waking life earlier today
      [21:31:12] <%Oreoboy1996> i didn't like it
      [21:31:27] <%RareCola> Do you like anything Oreo? xD
      [21:31:30] <Mindraker> lol
      [21:31:36] <%Oreoboy1996> i like cookies and milk
      [21:31:38] <Exotiraan> Oreoboy1996: Did you try "Science of Sleep?"
      [21:31:40] <linschoppingh>
      [21:31:46] <%Oreoboy1996> ;
      [21:31:47] <linschoppingh> science of sleep?
      [21:31:48] <Exotiraan> * "The Science of Sleep"
      [21:31:48] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:31:52] linschoppingh notes it down
      [21:31:55] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I forgot to tell y'all, RareCola is going to pick up the last 15 minutes of class because I have to leave.
      [21:31:56] <Exotiraan> s/try/watch/
      [21:32:02] <linschoppingh> oh okay
      [21:32:02] <%Oreoboy1996> no i haven't Exotiraan
      [21:32:09] <%Oreoboy1996> it's probably nothing more than i already know though
      [21:32:18] Exotiraan thinks Oreoboy1996 will like that movie more.
      [21:32:21] <%Oreoboy1996> bye OpheliaBlue
      [21:32:28] <linschoppingh> what is it about?
      [21:32:32] <@OpheliaBlue> I mean, I have to leave in 15 minutes
      [21:32:35] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [21:32:37] <%Oreoboy1996> oh it's not the last 15 minutes yet lol
      [21:32:38] <mydera>
      [21:32:42] <linschoppingh> lol
      [21:32:44] <@OpheliaBlue> not yet
      [21:32:51] <Idionym> why no classes over the weekend?
      [21:32:53] <%Oreoboy1996> i will help him
      [21:33:01] <@OpheliaBlue> I work horrid hours on the weekend
      [21:33:07] <Idionym> ok
      [21:33:10] <Idionym> =(
      [21:33:12] <Exotiraan> linschoppingh: A very vivid dreamer and love.
      [21:33:15] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I know, I hate it
      [21:33:16] <linschoppingh> o__o
      [21:33:18] <linschoppingh> alrighty
      [21:33:19] <Mindraker> Even dreamers need a life of their own, too, ya know
      [21:33:22] <linschoppingh> that will be interesting
      [21:33:23] <Idionym> NO
      [21:33:27] <Idionym> ITS A LIE
      [21:33:28] <@OpheliaBlue> this weekend I'll be gone from 5a, until 8pm both days
      [21:33:34] <%RareCola> Who needs a life when you have the dream?!
      [21:33:36] <linschoppingh> ahh D:
      [21:33:43] <Idionym> ^^
      [21:33:47] <linschoppingh> that sucks, OpheliaBlue D:
      [21:34:01] <Idionym> what do u work as>
      [21:34:02] <@OpheliaBlue> it's ok, because I have 4 whole days off a week to play with y'all
      [21:34:07] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm a pastry chef
      [21:34:18] Exotiraan thinks he can also add that the main character has probles differentiating between his dreams and reality
      [21:34:21] <mydera> That sounds like a tasty job
      [21:34:24] <%RareCola> Pastry chef? I'm jealous
      [21:34:24] <Exotiraan> (without spoiling anything.)
      [21:34:27] <@OpheliaBlue> it so is
      [21:34:36] <Idionym> whats ur fav to make
      [21:34:44] <mydera> Is that movie like online? or is it an actualy buy on DVD movie?
      [21:34:49] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm thinking about adding one 8pm class on the weekends soon, maybe sunday night.. like once or twice a month
      [21:34:52] <@OpheliaBlue> we'll see
      [21:35:09] <Exotiraan> mydera: Netflix, BitTorrent...
      [21:35:22] <%RareCola> what movie are we talking about?
      [21:35:23] <@OpheliaBlue> I like to make cupcakes and chantilly.. you should check out the post food pics thread
      [21:35:37] <mydera> Thanks I will look for it then, it sounds interesting!
      [21:35:40] <@OpheliaBlue> oh stop making me go off topic
      [21:35:46] <%RareCola> I fear going into that thread, it makes me hungry
      [21:35:51] <%Oreoboy1996> i was about to tell you to get back on topic
      [21:35:57] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [21:36:04] <@OpheliaBlue> how about a segue
      [21:36:05] <Mindraker> The cake is a lie
      [21:36:07] <@OpheliaBlue> lucid food
      [21:36:10] <@OpheliaBlue> tried it?
      [21:36:13] <Idionym> no
      [21:36:17] <%RareCola> Anyone ever cooked in a lucid dream?
      [21:36:20] <Idionym> no
      [21:36:22] <%Oreoboy1996> i eat lucid food very frequently now it seems
      [21:36:29] <%Oreoboy1996> i baked banana bread once
      [21:36:30] <Idionym> why?
      [21:36:36] <mydera> Cooking in a lucid sounds dangerous
      [21:36:40] <%RareCola> Or just a dream in general
      [21:36:44] <Exotiraan> RareCola: Yes. Seveal moons ago. I kept hallucinating.
      [21:36:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I ate a bagel and cream cheese twice.. both times were nearly flavorless, but the second time, I got alomst a sour cream taste from the cream cheese
      [21:36:52] <Exotiraan> I was trying to make a cake.
      [21:36:53] <@OpheliaBlue> but the textures both times were spot on
      [21:36:57] <Idionym> whats so good about eating food in a dream?
      [21:37:02] <%Oreoboy1996> the other night i made jelly toast
      [21:37:03] <%RareCola> I remember being in a baking contest once, baking cakes which induced lucid dreaming
      [21:37:07] <@OpheliaBlue> it's just an interesting experiment
      [21:37:13] <Idionym> hm
      [21:37:24] <@OpheliaBlue> and I didn't cook in the dream, I willed it to appear in my hand
      [21:37:30] <linschoppingh> lool
      [21:37:35] <@OpheliaBlue> easier and less time/clean-up
      [21:37:38] <linschoppingh> CHEAT!
      [21:37:41] <%RareCola> Yes well, we can't all be fancy!
      [21:37:43] Exotiraan thinks that dream might actually be in his DV DJ.
      [21:37:45] <Mindraker> Hm, that's an interesting idea! I'll have to try it. I'll know it's a reality check, because if I'm *actually* cooking something worthwhile, it *has* to be a dream!
      [21:38:00] <mydera> I ate one of those rock crystal candy sticks in a dream, but I had dropped in on the ground so it tasted like grass... but then I told myself over and over again there's no grass on it, it can't taste like grass! and it tasted right after that
      [21:38:03] <syth406> Anyone made music in a dream?
      [21:38:11] <Idionym> no
      [21:38:14] <@OpheliaBlue> cool mydera
      [21:38:15] <linschoppingh> i've played guitar
      [21:38:27] <%Oreoboy1996> cookieh, it isn't cheating, the process of willing it to appear involves highly advanced and accelerated cooking beyond our comprehension
      [21:38:28] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [21:38:33] <@OpheliaBlue> I played piano once, but in a nonlucid
      [21:38:33] <linschoppingh> lool
      [21:38:41] <mydera> lol
      [21:38:42] <@OpheliaBlue> haha oreo
      [21:38:51] <%Oreoboy1996> oh that reminds me
      [21:38:56] <@OpheliaBlue> actually the first few times, a plain circle appeared on my hand
      [21:39:05] <%Oreoboy1996> there was i dream i had last night where this girl was singing
      [21:39:06] Exotiraan found it.
      [21:39:08] <%Oreoboy1996> was weird
      [21:39:10] <@OpheliaBlue> took a few times to manifest itself into an actual toasted bagel with cream cheese
      [21:39:12] <linschoppingh> o__o
      [21:39:13] <Exotiraan> <ssh:[email protected]> screenshot-upload: http://wintervenom.brandonw.net/screenshot.png
      [21:39:15] <%RareCola> At least you weren't attacked by what you were trying to conjure _
      [21:39:16] <%Oreoboy1996> and i think she said something about being someone elses dream guide
      [21:39:22] <syth406> That would probably be the ultimate lucid experience for me
      [21:39:36] <linschoppingh> Oreoboy1996: what was she like?
      [21:39:38] <@OpheliaBlue> attacked by a toasted bagel? oh yuo had something attack yuo what was it again?
      [21:39:44] <%Oreoboy1996> i can't remember
      [21:39:45] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client exited
      [21:39:48] <linschoppingh> gah
      [21:39:50] <%Oreoboy1996> it's so blurry D:
      [21:39:53] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:39:54] <%RareCola> My plate developed a life of its own
      [21:39:55] <@OpheliaBlue> YOU* hell.... you you you you you
      [21:39:59] <@OpheliaBlue> haha oh yeah
      [21:40:05] <linschoppingh> xD
      [21:40:11] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client exited
      [21:40:17] <linschoppingh> O___o
      [21:40:17] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:40:20] <%Oreoboy1996> i've been attacked by something i've summoned before i think
      [21:40:22] <@OpheliaBlue> wb syth
      [21:40:36] <%Oreoboy1996> i summoned dragons a long time ago and the younger ones were kind of timid
      [21:40:43] <%Oreoboy1996> so they tried biting me
      [21:40:53] <syth406> I only left for 3 seconds...
      [21:41:00] <mydera> If you summon something and it attacks you, can you unsummon it to get rid of it? Or do you have to fight or run away?
      [21:41:01] <linschoppingh> are there 2 chat sessions tomorrow? at the same times?
      [21:41:18] <Idionym> chatception
      [21:41:20] <%Oreoboy1996> mydera: why wouldn't you be able to unsummon it?
      [21:41:30] Exotiraan longs for the dreams he used to have as a kid.
      [21:41:39] <Exotiraan> Or when I was Oreoboy1996's age.
      [21:41:44] <Idionym> which is?
      [21:41:44] <Idionym> lol
      [21:42:00] <mydera> well you have to picture it being there to sumon it right? how do you picture it being not there? just imagine the room is empty?
      [21:42:07] <%RareCola> I never really had interesting dreams as a kid
      [21:42:11] <%Oreoboy1996> i suppose mydera
      [21:42:20] <%Oreoboy1996> or if you're a spell user kind of like me
      [21:42:28] <linschoppingh> i dont remember the dreams i had when i was younger
      [21:42:30] <%Oreoboy1996> you would have to come up with a reverse summoning spell
      [21:42:43] <linschoppingh> ohoh, i once remember being on a boat
      [21:42:50] <mydera> Oh, ok that makes sense. If you have a spell to summon it, youd have a spell to send it away
      [21:42:50] Exotiraan knew nothing of lucid dreaming, but did fantasy stuff regularly.
      [21:42:53] <linschoppingh> with this scary man dressed in black
      [21:42:59] <linschoppingh> and then this dog attacked me
      [21:43:03] <%Oreoboy1996> i remember a few of my dreams from when i was younger
      [21:43:05] <Exotiraan> I din't even have to try; it came on its own.
      [21:43:05] <linschoppingh> out of nowhere
      [21:43:12] <linschoppingh> i was 5 or 6 at the time
      [21:43:14] <%Oreoboy1996> i remember a few of my old lucids
      [21:43:20] <%RareCola> God we are having a lot of chat sessions now aren't we? Just saw the new updated post in the thread.
      [21:43:20] <%RareCola> Love it
      [21:43:27] <linschoppingh> <3
      [21:43:33] <linschoppingh> chat sessions are the best
      [21:43:39] <Idionym> i agree
      [21:43:42] <mydera> Agree, Chats are fun
      [21:43:55] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [21:44:18] <Exotiraan> The last one big one I remember is running around in a cavern, watching two giant monsters, towering well above the outside, fight each other.
      [21:44:20] <syth406> Hey I've heard about videogames enhancing dreams. What do u guys think of that?
      [21:44:30] <@OpheliaBlue> it's still mostly the same, the usual monday tuesday thurs and friday, noon and 8
      [21:44:31] <%RareCola> I can see that being true
      [21:44:33] <@OpheliaBlue> there's just more members now
      [21:44:41] <Exotiraan> I think I was fifteen or so when I had that.
      [21:44:57] <Idionym> im almost 15 =P
      [21:44:58] <mydera> lol syth, I always dream of stuff from video games... so I would say they make the experience better
      [21:45:07] <linschoppingh> my god, i want to use harry potter spells once i start having decent lucids
      [21:45:07] <%RareCola> Heh, I have dreams like that now, Exotiraan. Nothing like that when I was younger.
      [21:45:31] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I gotta run.. RareCola is boss and topic-setter
      [21:45:37] <Mindraker> syth406: it depends on if you're playing the same videogame doing the same repetetive task over and over again grinding & mining for days and weeks and months, or if you are doing different games...
      [21:45:37] <mydera> Bye!
      [21:45:39] <linschoppingh> bye teacher!
      [21:45:40] <@OpheliaBlue> behave /Austin Powers
      [21:45:43] <%Oreoboy1996> bye ophelia
      [21:45:44] RareCola puts on hat
      [21:45:53] <Idionym> bb
      [21:45:54] <syth406> Lol
      [21:46:22] <Mindraker> Different life experiences will be processed by your brain in your dreams.
      [21:46:44] linschoppingh [[email protected]] is now known as linschoppingh|BRB
      [21:46:46] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:46:46] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [21:46:47] <Mindraker> If you lead a boring repetetive life, then your dreams will reflect that.
      [21:46:49] <%Oreoboy1996> oh syth i've read an article on it
      [21:46:53] <%Oreoboy1996> let me see if i can find it
      [21:47:05] <%Oreoboy1996> ahh i can probably summarize it here
      [21:47:15] <%RareCola> I don't necessarily think so, Mindraker
      [21:47:32] <%Oreoboy1996> it was something like those who actively play video games are known to fight back in nightmares rather than run away
      [21:47:34] <syth406> Yeah I wanna know what videogames would have what affect. Generally it seems like fps games dampen emotions, minecraft helps with architectural design of dream buildings.
      [21:47:37] <%Oreoboy1996> and even become lucid and take control
      [21:47:45] <%RareCola> My life isn't the most exciting thing at the moment, yet my dreams have continued to be extravagant
      [21:47:59] <%Oreoboy1996> this is because video games are a virtural reality that we submerse ourselves in, just like dreams
      [21:48:02] <mydera> I know Assasins Creed games show up in a lot of peoples dreams
      [21:48:05] <%RareCola> I think video games just help with the whole creative and roleplay side of things
      [21:48:31] <Idionym> RPG FTW
      [21:49:11] <syth406> Well the only game I play right now is LoL and I don't know what effect that would have if any...
      [21:49:12] <mydera> I'm playing a "visual novel" type game, where you just read and select what reaction the character has to the events, and it shows up in my dreams a lot when I play it
      [21:49:16] <Idionym> OMG
      [21:49:18] <Idionym> NO WAY
      [21:49:23] <Idionym> I PLAY LOL TOOO
      [21:49:26] <Idionym> =O
      [21:49:31] <Idionym> we twins bro
      [21:49:34] <mydera> What's LOL?
      [21:49:36] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:49:41] <Mindraker> Yeah, what "is" lol?
      [21:49:45] <syth406> So then I should get skyrim?
      [21:49:47] <Idionym> league of legends
      [21:49:48] <Idionym> yes
      [21:49:54] <Idionym> i played all elder scrolls games
      [21:49:58] <Idionym> skyrims pretty good
      [21:50:07] <%RareCola> Yea, I definitely think the different types of video games would cause different affects
      [21:50:19] <Idionym> i play lots of different ones
      [21:50:22] <%Oreoboy1996> maybe i'll watch lotr before bed for some easier dream incubation
      [21:50:36] <%RareCola> I think dreams largely just depend on the most prominent parts of your day
      [21:50:36] <mydera> Orea your explanation makes sense! The more submersive a game is, would it be more likely that it carries over into your dreams?
      [21:50:41] <syth406> Agh but it's so much moneys I like my cheap/free computer games...
      [21:50:44] <%Oreoboy1996> yes mydera
      [21:51:01] <mydera> Like, games that give you strong emotions you would be more likely to dream of
      [21:51:16] <%Oreoboy1996> and the reason assassins creed or skyrim appear in so many dreams is because they are very easy games to get inside
      [21:51:26] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah mydera
      [21:51:44] <Idionym> cod =/
      [21:51:50] <Idionym> i get so angry when i play it lol
      [21:51:53] <Idionym> and Leauge
      [21:51:54] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:51:59] <mydera> LOL, I have COD dreams too sometimes
      [21:52:04] <Idionym> i dont
      [21:52:06] <%Oreoboy1996> i should play spyro tomorrow
      [21:52:09] <Idionym> or atleast i dont remember
      [21:52:20] <%Oreoboy1996> that should affect my dreams quite nicely
      [21:52:25] <%RareCola> I don't have very many video game dreams anymore
      [21:52:26] <syth406> Cod is supposed to dampen your emotions but it doesn't do much for storyline
      [21:52:29] <%RareCola> I used to quite frequently
      [21:53:02] <mydera> I play COD with my brother, who happens to be in the military, so everytime I dream of him, we're in COD
      [21:53:26] <mydera> Never played the storyline though
      [21:53:30] <%RareCola> Ah that makes sense
      [21:53:38] <syth406> That's cool
      [21:54:21] <%RareCola> What kind of dreams do you guys usually have, more realistic or unrealistic?
      [21:54:25] <%RareCola> Non-lucid, of course
      [21:54:26] <%Oreoboy1996> this is pretty much the reason why i say getting really into your daydreams is good for DDA and dream incubation
      [21:54:38] <%Oreoboy1996> i'd say unrealistic
      [21:54:43] <%Oreoboy1996> since fireballs and usually flying everywhere
      [21:54:48] <mydera> Maybe the dreams are less about the game and more about the fact that playing with my brother is the only time I see/hear from him, and he's always represented by that soldier on the screen
      [21:54:56] <Mindraker> my dreams are usually pretty realistic
      [21:54:56] <Idionym> iv been trying to get into a trance lately so i can hyponotis myself
      [21:54:59] <%RareCola> Yea I think I have quite unrealistic dreams too. It's interesting how it seems to vary from person to person.
      [21:55:03] <syth406> Hey idionym are u lvl 30?
      [21:55:07] <Idionym> lol
      [21:55:08] <Idionym> ya
      [21:55:31] <Mindraker> I like having my feet firmly planted on the ground
      [21:55:40] <mydera> also dream unrealistically
      [21:55:48] <%RareCola> I was speaking to a friend the other day who mentioned her dreams are usually just almost duplicates of her waking life and the people she usually speaks to in real life
      [21:55:58] <syth406> I'm only lvl 18...'
      [21:56:04] <Idionym> noob
      [21:56:06] <Idionym> XD jk
      [21:56:23] <mydera> Oreo, day dreaming how? Like right before bed, or just randomly taking moment sin the day to imagine stuff like cartoon characters do?
      [21:56:32] <%RareCola> Haha
      [21:56:55] <syth406> I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when I can figure out how my dreams related to my day.
      [21:56:57] <%RareCola> Oreo has a whole guide on Daydream Awareness, and I just made a similar thread talking about night-time routines and dream incubation, just in a slightly different way
      [21:57:11] <%Oreoboy1996> mydera: i usually daydream before bed or in the middle of the night, but it works at any time of the day really
      [21:57:26] <mydera> AWesome, I will look for those threads
      [21:57:27] <Mindraker> Goodnight everyone!
      [21:57:33] <%Oreoboy1996> goodnight Mindraker
      [21:57:34] <mydera> Good night!
      [21:57:36] <%RareCola> http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/night-...cidity-132655/ - this is myo one
      [21:57:40] <%RareCola> Night Mindraker!
      [21:57:53] <%Oreoboy1996> i'll take a read at that RareCola, it may be similar to a greater technique i was planning to develop
      [21:57:54] <mydera> Thanks for the link!
      [21:57:58] <syth406> Cya
      [21:58:12] Exotiraan daydreams in bed, anyway, but his dreams 95% of the time end up reverting back to things he usually does or is at in his dreams.
      [21:58:36] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [21:58:39] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [21:58:49] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:58:59] <%RareCola> as I mention in my thread I don't think dream incubation should necessarily be about inducing the scene you're imagining
      [21:59:02] linschoppingh|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as linschoppingh
      [21:59:07] <mydera> Exotiraan, do you have any favorite shows or games or anything? Maybe to keep your day dreams interesting and not related to wher eyou are you could pick a character to day dream you are
      [21:59:08] <%RareCola> Nice if that happens, but shouldn't be the main focus
      [21:59:39] <linschoppingh> wat, lesson ended? DD:
      [21:59:46] <%RareCola> Not just yet
      [21:59:50] <linschoppingh> whew
      [21:59:51] <linschoppingh> gut
      [21:59:53] <%Oreoboy1996> 1 minute lol
      [21:59:56] <%RareCola> I'm taking over for the last 15 minutes
      [22:00:00] <%Oreoboy1996> but we can extend if we want
      [22:00:07] <linschoppingh> we can!
      [22:00:17] <linschoppingh> right guys? >
      [22:00:18] <Idionym> why yes we can!
      [22:00:21] <%RareCola> I'm heading off soon though
      [22:00:21] <linschoppingh> lol
      [22:00:22] <mydera> No one's going to kick us off
      [22:00:25] <%RareCola> haha
      [22:00:28] <linschoppingh> RareCola: oh no you don't
      [22:00:39] <%Oreoboy1996> i will take over then
      [22:00:43] <linschoppingh> ye
      [22:00:48] <syth406> Aghh now that I started thinking about it I really want to have a doctor who dream!!
      [22:00:53] <mydera> Yay
      [22:00:57] <%RareCola> Does anyone have any final questions anyway?
      [22:01:11] <linschoppingh> how does the hall point thing work?
      [22:01:15] <Idionym> ya
      [22:01:17] <Idionym> i agree
      [22:01:26] <Idionym> on that question
      [22:01:28] Exotiraan does have the LotR trillogy still sitting here, unwatched. He should watch all three of those tommorrow. :p
      [22:01:28] <%RareCola> The hall point system in general, or how are they awarded for the class?
      [22:01:32] <mydera> none here
      [22:01:34] <linschoppingh> awarded
      [22:01:55] <%RareCola> Just by completing the extra credit assignments at the end of each lesson
      [22:01:59] <%Oreoboy1996> Exotiraan: i can almost garuntee to you that if you watched the three movies in one day
      [22:02:01] yomi [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [22:02:03] <%Oreoboy1996> you would have a lotr dream
      [22:02:20] <%RareCola> Did you guys see Ophelia's notice on hall points btw?
      [22:02:30] <linschoppingh> yeah, but were you and caensis the ones we were supposed to pm?
      [22:02:37] <linschoppingh> i did
      [22:02:56] <%RareCola> Ophelia, Caenis or Myself
      [22:02:57] <%RareCola> doesn't matter
      [22:03:14] <linschoppingh> alrighty
      [22:03:19] <%RareCola> Once you complete an extra credit assignment, wrap it up in your workbook with how you accomplished it and such
      [22:03:19] Exotiraan wonders what other fantasy movies he should grab while he still has access to a nearby broken router.
      [22:03:21] <%RareCola> and then PM one of us
      [22:03:33] <linschoppingh> yeah but..GAH
      [22:04:11] <Exotiraan> (Expecially if there are hot demons to be had. )
      [22:04:18] <linschoppingh> lol
      [22:05:04] <syth406> Ok I'm gonna sleep, cya guys!
      [22:05:07] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [22:05:08] <linschoppingh> bye
      [22:05:12] <linschoppingh>
      [22:05:17] <%RareCola> Anyway I need to get heading off. Ophelia asked me to log the chat so I'm gnna grab it from here.
      [22:05:23] <linschoppingh> >.>
      [22:05:24] <mydera> Oreo, is just watching or doing something over and over the best way to incubate your dream with it? Or is there a trick to implanting it to your subconcious?
      [22:05:26] <Idionym> OK
      [22:05:37] <mydera> Bye Cola!
      [22:05:40] <%RareCola> Feel free to continue chatting all you like, I'm sure Oreo's here to answer any other questions and such
      [22:05:41] <Idionym> bye
      [22:05:48] <Idionym> ewww
      [22:05:50] <Idionym> oreo
      [22:05:54] <Idionym> =P
      [22:06:03] <linschoppingh> bbai RareCola
      [22:06:11] <%Oreoboy1996> mydera: if you were looking for something more specific to incubate then probably
      [22:06:26] <%Oreoboy1996> if it's something general, like you just wanted a lotr style dream
      [22:06:56] <%Oreoboy1996> actually forget what i said
      [22:07:07] <%Oreoboy1996> i think that works best for anything you want to incubate
      [22:07:07] <mydera> I was thinking more on the specific side. Like, incubating something in a dream so that it would be easier to say, "Hey! I'm dreaming!"
      [22:07:35] sighingplant [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [22:07:39] <mydera> Like, say playing a certain game, and everytime I play the game reality checking like crazy, in hopes that when I see the game in a dream I would know I'm probably dreaming because I wanted to dream about it
      [22:07:48] <%Oreoboy1996> you may want to take a look at this if you haven't already http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/daydre...hnique-129932/
      [22:08:03] <linschoppingh> sighingplant: you were a bit late D:
      [22:08:06] <linschoppingh> ..an hour
      [22:08:23] <mydera> Thanks Oreo
      [22:08:27] <sighingplant> yeah my bad
      [22:08:31] <%Oreoboy1996> incubating a reality check is common and should work
      [22:08:37] <sighingplant> an hour late?
      [22:08:40] <sighingplant> really?
      [22:08:40] <linschoppingh> it's okay we're still here though
      [22:08:42] <linschoppingh> yes
      [22:08:45] <%Oreoboy1996> don't worry sighingplant, i'm still here to talk about stuff anyways
      [22:08:53] <sighingplant> ok cool
      [22:08:53] Burke [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [22:09:29] <linschoppingh> Oreoboy1996: how do you get your sight back if you've lost it in a lucid?
      [22:09:29] <sighingplant> Im thinking as of tonight to began the WBTB
      [22:10:01] <%Oreoboy1996> i switched from first to third person mode cookieh
      [22:10:12] <linschoppingh> D:
      [22:10:14] <%Oreoboy1996> well that's what i did one time anyways
      [22:10:37] <linschoppingh> hmph
      [22:10:38] <%Oreoboy1996> i think a couple other times i activated a dragonborn ability i call dragon sight
      [22:10:53] <%Oreoboy1996> improves vision a lot
      [22:11:07] <linschoppingh> but would switching to 3rd person and then back to first bring it back?
      [22:11:16] <linschoppingh> like a restart
      [22:11:41] <%Oreoboy1996> possibly
      [22:12:22] <mydera> do you come up with this powers in your dreams? Or do you have like a list of powers you imagined while you were awake and just tried out in a dream?
      [22:12:41] <%Oreoboy1996> there have been a few powers i've thought up while awake
      [22:12:42] <linschoppingh> i dreamed of so much random nonsense last night that i didnt even know how to journal it >.<
      [22:12:43] <sighingplant> what to do about attacking DC(s)?
      [22:12:46] <%Oreoboy1996> but many of them come naturally to me
      [22:12:56] <sighingplant> thats how i lost my lucidity in my 1st LD
      [22:12:58] <Idionym> lol
      [22:13:06] <sighingplant> lol
      [22:13:08] <%Oreoboy1996> like morphing into a dragon wasn't really ever a dream goal of mine, but it happened anyways once without me thinking
      [22:13:20] <linschoppingh> sighingplant: you avada kedavra them ;D
      [22:13:25] Exotiraan [Quietly]: Lucky.
      [22:13:36] <sighingplant> I couldnt cause I didnt expect the attack
      [22:13:37] <%Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: i probably can't help much with that question because i enjoy fighting DCs
      [22:13:43] <sighingplant> it was my grandma
      [22:13:52] <%Oreoboy1996> lol your grandma attacked you?
      [22:14:01] <sighingplant> i was actually trying to slip by quick cause i was naked
      [22:14:05] <Idionym> sounds kinkjy
      [22:14:07] <sighingplant> yes lol
      [22:14:09] <mydera> Sighing plant, you could try escaping through a wall
      [22:14:18] <mydera> LMAO, poor Grandma
      [22:14:25] <sighingplant> i didnt think of that i was just trying to get out of the room
      [22:14:35] <sighingplant> lol mydera
      [22:14:38] yomi [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Gone. Later.
      [22:14:44] <linschoppingh> hahha
      [22:15:15] <sighingplant> i had a FA went lucid
      [22:15:18] <mydera> I'm totally serious though, I had a dream about dinosaurs attacking, and I became lucid. So to escape them, I knocked a hole in the wall and went somewhere else through the wall
      [22:15:28] <sighingplant> look down and see my groin
      [22:15:49] <mydera> Walls are amazing in dreams and can get you away from anything
      [22:16:00] <%Oreoboy1996> lol walls are amazing?
      [22:16:03] <linschoppingh> wait, quick question, are you male or female, sighingplant?
      [22:16:15] <Idionym> shemale
      [22:16:15] <sighingplant> my instinct was to go explore like the real world not remember i can do anything and kick walls down
      [22:16:20] <sighingplant> male
      [22:16:26] <Idionym> aw
      [22:16:40] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [22:16:41] <sighingplant> ?
      [22:16:59] <sighingplant> LMAO walls are amazing
      [22:17:17] <Idionym> why
      [22:17:20] <mydera> yeah, amazing. Because you can go through them, but your dcs can't
      [22:17:25] <Idionym> lol
      [22:17:39] <%Oreoboy1996> mydera: i can think of a few DCs
      [22:18:00] <sighingplant> how do i make my txt a different color cause its bothering me seeing me and Idionym the same color while everyone else is different
      [22:18:13] <linschoppingh> a lot people have the basic color
      [22:18:20] <sighingplant> ok
      [22:18:20] <linschoppingh> but you need to install kvirc
      [22:18:20] <%Oreoboy1996> you need to download kvirc
      [22:18:26] <sighingplant> im good
      [22:18:30] <linschoppingh> and the get this color script
      [22:19:55] <sighingplant> nvm that so does anyone do WBTB?
      [22:20:15] <mydera> Lucid dreaming is mostly about belief though right? SO as long as you believe that no dcs can get through the wall, none can ^_^
      [22:20:17] <linschoppingh> mayb--nah, not really.
      [22:20:42] <mydera> I gotta go, buy ^_^
      [22:20:46] <Idionym> b
      [22:20:47] <linschoppingh> bye
      [22:20:48] <Idionym> b
      [22:20:48] mydera [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [22:20:57] <%Oreoboy1996> i do wbtb sometimes
      [22:20:59] linschoppingh bought
      [22:21:02] <%Oreoboy1996> but i get lazy about it usually
      [22:21:14] <linschoppingh> im so lazy about it that i havent even gotten to it
      [22:21:50] <sighingplant> but if theres a hole there they can just go through too
      [22:22:01] <linschoppingh> use your imagination
      [22:22:26] <sighingplant> thats unfair
      [22:22:30] <linschoppingh> O__o
      [22:22:38] <sighingplant> i go through the hole but they cant
      [22:22:43] <linschoppingh>
      [22:22:52] <linschoppingh> then fight them like a man.
      [22:23:09] <sighingplant> im gonna fight my grandma and while im naked
      [22:23:13] <linschoppingh> no other choice, you either make it unfair or you man up and beat the hell out of them
      [22:23:14] <sighingplant> OK
      [22:23:16] <linschoppingh> LOL
      [22:23:36] <sighingplant> its not that i was scared
      [22:23:55] <sighingplant> she grabbed my arms i couldnt shake her off
      [22:23:59] <linschoppingh> my god
      [22:24:05] <linschoppingh> creepy old people
      [22:24:14] <linschoppingh> not letting you go
      [22:24:19] <sighingplant> i tried stabalizing by rubbing my hands (began losing lucidity)
      [22:24:24] <sighingplant> she grabbed those too
      [22:24:28] <linschoppingh> o__o
      [22:24:35] <linschoppingh> control freak!
      [22:24:42] <sighingplant> everything went dark i tried screaming more lucid by my mouth wouldnt budge
      [22:24:53] <sighingplant> lol
      [22:25:10] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm back...
      [22:25:16] <linschoppingh> ah damn, i missed the sunrise >.<
      [22:25:52] <sighingplant> thats that
      [22:26:20] <Idionym> that is taht
      [22:26:21] <Idionym> i agree
      [22:26:34] <sighingplant> yup
      [22:26:43] <linschoppingh> taht is taht ineedd
      [22:26:50] <sighingplant> so what tips can you give lucid noob
      *switches to CST*
      [21:26:56] <sighingplant> to a*
      [21:27:01] <linschoppingh> oh god
      [21:27:13] <linschoppingh> i was going "What did you say?" in my head already
      [21:27:19] <linschoppingh> true story anyways
      [21:27:26] <linschoppingh> have faith
      [21:27:31] <sighingplant> lol
      [21:27:35] <linschoppingh> Oreoboy1996: help.
      [21:27:36] <sighingplant> i have
      [21:27:44] <linschoppingh> get sum more!
      [21:27:58] <%Oreoboy1996> sorry i was trying to save the chat log because there's a bit of a bug
      [21:28:08] <linschoppingh> O__o
      [21:28:12] <sighingplant> its kinda dead
      [21:28:16] <sighingplant> 3 ppl talking
      [21:28:27] <linschoppingh> well the class is over...
      [21:28:30] <%Oreoboy1996> kind of hard for me to give random tips
      [21:28:39] <sighingplant> damn :/
      [21:28:43] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> !back
      [21:28:44] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [21:28:44] <linschoppingh> sighingplant: what technique do you practice?
      [21:28:45] <%Oreoboy1996> i guess i can say the key to lucidity is awareness
      [21:28:53] <%Oreoboy1996> hello OpheliaBlue
      [21:28:54] <sighingplant> DILD
      [21:28:59] <linschoppingh> okay
      [21:29:11] <sighingplant> im thinking of going WBTB tonight
      [21:29:40] <linschoppingh> maybe i should be up another 12 hours...
      [21:29:51] <sighingplant> i do RCs throught the day (nose plug and palm poke)
      [21:29:57] <linschoppingh> alrighty
      [21:30:03] <sighingplant> i do a little ADA
      [21:30:14] <sighingplant> my ADA doesnt last long
      [21:30:48] <sighingplant> its really not BS like it says in the guide you just dont do it long when youre new to it
      [21:31:11] <%Oreoboy1996> OpheliaBlue: here's most of the chat if you need it Chat session - Pastebin.com
      [21:31:14] <linschoppingh> i like how i sometimes see peoples' eyes very clearly in my dreams..even if everything else seems blurry..
      [21:31:27] <sighingplant> i dont think sleep deprivation helps linschop
      [21:31:29] <Idionym> SHES BACKK
      [21:31:30] <linschoppingh> nvm me, im just talking to myself atm basically
      [21:31:31] <Idionym> =D
      [21:31:38] <%RareCola> Oh awesome, Oreo, you're a life-saver!
      [21:31:44] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:31:46] <linschoppingh> nah, im not expecting it to help anything
      [21:32:04] <linschoppingh> (my real nick is Cookieh, though)
      [21:32:20] <sighingplant> why dont you go by Cookieh here then
      [21:32:28] <Idionym> hes a liar
      [21:32:29] <linschoppingh> because it's a namerape
      [21:32:35] <sighingplant> cool to know tho
      [21:32:38] <linschoppingh> and i havent bothered to reconnect yet
      [21:32:43] <sighingplant> ok
      [21:32:44] <linschoppingh> Idionym: i am a female ;D
      [21:32:47] <%Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: sleep deprivation can lead to REM rebound, which will cause you to have a high number of vivid dreams i think
      [21:32:58] <linschoppingh> oh yeah, that too
      [21:32:59] <sighingplant> oh
      [21:33:33] <Idionym> ok
      [21:33:37] <sighingplant> HI is soooo vivid
      [21:33:40] <Idionym> what does that have to do with anything
      [21:33:40] <linschoppingh> i have succeeded in messing up my sleeping patterns again..
      [21:33:42] <sighingplant> its unbelieveable
      [21:33:44] <Idionym> that ur a female
      [21:33:44] <@OpheliaBlue> thank you Oreoboy1996
      [21:33:48] <linschoppingh> <Idionym> hes a liar
      [21:33:48] <@OpheliaBlue> and RareCola
      [21:33:56] <@OpheliaBlue> I have some of it too, I'll piece it together
      [21:34:05] <sighingplant> i once stood up until 3 hrs left to have to get up cause i was working on a project
      [21:34:12] <%Oreoboy1996> alright then
      [21:34:14] <sighingplant> (im a procastanter)
      [21:34:20] <sighingplant> i went to bed finally
      [21:34:26] <sighingplant> closed my eyes and BOOM
      [21:34:43] <sighingplant> i saw like some bradpitt looking guy dressed as a cowboy
      [21:34:53] <sighingplant> just his neck and up
      [21:34:55] <linschoppingh>
      [21:35:04] <%Oreoboy1996> !away
      [21:35:05] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996|Away
      [21:35:09] <linschoppingh> D:
      [21:35:13] <sighingplant> there was a tarantuala walking on his cowboy hat
      [21:35:13] <linschoppingh> oreo y u leave
      [21:35:17] <sighingplant> sooo wierd
      [21:35:18] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> okay fine >.>
      [21:35:20] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> !back
      [21:35:21] Oreoboy1996|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996
      [21:35:22] <linschoppingh>
      [21:36:27] <sighingplant> Ophelia is it true i missed the class?
      [21:36:39] <@OpheliaBlue> what class, tonight's class?
      [21:36:42] <linschoppingh> ye
      [21:36:46] <sighingplant> yeah
      [21:36:53] <@OpheliaBlue> well, when did you join?
      [21:37:00] <%Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: you joined right after it ended
      [21:37:02] <sighingplant> 37 mins ago
      [21:37:03] <linschoppingh> at 5am my time
      [21:37:22] <sighingplant> i came 10pm my time
      [21:37:26] <@OpheliaBlue> lol it ended 37 minutes ago
      [21:37:30] <sighingplant> lol
      [21:37:35] <%Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: it's 9pm est
      [21:37:43] <@OpheliaBlue> it's ok, obviously it's still going on a bit
      [21:37:43] <sighingplant> nah 10 here
      [21:37:57] <%Oreoboy1996> no sighingplant, i'm saying that the class is at 9pm est
      [21:38:04] <sighingplant> good
      [21:38:07] <%Oreoboy1996> you came at 10pm est
      [21:38:07] <@OpheliaBlue> I just can't stay I have to make beef bourgignon
      [21:38:15] <linschoppingh> D:
      [21:38:18] <linschoppingh> icanhas?
      [21:38:26] <sighingplant> thats fine Ophelia
      [21:38:32] <sighingplant> ok Oreoboy
      [21:38:34] <@OpheliaBlue> yes you can has.. keep a weather eye on the post food pics thread
      [21:38:41] linschoppingh yays
      [21:38:42] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [21:38:44] <%Oreoboy1996> <.<
      [21:38:48] <%Oreoboy1996> away to watch lotr
      [21:38:53] <%Oreoboy1996> !away
      [21:38:54] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996|Away
      [21:38:59] <@OpheliaBlue> YAY
      [21:38:59] <linschoppingh> D:
      [21:39:15] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> cookieh seems to have separation anxiety
      [21:39:25] <linschoppingh> hahahha
      [21:39:35] <@OpheliaBlue> and a love for french cuisine
      [21:39:41] <linschoppingh>
      [21:39:44] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> my dog has that too so you're not alone cookieh
      [21:40:01] <linschoppingh> did you really compare me to your dog D:
      [21:40:05] <linschoppingh> loool
      [21:40:13] <@OpheliaBlue> ok hang on while I try to piece together the chats
      [21:40:18] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> yes i did lol
      [21:40:22] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:40:33] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> DaveTheJoker: you're an hour and 40 minutes late >.>
      [21:40:41] <linschoppingh> noice work ;D
      [21:40:48] <DaveTheJoker> oops
      [21:40:50] <linschoppingh> and i thought i was the master of late
      [21:40:56] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996|Away: it looks like you got the whole thing
      [21:41:00] <@OpheliaBlue> or am I missing something
      [21:41:00] <DaveTheJoker> better late then never
      [21:41:29] <@OpheliaBlue> up to sighingplant's belated entrance
      [21:41:54] <DaveTheJoker> OpheliaBlue: that recall method is a good idea, thanks
      [21:41:57] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> i got most of it up until more discussion happened
      [21:42:16] <@OpheliaBlue> ok gotcha
      [21:42:35] <@OpheliaBlue> you're eastern time, correct Oreoboy1996|Away
      [21:42:40] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> yeah
      [21:42:47] <@OpheliaBlue> amen! I got it
      [21:42:55] <@OpheliaBlue> !away logging chat
      [21:42:56] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [21:44:26] <sighingplant> lets share our first time, yea?
      [21:44:56] <linschoppingh> eh sure
      [21:44:58] <linschoppingh> lucid?
      [21:45:03] <linschoppingh> waitnvm
      [21:45:10] <linschoppingh> lol
      [21:45:15] <sighingplant> no sex
      [21:45:21] <linschoppingh> hahahah
      [21:45:21] <sighingplant> lol yeah lucid
      [21:45:45] <Idionym> kinky
      [21:45:46] <linschoppingh> nevermind my stupid questions, i go whacko after a while of sleep deprivation
      [21:45:57] <sighingplant> its ok
      [21:45:58] <sighingplant> i do
      [21:46:10] <linschoppingh> k who's first.
      [21:46:13] <sighingplant> i say silly dumb stuff and constantly giggle
      [21:46:18] <linschoppingh> hahaha
      [21:46:18] <sighingplant> dont feel bad
      [21:46:22] <linschoppingh> know that feel
      [21:46:23] <Idionym> lol
      [21:46:27] <DaveTheJoker> hey
      [21:46:27] <Idionym> u giggle =P
      [21:46:27] <sighingplant> yea lol
      [21:46:31] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> share our first lucids?
      [21:46:31] <sighingplant> yes
      [21:46:36] <sighingplant> yeah
      [21:46:40] <linschoppingh> OREO
      [21:46:41] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> my first was when i was 7 years old
      [21:46:45] <linschoppingh> YOUR FIRST LUCID, SHOOT
      [21:47:00] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> everyone in my school turned against me and were demonic or something
      [21:47:03] <DaveTheJoker> I was buzzed on nyquil
      [21:47:07] <linschoppingh> o__o
      [21:47:10] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> they chased me out onto the playground
      [21:47:19] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> i looked up at the sky and it was red
      [21:47:21] <sighingplant> sounds a bit scary
      [21:47:31] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> i became lucid because of that and tried waking myself up
      [21:47:52] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> i had to break through sleep paralysis which is really hard to do
      [21:47:59] <linschoppingh> D:
      [21:48:38] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> but when i woke up i was left wondering how that happened
      [21:49:56] <sighingplant> cool
      [21:50:08] <DaveTheJoker> see hes a natural
      [21:50:08] <sighingplant> ive never had a lucid before
      [21:50:26] <linschoppingh> oh you haven't?
      [21:50:27] <sighingplant> but ive had times where i was like this doesnt feel right
      [21:50:29] <sighingplant> or
      [21:50:38] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> i'm a natural but that doesn't mean i don't have to work for high lucidity
      [21:50:50] <DaveTheJoker> yea sometimes lucids suck
      [21:51:02] <DaveTheJoker> like all of my lucids for example
      [21:51:05] <sighingplant> before as in before my 1st which like a month or more ago
      [21:51:09] ShockWave [[email protected]] is now known as ShockWave|Away
      [21:51:41] <linschoppingh> if i get kids one day, im gonna start teaching them luciding..
      [21:51:42] <Idionym> '
      [21:51:47] <Idionym>
      [21:51:50] <linschoppingh> O__o
      [21:51:51] <sighingplant> you can say your a natural at breaking through
      [21:51:54] frobthebuilder [[email protected]0f1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #DVA
      [21:51:56] pixiedreamer [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:51:59] <frobthebuilder> what is this shit
      [21:52:02] RareCola [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Goodnight
      [21:52:09] <linschoppingh> lol

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      June 8th noon chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [12:00:33] opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:00:33] Channel topic is: lucid dreaming
      [12:00:33] Topic was set by Oreoboy1996 on Mon Jun 4 16:28:33 2012
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      [12:00:34] Channel was created at Sat Jun 2 03:29:01 2012
      [12:00:41] <Appe96> Hey ophelia!
      [12:00:44] <@opheliablue> hey there!
      [12:00:47] <Idionym> hey
      [12:00:53] <@opheliablue> what's up
      [12:00:59] <@opheliablue> thought you couldn't make it Idionym
      [12:01:00] <Idionym> the sky
      [12:01:05] <Appe96> erm, I gotta eat soon and it will take about 15 mins :S
      [12:01:06] <Idionym> im not going yet
      [12:01:07] <@opheliablue> yes, well done
      [12:01:24] <Idionym> idk when my mom and dad are coming home
      [12:01:30] <Idionym> but it will be soon =/
      [12:02:24] <Idionym> soooo
      [12:02:34] <Idionym> i rememberd 4 differern dream frags
      [12:02:52] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> i can remember 2 lucids
      [12:02:55] <%Oreoboy1996|Away> !back
      [12:02:55] Oreoboy1996|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996
      [12:03:17] <Idionym> oh crap gtg
      [12:03:19] <Idionym> l8r
      [12:03:21] <@opheliablue> see ya
      [12:03:23] <%Oreoboy1996> bye Idionym
      [12:03:24] Idionym [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:03:46] <@opheliablue> I had a really great non lucid, but no lucids... I crashed waaay too hard last night, totally my fault
      [12:04:04] Idionym [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:04:07] <Idionym> nvm
      [12:04:12] <Idionym> like 5-10 more mins
      [12:04:34] <%Oreoboy1996> i became lucid in the second one because things got blurry and I passed out for no reason
      [12:04:48] <@opheliablue> passed out in the dream? so weird
      [12:04:55] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah it's weird when it happens
      [12:04:58] <@opheliablue> what were your fragments Idionym
      [12:05:12] <Idionym> first one was Will farrel saying ROCK ON
      [12:05:16] <@opheliablue> haha
      [12:05:29] <Idionym> second one was me with my school at a play
      [12:05:33] <@opheliablue> Morten: Epicoraan
      [12:05:40] <@opheliablue> cactieh:
      [12:05:48] <Idionym> 3rd was i was a microphone that electrified peoples shirts
      [12:05:51] <cactieh> huh
      [12:05:57] <Idionym> and the 4th was my sister
      [12:06:03] <Idionym> saying somthing
      [12:06:03] <cactieh> WAITWHAT
      [12:06:06] <@opheliablue> that's so funny, paige was a shoe yesterday being thrown at someone
      [12:06:08] <cactieh> it's 8?!
      [12:06:22] <@opheliablue> yeah I just pinged you in case you wanted to play
      [12:06:27] <cactieh> mein gott
      [12:06:34] <Appe96> have never been a object in my dreams, I wonder how that feels
      [12:06:37] <cactieh> where did the day go..
      [12:06:40] <@opheliablue> yeah me neither
      [12:06:59] <%Oreoboy1996> in my first lucid i was teaching paigey more dragonborn stuff
      [12:07:24] <Idionym> like
      [12:07:25] <@opheliablue> I had a loooong nonlucid about a ridiculously hot guy at the gym, who kept trying to hook up with me
      [12:07:26] <Morten> Never been an object either, but sometimes it feels like I'm just watching a movie. I'm not even there.
      [12:07:26] <Idionym> a shared?
      [12:07:31] <@opheliablue> but I wouldn't cheat on Danny
      [12:07:38] <cactieh> lol
      [12:07:48] <@opheliablue> I mean, I created the DC, no one I know for real
      [12:08:01] <%Oreoboy1996> no Idionym, paigey was most likely just a DC
      [12:08:05] <Appe96> Morten, I usually have that feeling :S
      [12:08:07] <@opheliablue> he was ridiculousy hot and build, but really smarmy.. he asked me to "spot him"
      [12:08:10] <Idionym> ok\
      [12:09:06] <Idionym> i usally dream in 3rd person
      [12:09:14] <Idionym> so i dont really feel much in my dreams
      [12:09:19] <Idionym> or i dont remember the feeling
      [12:09:19] <@opheliablue> like you're watching it more than participating?
      [12:09:23] <Idionym> ya
      [12:09:27] <Appe96> Gotta eat now, I'll be back in 15 mins
      [12:09:31] <@opheliablue> yeah I know what you mean
      [12:09:33] <@opheliablue> ok Appe96
      [12:10:40] <%Oreoboy1996> i can feel things in third person\
      [12:11:08] <@opheliablue> so does it feel like yuo're just on a sofa watching TV basically?
      [12:11:22] <Idionym> well
      [12:11:25] <Idionym> its like a movie
      [12:11:36] <@opheliablue> I switch back and forth alot, specially if what I feel in 1st person gets scary or uncomfortable in any way
      [12:11:49] <Idionym> it feels like im watching through different cameras
      [12:11:54] <@opheliablue> so I kidna detatch myself, though not on purpose
      [12:12:06] <@opheliablue> oh, interesting
      [12:12:12] <Morten> I have it exactly like Idionym.
      [12:13:50] <@opheliablue> that would sure be a great time to become lucid, then yuo could really chose whether to be in the story, or just watching it
      [12:14:09] <@opheliablue> reality check whenever you are holding a camera then
      [12:14:58] <@opheliablue> you guys are a quiet bunch today
      [12:15:02] <Morten> yeah well, for me it often feels like I'm as far away from lucidity as possible. No awareness at all when it's third person.
      [12:15:05] <@opheliablue> where's Exo
      [12:15:10] <Morten> Soccer on tv.
      [12:15:15] <@opheliablue> oh haha
      [12:15:53] <Idionym> ya
      [12:16:50] <Idionym> lol
      [12:16:56] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:17:05] <Idionym> any topics XD
      [12:17:28] <Morten> I'm trying to change the habit I have developed with remembering my dreams and write them all down in the morning. but it's difficult when it's has become a habit!
      [12:17:52] <Idionym> what do u want to change it to
      [12:17:54] <@opheliablue> Morten: meaning you have the habit of NOT writing them, or whatchoo mean?
      [12:18:53] <Morten> I don't write anything down throughout the night but just remind myself to remember them so I can write everything down in the morning.
      [12:19:06] <@opheliablue> and I think this would be a good time to discuss journaling and recall.. I talked abotu it yesterday
      [12:19:30] <Morten> But I think it might be a bad idea since my mind is not on lucid dreaming but just on remembering the dreams.
      [12:19:34] <@opheliablue> this new technique I came up with, if you remember dreams during the night, but want to wait to journal them in the morning
      [12:20:20] <@opheliablue> just remember key words and link them together physically in your mind
      [12:20:37] <%Oreoboy1996> i already do that
      [12:20:44] <%Oreoboy1996> well more like i used to
      [12:20:50] <@opheliablue> that's because you're a rockstar
      [12:20:55] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [12:21:03] <@opheliablue> I used to do that to remember things for a test in school
      [12:21:10] <cactieh> sigh
      [12:21:25] <@opheliablue> it really works when I don't want to get up and write stuff, so I can go right back to sleep
      [12:21:34] <@opheliablue> whatssa matter cactieh
      [12:21:39] <cactieh> nothing much
      [12:21:51] <@opheliablue> oh and Morten, do you do anything special to prepare fro Lucids prior to going to sleep?
      [12:22:14] <cactieh> joey came on time and now he's probably gonna ping out >.>
      [12:22:30] <Morten> I sometimes read in Laberge's book and repeat a mantra.
      [12:23:16] <@opheliablue> oh, JoeyBelgier?
      [12:23:58] <@opheliablue> do you feel focusing on recall takes away from focusing on LDing?
      [12:23:59] <cactieh> ye
      [12:25:02] <%Oreoboy1996> a little bit
      [12:25:55] <@opheliablue> hrmm.. I never noticed that, because I usually just let the recall thing happen.. unless it's several dreams in a row, then I do the keyword thing
      [12:26:11] <@opheliablue> but I'm confused as to how it could take away from your LD focus
      [12:28:01] <Morten> I feel it takes away my LD focus if I'm to lazy to write anything down in the middle of the night and have to focus on remembering the dream(s) and not on LDing at all.
      [12:28:21] <%Oreoboy1996> the fact that you have to put some focus to recall can force you to take focus away from lucid dreaming?
      [12:28:22] <@opheliablue> oh I see
      [12:28:40] <Morten> Yes.
      [12:28:42] <@opheliablue> well I was confused because I put the focus on LDin BEFORE bed, then on recall later
      [12:29:37] <%Oreoboy1996> sometimes you have to put focus on it in the middle of the night
      [12:29:52] <Morten> Whats your focus if you wake up in the middle of the night?
      [12:31:00] <@opheliablue> if I wake up in the night from a dream that I can remember, I think of a keyword, then really just focus on getting back to sleep
      [12:31:29] <@opheliablue> if it's earlier in the morning, like between 5 and 7 am, the focus is more on incubations so I can become lucid
      [12:31:39] <Morten> hmm okay...
      [12:31:58] <@opheliablue> but I never felt like the focus was in competition with eachother.. but I never really thought of it before you mentioned it
      [12:32:44] <%Oreoboy1996> if i wake up in the middle of the night my focus is usually go back to sleep
      [12:32:46] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [12:32:55] <Idionym> lol
      [12:33:10] <%Oreoboy1996> but my focus should be going towards a wbtb attempt and writing down a few words in my notebook
      [12:33:28] <@opheliablue> it's an interesting point though.. I work hard with people who have little to no recall alot, but sicne my recall has never been an issue for me personally, I never made a connection with the 2 focuses
      [12:33:31] <@opheliablue> foci?
      [12:33:41] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [12:33:44] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:34:00] <%Oreoboy1996> i have a hard time teaching recall to those who have none
      [12:34:08] <Idionym> gtg
      [12:34:10] <cactieh> oh, now i remember, i was at my old school and there was a creepy evil lady staring at me while i was trying to find a way out of that room..
      [12:34:11] <@opheliablue> see ya Idionym
      [12:34:14] JoeyBelgier [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:34:17] <%Oreoboy1996> mostly because i've had natural recall my whole life and thought everyone else did
      [12:34:17] <Idionym> see u at 8
      [12:34:20] Idionym [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:34:23] <@opheliablue> hey JoeyBelgier!
      [12:34:24] <cactieh> or that building..
      [12:34:27] <JoeyBelgier> Hi
      [12:34:28] <cactieh> hi joey
      [12:34:28] <JoeyBelgier> I hal
      [12:34:36] <@opheliablue> ew, creepy evil lady
      [12:34:41] <cactieh> yeah
      [12:34:47] <JoeyBelgier> I half-made it
      [12:34:53] <%Oreoboy1996> that reminds me of a lucid i had many years ago that i had forgotten
      [12:35:01] <@opheliablue> I need to let the dogs out brb a minute
      [12:35:02] <@opheliablue> !brb
      [12:35:02] opheliablue [[email protected]] is now known as opheliablue|BRB
      [12:35:06] <%Oreoboy1996> there was this giant creepy old lady yelling at me
      [12:35:23] <%Oreoboy1996> so i became lucid and started running and forced myself to wake up
      [12:35:30] <%Oreoboy1996> i didn't do much in my old lucids
      [12:35:34] <cactieh> and OMG, my current swedish teacher was singing the one song from tenacious d..
      [12:35:37] <JoeyBelgier> !brb smoke
      [12:35:38] JoeyBelgier [[email protected]] is now known as JoeyBelgier|BRB
      [12:35:38] <cactieh> icant recall which song
      [12:36:23] <cactieh> gah i gotta write this down
      [12:37:08] <@opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [12:37:09] opheliablue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as opheliablue
      [12:37:24] <@opheliablue> write it!
      [12:37:59] <@opheliablue> haha Oreoboy1996.. what would you do today if you had an LD like that? Confront and kick the old lady, or just change the dream? Or try to reason with her?
      [12:38:04] <@opheliablue> or wake yourself up
      [12:38:35] <%Oreoboy1996> well i'm not sure if i'm willing to fight an old lady
      [12:38:44] <%Oreoboy1996> probably just say "lol" and fly away
      [12:38:47] <@opheliablue> haha
      [12:39:04] <cactieh> lool, someone was wearing a pikachu costume in a sauna in my dream o__o
      [12:39:09] <cactieh> the hell is up..
      [12:39:26] <@opheliablue> sounds like quite a party
      [12:39:29] <cactieh> lol
      [12:39:38] <@opheliablue> that costume would be right not and humid in a sauna
      [12:40:00] <cactieh> it's the second night that i've dreamed of being back in the town i used to live in
      [12:40:07] <cactieh> and back in the school i used to be in.
      [12:40:10] <cactieh> >.>
      [12:40:30] <Morten> dream sign!
      [12:40:37] <cactieh> meh
      [12:40:52] <cactieh> i go there like max 5 times a year so it's not much help
      [12:41:02] <@opheliablue> I do that with high school band alot, and my band director
      [12:41:26] <cactieh> and we were supposed to sing some weird song..man, that stuff was vivid
      [12:41:34] <@opheliablue> or I'm back in college but I missed class, or I'm lost and all panicky
      [12:42:05] <cactieh> there was this staircase that kept bringing me back to the room with the evil, glaring old lady
      [12:42:06] <%Oreoboy1996> i've learned that you can still become lucid from dream signs that you don't encounter often in real life
      [12:42:22] <cactieh> yeah, guess you can
      [12:42:23] <%Oreoboy1996> all you have to do is mentally associate the sign with dreaming and you can become lucid no problem
      [12:42:36] <@opheliablue> yeah I was going to say something like that
      [12:42:40] <%Oreoboy1996> like i don't see any of my dream guides in real life
      [12:42:48] <%Oreoboy1996> but they're still dream signs that get me lucid quite often
      [12:42:52] <@opheliablue> alot of folks think the only way to become lucid with a dream sign is to RC when you see it irl
      [12:46:58] <cactieh> i don't get it. how do i do that then?
      [12:47:33] <%Oreoboy1996> *cough*daydream*cough*
      [12:47:34] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [12:47:38] <%Oreoboy1996> <.<
      [12:47:43] <@opheliablue> I can't speak for Oreoboy1996, but during waking life, I would mentally associate the dreamsign with lucidity
      [12:48:23] <%Oreoboy1996> just think about the dream sign and associate it with lucidity like what ophelia said
      [12:48:24] <@opheliablue> kind of like an automatic LUCID button.. then when you are visiting the school or whatever in real life, do some RCs
      [12:49:06] <%Oreoboy1996> like my horrible disgusting dream sign of vomiting or sand flying into my mouth
      [12:49:09] <@opheliablue> I really need to do that, have some school daydreams
      [12:49:19] <%Oreoboy1996> that rarely happens in real life, yet i've become very good at noticing it in my dreams
      [12:49:40] <@opheliablue> quite uncomfortable, but at least it's effective!
      [12:49:49] <%Oreoboy1996> lol daydreaming of school
      [12:49:58] <@opheliablue> oh by the way, wasn't sure if everyone has seen this yet: http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/night-...cidity-132655/
      [12:50:12] <%Oreoboy1996> i looked at it but forgot to actually read it lol
      [12:50:15] <@opheliablue> Oreoboy1996: lol ikr?
      [12:50:49] <@opheliablue> and i need to read y'all's incubation tutorial, I still have the tab open to it so I wouldn't forget last night
      [12:52:12] <%Oreoboy1996> our guide contains pretty much everything we could find on the subject of dream incubation
      [12:52:19] <%Oreoboy1996> that we found useful anyways
      [12:53:25] <@opheliablue> It looks really good, nice and professional
      [12:54:05] <@opheliablue> like I said before, I'd like to find a way to get it on the wiki page, once I figure out the protocol, even if it's just to find that there IS no protocol
      [12:54:20] <%Oreoboy1996> lol alright
      [12:56:11] <@opheliablue> dead chat today.. good in a way, kinda like a break when I don't have a million questions being fired at me all at once
      [12:56:43] Appe96 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:58:00] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah
      [12:58:18] <%Oreoboy1996> and there's still an 8pm class you have to worry about too i think
      [12:59:24] <@opheliablue> yeah it's ok.. I like the later one more because it gives me time to respond to workbooks.. this noon class is like, right after I get up
      [12:59:32] <@opheliablue> I'm such a sleep-a-holic
      [13:00:14] <@opheliablue> I may even go walking today, instead of staying inside on DV all day.. it's not too hot out from all the clouds and rain
      [13:00:30] <@opheliablue> ok logging chat
      [13:00:31] <@opheliablue> !away
      [13:00:31] opheliablue [[email protected]] is now known as opheliablue|Away
      [13:00:43] <@opheliablue|Away> thank Oreoboy1996 as always for your input and experience
      [13:01:09] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [13:01:16] <%Oreoboy1996> happy to help

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      The Friday, June 8th, 8pm CST chat time has been modified. Basically I just found out that we're going out to eat dinner tonight (it's a celebration ). So feel free to attend #DVA, and have open lucid discussion amongst yourselves. Possible topics to discuss are:

      RareCola and OreoBoy are taking the class over, so do whatever they say!

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      June 8th 8pm chat

      Was kind of a dead chat. I think everyone was out enjoying their Friday night.

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [21:00:02] <@Oreoboy1996|BRB> RareCola:
      [21:00:03] <@RareCola> So it's startin' time
      [21:00:08] <@RareCola> Haha wow
      [21:00:09] <@Oreoboy1996|BRB> okay making sure you're here lol
      [21:00:12] <@Oreoboy1996|BRB> !back
      [21:00:13] <@RareCola> spoke at exactly the same time
      [21:00:14] Oreoboy1996|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996
      [21:00:50] <@RareCola> So is anyone else here?
      [21:01:00] <cookieh> how are there so little people here
      [21:01:01] <@Oreoboy1996> *crickets*
      [21:01:10] <cookieh> erin is away and exo is brb
      [21:01:19] <@RareCola> Haha interesting
      [21:01:24] <@Oreoboy1996> we will school cookieh then
      [21:01:32] <@RareCola> Maybe everyone forgot
      [21:01:42] <cookieh> D:
      [21:02:31] <@RareCola> So I'm hoping to break my dry spell tonight, I'm going to stop "trying" to break it and just ~go with the flow
      [21:02:39] <@RareCola> I think my trying too hard is setting me back
      [21:02:43] <cookieh> ~~~~
      [21:02:48] <@Oreoboy1996> going with the flow is a good way to break it
      [21:03:14] <@RareCola> Yea I figured
      [21:03:40] <@RareCola> It's only been just over a week, but I'd like to start working on the TOTM
      [21:03:50] Oreoboy1996 wonders if we should remind people in #DV
      [21:04:06] <@RareCola> I think DaveTheJoker was around a bit earlier
      [21:04:15] <cookieh> frob is there.
      [21:04:36] <cookieh> meh, he's nto interested in it anyways
      [21:04:39] <cookieh> not
      [21:04:56] <@Oreoboy1996> maybe we did such a good job at teaching people that they're already masters and don't need to come here >.>
      [21:05:07] <cookieh> lol right
      [21:05:27] <@RareCola> Haha
      [21:05:37] <@RareCola> How are you doing anyway cookieh? Saw you didn't update your workbook today
      [21:05:43] <cookieh> i didnt?
      [21:05:50] <cookieh> i dont always have anything to say
      [21:06:08] frobthebuilder [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:06:11] <@RareCola> Yea just wondered if anything interesting happened
      [21:06:17] <frobthebuilder> WHATS GOING ON IN HERE GUIZE
      [21:06:25] <@Oreoboy1996> a class
      [21:06:27] <cookieh>
      [21:06:27] <@RareCola> Magic
      [21:06:34] <cookieh> *snortsnort*
      [21:06:34] <@Oreoboy1996> with substitute teachers and no students
      [21:06:37] <frobthebuilder> OH BOY SOUNDS LIKE FUN
      [21:06:55] <@RareCola> It is, actually
      [21:06:57] <cookieh> Oreoboy1996: maybe they didnt come cause of substitutes?
      [21:07:01] <frobthebuilder> WHAT IS SAID CLASS ABOUT
      [21:07:08] <@Oreoboy1996> look at the topic frobthebuilder
      [21:07:08] <cookieh> IT'S ABOUT MAGIC
      [21:07:12] <@RareCola> Just open discussion tonight
      [21:07:54] <cookieh> am i the only one the link doesn't show up for?
      [21:08:15] <erinerinfalk|Away> !back
      [21:08:16] erinerinfalk|Away [[email protected]] is now known as erinerinfalk
      [21:08:19] <cookieh> wb erinerinfalk
      [21:08:26] <@Oreoboy1996> http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/dva-c...2/#post1893802
      [21:08:26] <@RareCola> Hey Oreo, I saw you liked my guide. Was it like that new technique you were developing at all?
      [21:08:27] <erinerinfalk> thanks lol
      [21:08:40] <cookieh> RareCola: i can has link?
      [21:08:52] <@RareCola> http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/night-...cidity-132655/
      [21:08:57] <cookieh> danke
      [21:09:13] <@Oreoboy1996> well before i came up with DDA I was trying to develop a technique centered around ways to improve your awareness as much as possible during the night where it counts the most
      [21:09:41] <@RareCola> Ah that's interesting
      [21:09:45] <@Oreoboy1996> but then i decided that the daydreaming thing made such a big difference that i just put my focus on that
      [21:09:45] <frobthebuilder> how did that work for ya
      [21:09:45] <@RareCola> a bit like dream yoga methods or?
      [21:10:07] <@Oreoboy1996> not really sure about dream yoga
      [21:10:15] <@Oreoboy1996> and i still never thought the whole thing through clearly
      [21:10:53] <@RareCola> Ah right
      [21:11:42] <frobthebuilder> fuck
      [21:11:59] <@RareCola> hm?
      [21:11:59] <frobthebuilder> if only I could have a technique that works all the time
      [21:12:01] <frobthebuilder> oh wait
      [21:12:02] <frobthebuilder> I do
      [21:12:17] <@RareCola> Lol, what's that?
      [21:12:23] <@Oreoboy1996> you have to actually bother to use your fancy technique frob
      [21:12:29] <frobthebuilder> http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/long-style-wbtb-132661/
      [21:12:41] <frobthebuilder> yeah I hate that
      [21:13:12] <@RareCola> I think WBTB length just depends on the person really
      [21:13:19] <@Oreoboy1996> it does RareCola
      [21:13:27] <@RareCola> some people have much more luck with 5 minute WBTBs, while others need to be awake for 90 minutes like yourself
      [21:13:44] <@Oreoboy1996> just about any factor of just about any technique is different for everyone
      [21:14:01] <frobthebuilder> Well
      [21:14:04] <frobthebuilder> whatever
      [21:14:08] <@RareCola> Yea, of course
      [21:14:11] <frobthebuilder> it actually didn't work for me last night
      [21:14:14] <cookieh> lol
      [21:14:18] <frobthebuilder> cus I never turned on the lights
      [21:14:26] <frobthebuilder> I think that may be important
      [21:14:40] <@RareCola> Light affects a lot of things
      [21:14:46] <frobthebuilder> yeah huh
      [21:14:52] <@RareCola> I find if I subject myself to it too much during WBTB I can't get back to sleep though
      [21:14:56] <@Oreoboy1996> like photosynthesis
      [21:15:01] <@RareCola> Particularly artificial light
      [21:15:22] <frobthebuilder> PHOTOSINTHESSIS
      [21:16:30] Exotiraan|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Exotiraan
      [21:16:34] <@Oreoboy1996> hello Exotiraan
      [21:16:37] <@RareCola> Welcome back, Exotiraan
      [21:16:51] Exotiraan waves again.
      [21:18:16] <@RareCola> Has anyone ever done something in a dream that blurs with reality? I have a friend who stole something from a shop in their dream the other night and since they've had a guilty feeling, as if they need to return the item
      [21:18:31] <frobthebuilder> no.
      [21:18:56] <frobthebuilder> my dreams are so separate from reality it's barely like they even happen
      [21:19:02] <frobthebuilder> I hate it
      [21:19:20] <@RareCola> Ah we were talking about this in the chat the other night
      [21:19:27] <@RareCola> How some people have realistic dreams, while others more unrealistic
      [21:20:13] <@RareCola> I tend to either have really whacky and wild dreams, or realistic but with such unrealistic elements
      [21:20:21] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't think a dream has ever made me feel guilty
      [21:20:37] <@Oreoboy1996> it has made me feel a bit depressed though before when I woke up from that 15 year dream
      [21:20:38] <frobthebuilder> why the fuck did I have to fall on the latter side? I can tell when I'm lucid that everything seems perfectly real, but when I wake up, it's so faded and shit
      [21:20:43] Exotiraan 's dreams almost always do the realistic thing.
      [21:20:58] <@RareCola> Yea I didn't know what to recommend to them to help them with the guilt
      [21:21:24] <@RareCola> frobthebuilder: Maybe it's just a matter of faded recall?
      [21:21:33] <frobthebuilder> seems like it
      [21:21:34] <Exotiraan> (With rendering bugs here and there.)
      [21:21:38] <frobthebuilder> but i don't know what to do
      [21:21:44] <frobthebuilder> EXOTRAAN WRONG ROOM
      [21:21:47] <@RareCola> You could try out Ophelia's new technique for recall
      [21:21:47] <frobthebuilder> GET OUT
      [21:21:51] <frobthebuilder> which?
      [21:21:54] <frobthebuilder> link me
      [21:22:05] <@RareCola> let me find it, she posted it in someone's workbook I think
      [21:22:12] <cookieh> she hasn't made a tutorial,
      [21:22:12] <frobthebuilder> thxs
      [21:22:16] <@Oreoboy1996> the one where you write down a few key words in the morning\
      [21:22:47] <cookieh> http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/davet...9/#post1893321
      [21:23:40] <@RareCola> Haha that's the one
      [21:23:44] <@RareCola> couldn't remember which workbook
      [21:23:48] <frobthebuilder> the problem isn't that I can't remember my dreams
      [21:23:50] <frobthebuilder> I can
      [21:23:57] <frobthebuilder> but they feel so distant
      [21:24:12] <Exotiraan> cookieh (cc: opheliablue|Away): That should get stickied somewhere.
      [21:24:29] <cookieh> waitwat
      [21:25:04] <@RareCola> Hm I see, I have distant dreams sometimes but it's quite rare
      [21:25:18] <frobthebuilder> It's the story of my life
      [21:25:26] <frobthebuilder> some people tell me they seem real
      [21:26:04] <@RareCola> Have you tried just laying in bed with your eyes closed going over and over the dream in your mind for a little while?
      [21:26:12] <@RareCola> May help to bring it closer to your waking memory
      [21:26:22] <frobthebuilder> think so?
      [21:26:29] <frobthebuilder> I'll try ti
      [21:26:30] <frobthebuilder> it
      [21:27:01] <@RareCola> If you can get on the line between waking and sleep and recall your dream there, maybe it'll help bring it into your waking memory more
      [21:27:36] <frobthebuilder> hmmmm
      [21:27:37] <frobthebuilder> k
      [21:29:24] <@RareCola> I feel like you today, Oreo
      [21:29:31] <cookieh> lol
      [21:29:33] <@RareCola> I keep recalling tiny bits of my dreams throughout the day
      [21:29:42] <@Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:29:59] <@RareCola> It's quite annoying to keep remembering fragments
      [21:30:32] <@RareCola> Just remembered a part in a dream last night where I was driving by some of those signposts that record your speed and I was doing well over the speed limit
      [21:30:40] <@RareCola> Can't remember the dream it linked onto at all though
      [21:32:14] <@Oreoboy1996> lalala
      [21:32:53] <@Oreoboy1996> on the bright side
      [21:32:55] <@RareCola> Haha quite dead tonight, eh?
      [21:33:02] <@Oreoboy1996> this class is an easy one to teach
      [21:33:03] <@RareCola> I'm gnna have to get heading off in about 10-15 minutes
      [21:33:25] <@Oreoboy1996> i'll pretend there's still hope for the class and stay after you leave then
      [21:33:38] <@RareCola> I guess it is Friday night
      [21:33:54] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah i figured everyone is out
      [21:33:58] <@Oreoboy1996> having a life...
      [21:33:59] <@Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [21:34:03] <cookieh>
      [21:34:08] <@RareCola> Lucky for me there's not much life to have at 2:34am
      [21:34:18] <cookieh> hehe
      [21:34:24] <frobthebuilder> I can do sum teachin
      [21:34:27] <@Oreoboy1996> 9:34pm here
      [21:34:37] <frobthebuilder> allow me to fill your head wth KNOWLEDGE
      [21:34:40] <cookieh> 4:35am here..
      [21:34:46] <cookieh> NEVER!
      [21:34:47] <@RareCola> Ouch
      [21:34:52] <frobthebuilder> reckless radiation exposure might not associate with testicular cancer
      [21:34:58] <frobthebuilder> explosive feces ingestion might not prevent ear tearing
      [21:34:58] <@Oreoboy1996> corrupt knowledge is still knowledge i suppose
      [21:35:05] <cookieh> lol
      [21:35:07] <@Oreoboy1996> nevermind
      [21:35:10] <frobthebuilder> obsessive cocaine inhalation may possibly associate with anal gain
      [21:35:12] <@Oreoboy1996> this isn't knowledge
      [21:35:15] <frobthebuilder> http://frobthebuilder.tk/science2/
      [21:35:19] <frobthebuilder> SCIENCE
      [21:35:39] <@RareCola> So.... did you do anything interesting in your lucids last night Oreo?
      [21:36:00] <frobthebuilder> Super hero, Alexander Igneus XIV is the hairiest Anti-Matter Organism born in China
      [21:36:03] <@Oreoboy1996> i was with paigey in one lucid and i taught her to transform into a dragon again
      [21:36:10] <frobthebuilder> Local prostitute, Tenyse Delinsky the strange totally was the fattest Japanese woman who ever lived in Canada
      [21:36:14] <@Oreoboy1996> and then i taught her more advanced elemental control
      [21:36:21] <frobthebuilder> Queen Olivia Fredrickson the Silent totally was the first Potato Farmer to get humiliated in France
      [21:36:27] <@Oreoboy1996> frobthebuilder: back on topic please
      [21:36:30] <frobthebuilder> lul
      [21:36:43] <@RareCola> ah I still need to do elemental control
      [21:36:49] <cookieh> Oreoboy1996: you can kick D
      [21:36:55] <@RareCola> Maybe I'll try that in my next lucid
      [21:36:59] <@RareCola> when I finally break this dry spell
      [21:37:14] <@Oreoboy1996> i have control over many elements
      [21:37:26] <@Oreoboy1996> i can't even think of new elements to control anymore
      [21:37:32] <@RareCola> What elements?
      [21:38:31] <@Oreoboy1996> wind, fire, water, ice, lightning, earth, shadow, fear, poison, light, time, and healing
      [21:38:51] <frobthebuilder> healing is not an element
      [21:38:58] <@Oreoboy1996> it is in my world
      [21:39:04] <cookieh> lol
      [21:39:04] <frobthebuilder> fook u
      [21:39:08] <@Oreoboy1996> couldn't think of a good name for it
      [21:39:15] <@Oreoboy1996> but i use magic to heal wounds
      [21:39:17] <@Oreoboy1996> magically...
      [21:39:19] <@RareCola> Life I guess would be a better name
      [21:39:26] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah probably
      [21:39:30] <@Oreoboy1996> now that i think of it
      [21:39:38] <@Oreoboy1996> i could probably master nature
      [21:39:42] <@Oreoboy1996> similar to earth though
      [21:39:44] <cookieh> magic snortsnort
      [21:39:58] <@Oreoboy1996> i shall make trees beat the hell out of people
      [21:40:07] <cookieh>
      [21:40:10] <@RareCola> What about force manipulation? Like gravitational, magnetic, electrical, etc
      [21:40:25] <@Oreoboy1996> never thought of that as an element
      [21:40:38] <@Oreoboy1996> i have used levitation a couple times though
      [21:42:10] <@RareCola> Anyway, I think I had best be off
      [21:42:19] <@Oreoboy1996> bye RareCola
      [21:42:33] <cookieh> bye
      [21:42:45] <@RareCola> I'll be back in a little bit, maybe magically some more people will appear in this last 15 minutes for you to teach, Oreo
      [21:42:54] <@Oreoboy1996> maybe
      [21:43:03] <@RareCola> !away for 30 minutes or so
      [21:43:04] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [21:43:59] <frobthebuilder> what an amazing class
      [21:44:25] <@Oreoboy1996> i just realized i haven't used fury mode in a while
      [21:44:31] <@Oreoboy1996> probably a good thing though
      [21:47:25] Idionym [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:47:33] <Idionym> im here
      [21:47:56] <Idionym> and no1 else is
      [21:47:59] <Idionym> thats nice
      [21:48:06] <frobthebuilder> yes it is
      [21:48:14] <frobthebuilder> I can answer questions
      [21:48:24] <@Oreoboy1996> hello Idionym
      [21:48:24] <frobthebuilder> cus i am SMART that way
      [21:48:28] <Idionym> heyyy
      [21:48:29] <frobthebuilder> and I guess oreo is here too
      [21:48:36] <Idionym> see i trust oreo
      [21:48:37] <Idionym> not some stranger
      [21:49:00] <@Oreoboy1996> Idionym: opheliablue isn't here tonight, so she asked me and rarecola to fill in
      [21:49:05] <@Oreoboy1996> and rarecola just left
      [21:49:06] Exotiraan is ready for a lucid.
      [21:49:08] <@Oreoboy1996> so i'm all you got
      [21:49:12] <Idionym> =D
      [21:49:13] Exotiraan has his apple juice ready.
      [21:49:15] <cookieh> lololol
      [21:49:29] <frobthebuilder> >implying you don't have me too
      [21:49:34] <frobthebuilder> oreo, tell him
      [21:49:38] <Idionym> i just learned my friend was a natural lucid dreaming =/
      [21:49:42] <frobthebuilder> I'm knowledgeable aren't I?
      [21:49:42] <cookieh> <Idionym> see i trust oreo <Idionym> not some stranger
      [21:49:46] <@Oreoboy1996> tell him what?
      [21:49:46] <Idionym> dreamer*
      [21:49:59] <Idionym> ya cookieh
      [21:50:02] <Idionym> i agree
      [21:50:05] <frobthebuilder> I do know my shit, do I not?
      [21:50:10] <Idionym> i do too
      [21:50:11] <@Oreoboy1996> you're fairly knowledgable i guess
      [21:50:18] <Idionym> for the most part =P
      [21:50:21] <cookieh> but he doesn't know you at all.
      [21:50:30] <frobthebuilder> true.
      [21:50:33] <Idionym> exactly
      [21:50:41] <Idionym> !profile frobthebuilder
      [21:50:41] <%iBot> View Profile: Frobthebuilder - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [21:50:51] <Idionym> wow
      [21:50:53] <Idionym> hank
      [21:51:27] <cookieh> stalk time
      [21:51:30] <Idionym> lol 6 lucids?
      [21:51:35] <Idionym> more then me =/
      [21:51:45] <frobthebuilder> I've been here longer, actually
      [21:51:49] <frobthebuilder> I lost my old account
      [21:51:49] <Idionym> idc
      [21:51:51] <@Oreoboy1996> *cough*329*cough*
      [21:51:56] <cookieh> lool oreo
      [21:51:56] <Idionym> lol oreo
      [21:52:01] <@Oreoboy1996>
      [21:52:05] Exotiraan should write a counter that updates that number based on how many entries in your DJ are marked 'lucid'.
      [21:52:28] <@Oreoboy1996> Exotiraan: that wouldn't quite work if you have multiple lucids in one entry
      [21:52:30] <frobthebuilder> I've had more than six
      [21:52:35] <frobthebuilder> but as you may know
      [21:52:39] <frobthebuilder> I don't always record them
      [21:52:43] <Idionym> noob
      [21:52:43] <frobthebuilder> or even keep track
      [21:52:49] <frobthebuilder> pfft
      [21:52:50] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [21:52:50] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [21:52:51] <frobthebuilder> ah
      [21:52:51] <Idionym> =P
      [21:52:58] <@Oreoboy1996> lol newb called you a noob
      [21:53:00] <frobthebuilder> that stuff is completely optional, you know
      [21:53:08] <Idionym> im not newb
      [21:53:11] <Idionym> i know my shit
      [21:53:16] <Idionym> it just takes time for me
      [21:53:19] <@Oreoboy1996> !joindate Idionym
      [21:53:20] <%iBot> Idionym (idionym) joined Dreamviews on Feb 16, 2012.
      [21:53:31] <@Oreoboy1996> okay you're not a newb anymore
      [21:53:32] <Idionym> SHUT UP IBOT
      [21:54:12] <Idionym> ugh
      [21:54:17] <Idionym> i want a lucid =/
      [21:54:18] <Idionym> lol
      [21:54:27] <@Oreoboy1996> i want one too
      [21:54:36] <Idionym> uv had 326
      [21:54:42] <@Oreoboy1996> 329*
      [21:54:50] <Idionym> donate 3 to me =P
      [21:55:02] <@Oreoboy1996> i want to have 500 in a year
      [21:55:13] <Idionym> i want 365 a year
      [21:55:16] <Idionym> or even 200
      [21:55:17] <@Oreoboy1996> so far i've had 231 this year
      [21:55:44] <@Oreoboy1996> and after i complete that goal i will work to master WILD
      [21:55:58] <@Oreoboy1996> and if i can do that, then i'll finally call myself a master lucid dreamer
      [21:56:02] <Idionym> i want to be adept at wild =/
      [21:56:19] <frobthebuilder> WILD is cool, but it's not really a necessity
      [21:56:23] <frobthebuilder> the problem with it
      [21:56:27] <Idionym> its to hard
      [21:56:29] <frobthebuilder> is that people don't have the right mindset
      [21:56:30] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't care much for WILD, but I want to master it just to say i know the ins and outs of it
      [21:56:32] <Idionym> i suck at it
      [21:56:35] <frobthebuilder> it's not HARD per se
      [21:56:39] <frobthebuilder> it's just
      [21:56:40] <frobthebuilder> errrr
      [21:56:49] <Idionym> its hard for me
      [21:56:56] Exotiraan 's first lucid was WILD.
      [21:57:00] <Idionym> im impateint and its hard for me to clear my mind
      [21:57:03] <frobthebuilder> it's kind of difficult to see it for what it truly is
      [21:57:12] <@Oreoboy1996> i think the problem is people look at the WILD tutorials as set rules, when they're really more opinions and general guidelines
      [21:57:27] <@Oreoboy1996> the key to WILD is to learn it for yourself and personalize it i think
      [21:57:45] <Idionym> but how do u go about doing that
      [21:57:46] <Idionym> lol
      [21:57:46] <Exotiraan> I used this: http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/how-wild-62282/
      [21:57:46] <@Oreoboy1996> trial and error and experimentation
      [21:58:12] <Idionym> sexy ass billybob
      [21:58:12] <frobthebuilder> it's falling asleep, but you gotta kick yourself at just the right moment down the line
      [21:58:15] <Idionym> hes so sexy
      [21:58:18] <frobthebuilder> I hate that guy
      [21:58:21] <frobthebuilder> really
      [21:58:26] <Idionym> lol why
      [21:58:31] <frobthebuilder> he makes lucid dreaming seem harder than it should
      [21:58:45] <Idionym> its is hard =(
      [21:58:49] <frobthebuilder> no
      [21:58:50] <@Oreoboy1996> didn't you hate me for making it seem easy? lol
      [21:58:51] <frobthebuilder> it's not
      [21:59:03] <frobthebuilder> I hate everyone, alright?
      [21:59:06] <Idionym> i havent had 1 in like 4 months
      [21:59:08] <frobthebuilder> aaanyway
      [21:59:08] <@Oreoboy1996> okay >.>
      [22:01:08] <Idionym> u havent compled me to belive its not hard
      [22:01:31] <frobthebuilder> Well, I can do it
      [22:01:34] <frobthebuilder> sort of
      [22:01:40] <frobthebuilder> not with consistency
      [22:01:41] <Idionym> we not the same
      [22:02:02] <frobthebuilder> Some people say it's a matter of believing you can do it
      [22:02:18] <frobthebuilder> So thinking it's hard won't do you any favors
      [22:02:21] <Idionym> i think i can
      [22:02:25] <Idionym> its just hard
      [22:02:25] <Idionym> lol
      [22:03:05] <Idionym> atm atleast
      [22:03:12] <Idionym> although im working on recall
      [22:03:23] <Idionym> so im not actually trying to lucid atm
      [22:03:53] <frobthebuilder> I actually kind of need work on that still
      [22:03:56] <frobthebuilder> hah
      [22:04:40] <Idionym> noob
      [22:04:45] <Idionym> =P
      [22:04:56] <frobthebuilder> not really
      [22:04:59] <Idionym> lol
      [22:04:59] <Idionym> ik
      [22:06:03] <Idionym> i <3
      [22:06:14] <Idionym> hm
      [22:06:20] <Idionym> i wanna stalk cookieh now
      [22:06:31] <cookieh> what
      [22:06:32] <Idionym> !profile cookieh
      [22:06:32] <%iBot> View Profile: Cookieh - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [22:06:33] <@Oreoboy1996>
      [22:06:35] <cookieh> the
      [22:06:36] <cookieh> hell
      [22:06:43] <@Oreoboy1996> class ended 6 minutes ago so i might as well log it
      Previously known as Lucidis.

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      ^^ Thanks RareCola and OreoBoy

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      Monday, June 11, 2012 12noon chat time

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [12:01:14] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]3313.res.rr.com] has joined #DVA
      [12:01:14] Channel topic is:
      [12:01:14] Topic was set by Oreoboy1996 on Mon Jun 11 06:55:51 2012
      [12:01:14] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
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      [12:01:15] Channel was created at Sat Jun 2 03:29:01 2012
      [12:01:31] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [12:01:34] <%Caenis> Hello Ophelia.
      [12:01:37] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h RareCola
      [12:01:41] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys
      [12:03:00] <@OpheliaBlue> not many folks today
      [12:03:03] <JoeyBelgier|Away> HI
      [12:03:06] <%RareCola> hey Ophelia
      [12:03:11] <JoeyBelgier|Away> They late?
      [12:03:17] cookieh yawn
      [12:03:18] <cookieh> s
      [12:03:22] <@OpheliaBlue> late or forgot or just don't wanna
      [12:03:35] <%RareCola> I'd go for forgot
      [12:03:43] <cookieh> less people every time >.>
      [12:03:45] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Well ya, I was in here but if Cookieh wouldnt have told me
      [12:03:48] <%Idontlikeyou1996> i liked it when we had 20 people lol
      [12:03:52] <JoeyBelgier|Away> .. Xd
      [12:03:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I had a really brief lucid last night, but it was cool because I realized I was dreaming when I saw a tornado
      [12:04:05] <@OpheliaBlue> and I've never seen one irl
      [12:04:10] <cookieh> o__o
      [12:04:15] <%RareCola> Tornado? That sounds fun
      [12:04:16] <%Caenis> This is a good class size. It's always big right when a class starts or when it ends.
      [12:04:29] <Merro> Back
      [12:04:38] <%RareCola> I've been quite proud of myself these last few days, been breaking my dry spell in a big way.
      [12:04:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, I was in Kansas with Matte87 lol
      [12:04:46] <%RareCola> Got some really awesome dreams
      [12:04:47] <cookieh> there is like 3 students to teach xD
      [12:04:54] <%Caenis> OpheliaBlue: You should have acted out Wizard of Oz. =p
      [12:04:56] <cookieh> and i don't even have questions
      [12:04:57] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's good RareCola
      [12:05:04] <JoeyBelgier|Away> I have dreamed lots of stuffs last night, didnt have time to record anything and neither do I remember now
      [12:05:12] <%RareCola> Just need to break my lucid dry spell, it's been 13 days since my last
      [12:05:17] <%Idontlikeyou1996> i think the last time i saw a tornado in a dream I learned the wind element and used it to control the tornado
      [12:05:21] <Merro> So how is everyone?
      [12:05:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: haha.. it was a tiny pathetic tornado, attached to its own tiny dark cloud.. and I was like, nuh uh.
      [12:05:32] <%Caenis> That's a shame, JoeyBelgier|Away. But at least your recall is pretty good!
      [12:05:34] <JoeyBelgier|Away> I do recall talking to Germans though, in France o.o
      [12:05:35] <@OpheliaBlue> hey ,merro, good
      [12:05:58] <%Idontlikeyou1996> i had 4 lucids last night i think
      [12:06:00] <JoeyBelgier|Away> France/French seems to be a DS, for months already.
      [12:06:09] <%Idontlikeyou1996> but i'm having a bit of trouble putting the fragments together
      [12:06:19] <Merro> I had a dream a couple of days ago if I remember. I was hiking with some friends and I saw some lava on the ground and they were walking on it like they didn't care.
      [12:06:26] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Caensis, usually not, only fragments.
      [12:06:43] <@OpheliaBlue> that's crazy merro
      [12:06:48] <Merro> Yeah
      [12:06:56] <%RareCola> Lol lava walking ftw
      [12:07:00] <Merro> I got dragged pretty deep into the dream too.
      [12:07:05] <@OpheliaBlue> I also had some intense WILD vibrations the other night, but they would never melt into a dream
      [12:07:06] <%Idontlikeyou1996> i can walk on lava if i create a patch of ice where i step...
      [12:07:11] <%Caenis> Last night at least shows you're improving, right? You just need to jot down your dreams when you wake up.
      [12:07:23] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Hrm
      [12:07:35] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Well, I'm kinda in my exams now
      [12:07:39] <Merro> But seriously, the collision was pretty messed up, they were just walking past through the lava like it was nothing. Kinda strange.
      [12:07:49] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Also, recall was very good half a year ago
      [12:07:59] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Now it's just now and then
      [12:08:08] <%Idontlikeyou1996> Merro: should have reality checked
      [12:08:27] <Merro> I couldnt sadly. I kept waking up with dizzy spells. :/
      [12:08:37] Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:08:39] <Lunatide> Ladies
      [12:08:44] <%RareCola> elo Luna
      [12:08:48] <Lunatide> Hulla
      [12:08:51] <JoeyBelgier|Away> If one is in SP, does he/she still hear actual surroundings? Only SP'd once.
      [12:09:01] <@OpheliaBlue> hey luna
      [12:09:04] Idontlikeyou1996 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [12:09:06] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:09:11] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +h Oreoboy1996
      [12:09:15] <@OpheliaBlue> wb oreo
      [12:09:31] <%Oreoboy1996> thanks
      [12:09:31] <%Caenis> I believe you can, JoeyBelgier|Away. That's why an anchor, like music, can be helpful.
      [12:09:50] <JoeyBelgier|Away> And would that also recur in the dream?
      [12:09:56] <Lunatide> When I tried to SP I couldn't move for a while, but I didn't reach SP
      [12:10:00] <%Caenis> As always, depends on the person. If you hear buzzing while you SP, then perhaps you wouldn't be able to hear some background noise.
      [12:10:01] <Lunatide> O_o
      [12:11:13] <Merro> I felt like I was in SP when I woke up, Was kind of dizzy this morning, I dont know if I was in a dream or not but It kind of felt like I was, I kept licking my lips to see if I was awake or not, idk why though, so it was weird.
      [12:11:16] <@OpheliaBlue> so I haven't read anyone's workbooks or jounrals yet today, anyone else have anything interesting to report?
      [12:11:34] <%Oreoboy1996> i learned a new power i think
      [12:11:37] <Lunatide> I was almost raped by the moon before
      [12:11:39] <JoeyBelgier|Away> Hrm, I'd like to try to learn this way: LD whilst listening to a loop of a lesson.
      [12:11:56] <JoeyBelgier|Away> To recreate the lesson in my dream
      [12:11:56] <@OpheliaBlue> lol Lunatide what really?
      [12:12:03] <%Oreoboy1996> crap i just forgot it
      [12:12:09] <Lunatide> In a dream I had the other day
      [12:12:22] <Lunatide> it turned into a rainbow transformer and chased me
      [12:12:26] <cookieh> o__o
      [12:12:28] <%Oreoboy1996> nvm remembered again
      [12:12:28] <Lunatide> Pretty magical actually
      [12:12:28] <%RareCola> I need to get a new dream journal soon if that's something interesting to report. A month of dreams apparently almost fills up a 200 page journal :l
      [12:12:41] <cookieh> o__O
      [12:12:54] <Merro> Hey guys I have a question.
      [12:13:06] <%Oreoboy1996> then ask it
      [12:13:06] <Lunatide> TELL US MERRO
      [12:13:09] <Lunatide> )
      [12:13:11] <Lunatide> *
      [12:13:11] <Merro> lol
      [12:13:20] <Lunatide> Missed the : button >.>
      [12:13:28] <@OpheliaBlue> ask away merro
      [12:13:39] <Merro> How can you make your dreams more positive?
      [12:13:46] <Merro> I've been having pretty negative dreams lately.
      [12:13:48] <%Oreoboy1996> by thinking positively
      [12:14:06] <%RareCola> Have you been having negative stuff happen in your waking life? Or even just stress?
      [12:14:06] <%Oreoboy1996> and if that doesn't work, then go lucid and force it to be positive >.>
      [12:14:21] <%Caenis> Merro: I've found that reading something before I go to bed influences what I dream about. You could try reading something cheerful.
      [12:14:25] <Merro> I think its a mixture of both RC.
      [12:14:54] <%RareCola> I found in a lot of cases the most prominent part of my day makes its way into my dreams somehow, negativity and stress will definitely influence your dreams
      [12:15:08] <%RareCola> The best way to combat that would be to fill your mind with other stuff before bed, making it more prominent
      [12:15:20] <@OpheliaBlue> agreed
      [12:15:36] <%Oreoboy1996> Caenis: dream incubation
      [12:15:43] <%Caenis> Yes, pretty much.
      [12:15:46] <@OpheliaBlue> do matter how upset I am in the day, I have a sort of go-to happy place that I try to incubate before bed
      [12:16:00] <@OpheliaBlue> yesss, happy dream incubation
      [12:16:10] <Merro> There should be a thread about that.
      [12:16:25] <%RareCola> I made a guide on night-time routine the other day
      [12:16:26] <%Oreoboy1996> http://www.dreamviews.com/f45/dream-...torial-130133/
      [12:16:30] <%RareCola> and oreo has his^
      [12:17:18] <Merro> Also procastration isnt helping me either...
      [12:17:26] <%Caenis> Merro: You could make your own positive incubation thread if you want. Not sure if there's any thread targeting happy dreams specifically.
      [12:17:42] <Merro> Oh.
      [12:17:51] <%RareCola> Who would incubate unhappy dreams?
      [12:18:13] <@OpheliaBlue> speaking of incubation, is pretty much everyone in here doing that? or oreo's DDA? or some variation?
      [12:18:28] Morten [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:19:01] <%Caenis> RareCola: Good point. But I don't usually try incubating happy dreams either. Just dreams. I don't experience much emotion in my dreams.
      [12:19:08] <%RareCola> I've actually been taking a break from incubation these last 2 days and just focusing on getting my recall back after my dry spell
      [12:19:09] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Morten
      [12:19:17] JoeyBelgier|Away [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [12:19:19] <@OpheliaBlue> hey morten!
      [12:19:28] <%RareCola> Ah you should, Caenis. Incubating emotion is one of the strongest tools
      [12:19:35] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't really think of an emotion when i incubate
      [12:19:38] <%Oreoboy1996> haven't tried that
      [12:19:41] <Morten> Hey.
      [12:19:58] <@OpheliaBlue> that's more for older people Oreoboy1996
      [12:19:59] <%RareCola> Incubating senses is great, but if you can get an emotion in there, a genuine emotion, that's very powerful
      [12:19:59] <@OpheliaBlue> kiddin
      [12:20:08] <@OpheliaBlue> I incubate emotions ALOT
      [12:20:15] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:20:15] <@OpheliaBlue> but if I overdo it, I can't sleep
      [12:20:39] <@OpheliaBlue> turns into a damn soapopera in my head.. I need to focus more on the physical senses
      [12:20:39] <%Caenis> I guess I'll have to try that. The results could be interesting.
      [12:20:42] <Merro> My dreams are pretty fucked up I can't tell what the hell I'm doing in them. I wake up feeling like crap every morning.
      [12:21:05] <@OpheliaBlue> that's because your life is so stressful and you're working them out in your dreams
      [12:21:09] <Lunatide> Have you ever had sex with a family memeber
      [12:21:11] <%RareCola> My dreams are just generally crazy and completely mad lately
      [12:21:14] <Lunatide> in a dream ofcourse
      [12:21:16] <Lunatide> >.>
      [12:21:19] <@OpheliaBlue> try a positive incubation before bed, something maybe that had YOU in more control of your life
      [12:21:35] <Merro> Oh.
      [12:21:38] <@OpheliaBlue> Lunatide: yes, unfortunately.. I think Freud has an explanation for it
      [12:21:42] <%Oreoboy1996> yes, but no one talks about it >.>
      [12:21:48] <@OpheliaBlue> it happens, don't feel bad about it
      [12:21:59] <%RareCola> Can't say I've had sex with a family member yet, luckily
      [12:22:02] <Lunatide> It's annoying
      [12:22:06] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it's super icky
      [12:22:13] <Lunatide> ]I had sex with my grandma
      [12:22:15] <Lunatide> who is fat
      [12:22:17] <cookieh> o__o
      [12:22:18] <Lunatide> ;___;
      [12:22:20] <%RareCola> In fact, I think I've only ever had a couple of sex dreams
      [12:22:28] <%Caenis> How did you feel in the dream, Lunatide?
      [12:22:33] <Lunatide> Scared
      [12:22:38] <Lunatide> Horrified
      [12:22:39] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:22:42] <cookieh> rapist granny
      [12:22:46] <@OpheliaBlue> hahahahaa
      [12:22:50] <Lunatide> I also had sex with the floor in 3 different dreams
      [12:22:53] <@OpheliaBlue> oh my god cookieh tell me you're kidding
      [12:22:58] <cookieh> you'll never think the same of your grandma ever again
      [12:23:02] <cookieh> what lol i am
      [12:23:04] <%RareCola> LOL
      [12:23:08] <Lunatide> She is pretty scary infact
      [12:23:15] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:23:16] <Merro> Im mostly scared of my dreams now. When I lucid I'm afraid to find out who I actually am. Or how I will act in a lucid.
      [12:23:25] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I blame luna for that SUBJECT CHANGE
      [12:23:31] <cookieh> yes
      [12:23:40] <%Oreoboy1996> yup
      [12:23:58] <%RareCola> Merro: You need to stop being scared, it's just going to hinder you
      [12:24:07] <Merro> Yeah.
      [12:24:09] Appe96 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:24:10] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue: sorry >.>
      [12:24:13] <Lunatide> hey Appe96
      [12:24:20] <Appe96> Hi! sorry im late
      [12:24:27] <%Caenis> Why are you afraid, Merro? You don't seem like a serial killer. :p
      [12:24:30] <Lunatide> Get out of my classroom Appe96
      [12:24:42] <Appe96> sadface
      [12:24:43] <cookieh> happy birthday Appe96
      [12:24:47] <Appe96> thx
      [12:24:52] <Lunatide> happy birthday DDDDD
      [12:24:55] <Lunatide> Now leave.
      [12:24:57] <Lunatide> (joke)
      [12:24:58] <Appe96> xD
      [12:24:58] <%Caenis> I think most people who LD act generally the same in their dreams. Maybe they act a little dumber and make less logical decisions, but that's it.
      [12:24:59] <Merro> lol
      [12:25:01] cookieh slaps Lunatide
      [12:25:02] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Appe96
      [12:25:08] <Appe96> hi oreo
      [12:25:12] <Lunatide> I don't have any questions
      [12:25:16] <Lunatide> so I'm lurking
      [12:25:17] <@OpheliaBlue> Happy Birthday Appe96!!!!
      [12:25:22] <Appe96> thx
      [12:25:23] <Merro> Makes sense Caenis.
      [12:25:28] <%Caenis> Hello and happy birthday, Appe96.
      [12:25:37] <Appe96> thx
      [12:25:40] Lunatide maybe leaving
      [12:25:42] <@OpheliaBlue> congrats on your lucid the other day Appe96
      [12:25:50] <Appe96> well thx again
      [12:26:04] <%Oreoboy1996> happy birthday Appe96
      [12:26:10] <Appe96> thx
      [12:26:16] <Lunatide> bai guys
      [12:26:16] Oreoboy1996 gives Appe96 a free lucid card
      [12:26:17] Lunatide [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:26:28] <Appe96> yay
      [12:26:28] <@OpheliaBlue> oh did he get his feelings hurt again
      [12:26:32] <@OpheliaBlue> so sensitive
      [12:26:35] <cookieh> not really
      [12:26:36] <%RareCola> haha
      [12:26:37] <%RareCola> poor luna
      [12:26:42] <cookieh> he had no questions
      [12:27:38] <@OpheliaBlue> looks like I'm going to have another loooong weekend this weekend again. I was just getting used to 2, 10 hour shifts, now I have 2, 15 hour shifts
      [12:27:51] <%RareCola> jeez
      [12:27:52] <cookieh> awh :[
      [12:28:10] <@OpheliaBlue> I'mm tellign y'all this because it's hard for me to catch up on stuff, but especially THANK YOU to RareCola and Caenis for answering workbooks
      [12:28:21] <%RareCola> I was working up until 4:30am the other night. Was proud of myself for still remembering my dreams
      [12:28:27] <@OpheliaBlue> don't want anyone to think I'm disappearing o nthe weekends
      [12:28:38] <%RareCola> We all understand you have a life too
      [12:28:41] <@OpheliaBlue> 4:30? dang
      [12:28:47] <%Caenis> Jeez Ophelia. o.O Good luck managing the extra hours.
      [12:29:07] <Appe96> no sleep his weekend huh? o.O
      [12:29:11] <Appe96> *this
      [12:29:15] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks.. Danny is going to have 20 hours overtime this week
      [12:29:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Don't grow up to become workaholics kids, bad for recall
      [12:29:48] <%Caenis> Yes Mommy Ophelia.
      [12:30:05] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [12:30:06] <%Oreoboy1996> okay, i'll just lay in bed all day
      [12:30:24] <@OpheliaBlue> well there may be a middle ground i nthere somewhere oreo
      [12:30:25] <%RareCola> Haha, I'm a terrible workaholic
      [12:30:36] <Merro> OpheliaBlue, I've also been meditating as well.
      [12:30:48] <Appe96> yay im stil in school :S
      [12:30:48] <@OpheliaBlue> that's good
      [12:30:55] <%RareCola> Meditation is great
      [12:31:06] <@OpheliaBlue> anyone else ever meditate? I've never really done that
      [12:31:06] <Merro> Helps me be more focused when im done.
      [12:31:09] <%Caenis> How long have you been doing it for, Merro? Find any difference in dreams?
      [12:31:15] <%Oreoboy1996> i think my lucid dreaming ability has more than doubled since summer break
      [12:31:26] <Appe96> yes I have tried it out, but i'm bad at it
      [12:31:29] <Merro> I find it to help me have more vivid dreams but thats it.
      [12:31:41] <Merro> I noticed a difference after I meditate.
      [12:31:48] <cookieh> i've done it a few times
      [12:31:57] <cookieh> kinda nice
      [12:32:03] <Merro> I've also read that meditatiing can help with lucid dreams.
      [12:32:10] <@OpheliaBlue> how do you go about it exactly?? I mean, what's the difference between meditating and incubating a dream?
      [12:32:17] <%RareCola> I don't really traditionally meditate, mainly do dream yoga meditation methods
      [12:32:20] <@OpheliaBlue> one empties the head, the other fills it?
      [12:32:31] <Appe96> kind of
      [12:32:35] <%Caenis> I've read so too, Merro. What time in the day do you do it? Before bed?
      [12:32:43] <Appe96> you don't analyze thoughts when ediitating
      [12:32:50] <Merro> I usually do it before bed when its quiet.
      [12:33:07] <%RareCola> I wouldn't say necessarily emptying the head, more... controlling it
      [12:33:12] <Merro> I do it for 30 mintues I think.
      [12:33:13] <%Oreoboy1996> well actually
      [12:33:15] <@OpheliaBlue> I find if I empty my mind of thoughts, other thoughts take its place, like a vaccuum
      [12:33:16] <%RareCola> Ofc depends on the type of meditation
      [12:33:18] <%Oreoboy1996> you can meditate on an incubation
      [12:33:22] <@OpheliaBlue> never figured out how to conquer that
      [12:33:41] <Appe96> you don't actually empty your head
      [12:33:43] <Appe96> that
      [12:33:51] <Appe96> s kind of inpossible
      [12:33:55] <@OpheliaBlue> haha yeah I know!
      [12:33:59] <%RareCola> It's not impossible, but it's very very hard
      [12:34:02] <@OpheliaBlue> so what do yuo replace thought with
      [12:34:04] <%RareCola> which is why I aim for more controlling my thoughts
      [12:34:05] <%Oreoboy1996> there's meditation for making your brain go dead and meditation made to help you focus on something
      [12:34:23] <%Caenis> I've seen a video from someone on lucidpedia, and he meditated by just being aware of all of his thoughts and distractions. I thought that was really interesting.
      [12:34:29] <%RareCola> Have you read Sivason's Dream Yoga lessons at all, Lisa?
      [12:34:32] <@OpheliaBlue> oh like focusing on a particular thing, and silencing the rest Oreoboy1996?
      [12:34:33] <Appe96> you don't think of anything special, just let the thoughts flow and don't take a notice of the,
      [12:34:40] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I have not
      [12:34:41] <%Oreoboy1996> pretty much OpheliaBlue
      [12:34:44] <Appe96> *them
      [12:34:45] <@OpheliaBlue> but I will now!
      [12:35:14] <Appe96> gotta go sry
      [12:35:16] <%RareCola> Well, I basically do his sensory overload, there becomes a point where you're filling your senses so much that it's not possible to think of anything else
      [12:35:16] <@OpheliaBlue> like, watching the thoughts go by, but keep a distance from them?
      [12:35:21] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Appe96
      [12:35:25] Appe96 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:36:46] Idionym [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:36:50] <Idionym> hi
      [12:36:54] <%RareCola> hey Idionym
      [12:36:55] <Idionym> sorry im late
      [12:36:57] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I'll have to read Sivason's class then
      [12:36:58] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Idionym
      [12:37:13] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Idionym
      [12:37:19] <@OpheliaBlue> I remember trying to learn meditation in the past when I had bad insomnia.. no success
      [12:37:47] <@OpheliaBlue> my mind always fills with stressful crap and I indulge it all.. like "This is my chance to think abotu this shit and resolve it"
      [12:38:00] <%RareCola> Yea I had that problem for a while
      [12:38:02] <@OpheliaBlue> and it would just keep me awake
      [12:38:03] <%RareCola> it just takes practice to get over it
      [12:38:24] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, practice is probably alot better than wine!
      [12:38:25] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [12:38:43] <%RareCola> Haha definitely
      [12:39:35] <%RareCola> I need to start taking naps again actually
      [12:39:44] <%RareCola> I've been so busy lately I haven't been able to
      [12:40:14] <@OpheliaBlue> so you sleep in usually RareCola?
      [12:40:24] <@OpheliaBlue> or you stay up late and still have to get up early?
      [12:40:48] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Idionym any experiences with meditation before bed?
      [12:40:54] <Idionym> no\
      [12:41:02] <%RareCola> Nah, I never really have a required time to get up so I just get up when I'm ready, which is usually about 7-8 hours
      [12:41:03] <Idionym> i have to much anxiety to do it
      [12:41:17] <%Oreoboy1996> i sleep for like 9
      [12:41:22] <@OpheliaBlue> I think that's the point of it, helps to relieve anxiety
      [12:41:36] <%Caenis> Yeah, meditation can be good for anxiety.
      [12:41:37] <@OpheliaBlue> 10 hours here, sometimes 11 or 12
      [12:41:44] <%RareCola> Haha
      [12:41:46] <@OpheliaBlue> except on work nights obviously
      [12:41:48] <%RareCola> I can never sleep more than 8 really
      [12:41:53] <%RareCola> I'm just too awake
      [12:42:04] <@OpheliaBlue> I couldn't when i was younger.. actually, pre Chris days
      [12:42:08] <%RareCola> I used to like taking naps though because my hypnagogic imagery was so vivid
      [12:42:12] <@OpheliaBlue> after Chris, it's like 10-12 lol
      [12:42:22] <%RareCola> Makes sense
      [12:42:37] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: agreed! I took a late nap the other day, and that's when I had some crazy HI and those weird vibrations
      [12:43:10] <@OpheliaBlue> but it was like 8:30 at night after work, may have been the wrong time to dream.. btu I had some nutta FAs a little while later
      [12:43:22] <@OpheliaBlue> nutty*
      [12:43:31] <%RareCola> I've still not experienced vibrations
      [12:43:32] <%Caenis> So Idionym, how's your recall? Has the quote from EWOLD that Rarecola put in your workbook helped your awareness?
      [12:43:39] <@OpheliaBlue> I thought someone had come over from work, and delivered a hamster in a bird cage
      [12:43:52] <@OpheliaBlue> I still believed it had happened after I woke up
      [12:43:59] <Idionym> well my recallls getting better
      [12:44:17] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that was a great quote by the way, thanks for posting that RareCola
      [12:44:18] <%RareCola> I keep having that hypnapompic imagery though
      [12:44:20] <%RareCola> It's really quite annoying
      [12:44:25] <%RareCola> &Yea I figured it would help
      [12:44:37] <@OpheliaBlue> so what do you see, what's annoying about it?
      [12:44:46] <Idionym> i havent done the EWOLD thing yet
      [12:45:28] <%RareCola> Usually just about writing in my dream journal
      [12:45:45] <%RareCola> It's not so much more of a problem now because I'm remembering my dreams after it anyway, kind of realising when it's happening
      [12:45:59] <%RareCola> But it's frustrating to think I've wrote in my dream journal when I haven't yet
      [12:46:02] <%Caenis> Did you find it a helpful read at least Idionym? Do you think you'll try it once your classes are over? You're still in school, right?
      [12:46:16] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah that is annoying
      [12:46:19] <Idionym> ya i will try it but schools over
      [12:46:32] <Idionym> since last Wensday
      [12:46:47] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: do you ever find that those HI's ever become a full blown FA?
      [12:47:15] <%Caenis> Oh okay, that's cool.
      [12:47:26] <%RareCola> Nah, I've either just fallen back asleep normally or woken up and wrote my dream down again, the latter being more common at the moment
      [12:47:37] Kiara [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:47:41] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Kiara
      [12:47:42] <%Oreoboy1996> i've had that once OpheliaBlue
      [12:47:45] <Kiara> hi
      [12:47:53] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: yeah? what happened?
      [12:47:55] <%Caenis> Hello Kiara, welcome to the intro class chat session.
      [12:48:00] <%Oreoboy1996> i almost made a WILD out of it but i lost awareness when i was sucked into the daydream
      [12:48:14] <Kiara> I'm new i here.
      [12:48:18] <%RareCola> Idionym: I'd say just try incorporating the awareness thing into your day more and more, bit by bit. You have no idea how important awareness can be
      [12:48:19] <%Oreoboy1996> actually i think i lost awareness because i was distracted with my cat attacking me in the dream >>>
      [12:48:23] <Kiara> what's this classe about?
      [12:48:30] <Idionym> ok
      [12:48:54] <%Oreoboy1996> this class is about the basics of lucid dreaming, helping others to have lucid dreams, and sharing experiences i guess
      [12:49:19] <Kiara> ok Oreo
      [12:49:22] <Merro> I agree with Oreoboy.
      [12:49:59] <@OpheliaBlue> Kiara: it's an introduction class, so any topics about lucid dreaming, including your own personal take on it, are welcome
      [12:50:17] <@OpheliaBlue> also what Oreoboy1996 said
      [12:50:24] <Kiara> ok thanks Ophelia
      [12:51:26] <@OpheliaBlue> so any luck with lucid dreams Kiara?
      [12:51:42] <Kiara> some
      [12:52:03] <%Caenis> Aren't you the one with some experience in shared dreaming? Or am I confusing you for someone else?
      [12:52:22] <Kiara> yes, Kind of
      [12:52:35] <Kiara> I was in some experiments some time ago
      [12:52:43] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't think it worked when she tried doing it to me -_-
      [12:53:05] <@OpheliaBlue> I did a shared dreaming experiment with a friend of mine about 8 years ago
      [12:53:15] <@OpheliaBlue> I think we just psyched ourselves out that it worked lol
      [12:53:18] <Kiara> I told them to wana in another chat and it was him that introduced me to this chat and forum
      [12:53:23] <@OpheliaBlue> kinda like a ouiji board
      [12:53:31] <%RareCola> I don't really believe in shared dreaming
      [12:53:37] <cookieh> Oreoboy1996: who was that girl in here a few chat sessions ago, who sd'd with her friends all the time?
      [12:53:45] <cookieh> sighingplant was here as well
      [12:53:47] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah me neither.. it was fun almost pretending that we could do it
      [12:53:52] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't remember cookieh
      [12:53:53] <Kiara> you could participate in this experiment
      [12:54:01] <cookieh> to the logs!
      [12:54:06] cookieh hums the batman theme song
      [12:54:13] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [12:54:20] <@OpheliaBlue> lol cookieh whu?
      [12:54:30] <Kiara> http://www.dreamviews.com/f144/iosdp...riment-132656/
      [12:54:35] <@OpheliaBlue> oh haha happy searching
      [12:55:02] <Kiara> don't you believe minds can connect?
      [12:55:22] <@OpheliaBlue> anyway this class isn't really about that, more just straight up individual lucid dreaming
      [12:55:28] <Kiara> ok
      [12:55:38] <@OpheliaBlue> the shared dreams are moe for the extended discussion areas
      [12:55:38] <%RareCola> I believe minds can connect, just not share dreams
      [12:55:39] <cookieh> pixiedreamer
      [12:55:41] <cookieh> was the one
      [12:55:47] <%RareCola> But yes, this is an intro class
      [12:55:52] <cookieh> that told us she shared dreams with her friends
      [12:56:00] <%Oreoboy1996> oh yeah
      [12:56:02] <cookieh> and her friends later tell her how she made them feel better
      [12:56:05] <@OpheliaBlue> oh ok, yeah I remember pixiedreamer
      [12:56:15] <@OpheliaBlue> awww
      [12:56:30] <Kiara> can I give the links to the experiments I participated in past
      [12:56:36] <Kiara> is that ok?
      [12:56:41] <Kiara> in this chat?
      [12:56:53] <Kiara> you can see for yourselfs
      [12:56:54] <%Caenis> Aren't the links in the DV thread you linked us to also?
      [12:57:05] <Kiara> yes
      [12:57:17] <%RareCola> Just over 2 weeks of June left, wonder if I can complete my lucid dreaming goals for this month :l
      [12:57:18] <%Oreoboy1996> then you already did O_O
      [12:57:23] <Kiara> they are also here
      [12:57:24] <%Caenis> I think we'll be fine for now. Our session is almost ending, so we need to wrap up.
      [12:57:28] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah this class is almost over for today, so let's keep the last questions Intro-based please
      [12:57:38] <Kiara> http://www.dreamviews.com/f144/do-yo...m-game-132438/
      [12:58:04] <%Oreoboy1996> i can't think of any questions
      [12:58:35] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah me neither, all i can think about is how my caffeine has just kicked in
      [12:58:41] <cookieh> lol
      [12:59:06] <%Caenis> Well, since we have a few ladies in the class, I have an awkward question for you all if you don't object.
      [12:59:11] <@OpheliaBlue> but I'll go ahead and leave this open as usual for any last minute whatevers
      [12:59:21] <@OpheliaBlue> go for it Caenis!
      [12:59:22] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [12:59:29] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: earmuffs.
      [12:59:37] Oreoboy1996 covers his eyes
      [12:59:42] <%Oreoboy1996> that works better
      [12:59:47] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:59:51] RareCola sets this chat to 18+
      [12:59:55] <%RareCola> Lmao
      [12:59:58] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:59:58] <cookieh> -___-
      [13:00:07] <@OpheliaBlue> ok hurry Cawnis, I'm prairie doggin here
      [13:00:07] <%Caenis> I read a while ago that some ladies find that their lady cycles have a bit of an effect on their LDs. Just wondering if that's true or not.
      [13:00:22] <%Oreoboy1996> lady cycles?
      [13:00:25] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, hormones do in general
      [13:00:34] <%Caenis> Menstruation, if you'd prefer.
      [13:00:39] <Kiara> menstruation
      [13:00:45] <@OpheliaBlue> monthly bill
      [13:00:49] <Kiara> and no
      [13:00:49] <%RareCola> It wouldn't surprise me, considering how much sex and masturbation can affect your dreams and lucid dreams.
      [13:00:50] <%Oreoboy1996> oh i'm sure that it would have an affect due to the hormonal changes
      [13:00:58] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, in part because our emotions are affected
      [13:01:04] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't know the exact science of it though
      [13:01:10] <Merro> Mind if I ask something?
      [13:01:13] <@OpheliaBlue> and the discomfort affects our sleep cycles
      [13:01:14] <cookieh> no
      [13:01:15] <%Caenis> Interesting.
      [13:01:18] <cookieh> why would we mind
      [13:01:18] <%Caenis> Go for it, Merro!
      [13:01:24] <Merro> Was wondering if anyone had any trouble with this.
      [13:01:29] <@OpheliaBlue> but hormones probably affect it the most, and I notice an increase in vividness
      [13:01:33] <Kiara> considering man are always in eat... imagine the efects on them
      [13:01:39] <Merro> I read some where that if you had an LD you can walk into an invisible wall during your lucids, etc. Is this true?
      [13:01:54] <%Oreoboy1996> yes
      [13:02:00] <%Oreoboy1996> but only if you allow it to be true
      [13:02:04] <Merro> oh
      [13:02:06] <@OpheliaBlue> you can do ANYthing in your lucids, that's the point. It's like you own personal holodeck, like from startrek
      [13:02:11] <cookieh> you control it
      [13:02:24] <@OpheliaBlue> ok gotta run or I will die
      [13:02:27] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [13:02:28] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [13:02:34] <%Oreoboy1996> if it were to be a problem, you could just phase through it
      [13:02:36] <%RareCola> are we talking about a metaphorical invisible wall or an actual invisible wall?
      [13:02:39] <Kiara> the holodeck on startrek was always having problems
      [13:02:52] <%RareCola> Cya later Lisa
      [13:02:54] <Merro> actual invisible wall RC.
      [13:02:57] <Merro> in a LD.
      [13:03:10] <%RareCola> Ah, well then what everyone else said
      [13:03:28] <%Oreoboy1996> anything can happen in a dream
      [13:03:30] <Kiara> I think he means a wall that he can not cross
      [13:03:30] <%RareCola> You are your own God in your lucid dreams, so whatever can happen
      [13:03:53] <Merro> Sounds bout right.
      [13:03:54] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't like being godly
      [13:03:58] <Merro> Sorry im multi tasking XD
      [13:04:03] <%Oreoboy1996> i like being dragony
      [13:04:14] <%Caenis> Why do you ask, Merro? Did you try it in a dream recently?
      [13:04:45] <Merro> Not really, I just read it some where on a site and wanted to know if anyone experienced this before.
      [13:05:10] <%RareCola> Gnna head off also, got some dinner to make
      [13:05:11] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't remember
      [13:05:12] <%RareCola> !away
      [13:05:13] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [13:05:29] <%Oreoboy1996> might have experienced it in one of those video game dreams
      [13:05:39] <%Oreoboy1996> video games have a lot of invisible walls >.>
      [13:06:13] <%Caenis> That's true, they do.

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      Tuesday, June 11th, 8pm chat (that went on for ages because I have such a great motivated DVA team: Caenis, RareCola, and honorary DVA coach, OreoBoy1996)

      Spoiler for #DVA:

      [19:59:18] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [19:59:24] <@OpheliaBlue> oh you got contacts RareCola?
      [19:59:43] <@Oreoboy1996> i guess i'm only hearing and touch sensitive
      [20:00:55] Burke [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:00:59] <frobthebuilder> MOAR PEOPLE
      [20:01:00] <Burke> I've returned on time
      [20:01:02] <frobthebuilder> HAAH
      [20:01:11] <Mindraker> lol wb
      [20:01:35] <@RareCola> Yea Ophelia
      [20:01:38] <Mindraker> hahah now that we have *more* people... the conversation dies down
      [20:01:51] <@RareCola> I wear both nowadays
      [20:01:51] <@Oreoboy1996> that's because you started early >.>
      [20:01:52] <Burke> you guys were talking about me werent you >
      [20:02:01] <@Oreoboy1996> no
      [20:02:08] <Mindraker> LOL! No.
      [20:02:14] <@OpheliaBlue> no but I was thinking about if you might return Burke
      [20:02:22] <frobthebuilder> what is today's class about?
      [20:02:23] <frobthebuilder> even
      [20:02:34] <@OpheliaBlue> open lucid discussion frobthebuilder
      [20:02:40] <frobthebuilder> ...
      [20:02:43] <@RareCola> We really should set topics sometimes
      [20:02:44] <@RareCola> Haha
      [20:02:45] <@OpheliaBlue> and how people's progresses are going
      [20:02:52] <Burke> if you have a question, ask it
      [20:02:52] <frobthebuilder> isn't that what we have #luciddreaming for?
      [20:02:57] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I talked to Caenis about that the other day RareCola
      [20:02:59] <frobthebuilder> i mean reaaaally
      [20:03:05] <@Oreoboy1996> this is more organized
      [20:03:11] <@RareCola> #DVA is more concentrated discussion though
      [20:03:11] <@Oreoboy1996> and you always ruin #LucidDreaming
      [20:03:12] <@OpheliaBlue> we sorta loosely agreed to have set topics as a back up if it dies
      [20:03:16] <frobthebuilder> let's veer it off topic now
      [20:03:27] <frobthebuilder> so, who has a cat?
      [20:03:29] <@OpheliaBlue> that way we can talk abotu different people's different levels..
      [20:03:30] <@RareCola> Ah right
      [20:03:47] <@OpheliaBlue> but I'm all for selecting a different topic, maybe based on who all is here
      [20:03:51] <frobthebuilder> ha just kidding
      [20:04:29] <@OpheliaBlue> for example, I've been having great recall, but low level lucids lately, and not sure if it's due to the schedule change or not
      [20:04:32] <LeonGower> someone mentioned daydreams before
      [20:04:42] <@OpheliaBlue> anybody else having similar issues?
      [20:04:49] <@Oreoboy1996> probably me LeonGower lol
      [20:04:52] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yes, oreoboy's DDA
      [20:04:55] <@RareCola> I have been actually
      [20:04:58] <LeonGower> yeah probably
      [20:05:04] <@Oreoboy1996> i talk about them a lot >.>
      [20:05:26] <@RareCola> I've been having a lot of really interesting dreams lately
      [20:05:33] <Burke> ^^
      [20:05:36] <LeonGower> I'm trying to gauge the level of this group of people.. so far you all seem to have a reasonable understanding of dreams and controling them
      [20:05:39] <Mindraker> I had a dream that people were getting poorly translated telepathic messages in German that they would like being in jail. This made me *snap* realize that this was mind control, and I tried to convince the world that they were being mind controlled. This was the closest I had gotten to being "lucid".
      [20:05:58] <@OpheliaBlue> LeonGower: yeah we have all different levels, that's the problem AND beauty of this class hehe
      [20:06:06] <@RareCola> In one of my non-lucids earlier this week, I was back in a scene from my very first lucid dream and recalling how I was here in it. No idea how I didn't DILD....
      [20:06:08] <frobthebuilder> I had a dream where I was running down a freeway, SANIC HEGEHOEG speeed
      [20:06:16] <@Oreoboy1996> LeonGower: I have a very high understanding of it actually
      [20:06:18] <@OpheliaBlue> makes it hard to isolate topics, but it's a great learning experience.. seeing what others can do
      [20:06:42] <frobthebuilder> gotta go fast
      [20:06:43] <LeonGower> well, I'll tell you how I taught myself to lucid dream.
      [20:06:47] <LeonGower> if you like
      [20:06:53] <@Oreoboy1996> sure go ahead
      [20:07:01] <LeonGower> i was 7
      [20:07:04] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I'd love to hear
      [20:07:11] <LeonGower> that's 33ish years ago
      [20:07:13] <@RareCola> Are you a natural or?
      [20:07:30] <LeonGower> Yeah you could say that
      [20:07:30] <Exotiraan> Damn, there's so many naturals up in here.
      [20:07:41] <Exotiraan> (And almost-naturals.)
      [20:07:51] <@RareCola> Haha, I quite enjoy the learning experience of lucid dreaming anyway
      [20:07:56] <@Oreoboy1996> i think it's more likely to have naturals here because they've actually experienced the thing lol
      [20:08:15] <@RareCola> But yes, continue your story, LeonGower
      [20:08:16] <Mindraker> Exotiraan: months of hard work... not a "natural" here, lol.
      [20:08:32] <LeonGower> I started staring at a wall and watching it fade away, watching the room around me vanish
      [20:08:40] <frobthebuilder> wow
      [20:08:45] Exotiraan (however wrongly) groups in people that started out before they were thirteen.
      [20:08:48] OpheliaBlue is the hard-work-to-lucid-dream type too, and I also enjoy the process of getting there
      [20:08:49] <frobthebuilder> sageous is a pretty insightful dood
      [20:08:59] <frobthebuilder> i know
      [20:09:08] <frobthebuilder> you have like what, 4 lucid a month?
      [20:09:16] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't know what i am
      [20:09:28] <LeonGower> then I stated looking down on my body at nights. I told my mother who thought it was a joke until i told her the time on the clock when she went to the bathroom... now that's not exactly lucid it's more OBE
      [20:09:40] <@OpheliaBlue> me? it used to be 4 a month, now it's like 2 a week or so.. I dunno, read my DJ
      [20:09:55] <frobthebuilder> you shud update your profile thar
      [20:10:15] <LeonGower> she took me to a priest (back then and in the area I lived they thought I was possessed.) they priest hypnotised me to stop me doing it
      [20:10:38] <@RareCola> Haha, dreaming isn't accepted in today's world. Can't imagine 33 years ago.
      [20:10:46] <@Oreoboy1996> ^
      [20:10:54] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah no kidding
      [20:11:05] <LeonGower> yes, it was difficult.. the only info i could find was in an old dictionary.. so yeah imagin that.
      [20:11:21] <@OpheliaBlue> oh wow what did you find in the old dictionary LeonGower?
      [20:11:33] <Exotiraan> Today: "What? You're dreaming?! You clearly have (schizophrenia|temporal lobe epilepsy|what-have-you). Here's a shitload of pills."
      [20:11:41] <@RareCola> ^
      [20:11:43] <LeonGower> no support network back then. it was a definition similar to magic: see fiction
      [20:11:43] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:11:49] <Exotiraan> Back then: "What? You're dreaming? Satanist!"
      [20:11:56] <frobthebuilder> pffft
      [20:11:56] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [20:11:57] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [20:11:57] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [20:12:04] <frobthebuilder> i didn't know it was THAT unaccepted
      [20:12:15] <@OpheliaBlue> it was a definition for something with a magical reference LeonGower? that's frustrating
      [20:12:30] <LeonGower> yeah
      [20:12:36] <@RareCola> Bet you began thinking you were a witch or something
      [20:12:38] <@RareCola> haha
      [20:12:40] <@Oreoboy1996> i had my first lucid when i was 7
      [20:12:44] <@OpheliaBlue> I was about 8
      [20:12:56] <@OpheliaBlue> NOone believed that I realized i was draeming, IN the dream
      [20:12:56] <@Oreoboy1996> then a few more in the years after that before I found DV
      [20:13:03] <@RareCola> I was 18
      [20:13:03] <Mindraker> Yeah, ADD gets a little overdiagnosed today.
      [20:13:05] <LeonGower> so with it being a mass taboo and being hypnotised to stop it took a back page for about 7 more years
      [20:13:07] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:13:19] <LeonGower> I've learned that naturals typically experience it at the first life cycle, 7-8 years
      [20:13:21] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Caenis!
      [20:13:22] <@Oreoboy1996> I found DV when I was 13 and started practicing right after reading a bunch of tutorials
      [20:13:27] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +o Caenis
      [20:13:28] <Exotiraan> You guys have me feeling left out. I was twenty when I had my first lucid.
      [20:13:40] <@Caenis> Hey all. Sorry I'm late. I was cleaning D'Brickashaw's tub.
      [20:13:49] <Burke> I was also 8. thanks to a recurring nightmare i trained myself early
      [20:13:50] <@Caenis> Exotiraan: I only had my first recently. I'm 23.
      [20:13:51] <@RareCola> Yea that makes sense, LeonGower
      [20:13:58] <@OpheliaBlue> it's ok, I had a scattered few LDs my whole life, then I joined DV when I was 29 and then the frequency went up to a few a month or so
      [20:14:10] <@OpheliaBlue> agreed also LeonGower
      [20:14:18] <Exotiraan> And if it wasn't for that damn panic disorder, I'd probably be doing a lot better than I am, now. :<
      [20:14:22] <LeonGower> at about 14 (seriously outcast) I decided to make it happen.
      [20:14:32] <@Oreoboy1996> i think my frequency went up to a couple a month maybe after joining DV
      [20:14:38] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: set topic to everyone's first
      [20:14:48] <@Oreoboy1996> and finally 50+ after training
      [20:14:50] <LeonGower> lol
      [20:14:51] <Burke> mine was 2-3 a week then i took a break from dv
      [20:14:56] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has changed topic to "your first lucid dream"
      [20:14:58] <LeonGower> the lucid cherry pop
      [20:14:59] <Burke> I had 0 over the past few months while i was gone
      [20:15:03] <@OpheliaBlue> haha awesome
      [20:15:23] <@Oreoboy1996> i seriously think i'm going to have over 100 lucid dreams at the end of this month
      [20:15:26] <@Oreoboy1996> can't wait for that
      [20:15:31] <@RareCola> "Lucid cherry pop", I like that
      [20:15:39] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:16:02] <frobthebuilder> uugh
      [20:16:04] <@OpheliaBlue> it's befitting.. that lucid onset is sometimes referred to as the lucid orgasm
      [20:16:09] <LeonGower> Every dream now i am in control. except when externals interrupt.. strangers visiting, that sort of thing
      [20:16:13] <@RareCola> Ophelia's lucid cherry was popped by a demon :l
      [20:16:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm dreaming I'm dreaming!
      [20:16:19] <frobthebuilder> I just realized I've only eaten one meal today
      [20:16:26] <frobthebuilder> !away need food badly
      [20:16:27] <@OpheliaBlue> technically a tornado when I was 8
      [20:16:27] frobthebuilder [[email protected]] is now known as frobthebuilder|Away
      [20:16:27] <Mindraker> What really got me interested was a sleep paralysis dream... I tried to move my limbs but they were still frozen... and made me fight more. I had the classic "I'm being raped" dream, even though I'm a guy.
      [20:16:36] <@RareCola> That sounds quite painful
      [20:16:45] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's awful!
      [20:16:56] <@OpheliaBlue> I didn't know men had a classic rape dream O_O
      [20:16:57] weakamon [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:17:01] <@Oreoboy1996> never heard it refered to as an orgasm
      [20:17:02] <@OpheliaBlue> hey weakamon
      [20:17:03] Exotiraan borrows some of Mindraker's SP.
      [20:17:07] <weakamon> hi
      [20:17:08] <Exotiraan>
      [20:17:16] <Exotiraan> (Or, rather, some more of it.)
      [20:17:17] <@OpheliaBlue> that was a term back in the early 2000's on DV Oreoboy1996
      [20:17:24] <Mindraker> Yeah... sort of... embarrassing.
      [20:17:24] <@Oreoboy1996> i call it a euphoric rush I think
      [20:17:31] <@OpheliaBlue> that works too
      [20:17:39] <@Oreoboy1996> oh i'd only be having my first lucid back then lol
      [20:17:43] <weakamon> i'll be here in the corner.... listening to you guys
      [20:17:52] <@OpheliaBlue> haha ok np
      [20:17:53] <LeonGower> cool
      [20:17:55] <Mindraker> Not something men would readily admit to... being raped/dreaming of being raped.
      [20:17:56] <@Oreoboy1996> jump in if you want weakamon lol
      [20:18:09] <weakamon> haha, nah
      [20:18:10] <weakamon> .....
      [20:18:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm assuming you mean by not the gender of preference
      [20:18:16] <@Oreoboy1996> i already said i've been raped in a dream before Mindraker
      [20:18:19] <@Oreoboy1996> 3 times maybe?
      [20:18:30] <@Caenis> I imagine men having rape dreams isn't too uncommon. Rape is about dominance, after all.
      [20:18:30] <@OpheliaBlue> crap. that's horrible
      [20:18:34] Exotiraan didn't start getting SP that felt that way until one instance of SP where he started sexualizing everything.
      [20:18:37] hathor28 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:43] sighingplant [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:49] <@RareCola> I think a lot of guys would enjoy being raped
      [20:18:49] <@Caenis> Hello hathor28 and sighingplant.
      [20:18:51] <hathor28> ok
      [20:18:54] <hathor28> hi
      [20:18:58] <@OpheliaBlue> that makes sense Caenis.. I never had one really bad one. Just a really bad almost one that was non lucid
      [20:19:01] <@OpheliaBlue> hey hathor28
      [20:19:04] <hathor28> O.o
      [20:19:06] <Mindraker> OpheliaBlue: right, yeah, I'm a guy lol
      [20:19:10] <sighingplant> Am i late?
      [20:19:15] <LeonGower> don't know about enjoy being raped but I'm more than happy with being stalked
      [20:19:16] Exotiraan very much likes SP when it gets that way.
      [20:19:17] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I figured Mindraker
      [20:19:18] <Mindraker> Oreoboy1996: ah maybe I was on a different time
      [20:19:21] <hathor28> hey
      [20:19:21] <@Oreoboy1996> wasn't too horrible, i think i just subconsciously knew it would wake me up if i had sex
      [20:19:25] <@OpheliaBlue> btu I think RareCola had something else in mind
      [20:19:36] <Exotiraan> In which case, it wouldn't really be rape.
      [20:19:36] <LeonGower> something uplifing about a woman who'd follow you anywhere and sit in a car watching you sleep
      [20:19:42] <@OpheliaBlue> haha fair enough
      [20:19:47] <sighingplant> am i late?
      [20:19:52] <hathor28> ?
      [20:19:58] <Exotiraan> s/wouldn't really/isn't actually/
      [20:19:58] <@OpheliaBlue> hey sighingplant, just a bit, it's ok
      [20:19:59] <@RareCola> That's somewhat creepy, LeonGower
      [20:20:01] <@OpheliaBlue> grab a chair
      [20:20:07] ShockWave|Away hands sighingplant a chair
      [20:20:08] <LeonGower> hehe
      [20:20:09] <sighingplant> great
      [20:20:13] <LeonGower> it happened once.
      [20:20:13] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:20:15] <@RareCola> We have chairs now? Moving up in the world!
      [20:20:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I know it.. next week we get pencils
      [20:20:28] <&ShockWave|Away> getting posher by the minute!
      [20:20:32] <@Caenis> Pencils!
      [20:20:35] <&ShockWave|Away> OpheliaBlue: look at me - I'm the lesson inspector
      [20:20:36] <@Caenis> Exciting.
      [20:20:37] <LeonGower> didn't end well, I called the cops and she ended up in a mental hospital
      [20:20:38] <hathor28> an ipad >.>
      [20:20:41] <&ShockWave|Away> I'm taking notes with.... a PENCIL
      [20:20:43] <&ShockWave|Away> no not an ipad
      [20:20:48] <@OpheliaBlue> ShockWave|Away: yes I seeee
      [20:20:52] <@RareCola> You're full of stories aren't you, LeonGower?
      [20:21:06] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I thought it was a dream Leon was talkign about
      [20:21:08] Exotiraan wonders if all of this talk is going to get him some... interesting dreams tonight, coupled with other stuff that's happened today...
      [20:21:12] <hathor28> im playin along geez no humor lol a pencil for what?
      [20:21:25] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:21:36] <LeonGower> ah crap. got to go.
      [20:21:39] <@OpheliaBlue> awwww
      [20:21:41] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya
      [20:21:47] <@RareCola> Hope to see you around more, LeonGower
      [20:21:48] <@Oreoboy1996> bye
      [20:21:49] <@RareCola> Bye!
      [20:21:49] <frobthebuilder|Away> !here
      [20:21:50] frobthebuilder|Away [[email protected]] is now known as frobthebuilder
      [20:21:54] <hathor28> ok what is about to happen here?
      [20:21:55] <LeonGower> c ya's
      [20:21:59] <@RareCola> Welcome back frob
      [20:22:00] <frobthebuilder> welp
      [20:22:05] LeonGower [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:22:15] <frobthebuilder> getting caught up with the WILD class didn't take long
      [20:22:27] <hathor28> chat session for?
      [20:22:33] <@Caenis> So sighingplant and hathor28, have you two had lucids yet? Care to share your first?
      [20:22:39] <@RareCola> Just make sure you follow all the tasks, frob
      [20:22:47] <@OpheliaBlue> speaking of WILDs, anyone ever experience the vibrations or SP, but don't transition into an LD from it?
      [20:22:55] <sighingplant> Ive had one but not since ive begun this class
      [20:22:58] <sighingplant> way before
      [20:23:02] <hathor28> lmao man can't remember my first been long time ago and had many
      [20:23:05] <frobthebuilder> oh don't worry
      [20:23:12] <sighingplant> yes
      [20:23:14] <sighingplant> @Ophelia
      [20:23:20] <sighingplant> Ive had few SPs
      [20:23:28] <Mindraker> OpheliaBlue: I can't tell, as my downstairs neighbor is always slamming the door at 12:00 AM
      [20:23:31] <sighingplant> and ive felt once like my body was vibrating
      [20:23:54] <frobthebuilder> sageous says that's most likely NOT sp
      [20:24:08] <frobthebuilder> just background sensations
      [20:24:22] <@RareCola> The feeling of gravity, probably
      [20:24:24] <hathor28> i once felt my body sink down my bed when i was 12, while i was about to wake
      [20:24:25] <sighingplant> the vibrations was because i was attempting a WILD this was when i first discovered LDing in april
      [20:24:28] <@Caenis> Technically it's non-REM sleep, yeah, but people call it SP anyway.
      [20:25:01] <hathor28> like in freddy kreuger movies 0.0
      [20:25:16] <hathor28> but not actually happening lol
      [20:25:36] <@RareCola> I hope I can achieve SP one day, I want to see what it's like.
      [20:25:40] <@Oreoboy1996> i usually become paralyzed and feel like i'm being squeezed to death
      [20:25:44] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't like it
      [20:25:54] <Exotiraan> RareCola: Maybe it might be sexy for you, too.
      [20:26:00] <sighingplant> RareCola SP sucks
      [20:26:01] <frobthebuilder> I get it upon waking up
      [20:26:03] <frobthebuilder> SPIDERS
      [20:26:08] <frobthebuilder> THEY ARE everywhere
      [20:26:09] <hathor28> i don't wanna see what it looks like sinking in bed lol
      [20:26:10] <@OpheliaBlue> in the years past, the vibrations usually accompanied some kind of nightmare.. same with SP, now they have become mroe plesant
      [20:26:13] <Mindraker> Sleep paralysis is pretty easy. Just lay there on your bed and don't move. The biggest thing is having an empty bladder long enough.
      [20:26:31] <Mindraker> And not having itchy skin or twitchy muscles.
      [20:26:33] <@RareCola> Last time I attempted to WILD I just found it insanely hard to breathe because of the heart racing hallucination
      [20:26:38] Exotiraan likes it when he is forced down into the pillow.
      [20:26:44] <Exotiraan> Though sometimes it is a bit rough.
      [20:26:46] Burke [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [20:26:47] <@OpheliaBlue> sighingplant: were these vibrations at night or in the early morning?
      [20:26:49] <@OpheliaBlue> just curious
      [20:26:59] <sighingplant> night
      [20:27:00] <Mindraker> RareCola: Do you drink caffeine or smoke? Perhaps that's making your heart pump
      [20:27:02] <frobthebuilder> rarecola
      [20:27:04] <@Caenis> I thought you liked it rough, Exotiraan. :p
      [20:27:06] <frobthebuilder> that same shit happens to me
      [20:27:11] <frobthebuilder> and I do not
      [20:27:13] <sighingplant> my body was vibrating a bit violently
      [20:27:19] <sighingplant> i didnt get excited or scared
      [20:27:24] <@RareCola> Nope Mindraker... it was literally just a hallucination, my heart was actually beating normally.
      [20:27:24] <hathor28> idk about waking from vibrations, idk if it ever happened 2 me
      [20:27:29] <frobthebuilder> it feels like I'm suffocating
      [20:27:29] <sighingplant> it did it like for like a few mins
      [20:27:38] <sighingplant> i was like fuq this nothing is happening lol
      [20:27:49] <hathor28> frob that happened to me once
      [20:27:54] <sighingplant> moved and went to sleep
      [20:27:59] <Mindraker> RareCola: wow, fascinating. Biggest thing for me is my leg keeps twitching or my knee for some reason screams in pain, even though nothing is wrong with it.
      [20:28:14] <frobthebuilder> I think what we should all be doing
      [20:28:21] <frobthebuilder> is concentrating less on our bodies
      [20:28:23] <Exotiraan> Caenis: "Damn! Are you trying to split my skull?! Do I have to use the safe word?!"
      [20:28:27] <hathor28> lol
      [20:28:38] <@RareCola> Learnt a lot from Sageous' class then, frob?
      [20:28:39] <@Caenis> Really? I found my heart racing once a few weeks ago while trying to sleep. Maybe it was similar to what you experienced, RareCola. It only lasted a few seconds though.
      [20:28:41] <hathor28> huh?
      [20:28:52] <frobthebuilder> no, that's from ME actually
      [20:28:53] <@OpheliaBlue> frob has a point.. when these vibrations and SP happens, maybe time to focus on the dream to come
      [20:28:57] <hathor28> caenis what u mean
      [20:29:00] <hathor28> ?
      [20:29:21] <@RareCola> Yea I looked into it when I first experienced it, Caenis. The heart racing stuff is a pretty common hallucination people seem to have when WILDing
      [20:29:21] <@Oreoboy1996> that's why i plan to daydream to WILD
      [20:29:25] <@Caenis> I was responding to Rarecola's comment, about his heart racing. I just wasn't fast in typing.
      [20:29:28] <@Oreoboy1996> it will allow me to easily forget about my body
      [20:29:35] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^
      [20:29:36] <hathor28> lol
      [20:29:38] <frobthebuilder> actually
      [20:29:42] <@Caenis> Wow. So that was progress. Interesting.
      [20:29:46] <frobthebuilder> the only successful WILD I ever has
      [20:29:47] <@Caenis> Thanks for sharing, RareCola!
      [20:29:47] <frobthebuilder> d
      [20:29:57] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Hmm... if I could figure out how to nudge that into a sexy dream...
      [20:30:09] <frobthebuilder> happened while I was falling asleep normally, but i got a small jolt from something halfway into the dream
      [20:30:16] <hathor28> i always think my recent dream is giving me messages for the next
      [20:30:21] <frobthebuilder> and woke up within
      [20:30:28] <@OpheliaBlue> hathor28: yuo mean like a DEILD?
      [20:30:37] <@OpheliaBlue> or a dream from one night to the next?
      [20:30:44] <@RareCola> I just wish I could master DEILDs, I can't do them unless I wake up from a DILD
      [20:30:57] <hathor28> ya sometimes that
      [20:31:10] <hathor28> but other times in a few days after
      [20:31:14] Exotiraan really wants bedtime to be here, now, for some reason...
      [20:31:32] <@RareCola> Take a nap?
      [20:31:56] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: yeah I just kinda got lucky that my biological clock would wake me up at the same times, and it was usually right after a normal dream, or a lucid one, and I could easily slip back into it
      [20:31:57] <Exotiraan> (Besides the fact that I've been awake almost forty-eight hours and want to sleep, but I got to wait until 2300.)
      [20:32:17] <hathor28> DEILD happens to me out of luck if it was a same dream but different part
      [20:32:17] <@OpheliaBlue> but that's because i was trained to get up, get kids ready, see Danny off, etc
      [20:32:23] <@Oreoboy1996> i can do DEILDs because i've trained myself to know right when i wake up
      [20:32:30] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb 2 min
      [20:32:30] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:32:42] <@Oreoboy1996> DEILD isn't my preference though
      [20:32:54] <@RareCola> I guess having kids and a schedule can be both a hinderance and a blessing, when it comes to lucid dreaming
      [20:34:02] <hathor28> so
      [20:34:05] <sighingplant> I dont think i can DEILD because i always wake up with a full bladder
      [20:34:19] <hathor28> has anyone read my posts etc on the forum?
      [20:34:20] <@RareCola> Empty your bladder, go back to sleep and wake up again?
      [20:34:27] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:34:28] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:34:31] <hathor28> wb
      [20:34:33] <@Caenis> Yeah, that's my problem sometimes too. I don't drink for about 3 hours before bed.
      [20:34:48] <@RareCola> I can't say I have, hathor28
      [20:35:04] <hathor28> ok
      [20:35:07] <Mindraker> Yeah I've learned to stop drinking at suppertime. Otherwise I'm like my dad, and go to the bathroom a million times during the night.
      [20:35:09] <@Oreoboy1996> hathor28: i don't read/post in the forums often anymore
      [20:35:11] <@Caenis> If I drink milk/apple juice right before I sleep, that's not too bad. Just can't drink much.
      [20:35:18] <hathor28> why?
      [20:35:33] <@OpheliaBlue> too much peepee
      [20:35:34] <@Oreoboy1996> i feel more comfortable in a chat room
      [20:35:35] <hathor28> i usually help people with dreams give advice etc
      [20:35:52] <@RareCola> I drink loads before I go to bed, my bladder always seems to take a nap while I'm laying down
      [20:35:54] <@Oreoboy1996> i used to help people and give advice on the forums but i do that in here a lot now
      [20:36:09] <sighingplant> help me
      [20:36:12] <hathor28> i dont think noobs come here lol
      [20:36:14] <@RareCola> Are you being attacked?
      [20:36:17] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:36:20] <@OpheliaBlue> what's wrong sighingplant
      [20:36:24] <sighingplant> btw i just ordered EWOLD by LeBerge
      [20:36:26] <sighingplant>
      [20:36:27] <@Caenis> I have bathroom dreams if my bladder is too full. =I
      [20:36:28] <@Oreoboy1996> hathor28: lots of newbs come here actually
      [20:36:37] <@OpheliaBlue> me too Caenis!
      [20:36:46] <@RareCola> Good! EWOLD is amazing
      [20:36:49] <hathor28> press 1 if you a noob
      [20:37:02] <hathor28> XD
      [20:37:14] <Mindraker> 1 -- it's ok to be a noob, if you're willing to learn.
      [20:37:15] <@Oreoboy1996> we've trained them to not be noobs >.>
      [20:37:15] <sighingplant> RareCola whats in it
      [20:37:18] <@RareCola> Do people still use the term "noob"?
      [20:37:25] <@OpheliaBlue> absolutely right Mindraker
      [20:37:29] <@Oreoboy1996> i prefer newb to noob
      [20:37:30] <@RareCola> Everything, it's like the lucid dreaming bible, sighingplant
      [20:37:34] <@OpheliaBlue> I see newbie alot
      [20:37:36] <hathor28> na i just want to know if there is noobs here
      [20:37:41] <@OpheliaBlue> but new member is politically correct
      [20:37:44] <sighingplant> Cool
      [20:37:51] <sighingplant> cant wait til it comes
      [20:37:55] <@Oreoboy1996> newb is like saying a new guy and noob is like saying a boob
      [20:38:01] <@OpheliaBlue> oh shit, it's free online sighingplant
      [20:38:06] <hathor28> !hathor28
      [20:38:09] <@OpheliaBlue> unless you want your own copy, and I can understand that
      [20:38:10] <hathor28> oops
      [20:38:17] <hathor28> !hathor28 profile
      [20:38:21] <sighingplant> ididntk that
      [20:38:23] <@RareCola> Problem is with the online version is you have to read your computer screen
      [20:38:24] <@Oreoboy1996> i'll buy that book eventually
      [20:38:26] <hathor28> damn cant do that?
      [20:38:30] <sighingplant> well it only cost me $6
      [20:38:33] <sighingplant> so its ok
      [20:38:34] <@OpheliaBlue> !profile hathor28
      [20:38:34] <%iBot> View Profile: hathor28 - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [20:38:35] <@Oreoboy1996> but i probably won't read it, i just want to put it on a shelf to look fancy
      [20:38:44] <@Caenis> $6 isn't bad at all.
      [20:38:50] <hathor28> yes thats right it was on reverse lol
      [20:38:57] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:39:10] <hathor28> add if you want lol
      [20:39:12] <sighingplant> yeah $6 is a done deal
      [20:39:27] Exotiraan gives RareCola F.lux or Redshift.
      [20:39:37] <hathor28> how do you put colored fonts
      [20:39:37] <@RareCola> wut
      [20:39:41] <@Caenis> So has anyone been reading EWOLD? Ophelia linked it in the homework/resources thread.
      [20:39:56] <@Oreoboy1996> hathor28: you need to download a bunch of stuff
      [20:40:05] <hathor28> ewww
      [20:40:09] <@Oreoboy1996> not really suitable for lucid dreaming discussion >.>
      [20:40:09] <hathor28> no thanks
      [20:40:11] <sighingplant> lol eww
      [20:40:21] <hathor28> just viruses
      [20:40:22] <Exotiraan> RareCola: They make your monitor not rape your eyes when it it night-time where you live, so you can read stuff, then still be able to go off to sleep.
      [20:40:40] <@RareCola> Oh right, I've heard of that
      [20:40:49] <@RareCola> You shouldn't be reading non-fiction before bed anyway
      [20:40:54] weakamon [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:41:04] <@Oreoboy1996> but i like non-fiction
      [20:41:10] <@Oreoboy1996> then again, i hate reading...
      [20:41:16] <@RareCola> Me too, it's great, but not good for sleep
      [20:41:34] <sighingplant> you reading right now
      [20:41:46] <@OpheliaBlue> crap brb a minute, emergency admin thing
      [20:41:53] <@RareCola> @Caenis: I'm still reading EWOLD. I keep taking breaks in reading it to try out all the different stuff he mentions
      [20:41:59] <@RareCola> I don't feel it's a book you can really speed through
      [20:42:02] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: Caenis , Oreoboy1996 it's your baby
      [20:42:02] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah but it's not formal reading >.>
      [20:42:04] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:42:04] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:42:10] <@RareCola> Ok Ophelia
      [20:42:11] <@Caenis> Yes ma'am.
      [20:42:15] <sighingplant> tushay
      [20:42:19] <@Caenis> All right, let's get this baby back on topic.
      [20:42:25] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> touche*
      [20:42:44] <Mindraker> OK, well earlier we were discussing the differences between daydreams and "night" dreams.
      [20:42:56] <Mindraker> Should I log my "day" dreams in my journal?
      [20:43:05] <@RareCola> You can, but I don't think it's necessary
      [20:43:07] <hathor28> ah ok thats better making my user name in color apart from others.
      [20:43:14] <@Caenis> Oh, I have heard of some people keeping daydream journals. It's an interesting idea.
      [20:43:15] <Mindraker> Are my "day" dreams actually "dreams"?
      [20:43:20] <frobthebuilder> no
      [20:43:24] <frobthebuilder> they aren't
      [20:43:32] <@Oreoboy1996> the main difference between a daydream and a real dream is you're awake when you daydream and you consciously create the sensations
      [20:43:34] <@RareCola> Not unless you're napping
      [20:43:39] <sighingplant> how would a daydream journal help?
      [20:43:40] <frobthebuilder> they are just visualizations
      [20:43:42] <frobthebuilder> HOWEVER
      [20:43:55] <frobthebuilder> dreams and visualizations are generated in the same area of the brain
      [20:43:58] <@Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: it would train your brain to recall dreams
      [20:44:12] <@Caenis> I think a daydream journal could be helpful in incubating dreams too.
      [20:44:17] <sighingplant> not a bad idea then
      [20:44:23] <@Oreoboy1996> possibly Caenis
      [20:44:23] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !brb
      [20:44:29] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> nvm not a huge deal
      [20:44:29] <sighingplant> what if you tend to daydream a lot
      [20:44:32] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:44:32] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:44:34] <@OpheliaBlue> I meant to say
      [20:44:37] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: don't laugh
      [20:44:43] <@Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: i daydream A LOT
      [20:44:47] <@RareCola> Still not used to this, eh, Ophelia?
      [20:44:54] <hathor28> day dream is like some kind of telepathic mind thing going on. That's what i think. i seldom have this because i mastered telepathy.
      [20:44:59] <sighingplant> Oreo: thats a lot of writting for us then
      [20:45:00] <Mindraker> I see, so unless I'm actually "asleep" -- i.e., crawling in my bed and falling asleep -- then spacing out and envisioning something while I'm bored is not a "dream".
      [20:45:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I may never be quite USED to it.. just gotta keep swimmin
      [20:45:29] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't write out my daydreams though
      [20:45:48] <@Oreoboy1996> daydreaming is telepathic wut?
      [20:45:50] <@RareCola> No Mindraker, it's just a visualisation
      [20:45:53] <@RareCola> as frob said
      [20:45:53] <Mindraker> I see.
      [20:45:56] <@Caenis> Oreoboy has a lot of LDs as is, so doesn't really need to keep one
      [20:45:58] <hathor28> mind thing
      [20:46:02] <sighingplant> oh
      [20:46:10] <sighingplant> what about me
      [20:46:22] <@Caenis> That's up to you! It could be an interesting experiment.
      [20:46:33] <sighingplant> do i write my accidental day dreams or intended ones?
      [20:46:38] <@Oreoboy1996> been training my recall for over 10 years
      [20:46:43] <@Caenis> You could try it out for a few weeks, see if it works for you. Write down both.
      [20:46:45] <hathor28> its a mind reading thing, read about telepathy you'd be surprised
      [20:46:57] <sighingplant> Im gonna get carpal tunnel then
      [20:46:58] <Mindraker> Ah... you've been at this for much longer.
      [20:47:06] <@Oreoboy1996> wait, how do you have an accidental daydream?
      [20:47:08] <@Caenis> You wouldn't need to write down EVERYTHING, maybe just the important stuff. Or the main points of the daydreams.
      [20:47:15] <@Caenis> Your mind wanders.
      [20:47:15] <sighingplant> boredom
      [20:47:21] <Mindraker> Oreoboy1996: yeah all the time
      [20:47:29] <sighingplant> @Oreo
      [20:47:33] <frobthebuilder> why the hell would you write out daydreams
      [20:47:37] <frobthebuilder> seriously
      [20:47:41] <frobthebuilder> gawd damn
      [20:47:41] <@Oreoboy1996> to improve your recall
      [20:47:43] <frobthebuilder> but
      [20:47:44] <frobthebuilder> but
      [20:47:45] <frobthebuilder> butt
      [20:47:51] <@Oreoboy1996> the same reason you would keep a waking journal
      [20:47:57] <@Oreoboy1996> to improve recall
      [20:48:02] <frobthebuilder> daydreams happen while you're in a conscious state of mind
      [20:48:07] <Mindraker> Oreoboy1996: I get image flashes all the time, what, you guys... don't?
      [20:48:21] <frobthebuilder> the whole problem with dream reacall is taking memories between states
      [20:48:30] <@Oreoboy1996> no i don't have random images flash in front of me a lot
      [20:48:32] <hathor28> telepathy, you can visualize, sense and feel emotions from someone else you are targeting to. But this is when your in a daydream state, or hypnotized when u are really getting communication for someone else
      [20:48:33] <@RareCola> I agree with frobthebuilder, actually
      [20:48:40] <@Caenis> I do. I'll find myself daydreaming about something ridiculous, and start focusing on whatever it is I"m supposed to be doing.
      [20:48:41] <@RareCola> I don't think keeping a daydream journal would really do much for recall
      [20:48:48] <hathor28> from*
      [20:48:54] <sighingplant> me too
      [20:48:56] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it's hard to do, which is why people tend to remember just the last dream
      [20:49:00] <sighingplant> @cAENIS
      [20:49:05] <sighingplant> Caenis*
      [20:49:12] <@RareCola> What are your thoughts on daydream journals, Ophelia?
      [20:49:15] <@Caenis> I think it'd be good for incubation though. I know that's one of the big benefits of daydreaming before sleep. Include some RCs in the daydreams, and you're golden.
      [20:49:41] <hathor28> true caenis
      [20:49:43] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: it depends, what would one record exactly
      [20:49:56] <@RareCola> I assume just whatever you daydream about
      [20:49:57] <frobthebuilder> incubation has never done much for me
      [20:49:57] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah that's pretty much my DDA technique
      [20:49:58] <@OpheliaBlue> I've seen several variations
      [20:50:14] <@Caenis> I know it is. I've also read about that technique in other places. It's pretty common.
      [20:50:32] <sighingplant> I got a question on incubation. when it says imagine yourself doing an RC do they mean in 1st person or 3rd person? Serious question, dont laugh
      [20:50:44] <@OpheliaBlue> 1st person
      [20:50:45] <@RareCola> Probably common because Stephen Leberge mentioned the whole daydream before bed thing in EWOLD
      [20:50:48] <@Oreoboy1996> doesn't matter sighingplant
      [20:50:54] <@OpheliaBlue> yo want to imagine yourself doing the RC
      [20:50:54] <hathor28> when i daydream (long time ago) it's usually blank, im not thinking of anything, im just in a hypnotized state
      [20:51:01] <@OpheliaBlue> if yuo're talking about VILD that is
      [20:51:18] <@Caenis> I think I wind up doing it in 3rd person. I switch in and out of 3rd and 1st in my dreams.
      [20:51:20] <@Oreoboy1996> seeing as real dreams can be either first person or third person it shouldn't really matter in the daydream
      [20:51:20] <@RareCola> I actually have the first-person, third-person problem a LOT. When I'm day dreaming I have issues keeping it first-person. I guess this is why I have so many third-person dreams too.
      [20:51:23] <Mindraker> Oh wow... usually when I'm daydreaming my mind is buzzing away...
      [20:51:38] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: oh then I think it would be pretty useful. Record the "in the now" stuff... where did i read that recently?
      [20:51:38] <hathor28> whats vild?
      [20:51:41] <@Caenis> In my LD last night, I became lucid, and then saw my own face in 3rd person.
      [20:51:42] <Mindraker> My dad will say "Daaaavidd... what are you thinking about?"
      [20:51:55] <@Oreoboy1996> VILD is Visually Induced Lucid Dream
      [20:51:55] <sighingplant> Oreo & Opehelia: Ok
      [20:51:57] <@Oreoboy1996> something like that
      [20:52:01] <frobthebuilder> it's the problem with accociative vs dissociative visualization
      [20:52:04] <@Caenis> OpheliaBlue: DawgBone, maybe?
      [20:52:12] <@Oreoboy1996> it's a WILD technique where you add visualization and enter the dream from there
      [20:52:13] <hathor28> oh ya i had that while i looked at a mirror
      [20:52:16] <@OpheliaBlue> haha sighingplant, sorry you got conflicting answers
      [20:52:17] <frobthebuilder> associative is first person, and it's harder
      [20:52:25] <sighingplant> lol its straight
      [20:52:29] <@RareCola> Mostly when I go third-person it's when I'm playing the role of somebody else, another thing that commonly happens in my dreams.
      [20:52:31] <@OpheliaBlue> god I read so many workbooks.. thanks Caenis
      [20:52:33] <frobthebuilder> cus you have other senses to worry about
      [20:53:00] <@Caenis> Np. I understand.
      [20:53:12] weakamon [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:53:36] <@RareCola> Senses are such an overlooked thing, I feel
      [20:53:50] <@RareCola> and not just the usual five senses either, the other lesser-known ones
      [20:53:53] <sighingplant> is that Lucid Dreaming in 30 Days creative program book good?
      [20:54:10] <@RareCola> Never heard of it, sighingplant
      [20:54:11] Exotiraan brain automatically goes third-person when it thinks things aren't realistic or make enough sense or look dangerous enough that it's not ready to let me have a self, yet.
      [20:54:12] <@OpheliaBlue> never heard of it..
      [20:54:18] hathor28 slaps hathor28 around a bit with a large fishbot
      [20:54:25] <hathor28> oops
      [20:54:27] <hathor28> lol
      [20:54:31] <@OpheliaBlue> I imagine good things can be taken from it, but it takes 10,000 hours to learn to LD perfectly.
      [20:54:33] <@Caenis> I read about it, sighingplant. I'd say stick with DV and see if you can improve here first.
      [20:54:35] <@OpheliaBlue> I heard.
      [20:54:38] <Mindraker> (OK guys it's getting late, I'm going off to bed... see you in my dreams! *hugs*)
      [20:54:41] weakamon [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client exited
      [20:54:46] <@OpheliaBlue> bye Mindraker!
      [20:54:47] <sighingplant> Caenis: Ok
      [20:55:05] <Mindraker> Bye OpheliaBlue!
      [20:55:07] <@RareCola> Yea, I definitely wouldn't believe 30 days to lucid dream
      [20:55:07] <@Oreoboy1996> oh in my dreams i have a 6th sense where i detect the energies/presence of other things
      [20:55:11] <@RareCola> It's more a life-long commitment
      [20:55:13] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:55:14] <@Oreoboy1996> like people or monsters
      [20:55:15] <sighingplant> 10,000 hours thats the mastery hour
      [20:55:16] <@OpheliaBlue> I was kidding about the 10,000 hours by the way
      [20:55:17] <@Caenis> I don't think they'd tell you stuff that'd be much different from DV anyway. If you have the cash to burn, you can try it out and tell us what you think of it.
      [20:55:21] <sighingplant> like a musicinas
      [20:55:25] <sighingplant> musicians
      [20:55:31] <@Oreoboy1996> it takes 10,000 hours?
      [20:55:34] <frobthebuilder> no
      [20:55:36] <frobthebuilder> it doesn't
      [20:55:38] <@Oreoboy1996> but i don't know how long i've been at it D:
      [20:55:46] <@OpheliaBlue> it was a JOKE
      [20:55:51] <@Oreoboy1996> i know
      [20:55:53] <sighingplant> lol Ophelia
      [20:55:56] <@RareCola> LOL
      [20:55:59] <sighingplant> mindfuqd us
      [20:56:01] DaveTheJoker|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:56:02] <@OpheliaBlue> finally Jason saw it
      [20:56:06] <DaveTheJoker|Away> oops
      [20:56:08] <DaveTheJoker|Away> well hi
      [20:56:10] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Dave!
      [20:56:11] <DaveTheJoker|Away> !back
      [20:56:11] DaveTheJoker|Away [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [20:56:13] <@Caenis> Hay Dave, just in time for the class to end.
      [20:56:14] <Exotiraan> Sounds like an extortion scheme to me.
      [20:56:22] <frobthebuilder> how is this even a class
      [20:56:25] <@RareCola> Sorry, I'm kind of slow lots to keep up with
      [20:56:26] <DaveTheJoker> typical dave
      [20:56:28] <sighingplant> this is class?
      [20:56:32] <sighingplant> there was no lessons
      [20:56:36] <sighingplant> just Q & As
      [20:56:39] <frobthebuilder> haah
      [20:56:40] <@OpheliaBlue> the lessons themselves are in DVA
      [20:56:40] <frobthebuilder> waaw
      [20:56:41] <sighingplant> with convos
      [20:56:41] <@RareCola> It's more of a discussion
      [20:56:45] <@OpheliaBlue> this chat is like Lab
      [20:56:50] <@OpheliaBlue> interactive learning
      [20:56:54] <frobthebuilder> sageous needs to get his class into #DVA
      [20:56:58] <@RareCola> ^
      [20:56:58] <@Oreoboy1996> you still learned somethin didn't you sighingplant?
      [20:57:00] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah he does
      [20:57:01] <@Oreoboy1996> that's what matters
      [20:57:04] <sighingplant> not rly
      [20:57:08] <@OpheliaBlue> awwww
      [20:57:10] <@RareCola> Have you spoken to him about it yet, Lisa?
      [20:57:10] DaveTheJoker needs to get his ass into gear on the dreaming
      [20:57:12] <frobthebuilder> somebody get his ass in gear, wouldya?
      [20:57:15] <@Oreoboy1996> how did you not learn anything?
      [20:57:17] <frobthebuilder> pfft
      [20:57:20] <@Caenis> Well bring some questions for us next time, sighingplant.
      [20:57:26] <frobthebuilder> i mean sageous
      [20:57:27] <@OpheliaBlue> I sent him a PM, I think
      [20:57:29] <sighingplant> not what i hoped in learning
      [20:57:41] <@Oreoboy1996> what did you hope to learn?
      [20:57:45] <@OpheliaBlue> ^
      [20:57:47] <@RareCola> ^
      [20:57:51] <cookieh|Asleep> v
      [20:57:55] <@Oreoboy1996> help me help you
      [20:58:00] <sighingplant> ways to futher progress other then patience
      [20:58:18] <@RareCola> It really is the only way
      [20:58:26] <@RareCola> You can't learn to lucid dream overnight
      [20:58:29] <DaveTheJoker> oh so you mean like magic?
      [20:58:31] <@Oreoboy1996> determination and motivation
      [20:58:49] <@Caenis> Yeah. =/ Consistence, persistence, finding the technique that works for you. Sorry sighingplant.
      [20:58:50] <@OpheliaBlue> patience, determination, motivation definitely
      [20:58:56] <@Oreoboy1996> experimentation and figuring out the best technique for you is also good
      [20:59:15] <sighingplant> my first LD was to a FA
      [20:59:21] <sighingplant> so i guess thats a DILD
      [20:59:31] <@OpheliaBlue> yes
      [20:59:39] <sighingplant> but i think ive lost awareness cause I had a FA today and didnt catch it
      [20:59:53] <@RareCola> DILD is great, but I think it's also good to practice more than just that.
      [21:00:00] <frobthebuilder> yes
      [21:00:04] <@OpheliaBlue> I like to assume that everytime I wake up, I'm dreaming.. I'll know if i'm wrong in a bout 2 seconds
      [21:00:05] <sighingplant> lately ive been doing WBTB
      [21:00:12] <@RareCola> WBTB isn't a technique, though
      [21:00:12] <frobthebuilder> that's why we're in sageous' WILD class
      [21:00:17] <@RareCola> ^
      [21:00:20] <frobthebuilder> WBTB IS a technique
      [21:00:24] <frobthebuilder> actually
      [21:00:26] <@Caenis> Sometimes they're hard to catch. Just RC with awareness when you wake up.
      [21:00:33] <frobthebuilder> if you stay up for an hour or so
      [21:00:39] <frobthebuilder> you can get pretty good results
      [21:00:40] <@Oreoboy1996> i've almost mastered everything i think
      [21:00:42] <frobthebuilder> I know I do
      [21:00:42] <sighingplant> i sometimes forget too
      [21:00:45] <sighingplant> Caenis
      [21:00:53] <@RareCola> It's not directly a technique, frobthebuilder. It's an aid to techniques.
      [21:00:57] <frobthebuilder> not true
      [21:01:06] hathor28 [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [21:01:10] <@RareCola> How so?
      [21:01:18] <frobthebuilder> I can get lucid ONLY using wbtb
      [21:01:19] <@Caenis> If you keep at it, it'll become instinctual. Sorry we can't tell you more than that, sighingplant.
      [21:01:27] <@RareCola> You don't have a WBTBILD when you WBTB, it's still a DILD or WILD, etc.
      [21:01:29] <@Oreoboy1996> actually you're using DILD i think frobthebuilder
      [21:01:34] <@Oreoboy1996> and the wbtb aids you
      [21:01:36] <frobthebuilder> you got me there
      [21:01:44] <frobthebuilder> i still think it's a techique though
      [21:01:49] <sighingplant> Ok Caenis
      [21:01:51] <@Oreoboy1996> that's fine
      [21:01:59] <@Oreoboy1996> i really don't think what it's classified as really matters
      [21:02:08] <frobthebuilder> I agree
      [21:02:10] <sighingplant> brb
      [21:02:23] <frobthebuilder> hey
      [21:02:25] <frobthebuilder> hey
      [21:02:27] <frobthebuilder> http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/want-a...-start-132795/
      [21:02:31] <frobthebuilder> get a load of this guy
      [21:02:43] <@Oreoboy1996> well a lot of people don't know where to start
      [21:02:50] <@Oreoboy1996> i was a bit confused myself when i came here
      [21:02:50] <frobthebuilder> READ THE WIKI DUNKASS
      [21:03:16] <@OpheliaBlue> haha at Jakob "Eh... how about reading something from DreamViews.com?"
      [21:03:20] <@Oreoboy1996> after reading the wiki i didn't know if i should start with WILD, DILD, MILD, DEILD, etc
      [21:03:20] <frobthebuilder> I mean, theres a reason we have it right?
      [21:03:28] <frobthebuilder> then you should ask
      [21:03:37] <frobthebuilder> "what technique do you suggest"
      [21:03:41] <frobthebuilder> not
      [21:03:48] <frobthebuilder> "Want to Attain Lucidiy REALLY BADLY, don't know where to start "
      [21:03:53] <@Caenis> People like talking to others though, not just reading from a wall of text.
      [21:04:01] <@Caenis> Human connection.
      [21:04:12] <frobthebuilder> you could at least spell lucidity correctly
      [21:04:13] <@RareCola> I prefer thought out walls of text
      [21:04:44] <@RareCola> Casual introvert right here
      [21:04:46] <@Caenis> It'd be nice if more people read wikis, sure, and some people do read them. I did. But it can be overwhelming.
      [21:04:51] <@OpheliaBlue> alot of new members want instantaneous answers and results
      [21:04:55] <frobthebuilder> ugh
      [21:04:56] <frobthebuilder> and this
      [21:04:56] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:05:05] <@Oreoboy1996> hello syth406
      [21:05:06] <frobthebuilder> is why i hate the attaining lucidity subforum
      [21:05:08] <@OpheliaBlue> hsy syth406
      [21:05:12] <@Oreoboy1996> you're an hour and 4 minutes late
      [21:05:18] Oreoboy1996 gives syth406 a gold star
      [21:05:19] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [21:05:25] <@OpheliaBlue> awwwwww
      [21:05:26] <@Oreoboy1996> okay
      [21:05:26] <@RareCola> Yea, definitely, Ophelia. They don't realise that lucidity is something that can take months or years to learn.
      [21:05:28] <@Caenis> That was fast.
      [21:05:30] <DaveTheJoker> late to class
      [21:05:34] <DaveTheJoker> you need a tarty
      [21:05:43] <DaveTheJoker> go to the attendance office
      [21:05:48] <@OpheliaBlue> he's already gone
      [21:06:09] <@RareCola> Is Matte our headmaster?
      [21:06:10] <@RareCola> haha
      [21:06:20] <@OpheliaBlue> frobthebuilder: well that's one reason I teach this class, we get alot of members like that, and I have alot of patience for them
      [21:06:49] <@OpheliaBlue> I just direct them to the right information, then if they really show a desire to learn mroe, then welcoem to DVA
      [21:06:53] <@RareCola> I'm just happy there are people willing to learn, I just wish some of them wouldn't give up when they don't lucid dream in the first week
      [21:07:05] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^
      [21:07:07] <@OpheliaBlue> exactly
      [21:07:08] <frobthebuilder> I have NO patience for that
      [21:07:09] <@Oreoboy1996> i direct people to information and they tend to say "I'll read that later"
      [21:07:10] <frobthebuilder> none
      [21:07:10] <@Oreoboy1996> -_-
      [21:07:11] <frobthebuilder> at all
      [21:07:13] <@RareCola> I was quite lucky and got my first lucid in a week, but I also educated myself a LOT
      [21:07:24] <@OpheliaBlue> that's why there are teachers, and, well ,not teachers
      [21:07:40] <frobthebuilder> true dat
      [21:07:40] <@Caenis> Then you don't need to go to the Attaining Lucidity subforum, frobthebuilder.
      [21:07:50] <frobthebuilder> I really need to stop
      [21:07:51] <@OpheliaBlue> I also find that some start out, give up, then come back later when they have matured a little more
      [21:07:54] <frobthebuilder> but I can't
      [21:08:23] <@OpheliaBlue> patience comes in several shapes I see
      [21:08:26] <@Caenis> That's true. Part of it is a maturity thing. Part of it might be generational.
      [21:08:28] <@OpheliaBlue> time to log
      [21:08:29] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:08:30] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Tuesday, June 12th, 12noon CST class:
      Topics set were Daily Awareness, and Lucid Dream Sustaining

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [12:00:21] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:00:26] <@Oreoboy1996> wb OpheliaBlue
      [12:00:40] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys
      [12:00:45] <%Caenis> Hello Ophelia.
      [12:00:52] <DawgBone> Hi Ophelia
      [12:00:59] <%RareCola> Right on time as always Lisa
      [12:01:43] <%RareCola> We set a topic of awareness & stabilisation techniques today, but if you'd like to just talk about any other experiences you've had, feel free
      [12:02:35] <DawgBone> Should you try to stabilize as soon as you become lucid?
      [12:02:45] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah
      [12:02:55] <%RareCola> Pretty much, yea
      [12:03:01] <@OpheliaBlue> well I remember sleeping in a couple times before P
      [12:03:04] <%RareCola> I find it's quite hard for me to remember to do, but it's definitely important
      [12:03:09] <@Oreoboy1996> although i don't like to stabilize because thinking about the need to stabilize makes it worse for me :/
      [12:03:23] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah there's that schema thing
      [12:03:44] <@Oreoboy1996> so i kind of prefer to just forget about the thought of stabilization and waking up completely and move on with the dream
      [12:04:00] <@OpheliaBlue> however, I find that most of my lucids occur right about when I'm going to wake up anyway (DEILDs), so anything to help sustain the dream is good.
      [12:04:13] <%RareCola> I find when I don't stabilise though, I just slip back into non-lucidity
      [12:04:32] <%RareCola> That time I did manage to stabilise I had a lot more success at keeping with the lucidity
      [12:04:47] <@Oreoboy1996> i think last time my dream became unstable i passed out instead of waking up
      [12:05:03] <@OpheliaBlue> hehe weird
      [12:05:21] <%RareCola> Speaking of my lucidity, it's the longest I've gone since I started without a lucid now
      [12:05:29] <@Oreoboy1996> and then when i "woke up" in the dream i used my dragon sight ability to make things clearer
      [12:05:35] <%RareCola> Need to start practicing DEILD more, I think
      [12:05:55] <DawgBone> dragon sight?
      [12:05:56] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that sucks.. an awareness issue? or sleep/stress you think?
      [12:06:05] <%RareCola> I'm not really sure
      [12:06:18] <@OpheliaBlue> well that's a stabilization of sorts, dragon sight
      [12:06:25] <@Oreoboy1996> DawgBone: i have a lot of powers relating to dragons lol
      [12:06:26] <%RareCola> My stress is pretty much gone, sleep is almost back to normal and I'm keeping up with awareness
      [12:06:32] <DawgBone> ha!
      [12:06:45] <@Oreoboy1996> dragon sight pretty much gives me the eye sight a dragon would have
      [12:07:09] <@OpheliaBlue> I like having a few stabilization techniques up my sleeve, because sometimes I don't require them at the onset of the lucid dream, but rather later if I get too excited
      [12:07:27] <%RareCola> I can feel I'll get lucid again soon, always get that feeling a few days before I have a lucid
      [12:07:32] <@OpheliaBlue> or if the story isn't moving along very well, I'll start to fade into nonlucidity, and need something to spark things up a bit
      [12:08:21] <DawgBone> Oreo: But isn't the basic idea that anything you think will increase vividness probably will?
      [12:08:29] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: really? based on a feeling in general, or on the vivid dreams you've been having
      [12:08:51] <%RareCola> Just a feeling, like I know I'll become lucid soon
      [12:08:51] <@Oreoboy1996> not entirely
      [12:09:25] <DawgBone> RareCola: That's interesting
      [12:09:46] <@OpheliaBlue> lately I've been sleeping in like I usually do, but it's just lethargic sleep, not alot of dreaming like before. I notice the heat has alot to do with it. already in the 90's here
      [12:09:54] <%Caenis> RareCola: Maybe it's just that confidence in having a LD soon that makes you have a LD.
      [12:10:13] <%RareCola> Yea I figured it could be that, Caenis
      [12:10:44] <DawgBone> Ophelia: The heat effects me too.
      [12:11:09] <DawgBone> *affects
      [12:11:14] <%Caenis> DawgBone: So did you stabilize in your most recent LD? I don't remember you mentioning it in your workbook.
      [12:11:14] <@OpheliaBlue> DawgBone: I think alot of positive thinking helps. I even notice that if I try a technique that I just heard about someone else doing, it works really well.
      [12:11:25] <@OpheliaBlue> I guess because I think, well it just worked for her, so...
      [12:11:41] <DawgBone> Right
      [12:11:52] Sent part request, waiting for reply...
      ### Log session terminated at Tue Jun 12 12:11:52 2012 ###
      ### Log session started at Tue Jun 12 12:12:46 2012 ###
      [12:12:47] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:12:47] Channel topic is: [Tuesday, June 12th] - Topic: Awareness & Stabilization Techniques
      [12:12:47] Topic was set by RareCola on Tue Jun 12 11:28:36 2012
      [12:12:47] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
      [12:12:47] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o OpheliaBlue
      [12:12:47] <Idionym> hey
      [12:12:47] <%Caenis> It's okay, I hardly stabilized my last LD. It's really difficult to remember anything. o_o
      [12:12:48] kb5.keebali.com [*@*] has set channel mode +nst
      [12:12:48] Channel was created at Sat Jun 2 03:29:01 2012
      [12:12:50] <@OpheliaBlue> fuck!
      [12:12:52] <%Caenis> Hey Idionym.
      [12:12:53] <@OpheliaBlue> Something else important in the whole scheme of stabilization, and I think it helps you not have to stabilize as much, is paying attention to all 5 senses
      [12:12:54] <Idionym> hey
      [12:12:55] <%RareCola> welcome back Ophelia
      [12:13:26] <%RareCola> yes senses are very very important
      [12:13:49] <@OpheliaBlue> I hate acer netbooks
      [12:13:56] <@OpheliaBlue> anyway, yeah what I just said
      [12:15:09] <@OpheliaBlue> I think that's why practicing awareness during waking hours is also important, help you tie it to dreams
      [12:15:10] <%RareCola> but as I mentioned yesterday, I think paying attention to all 8 senses is quite helpful
      [12:15:17] <@OpheliaBlue> 8 senses?
      [12:15:17] Kiara [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:15:28] <DawgBone> 8 senses?
      [12:15:41] <DawgBone> I'm missing a few
      [12:15:43] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah, training awareness during the day will cause you to use it in your dreams
      [12:15:46] <@Oreoboy1996> hello Kiara
      [12:15:53] <%Caenis> Hey Kiara.
      [12:15:57] <Kiara> hi Oreo
      [12:16:03] <Kiara> Caenis
      [12:16:06] <%RareCola> Thermoception (temperature perception), nociception (pain), equilibrioception (balance) and proprioception (knowing where your body parts are orientated in space)
      [12:16:17] <@OpheliaBlue> ohhhhh
      [12:16:20] <DawgBone> ha
      [12:16:23] <@OpheliaBlue> instead of just "touch"
      [12:16:34] <@Oreoboy1996> thermoception and nociception would be touch...
      [12:16:40] <%RareCola> Nop
      [12:16:43] <%RareCola> they're senses all of their own
      [12:16:48] <Kiara> but they are all part for touch
      [12:17:11] <%RareCola> I guess, but it's somewhat different
      [12:17:11] <Kiara> maybe you could call the sub-senses?
      [12:17:43] Harelori [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:17:46] <Harelori> Hey
      [12:17:46] <%Caenis> I can see why balance would be its own sense or perception. As well as proprioception.
      [12:17:54] <@Oreoboy1996> hello Harelori
      [12:17:54] <%Caenis> Hey Harelori, thanks for joining.
      [12:17:54] <Harelori> Caenis, pleasure to meet you live
      [12:18:02] <%Caenis> Agreed!
      [12:18:06] <Harelori> thanks for letting me know about the session
      [12:18:08] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah you can have proprioception even after you lose a finger or limb
      [12:18:15] <%Caenis> No problem man.
      [12:18:16] <@OpheliaBlue> hi Harelori
      [12:18:22] <%RareCola> Precisely, Ophelia. Which is why it's useful to practice in dreams too.
      [12:18:23] <Harelori> Hey ophelia
      [12:18:31] <Kiara> hi Harelori
      [12:18:34] <Harelori> I wrote a comment at my workbook, you might find it intresting
      [12:18:37] <Harelori> hey Kiara
      [12:18:41] <@Oreoboy1996> proprioception is probably what i use when i have wings in a tail
      [12:18:44] <Harelori> how's things going fellow student?
      [12:18:57] <@Oreoboy1996> and*
      [12:18:59] <DawgBone> I like the idea of developing new senses. Increasing awareness in new ways
      [12:19:15] <%Caenis> Just dandy. We were chatting about awareness in dreams, Harelori. You probably realized that already though.
      [12:19:30] <Kiara> extra sensorial perception has many new senses
      [12:19:39] <@OpheliaBlue> so what do yuo guys do for awareness throughout the day?
      [12:19:40] <Harelori> I did realize it, but thanks
      [12:19:49] <Harelori> Ophelia, I ask myself how I got here
      [12:19:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I have clocks literally everywhere
      [12:20:01] <Harelori> lmao
      [12:20:04] <@OpheliaBlue> that's good Harelori
      [12:20:07] <@Oreoboy1996> constantly look for odd things and question reality
      [12:20:27] <Kiara> I'm an odd thing...
      [12:20:32] <@OpheliaBlue> oen of my digital clocks is a really odd blue color, and it likes to get funky in my dreams, so it's a good indicator
      [12:20:42] <@Oreoboy1996> yes you are, you make me question if i'm dreaming or not all the time Kiara
      [12:20:47] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:20:55] <%RareCola> Clocks never really seem to show up in my dreams, it's weird
      [12:21:03] <%RareCola> Besides the clock in my bedroom, all other clocks seem to just... disappear
      [12:21:13] <@Oreoboy1996> I also use DDA sometimes during the day
      [12:21:19] <@OpheliaBlue> what about your cellphone RareCola
      [12:21:24] <Harelori> My school lacks clocks
      [12:21:52] <@Oreoboy1996> I also tend to treat video games like lucid dreams when i play them
      [12:22:04] <%Caenis> That must be maddening, Harelori.
      [12:22:08] <@OpheliaBlue> what about you DawgBone
      [12:22:22] <%RareCola> I never have my phone with me in my dreams either
      [12:22:36] <DawgBone> I also have a bunch of clock, the wind up kind. But rarely dream about them
      [12:22:39] <@OpheliaBlue> that's interesting.. my cell is one of my most common device failures
      [12:23:01] <Harelori> one of my 6 LDs
      [12:23:05] <Harelori> I woke myself up on purpose
      [12:23:06] <%Caenis> I hardly use phones in my dreams. Computers or laptops are much more common.
      [12:23:07] <%RareCola> I'm not really one to always use my phone though, so I guess that's why
      [12:23:13] <Harelori> because I thought I should wake up so I won't be late
      [12:23:14] <@OpheliaBlue> so is my netbook, I need to do another RC after that crapper just booted me again
      [12:23:23] <Harelori> I was 6 hours early to be late
      [12:23:24] <Harelori> in real life
      [12:23:25] <Harelori>
      [12:23:28] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I use mine alot, that's probably why
      [12:23:44] <@OpheliaBlue> 6 hours early to be late? what does that mean exactly Harelori
      [12:23:47] <%RareCola> Yea I have computers in my dreams a lot, but I never notice the clocks on them! It's really weird
      [12:23:54] <Harelori> ophelia
      [12:23:57] <Harelori> I mean
      [12:24:01] <Harelori> I was 6 hours early
      [12:24:03] <Harelori> to be late
      [12:24:04] <%Caenis> Same. I don't think a have a clock in my dream computers.
      [12:24:09] <Harelori> I had to be there at 15:30
      [12:24:14] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't have a lot of computer things in my dreams
      [12:24:14] <Harelori> and it was 9
      [12:24:26] <@OpheliaBlue> so how was that late
      [12:24:33] <Harelori> dream logic, go figure
      [12:24:39] <%RareCola> O_o
      [12:24:44] <@OpheliaBlue> but you said it was in real life, so
      [12:24:47] <Harelori> lol
      [12:24:54] <@OpheliaBlue> your logic is all over the place
      [12:24:55] <%Caenis> I have a long-distance relationship, so I'm on the computer a lot. Sometimes I'm just chatting with my fiancee on my laptop in my dream.
      [12:24:58] <Harelori> I must've wrote it different than I thought
      [12:25:12] <Harelori> I'll tell the story again, this time from the start
      [12:25:27] <Harelori> I had to be somewhere at 15:30 PM (REAL LIFE)
      [12:25:36] <Harelori> I went to bed the night before, I had a lucid dream
      [12:25:49] <Harelori> In the lucid dream after a while I thought I should wake up so I won't be late
      [12:26:02] <Harelori> then I woke my self up just by thinking that I need to wake up
      [12:26:11] <Harelori> but it was 9:XX am
      [12:26:18] <%Caenis> Oh, that's rather interesting.
      [12:26:37] <%Caenis> I hope you went back to sleep. =p
      [12:26:42] <@OpheliaBlue> heh yeah
      [12:26:48] <Harelori> sadly I didn't
      [12:27:09] <Harelori> Btw, I have a question for everyone out here
      [12:27:20] <@OpheliaBlue> go for it
      [12:27:38] RareCola awaits the questions
      [12:27:43] <Harelori> how do you manage your DJ (online, pc,notebook [if its a notebook is it a big one or a small one], recorder ,etc...)
      [12:28:02] <%RareCola> I use a notebook
      [12:28:13] <%Caenis> I write my dreams down. I'll share a few on my DV DJ. I can't use a recorder, I don't function that well when I wake up. =p
      [12:28:13] <@Oreoboy1996> in the morning i will right down key words in a notebook
      [12:28:20] <%RareCola> I think a notebook is best personally, I tend to let my subconscious do the writing and I recall more and more as I write
      [12:28:21] <DawgBone> I use a recorder at night and write it out the next day
      [12:28:27] <@Oreoboy1996> and then when i stop being lazy i'll write the whole dream online
      [12:28:30] <%Caenis> Tends to take a minute for me to remember how to write a proper sentence.
      [12:28:50] <@OpheliaBlue> I post a snippet in the share your dreams thread, then I use the online one here on DV
      [12:29:01] <Harelori> Oh, nice
      [12:29:05] <Harelori> How much time does it take you to write down the dreams you had?
      [12:29:15] <Harelori> It usually takes me 30mins - hour
      [12:29:34] <Harelori> So when I wake up for school I use a recorder, then, when I come back I write it down in my notebook
      [12:29:46] <%Caenis> About the same for me, Harelori. Depends how vivid the dreams are and how many I have though.
      [12:30:22] <%RareCola> It really varies for me
      [12:30:27] <%RareCola> on a good night I can easily be writing or an hour
      [12:30:33] <%RareCola> for*
      [12:30:44] <%RareCola> But then other nights I'm only writing for 5 minutes
      [12:31:09] <Harelori> Ophelia, how long has it been since you created/had your first DJ / LD?
      [12:31:20] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it can take me a good 30 minutes or more, depending on what I got
      [12:31:49] <@OpheliaBlue> drives my bf nuts sometimes because I tell him "Hold on, I have to do this NOW so I don't forget details"
      [12:31:59] <%RareCola> LOL
      [12:32:03] <Harelori> lol
      [12:32:03] <%RareCola> I'm glad I'm not in a relationship
      [12:32:08] <%RareCola> I think I would drive a partner insane
      [12:32:39] <@OpheliaBlue> just gotta find one with alot of patience.. Danny has it by the ton (I lucked out)
      [12:33:41] <Harelori> OH
      [12:33:41] <Harelori> BTW
      [12:33:46] <Harelori> I WANTED TO OPEN A TOPIC ABOUT IT
      [12:33:52] <@OpheliaBlue> so how detailed do you guys get when journaling
      [12:33:54] <@OpheliaBlue> ok
      [12:34:00] <Harelori> I think I've found one of the most brilliant ways of using the passive force
      [12:34:05] <Harelori> I haven't tried it out yet
      [12:34:09] <@OpheliaBlue> the what
      [12:34:18] <Harelori> passive skills
      [12:34:19] <%RareCola> I write down absolutely everything, I don't work well with keywords
      [12:34:20] <Harelori> in a dream
      [12:34:29] <@Oreoboy1996> i get very detailed with journaling i think
      [12:34:30] <%RareCola> Writing down everything builds my motivation too
      [12:34:33] <Harelori> Have you seen the cartoon rudys got the chalk?
      [12:34:49] <Harelori> chalk zone
      [12:34:51] <@Oreoboy1996> Harelori: what do you mean by passive skills?
      [12:35:09] <Harelori> There's doing stuff by force
      [12:35:11] <@OpheliaBlue> never seen it
      [12:35:16] <Harelori> like flying, just flying, just like that
      [12:35:21] <Harelori> and passive, finding a witch broom to fly
      [12:35:27] <Harelori> Ophelia
      [12:35:37] <@OpheliaBlue> yes?
      [12:35:39] <Harelori> its a series about a kid that goes into the chalk world, hes the creator
      [12:35:39] <@Oreoboy1996> oh i use a lot of passive stuff i think
      [12:35:51] <Harelori> he has the magic chalk, he can draw stuff and it comes to life in that world
      [12:35:56] <%Caenis> Oh right right, I remember passive force now that you mention it.
      [12:35:59] <@OpheliaBlue> oh like Simon? You know my name is Simon, and I like to do drawrings
      [12:36:10] <@Oreoboy1996> like i can breathe fire because i'm a dragon
      [12:36:14] <Harelori> If you use the magic chalk in a dream, it'll be wonderful
      [12:36:18] <Harelori> yeah oreo
      [12:36:35] <@OpheliaBlue> I used chalk once to make a door, because I saw it on Beetlejuice.. it worked haha
      [12:36:44] <%Caenis> That's pretty cool.
      [12:36:50] <%RareCola> That's awesome
      [12:37:10] <%RareCola> I want to try out Sageous' blob-moulding technique but I haven't become lucid since he posted it
      [12:38:01] <@OpheliaBlue> I do remember once trying to make a duck for a raelly old TOTM, and all I could come up with was some clay
      [12:38:19] <@OpheliaBlue> so I tried to mold a duck out of clay and animate it 9because we were supposed to chase it or something)
      [12:38:31] <%RareCola> haha
      [12:38:36] <@OpheliaBlue> I woke up before I could animate it, but I had some control over the clay still
      [12:38:44] <%RareCola> yea the blob-moulding thing is similar to that
      [12:38:45] <Harelori> Guys
      [12:38:56] <Harelori> watch a few seconds of this video, it'll clear the chalkzone thing right up
      [12:38:56] <Harelori> ChalkZone Episode 101 - Rudy&#39;s First Adventure/Rudy&#39;s Story/Bushel Full of Yum - YouTube
      [12:39:09] <@OpheliaBlue> all good ideas, using chalk, clay, different tools to manipulate the dream world
      [12:39:23] <@OpheliaBlue> ok Harelori thanks, I will right after class
      [12:39:26] <%RareCola> I need to head off early today anyway, got some stuff to do. See you all later
      [12:39:33] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya RareCola
      [12:39:35] <%Caenis> Bye RareCola.
      [12:39:37] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks as always man
      [12:39:40] <DawgBone> later, RC
      [12:39:40] <%RareCola> !away
      [12:39:42] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [12:39:54] <%Caenis> I already know about ChalkZone Harelori, so I'm set.
      [12:40:00] <Harelori> bye ccola
      [12:40:09] <Harelori> Caenis, its a great idea isn't it?
      [12:40:19] <%Caenis> It certainly could be fun!
      [12:40:19] <@OpheliaBlue> oh i didn't realize Idionym and Exotiraan were in here.. HEY GUYS
      [12:40:28] <Idionym> HEY
      [12:40:54] <%Caenis> Idionym joined about 20 minutes ago or so. And Exotiraan is always here it seems.
      [12:41:13] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: what "tools" do you/have you used in lucids to manipulate your environment?
      [12:41:31] Exotiraan hears his name and peeks out from another terminal
      [12:41:41] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: same question
      [12:42:02] <@Oreoboy1996> he distracted me with chalk zone >.>
      [12:42:12] <@OpheliaBlue> haha.. now I'm intrigued
      [12:42:24] <@Oreoboy1996> i used to watch it a lot when i was younger
      [12:43:41] <Harelori> Oreo, let me know if you use it in your next LD
      [12:43:42] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Searching around, asking people. Also, I've used a TV screen or computer monitor a few times.
      [12:44:00] <@Oreoboy1996> i probably won't Harelori
      [12:44:02] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: how did you use the screen in the dream?
      [12:44:06] <@Oreoboy1996> i'm not much of an artist
      [12:44:09] <Harelori> lol
      [12:44:19] <Harelori> Oreo
      [12:44:37] <Harelori> you're limitless in your dreams, believe you're an artist and you'll become one
      [12:44:56] <@Oreoboy1996> actually i do have a limit because i created a limit for myself
      [12:44:56] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: I just sort of looked into it until whatever was on it became what was actually happening.
      [12:45:11] <%Caenis> That's really cool. Would the screen disappear afterward?
      [12:45:12] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't enjoy having all the power
      [12:45:23] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that is really cool
      [12:45:32] <Harelori> oreo that's true
      [12:45:44] <Harelori> But since you've seen chalkzone you know he doesn't have all the power
      [12:46:04] <DawgBone> Oreo: If you're going to be a dragon, you have to deal with power ...
      [12:46:17] Exotiraan notes that that is the closest thing that he's ever gotten to a portal.
      [12:46:32] <@Oreoboy1996> ?
      [12:47:07] <%Caenis> Yeah, I've quickly realized that portals don't work for me currently. It all goes black. I'll try it out when I"m more experienced.
      [12:47:09] <Harelori> Today I had a false awakening, and even it was a dream I got back to sleep and got into the dream I was false awakend from
      [12:47:26] <@OpheliaBlue> that's seriously cool Exotiraan, and it reminds me that I don't use magic or supernatural elements in my LDs enough
      [12:47:34] <@Oreoboy1996> Caenis: when i go through portals it all goes black too
      [12:47:41] <@Oreoboy1996> so i create another portal
      [12:47:43] <@OpheliaBlue> if I want to go outside, I walk or fly (well ok, flying is a bit supernatural since I'm human lol)
      [12:48:09] <@OpheliaBlue> I never thought to try a portal, or a stargate, or even a teletransportation device, time machine etc
      [12:48:13] <@Oreoboy1996> i think it's kind of like how sometimes you need to take 2 planes to get somewhere instead of one
      [12:48:25] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:48:27] <%Caenis> Huh. That's an interesting idea.
      [12:48:45] <@OpheliaBlue> do you ever experience a lay over?
      [12:48:48] <@Oreoboy1996> the void/darkness is where you have to get off and board another plane
      [12:49:22] <@Oreoboy1996> not usually >.>
      [12:49:36] Exotiraan wants to try bringing a creature or person to him by sending them a message on a computer then going to meet them instead of trying to search.
      [12:49:39] <@OpheliaBlue> lost luggage? P
      [12:49:43] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [12:49:44] <%Caenis> Maybe I'll try that next time. The LD I had yesterday, I lost the dream before I finished crossing through the portal.
      [12:49:46] <@OpheliaBlue> ok i had my laugh
      [12:50:06] <@OpheliaBlue> o hthe mirror one Caenis?
      [12:50:07] <Exotiraan> But, first, I got to start remembering my dreams again.
      [12:50:16] <%Caenis> That's a good idea, Exotiraan. Hey, how about using Control +F? =p
      [12:50:27] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:51:14] Exotiraan still likes how well his terminals are emulated in his dreams.
      [12:51:18] <%Caenis> Yeah Ophelia, the mirror. I'm tempted to try it again, but I think I'll just do something else. Maybe the train task. That seems fun.
      [12:51:48] <@OpheliaBlue> I was more motivated to try the TOTM when someone else posted them
      [12:51:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I think forceez is doing next month's, I hope
      [12:52:11] <Exotiraan> Bash, Vim, Weechat, MPlayer, and GNU utilities all look and (usually) work like they should.
      [12:52:18] <@OpheliaBlue> although the next time I see a mirror, I'm going for it
      [12:52:23] <%Caenis> That's impressive, Exo!
      [12:52:52] <DawgBone> Exo: I bet Emacs looks bloated and hard to use ...
      [12:53:15] <Exotiraan> The machine would probably blow up if I started Emacs.
      [12:53:21] <DawgBone> ha
      [12:53:34] <Exotiraan> Or at least the OOM killer would fire off.
      [12:53:57] OpheliaBlue has no idea what y'all are talking about
      [12:54:08] <cookieh> hahah
      [12:55:02] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I have a kind of random question, because I hear this alot and it relates to the basic task
      [12:55:16] <@OpheliaBlue> how come so many people are afraid of mirrors in a lucid dream, if you know it's not real?
      [12:55:39] <@Oreoboy1996> task of the month is great motivation
      [12:56:01] <@Oreoboy1996> and for some reason people think something scary will pop out of the mirror
      [12:56:22] <%Caenis> The first thing people think of is a horror movie. Logic in dreams doesn't work so well either. It's hard to make logical statements.
      [12:56:49] <Exotiraan> It doesn't help that people re-tell it over and over and over again until it becomes fact.
      [12:56:53] <@Oreoboy1996> you need to learn to think logically in dreams so you can become lucid
      [12:57:05] <Exotiraan> "If you do $X in a dream, then $Y will happen."
      [12:57:42] <@Oreoboy1996> people always said you can't change lighting in dreams
      [12:57:47] <@Oreoboy1996> i can do it though
      [12:57:50] <%Caenis> That's true Oreoboy1996, but I haven't found myself completely capable of rational thought in my dreams. Yet, anyway.
      [12:58:46] Exotiraan 's rationality can be silly enough in waking life, and is even sillier in dreams.
      [12:59:22] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I guess I can understand that.. I still have trouble getting into murkey water. I just always blamed the fact that I almost drowned as a child. But still, a dream is just a dream.
      [12:59:28] <%Caenis> My past two LDs, I keep getting scared that my real body will move, or I'll speak in real life if I speak in my dreams. Logically it doesn't make sense. But it's hard to convince myself otherwise. I still don't really think in LDs, just act on whims or the first thing that pops in my head.
      [12:59:37] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^^^^^
      [12:59:47] <Harelori> Dream logic is messed up
      [13:00:17] <@OpheliaBlue> SAME. I used to do that big time, then one time I just said "fuck it" and moved and spoke what I wanted to. It went just fine. I think it was like an obstacle.
      [13:00:37] <Exotiraan> One night, I had came back in my dark room and saw a green LED flickering under my bed. There's a surge strip down there with a red LED flickering, so I thought that made green, somehow.
      [13:00:40] <@OpheliaBlue> once you hurtle it, it doesn't become a problem again
      [13:00:43] <%Caenis> Agreed. Have any of you found your dreaming logic to be the same as your waking logic? Or does that come with time?
      [13:01:11] <DawgBone> I think reason varies from dream to dream like awareness.
      [13:01:20] <Exotiraan> Then I thought about this and actually looked. It was a Wi-Fi dongle LED. I did a reality check to be sure.
      [13:01:22] <@OpheliaBlue> I find that it improves over time Caenis, but it's still not 100% the same. I'll have moments in LDs where I'm fiercely aware, like in real life.
      [13:01:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Then I'm like "SQUIRREL!"
      [13:01:30] <Harelori> Dream logic = that grandpa is running because the balloon is flying
      [13:01:40] <@OpheliaBlue> and get distracted
      [13:02:07] <%Caenis> DawgBone & OpheliaBlue: I was wondering if it was like that. I was hoping it was.
      [13:03:00] <@OpheliaBlue> but that's why I'm a firm believer that the more episodes of heightened awareness you have in the day, the more it will translate into your dreams, helping yuo to attain and sustain lucidity
      [13:03:14] <%Caenis> It'd be a little disappointing if ALL LDs one used stupid logic and reasoning.
      [13:03:31] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it would
      [13:03:51] <@OpheliaBlue> I think it's definitely a dynamic thing, like any art form really
      [13:04:35] <DawgBone> LDing as an art form. I like that!
      [13:05:04] <%Caenis> Yeah, I think that's a better way of describing it as a science. That's why I liked Paprika, actually.
      [13:05:42] <@Oreoboy1996> i suppose it's an art because i keep telling people that it's something personal that you create yourself
      [13:06:12] <%Caenis> *than as a science
      [13:07:50] <%Caenis> So any other questions/comments? Anyone?
      [13:07:59] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I'm making bread today! so I'm going to go and log and etc
      [13:08:06] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks Caenis and Oreoboy1996 as usual
      [13:08:14] <%Caenis> Anytime, my dear!
      [13:08:20] <@OpheliaBlue> hehe, honorary lucid coach
      [13:08:20] <DawgBone> Thanks for the class!
      [13:08:25] DawgBone [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [13:08:26] <%Caenis> Make tasty bread!
      [13:08:27] <@OpheliaBlue> no problem!
      [13:08:30] <@Oreoboy1996> you're welcome lol
      [13:08:48] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [13:08:49] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Tuesday June 12th, 8pm Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [20:00:28] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:00:35] <@Oreoboy1996> wb
      [20:00:36] <@OpheliaBlue> I felt poking and heard whistling
      [20:00:45] <%Caenis> Hey OpheliaBlue.
      [20:00:49] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Caenis
      [20:00:52] <Burke> it worked
      [20:01:07] <@Oreoboy1996> i came up with 6 questions OpheliaBlue
      [20:01:14] <%Caenis> This year's TOTY looked really cool. If I can get more experience, I'd like to try it myself.
      [20:01:21] <@OpheliaBlue> awesome, well done oreo
      [20:01:27] <Burke> It's a lot of fun, especially if you have trouble coming up with ideas
      [20:01:45] Mindraker ate Chinese; indigestion will lead to weird dreams.
      [20:01:53] <@Oreoboy1996> maybe i'll attempt to rush the task of the year if i finish my current goal early
      [20:02:01] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa.. food with alot of cheese does that to me Mindraker
      [20:02:04] <@OpheliaBlue> like pizza
      [20:02:08] <Idionym> I need to pick a method
      [20:02:27] <Burke> i believe there's 10 so if you have an average of 2 a month you should be set
      [20:02:30] <@Oreoboy1996> pick whichever one sounds easiest to you Idionym
      [20:02:30] <Burke> and you succeed
      [20:02:41] <%Caenis> You certainly don't need to pick just one, Idionym. What are you thinking of currently?
      [20:02:49] <Idionym> idk XD
      [20:02:57] <Idionym> dild hasnt done anything to me
      [20:03:00] <@OpheliaBlue> have you been lucid before Idionym? sorry if I forgot
      [20:03:05] <Idionym> no
      [20:03:15] <%Caenis> DILD/MILD will take a few months to work.
      [20:03:17] <@OpheliaBlue> oh crap, how did I miss that!
      [20:03:22] <@Oreoboy1996> the technique isn't supposed to do anything to you, you're supposed to do the technique >.>
      [20:03:28] <Burke> xD
      [20:03:39] <@OpheliaBlue> and yes to caenis and oreo
      [20:03:42] <Idionym> i phrased it crappy i know
      [20:04:00] <@OpheliaBlue> ever feel you got close to one Idionym?
      [20:04:30] <Idionym> no
      [20:04:34] <Idionym> lol
      [20:04:35] <DaveTheJoker> well I am here
      [20:04:49] <%Caenis> Hey Dave.
      [20:04:52] <DaveTheJoker> hi
      [20:04:58] <@OpheliaBlue> hi Dave
      [20:05:08] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: ever had a false awakening?
      [20:05:16] <Idionym> one
      [20:05:19] <@OpheliaBlue> you know, where yuo think yuo have gotten up to start your day
      [20:05:19] <Idionym> that i can remember
      [20:05:26] <Idionym> ya i know
      [20:05:44] <@OpheliaBlue> what happened in it?
      [20:05:51] <Idionym> well
      [20:06:04] <Idionym> all i remember was finding what cloths to wear
      [20:06:17] <Idionym> and there was a shiny white sweatshirt
      [20:06:20] <Idionym> that stuck out
      [20:06:26] <Idionym> thats all i really can remember
      [20:06:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm guessing you don't own a shiny white sweatshirt in real life?
      [20:07:07] <Idionym> no
      [20:07:11] <Idionym> but i do have a white one
      [20:07:18] <Idionym> that i wear alot
      [20:07:35] <@OpheliaBlue> but the shiny part is what stuck out, and was unusual
      [20:07:52] <@OpheliaBlue> when you wake up and get out of bed, is a crucial time to practice awareness
      [20:08:05] <@OpheliaBlue> look for things out of the ordinary
      [20:08:27] <Idionym> ok
      [20:08:35] <@OpheliaBlue> really and truly question how it got there, I mean, who would put a shiny sweatshirt in your closet?
      [20:08:53] <Idionym> my mom
      [20:08:57] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:09:08] <@OpheliaBlue> how old are you? sorry, curious
      [20:09:12] <Idionym> 14
      [20:09:23] <Idionym> almost 15 =P
      [20:09:30] <Mindraker> LOL, I'm 34 and Mom still wants to buy ugly sweatshirts for me.
      [20:09:31] <@Oreoboy1996> i'd say almost 13
      [20:09:34] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [20:09:42] <Mindraker> It's something mothers do.
      [20:09:48] <@OpheliaBlue> ok, awareness awareness awareness
      [20:09:53] <Mindraker> right...
      [20:10:11] <@Oreoboy1996> i say that a lot OpheliaBlue
      [20:10:15] <Burke> ADA is really helpfull for DILDs jsut so you know
      [20:10:23] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: 3 times in a row?
      [20:10:30] <@Oreoboy1996> yes
      [20:10:34] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:10:39] <DaveTheJoker> some one should get a hypnotist to record a video that suggests dream recall/lucidity
      [20:10:47] <Burke> it only takes a few minutes a day so it's not hard to incorporate into your daily schedule
      [20:11:00] <@OpheliaBlue> Burke: you are so right, and what I was trying to get at with Idionym, is that DILD can occur during FAs alot
      [20:11:12] <@Oreoboy1996> i do it more than a few minutes a day
      [20:11:17] <@OpheliaBlue> and if you really get good at it, it can lead to DEILDs
      [20:11:19] <Burke> just be sure to do a RC everytime you wake up, that's my trick for FAs
      [20:11:25] <@OpheliaBlue> ell yeah! ^^
      [20:11:29] wana [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:30] <Mindraker> I think that one really just needs to slow down and not rush through life in a mindless "robot"-style like we always do.
      [20:11:32] <@OpheliaBlue> he wana
      [20:11:37] <%Caenis> Hmmmmm. Not sure about a hypnotist. I know some other videos that allegedly help with LDs, DaveTheJoker.
      [20:11:40] <wana> hi teacher
      [20:11:41] <%Caenis> Hey wana.
      [20:11:41] <Mindraker> Take time to smell the roses, that's all -- for "all day awareness".
      [20:12:28] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:12:36] <Idionym> DILD seems innconsistent though
      [20:12:51] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: this is true. However I like to put emphasis on the FAs, especially for beginners. Because nearly all of us have FAs at one time or another. And they can occur more frequently if you practice WBTB as well.
      [20:12:53] <Burke> yeah, they can be
      [20:12:54] <%Caenis> Hello Exotiraan.
      [20:13:01] <Burke> any form of WILD is more reliable but is also harder to do
      [20:13:01] <@Oreoboy1996> if you train your awareness properly you can make it fairly consistent
      [20:13:36] <Idionym> the awareness stuff seems kinda
      [20:13:37] <@OpheliaBlue> so what ways do yo train your awareness Oreoboy1996, besides DDA?
      [20:13:58] <Idionym> complex?
      [20:13:59] <Idionym> i guess
      [20:14:14] <Burke> just try and get in tune with your senses
      [20:14:24] <@OpheliaBlue> well hey let me ask you, Idionym, without looking, what color are your socks?
      [20:14:25] <Burke> almost like meditation only focusing on your senses instead of clearing your mind
      [20:14:30] <Idionym> black
      [20:14:39] <@OpheliaBlue> what color is your mom's shirt today
      [20:14:43] <%Caenis> I wouldn't call it complex. Definitely is overwhelming in the beginning. Just start with some SAT first.
      [20:14:46] <Idionym> pink
      [20:14:58] <Idionym> i already do SAT
      [20:15:07] <@OpheliaBlue> was it cloudy or sunny this morning where you are?
      [20:15:33] <@Oreoboy1996> i just constantly ask myself if i'm dreaming or if something is logical
      [20:15:38] <@Oreoboy1996> always looking for dream signs
      [20:15:54] wana [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "time for a lucid dream"
      [20:15:56] <@Oreoboy1996> mostly that sort of thing
      [20:16:03] <%Caenis> Yeah, I RC and try to become more aware when I see dream signs.
      [20:16:06] <Idionym> sunny
      [20:16:11] <Idionym> it was sunny all day
      [20:16:29] <DaveTheJoker> I ought to be more aware
      [20:16:31] <Burke> lucky
      [20:16:35] <Burke> it was raining all day here
      [20:16:44] <@Oreoboy1996> was a light rain this morning
      [20:16:45] <@OpheliaBlue> I had rain and sun back and forth
      [20:16:45] <DaveTheJoker> IDK what to do not
      [20:16:48] <Idionym> whats this trying to do XD
      [20:16:54] <@Oreoboy1996> the very cloudy most of the day but it eventually let up
      [20:16:56] <DaveTheJoker> I need to reboot my whole mind
      [20:17:07] <DaveTheJoker> format and reinstall the OS
      [20:17:08] <@OpheliaBlue> opening your mind to remember details
      [20:17:15] <@OpheliaBlue> lol dave
      [20:17:36] <@OpheliaBlue> I like to step back every so often and think of the daily details
      [20:17:41] <Idionym> i can remember details well
      [20:17:56] <Mindraker> It was a sunny day, but it was drizzling lightly when I was in the pool... but that was unusual enough for me to remember.
      [20:18:17] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo dangerous
      [20:18:53] <Mindraker> Yeah, but the hot gals were worth the risk. All day awareness mid-day-nap or flirting with the girls in the pool?
      [20:18:59] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:19:37] <DaveTheJoker> I would pick the second
      [20:20:20] <@OpheliaBlue> ok so who's ready for a pop quiz?
      [20:20:24] <Idionym> me
      [20:20:24] <%RareCola|Away> !back
      [20:20:24] <Mindraker> Go for it
      [20:20:25] RareCola|Away [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [20:20:29] <@OpheliaBlue> yay RareCola
      [20:20:32] <%RareCola> looks like I was just in time for the quiz, haha
      [20:20:50] <@Oreoboy1996> so i should start asking questions now?
      [20:20:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I think Oreoboy1996 has some questions. I came up with some which are probably more basic
      [20:21:05] <@Oreoboy1996> yay i'm not alone then
      [20:21:06] <Mindraker> So do we all shout out our answers?
      [20:21:11] <@OpheliaBlue> YES! and 10 hall points for the first to answer correctly
      [20:21:15] <@OpheliaBlue> yep, shout otu
      [20:21:18] <Mindraker> ok
      [20:21:22] Yomi [yomi^@DV-5869fc4f.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #DVA
      [20:21:26] <Burke> C! the answer is C!
      [20:21:28] <%Caenis> Hello Yomi.
      [20:21:32] <@OpheliaBlue> hi yomi
      [20:21:34] <Yomi> hi
      [20:21:44] Mindraker hands a chair to yomi for the quiz
      [20:21:48] <@Oreoboy1996> well the questions i came up with allowed for more detailed and varied answers
      [20:21:56] <@Oreoboy1996> so i'm not sure how well that will work >.>
      [20:22:05] <@Oreoboy1996> best response wins
      [20:22:05] <%RareCola> Oh yes where are our pencils!! We were supposed to get them today! I demand pencils
      [20:22:07] <Idionym> we can write for a second
      [20:22:10] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yours are more rhetorical then?
      [20:22:11] <Idionym> a minute*
      [20:22:16] <Mindraker> I'd like to solve the puzzle
      [20:22:18] <@Oreoboy1996> i suppose
      [20:22:23] <Idionym> and after a minute we all say the awnsers we wrote
      [20:22:40] <@OpheliaBlue> no it's kill or be KILLED
      [20:22:46] <%RareCola> LOL
      [20:22:55] <@Oreoboy1996> O_O
      [20:23:03] <Burke> did I hear hunger games?
      [20:23:04] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll ask an easy one for an icebreaker
      [20:23:33] <Idionym> ok
      [20:23:38] <Mindraker> yes?
      [20:23:42] <Mindraker> lollol
      [20:23:48] <%RareCola> You sure are making is suspenseful
      [20:23:49] frobthebuilder [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:23:51] <%RareCola> it*
      [20:23:52] <frobthebuilder> sup bitches
      [20:23:54] <@OpheliaBlue> Q. What does EILD stand for?
      [20:23:56] <%RareCola> sup
      [20:24:03] <Idionym> external induced lucid dream
      [20:24:04] fOrceez [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:24:05] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +a fOrceez
      [20:24:07] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o fOrceez
      [20:24:09] Oreoboy1996 restrains himself from blurting out the answer
      [20:24:28] <Evolventity> o-o
      [20:24:30] <Idionym> yes?
      [20:24:52] <Mindraker> Exit induced lucid dreaming?
      [20:25:00] <Idionym> no
      [20:25:03] <@OpheliaBlue> you're thinking DEILD
      [20:25:04] <%RareCola> Electronically induced lucid dreaming?
      [20:25:07] Oreoboy1996 throws Mindraker out the window
      [20:25:09] <@Oreoboy1996> wrong!
      [20:25:14] OpheliaBlue slaps RareCola
      [20:25:23] <@Oreoboy1996> actually RareCola is right
      [20:25:26] <@OpheliaBlue> no he's right
      [20:25:26] <%RareCola> LOL
      [20:25:31] <%RareCola> EILD is a weird one though, it can be two!
      [20:25:33] <Idionym> i got it right
      [20:25:36] <@OpheliaBlue> but of course he is, he's an apprentice
      [20:25:38] <frobthebuilder> TOO MANY ACRONYMS
      [20:25:40] <frobthebuilder> seriously
      [20:25:44] <%Caenis> I thought external was right too though?
      [20:25:45] <@Oreoboy1996> it can mean both externally induced or electronically induced
      [20:25:47] <@OpheliaBlue> that's why it's a QUIZ
      [20:25:53] <%RareCola> I've seen it used for Externally Induced Lucid Dreaming and Eectronically Induced Lucid Dreaming
      [20:25:55] <Idionym> i still got it right
      [20:25:55] <Mindraker> lol good job rarecola
      [20:25:57] <Idionym> i got it right
      [20:25:58] <@OpheliaBlue> I would have accepted bothy
      [20:25:58] fOrceez [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:25:58] <Idionym> im amazing
      [20:26:01] <@OpheliaBlue> both*
      [20:26:01] <DaveTheJoker> alphawaves
      [20:26:04] <DaveTheJoker> do they do shit?
      [20:26:09] <Idionym> so i get 10 hall points?
      [20:26:14] <@Oreoboy1996> i don't know much about waves
      [20:26:14] <%RareCola> Well then Idionym got it first Ophelia
      [20:26:28] <Idionym> ^
      [20:26:37] <Idionym> i know my shit
      [20:26:37] <@OpheliaBlue> I didn't even see Idionym answer ,weird
      [20:26:39] <Idionym> i just cnat do it
      [20:26:42] <Idionym> lol
      [20:26:49] <%RareCola> Haha that's why I answered because I was like... "is that not right?"
      [20:26:58] <@OpheliaBlue> oh there it is
      [20:27:04] <@OpheliaBlue> all forceez nonsense interrupted
      [20:27:04] <Idionym> =P
      [20:27:06] <frobthebuilder> the field of lucid dreaming has waaay too many acronyms
      [20:27:14] <%Caenis> What, like binaural beats? They can. You need to wear headphones and sleep with them on though DaveTheJoker.
      [20:27:15] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry, I shouldn't have slapped you RareCola
      [20:27:16] <Burke> it keeps you on your toes
      [20:27:20] <frobthebuilder> everyone always wants a new XXILD
      [20:27:22] <@Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:27:25] <Mindraker> lol
      [20:27:28] RareCola cries
      [20:27:34] <@Oreoboy1996> should i ask one of my questions now?
      [20:27:35] <@OpheliaBlue> haha I thought.. sklfhs nvm
      [20:27:41] <@OpheliaBlue> yes oreo, go for it
      [20:27:45] <%RareCola>
      [20:27:47] <@OpheliaBlue> and 10 hall points for Idionym WOOHOO
      [20:27:51] <Idionym> =O
      [20:27:56] <@Oreoboy1996> what is a lucid dream?
      [20:27:59] <Mindraker> Not going to be able to sleep with the adrenaline pumping like this
      [20:28:03] <Idionym> a dream were ur counsiouys
      [20:28:08] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao
      [20:28:08] <Idionym> i spell it wrong
      [20:28:10] <DaveTheJoker> I need to change my mind so lucid dreaming is a higher system priority
      [20:28:11] <@OpheliaBlue> in english
      [20:28:15] <@Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:28:17] <@OpheliaBlue> 'm messing
      [20:28:19] <DaveTheJoker> my brain can allocate it more bandwith
      [20:28:21] <frobthebuilder> your brain is not a computer
      [20:28:28] <frobthebuilder> lol
      [20:28:29] <Mindraker> A lucid dream is when you are aware that you are dreaming?
      [20:28:31] <Idionym> conscious
      [20:28:31] <frobthebuilder> bandwidth
      [20:28:33] <DaveTheJoker> ...
      [20:28:42] <Burke> dose speling cont?
      [20:28:51] <@OpheliaBlue> I... am not sure how to judge there.. Oreoboy1996?
      [20:28:54] <@Oreoboy1996> i'd say Mindraker had the best answer
      [20:29:00] Evolventity [[email protected]] is now known as Evolventity|BRB
      [20:29:03] <%RareCola> I'd agree
      [20:29:12] <Idionym> wow
      [20:29:17] <@OpheliaBlue> ok 10 points to Mindraker yaaay
      [20:29:21] <Idionym> so anti-semetic
      [20:29:25] <frobthebuilder> why are you asking them retarded questions?
      [20:29:27] <@OpheliaBlue> but kudos to Idionym for hitting the button faster
      [20:29:34] <Idionym> ya
      [20:29:42] <@Oreoboy1996> i'm more into quality than speed
      [20:29:45] <Mindraker> Ah, I'm not playing for points... I'm playing for fun.
      [20:29:48] <@OpheliaBlue> rawr.
      [20:29:54] <%RareCola> I have a question I can ask, if you'd like
      [20:29:54] Oreoboy1996 throws Mindraker out the window again
      [20:29:59] <@Oreoboy1996> you're playing for knowledge!
      [20:30:02] <@OpheliaBlue> I just throw in points just kuz
      [20:30:05] <Mindraker> yeah
      [20:30:05] <frobthebuilder> >implying
      [20:30:11] <Idionym> im playing cuz im competitive
      [20:30:25] <@Oreoboy1996> go ahead RareCola
      [20:30:26] <Burke> i haz a question for the quiz
      [20:30:34] <Mindraker> (I'm playing to kick your asses, but that's an aside)
      [20:30:37] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah go RareCola
      [20:30:45] <@OpheliaBlue> and then Burke
      [20:30:47] <%RareCola> Q. When you become lucid, name one of the ways you can sustain the dream.
      [20:30:54] <frobthebuilder> spinning
      [20:30:58] <Mindraker> Twirl around in circles!!!
      [20:31:00] <Idionym> rubbing your hands together
      [20:31:02] <frobthebuilder> hand rubbans
      [20:31:08] <frobthebuilder> touch the ground
      [20:31:10] <%RareCola> Grats frob
      [20:31:13] <frobthebuilder> touch the wall
      [20:31:18] <frobthebuilder> touch yourself
      [20:31:20] <frobthebuilder> in ways
      [20:31:22] <%RareCola> Overkill on the win
      [20:31:27] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: http://tinyurl.com/wvm-art - http://github.com/Wintervenom
      [20:31:29] <Mindraker> lol frobthebuilder
      [20:31:42] Evolventity|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Evolventity
      [20:31:42] <@OpheliaBlue> although spinning really sucks, because it can impair vision, I guess I have to award frob the points
      [20:31:44] <frobthebuilder> haa
      [20:31:53] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:31:57] <frobthebuilder> spinning isn't the best for some people
      [20:32:00] <%RareCola> It's still a sustain ability though
      [20:32:03] <frobthebuilder> it wakes them up
      [20:32:06] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah i knowwwwwwwww
      [20:32:09] <@Oreoboy1996> OpheliaBlue's turn to ask a question?
      [20:32:10] <Burke> it works for many though
      [20:32:13] <@OpheliaBlue> burke then me
      [20:32:20] <frobthebuilder> I want a turn
      [20:32:27] <%RareCola> gogo Burke
      [20:32:33] <@Oreoboy1996>
      [20:32:36] <DaveTheJoker> go go gadget arm
      [20:32:44] <%Caenis> People are more excited to ask questions than answer them, haha.
      [20:32:45] <Burke> Who is considered to be one of the founders of modern lucid dreaming and wrote the book exploring the world of lucid dreaming?
      [20:32:52] <frobthebuilder> stephen laberge
      [20:32:54] <Idionym> stpehan labage\
      [20:32:55] <DaveTheJoker> Dreamviews.com
      [20:32:58] <frobthebuilder> I win
      [20:32:59] <@OpheliaBlue> hahhaaa DAVE
      [20:33:00] <Burke> xD
      [20:33:00] <Idionym> im done
      [20:33:02] <Mindraker> No clue
      [20:33:10] <Burke> i like dave's answer but frob got it
      [20:33:16] <DaveTheJoker> dayum
      [20:33:18] <DaveTheJoker> RACIST
      [20:33:18] <%Caenis> Good answer Dave!
      [20:33:18] <frobthebuilder> woooooo
      [20:33:23] <%RareCola> LOL
      [20:33:26] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:33:29] <%RareCola> Frob's typing skills are second to none
      [20:33:31] <Burke> frob gets the points but dave gets a cookie
      [20:33:31] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Exotiraan!
      [20:33:32] <Mindraker> Sigmund Freud
      [20:33:41] <%Caenis> Hello again Exotiraan, want to join in on the quiz fun now?
      [20:33:49] <&InsaneInTheWave> SURPRISE CLASS INSPECTION
      [20:33:51] <frobthebuilder> KWIIIZ TIME
      [20:33:53] <DaveTheJoker> cookies are tasty
      [20:33:54] InsaneInTheWave watches OpheliaBlue like a hawk
      [20:34:12] <Mindraker> hi InsaneInTheWave
      [20:34:28] <@OpheliaBlue> ok my turn, and if frob gets it, seeing as how I see he has alot of LD know how, I will disqualify him for NOT beign a student in my class!
      [20:34:36] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [20:34:41] <frobthebuilder> I won't answer
      [20:34:51] <@OpheliaBlue> ok then
      [20:35:02] <@OpheliaBlue> what does VILD stand for
      [20:35:06] <frobthebuilder> oooo
      [20:35:08] <frobthebuilder> oooooo
      [20:35:09] <DaveTheJoker> ?? VILD
      [20:35:11] <frobthebuilder> grrr
      [20:35:13] <Mindraker> Vision induced lucid dreaming?
      [20:35:24] <Mindraker> (that was a guess)
      [20:35:29] <&InsaneInTheWave> Vasectomy Induced Lucid Dream
      [20:35:29] <@OpheliaBlue> ehhhh close but not quite
      [20:35:31] Oreoboy1996 wants to answer
      [20:35:35] <@OpheliaBlue> SHOCKWAVE
      [20:35:38] Oreoboy1996 slaps himself
      [20:35:41] <Burke> variable interpretations of lucid dreaming
      [20:35:41] <@OpheliaBlue> the hell yo doing
      [20:35:44] <&InsaneInTheWave> D:
      [20:35:46] <DaveTheJoker> ...
      [20:35:47] <Mindraker> Hah nice InsaneInTheWave ... too bad that's not true, InsaneInTheWave
      [20:35:48] <frobthebuilder> gawd damn you guys
      [20:36:01] <@Oreoboy1996> ^
      [20:36:02] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah oreo and I talk abotu this all the time
      [20:36:03] <&InsaneInTheWave> I'm inspecting yo' class OpheliaBlue
      [20:36:12] Burke hides the drugs
      [20:36:13] <frobthebuilder> you all SUKK
      [20:36:17] <@OpheliaBlue> with vasectomy references?
      [20:36:19] <%RareCola> LOL
      [20:36:24] InsaneInTheWave [[email protected]] has set mode -o InsaneInTheWave
      [20:36:35] <%RareCola> I think the vasectomy answer disorientated everyone
      [20:36:36] <Idionym> what method should i useeeeeeeeeee
      [20:36:37] <&InsaneInTheWave> point taken - I'll be less noisy in here
      [20:36:40] <Idionym> idk which 1
      [20:36:47] Exotiraan [Looking over replay]: Visualization-Induced Lucid Dream.
      [20:36:53] <frobthebuilder> THANKS YOU
      [20:37:00] <frobthebuilder> you guys are terrible
      [20:37:01] <@Oreoboy1996> ehh i don't think so
      [20:37:04] <@OpheliaBlue> there's one important word being left out here
      [20:37:10] <@Oreoboy1996> can i say it? D:
      [20:37:18] <frobthebuilder> waaat?
      [20:37:19] <@OpheliaBlue> go ahead if yo're about to pop
      [20:37:21] <Burke> vindication!
      [20:37:22] <Mindraker> Ah, visualIZATION...
      [20:37:28] <@Oreoboy1996> Visually Incubated Lucid Dream
      [20:37:29] <@Oreoboy1996> pretty sure
      [20:37:33] <frobthebuilder> waaaaat
      [20:37:43] <@OpheliaBlue> Incubationnnnnnnnnn ladies and gentlemen, no points awarded THIS round
      [20:37:49] <frobthebuilder> pfft
      [20:37:49] <&InsaneInTheWave> :O
      [20:37:53] <frobthebuilder> I have never heard that one
      [20:37:55] <frobthebuilder> ever
      [20:37:55] <%RareCola> You are learning something in this quiz, frobthebuilder
      [20:37:58] <Mindraker> Meh
      [20:38:00] <@Oreoboy1996> extra homework for all of you
      [20:38:03] Oreoboy1996 laughs evily
      [20:38:05] <@OpheliaBlue> it's in my lessons i nDVA
      [20:38:09] <frobthebuilder> I'm not even in this class
      [20:38:20] <%Caenis> Oreoboy1996, you technically got it wrong too. =p
      [20:38:21] <@OpheliaBlue> oh but I thought you kenw everything
      [20:38:34] <&InsaneInTheWave> can I ask one?
      [20:38:38] <@Oreoboy1996> how?
      [20:38:41] <Mindraker> We're human, we all make mistakes
      [20:38:44] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: really?
      [20:38:47] <frobthebuilder> If I knew everything, I wouldn't be in sageous' class
      [20:38:54] <@OpheliaBlue> yes shock, if it's serious
      [20:39:07] <%Caenis> Oh. Wait no. I thought you were specific on Incubation, rather than Incubated.
      [20:39:16] <%Caenis> So I guess not.
      [20:39:23] <&InsaneInTheWave> Q. What does FILD stand for, and how does it help you to gain lucidity?
      [20:39:30] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo good one
      [20:39:33] <&InsaneInTheWave>
      [20:39:37] <frobthebuilder> finger induced lucid dream
      [20:39:38] <@OpheliaBlue> I remember this one because I don't like it
      [20:39:41] <Burke> i knows but i don't want to answer
      [20:39:41] <&InsaneInTheWave> rofl
      [20:39:43] <@OpheliaBlue> damnit FROB
      [20:39:52] <Burke> btw, its a two part question
      [20:39:53] <frobthebuilder> I didn't answer the second part
      [20:39:53] <@Oreoboy1996> waaiiiit
      [20:39:54] <%RareCola> I tried FILD once, I just fell asleep
      [20:39:58] <@Oreoboy1996> what burke said
      [20:40:09] <frobthebuilder> somebody else get the second one
      [20:40:12] <DaveTheJoker> fucking induced lucid dream
      [20:40:23] <Idionym> isnt FILD bascially a DEILD with an anchor?
      [20:40:23] Oreoboy1996 throws DaveTheJoker through a steel wall
      [20:40:26] <&InsaneInTheWave> Ophelia, your students know too much already
      [20:40:29] <@OpheliaBlue> oh jesus I need a refill
      [20:40:38] <@Oreoboy1996> Idionym: pretty much >.>
      [20:40:39] <Mindraker> Never heard of FILD until today
      [20:40:40] <&InsaneInTheWave> Idionym: good, you're getting there
      [20:40:45] <Burke> it helps you by keeping you conscious enough to not fall asleep but it won't keep you too awake that you don't fall asleep
      [20:40:46] <DaveTheJoker> I mean it would make sense
      [20:40:46] <@OpheliaBlue> half the people answering are not my students InsaneInTheWave
      [20:40:52] <&InsaneInTheWave> OpheliaBlue: oh!
      [20:40:54] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:40:54] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:41:07] <DaveTheJoker> oh shit dont put that in the log
      [20:41:23] <Mindraker> lol
      [20:41:35] <%Caenis> You shouldn't have said it if you didn't want it logged.
      [20:41:46] <DaveTheJoker> I dont really think before I type thing
      [20:41:47] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [20:41:48] <DaveTheJoker> *s
      [20:41:49] <frobthebuilder> idiot
      [20:41:54] <&InsaneInTheWave> So I'm taking charge while Ophelia is gone: can anyone tell me what an anchor is, including tell me how it works?
      [20:42:09] <DaveTheJoker> you cast it off the side of a boat
      [20:42:10] <@Oreoboy1996> i can
      [20:42:13] <@Oreoboy1996> but i won't >.>
      [20:42:13] <DaveTheJoker> and tie it to a cleat
      [20:42:14] <Mindraker> It's a big metal device, attached to a chain, that sinks to the bottom of the sea?
      [20:42:17] <Burke> what i said earlier
      [20:42:18] <&InsaneInTheWave> -.-
      [20:42:20] <frobthebuilder> an anchor allows you to keep some of your consciousness as you fall asleep
      [20:42:20] <DaveTheJoker> WRONG
      [20:42:25] <DaveTheJoker> It could be a rope
      [20:42:28] <@Oreoboy1996> lmao
      [20:42:32] <frobthebuilder> it's something that you concentrate on
      [20:42:32] <&InsaneInTheWave> Burke: oh there goes my wonderfully crafted question
      [20:42:35] <frobthebuilder> be it a sound
      [20:42:37] <frobthebuilder> an image
      [20:42:39] <frobthebuilder> breathing
      [20:42:40] <frobthebuilder> etc
      [20:42:55] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:42:56] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:42:59] <DaveTheJoker> anchors come in various sizes and shapes
      [20:42:59] <frobthebuilder> do I win yet?
      [20:43:03] <@Oreoboy1996> i have to agree with DaveTheJoker
      [20:43:19] <DaveTheJoker> lOL
      [20:43:23] <frobthebuilder> you just hate me
      [20:43:28] <@Oreoboy1996> yes i do
      [20:43:31] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:43:34] <DaveTheJoker> really
      [20:43:39] <%Caenis> Can I ask a question?
      [20:43:42] <DaveTheJoker> do it
      [20:43:45] <@Oreoboy1996> sure
      [20:43:45] RareCola sits awkwardly
      [20:43:46] <Burke> pi!
      [20:44:01] <Mindraker> Isn't an "anchor" like the "spinning top" in the "inception movie", just without the hollywood drama effect?
      [20:44:09] <%Caenis> No, that was a totem.
      [20:44:13] <Mindraker> Ah ok
      [20:44:17] <Yomi> No anchor is
      [20:44:18] <DaveTheJoker> question
      [20:44:29] <frobthebuilder> let me ask one
      [20:44:31] <frobthebuilder> pleeeeaaase
      [20:44:34] <Yomi> keeps your mind focused to avoid falling asleep?
      [20:44:47] <@Oreoboy1996> how come everyone suddenly wants to ask questions today?
      [20:44:50] <@OpheliaBlue> oh god frob just ask
      [20:44:52] <Yomi> but doesn't cause too much of a distraction.
      [20:44:52] <Burke> you le tus
      [20:44:58] <frobthebuilder> actually I can't think of one
      [20:45:00] <Yomi> counting maybe.
      [20:45:00] <frobthebuilder> carry on
      [20:45:08] <Mindraker> OK I'll look it up, I got the terms mixed up :/
      [20:45:10] <%Caenis> I want in! I want to ask!
      [20:45:11] <@OpheliaBlue> ok who's turn is it
      [20:45:11] <Yomi> Did I get it right?
      [20:45:13] <%RareCola> Go ahead, Caenis
      [20:45:16] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah caenis
      [20:45:17] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: ask
      [20:45:18] <%Caenis> Q. Name three benefits from lucid dreaming.
      [20:45:19] <frobthebuilder> WAIT
      [20:45:23] <frobthebuilder> I got one after this
      [20:45:24] <DaveTheJoker> hmmm
      [20:45:32] <frobthebuilder> >creative skills
      [20:45:40] <DaveTheJoker> awareness during the day
      [20:45:41] <frobthebuilder> >freedom from police
      [20:45:48] <frobthebuilder> >sexy time
      [20:45:50] <frobthebuilder> there
      [20:45:52] <Burke> xD
      [20:45:58] <frobthebuilder> now let me ask one
      [20:46:02] <DaveTheJoker> freedom
      [20:46:02] <frobthebuilder> I got a good one
      [20:46:08] <&InsaneInTheWave> give the other people a chance to answer the question
      [20:46:11] <frobthebuilder> k
      [20:46:15] <Yomi> in tuneness between subc and conscious....?
      [20:46:20] <DaveTheJoker> increased focus
      [20:46:28] <@Oreoboy1996> stress relief
      [20:46:28] <DaveTheJoker> *abliity to focus
      [20:47:01] <DaveTheJoker> !brb cheesecake
      [20:47:02] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB
      [20:47:06] <%RareCola> Lmao
      [20:47:10] <frobthebuilder> k, now let me ask one
      [20:47:24] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:47:24] <Burke> D: i want some cheesecake
      [20:47:25] <&InsaneInTheWave> go ahead
      [20:47:37] <syth406> Hey guise
      [20:47:40] <@Oreoboy1996> hello syth406
      [20:47:42] <Burke> hai
      [20:47:45] <%Caenis> Hey syth.
      [20:47:46] <&InsaneInTheWave> welcome
      [20:47:47] <frobthebuilder> Q. What should you read before posting in the Attaining Lucidity subforum?
      [20:47:49] <@OpheliaBlue> hey syth406
      [20:48:03] Oreoboy1996 kicks frobthebuilder in the kidneys repeatedly
      [20:48:06] <@OpheliaBlue> hold on, what happened to Caenis's question?
      [20:48:07] <frobthebuilder> come on, you know this one
      [20:48:12] <frobthebuilder> you can do it
      [20:48:18] <Idionym> brb
      [20:48:20] <%RareCola> He asked it and it was answered to death by Dave, Ophelia
      [20:48:22] <Idionym> !BRB
      [20:48:23] Idionym [[email protected]] is now known as Idionym|BRB
      [20:48:25] <frobthebuilder> I seriously hope you know this
      [20:48:28] <@Oreoboy1996> 21:45:52] <%Caenis> Q. Name three benefits from lucid dreaming.
      [20:48:35] <%RareCola> The wiki
      [20:48:40] <%Caenis> Technically frob answered first with sexytimes and some other silly answers.
      [20:48:41] <&InsaneInTheWave> OpheliaBlue: you missed all the great answers
      [20:48:42] <frobthebuilder> DING
      [20:48:43] <Yomi> idk, the rules?
      [20:48:44] <frobthebuilder> DING
      [20:48:45] <frobthebuilder> DING
      [20:48:49] <frobthebuilder> THE WIKI
      [20:48:49] <Yomi> DINg
      [20:48:52] <frobthebuilder> THERE WE GO
      [20:49:01] <frobthebuilder> ONE PERSON KNOWS
      [20:49:06] <@OpheliaBlue> InsaneInTheWave: I missed the great question I think
      [20:49:11] <%RareCola> LOL
      [20:49:28] <@Oreoboy1996> done complaining about that forum yet?
      [20:49:32] <frobthebuilder> never.
      [20:49:36] <%Caenis> Sorry Ophelia! I just couldn't wait. :p
      [20:49:45] <frobthebuilder> okay whos next?
      [20:49:53] <%RareCola> I have another question to ask
      [20:49:58] <@OpheliaBlue> wait for what? what was the questionnnnn waaaaaah
      [20:50:06] <Burke> we don't know yet
      [20:50:11] <Burke> we're waiting for somebody to ask it
      [20:50:13] <@OpheliaBlue> oh fudge nvm
      [20:50:15] <@Oreoboy1996> should we spend the last 10 minutes on OpheliaBlue's questions?
      [20:50:20] <&InsaneInTheWave> OpheliaBlue: it was this
      [20:50:21] <&InsaneInTheWave> <%Caenis> Q. Name three benefits from lucid dreaming.
      [20:50:23] <@OpheliaBlue> I finally found it among all the babble
      [20:50:33] <Idionym|BRB> !back
      [20:50:34] Idionym|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Idionym
      [20:50:40] <%RareCola> haha
      [20:50:45] <@OpheliaBlue> no I want more oreo questions since he said he had 6
      [20:50:52] <%RareCola> D:
      [20:51:02] <@OpheliaBlue> oh and yuo too RareCola
      [20:51:05] <@Oreoboy1996> okay
      [20:51:07] <%RareCola>
      [20:51:09] <@OpheliaBlue> I just meant instead of mine
      [20:51:18] <@Oreoboy1996> Q. What is the importance of awareness?
      [20:51:30] <frobthebuilder> it lets you realize when you're dreaming
      [20:51:32] <Mindraker> Lucid dreaming's benefits are only as much as what YOU want them to be: you are more in touch with your OWN mind and subconscious; you face your own fears; you sleep better; and so on.
      [20:51:45] <Burke> a bit late Mindraker
      [20:51:50] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [20:51:53] <%Caenis> A great answer though!
      [20:51:55] <%RareCola> Good answer though
      [20:51:57] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it was
      [20:51:58] <%RareCola>
      [20:52:06] <%RareCola> Bonus points!
      [20:52:08] <&InsaneInTheWave> awareness helps you to notice things better, and sometimes more clearly
      [20:52:37] <&InsaneInTheWave> and also while you're lucid, increasing your awareness means you can get a more vivid experience
      [20:52:42] <@OpheliaBlue> I think we're looking for a more in depth, less slap dash answer here
      [20:52:50] <frobthebuilder> pfft
      [20:52:53] <frobthebuilder> I answered
      [20:53:01] <Mindraker> Well... it's a good question, but it goes hand-in-hand with "what are the benefits of sleeping better?"
      [20:53:02] <@Oreoboy1996> yeah i only care about the quality of the answer really
      [20:53:12] <frobthebuilder> whaaaatever
      [20:53:57] <@OpheliaBlue> I'd say, the more aware you are in waking life, the more apt you are to notice things out of place quicker in a dream, and can therefore perform a necessary reality check which won't fail, whereby attaining lucidity.
      [20:54:06] <%RareCola> As nobody else is answering: Awareness is important, not only because it increases the vividness of your dreams but because it allows you to pick up on the inconsistencies in the dream world generally inducing more DILDs. Awareness could also be used to sustain a lucid dream by focusing on all of your senses.
      [20:54:26] <frobthebuilder> k theres your answer
      [20:54:27] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I officially love you dude.
      [20:54:31] <@Oreoboy1996> ^
      [20:54:33] <Mindraker> Very nice answer.
      [20:54:36] Oreoboy1996 gives RareCola a cookie
      [20:54:40] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:54:54] Mindraker gives a group hug for awesome answer
      [20:54:57] InsaneInTheWave gives RareCola a muffin too.
      [20:55:04] <%RareCola> Can I ask one now?
      [20:55:08] <@OpheliaBlue> go for it
      [20:55:10] <frobthebuilder> yes do it
      [20:55:13] <syth406> And it just generally imporoves lifestyle
      [20:55:24] <@OpheliaBlue> lol syth?
      [20:55:34] <@Oreoboy1996> lmao syth
      [20:55:43] <%RareCola> Q. Although lucid dreaming has only become more popular in the modern world in the last few decades, it has actually been around for much longer. Who were the first known practitioners of lucid dreaming and what were the techniques they practiced?
      [20:55:47] <@Oreoboy1996> i think he was still on Caenis
      [20:55:56] <frobthebuilder> the dream yogi's?
      [20:55:57] <@OpheliaBlue> oh dayamn
      [20:55:58] <Burke> no google allowed
      [20:56:03] <frobthebuilder> they did like
      [20:56:05] <frobthebuilder> WILD
      [20:56:07] <frobthebuilder> I think
      [20:56:11] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I would for sure have to google that one
      [20:56:16] <%RareCola> ~wrong
      [20:56:20] <frobthebuilder> fack
      [20:56:25] <frobthebuilder> Sigmund Frued
      [20:56:26] <Mindraker> Sigmund Freud?
      [20:56:27] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:56:29] <Burke> lmao
      [20:56:29] <@Oreoboy1996> i was the first lucid dreamer of course >.>
      [20:56:35] <@OpheliaBlue> ofcourse
      [20:56:40] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [20:56:46] <@OpheliaBlue> awwww
      [20:56:46] <Mindraker> OK folks I'm heading off to bed, sleep tight everyone.
      [20:56:50] <Idionym> tibeten monks
      [20:56:52] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Mindraker
      [20:56:57] <%Caenis> I'm sure it was monks, but I don't remember who. Something with a t.
      [20:57:01] OldSparta [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:57:01] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +a OldSparta
      [20:57:02] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v OldSparta
      [20:57:04] <%RareCola> First part correct by Idionym
      [20:57:05] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +h OldSparta
      [20:57:09] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o OldSparta
      [20:57:13] OldSparta [[email protected]] has set mode +o InsaneInTheWave
      [20:57:15] <Idionym> oh ya
      [20:57:20] <%RareCola> Although it was technically the Tibetan Buddhists, but close enough
      [20:57:23] <Mindraker> nice night
      [20:57:24] <Burke> OBE?
      [20:57:24] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:57:28] <&OldSparta> GOtta do everything for ya InsaneInTheWave
      [20:57:30] <%RareCola> What about the techniques they practiced?
      [20:57:30] OldSparta [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
      [20:57:31] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:57:37] <Burke> for technique
      [20:57:38] <@OpheliaBlue> wb syth
      [20:57:47] <syth406> iPod app crashed
      [20:57:48] <@OpheliaBlue> my guess would be WILD
      [20:57:53] <@OpheliaBlue> but it's just a geuss
      [20:57:55] <frobthebuilder> it was DEFINITELY Sigmund Frued
      [20:58:03] <%RareCola> We have a course in DVA for one of the techniques at the moment
      [20:58:09] <@Oreoboy1996> since we're somewhere near the topic, i'll ask another one of my questions
      [20:58:13] <syth406> Missed the question
      [20:58:13] Caenis puts just a little bit of duct tape on frob's fingers.
      [20:58:16] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I didn't know Freud was a tibetan buddhist
      [20:58:17] <@Oreoboy1996> what is the difference between DILD and WILD
      [20:58:22] <frobthebuilder> pfft
      [20:58:23] <frobthebuilder> HA
      [20:58:24] <frobthebuilder> HA
      [20:58:24] <frobthebuilder> HA
      [20:58:30] <Burke> a 'D' and a 'W'
      [20:58:32] <frobthebuilder> don't even make em answer this one
      [20:58:34] <frobthebuilder> me
      [20:58:37] <syth406> I did
      [20:58:39] <@Oreoboy1996> can i kick him yet? >.>
      [20:58:47] <&InsaneInTheWave> the next time
      [20:58:50] <@OpheliaBlue> oh every class needs a class clown
      [20:58:58] RareCola gives frobthebuilder a dunce hat
      [20:59:03] <@Oreoboy1996> not really a clown, just a pain in the ass >.>
      [20:59:07] <Burke> RareCola: they practiced DILD
      [20:59:09] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: http://tinyurl.com/wvm-art - http://github.com/Wintervenom
      [20:59:13] <frobthebuilder> I'm not gonna answer this one
      [20:59:16] <frobthebuilder> juuust sayin
      [20:59:22] <Burke> note: does it have to be specific technique or no?
      [20:59:26] <%RareCola> And as nobody answered the second part of my question, it was Sleep Yoga & Dream Yoga
      [20:59:27] <DaveTheJoker|BRB> !back
      [20:59:27] DaveTheJoker|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [20:59:31] <DaveTheJoker> yummy cheasecake
      [20:59:33] <@OpheliaBlue> ohhhhhhhhhh
      [20:59:46] <@OpheliaBlue> like a meditation type of WILDy thing?
      [21:00:00] <%RareCola> Somewhat, yea
      [21:00:06] <Burke> i thought it was meditation while in a dream
      [21:00:08] <DaveTheJoker> where the wildy things are
      [21:00:10] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:00:10] <@OpheliaBlue> so I was the closest!
      [21:00:11] <Burke> to better achieve enlightenment
      [21:00:23] <%Caenis> RareCola: I thought someone said dream yogi's for in response to your first question. So that kind of counts toward your second part.
      [21:00:25] <&InsaneInTheWave> DILD is when you realize that you're dreaming, during a dream, either through the feel of the dream, other factors, or through a technique like MILD. However, WILD is when you enter the dream knowing that you're dreaming, from your awake state. This involves being conscious during sleep paralysis
      [21:00:33] <frobthebuilder> k he got it
      [21:00:36] <syth406> Hey are there any teas that I can get easily that have some cool dream effects?
      [21:00:37] <frobthebuilder> lets move on
      [21:00:40] <@OpheliaBlue> no because it was Frob, Caenis, and his answers do not count
      [21:00:43] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:00:44] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v dreamerJon23
      [21:00:48] <+dreamerJon23> hey guys
      [21:00:51] <Burke> hola
      [21:00:51] <%Caenis> Ooooooooooh. Didn't realize it was him. Got it.
      [21:00:57] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [21:00:58] <%RareCola> Haha and it was the dream yogis who were the first practitioners anyway
      [21:01:02] <%RareCola> that's the part he was answering
      [21:01:02] <+dreamerJon23> hi Ophie
      [21:01:03] <DaveTheJoker> another question
      [21:01:04] <%Caenis> Hey dreamerJon23. You're a little late unfortunately.
      [21:01:04] <@Oreoboy1996> InsaneInTheWave got it right
      [21:01:05] <frobthebuilder> I hate you guys
      [21:01:07] <@OpheliaBlue> hey DreamBot
      [21:01:08] <DaveTheJoker> maybe I will know onoe
      [21:01:09] <&InsaneInTheWave>
      [21:01:09] <@OpheliaBlue> oops
      [21:01:12] <@OpheliaBlue> dreamerJon23:
      [21:01:17] <+dreamerJon23> D:
      [21:01:18] <@OpheliaBlue> hai
      [21:01:24] <+dreamerJon23> I had a game
      [21:01:27] <+dreamerJon23> just got back
      [21:01:28] <@OpheliaBlue> class is over, go home everyone
      [21:01:35] <+dreamerJon23> lolol
      [21:01:35] <DaveTheJoker> yay!!!
      [21:01:37] <@Oreoboy1996> we should do pop quizes more often
      [21:01:38] <frobthebuilder> this is a class?
      [21:01:39] <+dreamerJon23> ^^
      [21:01:41] <DaveTheJoker> SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER
      [21:01:43] <+dreamerJon23> hi Oreoboy1996
      [21:01:44] <@Oreoboy1996> since it makes everyone ask questions...
      [21:01:48] <%RareCola> 'Twas fun tonight
      [21:01:49] <@OpheliaBlue> you said that last time frobthebuilder
      [21:01:50] <@Oreoboy1996> hello dreamerJon23
      [21:01:52] mydera [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:01:55] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [21:01:56] <@OpheliaBlue> yes it was, and yes we will
      [21:02:00] <frobthebuilder> my material is getting stale
      [21:02:00] <+dreamerJon23> what did you guys learn?
      [21:02:07] <DaveTheJoker> well we got no class
      [21:02:10] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: http://tinyurl.com/wvm-art - http://github.com/Wintervenom
      [21:02:19] <%RareCola> Frob learnt that he can be wrong
      [21:02:21] <@Oreoboy1996> i think we learned things mostly pertaining to awareness
      [21:02:22] <%RareCola>
      [21:02:24] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [21:02:27] <@Oreoboy1996> and that
      [21:02:29] <+dreamerJon23> coo,
      [21:02:30] <DaveTheJoker> and we got no principals
      [21:02:38] <%Caenis> I'm a classy sonovabitch, I don't know what you're talking about DaveTheJoker.
      [21:02:58] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah what's up there Dave
      [21:03:12] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [21:03:15] <DaveTheJoker> no more pencils
      [21:03:15] <DaveTheJoker> no more books
      [21:03:15] <frobthebuilder> no more teachers dirty looks
      [21:03:15] <DaveTheJoker> no more teachers dirty looks
      [21:03:15] <frobthebuilder> gotcha
      [21:03:18] <+dreamerJon23> have a nice night everyone
      [21:03:22] <+dreamerJon23> later
      [21:03:24] <DaveTheJoker> I'm use youre not giving me dirty looks OpheliaBlue
      [21:03:26] <Burke> g'night
      [21:03:28] <DaveTheJoker> *sure
      [21:03:30] <@OpheliaBlue> oh he's talkign abotu his actual school
      [21:03:30] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:03:35] <DaveTheJoker> nope
      [21:03:37] <frobthebuilder> it's a song
      [21:03:40] <frobthebuilder> a stupid one
      [21:03:41] <Burke> speaking of which, I'm done
      [21:03:43] Burke dances
      [21:03:51] <@OpheliaBlue> ok and it was confused looks at any rate
      [21:03:51] <DaveTheJoker> I graduated last sunday
      [21:03:59] <@OpheliaBlue> congrats!
      [21:04:01] <DaveTheJoker> thx
      [21:04:18] Burke claps for any graduates this year that are present.
      [21:04:18] <@Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: didn't we tell you no more lyrics? >.>
      [21:04:23] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: save the rest of your questions for next time!
      [21:04:25] <%Caenis> !brb moving D'Brickashaw and cleaning his area
      [21:04:25] Caenis [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis|BRB
      [21:04:29] <@Oreoboy1996> alright OpheliaBlue
      [21:04:39] <@OpheliaBlue> Brickashawwwww
      [21:04:40] <DaveTheJoker> alright
      [21:04:45] <@OpheliaBlue> I love that little duck pooper
      [21:04:52] <%Caenis|BRB> God it poops too much.
      [21:04:52] <%RareCola> After pop quiz fun, maybe I'll actually become lucid tonight :l
      [21:04:56] <DaveTheJoker> I need to figure out how to reboot my brain into lucid dreaming safe mode
      [21:05:04] <&InsaneInTheWave> out-of-class question for the brave of heart: Discuss whether you consider DEILD to be a form of WILD, or whether you think it's different
      [21:05:07] <@OpheliaBlue> We shall all become lucid.
      [21:05:18] <@Oreoboy1996> so i guess we should ask questions ourselves more than the students?
      [21:05:27] <%RareCola> DEILD is technically just a WILD, it's still wake-induced.
      [21:05:40] <%RareCola> It's just easier to refer to it as DEILD than a WILD that is induced after waking from a dream
      [21:05:46] <DaveTheJoker> I think I will go through my DJ before bed to try and bring them into my mind
      [21:05:46] <@OpheliaBlue> the onset of DEILD isn't necessarily a WILD, but subsequent LD chains are i nthe WILD format
      [21:06:39] <@Oreoboy1996> i think i'll go back to learning stuff now unless something here catches my attention
      [21:06:40] <frobthebuilder> DEILD is certainly a form of WILD
      [21:06:41] <frobthebuilder> but
      [21:06:47] <frobthebuilder> it's more like WILD-lite
      [21:06:59] <frobthebuilder> since you only go through the later stages
      [21:07:22] <%RareCola> you could say.. DEILD is a wilder form of WILDing
      [21:07:32] <frobthebuilder> no, it's a less WILD form
      [21:07:33] <&InsaneInTheWave> so it kind of boils down to: should we consider being conscious in SP, awake?
      [21:07:34] <Burke> i c what u did thar
      [21:07:47] <&InsaneInTheWave> because we don't consider being conscious in a dream, awake
      [21:07:48] <frobthebuilder> it's like WILD, but not as wild
      [21:07:53] <@OpheliaBlue> I..... agree with frob O_O
      [21:08:03] <frobthebuilder> oh hoh hoh
      [21:08:06] <&InsaneInTheWave> lol
      [21:08:11] <frobthebuilder> never thought that would happen, did ya?
      [21:08:12] <DaveTheJoker> lol frob
      [21:08:19] <%RareCola> Eh I'd say it's more wild because you're thrown into a dream in seconds
      [21:08:23] <@OpheliaBlue> not in a million lifetimes
      [21:08:28] <frobthebuilder> hah
      [21:08:30] <%RareCola> laying there motionless for a while isn't very wild
      [21:08:41] <frobthebuilder> you do have a point
      [21:08:42] <frobthebuilder> but
      [21:08:49] <frobthebuilder> laying there is an additional portion
      [21:08:55] <@Oreoboy1996> DEILD = fast paced WILD that goes straight into the later stages
      [21:08:57] <&InsaneInTheWave> RareCola: unless you have a sexy woman on top of you in your hallucinations
      [21:09:05] <frobthebuilder> DEILD is just like doing the second half of WILD
      [21:09:06] <@Oreoboy1996> pretty sure that sums it up
      [21:09:08] <%RareCola> Lmao Shock
      [21:09:13] <@OpheliaBlue> those were my first DEILDs InsaneInTheWave
      [21:09:18] <@OpheliaBlue> major making out
      [21:09:22] <frobthebuilder> But I'm not very good at DEILD
      [21:09:26] <&InsaneInTheWave> you had a sexy *woman* on top of you, OpheliaBlue ??
      [21:09:26] <frobthebuilder> I end up just laying there
      [21:09:33] <frobthebuilder> awake
      [21:09:33] <@OpheliaBlue> oh you little buttmonkey
      [21:09:36] <&InsaneInTheWave>
      [21:09:43] <%RareCola> I'm not great at DEILDs either, I can only do them after waking from a DILD
      [21:09:45] <%RareCola> Need to practice
      [21:09:48] <frobthebuilder> mmhmm
      [21:09:54] <%RareCola> OpheliaBlue: Write a DEILD guide!
      [21:10:00] <frobthebuilder> If sageous is as good as he seems
      [21:10:05] <@OpheliaBlue> ok my son is clamoring for cupcakes
      [21:10:07] <frobthebuilder> I should be able to WILD in no time
      [21:10:10] <@OpheliaBlue> me??
      [21:10:19] <@OpheliaBlue> I dunno.. my DEILDs are funky
      [21:10:28] <%RareCola> yea I think WILDing comes next week in Sageous' class, frobthebuilder
      [21:10:28] <frobthebuilder> with a success rate above 0%
      [21:10:36] <frobthebuilder> aw yeaaah
      [21:10:37] <%RareCola> Even so OpheliaBlue, you've been DEILDing for years
      [21:10:40] <%RareCola> lots of experience
      [21:10:41] <@OpheliaBlue> I would need a partner for sure
      [21:11:01] InsaneInTheWave calls Oreoboy1996
      [21:11:11] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [21:11:24] <@OpheliaBlue> preferably a partner who had to work at it to figure it out like I did
      [21:11:31] <@OpheliaBlue> a non-natural
      [21:11:39] <%RareCola> I don't know anyone else who's really well-versed in DEILDing
      [21:11:41] <frobthebuilder> I hate naturals
      [21:11:48] <@OpheliaBlue> anyway, cupcakessssss or death
      [21:11:52] <&InsaneInTheWave> lol
      [21:11:53] <@OpheliaBlue> slash Eddie Izzard
      [21:11:58] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:11:58] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [21:12:01] Burke waves at RareCola
      [21:12:06] <%RareCola> It's sad beacuse I don't think naturals really appreciate lucid dreaming as much
      [21:12:10] <frobthebuilder> yep
      [21:12:15] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> awesome class, thanks y'all
      [21:12:22] RareCola eats Burke's hand
      [21:12:23] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> and yes RareCola, true soemtimes
      [21:12:23] <&InsaneInTheWave> RareCola: well life's like that in general
      [21:12:25] <DaveTheJoker> thanks OpheliaBlue|Away
      [21:12:26] <Burke> D:
      [21:12:29] <@Oreoboy1996> hmm?
      [21:12:34] <@Oreoboy1996> what do you need?
      [21:12:41] <&InsaneInTheWave> we don't appreciate computers as much as people who have never owned or used a computer
      [21:12:54] <%RareCola> !brb for a bit too
      [21:12:55] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [21:13:19] <DaveTheJoker> are there any lucid dreaming recordings
      [21:13:20] <@Oreoboy1996> i take offense to that frob
      [21:13:22] <frobthebuilder> I know I do
      [21:13:35] <frobthebuilder> that's why I said it
      [21:14:29] <Burke> @dave what do you mean?
      [21:14:45] <DaveTheJoker> like ummm
      [21:14:57] <Burke> visual? audio?
      [21:15:01] <Burke> brainwaves?
      [21:15:03] <DaveTheJoker> audio
      [21:15:09] <Burke> no, there aren't
      [21:15:14] <DaveTheJoker> like stuff that imprints on your brain
      [21:15:21] <Burke> although there are people working to create sounds form brain waves
      [21:15:36] <Burke> they've done it with very short sentences but they were very murky and hard to understand
      [21:15:47] <frobthebuilder> they also did it with images
      [21:15:54] <@Oreoboy1996> going to attempt to create a custom map for a game
      [21:16:01] <frobthebuilder> the images were really fuzzy though
      [21:16:06] <frobthebuilder> but it worked
      [21:16:09] <DaveTheJoker> ever heard of this "Lucid Dreaming World-Collective uncoscious mind"
      [21:16:13] <Burke> yeah, it will probably become more advanced though
      [21:16:15] <Burke> and yes
      [21:16:15] <frobthebuilder> they resembled what they were seeing
      [21:16:17] <@Oreoboy1996> i guess i should plan/draw it out in my mind first...
      [21:16:19] <DaveTheJoker> Pure music for lucid dreaming
      [21:16:34] <Burke> oh, im thinking of something else then dave
      [21:16:51] <DaveTheJoker> it looks lame
      [21:16:57] <DaveTheJoker> anyway
      [21:18:20] <DaveTheJoker> I am going to try reading through my DJ right before bed
      [21:18:26] <DaveTheJoker> maybe that will trigger my mind
      [21:18:40] <DaveTheJoker> and then write down a mantra like 30 times
      [21:19:17] <Evolventity> did class start
      [21:19:20] <DaveTheJoker> and then hypnotize myself for vividness
      [21:19:27] <DaveTheJoker> lol Evolventity
      [21:19:28] <frobthebuilder> class is over
      [21:19:41] <Evolventity> oh okay
      [21:20:45] Idionym [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:21:21] <Burke> it starts at 8 CST, or GMT -6
      [21:21:32] <DaveTheJoker> *started
      [21:21:38] <DaveTheJoker> oh well nm
      [21:21:44] <frobthebuilder> wait, this was a class?
      [21:21:57] <Burke> more of a discussion but yes, a DVA class
      [21:30:47] <Yomi> hm
      [21:30:58] <Yomi> if it's a discussion, can i ask a question?
      [21:34:35] <%RareCola|BRB> !back
      [21:34:35] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [21:34:40] <%RareCola> Class is over, but feel free to ask a question
      [21:34:42] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:35:23] <Yomi> recalling lucids...should it be something like recalling a memory from WL?
      [21:35:55] <Yomi> Or just more vividly than regular non-lucids?
      [21:36:04] <%RareCola> Yea, if you're having a really good lucid it can feel like you're recalling a WL memory from say, 15 minutes ago
      [21:36:36] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:36:54] <%RareCola> With non-lucids it's pretty common to get vagueness, or blanks in the recall
      [21:37:03] <%RareCola> it's not like that with lucids, you recall it all like a normal memory
      [21:37:07] <Burke> btw RareCola i heard you were thinking about DEILDs. If you have any questions I can try to answer them for you since that's my main technique
      [21:37:14] <Yomi> RareCola: thank you. I'd been wondering that for quite awhile. That's good to know.
      [21:37:26] <frobthebuilder> I don't even GOOD at DEILD
      [21:37:26] <%RareCola> Ah is that why you waved earlier Burke?
      [21:37:34] <Burke> yes
      [21:37:44] <%RareCola> I've had 2 DEILDs before, but I've only induced them after waking from a DILD
      [21:37:57] <Burke> that's the easiest but they can be done from normal dreams too
      [21:37:58] <%RareCola> I can never remember to do it when normally waking, let alone stay still
      [21:37:59] <frobthebuilder>
      [21:38:02] <frobthebuilder> guess who i am
      [21:38:07] <frobthebuilder> (you guys)
      [21:38:30] <Burke> a trick I do is to train myself to recognize when normal dreams are fading
      [21:38:41] <Burke> often it happens when I'm about to wake up
      [21:39:03] <%RareCola> How does one train theirselves to recognise when a normal is fading
      [21:39:44] <Burke> i just imagine the feeling of a dream fading for a couple minutes before falling asleep
      [21:39:56] <frobthebuilder> ha
      [21:39:57] <Burke> you've probably felt it before with LDs
      [21:40:02] <frobthebuilder> I know how that is
      [21:40:10] <frobthebuilder> "FUCK I CAN'T SEE"
      [21:40:12] <Burke> when it goes all fuzzy and you feel like you're blacking out
      [21:40:46] <%RareCola> Yea, you still get that with non-lucids?
      [21:40:49] <%RareCola> I've never noticed it
      [21:40:51] <Burke> yep
      [21:40:53] <frobthebuilder> Me either
      [21:41:07] <Burke> it's like getting lucid for 2 seconds before the dreams ends
      [21:41:13] <Burke> this allows you to prepare for the DEILD
      [21:41:23] <%RareCola> My non-lucids are filled with scene changes and such. I'm always hopping the fuck all over the place but that's always instant
      [21:41:37] <%RareCola> That's a good tip though, Burke
      [21:41:57] <%RareCola> so you basically incubate the dream fading?
      [21:41:58] <Burke> it's most noticable when you're about to wake up
      [21:42:01] <Burke> yep
      [21:42:25] <%RareCola> I'll try that, thanks
      [21:42:43] <Yomi> Hm.
      [21:42:49] <Burke> other then that it's just try not to wake up too much
      [21:43:07] <frobthebuilder> now that's not easy
      [21:43:12] <frobthebuilder> for me at least
      [21:43:12] <Burke> if you become too aware you'll end up not being able to fall back asleep and it will besically be a WILD
      [21:43:12] <%RareCola> Try not to wake up too much?
      [21:43:16] <Yomi> I seem to have a very easy time going into SP when I'm not focusing on it.
      [21:43:25] <%RareCola> Oh right
      [21:43:35] <Burke> just don't focus on anything
      [21:43:38] <%RareCola> Yea that's what I have issues with too
      [21:43:44] <Burke> basically it's like skipping to a WILD in the SP phase
      [21:43:45] <Yomi> But then, it cancels out rather quickly afterwards.
      [21:43:56] <Burke> and then skipping a lot of the HI and stuff
      [21:44:19] <%RareCola> I can easily not focus and drift into a DEILD after exiting a DILD because that consciousness is already there
      [21:44:29] <Yomi> but then, what happens afterwards?
      [21:44:30] <%RareCola> but my consciousness can take ages to kick in after waking normally sometimes
      [21:44:58] <Burke> Yomi: its just like a WILD, the dream starts to form around you but it's much faster since you were already in it
      [21:45:07] <Yomi> I haven't gotten past that stage yet, to whatever lies beyond. Oh.
      [21:45:13] <Burke> and after you feel comfortable you can start to move around and to w/e
      [21:45:45] <Burke> RareCola: the other morning I woke up at like 4AM and had to use the bathroom. I stayed as sleep as I could so that I could try a WILD
      [21:46:00] <Burke> i pretty much kept my eyes completely closed except for the smallest sliver
      [21:46:03] <Burke> and just kept my mind on LDs
      [21:46:13] <Burke> It's the same only you don't get up or move around
      [21:46:24] <Burke> think about LDs and the dream you just came from
      [21:46:39] <Burke> Almost like the dream fading in reverse so that it comes back to you
      [21:46:58] <%RareCola> Yea I don't think I'd have any problems with that part
      [21:47:03] <%RareCola> I don't when I've DEILDed out of DILDs
      [21:47:16] <%RareCola> It's just the initial waking up
      [21:47:35] <%RareCola> I'll practice it for a while and see how it goes. Probably be sacrificing dream recall for a bit though
      [21:47:38] <Burke> it may just be me but whenever a dream fades it takes about 5 seconds
      [21:47:48] <Burke> in that 5 seconds I'll be aware of both my dream body and waking body
      [21:48:02] <Burke> so I'll just focus on my waking body while keeping the dream body close by
      [21:48:04] <frobthebuilder> that happens to me sometimes when I wake up from an LD
      [21:48:07] <frobthebuilder> also
      [21:48:12] <Burke> and then switch focus to my dream body once i'm awake
      [21:48:12] <frobthebuilder> sometimes I hallucinate spiders
      [21:48:22] <frobthebuilder> lots of them
      [21:48:34] <frobthebuilder> everywhere
      [21:48:37] <Burke> are you an arachnaphobiac?
      [21:48:40] <frobthebuilder> nope
      [21:48:44] <frobthebuilder> I love spiders
      [21:48:47] <frobthebuilder> they are my friends
      [21:48:49] <Burke> then it should be fun for you xD
      [21:48:51] <%RareCola> That's another point, if I wake up from a really good dream I always want to record it in my journal... do you just resolve to sacrifice that dream in favour of trying to DEILD? I feel like that might bug me
      [21:48:53] <frobthebuilder> pfft
      [21:48:54] <frobthebuilder> no
      [21:49:01] <frobthebuilder> not when there's 100 of them in my bed
      [21:49:09] <frobthebuilder> yep
      [21:49:11] <frobthebuilder> you do
      [21:49:29] <Burke> RareCola: I find that whenever I DEILD from a LD I can remember the first LD even if i don't have a successful DEILD
      [21:49:35] <Burke> because it's like a waking memory at that point
      [21:49:41] <Burke> like you remember what you ate for dinner
      [21:49:51] <%RareCola> yea DEILDing from an LD isn't a problem
      [21:49:54] <%RareCola> I'm talking about a normal dream
      [21:50:09] <Burke> in that case I'll sacrifice one dream entry for a chance at a LD
      [21:50:18] <%RareCola> Heh
      [21:50:21] <Burke> since when I wake up for real I'll probably remember another one
      [21:50:31] <%RareCola> Guess I'll just have to get over not journalling it
      [21:50:41] <Burke> it's a chance but it pays off
      [21:50:58] <Burke> whenever I get in the DIELD state I have about a 90% success rate
      [21:51:14] <Burke> I think a little over 50 of my LDs have been DIELDs
      [21:51:20] <Burke> and only a few have failed
      [21:52:22] <%RareCola> Well I'll definitely give it a go
      [21:52:24] <%RareCola> thanks again
      [21:52:41] <Burke> np and good luck :
      [21:52:43] <Burke>
      [21:56:49] <frobthebuilder> I always have to pee when I wake up
      [21:56:53] <frobthebuilder> so that's a problem
      [21:57:00] <Yomi> frobthebuilder: I have to pee so bad right now.
      [21:57:07] <Yomi> I can't take it anymore!
      [21:57:17] Yomi is on a piss break!
      [21:58:00] <%RareCola> Anyway
      [21:58:03] <%RareCola> I'm heading off to bed
      [21:58:07] <%RareCola> G'night all!
      [21:58:23] RareCola [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Goodnight
      [21:58:25] <frobthebuilder> niight
      [21:58:40] <%Caenis|BRB> !back
      [21:58:41] Caenis|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis
      [21:59:39] <Yomi> alright. that's much better!
      [22:00:13] <frobthebuilder> k
      [22:09:38] Caenis [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [22:12:14] Burke [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [22:27:45] Evolventity [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: http://goo.gl/XJV5y
      [22:29:13] <@Oreoboy1996> !asleep
      [22:29:14] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996|Asleep
      [22:52:05] <Exotiraan> *keepnick enable
      [22:59:01] InsaneInTheWave [[email protected]] is now known as InsaneInTheWave|Asleep
      [23:11:12] Yomi [yomi^@DV-5869fc4f.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] is now known as Yomi|Asleep
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      [23:15:12] Exotiraan [[email protected]] is now known as Exotiraan|Asleep
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      and Thursday, June 14th, 12noon Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [11:50:06] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:50:06] Channel topic is: Daily Awareness and A POP QUIZ
      [11:50:06] Topic was set by OpheliaBlue on Tue Jun 12 18:59:43 2012
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      [11:56:43] <%RareCola> Hey OpheliaBlue
      [11:56:46] <%RareCola> we setting a topic today?
      [11:57:54] Merro [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:59:52] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: hey! and yes
      [12:00:07] <%RareCola> Might want to change it then
      [12:00:08] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: you around?
      [12:00:19] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't know what tooooooo
      [12:00:19] <%Oreoboy1996> yes
      [12:00:31] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "dunno yet"
      [12:00:35] <%Oreoboy1996> -_-
      [12:01:19] <@OpheliaBlue> I had a ridiculously fantastic DEILD this morning though
      [12:01:35] <Merro> Hey guys.
      [12:01:39] <@OpheliaBlue> I completed the basic TOTM a bunch of times.. it was a mirror party hehe
      [12:01:44] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Merro
      [12:01:53] <%RareCola> I saw your post
      [12:02:01] <@OpheliaBlue> it took me a damn hour to type
      [12:02:05] <Merro> Attempt Recall failed this morning.
      [12:02:12] <%RareCola> I keep getting non-lucid dreams that revolve around lucidity lately. It's cool and annoying
      [12:02:17] <@OpheliaBlue> I cheated though and took a 5-htp
      [12:02:23] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:02:44] <%Oreoboy1996> as long as you're not using it too much
      [12:02:48] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that is annoying RareCola.. they usually preceed a lucid dream though, in my experience anyway
      [12:03:21] frobthebuilder [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:03:24] <%Oreoboy1996> read the hobbit before bed
      [12:03:27] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: yeah I really need to use it sparingly.. it's worth to use it rarely and have a cool dream, even if the lucids in between are short and lamish
      [12:03:29] <%Oreoboy1996> dreamt of dead dwarves -_-
      [12:03:31] <frobthebuilder> HUEHUEHUEHUAHUEHUEHUA
      [12:03:33] <@OpheliaBlue> haha weird
      [12:03:38] <@OpheliaBlue> hey frobthebuilder
      [12:04:05] <frobthebuilder> oooh, actually I gotta go. Sorry I wont be around to annoy your class
      [12:04:09] <frobthebuilder> !away
      [12:04:09] frobthebuilder [[email protected]] is now known as frobthebuilder|Away
      [12:04:30] <@OpheliaBlue> oh darn.
      [12:05:01] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: Xyvoch you guys awake?
      [12:05:04] <%Oreoboy1996> small class today
      [12:05:06] <Xyvoch> Yes I am
      [12:05:16] <%Oreoboy1996> we have Merro and Xyvoch
      [12:05:40] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it is
      [12:05:41] <Merro> Ah so there is a class...
      [12:06:05] <@OpheliaBlue> supposed to be
      [12:06:34] Oreoboy1996 prepares questions
      [12:06:57] OpheliaBlue continues to think up a topic for the class
      [12:07:12] Lunatide|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:07:15] <Xyvoch> so the class is made by questionning ophelia and chating?
      [12:07:24] <%RareCola> Pretty much
      [12:07:28] <%RareCola> just a discussion
      [12:07:40] <%Oreoboy1996> except my questions are for the students
      [12:07:42] Oreoboy1996 laughs evily
      [12:07:53] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah basically, but we introdued pop quizzes now
      [12:08:03] <Lunatide|Away> pop quizzes xD
      [12:08:06] <Lunatide|Away> awesome
      [12:08:10] <%Oreoboy1996> here's a good one
      [12:08:19] <%Oreoboy1996> what is the best induction technique?
      [12:08:34] <Lunatide|Away> Depends on your opinion
      [12:08:37] <Lunatide|Away> and what works for you
      [12:08:38] <%RareCola> You're biased Oreo
      [12:08:38] Answer: No such nick/channel
      [12:08:39] <Lunatide|Away>
      [12:08:41] cookieh [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:08:44] <Xyvoch> Depends, but with mild you can have a lot of lds
      [12:08:47] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm biased?
      [12:08:55] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Answer Oreo's Questions, Get a Cookie"
      [12:09:05] <cookieh> lol
      [12:09:06] <%RareCola> cookie or a cookieh?
      [12:09:08] <Xyvoch> lol
      [12:09:09] <@OpheliaBlue> either haha
      [12:09:13] <%Oreoboy1996> well Lunatide was right
      [12:09:15] <cookieh> alright...
      [12:09:21] <%Oreoboy1996> sort of \
      [12:09:22] <cookieh> whats his question?
      [12:09:36] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Answer Oreo's Questions, Get a cookieh"
      [12:09:39] <Xyvoch> best induction technique
      [12:09:40] <cookieh> dang it
      [12:09:42] <cookieh> rofl
      [12:09:45] <%Oreoboy1996> my question was, what is the best induction technique?
      [12:09:53] <cookieh> hmm..
      [12:09:58] <@OpheliaBlue> the best induction technique is the most successful one
      [12:10:08] <cookieh> in general or my opinion?
      [12:10:12] <%Oreoboy1996> general
      [12:10:16] <cookieh> grr.
      [12:10:17] <Xyvoch> So what is the most succcesful one?
      [12:10:21] frobthebuilder|Away [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:10:29] <cookieh> I guess i can live without a cookieh..wait wat
      [12:10:36] <%Oreoboy1996> there isn't a best technique
      [12:10:49] <@OpheliaBlue> haha.. you
      [12:10:49] <Xyvoch> So there'S no answer
      [12:10:52] <%Oreoboy1996> lucid dreaming works differently for everyone
      [12:10:54] <@OpheliaBlue> oh shit chris is hurt brb
      [12:10:55] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [12:10:56] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:10:58] <cookieh> D:
      [12:11:01] <@kraid> D:
      [12:11:11] <%Oreoboy1996> so what is best for one person may not work at all for another
      [12:11:40] <%Oreoboy1996> papercut hurt or bullet to the shoulder hurt?
      [12:11:41] <Xyvoch> like vild is very different for some people
      [12:11:50] <cookieh> hahaha
      [12:12:06] <%Oreoboy1996> nah you guys just didn't know the defintion of vild >.>
      [12:12:15] <Lunatide|Away> playing sword of mana btw
      [12:12:23] <Xyvoch> visual induced lucid dream?
      [12:12:24] <Lunatide|Away> ping if the class starts legit
      [12:12:27] <Xyvoch> visually*
      [12:12:31] <%Oreoboy1996> visually incubated lucid dream
      [12:12:39] <Xyvoch> oh right D:
      [12:12:51] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:12:52] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:12:53] <cookieh> Lunatide|Away: isnt it already on? the teech had to go for a sec
      [12:13:01] <%Oreoboy1996> anyways, there are people who are great with WILD, but not so good with DILD
      [12:13:02] <@OpheliaBlue> he scraped his leg, but you'd think he broke an arm
      [12:13:04] <%Oreoboy1996> and vice versa
      [12:13:08] <cookieh> o__o
      [12:13:17] <%RareCola> Lol Ophelia
      [12:13:25] <%Oreoboy1996> class started 12 minutes ago
      [12:13:29] <cookieh> yeh
      [12:13:46] <%RareCola> how's everyone's lucid journeys progressing then?
      [12:13:53] <%Oreoboy1996> great
      [12:14:01] <@OpheliaBlue> up and down, but I can't complain
      [12:14:02] <%Oreoboy1996> i've had my 50th lucid this month
      [12:14:08] <@OpheliaBlue> dayamn
      [12:14:15] <%RareCola> Lol
      [12:14:20] <%Oreoboy1996> still have plenty of time to get another 50 in
      [12:14:37] <%RareCola> Thinking I must be out of my lucid dry spell soon, with the amount of lucid based dreams I'm having
      [12:14:41] <Lunatide|Away> I have attempted WILD 3 times this week
      [12:14:42] <@OpheliaBlue> I like this Wurlman guy, very enthusiastic. wish he'd join a chat
      [12:14:48] <%RareCola> Yea I really like him too
      [12:14:50] <cookieh> i tried to wild..my ears popped at some point and then i think i moved or something and nothing happened. >.>
      [12:14:53] <%RareCola> not sure if he knows about the chats
      [12:15:02] <Lunatide|Away> on tuesday I couldn't do it because of the really loud birds outside
      [12:15:04] <%RareCola> Maybe you can inform him Ophelia
      [12:15:04] <Lunatide|Away> brb
      [12:15:29] <@OpheliaBlue> they're supposed to read the stickies! >:
      [12:15:33] <%Oreoboy1996> would be nice to see someone who's really pumped up about it
      [12:15:49] <%RareCola> Well if you're like me you usually ignore stickies because on most forums they're boring rules xD
      [12:15:59] <@OpheliaBlue> well I never
      [12:16:01] <cookieh> lol
      [12:16:08] <@OpheliaBlue> oh Ithought of a new apprentice duty
      [12:16:11] <cookieh> ib4 lucidius..
      [12:16:13] <cookieh> inb4*
      [12:16:16] <@OpheliaBlue> send out mass PMs with chat times
      [12:16:22] <%RareCola> LOL
      [12:16:22] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:16:24] <%Oreoboy1996> i like it
      [12:16:35] <Xyvoch> how long is a class?
      [12:16:37] <cookieh> hahah
      [12:16:39] <@OpheliaBlue> you and Caenis can rock paper scissors for it
      [12:16:47] <cookieh> but you can only send 3 messages an hour o__o
      [12:16:57] <@OpheliaBlue> looks like I'm doing it then
      [12:17:01] <%Oreoboy1996> Xyvoch: an hour
      [12:17:13] <%RareCola> Yea I was just wondering how restricted a normal user's PMing ability was
      [12:17:20] <cookieh> yeh
      [12:17:22] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah classes are an hour but sometiems they go over
      [12:17:31] <%RareCola> Make a new "DVA Apprentice" usergroup and up our PM amount
      [12:17:37] lucidius [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:17:45] <%RareCola> speaking of lucidius
      [12:17:50] <%Oreoboy1996> hello lucidius
      [12:17:54] <lucidius> speaking of me?
      [12:17:55] <@OpheliaBlue> a usergroup.. yo know Ishould have to begin with
      [12:17:56] <lucidius> hi
      [12:18:03] <@OpheliaBlue> hey lucidius
      [12:18:04] <cookieh> lool
      [12:18:06] <Merro> Speaking of Apprentice, do you need knowledge of LDing to become a LD Apprentice?
      [12:18:08] <Xyvoch> hi
      [12:18:14] <lucidius> hia peoples
      [12:18:37] <lucidius> whats a LDing appperntice?
      [12:18:39] <%Oreoboy1996> a LD apprentice?
      [12:18:41] <@OpheliaBlue> Merro: there are several criteria, finishing a class is the main one, and of course you have lucid knowledge upon finishign a class
      [12:19:04] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius: http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/lucid...rogram-132409/
      [12:19:13] <%Oreoboy1996> oh that
      [12:19:48] <@OpheliaBlue> basically RareCola and Caenis... and yeah, I will look into making that an official usergroup after the class.
      [12:19:48] <lucidius> eeh, i will read it in a minute
      [12:19:55] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:19:57] <%RareCola> Do we get a fancy username colour if we have our own usergroup then?
      [12:19:58] <%RareCola> Haha
      [12:20:06] <%Oreoboy1996> there are lots of questions i could ask, but i'm having trouble thinking of ones that will make you guys think hard about something
      [12:20:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I'd like to do something, I'll run it by the tech boys
      [12:20:31] <lucidius> and i have 2
      [12:20:37] <Merro> I have a question to ask, I pretty much fucked up my recall this morning. xD
      [12:20:39] <@OpheliaBlue> I had thought of all that earlier RareCola, then it slipped my mind, sorry about that
      [12:20:48] <%Oreoboy1996> if you have questions lucidius, i more than welcome you to ask
      [12:20:51] <@OpheliaBlue> you guys are the experiments
      [12:20:56] <%Oreoboy1996> same for you Merro
      [12:21:11] <%RareCola> Yay for being a test subject
      [12:21:16] <Merro> I could use some help. I want to get back to the lucid feeling.
      [12:21:25] <@OpheliaBlue> I have a question: How many hours of sleep does one need to lucid dream?
      [12:21:26] <lucidius> 1 why cant i fly nomater what i try i fail
      [12:21:26] <%RareCola> Lucid feeling?
      [12:21:58] <Merro> You know
      [12:21:58] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius: you're apparently limiting yourself
      [12:22:04] <Merro> I want to have that lucid feeling back when I get one.
      [12:22:18] <lucidius> how do i break the limit?
      [12:22:24] <%Oreoboy1996> the way i learned to fly was to tell myself it's a dream and just do it
      [12:22:40] <%Oreoboy1996> i think part of the trick is to stop thinking about it
      [12:22:44] <%RareCola> Seems nobody knows the answer to your question Ophelia
      [12:22:50] <@OpheliaBlue> o hwell
      [12:22:55] <%Oreoboy1996> don't think about how it works or if you'll succeed or fail
      [12:22:57] <%Oreoboy1996> just do it
      [12:23:10] <%Oreoboy1996> and if that doesn't work then you can always try passive control
      [12:23:13] <lucidius> ok, i will try
      [12:23:21] <%RareCola> Doesn't matter the amount of sleep you have though, surely
      [12:23:27] <Merro> ^
      [12:23:31] <%Oreoboy1996> passive control is where you do something logical to make yourself fly
      [12:23:32] <Merro> I usually go to bed early now.
      [12:23:34] <%RareCola> Though they'll be shorter at the start of the night
      [12:23:35] <%Oreoboy1996> like put on a jetpack
      [12:23:38] <Merro> I get plenty of sleep each night.
      [12:23:52] <%Oreoboy1996> oh OpheliaBlue asked a question?
      [12:23:55] <lucidius> and 2, why do all my lucids begin tn my house nexto the frount door
      [12:24:19] <@OpheliaBlue> my DEILDs almost always happen after 8 hours of sleep, with a WBTB after 6 hours
      [12:24:21] <%Oreoboy1996> OpheliaBlue: depends on the time of day and how tired you are and that sort of stuff i guess
      [12:24:24] <%RareCola> That's common lucidius
      [12:24:31] <lucidius> it is?
      [12:24:37] <%Oreoboy1996> because sometimes i can take a nap in the day and enter a dream right after i fall asleep
      [12:25:08] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius: it's a pretty common thing but there isn't much to say on it
      [12:25:13] <%RareCola> Yes, it takes time for your brain to "create" a dream world. When you become lucid, you're instantly conscious in the dream and it doesn't have time to create a world, so it pulls information from what you're extremely familiar with.
      [12:25:15] <@OpheliaBlue> true, I do that too sometimes
      [12:25:27] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Huh
      [12:25:33] <@OpheliaBlue> hi
      [12:25:38] Exotiraan waves.
      [12:25:38] <%Oreoboy1996> pretty much what RareCola said
      [12:26:06] <%Oreoboy1996> except i'm not so sure about the cause being due to your brain not having enough time to create a different dream world
      [12:26:30] <lucidius> and look for I Am Jetman, Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - lucidius - Dream Journals for my most recent flying try
      [12:26:56] <Xyvoch> Is it normal that i always dream in a place i don't know. I've never had a dream in a place i know , am I the only one?
      [12:26:58] <%RareCola> I'm pretty certain that's the reason, Oreoboy
      [12:27:48] <Merro> I have a question on Reality Checks.
      [12:27:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i think the brain is powerful enough to create something more fantasy like almost as fast as the familiar place
      [12:27:59] <%RareCola> Xyvoch: Happens to me frequently too, though not all the time
      [12:28:02] <%Oreoboy1996> but it's all just theory i suppose
      [12:28:17] <@OpheliaBlue> I was impressed with how instantaneously my mind creates scened for me each time I poked my head through the mirror, but most of the time I recognized the place, like the Guadalupe River
      [12:28:22] <%Oreoboy1996> Xyvoch: it happens all the time
      [12:28:39] <Xyvoch> And I never find why i constructed this place or how
      [12:28:44] <%Oreoboy1996> your brain takes little pieces of things from your memory and builds them together to create a new thing
      [12:29:16] <Xyvoch> Btw my brain is a good architect
      [12:29:17] <%RareCola> The thing is, when you become lucid if you have no mental image prepared of the place you want to enter, which is pretty common, your brain will scramble for the most recent thing it can grab. This is usually your bedroom or another part of your house. Or wherever you happen to be sleeping.
      [12:29:24] <lucidius> my first LD was in a unknown place, its just after that they moved to my house
      [12:29:32] Exotiraan remembers in older lucids that brain likes to cheat when rendering. A lot.
      [12:29:38] <%Oreoboy1996> like if you met a person in a dream you never met before, they would be made from details you remember from a bunch of different people
      [12:29:42] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah good point, all my DEILDs start out with me getting out of bed
      [12:30:02] <Merro> Im pretty much getting used to my dream characters.
      [12:30:03] <lucidius> interestin
      [12:30:06] <%Oreoboy1996> Merro: ask your question
      [12:30:18] <Xyvoch> So sxploring is helpful to know my brain better?
      [12:30:35] <Merro> I keep forgetting to do RCs every day, I don't know how I can do this because I have a problem of being lazy about certian stuff.
      [12:30:45] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb dogs need to pee
      [12:30:46] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:30:52] <Merro> And sometimes I forget to do one.
      [12:31:05] <lucidius> i forgot alot at first
      [12:31:09] <Xyvoch> How many do you do in one day merro?
      [12:31:15] <%Oreoboy1996> i prefer to just reality check when i see something odd
      [12:31:17] <lucidius> i just tryed my best to remember
      [12:31:18] <%Oreoboy1996> or a dream sign
      [12:31:37] Exotiraan is with Oreoboy1996 on that.
      [12:31:42] <Xyvoch> I need to get my real dream signs
      [12:31:49] <Merro> Usually the nose pinch and the poking the finger through the palm of your hand.
      [12:31:51] <%Oreoboy1996> and if it's a problem with remembering stuff i can't help much with that
      [12:31:55] <%Oreoboy1996> i've always had a pretty good memory
      [12:31:59] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:31:59] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:32:03] <Xyvoch> I don't think friends and unknown places could be my dream signs
      [12:32:05] <lucidius> i dtill am unsure of mine to
      [12:32:22] <Exotiraan> I am still working on memory. :<
      [12:32:23] <%Oreoboy1996> and i just remembered a question i was going to ask
      [12:32:27] <%Oreoboy1996> what is a reality check?
      [12:32:32] <@OpheliaBlue> o good one
      [12:32:44] <%RareCola> I found the best way to get dream signs is to go through your dreams and attach as many one-word "keywords" to the dream as possible, as if you're tagging your dream in your DV dream journal.
      [12:32:53] <%RareCola> After you've done that, just match up the keywords, see how many are duplicates
      [12:32:55] <%RareCola> and boom
      [12:33:06] <lucidius> a action that results in evidence of you dreaming or not
      [12:33:07] <Exotiraan> Oreoboy1996: 'Tis an action that you preform in to determine if you're asleep or awake based on its results.
      [12:33:12] <%Oreoboy1996> looking in my dream journal, the biggest one is dragon i think >.>
      [12:33:18] <Exotiraan> s/in to/to/
      [12:33:36] <Merro> My dream sign is always about being at school again... Or is it not a dream sign?
      [12:33:39] <%Oreoboy1996> good Exotiraan
      [12:33:41] sighingplant [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:33:42] <Xyvoch> nice technique cola
      [12:33:46] Oreoboy1996 gives Exotiraan a cookieh
      [12:33:59] <cookieh> dang it
      [12:34:01] <@OpheliaBlue> hey sighingplant
      [12:34:06] <cookieh> hi sighingplant
      [12:34:17] <sighingplant> im starting to think melatonin makes lucidity harder
      [12:34:22] <%Oreoboy1996> a reality check is an action to determine if you're dreaming or awake
      [12:34:31] <@OpheliaBlue> it might be if you take it too often sighingplant
      [12:34:35] <Merro> I dont take Melatonin anymore.
      [12:34:35] <sighingplant> hi cookieh
      [12:34:36] <%Oreoboy1996> usually they involve trying to perform something that can only be done in a dream
      [12:34:40] <sighingplant> hi Ophelia
      [12:34:50] <%Oreoboy1996> like breathing fire, flying, running really fast, etc
      [12:34:51] Exotiraan 's favorite reality check is the hand check.
      [12:35:03] <Merro> I do that often.
      [12:35:07] <Merro> Was doing it yesterday.
      [12:35:15] <%Oreoboy1996> my favorite reality check is the one where you use dream powers
      [12:35:17] <lucidius> should i try to come up with a health LDing compound based on milk, bananas and apples?
      [12:35:22] <@OpheliaBlue> man I was RCing all over the place last night because we had a nasty hail storm, adn tornado sirens were going off
      [12:35:25] <%Oreoboy1996> but my best one is the energy check
      [12:35:29] <@OpheliaBlue> my biggest dream sign is a tornado
      [12:35:37] <Merro> AHHH
      [12:35:41] <Merro> OpheliaBlue
      [12:35:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yes merro
      [12:35:47] <Merro> I hate Tornado dreams. >.>
      [12:35:54] <Merro> I have them sometimes.
      [12:35:56] <@OpheliaBlue> so sorry
      [12:35:56] <sighingplant> Ophelia i had another dream with that chick what was my predeterrmined DC
      [12:35:59] <Merro> Idk how to deal with it. XD
      [12:36:03] <sighingplant> that was*
      [12:36:03] <lucidius> i never seen a tornado in a dream
      [12:36:05] <Merro> So your not the only one.
      [12:36:22] <@OpheliaBlue> sighingplant: oh really? what happened in it
      [12:36:33] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius: I have never seen a real one, just in dreams
      [12:36:46] <Merro> So a Tornado can be a dream sign eh? Or a water spout?
      [12:36:46] <%Oreoboy1996> tornados are a small dream sign of mine as well
      [12:36:49] <lucidius> ive never seen one piriod
      [12:36:52] <sighingplant> walking around and then we took test
      [12:36:58] <Merro> We dont get Water Spouts over here.
      [12:37:04] <%RareCola> Anything can be a dream sign
      [12:37:09] <@OpheliaBlue> water spouts?
      [12:37:11] <sighingplant> it wasnt just us 2 like last time tho their was others
      [12:37:13] <%RareCola> A colour could be a dream sign
      [12:37:16] Exotiraan 's dream signs have not changed, yet.
      [12:37:17] <%Oreoboy1996> a dream sign is usually seen as a recurring thing in a dream
      [12:37:17] <lucidius> anything?
      [12:37:23] <Merro> Water Spouts is the same thing of a Tornado except over water.
      [12:37:24] <%Oreoboy1996> but i like to think that any odd thing is a dream sign too
      [12:37:28] <@OpheliaBlue> oh
      [12:37:30] <Exotiraan> Except, now, I'm starting to end up in stores more often.
      [12:37:31] <%Oreoboy1996> nevermind, RareCola beat me to it
      [12:37:50] <Merro> But if the Water Spout gets on land then it can turn into a Tornado I think.
      [12:38:10] <sighingplant> I have a question
      [12:38:15] <Xyvoch> Does a dream sign need to be like an object or touchable thing?
      [12:38:22] <%Oreoboy1996> no Xyvoch
      [12:38:22] <@OpheliaBlue> My favorite dream signs are the ones that I never see irl, or never happen in real life, that way I'm 99.99% positive I'm dreaming. Like the tornado, or fighing with my mom.
      [12:38:23] <sighingplant> what does it mean if you had a failed incubation with WBTB?
      [12:38:26] <Merro> So if you dont have water spouts in your area then I guess it can be a dream sign.
      [12:38:28] <lucidius> how is the best way to deturmine a dreamsign?
      [12:38:42] <%Oreoboy1996> one reality check i have is an energy check, which is sort of like having a 6th sense
      [12:39:03] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius: I think rarecola said to examine your dream journal, and inspect it for common themes and elements
      [12:39:09] <Merro> I had a dream where I a giant Pikachu Baloon...
      [12:39:14] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:39:15] <Merro> I saw"
      [12:39:17] Exotiraan gives his three as an example: $HOME/Documents/DVA/Intro/Workbook.txt
      [12:39:23] <@OpheliaBlue> haha merro
      [12:39:25] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius: a dream sign is a recurring element in your dreams
      [12:39:34] <%Oreoboy1996> a good example of a dream sign for you would be your house
      [12:39:41] <%Oreoboy1996> since you seem to dream of it often
      [12:39:46] <lucidius> thats only LDs though
      [12:40:00] <%Oreoboy1996> still a dream sign
      [12:40:04] <lucidius> in non lucids im usualy elswhere
      [12:40:15] Matte87 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:40:15] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o Matte87
      [12:40:17] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +h Matte87
      [12:40:17] <Merro> Good point Oreoboy.
      [12:40:21] <%Oreoboy1996> maybe the idea of being in an unknown place can be a dream sign
      [12:40:24] <%Oreoboy1996> think about that >.>
      [12:40:27] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Matte87!
      [12:40:30] <lucidius> hmmm
      [12:40:31] <Merro> I remember being at my old School.
      [12:40:31] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Matte87
      [12:40:33] <@Matte87> hello
      [12:40:34] <@OpheliaBlue> your superintendant is here
      [12:40:38] <%RareCola> ohey it's our principle
      [12:40:39] <Merro> Hey Matte my bud.
      [12:40:40] RareCola runs
      [12:40:47] <Xyvoch> yes i rc at unknown places now
      [12:40:47] <@Matte87> here to watch the show
      [12:40:58] <lucidius> unknown place + home = almost evrywhere!
      [12:41:01] <@OpheliaBlue> we're discussign dream signs right now
      [12:41:01] <sighingplant> hey Matte87 you lucid dream a lot any tips on incubation with WBTB?
      [12:41:07] <@Matte87> ah
      [12:41:16] <@Matte87> actually I used to LD alot, not so much these days
      [12:41:30] <@Matte87> lack of motivation, so let that be a lesson to everyone! you need to keep on practicing and can't slack off
      [12:41:33] <Merro> I remember being at my old school again, and I've noticed a class room I used to be in. And I quickly freaked out for no reason and gain control of my self.
      [12:41:40] <@Matte87> then you'll stop having them regularly
      [12:41:44] <@OpheliaBlue> Matte87 speaks the Gospel
      [12:41:54] <%Oreoboy1996> i still haven't burned out on lucid dreaming yet
      [12:41:57] <%Oreoboy1996> so i probably never will
      [12:41:58] <Xyvoch> So rcs in school or at home aren't as important as rcs at unknown places, since i will never dream at school or at home
      [12:41:58] <%RareCola> Definitely, motivation is key
      [12:42:05] <lucidius> burned out?
      [12:42:09] <Merro> brb
      [12:42:10] Merro [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [12:42:15] <%Oreoboy1996> possibly Xyvoch
      [12:42:21] <@Matte87> sighingplant: I think almost entirely on what I will do when I get lucid as I go back to sleep
      [12:42:26] <@Matte87> will do, not might do
      [12:42:29] <sighingplant> Matte87 in what sense did you slack off going to bed too late? stop DJing?
      [12:42:35] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius: burned out is a term used to say we're tired of doing something
      [12:42:46] <@OpheliaBlue> Xyvoch: you never had a dream where you were at home or at school?
      [12:42:52] <@Matte87> still keep a tight sleeping schedule, I just stopped DJ'ing and didn't focus on DILD at all
      [12:42:54] <lucidius> singe*
      [12:42:56] Exotiraan disappears for a bit; he needs to implement something into a program he's writing before he forgets and tries to run it.
      [12:42:59] <Xyvoch> does ADM ( All Day Mantra ) exist?
      [12:43:01] <Exotiraan> !brb
      [12:43:02] Exotiraan [[email protected]] is now known as Exotiraan|BRB
      [12:43:06] <sighingplant> Matte87: damn
      [12:43:29] <@Matte87> that sounds very much like daily awareness
      [12:43:35] <lucidius> what if i get tired of RCs?
      [12:43:39] <%Oreoboy1996> Xyvoch: sounds like ADA to me
      [12:43:41] <@Matte87> but more annoying, keep repeating that word all day and you might never be able to stop
      [12:43:42] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb gotta let the dogs back in and clean their feet
      [12:43:43] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:43:55] <@Matte87> ok OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:44:11] <@Matte87> RC's, aren't really what's important
      [12:44:15] <@Matte87> it's the awareness part that comes with it
      [12:44:18] <@Matte87> plus, whenever I RC
      [12:44:25] <@Matte87> I remember to visualize and daydream
      [12:44:29] <@Matte87> things I will do, things I've done
      [12:44:35] <@Matte87> long for that amazing feeling of getting lucid
      [12:44:38] <sighingplant> Matte87 what do you think of DTILD t is totem which is an object like how Leonardo DiCaprio uses spins a top in Inception?
      [12:44:38] <%Oreoboy1996> of course awareness is what's important
      [12:44:41] <@Matte87> that's what's important, to keep your motivation peaked
      [12:44:43] <lucidius> " whenever (I RC)
      [12:44:44] <%Oreoboy1996> awareness is lucid dreaming
      [12:44:49] <sighingplant> @Matte87
      [12:44:53] <%RareCola> Yes, this is precisely why we've been forcing awareness on everyone in these classes recently.
      [12:45:03] <@Matte87> ah that's perfect
      [12:45:05] <%RareCola> RCs are great, but usually only backups to make sure you're dreaming after awareness has kicked in
      [12:45:11] <@Matte87> yea
      [12:45:13] <Xyvoch> It's more because i had a ld one the day of my b-day and always told myself that i will have a ld beore my birthday and now it happened so it'S more telling yourself you will ld, giving the command to your brain
      [12:45:14] <%Oreoboy1996> eww inception
      [12:45:26] <@Matte87> I rarely do RC's at all anymore, they're more like stabilization techniques for me
      [12:45:33] <@Matte87> in my dreams that is
      [12:45:37] <Xyvoch> not like being aware of everything oreo
      [12:45:50] <%Oreoboy1996> Xyvoch: i think that's autosuggestion
      [12:45:50] <lucidius> INCEPTION! INCEPTION INCEPTION!
      [12:46:02] <@Matte87> there's loads of placebo and belief embedded in there, so believe in yourself
      [12:46:15] <@Matte87> and sighingplant, inception's "totems" are just a spin off of RC's
      [12:46:26] <Xyvoch> I think that is one of the biggest keys to ld
      [12:46:28] <@Matte87> a nice way to fit a reality check into a fictional movie
      [12:46:32] <%Oreoboy1996> is placebo in lucid dreaming really placebo if it works?
      [12:46:38] <%Oreoboy1996> kind of a confusing thing to think about
      [12:46:41] <@Matte87> good question I think abotu that alot
      [12:46:44] <sighingplant> Matte87 ok
      [12:46:46] <lucidius> if you even slightly doubt a placibo tecniqe will it work?
      [12:46:47] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:46:48] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:46:55] <@Matte87> if you eat a banana before bed, and you think it'll get you lucid
      [12:47:02] <@Matte87> people might claim bananas do nothing for you
      [12:47:05] <@Matte87> when it comes to dreaming
      [12:47:09] <Xyvoch> best placebo is when you don't know it's placebo
      [12:47:10] <%RareCola> Gnna have to get off early today guys, cya later
      [12:47:11] <@Matte87> but if they work for you, don't they really work?
      [12:47:17] <Xyvoch> cya cola
      [12:47:18] <%Oreoboy1996> when it comes right down to it, the only thing that really matters is your own mind
      [12:47:19] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya RareCola
      [12:47:22] <@OpheliaBlue> thank you
      [12:47:22] <%RareCola> !away
      [12:47:23] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [12:47:24] <@Matte87> yeah
      [12:47:25] <%Oreoboy1996> your mind is what makes you lucid
      [12:47:27] <@Matte87> bb RareCola|Away
      [12:47:29] <lucidius> bye rare
      [12:47:34] <%Oreoboy1996> bye RareCola
      [12:47:38] <Xyvoch> and your mind dreams
      [12:47:45] <Xyvoch> your mind makes your dreams
      [12:48:09] <Xyvoch> always strange to think that this world of dreams is just in your head you can touch etc.
      [12:48:09] <lucidius> your dreams are your mins, sortof
      [12:48:14] <lucidius> mind*
      [12:48:39] <@OpheliaBlue> this is all true.. I mean there are things you can take/do that might increase recall or vividness in dreams, but not necessarily lucid onset
      [12:48:39] <@Matte87> everything you've experienced in real life
      [12:48:43] <@Matte87> can be experienced in a dream
      [12:48:47] <@Matte87> even things you haven't
      [12:48:54] <@Matte87> the mind is awesome at making things up, improvising
      [12:48:55] <lucidius> like flying
      [12:48:58] <@Matte87> like flying
      [12:49:03] <Xyvoch>
      [12:49:09] <%Oreoboy1996> yep
      [12:49:13] <@Matte87> the mind, you, know that you'll feel the wind blow in your face
      [12:49:18] <@Matte87> perhaps you've been on an amusement park ride
      [12:49:23] <@Matte87> it takes all that, mashes it together
      [12:49:24] <Exotiraan|BRB> !back Attempting to multitask.
      [12:49:24] Exotiraan|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Exotiraan
      [12:49:28] <%Oreoboy1996> been lit on fire in a dream
      [12:49:32] <%Oreoboy1996> never had that happen in real life
      [12:49:35] <@Matte87> and you've got a pretty much realistic feeling
      [12:49:37] <Xyvoch> i had a amusement park dream yesterday!
      [12:49:43] <%Oreoboy1996> and the thought of fire suddenly made me remember another dream...
      [12:49:46] <%Oreoboy1996> just a fragment...
      [12:49:52] <@OpheliaBlue> When I fly in LDs, it's like a bird does.. it runs, makes a few attempts, before struggling to get in the air, then it's easier
      [12:49:53] <sighingplant> what if the world of lucid dreaming was real its just like another plain or something, yes?
      [12:49:56] <Xyvoch> felt the g-forces and all the sensation
      [12:49:59] <%Oreoboy1996> someone was on fire and i was doing my best to put the fire out lol
      [12:49:59] <lucidius> ive never died in real life ind i just did in a dream for my first time
      [12:50:00] <@Matte87> I use sex as an example sometimes, same thing there, felt sooo real and I hadn't even had sex when I had my first sex dreams
      [12:50:01] <@OpheliaBlue> I guess because I've watched birds do it
      [12:50:20] <@OpheliaBlue> fly that is, not have sex lol
      [12:50:20] <lucidius> and fish
      [12:50:21] <@Matte87> and when I did have it, it felt almost the same
      [12:50:25] <%Oreoboy1996> sighingplant: that's sort of like the idea of astral projection
      [12:50:28] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't really believe in it
      [12:50:33] <Xyvoch> Omg yes!
      [12:50:43] <Xyvoch> 2 new dream signs
      [12:50:47] <lucidius> astram projection?
      [12:50:51] <Xyvoch> not that big but still often
      [12:50:52] <%Oreoboy1996> as for flying, i'm very skilled in it
      [12:50:52] <sighingplant> but heres my proof theres spirits that hide in world of LD
      [12:51:04] <Xyvoch> rollercoaster and minecraft
      [12:51:18] <%Oreoboy1996> i have many many dream signs
      [12:51:29] <lucidius> spirits?
      [12:51:33] <sighingplant> yes
      [12:51:36] <sighingplant> they hide well
      [12:51:38] <cookieh> -___-
      [12:51:55] <sighingplant> thats what that user harthor28 or whatever thier name is
      [12:52:07] <lucidius> you mean like energy resenences or DCs?
      [12:52:14] <Xyvoch> If one day a scientist invents connected dreams with eachother, that could be really cool
      [12:52:19] <sighingplant> the one with the signature of some guy with a dragon tat on the back and it says next to it i can summon him to kick ass
      [12:52:19] <%Oreoboy1996> you're saying one of our users is a spirit?
      [12:52:26] <lucidius> ME!
      [12:52:30] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I'm confused too
      [12:52:31] <sighingplant> NO OREO
      [12:52:40] <sighingplant> thats thiers spirits in LDs well hidden
      [12:52:44] <cookieh> I AM A CAT
      [12:52:47] <cookieh>
      [12:52:52] <sighingplant> youre a cookie
      [12:52:53] <sighingplant> lol
      [12:52:53] <lucidius> meow
      [12:52:55] <cookieh> .__.
      [12:53:00] Exotiraan is, in the words of Miss October, "confus."
      [12:53:04] <cookieh> sighingplant: don't take this moment from me!
      [12:53:07] <lucidius> a catookie
      [12:53:12] <sighingplant> ^
      [12:53:12] <@OpheliaBlue> aaaanyway, Oreoboy1996, anymore of those brainy questions?
      [12:53:30] <%Oreoboy1996> i was about to ask what is sp, but i'm sick of those questions -_-
      [12:53:34] <cookieh> lol
      [12:53:38] <cookieh> what is love?
      [12:53:39] <Xyvoch> lol
      [12:53:44] <sighingplant> brb will look for post on what i said
      [12:53:46] <Xyvoch> baby don't hurt me
      [12:53:54] <@OpheliaBlue> no I like it.. at least, who here has ever experienced Sleep Paralysis?
      [12:53:56] <Xyvoch> don't hurt me
      [12:53:58] <Xyvoch> no more
      [12:54:00] <@Matte87> the only proof, is that experiences and the memories lucid dreams produce are just as real as real life memories, there's just no one to share them with
      [12:54:01] <%Oreoboy1996> i have
      [12:54:08] <@Matte87> in the end, life's just like a dream
      [12:54:12] Exotiraan guesses OpheliaBlue already knows about his.
      [12:54:24] <lucidius> i dont want to still
      [12:54:24] <Exotiraan> (When I am lucky enough to get it. )
      [12:54:27] <Xyvoch> With limits matte
      [12:54:30] <@OpheliaBlue> so now you can share it with the class Exotiraan
      [12:54:39] <lucidius> you may call me stubern mut
      [12:54:44] <lucidius> *but
      [12:55:08] <@OpheliaBlue> I've had SP too, just not too often.. not nearly as often as the vibrations
      [12:55:11] <lucidius> i still dont want it
      [12:55:14] <%Oreoboy1996> my sleep paralysis tends to be different each time i go into it
      [12:55:31] <%Oreoboy1996> except I almost always get the feeling of being squeezed to death
      [12:55:36] <Xyvoch> Did someone asked it's dream to show it greatest fears here?
      [12:55:36] <lucidius> however i did try to wild
      [12:55:44] <%Oreoboy1996> probably what it feels like for someone who is clusterphobic
      [12:55:50] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: does your SP ever accompany vibrations? or are they exclusive
      [12:56:05] <%Oreoboy1996> i get vibrations about half the time i go into sp
      [12:56:11] <@OpheliaBlue> Xyvoch: I don't believe so, interesting question though
      [12:56:14] Merro [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:56:17] <lucidius> the other half?
      [12:56:20] <@OpheliaBlue> wb merro
      [12:56:23] <Merro> Sorry bout that, mom had to pay internet bill...
      [12:56:30] <%Oreoboy1996> i sometimes see or hear things, but that's one of those things that's different everytime
      [12:56:45] <lucidius> see?
      [12:56:47] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius: the other half... i don't get vibrations
      [12:56:53] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I heard horrible screaming this morning during vibrations Oreoboy1996.. sounded like someone caught on fire, it was horrible
      [12:56:56] Exotiraan gets the demon-on-his-back-forcing-him-down-and-doing-things feeling.
      [12:56:56] <lucidius> what do you see?
      [12:57:19] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius: I'm the opposite, I get the vibrations, but rarely does SP accompany them
      [12:57:29] <%Oreoboy1996> i once saw the...whatever it's called when your tv is on the wrong channel and you get static
      [12:57:33] <lucidius> hmm
      [12:57:34] <@Matte87> remember guys, SP is all in your mind and it's only as scary as you let it be
      [12:57:39] <@OpheliaBlue> snow oreo
      [12:57:41] <%Oreoboy1996> i formed a dream out of that static
      [12:57:42] <Xyvoch> noise
      [12:57:42] <Exotiraan> Matte87: Or sexy.
      [12:57:43] <sighingplant> i only see things in SP but never scary things like creatures or monsters or none of the common things the only time i had something colse to that was two wolves on top of me in SP
      [12:57:46] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i call it snow sometimes
      [12:57:56] <lucidius> snow?
      [12:57:59] <lucidius> lol
      [12:58:00] <@OpheliaBlue> Matte87: oh I know,.. I just kind of weathered it and it passed.. Hope I didn't scare anybody with that
      [12:58:05] <@Matte87> lol
      [12:58:21] <Exotiraan> I have only saw things while in SP twice, though (2010).
      [12:58:38] <@OpheliaBlue> man those vibrations scared me as a child though, it usually turned into a nightmare, but I was just a kid
      [12:58:44] <%Oreoboy1996> lol i'm so used to sp that i didn't even think what OpheliaBlue said could be percieved as scary
      [12:58:48] <%Oreoboy1996> i was just like "oh cool"
      [12:59:05] <@Matte87> my SP sensations are freaky, I get twitches and spasms in my arms and upper body
      [12:59:10] <Xyvoch> But can you stop a sp?
      [12:59:10] <@Matte87> and I had epilepsy as a kid
      [12:59:17] <@Matte87> and I got into SP once, a year or so after my last seizure
      [12:59:26] <@Matte87> and I cried when I woke up, cuz I thought I had had a seizure
      [12:59:26] <@OpheliaBlue> that's good Oreoboy1996, because there are a handful of grown people on DV who are scared of SP, and the rest WANT SP to see if they can "see monsters" lol
      [12:59:28] <%Oreoboy1996> Xyvoch: yes you can
      [12:59:30] <lucidius> i have the same as Xyvoch
      [12:59:37] <cookieh> epilepsy sucks
      [12:59:40] <lucidius> question that is
      [12:59:44] <%Oreoboy1996> it takes a lot of will power and energy but i can break out of sp by trying to move my body
      [12:59:46] <Xyvoch> i have nothing lol
      [13:00:03] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: me too, but sometimes it wakes me up completely. you?
      [13:00:09] <lucidius> is there a risk to just breaking out of it?
      [13:00:10] <@Matte87> change your breathing, that'll get you out of SP
      [13:00:22] <@OpheliaBlue> Matte87: wow.. so is the epilepsy just treated with meds now? or did it go away
      [13:00:23] <Xyvoch> i read that you have to try to open our mouth
      [13:00:29] <@Matte87> but I suggest you just use the moment and relax, induce a scene and get lucid!
      [13:00:32] <%Oreoboy1996> sometimes it wakes me up completely, but other times i'll go right back into it immediately after breaking out
      [13:00:43] <%Oreoboy1996> which pisses me off most of the time lol
      [13:00:57] <@OpheliaBlue> Matte87: oh totally.. sp, vibrations, FAs, these are all things to use to attain lucidity
      [13:00:59] <@Matte87> it was child epilepsy or something, had 2 major seizures and a minor one, was on meds for years but then I stopped taking them
      [13:01:00] <lucidius> grrr?
      [13:01:07] <Exotiraan> If I ever want to break out of SP, I learned that if I try to do a really hard full-body jerk, that tends to work.
      [13:01:15] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius: the only risk i can think is you have to work to get it back
      [13:01:31] <lucidius> hmm
      [13:01:34] <%Oreoboy1996> pretty much what i do Exotiraan
      [13:01:40] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, I'd rather endure the SP and hold out for an LD
      [13:01:48] <%Oreoboy1996> more like i'm trying to shake myself back and forth though and wrestle out of someone's grasp
      [13:02:03] <lucidius> so if i start seeing something i dont like i can get out of it?
      [13:02:12] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: just imagine that the one squuezing you is a hot chic
      [13:02:19] <Xyvoch> lol
      [13:02:20] <%Oreoboy1996> my problem with sp right now is I wake up in it sometimes and forget that i can use it as an opportunity to ld
      [13:02:29] <%Oreoboy1996> and it feels so uncomfortable that i break out of it
      [13:02:32] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [13:02:36] <%Oreoboy1996> that could work i guess
      [13:02:44] <@Matte87> lucidius: don't think like that, don't be afraid you'll see something scary
      [13:02:56] <lucidius> i know
      [13:02:57] <@Matte87> just whenever you end up in SP, you'll see what you'll see and that's that
      [13:03:02] <@OpheliaBlue> that's how my Deild Demon got so popular, before he abandoned me that is
      [13:03:02] <lucidius> but i cant help it
      [13:03:12] <Merro> I've been in SP before.
      [13:03:15] <Merro> Isnt fun.
      [13:03:18] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Maybe he'll come back for a visit.
      [13:03:23] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius: just pretend it's an experiment, see what cool shit happens
      [13:03:33] <@Matte87> it's the coolest experiment there is hah
      [13:03:47] <Xyvoch> but are you aware (like in the real life) in a sp?
      [13:03:50] <lucidius> expiriment, your talkint to the correct person on that
      [13:03:52] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: I think I asked too many questions.. o hwell. It frees me up to do other things in my LDs. Before he would compromise nearly the entire DEILD chain
      [13:04:14] Exotiraan still wishes he had his own.
      [13:04:15] <%Oreoboy1996> Xyvoch: we go into sp everynight, but we are unconscious when it happens
      [13:04:28] <lucidius> yes
      [13:04:41] <%Oreoboy1996> but it is possible to be aware in it, just like the things we're talking about now
      [13:04:47] <sighingplant> Ophelia as someone who has a hard time sleeping too what do you do other then take a supplement to help sleep
      [13:04:50] <lucidius> it keeps you from acting out your dreams
      [13:04:57] <Xyvoch> Yes but i mean the sp you are all talking about lol
      [13:04:58] <Exotiraan> Now, if only my dreams and memory would just cooperate...
      [13:05:06] <@OpheliaBlue> Xyvoch: sometimes, but like Oreoboy1996 said, you achieve SP every night, it's just sometimes you can be aware of it. Which is GREAT because you are in the perfect place to LD. You're not awake yet, but you are conscious.
      [13:05:11] <%Oreoboy1996> we wouldn't be talking about it if we weren't aware of it
      [13:05:35] <lucidius> you mean while it is ocurrring?
      [13:05:46] <%Oreoboy1996> yes
      [13:05:54] <Xyvoch> so you can think of your life and do maths and remember think from your rl in it?
      [13:05:59] <@OpheliaBlue> ok you guys hang out if you want, I gotta go log chat and do another thing before Matte87 starts breathing down my neck
      [13:06:03] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [13:06:03] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Friday, June 15th, 12noon Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:

      [17:07] Oreoboy1996: i think he kicked someone too hard with his mod powers
      [17:07] RareCola: forgot this started earlier today
      [17:07] Caenis: Hey RareCola.
      [17:07] RareCola: Lol
      [17:07] Oreoboy1996: oh
      [17:07] You were promoted to half-operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [17:08] OpheliaBlue: lmao oreo
      [17:08] Oreoboy1996: hello RareCola
      [17:08] OpheliaBlue: hey RareCola
      [17:08] Mindraker: all next to each other... I was bicycling early in the morning, and looking at the moon in the sky, thinking about "reality checks", and that sparked the flashback.
      [17:08] Oreoboy1996: wow i just remembered a fragment where i was on irc
      [17:08] TheUnknown joined the chat room.
      [17:08] Caenis: Oooooooh, okay. I was wondering how RCing made you think of that dream.
      [17:08] TheUnknown was granted voice by DreamBot.
      [17:08] lucidius joined the chat room.
      [17:08] Oreoboy1996: and i became lucid because i said "hey" instead of "hello"
      [17:08] Caenis: I like remembering the dreams I had when I was a kid. Some were really exciting.
      [17:08] OpheliaBlue: hey folks
      [17:09] Merro: OpheliaBlue, I've experienced SP last night.
      [17:09] Oreoboy1996: i always say hello >.>
      [17:09] Oreoboy1996: hello lucidius and TheUnknown
      [17:09] TheUnknown: yo
      [17:09] lucidius: hia
      [17:09] Oreoboy1996: that's 4 lucids last night i think
      [17:09] OpheliaBlue: merro did you? how was it
      [17:09] Caenis: Hello OpheliaBlue! Sorry, I forgot to say hi.
      [17:09] lucidius: i recently had a failing RC
      [17:09] Merro: Pretty good, I woke up after my ears and eyes got shut tight though.
      [17:09] OpheliaBlue: haha that's ok, HAI
      [17:09] Merro: But I was staying calm.
      [17:09] lucidius: like BADLY failing
      [17:09] Merro: I was pretty relaxed.
      [17:09] OpheliaBlue: who wants to set a topic.. Caenis's turn?
      [17:09] RareCola: I came pretty close to DEILDing last night I think, never come close waking from a normal dream before
      [17:10] Merro: I could use SPs to my advantage eh?
      [17:10] Caenis: Erm, I don't really have a topic in mind. >.>
      [17:10] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : that's why you should use multiple rcs
      [17:10] RareCola: I think the only thing that stopped me was the fact that my arm was waking up from being dead and the tingling was off-putting
      [17:10] OpheliaBlue: hrmm.. what haven't we covered thoroughly yet
      [17:10] lucidius: her OpheliaBlue ?
      [17:10] Oreoboy1996: or try harder at them
      [17:10] OpheliaBlue: RareCola: oh I hate that
      [17:11] Merro: DAMN I need to keep doing my RCs. >.>
      [17:11] lucidius: i do use a 5 RC cambo oreo
      [17:11] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: her who what?
      [17:11] Merro: I keep forgetting.
      [17:11] Merro: -__-
      [17:11] Caenis: Hmmm. RCs, dream signs.
      [17:11] Mindraker: I need to relax... I think I'm getting distracted by trying to do too much.
      [17:11] RareCola: and probably the fact that the dream I was waking up from was one where people were trying dissect me.
      [17:11] lucidius: about this class?
      [17:11] Dead^ joined the chat room.
      [17:11] Merro: Hello Dead.
      [17:11] Oreoboy1996: hello Dead^
      [17:11] Dead^: Ello
      [17:11] OpheliaBlue: man, the other day right before it hailed, it was tornado weather.. I stood outside and did every damn RC in the book lol
      [17:12] RareCola: Haha
      [17:12] Mindraker: LOL
      [17:12] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: what about this class?
      [17:12] lucidius: how many lessons are you throiugh
      [17:12] Merro: OpheliaBlue you said that yesterday. lol
      [17:12] Caenis: Haha, were you disappointed that it wasn't a dream, OpheliaBlue?
      [17:12] OpheliaBlue: yeah, and also disappointed that I didn't see a tornado
      [17:12] Merro: Meh it happens.
      [17:12] RareCola: I can see lucid dreaming becoming a problem if something really bad happened in real life. Oh I'm being mugged/raped/violently assaulted? Better do a RC!
      [17:12] Oreoboy1996: typically you don't want to see the tornado...
      [17:12] OpheliaBlue: but sooo desperate to make sure it WASN'T a dream and had failed RCs
      [17:13] OpheliaBlue: lol RareCola
      [17:13] Caenis: lucidius: I think you move at your own pace in the class now. I think.
      [17:13] Merro: We get funnel clouds over my trailer every time theres a tornado warning. but it never touches down. Makes me want to RC.
      [17:13] lucidius: you do?
      [17:13] Oreoboy1996: no time for reality checks in those situations RareCola
      [17:13] Merro: Yeah.
      [17:13] Caenis: And since you were part of the last class, you can keep moving from whichever lesson you want, lucidius.
      [17:13] Oreoboy1996: only solution is to breathe fire
      [17:13] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: yes it's self paced now, you just keep up with your workbook and journal, then come to chat class for open discussion
      [17:13] Mindraker: OK well, I have a question, how does your brain react the first time you have a "failed" reality check. E.g., your fingers morph through your hand?
      [17:13] Dead^ left the chat room. (Client closed the connection)
      [17:14] Merro: I feel like I've abandoned my Workbook.
      [17:14] Dead^ joined the chat room.
      [17:14] lucidius: how many weeks is left?
      [17:14] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: if you don't do another RC, your brain accepts that it's reality and you continue nonlucid
      [17:14] OpheliaBlue: then wake up mad
      [17:14] Merro: Happens to me allot.
      [17:14] Mindraker: Ah, so you actually have to "double-check"...?
      [17:14] Merro: Opheliablue.
      [17:14] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: as many as you need until you feel you've gotten all you can from it
      [17:14] Caenis: Oh noooooooo. It's okay Merro, just pick it up again if you want. Not a big deal!
      [17:14] lucidius: oooooooooooo
      [17:15] Merro: I have a question about RCing.
      [17:15] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: you can do many RCs
      [17:15] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : you're going to be here until you can become a fairly decent lucid dreamer probably
      [17:15] RareCola: I'm still having my lucid dream non-lucid dreams. Wonder how long they'll persist before I actually become lucid again :l
      [17:15] Merro: You know the hand looking away and turning it, forgot what its called...
      [17:15] Caenis: Go ahead, Merro!
      [17:15] Merro: Flipping it around, etc
      [17:15] Merro: Ah forgot
      [17:15] Merro: >_>
      [17:15] lucidius: where is here?
      [17:15] Caenis: I'm not actually familiar with that.
      [17:16] OpheliaBlue: RareCola: I dunno man.. Oreoboy1996 how can he get unstuck
      [17:16] Oreoboy1996: hmm?
      [17:16] OpheliaBlue: he's stuck in a layer 0 prime I think it is?
      [17:16] Merro: I heard some guy did a RC with this thing, he wrote a word on the back of his hand and every time he looked at it during the day it would appear in his dreams I think.
      [17:16] Topic changed to "The Layers of Lucidity" by OpheliaBlue.
      [17:16] lucidius: im not oficialy in the class, do i need another workbook?
      [17:16] Oreoboy1996: oh he keeps having dreams about lucid dreaming but can't break through?
      [17:16] OpheliaBlue: yeah
      [17:17] RareCola: Yep
      [17:17] Oreoboy1996: not quite sure how to handle that
      [17:17] Oreoboy1996: i'll think about it >.>
      [17:17] Caenis: Ooooooooooh, that one okay. Er, I don't know if it has a name, but I know what you're talking about.
      [17:17] RareCola: I've been having at least 1 dream about lucid dreaming for the last week
      [17:17] Oreoboy1996: wait, why not just reality check everytime you have a lucid dreaming discussion
      [17:17] Merro: I forgot what that RC was.
      [17:17] Oreoboy1996: i think this counts as a dream sign
      [17:17] RareCola RCs
      [17:18] Mindraker: Shouldn't it be *way* more frequent? I mean, I do reality checks left and right all day...
      [17:18] Caenis: Merro: But I'm not sure that RC is the most reliable. If that word doesn't appear in the dream, then you might forget to RC.
      [17:18] Oreoboy1996: it seems to me that reality checking in lucid dreaming related situations is the best solution
      [17:18] Merro: True.
      [17:18] RareCola: I'll be RCing a lot
      [17:18] Oreoboy1996: and because it's about lucid dreaming it should be very easy to remember
      [17:18] RareCola: haha
      [17:18] Merro: I completely agree with you Caenis.
      [17:18] Merro: I mostly nose pinch.
      [17:18] Merro: It helped me get lucid several times.
      [17:18] Caenis: Same.
      [17:18] Oreoboy1996: RareCola : will now be reality checking for the next 40 minutes >.>
      [17:18] Merro: Happened through a DILD once.
      [17:19] Merro: I was glad I had one.
      [17:19] OpheliaBlue: hey RareCola , we're discussing LDing right now!
      [17:19] Caenis: !brb
      [17:19] Caenis is now known as Caenis|BRB.
      [17:19] OpheliaBlue: just keep your nose pinched during this entire chat
      [17:19] RareCola: Not too sure if it'll work though, as my dreams about lucid dreaming tend to be performing lucid acts
      [17:19] Oreoboy1996: lol
      [17:20] lucidius: did i need another workbook?
      [17:20] OpheliaBlue: do you ever dream that you're in chat talkign about LDs?
      [17:20] RareCola: Nope
      [17:20] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: nah keep the same one ongoing so you and we can see yuor progress
      [17:20] Mindraker: I had a dream I was writing my dream down in my dream journal, and went back to sleep.
      [17:20] Oreoboy1996: maybe your brain will learn to associate lucid with reality checks
      [17:20] OpheliaBlue: I dream about chatting in #Staff alot, though it's never about LDing in there
      [17:20] Oreoboy1996: then anything related to lucid dreaming causes you to reality check
      [17:20] lucidius: its stillo tjhere?
      [17:20] RareCola: My dreams lately have been so crazy that I've not noticed doing anything normal in them
      [17:20] Dead^: Is it a dreamsign that i dont trust my family in my dreams?
      [17:20] Oreoboy1996: yes Dead
      [17:20] lucidius: *still there
      [17:21] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: yeah, I didn't chuck iit or anything
      [17:21] Dead^: wow.. that sounds bad
      [17:21] lucidius: ok
      [17:21] Merro: Ill brb.
      [17:21] OpheliaBlue: ok
      [17:21] Oreoboy1996: so does having vomiting as a dream sign Dead >.>
      [17:21] Merro: Have to switch computers.
      [17:21] Oreoboy1996: but it works
      [17:21] Merro: I hate that.
      [17:21] Merro: Well brb lol
      [17:21] Merro left the chat room. (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client)
      [17:21] lucidius: i just need a link to the class
      [17:22] OpheliaBlue: i'll find I can breathe underwater alot and become lucid, though it's usually after a fit of near drowning
      [17:22] OpheliaBlue: kinda in the same ballpark as barfing I geuss
      [17:22] OpheliaBlue: traumatic dream signs
      [17:22] Mindraker: You say that as if "almost drowning" is a common experience
      [17:22] Oreoboy1996: back in the early days (early for me anyways) i used to have quite a few dreams where i would breathe underwater and immediately become lucid
      [17:22] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: Intro Class for Beginners - Starting Now
      [17:22] lucidius: thx
      [17:22] Dead^: almost drowning is what i always do in dreams with water
      [17:23] RareCola: I had that a while ago, where I felt like I was going to drown but then realised I could just breathe underwater when I almost ran out of breath. No lucidity though
      [17:23] Caenis|BRB: !back
      [17:23] Dead^: i always hold my breath when im underwater in dreams
      [17:23] Caenis|BRB is now known as Caenis.
      [17:23] OpheliaBlue: yours is alllll the way at the bottom lucidius
      [17:23] Dead^: D:
      [17:23] Oreoboy1996: although i wasn't drowning in those dreams usually
      [17:23] Merro joined the chat room.
      [17:23] Oreoboy1996: hello Merro
      [17:23] OpheliaBlue: wb merro
      [17:23] Merro: Much better.
      [17:23] Caenis: Welcome back.
      [17:23] Merro: Thanks
      [17:23] Merro: This monitor is easier to see on.
      [17:24] Merro: Btw I have a question to ask about medicine and lucid dreaming.
      [17:24] OpheliaBlue: !brb getting a slice of meat pie for breakfast
      [17:24] OpheliaBlue is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB.
      [17:24] Merro: Pie!
      [17:24] Merro: lol
      [17:24] RareCola: ....Meat pie for breakfast?
      [17:24] lucidius: !brb
      [17:24] lucidius is now known as lucidius|BRB.
      [17:25] Oreoboy1996: !brb getting second breakfast >.>
      [17:25] Oreoboy1996 is now known as Oreoboy1996|BRB.
      [17:25] Caenis: Sounds delicious.
      [17:25] Merro: omg
      [17:25] RareCola: Everyone's brb'ing on us
      [17:25] Merro: I just recalled a dream I had
      [17:25] Caenis: =O
      [17:25] Merro: Its a fragment though.
      [17:25] Caenis: Write it down, quick Merro!
      [17:25] Mindraker: Antihistamine is a cheap over-the-counter sleep medication, but I don't know its effect on sleep. It's the same medication used to dry up sinuses for colds. Anyone have any knowledge about this?
      [17:25] Caenis: Before you forget again.
      [17:25] Dead^: does vividness and the amount of adventure wear off when one get older?
      [17:25] Merro: Hold a sec.
      [17:25] Mindraker: *effect on dreams
      [17:25] Exotiraan: Dead^ almost drowning is what i always do in dreams with water # Same. It's scary because I actually wake up, gasping for air.
      [17:26] Dead^: ouch
      [17:26] Dead^: ):
      [17:26] RareCola: I wouldn't say vividness and adventurousness has anything to do with age
      [17:26] RareCola: Just how stimulated your creative mind is
      [17:26] OpheliaBlue|BRB: !back
      [17:26] OpheliaBlue|BRB is now known as OpheliaBlue.
      [17:27] OpheliaBlue: yeah I like dinner for breakfast, I'm weird
      [17:27] Dead^: ah
      [17:27] Merro: Shit I forgot it >__>
      [17:27] Merro: It just faded away
      [17:27] Merro: >_<
      [17:27] RareCola: Hate when that happens
      [17:27] RareCola: I had a dream this morning that just faded when I went to write it down, couldn't remember it again after
      [17:27] Caenis: OpheliaBlue: Do you know how antihistamines affect sleep? Mindraker asked, and I have no idea.
      [17:27] RareCola: I have no idea either
      [17:27] OpheliaBlue: antihistamines knock me out to the point of no recall
      [17:28] Oreoboy1996|BRB: !back
      [17:28] Oreoboy1996|BRB is now known as Oreoboy1996.
      [17:28] Mindraker: So it makes you too drowsy?
      [17:28] OpheliaBlue: it does to me, might affect others differently
      [17:28] OpheliaBlue: like I sleep TOO deep or something
      [17:28] RareCola: I think any medication will generally hurt your dreams
      [17:29] OpheliaBlue: yeah
      [17:29] OpheliaBlue: although I remember taking prozac in high school, and I had some wild as crazy dreams
      [17:29] OpheliaBlue: if I had been practicing LD techniques at that time, I think I would have had some good ones
      [17:29] RareCola: Heh
      [17:29] Mindraker: It's OTC (over-the-counter) but be careful, don't abuse it, as it obviously can interact with other medications and has affects on other parts of the body.
      [17:30] Mindraker: (antihistamine, that is.)
      [17:30] Mindraker: Prozac -- what is that... antidepressant?
      [17:30] OpheliaBlue: yeah totally.. takes me like a whole 24 hours to completely loose all the side effects of even just 1 diphenhydramine
      [17:30] Caenis: Yes Mindraker.
      [17:30] OpheliaBlue: yeah it's an SSRI
      [17:30] Oreoboy1996 has no idea what they're talking about, so he will just smile and nod
      [17:31] OpheliaBlue: which inhibits your cells from reuptaking seratonin, so you have more seratonin in your system.. probably makes you just more aware in your dreams in general
      [17:31] RareCola: Probably stops you dreaming so deeply too
      [17:31] RareCola: or, sleeping so deeply rather*
      [17:32] OpheliaBlue: yeah I think so... 5-htp does something similar
      [17:32] OpheliaBlue: makes the body produce more seratonin in the morning
      [17:32] OpheliaBlue: so if you're DEILDing, it's perfect.. until you getused to it that is =/
      [17:32] RareCola: Yea
      [17:33] OpheliaBlue: I was a good girl and only took one 2 nights ago, didn't last ngiht
      [17:33] RareCola: My seratonin production seems to have sucked lately, I've been so much more dead during my WBTBs and such than I used to be
      [17:33] lucidius|BRB: !here
      [17:33] lucidius|BRB is now known as lucidius.
      [17:33] OpheliaBlue: RareCola: get a girlfriend.. she'll boost your seratonin levels. At the beginnign anyway. THen she'll suck it right out of you lol
      [17:34] Merro: Sometimes I hate my family. -_-
      [17:34] Mindraker: Has anyone gone into REM sleep where one eye is twitching but the other one isn't? Talk about annoying.
      [17:34] RareCola: LOL
      [17:34] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: can't say tha I have... I haven't experienced any kind of twitching. I can see how that would be seriously annoying
      [17:34] lucidius: i have had one eye twitch when i am falling asleep
      [17:34] Merro: I've had that happen to me last night I think.
      [17:34] Exotiraan: OpheliaBlue: Succubus.
      [17:34] Merro: Exo, Where?!
      [17:34] Merro: :O
      [17:34] OpheliaBlue: lol Exotiraan
      [17:34] Merro: jk lol
      [17:35] Oreoboy1996: Mindraker : i have
      [17:35] Caenis: Don't think so. My eyelid might twitch before falling asleep, but seems to sort itself out if I press it against a pillow for a bit.
      [17:35] OpheliaBlue: I'm being one right now I think, I need to be more giving in my relationship.
      [17:35] lucidius: i have a Q on wilding agin
      [17:35] OpheliaBlue: sorry, back on topic
      [17:35] OpheliaBlue: ok lucidius
      [17:35] Mindraker: I regularly experience one eye wanting to twitch more / a little before the other eye. My left one is all ready to go and the right eye is... dead
      [17:35] Oreoboy1996: i heard that you can solve the eye twitch problem by wearing a sleep mask that will had some light pressure to your eyes
      [17:35] Xyvoch joined the chat room.
      [17:35] OpheliaBlue: hey Xyvoch!
      [17:35] RareCola: Don't think my eyes ever twitch
      [17:35] Oreoboy1996: hello Xyvoch
      [17:35] Xyvoch: Hey guys
      [17:35] Mindraker: hi Xyvoch
      [17:36] Xyvoch: Hey mind
      [17:36] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: did you ever consider getting a sleep visor thing, what's it called?
      [17:36] lucidius: how exactly does it work if you know what i mean
      [17:36] OpheliaBlue: I think oreo mentioned it last time
      [17:36] Xyvoch: There'S a class right now?
      [17:36] Merro: Ok so I have a question SP related.
      [17:36] Merro: Yes Xyvoch i think...
      [17:36] Merro: lol
      [17:36] RareCola: Started an hour early today
      [17:36] Xyvoch: lol
      [17:36] Merro: And hey dude.
      [17:36] Caenis: Mindraker: If you sleep on your side, maybe just rest your head so that your twitching eyelid is against the pillow?
      [17:36] OpheliaBlue: Xyvoch: yeah I scheduled it earlier today because I'm going to see PROMETHEUS in the theater!!
      [17:36] Mindraker: OpheliaBlue: I actually do use a sleep mask, believe it or not, because there's an apartment complex lamp right outside my window
      [17:36] Oreoboy1996: lol
      [17:36] Xyvoch: Hey merro
      [17:36] Merro: So I have a question SP related.
      [17:37] Caenis: It still twitches with the mask on? o.O
      [17:37] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: do you think the twitching is better or worse with the mask?
      [17:37] lucidius: that looks like a good movie
      [17:37] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : sorry, but it would be much easier if you read a few WILD tutorials
      [17:37] Caenis: Ask away Merro!
      [17:37] Xyvoch: nobody is listenning to you merro lol
      [17:37] Oreoboy1996: if you read them carefully you would be able to understand what exactly a WILD is
      [17:37] Mindraker: Caenis: Hm... that's an interesting idea... well, I do toss and turn a lot, so I don't know if that would solve the problem.
      [17:37] Merro: When you hit SP and everything goes blank, your basically entering REM sleep eh?
      [17:37] lucidius: can i have the link to those agin?
      [17:37] Oreoboy1996:
      [17:38] Mindraker: I mean... OpheliaBlue ... I don't know if that would solve the problem
      [17:38] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: yeah I don't know if you need more pressure or less pressure on that one eye
      [17:38] Mindraker: I have a little electronic device in my chest that is like a pacemaker on my left side
      [17:38] Mindraker: that is attached to my vagus nerve
      [17:38] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : here's a starting point WILD Tutorial - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [17:38] Caenis: Merro: Hmmmmm. It could, but I thought that if you entered REM, you would soon be entering a dream.
      [17:39] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: and here's a few Articles
      [17:39] Mindraker: and it sends electrical impulses down my nerves... so that may be part of the problem.
      [17:39] Merro: Thats what I was thinking.
      [17:39] Caenis: So you'd start seeing stuff entering REM, not blackness.
      [17:39] OpheliaBlue: holy crap Mindraker really?
      [17:39] Oreoboy1996: if you read a few WILD tutorials, I'll reward you with 20 hall points lucidius
      [17:39] Xyvoch: So the topic ophelia set are the layers, i never heard that, is it about the control, the deepness or the dreams in dreams (like inception ) ?
      [17:39] Merro: Could the hallucinations start after the blackness or before the blackness?
      [17:39] OpheliaBlue: yeah that could be it... damn I don't know what to do about that =/
      [17:40] Mindraker: OpheliaBlue: it's a fairly new device for epilepsy, I hardly feel the device. But it could be the cause of my twitching being stronger on one side.
      [17:40] RareCola: Just an easy way to define the type of lucid dream you're having, Xyvoch
      [17:40] lucidius: ok
      [17:40] OpheliaBlue: Xyvoch: it's based on a video http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/layers-lucidity-131625/
      [17:40] lucidius: i will read them
      [17:40] OpheliaBlue: Iset thattopic because it's common for people to dream that they're discussing LDs, but not actually getting lucid. That's a layer 0 prime.
      [17:41] Caenis: I guess it could start before or after. Merro, could the blackness have been you losing consciousness and falling asleep?
      [17:41] lucidius: this dosnt look like totorials - Articles
      [17:41] Merro: Could be.
      [17:41] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: hrmm.. i wonder if you asked your doctor about it, there could be some kind of adjustment made? I know nothing about that kind of thing
      [17:41] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: scroll down, it's alphabetical
      [17:41] Merro: Everything went completely blank and pitch black so I had no idea what was going on at the time.
      [17:42] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : if you scroll down there are like 5 WILD tutorials
      [17:42] Merro: So after I got out of it I felt pretty weird.
      [17:42] Mindraker: Well, "health" is the primary concern, obviously, then "dreaming", heh.
      [17:42] Merro: Like my eyes were going back to normal and so were my ears.
      [17:42] Oreoboy1996: fill your brain with knowledge
      [17:42] lucidius: how to fail a wild?
      [17:42] OpheliaBlue: lol
      [17:42] Oreoboy1996: yeah there's a guide on that lucidius
      [17:42] OpheliaBlue: maybe don't start with that one
      [17:42] lucidius: wow
      [17:42] Oreoboy1996: the purpose is to teach you what you shouldn't do in a WILD
      [17:42] OpheliaBlue: i'm kidding
      [17:42] Merro: I should make a post on SP...
      [17:42] Caenis: Oh, I think that does happen to people. I remember reading that you can make your own HI if that happens. So if it happens again Merro, try imagining things and see what happens!
      [17:43] Merro: HI?
      [17:43] Caenis: Hypnagogic(sp?) Imagery
      [17:43] OpheliaBlue: Mindraker: oh yeah, I wouldn't want you to turn it off.. but if the twitching is keeping you from sleeping properly in general, I don't know, maybe there's too much voltage or something
      [17:43] OpheliaBlue: I'm going to stop there on that one.
      [17:44] lucidius: ok, and i will print out "wild Toutorial"
      [17:44] Merro: Mmmm Pizza with Bacon and sasuage...
      [17:44] Mindraker: OpheliaBlue: oh, yeah, it's on VERY high, but, considering the circumstances trying to control the seizures, and the amount of medication I'm on...
      [17:44] lucidius: i havnt done alot of stuff in my dreams
      [17:44] Oreoboy1996: RareCola : RC NOW!
      [17:45] Mindraker: It's actually allowed me to come down off of some of the meds I was on and live a better life.
      [17:45] OpheliaBlue: ohhh... yeah, I guess it can't be "tweaked"
      [17:45] Mindraker: I've had the battery replaced once.
      [17:45] RareCola: Just did, Oreo
      [17:45] RareCola:
      [17:45] Oreoboy1996: lol
      [17:45] Merro: There should be an app that needs to remind you to RC.
      [17:45] OpheliaBlue: lol oreo
      [17:45] RareCola: There is, Merro
      [17:45] RareCola: I don't think it would work great though
      [17:45] RareCola: Need to naturally remember
      [17:45] lucidius: hmmm
      [17:45] Merro: Oh
      [17:45] lucidius: hey!
      [17:45] Oreoboy1996: there are several of those aps i think
      [17:45] lucidius: oh\
      [17:45] dreamerjon23 joined the chat room.
      [17:45] dreamerjon23 was granted voice by DreamBot.
      [17:45] Mindraker: (are you reality checking, people?)
      [17:45] OpheliaBlue: hey jon
      [17:46] dreamerjon23: hey guys
      [17:46] Oreoboy1996: hello dreamerjon23
      [17:46] dreamerjon23: hey oreo
      [17:46] OpheliaBlue RCs
      [17:46] Exotiraan thinks he should start going to bed an hour earlier, then using the lucid alarm he made five hours in.
      [17:46] Caenis: Hey dreamerjon23.
      [17:46] dreamerjon23: late again :S
      [17:46] dreamerjon23: hi Caenis
      [17:46] Merro: Hey guys, what does your family think of you being a LDer?
      [17:46] dreamerjon23: oh jeez
      [17:46] lucidius pushes the button and the printer springs to life
      [17:46] dreamerjon23: they hate it
      [17:46] OpheliaBlue: my mom and brother can do it
      [17:46] Xyvoch: Wow i just watched a few minutes of each video and it's really helpful, did someone from dv made them?
      [17:47] Mindraker: There is some little "popup" program that says "are you lucid dreaming?" for Windows, but then I said, "Do I really need MORE popup windows?"
      [17:47] OpheliaBlue: my bf can't, but he indulges my journal
      [17:47] Oreoboy1996: Merro : never bothered telling my family i'm a lucid dreamer
      [17:47] Oreoboy1996: probably not worth the explanation
      [17:47] Caenis: That's a good question, Merro! My mom thinks it's weird. She doesn't see the point in it.
      [17:47] Merro: My mom and I argue about it sometimes.
      [17:47] Merro: But not bad though.
      [17:47] dreamerjon23: I have a bad story about my dad reported to me that some guy on the news obsessed with lding went on a shooting spree
      [17:47] Caenis: She thinks that I'll become less interested in reality, which I guess could be a valid concern.
      [17:47] Merro: Idk think she thinks it exists.
      [17:47] dreamerjon23: I was like fffuuuuuuu
      [17:47] OpheliaBlue: my dad thinks we make it up.. he thinks when we wake up, we convince ourselved we actually were lucid and had control, but were never really in the moment
      [17:47] RareCola: My family don't know I lucid dream
      [17:47] OpheliaBlue: I think he's jealous because he never had one
      [17:47] RareCola: hasn't really come up in conversation
      [17:48] Oreoboy1996: dreamerjon23 : that guy also had a mental disability
      [17:48] lucidius: when i first toild my mom i was trying to lucid dream she asked what the purpose was and almost disallowed me to saying it wasnt healthy
      [17:48] Merro: Yeah Lucid Dreams can be cool but you do have a life too.
      [17:48] OpheliaBlue: lol lucidius
      [17:48] Mindraker: Yeah I'm just... not going to tell my parents about the whole Lucid Dreaming thing. After it took 15 years for my parents to accept that my brother was gay... yeah, let's leave this one out of the dinner table conversation.
      [17:48] OpheliaBlue: She Can't Stop You!!!!
      [17:48] dreamerjon23: ya I figured oreo
      [17:48] lucidius: exactly
      [17:48] OpheliaBlue: lmao Mindraker
      [17:48] Caenis: Yeesh. Yeah, maybe not a bad idea, Mindraker.
      [17:49] RareCola: The thing is, you can't really become addicted to lucid dreaming. You can't sleep any more than your body needs anyway, why not take advantage of the 8 hours where it's inactive?
      [17:49] Xyvoch: Is lucid dreaming that much a lifestyle?
      [17:49] OpheliaBlue: I'm lucky that my parents are shrinks, so they accept all this stuff... mom and stepdad that is, not my real dad
      [17:49] OpheliaBlue: Xyvoch: it is for me!
      [17:49] Exotiraan: My mom and grandmother used to have SP hallucinations and astral-plane-y stuff. When I told my mom, she was all like, "Oh, my God, he has the power!"
      [17:49] OpheliaBlue: HAHahaa
      [17:49] Merro: My dad has had some lucid dreams in his life.
      [17:49] RareCola: I'd say lucid dreaming completely changes your lifestyle if you take it seriously
      [17:49] OpheliaBlue: you have the gift
      [17:49] Caenis: Exotiraan: Hahaha, that's cool.
      [17:49] Mindraker: lolol Exotiraan
      [17:50] OpheliaBlue: RareCola: so right. I have to have this amount of sleep, and this time for DV, and this and that.
      [17:50] RareCola: And even just being more aware of everything in your life
      [17:50] OpheliaBlue: but I'm quitting a WHOLE 5 minutes early today to see a movie. you should all be shocked
      [17:50] lucidius: whats the maxamum a LD can last?
      [17:50] Caenis: Ophelia is abandoning us! </3
      [17:50] OpheliaBlue: true, you take awareness so much more seriously
      [17:50] Oreoboy1996: i will take over the class for those 5 minutes then
      [17:50] RareCola: 5 minutes?! But that's.... that's... blasphemous.
      [17:50] Caenis: Have fun at your movie, Ophelia!
      [17:50] lucidius: i just heard a ping sound
      [17:51] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : i don't think we can figure that number out
      [17:51] OpheliaBlue: lol?
      [17:51] Merro: Well ima be movin out soon so I can probably LD any time I want. So yea. p
      [17:51] OpheliaBlue: lucidius: RC time
      [17:51] OpheliaBlue: see ya merro
      [17:51] lucidius: YAY
      [17:51] Oreoboy1996: and it doesn't really matter how long a lucid can last if you learn time dilation
      [17:51] RareCola: Have fun Ophelia
      [17:51] lucidius does his normal 5 rc combo
      [17:51] OpheliaBlue: yeah you 3 boys can take over the last 5 minutes, and the subsequent hours of chitchat
      [17:51] Xyvoch: Why is lucid dreaming not well knowm everywhere?
      [17:51] OpheliaBlue: hey I got 4 more minutes!!!
      [17:51] RareCola: Oh sorry!
      [17:51] RareCola: haha
      [17:51] TheUnknown: Oreoboy1996: i'm not really sure that can even be learned, It's semi-spontaneous for me
      [17:51] lucidius: y am i hearing ping sounds?
      [17:52] RareCola: Because dreaming is a forgotten art in general, Xyvoch
      [17:52] Oreoboy1996: because 30 years ago lucid dreaming was thought to be satanic and now it's thought to be schitzophrenic?
      [17:52] Mindraker: lucidius: everytime someone says your name, your computer will beep
      [17:52] OpheliaBlue: are you in webchat or do you have a client lucidius ?
      [17:52] Oreoboy1996: someone said that the other day i think lol
      [17:52] OpheliaBlue: lucidius
      [17:52] Mindraker: lucidius: beep
      [17:52] OpheliaBlue: haha
      [17:52] RareCola: Everyone's life is so hectic these days they just want to sleep and don't focus on dreaming.
      [17:52] Mindraker: lucidius: see?
      [17:52] OpheliaBlue: ^^ so true
      [17:52] Oreoboy1996: TheUnknown : i learned time dilation
      [17:52] lucidius: im on webchat right now
      [17:52] Xyvoch: That'S true
      [17:52] OpheliaBlue: I don't even bother with LDs on nights before work
      [17:52] Merro: Oreoboy, I dont see why Lucid Dremaing would be consider Satanic... If someone is religious that is.
      [17:52] lucidius: i am hearing extra beeps
      [17:52] OpheliaBlue: I just want 6-8 hours of sleep
      [17:52] Exotiraan also throws religion into the mix at Xyvoch's question.
      [17:53] OpheliaBlue: extra beeps? damn
      [17:53] lucidius: noone says my name and "BEEP"
      [17:53] Oreoboy1996: Merro : there are a lot of things i don't understand about some groups of people
      [17:53] OpheliaBlue: coming from your computer lucidius
      [17:53] Xyvoch: Religion?
      [17:53] Merro: I agree Oreoboy.
      [17:53] Oreoboy1996: it's just that people react strangely to things they don't understand sometimes
      [17:53] lucidius: yes
      [17:53] RareCola: Personally, I still try to bother to dream when I'm working. I find the dreams relaxing and I always have a great day after a lucid dream the night before, just because of the amazing feeling.
      [17:53] Caenis: Merro: I used to be religious, and thought LDing was questionable. I just didn't understand it though.
      [17:53] OpheliaBlue: man I dunno
      [17:53] Merro: Like how people think cosplaying makes you gay if your a guy but your not gay, you know what I mean?
      [17:54] OpheliaBlue: RareCola: I'm envious. I have horrible insomnia the night before work. It's because of my job.
      [17:54] Merro: Stereotypes, etc.
      [17:54] Oreoboy1996: if you traveled back 500 years ago and used a flashlight, people would accuse you of witchcraft
      [17:54] Xyvoch: I just told that to one girl and she was fascinated. But maybe she couldn't realise what i just said to her
      [17:54] lucidius: yes
      [17:54] OpheliaBlue: lol Oreoboy1996 so true
      [17:54] RareCola: Yea I can imagine it does depend on how stressful your job is
      [17:54] Xyvoch: But nowaday you know the power of your mind
      [17:54] OpheliaBlue: the customers suck my will to live
      [17:54] Mindraker: I wasn't a religious person at all, but for some reason, the whole Lucid dreaming thing has made the divisions between religions quite "blurred" for me...
      [17:55] Xyvoch: And your dreams
      [17:55] lucidius: however if you traveled back 1000 years ago and used a flashlight noone would care, other than mabe being a little curious
      [17:55] Caenis: How do you mean, Mindraker?
      [17:55] Oreoboy1996: nah i'm pretty sure 1000 years ago would be similar
      [17:55] RareCola: Try personally catering to clients who think it's a great idea to have bright yellow text on blue backgrounds, Ophelia :l
      [17:56] RareCola: Life of a graphic designer.
      [17:56] Oreoboy1996: people would be afraid of the flashlight because they don't understand it
      [17:56] OpheliaBlue: man I'm glad I'm atheist.. I can slap whatever DC i want and don't have to worry if it was a demigod or something
      [17:56] lucidius: o i ment 3000
      [17:56] Xyvoch: The fear of the unkown
      [17:56] Oreoboy1996: 3000 still the same lucidius
      [17:56] lucidius: when homosapien first appeared
      [17:56] Mindraker: Well... for example... it just seems like as humans we're all looking for the same answers for the same questions. We're all on the same earth, with the same issues... in this same corner of the universe...
      [17:56] OpheliaBlue: on that note, I'm going to go watch aliens eat people
      [17:56] Caenis was promoted to operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [17:56] Oreoboy1996: i thought we were around longer than 3000 years
      [17:56] Oreoboy1996 was promoted to operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [17:56] Mindraker: Even the lines between religion and science seems to have been blurred...
      [17:56] You were promoted to operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [17:57] Xyvoch: what?
      [17:57] RareCola: Okay, have fun Probably be good dream candy.
      [17:57] lucidius: whats all the +os?
      [17:57] OpheliaBlue: there's your bosses.. play nice with all that religious talk
      [17:57] RareCola: "Dream candy" -- I think I came up with a new term.
      [17:57] Xyvoch: farming was invented 8000 years ago!
      [17:57] Oreoboy1996: ^
      [17:57] OpheliaBlue: haha
      [17:57] OpheliaBlue: !away
      [17:57] OpheliaBlue is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away.
      [17:57] Caenis: Mindraker: I think you make a good point. And I agree, people are just trying to find comfort in the world, and all of the ideas are rather similar.
      [17:57] lucidius: oh
      [17:57] lucidius: then i meant 9000
      [17:57] Xyvoch: lol
      [17:58] Oreoboy1996: we were still around...
      [17:58] lucidius: exactly
      [17:58] Oreoboy1996: we've been around for at least 30,000 years i think
      [17:58] Oreoboy1996: even more than that i'm sure
      [17:58] Xyvoch: Yes that'S possible
      [17:58] lucidius: but we didnt acuse people of being withes
      [17:58] OpheliaBlue|Away: Caenis: RareCola Oreoboy1996 log thread is open btw
      [17:58] RareCola: Ok awesome
      [17:58] Mindraker: I mean, granted, there are differences in *what* science and religion are, but we're still scared about what happens when we die, where we came from, where we are, how to make our lives more comfortable, etc.
      [17:58] OpheliaBlue|Away: fo rizzle this time
      [17:58] Oreoboy1996: RareCola 's turn to do it >.>
      [17:58] lucidius: log thread?
      [17:58] Caenis: Thanks Ophelia.
      [17:58] RareCola: Yea think I fixed my logging issue
      [17:59] OpheliaBlue|Away: oh and I'll talk about the usergroup thing later
      [17:59] Mindraker: Hello forum! DD
      [17:59] Caenis: I can lot it if you guys want, I've been here since the beginning.
      [17:59] Oreoboy1996: lucidius : by log thread she means to copy and paste everything we've said in the past hour into a forum post
      [17:59] dreamerjon23: sorry was afk
      [17:59] Oreoboy1996: i can log it
      [17:59] Oreoboy1996: i just don't want to
      [17:59] Xyvoch: Strange, I know science that good that religion and afterlife is simply impossible for me, for me your soul is just atoms making a piece of flesh called brain.
      [17:59] lucidius: LOG ((((((((((((((()
      [17:59] Exotiraan could also log.
      [17:59] Oreoboy1996: the lazy in me is kicking in
      [18:00] dreamerjon23: Does anyone have any rules that help you set LDing aside? If I have good recall I get too focused on it.
      [18:00] lucidius: Lion Otter Golden retriver
      [18:00] Oreoboy1996: what do you mean dreamerjon23 ?
      [18:00] RareCola: ^
      [18:00] Exotiraan is still trying to get recall.
      [18:00] Mindraker: But the law of preservation of matter is science -- we will still exist after we die. We'll just be eaten up by worms and bacteria and picked apart until we are plant food.
      [18:01] RareCola: Do you mean you get too focused on lucid dreaming and forget about recall?
      [18:01] dreamerjon23: too much attention on it Oreoboy1996
      [18:01] Mindraker: But our "matter" will still exist forever.
      [18:01] lucidius: DANG!
      [18:01] Oreoboy1996: no such thing as too much attention to lucid dreaming >.>
      [18:01] Xyvoch: Sure but our brain that helped us to think and invent religion is gone, eaten etc.
      [18:01] Mindraker: Either as matter or energy.
      [18:01] lucidius: im going to need another link too the class
      [18:01] Oreoboy1996: unless it somehow makes you forget to eat in real life
      [18:01] dreamerjon23: lol knew you say that
      [18:01] RareCola: No I get what he's saying, Oreo, I've had the same issue before
      [18:02] Oreoboy1996: and then you get accused of being anorexic
      [18:02] Oreoboy1996: and then you have to see a psychologist
      [18:02] dreamerjon23: well
      [18:02] dreamerjon23: no
      [18:02] dreamerjon23: lol
      [18:02] Oreoboy1996: and then they tell you to stop lucid dreaming
      [18:02] RareCola: What I do now is focus more on recall as I'm going to bed at night, then more on lucid dreaming during my WBTB
      [18:02] Oreoboy1996: and then you get depressed
      [18:02] lucidius: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
      [18:02] dreamerjon23: it's not a trap
      [18:02] Oreoboy1996: and suicide
      [18:02] dreamerjon23: we live in a free country
      [18:02] Xyvoch: ...
      [18:02] lucidius: selfacide?
      [18:02] Mindraker: Ah, sure, our consciousness is gone... maybe...? Or is it? Society is still carrying forth history, your mark on the world...
      [18:03] Xyvoch: If we fall in a ld like the "limbo" when we die, that would be the coolest thing space would have made!
      [18:03] Merro: I want to make that train appear in Inception in the streets...
      [18:03] Merro: That would be epic.
      [18:03] Mindraker: Even the decisions that a human made 200,000 years ago affected society today...
      [18:04] Dead^: maybe thats how the world works
      [18:04] Xyvoch: You mean with reigion?
      [18:04] dreamerjon23: mindraker do you have any LD goals?
      [18:04] Dead^: maybe someone is lucid dreaming us
      [18:04] Dead^: that died years ago
      [18:04] Dead^: wooh scary stuff
      [18:04] Dead^: no ok..
      [18:04] lucidius: how old is LDing
      [18:04] RareCola: Remember this is a lucid dreaming class guys, not religious
      [18:04] lucidius: didnt it start in tabet?
      [18:04] dreamerjon23: no
      [18:04] Mindraker: Well I've reached a "plateau" -- I was overenthusiastic, and my dreams were kind of "blah" last night and the night before.
      [18:04] lucidius: with munks?
      [18:04] Oreoboy1996: well, class is over
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      The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary.

      No sailor controls the sea. Only a foolish sailor would say such a thing. Similarly, no lucid dreamer controls the dream.
      Like a sailor on the sea, we lucid dreamers direct our perceptual awareness within the larger state of dreaming.

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      Saturday, June 16th, 6:30pm Chat

      Me & Caenis hosted today, thought we'd try out a weekend class as Ophelia's never available for the weekends. Turned out quite well despite the small class, we had a few tumbleweeds but great discussion nonetheless!

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      00:27] Burke: 1 Hour Special - Epic Music Collection V - Best Of - YouTube <---- this shall be the most epic DVA session ever
      [00:27] Burke: if people show...
      [00:27] Mindraker: CLicking the video
      [00:27] RareCola: Well we have a few more than last time me & caenis hosted, it seems
      [00:28] RareCola: SHAME CAENIS ISNT HERE
      [00:28] RareCola: coughcough
      [00:28] Exotiraan is still trying to work himself out of his memory rut.
      [00:28] Mindraker: Some chick I haven't seen in 15 years as a DC last night.
      [00:29] Exotiraan: I got out with two fragments.
      [00:29] Mindraker: Burke cool vid
      [00:30] Burke: love this stuff
      [00:30] Exotiraan idles back into his programming until class starts.
      [00:31] OpheliaBlue joined the chat room.
      [00:31] OpheliaBlue was promoted to operator by DreamBot.
      [00:31] Burke strangles OpheliaBlue for being late.
      [00:31] You were promoted to operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [00:31] RareCola: She's not
      [00:31] OpheliaBlue: I'm not teaching today so neener neener
      [00:31] RareCola: haha
      [00:31] Burke: >
      [00:31] RareCola: I'm teaching all alone as Caenis isn't here~
      [00:31] OpheliaBlue: awwwwwww
      [00:32] OpheliaBlue: yeah, kick some ass man
      [00:32] Mindraker: OpheliaBlue: did I tell you your avatar showed up in a dream?
      [00:32] OpheliaBlue: oh weird
      [00:32] OpheliaBlue: ciao!
      [00:32] OpheliaBlue left the chat room. ("Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is")
      [00:32] RareCola: So who's here today? Burke cookieh JoeyBelgier|Asleep TheElusiveHobo Exotiraan
      [00:32] Exotiraan: Hopefully, it goes better than last time; last time it went into a religion discussion and then everyone bounced when that happened.
      [00:32] Burke: I will be here in a minute or two
      [00:32] RareCola: Yea I conveniently cut that out of the chat log
      [00:32] Burke: !brb
      [00:32] Burke is now known as Burke|BRB.
      [00:33] JoeyBelgier|Asleep left the chat room. (Client closed the connection)
      [00:33] RareCola: So did anyone lucid last night?
      [00:33] cookieh: JOE--oh.
      [00:33] cookieh: Nah
      [00:33] RareCola: Yea I guess he had to sleep, he was wondering when class was
      [00:34] TheElusiveHobo: Hey everybody. I want to apologize fro not being in class last week. It's been insane over here lately, and my recall kind of went to hell.
      [00:34] Burke|BRB: !back
      [00:34] Burke|BRB is now known as Burke.
      [00:34] RareCola: It's fine, life is important!
      [00:34] TheElusiveHobo: However, I did have my first LD last night.
      [00:34] Mindraker: Yes, I had a weird dream about a girl living in an 18-wheeler/ship freight unit and somehow it was luxurious inside and larger on the inside than on the outside.
      [00:34] Burke:
      [00:34] Burke: congrats!
      [00:34] RareCola: Oh that's great TheElusiveHobo
      [00:34] RareCola: How was it?
      [00:34] Caenis joined the chat room.
      [00:34] Exotiraan: Lies! Caenis is here!
      [00:34] Caenis: Sorry I'm late, was just finishing up dinner.
      [00:34] Caenis was promoted to operator by you.
      [00:35] TheElusiveHobo: Interesting. I posted a DJ about it.
      [00:35] RareCola: It's fine, we just started, welcome
      [00:35] RareCola: Talking about our dreams last night
      [00:35] cookieh: Okay this will be annoying to follow on a phone screen blargh bai
      [00:35] cookieh left the chat room. ("")
      [00:35] Burke: what a quitter
      [00:35] RareCola: &So basically a TARDIS ship thing, Mindraker? Interesting
      [00:35] Caenis: Huh, that's pretty cool.
      [00:36] RareCola: I managed to break my lucid dry spell last night, thank god
      [00:36] Burke: everyone getting lucid, lol
      [00:36] Caenis: I saw! Congrats, RareCola.
      [00:36] Mindraker: Very similar, RareCola but it was "real life"
      [00:36] RareCola: I wanted to do the TOTM but I wasn't realy lucid enough to think about doing it while dreaming
      [00:36] Mindraker: Not sci fi...
      [00:37] Burke: I just missed becoming lucid because I only did one RC and it passed
      [00:37] Mindraker: I mean, there were everyday people looking at it in amazement, not some sci fi scene.
      [00:37] Exotiraan had an FA in which he'd started walking around, then could not breath for some reason and woke up gasping, and a dream fragment about configuring complex text-to-speech engines.
      [00:37] Caenis: o.O That doesn't sound too pleasant.
      [00:38] RareCola: I have dreams like that occasionally, Exotiraan
      [00:38] RareCola: But something always seems to happen in the dream which allows me to breathe and suddenly I gasp for air
      [00:38] Mindraker: I don't know why, for some reason my dreams seem to be letting go of having the rigid 3-dimensional rule. They're getting a little looser with space.
      [00:39] Mindraker: Space is getting a lot more fluid the more I'm playing with lucid dreams.
      [00:39] RareCola: That's interesting, though it makes sense
      [00:39] RareCola: You start becoming more creative in general when you start playing with lucidity, I feel
      [00:39] RareCola: that would affect your normal dreams
      [00:40] Caenis: Mindraker: Do you feel it affects the quality of your dreams?
      [00:40] Caenis: Or is it an interesting observation?
      [00:40] Mindraker: For example, when I was in the pool today, I was looking at my hands underwater, and I saw my arms being "bent" with the water -- I thought, "this is what a dream could be like".
      [00:40] Mindraker: Oh yeah definitely. The more I know, the better my dreams are.
      [00:41] Mindraker: The more I can "let go"... the less I am afraid, the higher quality my dreams are.
      [00:41] RareCola: It's great you're observing that. I remember reading in EWOLD about when doing awareness checks, he suggests that you think about the situation you're in as what it would be like if you were dreaming
      [00:43] Exotiraan is disappointed because he watched all three Matrix movies, was able to recall everything back after each, then went to sleep and still didn't dream of it (or forgot about everything).
      [00:43] fOrceez joined the chat room.
      [00:43] fOrceez was promoted to administrator by DreamBot.
      [00:43] Mindraker: About the closest thing I've had "Matrix"-like is bending space a little with my hands.
      [00:43] fOrceez was promoted to operator by DreamBot.
      [00:43] fOrceez: Just observing.
      [00:43] Burke: O.o
      [00:43] RareCola: I've never seen the matrix movies. I probably should
      [00:44] RareCola: Hey fOrceez
      [00:44] Mindraker: But it was not intentional or expected.
      [00:44] fOrceez: Hey, how goes it?
      [00:44] Mindraker: hiya fOrceez
      [00:44] Caenis: That's a shame, Exotiraan. Did you daydream about it while going to sleep too? That helps me occasionally.
      [00:44] Exotiraan: Yes.
      [00:44] Caenis: Hey fOrceez, good to see you again.
      [00:44] fOrceez: Hey
      [00:45] Exotiraan: My mind had no problem at all with daydreaming about it.
      [00:45] Mindraker: Oh... the "all day awareness" is certainly noticeable when I get on the bus now. I usually zone out everything on the bus. Talk about being the only one who is not brain dead on the bus. That is weird.
      [00:45] Mindraker: The only one who is not staring straight forward out the window?
      [00:46] Mindraker: Yeah. Creepy.
      [00:46] RareCola: Yea awareness on transport is great, you kind of get that "lucid" feeling from everything passing by you at high speed
      [00:46] Exotiraan: There's no way I couldn't not've dreamed about any of it, I just keep forgetting everything when I wake up. :<
      [00:46] Caenis: =/ Keep working on your recall, Exo! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic Matrix dream if you keep trying.
      [00:46] RareCola: Yea definitely, keep the dream incubation up
      [00:47] RareCola: Your mind will give in sometime
      [00:48] RareCola: So I had a topic for tonight -- I was talking to Ophelia last night and she was explaining how when she first began lucid dreaming what helped her push by the first barriers was a burning desire to actually lucid dream, fuelled by a goal
      [00:48] RareCola: I was just wondering what everyone's main goal was for lucid dreaming
      [00:49] RareCola: It's nice to remind yourself once in a while why you actually want to lucid dream, because it's quite easily forgotten
      [00:49] Mindraker: I don't know if that has to be set in stone; that can be a changing goal?
      [00:49] Caenis: That's a good topic.
      [00:50] RareCola: Yea of course, you can also have more than one goal
      [00:50] RareCola: but I definitely think it's a good idea to have big things you're working towards too
      [00:50] RareCola: Over-arching goals, as well as small ones that change frequently
      [00:50] Mindraker: I mean, the more one learns "about" lucid dreaming, the better one can define one's goal for it.
      [00:51] Mindraker: Perhaps one may have started merely because of curiosity; now it is a more narrowly defined goal about psychology and health and sleep or something along those lines.
      [00:52] RareCola: Yea I understand that
      [00:52] RareCola: What are your goals now then, Mindraker?
      [00:52] Mindraker: LOL, I think that kind of defines myself pretty well!
      [00:53] RareCola: Ah so you're mainly interested in just the affects of lucid dreaming to yourself?
      [00:53] RareCola: That's interesting
      [00:54] Caenis: I have a list of 50 or so ideas of stuff I want to do in LDs. A lot of it is just fun stuff. But the reason why I started was so I could dream about my fiance. My fiance is in some of my dreams, but isn't the focus of them. That's still one of my big goals. General exploring my own world and mind as well.
      [00:54] Mindraker: Well... since I know I don't know everything about lucid dreaming, but I do know it's a fascinating subject, and it is something that I can learn a lot about... and I can independently explore...
      [00:55] Mindraker: yeah I guess so.
      [00:55] RareCola: Ah that's a great motivator, Caenis
      [00:55] Caenis: My fiance lives in Australia, by the way. I live in the US. Difficult to see each other.
      [00:55] RareCola: Yea I think you said before
      [00:55] Mindraker: One thing that is one my side that isn't on everyon else's side is that I have to sleep a lot because of my medication's side effects.
      [00:56] Mindraker: So I can use that to my benefit.
      [00:56] RareCola: For me personally, my goal with lucid dreaming is to just explore the freedom. Being an artist the fact that I can freely create in a dream is fascinating to me, as well as become inspired by dreams for my art
      [00:56] RareCola: You must get a lot of dream recall, if you have an extended sleep pattern then, Mindraker?
      [00:57] Caenis: I guess that's pretty handy, Mindraker. I sometimes wish I could sleep more so I could dream more. =p
      [00:57] RareCola: Haha yea, I definitely would if I could logically do so
      [00:57] Mindraker: Now that I write in my journals, I tend to get pretty reliable dream recall.
      [00:57] Mindraker: Yeah, another artist was on here asking for our dreams and "drawing" them out... what was the name... waenis or something?
      [00:57] Caenis: wana
      [00:57] Mindraker: wana
      [00:58] Mindraker: yeah
      [00:58] RareCola: I don't think I could draw someone else's dreams
      [00:58] Mindraker: I suck at drawing, I can't even draw my own.
      [00:58] Caenis: Do you draw your own, RareCola?
      [00:59] RareCola: I haven't yet, I want to start but I want to become better at lucid dreaming so I can get complete vividness to draw from
      [00:59] RareCola: Problem with non-lucids is they're so vague
      [01:00] Caenis: I have some pretty vivid non-lucids sometimes. Not often, but occasionally.
      [01:00] RareCola: Yea same, but it's not the same kind of vividness I find
      [01:00] RareCola: Like, even when I'm in a really vivid non-lucid I couldn't tell you the texture of a wall, or detail the shapes on somebody's face
      [01:01] Exotiraan could draw his own, but is shitty at things like perspective and anatomy.
      [01:01] Mindraker: Got a question about dreams. Does it seem to you like everyone is facing you in your dreams?
      [01:01] RareCola: I don't really tend to have a lot of people in my dreams, and when I do, they're usually focused around the story anyway
      [01:02] TheElusiveHobo left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [01:02] Mindraker: I think I can remember *one* dream when people weren't facing me, and a ring of friends were falling from the sky, skydiving. That's maybe the only one.
      [01:02] Caenis: When I have a dream body, sometimes.
      [01:02] Mindraker: And that dream was about 15 years ago.
      [01:03] RareCola: Oh that's interesting
      [01:03] RareCola: So you never see people's backs?
      [01:03] Mindraker: I don't ever recall seeing someone's back. (except for maybe that one dream)
      [01:03] Exotiraan: Mindraker: Nope. In my past dreams, people are just mindin' their own business and doing their own thing most of the time.
      [01:03] Caenis: Sounds like you found a new dream sign Mindraker.
      [01:04] RareCola: Yea definitely
      [01:04] Mindraker: Wow, you guys are definitely different from me!
      [01:04] Mindraker: I thought this was the case for everyone!
      [01:05] Mindraker: I've got to stop making assumptions about life. (This usually leads me into trouble.)
      [01:05] RareCola: I guess it could be dream interpreted too
      [01:05] Exotiraan: 'Tis pretty much the same rules in my dream metaverse as in waking universe with those things.
      [01:05] Exotiraan: (Except with more altruism.)
      [01:06] Mindraker: I've always had a hard time remembering people's faces in real life, so maybe when it's sharp enough for me to remember it in a dream, it's got to be *facing me*.
      [01:07] RareCola: Yea I have the same issue
      [01:07] RareCola: I never remember someone's face unless I'm really close to them in the dream
      [01:07] Mindraker: I mean, I have to have my girlfriend's face on my desktop background, or I'll even forget what she looks like.
      [01:07] RareCola: Yep, I'm the same way
      [01:07] Mindraker: My mom -- her face is frozen in my head as what she looks like 30 years ago.
      [01:08] RareCola: I think that leads back to the way our mind attaches schemas to things
      [01:08] RareCola: When you think of an eye you thing of an oval with a circle in the middle, but everyone's eye is radically different in shape and form
      [01:08] RareCola: It's just your rational thinking mind doesn't register this
      [01:09] Mindraker: True, we recognize the basic "shape" of an eye -- that's the basic animal instinct working there.
      [01:09] Mindraker: Mommy's eyes will probably lead to Mommy's milk.
      [01:10] RareCola: That's why people have issues drawing too, the left side of the brain attaches these symbols to things and gets in the way of drawing what you actually see. When you activate your right brain to draw, you can draw the shapes of things much better
      [01:11] Mindraker: RareCola: yeah, I took a drawing class and definitely did awesomely drawing houses and streets, but phailed at drawing faces and animals.
      [01:11] Mindraker: My drawing teacher was like "I recognize this church!!!" but gave me a sidewards glance at my drawing of a face.
      [01:11] RareCola: Haha yep, a lot of people have the same issue
      [01:12] RareCola: I guess my being an artist helps a lot with lucid dreaming
      [01:12] RareCola: Probably a factor in why I have such crazy non-lucids
      [01:13] Exotiraan scrolls through his drawings and sees he is not too great at faces, either.
      [01:13] Caenis: Perhaps. I suspect most people have a decent amount of weird dreams, but just don't remember them.
      [01:14] Exotiraan: http://tinyurl.com/wvm-art # I think it is sort of a hit and miss.
      [01:15] Caenis: =O Exotiraan draws things? Regularly? That's pretty cool man. I really like some of these.
      [01:15] RareCola: These are really cool Exotiraan
      [01:15] RareCola: I should definitely start this
      [01:18] RareCola: What's your LD count at now Caenis? Out of interest
      [01:19] RareCola: I probably should keep up with dream journals
      [01:20] Caenis: 4. I was hoping I could catch up to you before you were out of your dry spell. =p
      [01:20] RareCola: Haha oh right
      [01:20] RareCola: Guess you've not completed the TOTM then?
      [01:21] Caenis: Nah. My last LD was on the 11th, and I didn't stabilize well enough when I tried going through the mirror.
      [01:21] RareCola: Ah at least you actually got close!
      [01:22] RareCola: I need to have a higher level lucid dream so I have more control
      [01:22] RareCola: I think it'll be hard for me because I've never done a self-inflicted scene change in my lucids
      [01:22] Caenis: Yeah, it's harder than I realized. I think I'll try the train task instead.
      [01:23] RareCola: We have 7 minutes left anyway -- any other questions or topics you guys wanted to talk about?
      [01:23] RareCola tries to blow away the tumbleweeds in the chat
      [01:23] fOrceez is now known as fOrceez|Away.
      [01:24] Mindraker: It's gotten prettty quiet.
      [01:24] Caenis: Haha, yeah. Weekend chat didn't work out as well as I had hoped, but I'm glad we tried it.
      [01:24] Mindraker: Thank you for doing the chat, folks.
      [01:24] Exotiraan continues to try to solve this memory problem.
      [01:24] Exotiraan: I want my recall back!
      [01:25] RareCola: I think they would, but it's just because it's not a regular thing
      [01:25] Mindraker: Oh quick question... about the wiki on DV
      [01:25] RareCola: It's been good today anyway, we've had some great discussion! Smaller ones are always nice
      [01:25] RareCola: Exotiraan: Just keep that motivation up! You'll get that
      [01:25] Exotiraan: Maybe a few more weeks of going to beat at 2300 to 0000 (and actually sticking with that) will get my REM back at 0500.
      [01:25] Mindraker: is there something I need to do to create an account on the wiki?
      [01:25] Exotiraan: s/beat/bed/ # !!!!
      [01:25] Caenis: That's true, we haven't had a small chat since the first class.
      [01:26] RareCola: I think the wiki is managed by the admins, Mindraker
      [01:26] RareCola: if that's what you mean
      [01:26] Caenis: Yeah, I imagine you'd need permission to post something, if that's what you want to do.
      [01:26] Mindraker: Even to put small definitions on there? I've tried to look up definitions that I've had to find elsewhere on google
      [01:26] Mindraker: Which really should be on the wiki.
      [01:27] RareCola: I think you'll have to ask Ophelia on that one, I'm not overly sure on the admin side of things
      [01:27] Mindraker: Like FA.... what is "False awakening"?
      [01:27] Caenis: Yeah, same here. Sorry.
      [01:27] Mindraker: Someone was using that term and I had to hunt for it.
      [01:27] Exotiraan thinks there should be a split Wiki that anyone can edit, then have some of the pages protected.
      [01:27] Caenis: That would be a good idea.
      [01:27] Exotiraan: And, by "anyone," I mean any member.
      [01:28] RareCola: Yea, like a wikia page or something
      [01:29] Caenis: FA is in the DV Dictionary. Some of the terms you just have to hunt for.
      [01:29] Caenis: Or like the acronym list. DIdn't realize there was one until Ophelia posted it.
      [01:29] Mindraker: Alas, a good tool is one that is easy to use.
      [01:30] Mindraker: I didn't even know there was an acronym list
      [01:30] RareCola: Haha, me either
      [01:31] Mindraker: Where is the acronym list?
      [01:31] RareCola: Acronym List - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [01:31] RareCola: Google ftw
      [01:31] Caenis: Trying to find it now.
      [01:31] Caenis: Or there. That works.
      [01:32] Mindraker: Wow, ok, yeah, it's stuff like this that the newbie doesn't know about or won't find easily.
      [01:32] Caenis: Thought so. Ophelia posted it in Lesson 1. That's where I first read about it.
      [01:33] RareCola: Anyway, I think we can end the class here for today
      [01:33] RareCola: Thanks for coming guys
      [01:33] Exotiraan waves and goes into bouncer idle mode.
      [01:33] Mindraker: OK thanks again for the lesson
      [01:33] Mindraker waves
      [01:34] RareCola: Hope it was as good as Ophelia's classes XD
      [01:34] Mindraker: Oh, keep up the good work and I'll be dreaming about your avatar before you know it!
      [01:34] RareCola: My avatar?
      [01:35] Mindraker: lol I had a dream about opheliablue's avatar the other day
      [01:35] Exotiraan is still surprised anderj101 hasn't ended up into one of his dreams yet.
      [01:35] Caenis: Yeah, I had a dream with Carrot and Alyzarin a few weeks ago. Not their avatars though.
      [01:35] RareCola: Oh haha, her avatar is really interesting
      [01:35] Exotiraan: (Or he has and I forgot it. >_>)
      [01:36] RareCola: D'aw
      [01:36] Caenis: I'm sure that would make anderj101 very sad if you forgot a dream he was in, Exotiraan! You two seem so fond of each other.
      [01:36] RareCola: Have you tried changing all your recall techniques around?
      [01:36] Caenis: Or at least you like cuddling in IRC.
      [01:37] Exotiraan: Once I start remembering things again, I am going to probably be surprised by the dreams I was missing. :p
      [01:37] Exotiraan: "Holy shit, I was forgetting this?!"
      [01:37] RareCola: Haha probably
      [01:38] RareCola: Yea, I'd definitely suggest try changing up your mantras, trying other techniques and methods for dream recall, maybe even take some 5-htp or something
      [01:38] RareCola: Get yourself out of the hole
      [01:41] RareCola: But yes, I must head off for a bit.
      [01:41] Mindraker: OK see ya around guys
      [01:41] Mindraker: Bye love you all *hugs*
      [01:41] RareCola: I'll grab the log from here
      [01:41] Mindraker left the chat room. ("")
      [01:42] RareCola: Bye all!
      [01:42] RareCola: !away
      [01:42] You are now known as RareCola|Away.
      [01:42] Caenis: See you around, RareCola.
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      No sailor controls the sea. Only a foolish sailor would say such a thing. Similarly, no lucid dreamer controls the dream.
      Like a sailor on the sea, we lucid dreamers direct our perceptual awareness within the larger state of dreaming.

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      Monday, June 18th, 12noon CST Chat:

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [11:59:09] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [11:59:24] <Appe96> Hi ophelia!
      [11:59:54] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Appe96 !
      [11:59:56] <@OpheliaBlue> glad you could make it
      [12:00:00] <Merro> OpheliaBlue updated my Workbook.
      [12:00:14] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "??"
      [12:00:29] <Burke> "??"?
      [12:00:37] <@OpheliaBlue> ok who has something really plaguing their mind today?
      [12:00:40] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Burke
      [12:00:44] <Burke> hai
      [12:00:52] <%Oreoboy1996> nothing for me really
      [12:01:00] <Merro> Yes I have a question.
      [12:01:00] <%Caenis> Hello OpheliaBlue.
      [12:01:01] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:01:09] <%Caenis> Hey Dave.
      [12:01:11] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys
      [12:01:12] <%Oreoboy1996> hello DaveTheJoker
      [12:01:13] <@OpheliaBlue> what's up merro
      [12:01:16] <DaveTheJoker> greetings
      [12:01:45] <Merro> I've finally got Lucid this morning but Im always afraid to go around and explore in my lucid dreams, is there any way I could stop that from happening?
      [12:02:04] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Layers of Lucidity"
      [12:02:04] <Appe96> From being affraid?
      [12:02:04] <%RareCola|BRB> !back
      [12:02:05] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [12:02:07] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RareCola
      [12:02:09] <Burke> afraid of what?
      [12:02:10] <%RareCola> Hey all
      [12:02:17] <Burke> &hi
      [12:02:22] <Merro> Its like Im not afraid but I always get hold back from wanting to do something.
      [12:02:23] <@OpheliaBlue> ok good question, I have the same issues sometimes Merro
      [12:02:34] <@OpheliaBlue> I want to say I remember something from the Reece videos that talks about it
      [12:02:43] <Merro> hold that though, bathroom lol
      [12:02:44] <Merro> brb
      [12:02:48] <Merro> thought"
      [12:02:50] <@OpheliaBlue> like, it's not a full on layer 4, because you still haven't truly accepted the fact,
      [12:02:50] <Burke> >.>
      [12:02:59] <%RareCola> What Ophelia said
      [12:03:02] <@OpheliaBlue> that you're body is safe, in bed, and not present with you in the dream
      [12:03:14] <Merro> Sounds about right.
      [12:03:15] <%RareCola> true layer fours, for me at least, are quite hard to obtain. I've only ever obtained them through DEILDs
      [12:03:45] <Appe96> Strange I often obtain layer four :S
      [12:03:52] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm not even sure I have ever achieved a true layer 4, or if I had, it slipped between layers
      [12:03:56] <Appe96> My first layer 1 was a fw days ago
      [12:03:57] Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:04:02] <Lunatide> hello ladies.
      [12:04:04] <@OpheliaBlue> 'm still afraid of the water, which is silly right/
      [12:04:08] <@OpheliaBlue> hey luna
      [12:04:10] <%Oreoboy1996> i've achieved true layer 4 quite a few times
      [12:04:17] <%Oreoboy1996> i think my first lucid was actually that
      [12:04:26] <%RareCola> Yea, it's weird
      [12:04:42] <Merro> Back.
      [12:04:49] <@OpheliaBlue> I think if I were 100% accepting of the fact that it was a dream, I wouldn't avoid the water
      [12:04:50] <%RareCola> It's amazing when you get to that layer four experience though
      [12:04:56] <Merro> Yeah OpheliaBlue, Im always wanting to stand still when i get lucid and not walk.
      [12:05:09] <@OpheliaBlue> so I think the solution is just go for it, jump off a cliff, get in the water, explore scary stuff Merro
      [12:05:10] <Merro> And when I do get lucid I just stop.
      [12:05:17] <@OpheliaBlue> Merro*
      [12:05:29] <Merro> Sounds about right.
      [12:05:36] <@OpheliaBlue> Just have to take that first step, then you'll see you have control
      [12:05:36] <Merro> Well it sounds like im improving my lucids.
      [12:05:41] <DaveTheJoker> gahh Storms here
      [12:05:44] <%RareCola> The problem I have is I never seem be able to recall my waking life memories when I'm lucid and never do what I actually want to do in a lucid because I get so wrapped up in the fact that I am lucid
      [12:05:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, good job!
      [12:05:46] <Appe96> If you are scared, grab a shotgun
      [12:05:48] <%RareCola> I guess that comes with more time, though
      [12:05:59] paigeyemps|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:06:02] <Merro> Ill grab Sephiroths katana and be on my way.
      [12:06:03] <Merro> XD
      [12:06:07] <%Oreoboy1996> hello paigey
      [12:06:08] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it does RareCola.. I used to struggle to remember even a TOTM, but it got better and better
      [12:06:12] <paigeyemps|Away> hello
      [12:06:14] <Lunatide> Seph's katana is awesome
      [12:06:16] <@OpheliaBlue> hey paige!
      [12:06:16] <paigeyemps|Away> !here
      [12:06:16] paigeyemps|Away [[email protected]] is now known as paigeyemps
      [12:06:21] <%RareCola> hey paige
      [12:06:22] <paigeyemps> hi Ophie!
      [12:06:25] <paigeyemps> hey Rare
      [12:06:25] <Lunatide> Merro: have you seen the movie?
      [12:06:28] <Merro> Yes it is Luna.
      [12:06:29] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't remember my goals inside dreams too easily either
      [12:06:31] <paigeyemps> and hey everyone else "D
      [12:06:34] <%Oreoboy1996> that's why i use dream incubation
      [12:06:35] <Merro> Which one?
      [12:06:38] <%Caenis> Hello Paige and Luna.
      [12:06:39] <%Oreoboy1996> make my subconscious do all of the work for me
      [12:06:48] <paigeyemps> hello
      [12:06:55] <%RareCola> I wanted you to check something out actually, Ophelia. You around after class for me to PM you?
      [12:06:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I still think it's handy to recite and remember a short list nightly
      [12:07:08] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: yes
      [12:07:16] <%RareCola> yea I'll have to try that
      [12:07:16] <%Caenis> Yeah, incubation seems to work well for me too, Oreoboy.
      [12:07:18] <Lunatide> Merro: ff advent children?
      [12:07:37] <Merro> Yeah
      [12:07:37] <%Oreoboy1996> i seem to have incubated the hobbit last night
      [12:07:41] <@OpheliaBlue> I made up a new list for mirror passageing
      [12:07:46] <%Oreoboy1996> but i'm having a hard time remembering those dreams >.<
      [12:07:51] <DaveTheJoker> How many dreams can you guys remember a night?
      [12:07:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm going to use a series of knocks as a combination, to go to different places
      [12:08:05] <%Oreoboy1996> an average of 4 or more
      [12:08:12] <@OpheliaBlue> see if it works 3 knoks is for alien planets
      [12:08:12] <Burke> @Dave 2 on average, sometimes mroe, sometimes less
      [12:08:13] <Appe96> max 2 :p
      [12:08:15] <%Oreoboy1996> i hardly remember my non lucids anymore though
      [12:08:23] <Merro> also OhpheliaBlue, I need to break that thing so I can go explore areas, etc.
      [12:08:24] <paigeyemps> BURKE D:
      [12:08:29] <DaveTheJoker> I think I remembered 5 this morning
      [12:08:31] <Burke> hm?
      [12:08:32] <DaveTheJoker> But I sleep a long time
      [12:08:42] <Lunatide> I usually get 2
      [12:08:45] <paigeyemps> nothing, your name reminds me of someone in a show i watch
      [12:08:47] <Lunatide> but my recall is shit now
      [12:08:51] <Burke> oh, xD
      [12:08:52] <paigeyemps> anyway, my sleep is so messed up
      [12:08:54] <%Caenis> Wow, that's really impressive DaveTheJoker!
      [12:08:54] <@OpheliaBlue> Merro: then just remember one thing and one thing only: next time you're lucid, you have to take at least 20 steps and count them
      [12:08:55] <%RareCola> My average dream recall seems to be 3-4 now, but I only remembered one last night. I was really distracted yesterday and just had to sleep
      [12:09:07] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: I woke up after all of them
      [12:09:12] <Merro> Ill do that.
      [12:09:19] <%Caenis> Even better!
      [12:09:25] <paigeyemps> oooh im gonna try to remember that, OpheliaBlue
      [12:09:27] <Merro> Im more worried about the DCs XD
      [12:09:28] <@OpheliaBlue> and remember Merro that your body is safe in bed when you do that
      [12:09:31] <paigeyemps> i always forget my goals
      [12:09:33] <paigeyemps> and also
      [12:09:36] <Merro> Yep.
      [12:09:40] <DaveTheJoker> I bet I could do DIELD
      [12:09:47] <paigeyemps> i did last month's task of the month in my last lucid
      [12:09:51] <paigeyemps> the one with the mirror
      [12:09:52] <paigeyemps>
      [12:09:54] <Merro> My biggest goal is to get rid of that fear.
      [12:09:54] <@OpheliaBlue> you did haha
      [12:10:00] <paigeyemps> yes, wrong month
      [12:10:01] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:10:04] <DaveTheJoker> how long does it take to enter a new dream with DEILD?
      [12:10:05] <@OpheliaBlue> no that's this month's goal still paigeyemps
      [12:10:09] <paigeyemps> wait what
      [12:10:14] <paigeyemps> i thought that was may?
      [12:10:16] <Merro> What is this months ToTM?
      [12:10:16] <%Oreoboy1996> no...
      [12:10:17] <Burke> @dave anywhere from 5 seconds to a couple minutes
      [12:10:18] <%Oreoboy1996> it's june D:
      [12:10:20] <paigeyemps> D:
      [12:10:21] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah! last month was the toy and the posession ones
      [12:10:24] <%Oreoboy1996> congratulations paigey lol
      [12:10:25] <paigeyemps> 8D 8D
      [12:10:27] <paigeyemps> OMG
      [12:10:28] <paigeyemps> yay
      [12:10:32] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaaa
      [12:10:34] <paigeyemps> when i woke up i was like
      [12:10:38] <Merro> Paige got wings? :O
      [12:10:39] Oreoboy1996 gives paigey a cookie
      [12:10:41] <paigeyemps> "oh shit too slow"
      [12:10:42] <%Caenis> Hm. Depends how fast you fall asleep. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes though, DaveTheJoker.
      [12:10:43] <@OpheliaBlue> she's fixing too
      [12:10:49] <Merro> Nice!
      [12:10:49] <@OpheliaBlue> you have the floor boys, brb
      [12:10:51] <DaveTheJoker> a few minutes
      [12:10:51] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [12:10:52] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:11:00] <Merro> Congrats Paige.
      [12:11:01] <paigeyemps> but the dream scene had a huge mirror and i was curious
      [12:11:02] <paigeyemps> thanks
      [12:11:04] <DaveTheJoker> so do I attempt to keep conciousness
      [12:11:12] <Burke> yes, like a WILD
      [12:11:12] <paigeyemps> im gonna have to write the entry on the thread later
      [12:11:17] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> paigeyemps: did yo post the dream anywhere yet?
      [12:11:17] <Burke> only you skip a large part of it
      [12:11:19] <%RareCola> The hard thing with DEILD is you have to stop yourself waking up too much
      [12:11:27] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> ha ok, I'll wait so I can read it
      [12:11:28] <paigeyemps> not yet, im gonna post later i think
      [12:11:29] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:11:29] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:11:31] <DaveTheJoker> I think my problem is that when I wake up from dreams, it is usually mid or late morning
      [12:11:32] <paigeyemps> or tomorrow?
      [12:11:36] <%RareCola> You need to hover on the line of sleep and waking life
      [12:11:36] <DaveTheJoker> and I am not that tired
      [12:11:39] <paigeyemps> i have to go real soon
      [12:11:40] <paigeyemps>
      [12:11:53] <DaveTheJoker> I have been fully waking up after the dreams
      [12:11:55] <@OpheliaBlue> that's ok, just post it in the totm thread and I'll wing you
      [12:12:01] <paigeyemps> yay
      [12:12:03] <@OpheliaBlue> when you can
      [12:12:09] <paigeyemps> how do i do the permission groups thingy?
      [12:12:16] <paigeyemps> i read somewhere about something something
      [12:12:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i think it's done automatically
      [12:12:34] <Burke> last I knew you had to send a pm to whoever's doing it
      [12:12:38] <Burke> if they don't already know
      [12:12:38] <paigeyemps> oh okay thanks
      [12:12:51] <Merro> Ok so here is what I'll do.
      [12:12:55] <Merro> The next time Ill become lucid.
      [12:12:59] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah the permission thing is retarded, it's just a post in the thread
      [12:13:00] <Merro> I will take one step at a time.
      [12:13:12] <Merro> And be really calm.
      [12:13:24] <@OpheliaBlue> sounds like a good plan
      [12:13:35] <Merro> Like baby steps.
      [12:13:39] <%Caenis> Hm. You might want to go to bed earlier if possible, DaveTheJoker.
      [12:13:44] <DaveTheJoker> hmm
      [12:13:45] <Merro> Learning how to walk in Lucids. lol
      [12:13:56] <@OpheliaBlue> know what, I promise to join you Merro.. next time I see water in a lucid, I'll take 3 steps in it (not 20 lol.. water is scarier than land )
      [12:13:58] <Burke> or do more things during the day to become more tired
      [12:14:05] <DaveTheJoker> yea I usually go to bed around 1am
      [12:14:12] <%Caenis> Or block out the light Dave! Throw a blanket over the window.
      [12:14:20] <@OpheliaBlue> omg I know there's gonna be squirmy shit in there
      [12:14:29] <Merro> lol I agree.
      [12:14:38] <Merro> With the water thing.
      [12:14:43] OpheliaBlue must conquer this!!
      [12:14:45] <%Oreoboy1996> ophelia, i've been deep under the ocean in dreams before
      [12:14:47] <DaveTheJoker> well its just the fact that I've been sleeping too long
      [12:14:50] <%Oreoboy1996> it's perfectly safe
      [12:14:51] <Appe96> hmm, never been in water i a lucid
      [12:14:57] <Merro> I must conquer the land stage first.
      [12:15:01] <Burke> @Dave are you a heavy sleepeR?
      [12:15:01] <Merro>
      [12:15:01] <DaveTheJoker> and the dreams last for a long time that late in the morning
      [12:15:09] <%Oreoboy1996> well aside from the giant lampreys and sharks trying to eat you
      [12:15:09] <DaveTheJoker> Burke: I would say so
      [12:15:22] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: but my water had those big angry fish with the tiger faces
      [12:15:27] <Burke> try getting an alarm that shuts itself off after a bit and can be put on vibrate
      [12:15:31] <@OpheliaBlue> and the y were mad at me because I didn't let them eat my dog
      [12:15:39] <Burke> keep it in a pocket or something so its touching you
      [12:15:42] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I need to break through
      [12:15:43] <Burke> and set it for like 5AM
      [12:15:45] <%Oreoboy1996> the lamprey was like 5 stories high >.>
      [12:15:50] <Merro> How would you deal with the creatures and junk that you see in lucids?
      [12:15:54] <Burke> it should wake you up but not too much
      [12:15:56] <%Oreoboy1996> and it had spikes all over it
      [12:16:01] <@OpheliaBlue> water=not real, fish=not real, dog in dream=not real life dog
      [12:16:04] <%Caenis> Well, just keep experimenting with what will work for you best, Dave. I like vibrating alarms, like phones. I use that for DEILDing.
      [12:16:10] <DaveTheJoker> well what happens is that I wake up at say 9:30
      [12:16:11] <%Oreoboy1996> and i'm not even sure if it's really a lamprey because i don't know what lampreys looks like -_-
      [12:16:15] <Merro> OpheliaBlue makes sense.
      [12:16:24] <%Oreoboy1996> dreamt of something i don't know about lol
      [12:16:27] <@OpheliaBlue> and if they eat my leg off=not my real leg lol
      [12:16:28] <DaveTheJoker> and I ahve the choice to get up and start my day or proceeed to another dream
      [12:16:39] <Merro> But you WILL feel pain.
      [12:16:40] <Merro> lol
      [12:16:41] <@OpheliaBlue> Lucid Ophelia is Ophelia's Avatar
      [12:16:48] <Burke> try to proceed into another dream
      [12:16:50] <@OpheliaBlue> I know it.. pain sucks even in a lucid
      [12:16:54] <@OpheliaBlue> but I want the experience
      [12:16:56] <Burke> if you don't have anything goin on that day then DEILDs are great
      [12:17:00] <Merro> I got shot once in a vivid dream.
      [12:17:02] <Merro> It wasnt fun.
      [12:17:08] <%RareCola> Oh god tell me about it :l That lucid I had where I was repeatedly stabbed wasn't fun
      [12:17:09] <%RareCola> lol
      [12:17:15] <Merro> I bet getting shot in waking life will feel the same as a normal dream.
      [12:17:17] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue: walking home in the dark, muddy forest BEAR footed is annoying in dreams too
      [12:17:18] <%Oreoboy1996> don't worry, you usually forget that you ever felt pain after a while
      [12:17:21] <%Oreoboy1996> most of the time anyways
      [12:17:21] <@OpheliaBlue> haha I imagine not... but if you're lucid, you get to see your own guts and blood and still know yo're gonna be ok
      [12:17:30] <@OpheliaBlue> not many people get to see their own guts and blood
      [12:17:38] <Merro> lol
      [12:17:41] <Merro> Its like being in a video game.
      [12:17:43] <%Oreoboy1996> well i usually see my own blood
      [12:17:43] <%Caenis> Sooooooooo proceed to another dream, and waste the day away? DaveTheJoker
      [12:17:45] <%RareCola> I was only partially lucid though, maybe layer 2 or something.
      [12:17:48] <@OpheliaBlue> lol Lunatide ?
      [12:17:50] <%Oreoboy1996> but it's not too gorey O_O
      [12:17:59] <Merro> I want to see Alma appear in my dreams...
      [12:18:16] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I'm stil laughing at you flinging cars and people
      [12:18:27] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: that's usually what I do
      [12:18:27] <%RareCola> It amused me that you were laughing at it in a bar
      [12:18:29] <@OpheliaBlue> and laughing at me laughing at the bar
      [12:18:37] <DaveTheJoker> IDK how I remembered 5 this morning
      [12:18:37] <%Oreoboy1996> i just realized that hobbit dream i had was very similar to the chapter i read before going to bed
      [12:18:40] <Merro> I remember this lucid I had, I saw cars up side down before in my trailer park.
      [12:18:49] <Merro> My mind freaked out.
      [12:18:50] <%Oreoboy1996> books are more fun when you get to experience them i guess
      [12:18:51] <@OpheliaBlue> I pictured you as an angry superhero
      [12:18:56] <%RareCola> LOL
      [12:18:58] <%Caenis> You're a dreaming machine now, DaveTheJoker. Take it and run with it!
      [12:19:03] <DaveTheJoker> LOL
      [12:19:07] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:19:17] <Merro> OpheliaBlue
      [12:19:20] <%RareCola> Now your goal should be to remember 6, DaveTheJoker
      [12:19:22] <Merro> The thing with my lucids is
      [12:19:22] <@OpheliaBlue> Merro
      [12:19:26] <Merro> Im pretty good with Stabilizing.
      [12:19:38] <Merro> But idk if Im doing it wrong.
      [12:19:43] <Merro> I usually say vocal commands.
      [12:19:45] <@OpheliaBlue> that's good, only thing standing in your way now is you just standing
      [12:19:47] <DaveTheJoker> !brb I'm gonna see what's up with this storm
      [12:19:47] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB
      [12:19:55] <@OpheliaBlue> Merro: if it works then it works
      [12:19:55] <Merro> Yeah.
      [12:20:16] <Merro> I say visualise contrast now and it works great for stabilizing.
      [12:20:19] <%Oreoboy1996> it would probably be less likely to work if you were worried about doing it wrong
      [12:20:27] <@OpheliaBlue> if your goose is done in 20 minutes and mine takes 30 minutes, who's to say who is right or wrong, the goose is done either way
      [12:20:32] <@OpheliaBlue> that's from culinary school
      [12:20:38] <Merro>
      [12:20:46] <@OpheliaBlue> and yes to what oreo said
      [12:20:54] <@OpheliaBlue> don't let your mind do funny things to you
      [12:20:58] <Merro> OpheliaBlue you should try the method I use for stabilizing.
      [12:21:08] <Merro> See how it works, etc.
      [12:21:10] <@OpheliaBlue> I need to walk the walk and jump into some damn water already
      [12:21:25] <@OpheliaBlue> saying visualize contrast?
      [12:21:26] <%RareCola> For all it matters, you could say "I LIKE CHICKEN POT PIE!" to stabilise a dream. Lucid dreaming (and dreaming in general) is all about belief.
      [12:21:31] Lunatide [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:21:34] <@OpheliaBlue> mmmm... pot pie
      [12:21:34] <Appe96> are you scared for water irl?
      [12:21:37] <Merro> visualize contrast now
      [12:21:44] <Merro> is what I say.
      [12:21:50] <Merro> It makes the contrast more realistic.
      [12:21:51] <%Caenis> ._. I'm hungry now....
      [12:21:51] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah what ever phrase has significance to you
      [12:22:01] <%RareCola> Haha Caenis
      [12:22:03] <@OpheliaBlue> me too, I'm getting a sandwich in about 5 minutes
      [12:22:07] <Merro> That also stabilizes the dream right?
      [12:22:21] <Merro> I thought you need to do hand rubbing and vocals.
      [12:22:25] <Burke> so lunch break in 5?
      [12:22:27] <Merro> For contrast.
      [12:22:31] <@OpheliaBlue> you need* to do whatever works for you man
      [12:22:38] <%Oreoboy1996> to stabilize you mostly need to stimulate your senses
      [12:22:39] <@OpheliaBlue> even if doing nothing works
      [12:22:42] <Merro> Sounds bout right.
      [12:22:45] <%Oreoboy1996> or do nothing like me
      [12:23:04] <%Caenis> Yeah, I know someone has meditated to stabilize. Worked for him quite well.
      [12:23:08] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, just start walking and fling a car or two
      [12:23:18] <%Caenis> As the others said, find what works for you!
      [12:23:20] <Merro> My next Lucid I'll try my best.
      [12:23:25] <%Oreoboy1996> meditation sounds like a good metho
      [12:23:37] <Merro> I meditate as well.
      [12:23:52] <Merro> It helps.
      [12:24:05] <%Oreoboy1996> no i think Caenis is talking about meditating inside the dream to stabilize
      [12:24:06] <Merro> Ok so I have a weird question.
      [12:24:10] <Merro> Ahhh
      [12:24:14] <Merro> I never done that before.
      [12:24:31] <%Caenis> Yeah, I don't think many people have.
      [12:24:38] <Merro> It sounds interesting.
      [12:24:38] <%Caenis> What's your question, Merro?
      [12:24:41] <Merro> Oyeah
      [12:24:58] <%RareCola> meditating in a dream sounds like it'd spin me out
      [12:25:06] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah me too
      [12:25:07] <%Oreoboy1996> i've meditated in a dream before
      [12:25:10] <Merro> If you see a giant portal in your non lucid that makes you have an attraction to it, thats a good chance to preform a reality check correct?
      [12:25:14] <%Oreoboy1996> feels great
      [12:25:15] <%Caenis> It would for some people. Again, depends on the person.
      [12:25:19] <@OpheliaBlue> merro I'd say so
      [12:25:27] <Burke> any chance is good to preform a RC
      [12:25:32] <Merro> It looked like a worm hole with a bunch of colors.
      [12:25:41] <Merro> That you just walk inside it.
      [12:25:55] <%Oreoboy1996> Merro: anything inside a dream is a good thing to reality check at >.>
      [12:26:17] <Merro> The thing is Im not control over my body when I have non lucids so I cant do RCs.
      [12:26:31] <%Oreoboy1996> use your mind to rc then
      [12:26:32] <%RareCola> haha merro you just reminded me of these images: http://bit.ly/LsaX8P and http://bit.ly/Lsb0kQ
      [12:26:41] <Merro> Hm?
      [12:26:53] <@OpheliaBlue> those are cool!
      [12:27:00] <Merro> Yeah :O
      [12:27:03] <%RareCola> i know right? I love them
      [12:27:06] <Merro> Holy shit!
      [12:27:09] <@OpheliaBlue> that's why I love the mirror totm so much.. you can go anywhere!
      [12:27:22] <@OpheliaBlue> where are those from RareCola?
      [12:27:22] <Merro> Who ever did that is good
      [12:27:39] <%RareCola> I just found them on deviantart
      [12:27:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I love deviant art
      [12:27:53] <@OpheliaBlue> it's where I get my avatars
      [12:27:56] <%RareCola> jerry8448 on deviantART - this is the artist
      [12:28:00] <Merro> I dont like Mirrors OpheliaBlue
      [12:28:04] <Merro> I had a bad experience with one once.
      [12:28:06] <@OpheliaBlue> haha look at those weird shadow dudes on the right!
      [12:28:19] <DaveTheJoker|BRB> !back
      [12:28:20] DaveTheJoker|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [12:28:25] <@OpheliaBlue> then use a portal
      [12:28:32] <DaveTheJoker> what is with all of these stray dogs around my house
      [12:28:33] <Merro> They look like the giants from LoZ Majoras Mask.
      [12:28:34] <@OpheliaBlue> or a toilet or a window, whatever works Merro
      [12:28:39] <DaveTheJoker> or not stray
      [12:28:47] <DaveTheJoker> IDK
      [12:28:51] <Burke> DaveTheJoker: where do you live? A storm's brewing near me too
      [12:28:56] <DaveTheJoker> Michigan
      [12:29:09] <Burke> ah, so it's probably heading to me next
      [12:29:12] <Burke> (New York)
      [12:29:15] <DaveTheJoker> ah yea
      [12:29:18] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I wonder if those storms are moving south
      [12:29:29] <@OpheliaBlue> or east
      [12:29:31] <Merro> We had a storm yesterday.
      [12:29:31] <Burke> no, it makes it cooler around here XP
      [12:29:35] <%Oreoboy1996> mostly clear sky here
      [12:29:37] <DaveTheJoker> radar looks pretty clean for you, OpheliaBlue
      [12:29:38] <@OpheliaBlue> same
      [12:29:45] <paigeyemps> alrighty, posted on the TOTM thread
      [12:29:50] <@OpheliaBlue> sweet!
      [12:29:51] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [12:29:52] <paigeyemps> i gotta go in a minute though
      [12:29:52] <%Oreoboy1996> yay
      [12:29:52] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:29:53] <Appe96> gotta go
      [12:30:00] <paigeyemps> bye Appe96
      [12:30:02] Appe96 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:30:02] <%Oreoboy1996> bye paigey
      [12:30:05] <DaveTheJoker> Yea not as strong storms as I thought
      [12:30:10] <Merro> later Paige.
      [12:30:11] <Burke> aww
      [12:30:13] <paigeyemps> not right now lol
      [12:30:16] <Burke> bai paige
      [12:30:17] <paigeyemps> in like 10 minutes
      [12:30:17] <%Oreoboy1996> you said in a minute
      [12:30:21] <%Oreoboy1996> ...
      [12:30:22] <Burke> nvm >.>
      [12:30:23] <DaveTheJoker> not even a severe thunderstorm warning
      [12:30:25] <Merro> Dave, Thats what I was thinking yesterday.
      [12:30:27] <paigeyemps>
      [12:30:29] <%Oreoboy1996> you just said >.>
      [12:30:34] Oreoboy1996 's brain explodes
      [12:30:36] <%RareCola> I want a thunderstorm it's way too hot here at the moment
      [12:30:45] <Merro> it looked like it was going to bust loose but so much for a severe thunder storm
      [12:30:45] <Burke> Speaking of thunderstorms, TotM suggestion: Get struck by lightning
      [12:30:45] <paigeyemps> i did not mean it literally
      [12:30:52] Caenis takes the closest student's arm and starts gnawing.
      [12:30:55] <%RareCola> That'd be an interesting experience, Burke
      [12:30:58] <DaveTheJoker> wel it appears this storm is bringing heat
      [12:31:02] <paigeyemps> when girls say "minute".....you know it doesnt really mean minute, oreo
      [12:31:04] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:31:06] RareCola peels Caenis away BAD BOY
      [12:31:11] <%RareCola>
      [12:31:17] <Merro> I noticed it was hot when the storm was showing yesterday.
      [12:31:20] <DaveTheJoker> YIKES
      [12:31:21] Burke evaluates the damage
      [12:31:24] <%Caenis> But, people don't need TWO arms....
      [12:31:28] <DaveTheJoker> 92 degrees tomorrow!!
      [12:31:32] <Burke> D:
      [12:31:40] <%Oreoboy1996> i thought only procrastinators were like that paigey >.>
      [12:31:41] <DaveTheJoker> yuck
      [12:31:41] <%Caenis> Oh yeah, there's a heat wave coming this week.
      [12:31:48] <paigeyemps> u an ibe
      [12:31:52] <paigeyemps> *i am one
      [12:31:54] <DaveTheJoker> good lawd thats pretty hot
      [12:32:01] <DaveTheJoker> to hot for we michiganders
      [12:32:02] <paigeyemps> WHAT THE FLYING DUCK DID I JUST TYPE
      [12:32:07] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:32:07] <paigeyemps> u an ibe
      [12:32:13] <Burke> damn, weather says 77 today, then 89, 92, 92, 78 >.>
      [12:32:16] <Burke> hot week
      [12:32:20] <Merro> I need a signature... lol
      [12:32:24] <%RareCola> Sounds swedish or something, paige... are you secretly a swede?
      [12:32:26] <%Oreoboy1996> you pretty much had your fingers a key to the left
      [12:32:28] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> oh that dream is cool paigeyemps
      [12:32:36] <paigeyemps> maybe, Rare
      [12:32:37] <DaveTheJoker> yea man pretty much the same here
      [12:32:39] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> a jelly world
      [12:32:41] <paigeyemps> thanks OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:33:01] <%Caenis> This sounds like a tasty dream. I'll have to read it.
      [12:33:02] <paigeyemps> it was very short though
      [12:33:06] <DaveTheJoker> What are the rules on DJ entries as far as PG-13 content?
      [12:33:16] <paigeyemps> i noticed i lose lucidity quickly when I focus too much on something
      [12:33:22] <%Caenis> There are rules?
      [12:33:27] <Burke> I think its anything goes
      [12:33:27] <DaveTheJoker> well
      [12:33:31] <DaveTheJoker> I thouhgt maybe..
      [12:33:34] <paigeyemps> like trying to manifest something
      [12:33:37] <Burke> I keep mine implied though
      [12:33:40] <DaveTheJoker> seems there are rules for everything these days
      [12:34:00] <%RareCola> Rules?! Who needs rules
      [12:34:08] <Burke> not anarchists
      [12:34:23] RareCola throws his ruler away in a maddened rage
      [12:34:36] <Burke> you said rules, not rulers
      [12:34:38] Oreoboy1996 leaves to make a sandwich
      [12:34:47] <%RareCola> but rulers make rules
      [12:34:52] Burke copies Oreoboy1996
      [12:34:58] RareCola wants a sandwich
      [12:35:01] <Merro> I should make a thread about SP...
      [12:35:14] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> I put whatever I want in my journal DaveTheJoker, I just put a warning
      [12:35:22] <Merro> ^
      [12:35:26] <%Caenis> Didn't you say that last time, Merro? You haven't done it yet?
      [12:35:30] <DaveTheJoker> hmm
      [12:35:36] <Merro> Dont think so.
      [12:35:38] <Merro> I've been busy.
      [12:35:55] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> I just wouldn't say "I had a fuckity fuck fuck dream, with alot of fuckity fuck fucking"
      [12:36:02] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> that might draw unwanted staff attention
      [12:36:13] <paigeyemps> hahaha
      [12:36:17] <Merro> lol
      [12:36:20] <%RareCola> I think as long as you can deal with the awkwardness of writing an M rated dream, I assume it's fine
      [12:36:20] <DaveTheJoker> LOL OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:36:25] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !BACK
      [12:36:26] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:36:30] <DaveTheJoker> true
      [12:37:15] <paigeyemps> wb
      [12:37:26] <@OpheliaBlue> so anyone else ever feel like they can get lucid, but aren't really fully exploring their options for whatever reason
      [12:37:42] <@OpheliaBlue> and I don't mean from waking up unintentionally
      [12:38:01] <@OpheliaBlue> like, you're too scared or intimidated to do some things, or cross certain lines in the dream
      [12:38:10] <paigeyemps> OHHH
      [12:38:12] <paigeyemps> before i leave
      [12:38:16] <paigeyemps> there is something i wanna share
      [12:38:19] <@OpheliaBlue> ok
      [12:38:26] <%Oreoboy1996> back
      [12:38:33] <paigeyemps> this morning i was kinda half awake
      [12:38:38] <%RareCola> It's really frustrating when you wake up and wish you did something different in your lucid
      [12:38:42] <paigeyemps> and i started seeing this huge yellow blob
      [12:38:49] <paigeyemps> im pretty sure it was HI
      [12:38:53] <%Oreoboy1996> spongebob
      [12:38:55] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao
      [12:38:56] <paigeyemps> and i started twisting and
      [12:38:56] <paigeyemps> LOL
      [12:39:09] <paigeyemps> and i started twisting and morphing it
      [12:39:11] <paigeyemps> but then
      [12:39:20] <DaveTheJoker> Do you guys ever have soundtracks to your dreams?
      [12:39:28] <%Oreoboy1996> sometims
      [12:39:32] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't like it
      [12:39:34] <%RareCola> hypnapompic imagery is getting a lot more common for me recently
      [12:39:35] <paigeyemps> i realized my feet were hanging on the edge of the bed, not sure if it was for real or hallucinating
      [12:39:36] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: I have occasionally
      [12:39:44] <DaveTheJoker> like one particularly weird dream I had had "Time to get ill" playing nearly the whole time
      [12:39:47] <DaveTheJoker> beastie boys
      [12:39:51] <paigeyemps> so i got scared and totally destroyed the HI thing
      [12:39:55] <paigeyemps> that is all
      [12:39:58] <@OpheliaBlue> paigeyemps: it was probably HI
      [12:40:02] <paigeyemps> *bow*
      [12:40:06] RareCola claps
      [12:40:09] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:40:16] <@OpheliaBlue> like a semi-false awakening, where you think yo uget up or move in bed, but you'[re still in a dream state
      [12:40:21] Oreoboy1996 gives paigey a cookie
      [12:40:22] <@OpheliaBlue> I get lucid from those states sometimes
      [12:40:25] <paigeyemps> it was so weird, how i felt scared for half a sec, then everything vanished
      [12:40:32] <paigeyemps> oh noice
      [12:40:43] <@OpheliaBlue> aftereverything vanished, were you awake?
      [12:41:01] <paigeyemps> nope
      [12:41:08] <paigeyemps> i slipped into a non lucid
      [12:41:12] <@OpheliaBlue> ah ok
      [12:41:23] <paigeyemps> and i was kinda sad because i knew i could transition from the HI thing
      [12:41:23] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:41:26] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v dreamerJon23
      [12:41:27] <+dreamerJon23> hi
      [12:41:35] <%Caenis> Hello dreamerJon23.
      [12:41:37] <@OpheliaBlue> hey dreamerJon23
      [12:41:37] <paigeyemps> in fact, i was really focusing on morphing the blob and form a dreamscene
      [12:41:40] <paigeyemps> hey jon!
      [12:41:57] <+dreamerJon23> hey oOphie Caenis, Paigey
      [12:41:57] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I still vote for a FA type thing
      [12:42:01] <paigeyemps>
      [12:42:10] <@OpheliaBlue> a lucidish FAish type HIish thing
      [12:42:12] <paigeyemps> wellpp i gtg study til morning nao
      [12:42:13] <Merro> FA = Lucids.
      [12:42:21] <@OpheliaBlue> FA doesn't always = Lucids
      [12:42:23] <%Oreoboy1996> bye paigey
      [12:42:25] <paigeyemps> goodnight/morning everyone
      [12:42:28] <%Caenis> Good luck studying, paige.
      [12:42:34] <Merro> True, but you can use them as a advantage.
      [12:42:35] <+dreamerJon23> ah
      [12:42:35] <@OpheliaBlue> FA is just a good time to do an RC and see if it's a dream
      [12:42:40] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, totally
      [12:42:41] <+dreamerJon23> good morning paigeyemps
      [12:42:43] <paigeyemps> thanks Caenis
      [12:42:48] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya paigeyemps
      [12:42:51] <@OpheliaBlue> ongrats!
      [12:42:54] <@OpheliaBlue> +c
      [12:42:54] <paigeyemps> thanks!
      [12:42:57] <Merro> Im getting used to FAs OB.
      [12:42:58] <paigeyemps> for telling me
      [12:42:59] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:43:13] <paigeyemps> i totally thought it was last month until you told me
      [12:43:14] <paigeyemps>
      [12:43:17] <Merro> So I usually RC when I wake up sometimes.
      [12:43:22] <paigeyemps> !sleep
      [12:43:22] paigeyemps [[email protected]] is now known as paigeyemps|Asleep
      [12:43:38] <+dreamerJon23> hiya Oreoboy1996
      [12:43:41] <@OpheliaBlue> Merro: that's good
      [12:43:58] <%Oreoboy1996> hello dreamerJon23
      [12:44:12] <%Caenis> Oh yeah, isn't that how you caught your most recent LD, Merro?
      [12:44:14] <+dreamerJon23> is there a topic we're discussing?
      [12:44:19] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb I gotta check something real quick
      [12:44:19] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:44:21] <+dreamerJon23> FA's?
      [12:44:37] <+dreamerJon23> k Ophie
      [12:44:40] <Merro> False Awakenings.
      [12:44:48] <+dreamerJon23> mmh
      [12:44:49] <paigeyemps|Asleep> oh btw oreo
      [12:44:53] paigeyemps|Asleep glares
      [12:44:54] <%Oreoboy1996> hmm?
      [12:45:04] paigeyemps|Asleep glares some more
      [12:45:07] <%Oreoboy1996> okay
      [12:45:11] Oreoboy1996 gives paigey a lucidity hug
      [12:45:15] paigeyemps|Asleep hugs
      [12:45:15] <paigeyemps|Asleep> thanks
      [12:45:25] <paigeyemps|Asleep> but, wait nvm
      [12:45:28] <paigeyemps|Asleep> im not sleeping D:
      [12:45:29] <paigeyemps|Asleep> bye
      [12:45:37] <%Oreoboy1996> which is why i didn't >.>
      [12:45:42] Oreoboy1996 's brain explodes again
      [12:45:43] <%RareCola> maybe you are sleeping!
      [12:45:44] paigeyemps|Asleep facelucids
      [12:45:45] <+dreamerJon23> ahahah
      [12:45:46] <%RareCola> this is a dream~~~
      [12:46:01] <+dreamerJon23> this is not a dream!
      [12:46:04] <paigeyemps|Asleep> maybe facepalming can be an rc
      [12:46:10] <%Oreoboy1996> O_o
      [12:46:17] <paigeyemps|Asleep> when i facepalm in dreams, it will go through my head
      [12:46:24] <%RareCola> LOL
      [12:46:28] <+dreamerJon23> if you feel like the thinker you are dreaming
      [12:46:29] <%Oreoboy1996> or knock your head off
      [12:46:35] <paigeyemps|Asleep> yes
      [12:46:37] <DaveTheJoker> LOL
      [12:46:38] <paigeyemps|Asleep> gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      [12:46:42] <paigeyemps|Asleep> bye for reals
      [12:46:45] <%Oreoboy1996> bye paigey
      [12:46:46] <%RareCola> cya paige
      [12:46:50] <Merro> lol I have a funny LD idea.
      [12:46:54] <Merro> Your head gets knocked off.
      [12:47:04] <Merro> You tell your dream body to follow the sound of your voice
      [12:47:11] <Merro> And see if it can put your head back ontop. XD
      [12:47:18] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:47:19] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:47:35] <%Oreoboy1996> random surprise question that is worth half of your final grade!
      [12:47:37] <@OpheliaBlue> lol merro
      [12:47:38] <%Caenis> How could the body hear the head if the body doesn't have ears?
      [12:47:38] <%Oreoboy1996> what is dream control?
      [12:47:46] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo good one
      [12:48:09] <@OpheliaBlue> my god I still scream like a little girl when I find a bug on me
      [12:48:14] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:48:42] <@OpheliaBlue> wich ties into your question of course... what would be a good exaqmple of dream control, if you find a fireant on your chest in a lucid
      [12:48:47] <%RareCola> You should feel privileged that the bug has chosen the warmth of your body to spend a portion of its short life~
      [12:48:57] <@OpheliaBlue> very short life
      [12:49:00] <%RareCola> LOL
      [12:49:21] <%Oreoboy1996> freeze the fire ant with ice magic?
      [12:49:41] <+dreamerJon23> shrink and ride the fire anyt
      [12:49:46] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:50:00] <%Oreoboy1996> ask the fire ant to read you a book
      [12:50:01] <+dreamerJon23>
      [12:50:08] <%RareCola> Give the fire ant firebreathing powers and turn it into the king of the ant world, commanded by you sitting upon it.
      [12:50:18] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [12:50:26] <+dreamerJon23> ahahha
      [12:50:28] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:50:45] <@OpheliaBlue> firebreathing fire ant vs the oreo dragon
      [12:50:51] <%Caenis> Turn the ant into a superhero, so it can save its ant hill from the terrors of the world.
      [12:50:53] <%RareCola> ant would win
      [12:50:56] <@OpheliaBlue> DOH
      [12:51:04] <%Oreoboy1996> me of course >.>
      [12:51:34] <@OpheliaBlue> I'd probably still just kill it in a lucid, then go find something else to do... missing the opportunity to take advantage of a free DC from my subconscious
      [12:51:39] dreamerJon23 has to go
      [12:51:44] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya man
      [12:51:44] <+dreamerJon23> cya guys
      [12:51:46] <+dreamerJon23> and girls
      [12:51:48] <Burke> !back
      [12:51:51] <%Caenis> Bye dreamerJon23.
      [12:51:52] <%RareCola> Haha poor dream ant
      [12:51:54] <Burke> oops, never went away xD
      [12:51:56] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:52:00] <@OpheliaBlue> wb anyway
      [12:52:14] <@OpheliaBlue> the question now is: what is dream control
      [12:52:15] <Burke> burger > normal sandwich
      [12:52:39] <@OpheliaBlue> normal sandwich > fatfree turkey and mustard sandwich I just had
      [12:53:02] <Burke> xD we were out of buns so i have to use slices
      [12:53:05] <Burke> but it'll still work
      [12:53:35] <%Caenis> I think everyone is too distracted by food to answer the question.
      [12:53:39] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [12:53:47] <DaveTheJoker> huh
      [12:54:03] <Burke> the manipulation of your dreams to get a desired result XP
      [12:54:04] <%RareCola> Lmao
      [12:54:05] <Burke> now let me eat
      [12:54:13] <%RareCola> DVA Picnic!
      [12:54:22] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:54:26] <Burke> TC
      [12:54:27] <Burke>
      [12:54:29] <@OpheliaBlue> oh go have your manwich then
      [12:54:45] <Burke> burger =/= manwich
      [12:54:53] <Burke> though both are good
      [12:54:58] <DaveTheJoker> a burger is a burger
      [12:55:08] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah true dream control should be fully accepting that it's a dream, and you have an endless amount of things you could do at your fingertips
      [12:55:12] <@OpheliaBlue> or braintips
      [12:55:21] <Burke> or TOEtips
      [12:55:25] <Burke> get creative people
      [12:55:31] <@OpheliaBlue> nothing holding you back except you
      [12:55:34] <@OpheliaBlue> haha toetips
      [12:55:34] <%Caenis> I thought you didn't need to be lucid to have control.
      [12:55:46] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: you're right you don't
      [12:55:53] <@OpheliaBlue> I forgot abotu those
      [12:56:18] <%RareCola> It's not necessarily "control" though, just a sense that nothing bad will happen to you if you do something crazy
      [12:56:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, I assumed oreo meant conscious dream control in a lucid
      [12:56:53] <%Oreoboy1996> personally i don't think it's too easy to completely define
      [12:57:01] <%Oreoboy1996> so i just wanted to watch you guys figure it out
      [12:57:12] <@OpheliaBlue> it means you're magic and can do ANYthing!!!!
      [12:57:13] <%Oreoboy1996> and i actually did mean dream control in both non lucids and lucids
      [12:57:14] <%RareCola> I mean, I guess you coud even call incubation dream control
      [12:57:16] <Burke> in my mind i did
      [12:57:34] <@OpheliaBlue> I can kill you all with a thought.
      [12:57:37] <@OpheliaBlue> or a tray.
      [12:57:42] <%Caenis> D:
      [12:57:47] <%RareCola> I can kill you all with my fire ant army
      [12:57:48] <@OpheliaBlue> Eddie Izzard reference
      [12:57:56] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:58:07] <%Caenis> Oooooooooh. My friends love him, never watched his stuff.
      [12:58:14] <%RareCola> ^
      [12:58:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i could kill you all with...
      [12:58:23] <%Oreoboy1996> but i don't want to kill you all D:
      [12:58:25] <@OpheliaBlue> I usually pee myself laughing at that crazy man
      [12:58:36] <@OpheliaBlue> Izzard I mean, not oreo
      [12:58:45] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:58:52] <%RareCola> I guess some could argue that oreo is a crazy man also
      [12:59:03] <%Oreoboy1996>