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    Thread: #DVA Chat Times & Logs

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      #DVA Chat Times & Logs

      Beginning of chat logging. Attendees: Caenis, Superdub49, syth406 and myself.

      Spoiler for log:
      [10:02:37] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [10:03:02] <syth406> Hullo!
      [10:25:10] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hello syth406
      [10:25:20] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Chat starts in half an hour
      [10:25:51] <syth406> I know, I was testing kvirc, just downloaded it.
      [10:27:02] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Excellent ;D
      [10:38:15] <@ShockWave|Away> welcome to the dva
      [10:38:26] <@ShockWave|Away> enjoy fOrceez's class
      [10:48:54] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> hey!
      [10:57:55] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [10:58:57] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hey there!
      [10:59:03] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> @ Caenis
      [10:59:49] <Caenis> Hello, fOrceez.
      [11:04:42] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hey guys
      [11:04:47] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I wonder if we will get anyone else.
      [11:05:02] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Seeing as we only have two people, we can just do question-answer, i guess.
      [11:05:34] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Anyone seen any progress in their dreaming lately? Whether it be towards lucid dreaming, dream jouranlling or whatever.
      [11:06:19] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:06:24] <Superdub49> am i on time
      [11:06:36] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hey Superdub49
      [11:06:41] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, it's fine.
      [11:06:45] <Superdub49> Hi :p
      [11:06:53] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Not sure if Caenis and syth406 are here at the moment =s
      [11:06:55] <Caenis> I've had progress with my non-lucids. My dream recall has gotten a lot better than it was two months ago.
      [11:07:20] <Caenis> I'm here, sometimes I just take a while to type answers.
      [11:07:22] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> That's graet.
      [11:07:25] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> No worries
      [11:07:44] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Has anyone been looking at any induction methods?
      [11:09:15] <Superdub49> I use MILD...
      [11:09:16] <Superdub49>
      [11:09:32] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Ah, yeah!
      [11:09:35] <syth406> I use wbtb when I have more time to sleep
      [11:09:36] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> How has that gone for you lately?
      [11:09:46] <Superdub49> I got lucid earlier this week :p
      [11:09:48] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Any induction techniques, though, syth406?
      [11:09:54] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> WBTB is not a technique by iteself
      [11:09:56] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> itself*
      [11:10:04] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> It is use to accompany other methods to increase chances of success.
      [11:10:07] <Caenis> I've been looking at WBTB, but I'm not sure if I should experiment with that, or keep trying with mantras, MILD/DILD and ADA. I've only had one LD, so I'm wondering if I should try to improve my awareness and increase using mantras, or try something new.
      [11:10:11] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> That's awesome, super Do anything?
      [11:10:22] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hmm.
      [11:10:24] <syth406> I was sick for the past half week, so I couldn't do anything, couldn't breathe through my nose cuz it was so stuffy so I couldn't sleep
      [11:10:28] <Superdub49> I made it rainbow color
      [11:10:30] <Superdub49> :p
      [11:10:50] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Personally, I think MILD should be used WITH awareness
      [11:11:02] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> That way you get both the chances of DILD and MILD
      [11:11:11] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> And if you feel up to it, even couple it with WBTB.
      [11:11:13] <Superdub49> I use MILD with incubation
      [11:11:15] <Superdub49> that works for me
      [11:11:19] <Superdub49> well, WBTB MILD
      [11:11:27] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Awesome
      [11:11:34] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> It's great finally finding something that works for you
      [11:11:46] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Just make sure you stick to it, cause i know there can be some crappy periods where it feels like it's not working
      [11:11:47] <Superdub49> I was thinking of turning my Incubation type visualization
      [11:11:48] <Superdub49> into DDA
      [11:12:06] <syth406> I feel like I'm kind of limited until I have a consistent sleep schedule (summer)
      [11:12:11] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> DDA?
      [11:12:19] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> syth406: I felt like that too
      [11:12:26] <Superdub49> oreoboys visualization technioque
      [11:12:30] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> This is the last day of my spring break
      [11:12:31] <Superdub49> where he adds All day awareness
      [11:12:33] <Superdub49> into the day dreaming
      [11:12:54] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> But if you really want to dedicate yourself to lucid dreaming, just go to sleep earlier and do your homework at school or something.
      [11:13:01] <syth406> Oh mine was like a month ago lol
      [11:13:07] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> x)
      [11:13:07] <Superdub49> I do my homework at school all the time
      [11:13:27] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I'm in my last year at high school and i have started to do homework/work at school and spend all/most of my time just.. dreaming and practicing awareness.
      [11:14:06] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> But yeah, if you are looking to get lucid a lot, WBTB will become something you will use regularly.
      [11:14:11] <syth406> Homework isn't the problem either, necessarily, I just have trouble sleeping early and I have to wake up for school around 6:10
      [11:14:29] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hmm.. how many hours of sleep do you get, syth?
      [11:14:41] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> After a week or so of going to bed early, your body and mind should start to adjust to it.
      [11:14:46] <syth406> Around 9... I WANT MOARR
      [11:14:52] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Jst make sure you don-
      [11:14:52] <Superdub49> I dont have a problem working a WBTB into my school week
      [11:14:57] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Holy cow, that's heaps!
      [11:15:11] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Superdub49: yeah, neither.. but some people just can't do them =S
      [11:15:44] <syth406> I know but my social life is a little unpredictable, people text me at night sometimes and if I sleep over at a friends house, we usually go to sleep really late
      [11:16:00] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, that's true.
      [11:16:06] <syth406> During the summer, if I go to sleep late, I just keep sleeping until I get a good amount
      [11:16:06] Caenis [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [11:16:17] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Some things just can't be helped. I was at my friend's house till 2am last night before finally going e.
      [11:16:21] <Superdub49> I got this Hypnotherapy thing
      [11:16:25] <Superdub49> for Lucid dreaming
      [11:16:28] <Superdub49> im thinking about trying it
      [11:16:31] <Superdub49> xD
      [11:16:31] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Self hypnotising?
      [11:16:39] <Superdub49> sometin like that
      [11:17:07] <syth406> Yeah, I should try that
      [11:17:19] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hmm
      [11:17:29] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I have never tried hypnotism.. let me know how it goes
      [11:17:43] <syth406> I've heard about it and it looks pretty ledgit
      [11:17:51] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:17:53] <Superdub49> will do
      [11:17:53] <Superdub49> I mean
      [11:17:55] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Welcome back.
      [11:18:01] <Superdub49> people use hypnosis to lose weight all the time
      [11:18:02] <Caenis> Thanks.
      [11:18:06] <Superdub49> I figure, why not work for LDing
      [11:18:35] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Does anyone have a topic that they want to particularly touch on?
      [11:19:03] <syth406> Hmm... Lucid dreaming diets?
      [11:19:20] <Superdub49> lots of fruits and veggies?
      [11:19:27] <Superdub49> with moderate excercize
      [11:19:28] <Superdub49> xD
      [11:19:31] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> A special diet really isn't necessary for lucid dreaming at all x)
      [11:19:31] <Caenis> I'd like to know what works best for you, fOrceez|GodlyLucids`. What do you usually do to have a lot of LDs?
      [11:19:43] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Awareness is crucial for my method
      [11:19:52] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I do a combination of all MILD, DILD and WILD
      [11:19:58] <Superdub49> I'm very unaware
      [11:19:59] <Superdub49> xFD
      [11:20:03] <Superdub49> It's just
      [11:20:04] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> For my method, throughout the day, i "realise" that 'this is a dream'
      [11:20:04] <Superdub49> every time
      [11:20:06] <Superdub49> i do awareness
      [11:20:17] <syth406> hah whenever I'm not reading, eating, sleeping, or on dv, I'm skateboarding, and that's a lot more exercise then you'd think
      [11:20:27] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> When you do that for a long period of time frequently (>2 months) you begin to have really regular lucid dreams
      [11:20:29] <Superdub49> Whenever I do awareness, i just lose motivation
      [11:20:31] <Superdub49> because i suck
      [11:20:54] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> The consistency of what you do and your mentality of waking life transitions over to your dreams. If you realise you are "dreaming" in waking life, you will also do so in dreams.
      [11:21:07] <Caenis> I've found awareness to be difficult too. But I've noticed I'm a TINY bit more aware in my dreams, so I figure I'll keep trying it.
      [11:21:16] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Also, I find it important to let sleep overcome me rather than induce sleep.
      [11:21:26] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, awareness is difficult at first.
      [11:21:35] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Mostly because awareness is such a broad term
      [11:21:52] <Superdub49> my problem^
      [11:22:06] <Superdub49> it's just hard to figure out... what to be aware about
      [11:22:16] <syth406> You should try memnotic all day awareness induction
      [11:22:23] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, that is really troubling at first.
      [11:22:31] <syth406> Or just try hypnosis for that too
      [11:22:36] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> One thing you want to be aware about is your mentality and what you're thinking about
      [11:22:46] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> self awareness, what you're doing and why
      [11:22:54] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> and where you are and what is happening around you
      [11:23:03] <syth406> I try to think about everything from a third person perspective and that seems to help to me
      [11:23:13] <Caenis> Huh. I haven't thought to do that too. I'll try to do that too.
      [11:23:22] <syth406> And sometimes I do a quick who what where why when type thing
      [11:23:29] <Caenis> Usually I've just been focusing on my environment.
      [11:23:37] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> It's a lot to take in at one time and you should start with one thing, slowly incorporating others and combining them together.
      [11:23:45] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> syth406: that is a good method!
      [11:23:53] <syth406> okay that's helpful
      [11:24:01] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Can you elborate on how you do it, syth?
      [11:24:12] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Third person.. do you just think about what 'that person' is doing?
      [11:24:48] <syth406> I try to see myself from, say in school the perspective of the person sitting behind me...
      [11:25:04] <syth406> I think I only did it once, I was just experimenting.
      [11:25:08] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> That's interesting
      [11:25:41] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> The thing i'm a little worried about there is what you're thinking about when you do it.. because it could become more of a daydream thing
      [11:26:45] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I'm not sure how to stress it, but your mentality, what you're thinking about and how you're thinking about it can be so important.
      [11:27:18] <Superdub49> I think I SHOULD do Awareness
      [11:27:18] <syth406> Mm yeah, well I meant to do it as more of a reality check, because if you did it a lot in real life, and you suddenly started looking at yourself from another person's body, you'd be like dafuqq??? And then become lucid
      [11:27:22] <Superdub49> but...
      [11:27:58] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Ah, i see what you mean.
      [11:28:18] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Again, what's important there is what you're thinking about when you're doing that as a RC
      [11:28:27] <syth406> g2g bai
      [11:28:29] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [11:28:39] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> lol x)
      [11:31:09] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> If there's nothing else anyone wants to touch up on, i guess we could wrap this chat session up.
      [11:31:20] <Superdub49> um..
      [11:31:38] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Go on.. :p
      [11:31:46] <Superdub49>
      [11:31:58] <Superdub49> er..
      [11:32:00] <Superdub49> how does one start doing Awareness
      [11:32:44] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Personally.. i think it would best to start by being observant about what is happening in your immediate environment
      [11:33:10] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> i.e. in class it could be.. what's the teacher writing/saying, who's talking in class, what class are you in
      [11:33:31] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Stuff that you usually ignore because it seems unimportant
      [11:33:37] <Superdub49> hmm
      [11:33:44] <Superdub49> I do notice a lot of my school dreams
      [11:33:51] <Superdub49> when Im in class, a lot of the students in the calss
      [11:33:52] <Superdub49> class
      [11:33:54] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> and where you are in the classroom, who's sitting around you, stuff like that.
      [11:33:55] <Superdub49> aren't really in it
      [11:33:56] <Superdub49> in waking life
      [11:34:09] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, that could be something you need to be aware about aswell
      [11:34:13] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Take hints from your dreams
      [11:34:27] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> If you see something that is unusual and ignore in your dreams, make sure you don't do that next time in waking life
      [11:34:37] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> If you know what i mean?
      [11:34:40] <Superdub49> mhmm
      [11:34:54] <Caenis> So both observe and analyze, not just observe?
      [11:35:42] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, analyse is important
      [11:35:53] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Remember, what you do in waking life carries over to your dreams
      [11:36:20] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> And we miss a lot of stuff in dreams that are nearly impossible because we just tend to accept stuff in waking life
      [11:36:20] <Superdub49> so fOrceez|GodlyLucids`
      [11:36:25] <Superdub49> how often should I reality check?
      [11:36:26] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> i.e. we accept stuff in dreams
      [11:36:36] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> That's a really common question.. it's not a matter of how often
      [11:36:44] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> it's a matter of "am i possibly dreaming?"
      [11:37:10] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> A good "time" to reality check is when you're in the middle of doing something
      [11:37:21] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> You're mostly doing something in a dream anyway - you're typing up a sentence right now
      [11:37:27] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Be aware.. that is as good as a reality check.
      [11:38:00] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> If you feel that your awareness isn't going too well today or are just unsure, then reality check.
      [11:38:28] <Superdub49> I wish I wouldn't have stopped SAT
      [11:38:36] <Superdub49> I was having like 2-3 lucids a week
      [11:38:44] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah.. x)
      [11:38:52] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> If you choose a technique, stick to it.
      [11:39:09] <Superdub49> I just went on vacation..
      [11:39:10] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I can't even begin to count how many times people would be regularly lucid dreaming by now
      [11:39:10] <Superdub49> it slipt
      [11:39:14] <Superdub49> slipped
      [11:39:15] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> if they stayed with a technique
      [11:39:18] <Superdub49> and I never picked it back up
      [11:39:21] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, i know how that feels :/
      [11:39:24] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> It's never too late.
      [11:39:46] <Superdub49> so, should I just do intervals of awareness
      [11:39:49] <Superdub49> or try hitting it head on
      [11:39:59] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Intervals
      [11:40:06] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> In a few weeks maybe a few months
      [11:40:12] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> try doing full day awareness
      [11:40:14] <Caenis> I've been doing intervals. Doing it all the time seems tiring.
      [11:40:20] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah, i agree.
      [11:40:20] <Caenis> Initially, anyway.
      [11:40:35] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> It does take some time to get used to
      [11:40:35] <Superdub49> how long of intervals?
      [11:40:42] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> As long as you can keep up
      [11:40:56] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> You'll find that you probably won't be able to do it for long cause you'll get distracted
      [11:41:01] <Superdub49> so basically just keep it natural
      [11:41:02] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Once you remember again, pick it back up.
      [11:41:07] <Superdub49> kk
      [11:41:09] <Superdub49> that's what I was doing
      [11:41:10] <Superdub49> with SAT
      [11:41:14] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] is now known as ShockWave|Asleep
      [11:41:15] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yeah
      [11:41:38] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> SAT is a good technique
      [11:41:49] <Superdub49> I had like 20 lucids in a 2 month period
      [11:41:52] <Superdub49> and then I just gave up
      [11:41:56] <Superdub49> like a D-bag xD
      [11:42:03] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> x)
      [11:42:20] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> You know that technique works for you.. do you plan to start it up againa nd keep at it?
      [11:42:28] <Superdub49> Yes
      [11:42:39] <Superdub49> and continue with my MILD
      [11:42:42] <Superdub49> because it helps me fall asleep
      [11:42:51] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Awesome
      [11:42:56] <Superdub49> I notice doing visualization at night
      [11:42:58] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Just don't slack off, or..
      [11:43:01] <Superdub49> brings on HH
      [11:43:05] fOrceez|GodlyLucids` cracks whip.
      [11:43:12] <Caenis> HH?
      [11:43:15] <Superdub49> well, sudden burst of hypnagogia type tihngs
      [11:43:17] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Hypnagogic Hallucinations.
      [11:43:21] <Superdub49> HI
      [11:43:23] <Superdub49> I guess
      [11:43:23] <Caenis> Ah, thank you.
      [11:43:29] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> No problem.
      [11:43:47] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Do you WBTB superdub?
      [11:43:59] <Superdub49> yes
      [11:44:38] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> and MILD yourself to sleep during those times?
      [11:44:57] <Superdub49> mhm
      [11:45:07] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> You'll be lucid in no time.
      [11:45:25] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> that's not an excuse to not start/keep at SAT though
      [11:45:29] <Superdub49> fOrceez|GodlyLucids`
      [11:45:37] <Superdub49> wouldn't awareness help with WILDs too?
      [11:45:42] <Superdub49> like, doing ADA/SAT
      [11:45:43] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Yep
      [11:45:45] <Superdub49> self awareness type things
      [11:45:49] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Which is why i said my technique is not one
      [11:45:55] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> but MILD, DILD and WILD
      [11:46:04] <Superdub49> xD
      [11:46:22] <Superdub49> hey brb
      [11:46:24] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> Your mantra can help you stay aware enough to pop into a WILD aswell
      [11:46:27] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> no worries.
      [11:46:38] <%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`> I tihnk i am going to cut this off here and paste it into the Chat log now
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      Here's the log from yesterday (Me, Linkzelda, Alyzarin, and RealDeal)

      Spoiler for chat log 4/21:

      #DVA Chat Class April 21
      (no topic set)
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      [19:58] <+Linkzelda> heeey aly
      [19:58] <Alyzarin> hey Link ^_^
      [19:58] <realdealmagic> Hello
      [19:58] <+Linkzelda> hey realdealmagic
      [19:59] <realdealmagic> Thanks for your comment on my 3D stuff btw
      [19:59] <realdealmagic> When is this chat due to start?
      [19:59] <+Linkzelda> np realdealmagic, you have amazing talent!
      [19:59] <realdealmagic> I accidentally stayed up until 2am
      [19:59] <+Linkzelda> 8PM CST
      [19:59] <+Linkzelda> 1 minute
      [19:59] <realdealmagic> Thank you
      [19:59] <%opheliablue> hey guys!
      [19:59] <+Linkzelda> hey opheliablue
      [19:59] <Alyzarin> hey Ophelia!
      [19:59] <realdealmagic> hey
      [20:00] <%opheliablue> we can start now, I think cookieh fell asleep
      [20:00] <+Linkzelda> aww lol
      [20:00] <%opheliablue> hey Aly and Link and realdeal
      [20:00] <realdealmagic> Oh dear
      [20:01] <%opheliablue> so first of all, does anyoen have any questions about the first lesson I posted?
      [20:02] <realdealmagic> None As far as I'm concerned, I've done it all already
      [20:02] <%opheliablue> I see that Linkzelda already has a magnificently thorough workbook
      [20:03] <+Linkzelda> =P I'm a good little boy.
      [20:03] <Alyzarin> I have a question!
      [20:03] <+Linkzelda> Okay here goes
      [20:03] <+Linkzelda> oh you first
      [20:03] <Alyzarin> this one always gets me
      [20:03] <%opheliablue> realdealmagic: that's great! I kinda figured we'd have a wide range of abilities in this class
      [20:04] <%opheliablue> sure go ahead, ladies first
      [20:04] <Alyzarin> when it comes to doing reality checks,
      [20:04] <Alyzarin> how exactly should it be worked into a routine? because
      [20:04] <realdealmagic> Oh, I'm don't have many abilities at all. In fact, I'm still to have my first LD :L
      [20:04] <Alyzarin> whenever I've tried to do it before, I just kinda
      [20:04] <Alyzarin> try to remember to do it every now and then, but that doesn't commit it to memory at all
      [20:04] <Alyzarin> it just fades away
      [20:04] <Alyzarin> I don't know how to make it a habit
      [20:05] <%opheliablue> possibly the easiest way would be to link RCs to something you already do everyday, especially morning routines
      [20:05] <%opheliablue> because of the whole false awakening thing
      [20:06] <%opheliablue> like brushign your teeth, making your bed, taking a shower
      [20:06] <%opheliablue> you can even put notes up by your bathroom mirror
      [20:06] <%opheliablue> post-it's
      [20:06] <%opheliablue> some folks set their phone alarms
      [20:07] <Alyzarin> alright, I get that
      [20:07] <Alyzarin> the post-its would probably work best for me
      [20:07] <Alyzarin> I'll have to go get some!
      [20:07] <Alyzarin> thanks ^_^
      [20:07] <%opheliablue> anything that makes it mroe concrete is good
      [20:07] <%opheliablue> you're welcome. if I think of more I'll tell you, I'm always trying to increase my daily awareness
      [20:08] <realdealmagic> I've opted to try and go for Hukif's gravity RC, but only after I actually become lucid and can tell the difference between waking life and dreams
      [20:08] <Alyzarin> I'm not familiar with that one
      [20:08] <%opheliablue> oh cool, what's his gravity RC?
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> Basically be aware of how you are pressed to the ground
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> The weight of yourself as you stand, and as you walk, and run, and everything else
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> A lot like ADA, only focusing on gravity.
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> and in a dream, the gravity feels different apparently, so you'll know the difference
      [20:10] <%opheliablue> oh that makes sense.. in alot of dreams, and in LDs, I feel kinda weightless, or the opposite and my legs are too heavy and sluggish
      [20:10] <%opheliablue> I like Hukif, he's a great lucid dream resource. just an FYI to you guys
      [20:10] <realdealmagic> Yeah, was talking to him a few nights ago quite a lot
      [20:10] <realdealmagic> And Hyu. Jesus, he's an experienced one
      [20:10] <realdealmagic> Read his dream journal for absolutely ages tonight
      [20:11] <%opheliablue> Linkzelda: you're kinda quiet
      [20:12] <+Linkzelda> Oh, I'm just waiting
      [20:12] <+Linkzelda> opheliablue, whenever you do a WILD
      [20:12] <+Linkzelda> what do you normally use as an anchor to keep a small amount of awareness?
      [20:12] <+Linkzelda> Because what I usually do is count my breaths
      [20:12] <+Linkzelda> and usually after 100 or so, I just
      [20:12] <+Linkzelda> start observing my thoughts
      [20:13] <+Linkzelda> but at the same time, the makes me prone to become unconscious
      [20:13] <%opheliablue> yeah you need something a bit mroe active
      [20:13] <%opheliablue> my question to you, are you getting to the vibration or sleep paralysis phase?
      [20:13] <+Linkzelda> I normally try to do what KingYoshi did for his WILD guide where
      [20:13] <+Linkzelda> Oh
      [20:13] <+Linkzelda> Whenever I sleep around 4-5 hours
      [20:14] <+Linkzelda> I usually get the vibrations, and sometimes SP
      [20:14] <+Linkzelda> the Vibrations are the tricky ones because
      [20:14] <+Linkzelda> once they're done, it's hard to move my dream body without worrying about my waking life body.
      [20:14] == mode/#DVA [+h fOrceez|GodlyLucids`|Away] by Sco`Wave`|Away
      [20:14] <%opheliablue> oh so you're worried about waking up in real life?
      [20:14] <%opheliablue> (I was the same way)
      [20:15] <+Linkzelda> Yeah, because I know that if I try to do a nose plug RC, I might move my real life body
      [20:15] <+Linkzelda> because like realdealmagic said, the gravity RC seems useful
      [20:15] <+Linkzelda> since I can just think and feel myself floating but
      [20:15] <+Linkzelda> the problem is, I have yet to fly in my lucids.
      [20:15] <+Linkzelda> So it's hard coming up with a reality check that doesn't require actual movement.
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> gotcha
      [20:16] <realdealmagic> Gravity RC!
      [20:16] <+Linkzelda> I was considering doing the FILD tonight
      [20:16] <%opheliablue> you know, I used to be scared to yell "More Lucidity" in my LDs, because I thought my real life voice would say it to and I'd get embarrassed if anyone heard me
      [20:17] <%opheliablue> but no one ever did
      [20:17] <realdealmagic> Haha
      [20:17] <+Linkzelda> So when I find myself being blank and seeing my thoughts appear
      [20:17] <+Linkzelda> I should try to scream mentally?
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> haha well, that was just my personal example, but I like your noseplug idea
      [20:18] <+Linkzelda> I see
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> I think you should try it anyway, and not worry about it waking you up
      [20:18] <+Linkzelda> It's just that
      [20:18] <+Linkzelda> Ah okay.
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> that worry only ever slowed me down in the past
      [20:18] <+Linkzelda> Thanks Ophelia, I'll try it out tonight
      [20:19] <%opheliablue> I always "wake up" in my bed in an LD, so for ages I was afraid to get up, because I thought I was moving my actual body out of the bed
      [20:19] <+Linkzelda> Yeah
      [20:19] <%opheliablue> but I wasn't
      [20:20] <%opheliablue> I was really lucid, I just had to get over the fear. But I needed the 5-6 hours sleep first, like you mentioned
      [20:20] <+Linkzelda> Yeah, that's the second question
      [20:20] <+Linkzelda> Do you normally use an alarm to wake yourself up for
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> sorry folks, I didn't mean to get carried away with WILD stuff. Any other questions about Reality Checks, dream signs, or dream journals?
      [20:21] <+Linkzelda> a WBTB? Or do you drink water or something to wake up in the middle of the night
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> I do. i set it for 7am, because I have to get my son to school.
      [20:21] <realdealmagic> Don't worry about it, it's all interesting to read
      [20:21] <+Linkzelda> ^
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> Then when I go back to sleep at around 7:20, it's lucid gold time
      [20:22] <+Linkzelda> Wow
      [20:22] <+Linkzelda> You're lucky
      [20:22] <%opheliablue> but I stay up until like 1am, so that's abotu 6 hours sleep
      [20:22] <%opheliablue> I am, since I have 4 days off a week like that
      [20:22] <+Linkzelda> Ahh okay
      [20:22] * realdealmagic is up at 2:22am just now.
      [20:22] <realdealmagic> Not good
      [20:22] <%opheliablue> oh bless your heart realdealmagic
      [20:22] <+Linkzelda> Because I usually thought that too much activity might not allow you to sleep easily.
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> if you want we can try to arrange a time for you to talk with forceez
      [20:23] <+Linkzelda> Maybe I need to be more active in my WBTBs
      [20:23] <Alyzarin> that's a thought
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> Linkzelda: you are right, but it depends on the person. I'm a sleepaholic, so I can be up for hours, then go back to sleep and lucid
      [20:23] <Alyzarin> ophelia
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> but that's me
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> yes aly
      [20:24] <Alyzarin> do you think that the fact that you have to get up and take your son to school is actually helping you get into WILD more easily because it involves some physical exertion?
      [20:24] <Alyzarin> as opposed to like
      [20:24] <Alyzarin> just getting up and chilling for 20 minutes or so
      [20:24] <realdealmagic> It's okay, this chat happened to come on at a time when I happened to just not go to sleep
      [20:24] <Alyzarin> for WBTB
      [20:24] <realdealmagic> I speak to fOrceez regularly in chat
      [20:24] <+Linkzelda> yeah what Alyzarin
      [20:25] <+Linkzelda> said
      [20:25] <%opheliablue> Alyzarin: yes I do. especially since the whole time I'm seeing him off to school, I'm just desperate to get back into my comfy bed.
      [20:25] <+Linkzelda> hahaha
      [20:25] <%opheliablue> so mentally, I never left the bed I think
      [20:25] <Alyzarin> gotcha
      [20:25] <+Linkzelda> Oooh, so do you do a
      [20:25] <+Linkzelda> sort of daydream in your mind when you take him to school?
      [20:26] <+Linkzelda> like something to look forward too
      [20:26] <+Linkzelda> to*
      [20:26] <+Linkzelda> like an incubation
      [20:26] <+Linkzelda> dream incubation*
      [20:26] <%opheliablue> not really, more of a mindless routine. Pee, let the dogs out. Feed the cats and the dogs. Make sure Chris is dressed and got his lunch box, etc
      [20:26] <%opheliablue> oh wait
      [20:27] <%opheliablue> yeah you're right, I do think about dreaming during that time.
      [20:27] <+Linkzelda> I see
      [20:27] <+Linkzelda> because I remembered when I was new to DV, I did some
      [20:27] <+Linkzelda> light exercise throughout the day
      [20:27] <+Linkzelda> and when I slept, my body
      [20:27] <%opheliablue> the difference for me might be the fact that I HAVE to get up, and am dying to get back to bed.
      [20:27] <+Linkzelda> went into SP a LOT
      [20:27] <%opheliablue> o hthat's interesting
      [20:28] <+Linkzelda> Because I whenever I get stressed out
      [20:28] <+Linkzelda> from the day, I sleep faster
      [20:28] <+Linkzelda> but the con with that is
      [20:28] <+Linkzelda> just falling unconscious
      [20:28] <+Linkzelda> But this is interesting, I think I'll try to do something more active in a WBTB
      [20:29] <+Linkzelda> I usually just sit in my bed and type whatever dreams I had before the wbtb
      [20:29] <%opheliablue> yeah, I understand. I've never had a lucid first thing when I went to sleep for the night. Instant unconsciousness, like you said
      [20:29] <%opheliablue> it also helps if you are incredibly motivated to dream about a certain subject
      [20:30] <+Linkzelda> yeah
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> like a dream incubation
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> I mean, a desperate desire
      [20:30] <+Linkzelda> ooh desperate
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> it's not imperative, but it does help
      [20:30] <+Linkzelda> I see
      [20:30] <+Linkzelda> thanks
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> anytime man
      [20:32] <%opheliablue> realdealmagic: you say you've never had a lucid dream, so have you ever had a false awakening?
      [20:32] <realdealmagic> Never
      [20:32] <%opheliablue> how about sleep paralysis
      [20:33] <realdealmagic> I'm not sure. I laid down one afternoon heading towards WILD.
      [20:33] <realdealmagic> Stayed still for about 25 minutes, after which my hands didn't have feeling. It felt like they were almost floating
      [20:33] <realdealmagic> And I started to feel like I was shaking
      [20:33] <+Linkzelda>
      [20:33] <realdealmagic> And I saw some coloured concentric rings
      [20:33] <%opheliablue> that's promising!
      [20:34] <%opheliablue> I have another question but I have to pee
      [20:34] <realdealmagic> then it all stopped (I think after I realised I was probably close) and I went abck about my business
      [20:34] <realdealmagic> I'll wait
      [20:34] <%opheliablue> !brb potty break
      [20:34] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [20:37] <%opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [20:37] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      [20:37] <%opheliablue> mercy.
      [20:37] <realdealmagic> Wb
      [20:37] <+Linkzelda> wb
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> realdealmagic: have you ever heard strange buzzing sounds in your ear when you were trying to fall asleep
      [20:38] <realdealmagic> I don't think so, but I really can't be sure
      [20:38] <realdealmagic> It's not something I've documented for long
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> buzzing or humming, or pulsing. to the point of being scary maybe
      [20:38] <realdealmagic> I probably would remember that, so I'm going to say no
      [20:39] <%opheliablue> ok just curious
      [20:40] <%opheliablue> those are just some *possible* signs of early WILD stages that sometimes occur spontaneously. But they're not the only doorway to lucidity
      [20:40] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [20:40] <%opheliablue> in fact, my first years of lucids wre in the form of DILDs
      [20:40] <realdealmagic> I think the ideal technique for me would be DILDs, but not random, proper every day DILDs.
      [20:40] <%opheliablue> up until a couple years ago in fact, and they have a class on that now in case your curious
      [20:40] <realdealmagic> Simply because it doesn't take as much
      [20:40] <realdealmagic> I'm already signed up
      [20:41] <%opheliablue> SWEET nevermind then
      [20:41] <realdealmagic> Haha xD
      [20:41] <realdealmagic> It annoys me how much I know, yet how little experience I have.
      [20:41] <%opheliablue> I DILDed for years, and only recently got lucky with the DEILDs and WILDs because my schedule changed so much. But I've always had to work hard at it.
      [20:42] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [20:42] <%opheliablue> experience will come in time. I fully believe hard work will get you there, because I had to work so hard myself. I was never one of those "LD at the drop of a hat" person
      [20:42] <+Linkzelda> ^
      [20:42] <+Linkzelda> same here >.<
      [20:43] <%opheliablue> and again, it helps to have the drive
      [20:43] <%opheliablue> you know, I think I'll add that to the workbook assignment:
      [20:43] <+Linkzelda> ;o
      [20:43] <%opheliablue> "What's driving you, personally, to lucid dream."
      [20:43] <%opheliablue> thanks for the inspiration!
      [20:44] <%opheliablue> aka more homework
      [20:44] <%opheliablue> jk
      [20:44] <realdealmagic> In life in general I've been a "Do anything at the drop of a hat" person, so I'm hoping this will follow suit
      [20:44] <+Linkzelda> hahahaha
      [20:44] <realdealmagic> haha :L
      [20:44] <+Linkzelda> OH!
      [20:45] <%opheliablue> I hope it will too, realdealmagic .. and the more you learn about your own style of dreaming, and daily awarness, and other tendencies, the more you will be able to hone in on the best way to achieve lucidity
      [20:45] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [20:45] <+Linkzelda> opheliablue, do you normally eat something small before you sleep (not a wbtb) just sleeping first go.
      [20:45] <+Linkzelda> or do you try to sleep with an empty stomach
      [20:45] <+Linkzelda> I heard that could affect with movements with the stomach
      [20:45] <+Linkzelda> but I seem to sleep just fine if eat something light.
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> I don't usually eat before bed, but I do have a glass of wine or beer
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> but I'm old enough to
      [20:46] <+Linkzelda> =P
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> OH
      [20:46] <+Linkzelda> Do you find yourself
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> but I have a 5-HTP
      [20:46] <+Linkzelda> waking up in the middle of the night to pee
      [20:46] <+Linkzelda> because that happens to me sometimes.
      [20:46] <+Linkzelda> way before I wake up from my alarm
      [20:46] == mode/#DVA [+v opheliablue] by Sco`Wave`|Away
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> I do, but I pee almost without remembering
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> in the toilet!
      [20:46] <%opheliablue> i nthe toilet
      [20:47] <+Linkzelda> hahaha
      [20:47] <+Linkzelda> xD
      [20:47] <realdealmagic> I'm gonna leave.
      [20:47] <realdealmagic> My eyes are itchy as fuck
      [20:47] <+Linkzelda> take care realdealmagic
      [20:47] <realdealmagic> Can't see myself making much progress tonight :L
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> ok sweet dreams
      [20:48] <realdealmagic> You too
      [20:48] * realdealmagic will MILD then WBTB
      [20:48] <+Linkzelda> sweet dreams
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> PM me anytime if you have a question ok?
      [20:48] <realdealmagic> then MILD again
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> I get PMs on my phone
      [20:48] <realdealmagic> Will do Ophelia
      [20:48] <realdealmagic> Thank you
      [20:48] == realdealmagic [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia http://www.kvirc.net/]
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> anyway, 5-htp, ever heard of it Linkzelda
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> ?
      [20:49] <+Linkzelda> No, not really.
      [20:49] <+Linkzelda> What is it?
      [20:49] <%opheliablue> it's kinda like melatonin, but way milder
      [20:49] <%opheliablue> it's related to tryptophan, found in turkey and milk
      [20:49] <+Linkzelda> oooooh
      [20:49] <+Linkzelda> hmm
      [20:49] <+Linkzelda> I could drink a glass of milk
      [20:49] <%opheliablue> I didn't mention it in the lesson because i don't want to condone pills
      [20:49] <+Linkzelda> ooh
      [20:49] <%opheliablue> yeah!
      [20:50] <+Linkzelda> ooh, about that
      [20:50] <+Linkzelda> during my WBTB time
      [20:50] <+Linkzelda> would it be better to drink some milk?
      [20:50] <+Linkzelda> or before I sleep on the first go
      [20:50] <+Linkzelda> because I'm wondering if the effects might set in better at the first go
      [20:50] <+Linkzelda> instead of the second sleep after a wbtb
      [20:51] <%opheliablue> yeah, I think milk before the first sleep is better, might take to long to get into your system properly after a WBTB
      [20:51] <%opheliablue> but it's worth experimenting
      [20:51] <+Linkzelda> I see
      [20:51] <%opheliablue> though my vote is for drinking it before bed
      [20:51] <+Linkzelda> Yeah
      [20:51] <+Linkzelda> You see, I wouldn't mind taking
      [20:51] <+Linkzelda> some drugs, but like
      [20:52] <+Linkzelda> at the same time, I'm just the type of person to
      [20:52] <+Linkzelda> drink something or eat something natural with the same
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> for the record
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> if you drink milk when you originally go to bed
      [20:52] <+Linkzelda> chemical stuff from natural herbs
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> the tryptophan will convert into melatonin
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> but
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> if you drink it in the morning
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> it will convert into serotonin instead
      [20:52] <%opheliablue> 5-htp is an all natural suppliment that i get at Whole Foods. You have the Lamar store and the Gateway store in Austin.
      [20:52] <Alyzarin> so your best bet is to do it originally
      [20:53] <%opheliablue> damn I didn't know that Aly, thanks!
      [20:53] <+Linkzelda> oh wow
      [20:53] <Alyzarin> no problem
      [20:53] <+Linkzelda> thanks aly
      [20:53] <+Linkzelda> so serotonin is the one that makes
      [20:53] <%opheliablue> so yeah, what she said, drink it earlier
      [20:53] <+Linkzelda> you more aware
      [20:53] <+Linkzelda> gotcha
      [20:53] <Alyzarin> serotonin is sort of an emotional chemical
      [20:53] <+Linkzelda> ahh
      [20:53] <Alyzarin> it's related to normal daily perception
      [20:53] <Alyzarin> it converts to melatonin at night
      [20:53] <Alyzarin> or just in the dark for a long time
      [20:53] <Alyzarin> it's one of the functions of the pineal gland
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> Wait
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> so if it does convert to sero in the morning
      [20:54] <%opheliablue> damn girl, you should teach a class on dream/sleep suppliments
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> shouldn't it be more
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> effective that way?
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> since it tickles the pineal gland
      [20:54] <%opheliablue> lol
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> well activate is the right word lol
      [20:54] <Alyzarin> no, because serotonin is for the day
      [20:54] <Alyzarin> melatonin is for the night
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> ooooh
      [20:54] <+Linkzelda> thanks Alyzarin
      [20:55] <+Linkzelda> opheliablue, personal question
      [20:55] <+Linkzelda> have you ever tried finding your dream guide before?
      [20:55] <+Linkzelda> or do you like being
      [20:55] <+Linkzelda> more independent in your lucids
      [20:55] <%opheliablue> both
      [20:55] <+Linkzelda> Do you believe that
      [20:56] <+Linkzelda> there is one dream guide that can show up in many forms
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> initially when I was a more sporadic LDer, I thought finding my own personal DG would be cool. I found a nice wolf a few times.
      [20:56] <+Linkzelda> or that you can have different dream guides
      [20:56] <+Linkzelda> oooh okay
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> but now, I'm LDing sooo much better, so I'm drunk with the power of playing God.
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> but that's going to get boring fasdt
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> fast
      [20:56] <+Linkzelda> hahahaha
      [20:56] <+Linkzelda> yeah =P
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> I'll probably try to find something like a guide, or lucid buddie or something. Not the Deild Demon though.
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> I hate the Deild Demon. He's a prick.
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> but he's the most constant so far.
      [20:57] <+Linkzelda> hahaha, yeah, I've seen some entries with those
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> This is fun. I was supposed to teach a class, but I ended up having fun chichatting with my 2 best friends on DV
      [20:58] <+Linkzelda> =P
      [20:58] <Alyzarin> haha ^_^
      [20:58] <+Linkzelda> I learned a lot through this
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> hope y'all got something from it
      [20:59] <Alyzarin> I did, I need to get those post-its
      [20:59] <+Linkzelda> Means a lot opheliablue , thanks for giving this time for advice
      [20:59] <+Linkzelda> I'll try the activity thing with my WBTB instead of just chilling
      [20:59] <%opheliablue> no problem, I love it. I love lucid dreaming, and I love hearing about others and their adventures. It's such a gift, yuo know?
      [20:59] <+Linkzelda> =)
      [21:00] <+Linkzelda> Take care opheliablue, sleep well!
      [21:00] <+Linkzelda> and take care Alyzarin
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> Class Dismissed.
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> always wanted to say that
      [21:00] <+Linkzelda> hahahaha
      [21:00] <Alyzarin> haha
      [21:00] == Linkzelda [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: ]
      [21:00] == Alyzarin [[email protected]] has left #DVA [""]
      @[email protected]`Wave`|Away%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`|Away %opheliablue
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      Spoiler for DVA Chat 4/23:

      [Dreamviews Academy Chat Classes!]
      [19:59] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [19:59] == mode/#DVA [+h opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [20:00] <Superdub49> hi opheliablue
      [20:00] <%opheliablue> hedy Superdub49
      [20:01] <%opheliablue> you taking this class too Superdub49 ?
      [20:01] <Superdub49> well.. not on the forum
      [20:01] <Superdub49> but I show up for the chat class ^_^
      [20:01] <%opheliablue> that's cool... you're 'observing'
      [20:01] <Superdub49> mhmm
      [20:01] <Superdub49> I'm just never on forum :p
      [20:02] <%opheliablue> not a problem for me
      [20:02] <%opheliablue> spacebaba should be here, hopefully
      [20:02] <%opheliablue> and maybe one or 2 others
      [20:03] <Superdub49>
      [20:03] <Superdub49> I had to set an alarm
      [20:03] <Superdub49> to get on on time
      [20:03] <%opheliablue> I set mine too, mainly because of different chat times for the different timezones
      [20:03] <%opheliablue> DV is so diverse
      [20:04] <Superdub49> mhm
      [20:05] <Superdub49> I am honestly jealous of this beard
      [20:05] <Superdub49> http://videokeman.com/image/pics/Iro...ytcATboXFM.jpg
      [20:05] <%opheliablue> hehe really?
      [20:05] <%opheliablue> looks kinda like Jesus
      [20:06] <Superdub49> Iron and Wine- Boy with a Coin w/ lyrics - YouTube
      [20:06] <Superdub49> His music is badass
      [20:06] <Superdub49> as well
      [20:06] <Superdub49> he IS Jesus
      [20:06] <%opheliablue> well either folks forgot, they're late, or it's just you and me tonight
      [20:07] <Superdub49>
      [20:07] <%opheliablue> so how goes your dreaming these days
      [20:07] <Superdub49> pretty good.
      [20:08] <Superdub49> having like 3-4 dreams recalled a night
      [20:08] <%opheliablue> that IS really good
      [20:08] <%opheliablue> do you keep a journal, written or on line?
      [20:08] <Superdub49> written
      [20:08] <%opheliablue> good deal
      [20:08] <Superdub49> my laptop takes AGES to turn on
      [20:08] <Superdub49> I would forget it all by the time it's on
      [20:08] <Superdub49> :p
      [20:09] <%opheliablue> hehe I understand
      [20:09] <%opheliablue> do you have lucid dreams?
      [20:09] <Superdub49> my last lucid was on like.. wednesday?
      [20:09] <Superdub49> something like that
      [20:09] <%opheliablue> cool
      [20:09] <%opheliablue> how do you induce them ordinarily out of curiosity?
      [20:10] <Superdub49> well lately
      [20:10] <Superdub49> it's been MILD
      [20:11] <%opheliablue> you know, I've always wondered something (because i've never used MILD), do you enter the dream immediately? or does it occur later
      [20:11] <Superdub49> hmm.
      [20:12] <Superdub49> normally i'm just walking..
      [20:12] <Superdub49> and I remember I was doing a mantra.
      [20:13] <%opheliablue> mantras seem to help alot of folks I've noticed. I do more of a dream incubation
      [20:13] <Superdub49> I think the others forgot about class :3
      [20:13] <%opheliablue> yeah probably
      [20:14] <Superdub49> my MILDs
      [20:14] <%opheliablue> so do you do any reality checks?
      [20:14] <Superdub49> are mostly visualization as well
      [20:14] <Superdub49> I do
      [20:14] <Superdub49> I've been working on my awareness
      [20:14] <Superdub49> trying to pair MILD and awareness
      [20:14] <%opheliablue> that's really good
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> you're probably already a bit advanced for this class
      [20:15] <Superdub49>
      [20:15] <Superdub49> it's still fun
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> Proceed down the hall to Advanced Lucid Dreaming 401
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> kidding
      [20:16] <Superdub49> xED
      [20:16] <Superdub49> x ED?
      [20:16] <Superdub49> Erectile disfuntion?
      [20:16] <%opheliablue> I don't know what xED is
      [20:16] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:16] <Superdub49> mustache?
      [20:16] <%opheliablue> looks like a smiley with erectile disfunction
      [20:17] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:18] <Superdub49> I think
      [20:18] <Superdub49> I'll do
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> well, while we're in here, do yo have any questions about lucid dreaming
      [20:18] <Superdub49> a wbtb Awareness/MILD session
      [20:18] <Superdub49> hmm..
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> oh tonight you mean?
      [20:18] <Superdub49> oh.. yes :3
      [20:19] <Superdub49> hmm
      [20:19] <Superdub49> It seems..
      [20:19] <Superdub49> well
      [20:19] <Superdub49> idk
      [20:19] <Superdub49> a lot of times my lucids would end
      [20:19] <Superdub49> in like.. 2 seconds
      [20:19] <Superdub49> literally
      [20:19] <Superdub49> but this last one i had lasted a good minute and a half
      [20:19] <Superdub49> so.. thats better
      [20:20] <%opheliablue> what do you do exactly ocne you realize you're lucid?
      [20:21] <Superdub49> well... reality check
      [20:21] <Superdub49> and that's.. all I have time to do normally
      [20:21] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:22] <%opheliablue> what reality check do yo use usually
      [20:22] <Superdub49> nose plug
      [20:22] == syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> and it works, I mean you can breath out your nose?
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> hey syth!
      [20:23] <syth406> Hey Ophelia
      [20:23] <Superdub49> Ya i can
      [20:23] <Superdub49> syth406: that's 1 tardy
      [20:23] <Superdub49> 3 more and you get detention
      [20:23] <Superdub49> #Detention
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> that is so cool.
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> lol Superdub49
      [20:23] <syth406> What about breathing through nose?
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> it's a reality check, the nose plug
      [20:24] <%opheliablue> we were talkign about reality checks you use once you become lucid
      [20:24] <syth406> Oh yea I need to work on vividness right now
      [20:24] <%opheliablue> I was reading your workbook syth, I do the finger palm thing too
      [20:25] <Superdub49> finger palm thing
      [20:25] <Superdub49> never worked for me
      [20:25] <%opheliablue> different ones work for different folks
      [20:25] <%opheliablue> I've noticed
      [20:25] <syth406> I used to have incredibly vivid dreams but I got lazy with the dream journal and I'm just starting up again
      [20:25] <%opheliablue> so you mean vividness in your lucid dreams syth? or dreams in general?
      [20:25] <syth406> Vividness
      [20:27] <Superdub49> I have a problem with that to
      [20:27] <Superdub49> too*
      [20:27] <Superdub49> don't verbal commands work?
      [20:27] <Superdub49> I've never tried
      [20:28] <%opheliablue> Superdub49: didn't mean to cut you off before, but what happens when you do the nose plug check and it works.. you wake up immediately?
      [20:28] <Superdub49> Yes
      [20:28] <Superdub49> that's my problem
      [20:28] <Superdub49> i think it may be the reality check
      [20:28] <%opheliablue> verbal commands work for me alot
      [20:28] <%opheliablue> do you feel like you might be lucid, even just before doing that check?
      [20:29] <syth406> Vividness increases for me when I try to look at my hypnogogic imagery a lot
      [20:29] <%opheliablue> I ask that because I skip reality checks alot because i know the 'feeling' of lucidity the moment it happens
      [20:29] <Superdub49> I know before I reality check
      [20:29] <Superdub49> well..
      [20:29] <%opheliablue> have yo tried anything with B6 in it syth?
      [20:29] <Superdub49> but not necessarily know.
      [20:30] <Superdub49> I have a feeling
      [20:30] <syth406> What are some good ways to keep the dream alive after becoming lucid?
      [20:30] <Superdub49> I think awareness might help
      [20:30] <Superdub49> so i can mentally RC
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> that's exactly what I do, and it saves time
      [20:30] <syth406> I got a gum at 7-11 that has b6
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> syth: i look at my hands
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> like, for a while, move them around
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> it locks in the lucidity for me
      [20:31] <syth406> Yeah that's the one I do the most
      [20:31] <syth406> For reality check
      [20:31] <%opheliablue> sometimes I feel like my lucid dream is an hourglass running out of sand, so i gotta work quickly
      [20:31] <%opheliablue> but the hand thing works, so does looking in a mirror
      [20:32] <%opheliablue> I even tried crawling on the ground the other day, per a member's recommendation, also worked well
      [20:32] <syth406> Huh, I should go all inception and get a spinning top
      [20:32] <%opheliablue> syth: do you have the gum at night before bed? just wondering if that makes a difference, later rather than earlier
      [20:34] <syth406> I just got it a couple days ago, I don't know, but I also drink powered at school with my lunch and it has vitamin b6
      [20:35] <%opheliablue> have you noticed any difference in your dreams since you tried the powered?
      [20:35] <syth406> *Powerade* iPod correct...
      [20:35] <%opheliablue> ah, I figured it was a drink with b6 at least
      [20:36] <syth406> Yeah it does help, but the concentration is nothing like virtamin b6 pills which I don't particularly care for.
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> bananas are pretty high in B6, if you want to avoid the whole suppliment thing
      [20:39] <%opheliablue> Hey, I was just reading your journal, I work at a WhOle Foods
      [20:39] <syth406> Oh really?
      [20:40] <syth406> I don't know where most of the stores are, I live in Illinois, I just assumed it was a pretty small chain store
      [20:40] <%opheliablue> yeah, in Dallas
      [20:40] <%opheliablue> oh they're huge, they even have them in England
      [20:42] <%opheliablue> did we lose Superdub49 ?
      [20:42] <syth406> Good to know so I used to eat banannas because they have quite a bit of melatonin too so that
      [20:42] <syth406> Makes sense, now that I think about it I had vivid dreams the days I ate banannas
      [20:42] <Superdub49> no opheliablue
      [20:42] <Superdub49> i was getting crackers
      [20:43] <%opheliablue> lol that's ok, I was about to break to pee
      [20:43] <syth406> Nom
      [20:43] <%opheliablue> milk has tryptophan in it syth406 , and the body turns tryptophan into melatonin, just fyi
      [20:44] <syth406> All this talk of food, I'm hungry now.
      [20:44] <%opheliablue> haha sorry
      [20:44] <%opheliablue> go get a snack then, I'll be back in 3 minutes
      [20:44] <syth406> Yeah knew about milk
      [20:44] <%opheliablue> !brb 3 minutes
      [20:44] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [20:48] <%opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [20:48] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      [20:49] <Superdub49> wb
      [20:49] <%opheliablue> hey
      [20:49] <Superdub49> that was 2 minutes
      [20:49] <Superdub49> not 3
      [20:49] <Superdub49> YOU LIEZ
      [20:49] <%opheliablue> oh I thought it was FOUR
      [20:50] <syth406> No bananas
      [20:50] <%opheliablue> oh damn...
      [20:50] <%opheliablue> some fish has B6
      [20:50] * Superdub49 continues munching on his cereal
      [20:50] <syth406> Got milk and oranges tho so I'm good
      [20:51] <%opheliablue> oh that's good
      [20:51] <Superdub49> I hate fish...
      [20:51] <%opheliablue> lol
      [20:51] <%opheliablue> spinach and bell peppers too
      [20:51] <Superdub49> if Satan and justin bieber had a baby.
      [20:51] <Superdub49> it would be fish
      [20:52] <%opheliablue> oo shitakii mushroom are high in b6 too, didn't know that
      [20:52] <syth406> I can eat anything that's healthy
      [20:52] <%opheliablue> I suppose you hate fish then
      [20:52] <Superdub49> or..
      [20:52] <Superdub49> I could just...
      [20:52] <Superdub49> go to the store
      [20:52] <Superdub49> and buy the 100 mg B6 Pills
      [20:52] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:52] <%opheliablue> yes yo could
      [20:53] <Superdub49> like 12 dollars
      [20:53] <%opheliablue> syth was trying to find something besides suppliments
      [20:53] <Superdub49> if you want to eat a lot of b6..
      [20:53] <Superdub49> from food
      [20:53] <%opheliablue> I take 5-htp and b12 and a multi with 100%b6
      [20:53] <Superdub49> you're gonna gain weight
      [20:53] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:53] <Superdub49> but opheliablue
      [20:53] <Superdub49> isn't 100 percent of b6
      [20:53] <Superdub49> like... 2mgs
      [20:54] <%opheliablue> hold on let me double check that, brb
      [20:54] <syth406> Not really, my metabolism's amazing and I'm always physically active
      [20:55] <Superdub49> I ate a lot today
      [20:55] <%opheliablue> oh wow, got these at whole foods and they're plant based, check this out:
      [20:55] <Superdub49> so.. I won't eat until like this time tomorrow
      [20:55] <Superdub49> that's just how I operate
      [20:55] <%opheliablue> b6 25mg 1250%
      [20:55] <%opheliablue> and it's one-a-day
      [20:56] <syth406> That's why I no take no overdose on vitamins
      [20:56] <Superdub49> dude..
      [20:56] <Superdub49> i'ma go look
      [20:56] <Superdub49> at my moms vitamins
      [20:56] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> don't blame you syth, that's why I don't condone them on the lesson plan, rather food instead
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> that kinda makes me mad, I'm glad we talked about this
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> I don't see how my body wouldn't just piss out the other 1200%
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> or so
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> at any rate, sorry this class wasn't as busy as last night's was
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> hope you were able to garner something from it regardless
      [20:58] <syth406> Whatever it's still helpful
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> cool, I'm glad
      [20:58] <Superdub49> my mom.
      [20:58] <Superdub49> has calcium supplements
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> I'll be here tomorrow at noon my time by the way
      [20:58] <Superdub49> and that's it
      [20:58] <Superdub49> xD
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> go healthy bones!
      [20:58] <Superdub49> what time is it for you now opheliablue
      [20:59] <%opheliablue> almost 9pm
      [20:59] <%opheliablue> you're central too right syth?
      [20:59] <%opheliablue> or eastern
      [20:59] <Superdub49> aw
      [20:59] <Superdub49> I have school
      [20:59] <Superdub49> so i won't be able to make it
      [20:59] <Superdub49>
      [20:59] <syth406> Yea central
      [20:59] <%opheliablue> that's ok, check out the lesson thread, I list chat times in blue
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> been alternating between noon and 8pm, depending on people's zones
      [21:00] * Superdub49 is on Mountain Time
      [21:00] <Superdub49> Like a baws
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> oh I love the Rockies
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> anyway, class dismissed!!
      [21:00] <syth406> Allright well thanks, cya
      [21:00] <Superdub49> byee
      [21:00] == Superdub49 [[email protected]] has left #DVA [""]
      [21:00] == syth406 [[email protected]] has left #DVA []
      @[email protected]|Away%fOrceez|GodlyLucids`|Away %opheliablue
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      Spoiler for 4/24 noon class:

      DVA Chat Log 4/24, 12:30pm-1:30pm

      [Dreamviews Academy Chat Classes!]
      [12:25] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:25] == mode/#DVA [+h opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [12:29] == realdealmagic [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:29] <realdealmagic> Hello
      [12:29] <%opheliablue> hey there
      [12:29] <realdealmagic> Forgot the chat was on just now
      [12:29] <%opheliablue> I woke up 10 minutes ago lol
      [12:30] <realdealmagic> Haha
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> oh I thought you might have been on already
      [12:30] <realdealmagic> I've been on for ages
      [12:30] <realdealmagic> But not in this channel
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> awesome. we can just go from 12:30 to 1:30 then
      [12:30] <realdealmagic> Sure
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> oh I see
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> gimme just a minute though, I need some caffeine
      [12:30] <realdealmagic> Haha
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> brb 2 minutes
      [12:31] <realdealmagic> Kay
      [12:32] == Morten [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:32] <realdealmagic> Hello
      [12:32] <Morten> Hey.
      [12:33] == Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:33] <realdealmagic> Opheliablue's just getting some caffeine
      [12:33] <Morten> lol okay.
      [12:33] <%opheliablue> ok back
      [12:34] <%opheliablue> not anyone alse realized I made a time for today so just might be you and me
      [12:34] <%opheliablue> note sure* anyone else realized
      [12:34] <realdealmagic> Nope, there'r others here already
      [12:34] <%opheliablue> oh lookie
      [12:34] <Morten> I'm here!
      [12:34] <%opheliablue> hey guys!
      [12:35] <Caenis> Hello.
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> sorry I'm late, I'll still stay for an hour though
      [12:35] <Morten> I made it right? I'm 25 minutes early?
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> no I'm half hour late lol
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> I slept in
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> bad night
      [12:35] <realdealmagic> Any LDs?
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> I had a quick one last night
      [12:35] <Morten> lol i cant figure out those damn time zones!
      [12:36] <%opheliablue> neither can I
      [12:36] <realdealmagic> Turns out you're 6 hours before me Ophelia
      [12:37] <realdealmagic> I got no recall last night
      [12:37] <%opheliablue> really nothing? not even a shape, color, or emotion?
      [12:37] <realdealmagic> I tend not to remember emotions more than just remembering scenese
      [12:37] <realdealmagic> scenes*
      [12:38] <realdealmagic> I think i remembered something where I took the batteries out of a remote
      [12:38] <realdealmagic> To try and replace them
      [12:38] <%opheliablue> oh ok
      [12:38] <realdealmagic> But they were small blue things
      [12:38] <realdealmagic> Written under them was RAA2
      [12:38] <%opheliablue> hey, that's better than nothing
      [12:38] <Morten> Electronics are always confusing in my dreams.
      [12:38] <realdealmagic> As if that was the type of batteries
      [12:38] <%opheliablue> sometimes my journal says "small round green thing"
      [12:38] <%opheliablue> what about you Morten and Caenis?
      [12:39] <%opheliablue> I'm catching up on your workbooks as we speak
      [12:39] <Morten> Dream recall? I remembered three dreams last night!
      [12:39] <Caenis> I had a few dream fragments this morning, but nothing too interesting or significant.
      [12:39] <Caenis> Good job, Morten.
      [12:39] <Morten> Havent written in my workbook today.
      [12:39] <Morten> yet
      [12:39] <%opheliablue> o that's good caenis
      [12:40] <%opheliablue> that's ok Morten, this week you only write in it to include RCs or dreamsigns if you have them
      [12:40] <%opheliablue> some folks are just EXTRA thorough, like melanie and link
      [12:40] <Morten> Havent really found any dreamsigns yet. :/
      [12:41] <realdealmagic> I haven't really been writing in mine much
      [12:41] <%opheliablue> oh too bad you didn't become lucid when you changed gender and had a chile daenis
      [12:42] <%opheliablue> child caenis*
      [12:42] * opheliablue is still waking up
      [12:42] <Caenis> Haha, I know. You'd think I'd notice that. My race changed too. I think that was a first for me.
      [12:42] <realdealmagic> Haha
      [12:42] <%opheliablue> wow
      [12:43] <%opheliablue> o hhey morten, just so you know, electroni failure is a popular dreamsign among dreamers
      [12:43] <%opheliablue> electronic failure, or device failure
      [12:43] <%opheliablue> for me it's my cell phone alot, or my alarm clock
      [12:44] <Morten> didnt really think about it, but that could be a dreamsign.
      [12:45] <%opheliablue> yeah, if you find it happens more than once, it is definitely a dream sign
      [12:46] <%opheliablue> then during the day, whenever you mess with a remote control or batteries or whatever, you can do a reality check then
      [12:46] <Morten> need to check my dj some time to see if its a reoccuring thing.
      [12:47] <realdealmagic> I tried playing out with SP again today, ended up just falling asleep :')
      [12:47] <Caenis> I thought dream signs were supposed to occur in almost all your dreams. Am I mistaken?
      [12:47] <realdealmagic> I kind of woke up slowly though, and did an RC instantly
      [12:47] <%opheliablue> it can be anything that repeats
      [12:47] <realdealmagic> Was disappointed
      [12:48] <Morten> oh i also have a sp question
      [12:48] <%opheliablue> ok shoot
      [12:49] <realdealmagic> !brb
      [12:49] == realdealmagic has changed nick to realdealmagic|BRB
      [12:49] <Morten> when i first tried to ld i could easily get into sp, but know it never works. I just lay there.
      [12:49] <%opheliablue> Caenis: for some people a dream sign doea repeat in almost every dream, for others it's more few and far between. The point is to utilize it as a reality check in the day.
      [12:49] <%opheliablue> Morten: how long ago was that?
      [12:50] <Morten> maybe a year ago
      [12:50] <Morten> i havent really tried that much in the last few months
      [12:50] <%opheliablue> did something major change in the last year, like to your sleep habits or anything?
      [12:50] <Caenis> Thanks opheliablue. That's helpful to know. I'll look through my journal again and look for more dreamsigns.
      [12:50] <Morten> hmm i moved to a new place?
      [12:51] <%opheliablue> that's a possibility. I moved to this house last august, and I didn;t start having LDs again until January or so, but that could be coincidence
      [12:52] <Morten> yeah, that definitely could be one of the reasons. I havent thought about that until now.
      [12:52] <Morten> So do you have any tips or?
      [12:52] <%opheliablue> yeah, I was going to ask, do you ever have the opportunity to sleep in on your days off?
      [12:53] <%opheliablue> I ask because my peak LD time is between 7am - 10am
      [12:55] <Caenis> I guess you don't have the opportunity to nap either.
      [12:55] <%opheliablue> also, do you Morten, or any of you, get any b6 before bed?
      [12:56] <%opheliablue> naps are awesome for LDs too, you're right
      [12:56] <realdealmagic|BRB> I dont get any B6 before bed
      [12:56] <Morten> not really. i drink a glass of apple juice as a part of my routine before going to bed.
      [12:57] <%opheliablue> I know folks who drink milk (for the tryptophan that converts into melatonin), eat a banana (high in b6)
      [12:57] <%opheliablue> I take 5-htp which helps ALOT
      [12:58] <Morten> I eat bananas nearly every day, but not before i go to bed. when should i eat it? an hour before bed?
      [12:58] <Caenis> Not yet, but I was going to start experimenting with B6 vitamins/bananas this week.
      [12:58] <Morten> 5-htp is not allowed in Denmark unfortunately.
      [12:58] <%opheliablue> yeah an hour or so before bed is good, so the b6 is is still in your system
      [12:58] <%opheliablue> oh wow serious? I had no idea O_O
      [13:00] <Morten> yeah i have know idea why. Government is very strict about use of pills unless it prescripted by a doctor.
      [13:00] <%opheliablue> I know there's foods that have it
      [13:01] <Morten> you have my attention
      [13:01] <%opheliablue> my internet is being really really laggy today, Iapologize
      [13:01] <Caenis> I can understand that. Supplements and such aren't very helpful anyway. The body can't process the supplements very well. Natural is better.
      [13:02] <%opheliablue> I agree.. most suppliments tend to be too much all at once
      [13:02] <%opheliablue> and I only take the 5htp on nights before days that I don't work
      [13:02] <%opheliablue> wow. google isn't working for me AT ALL
      [13:03] <Morten> lol, ill google it myself.
      [13:03] <%opheliablue> for 5 htp, I want to say milk, and turkey Morten, but I'm checking for more..
      [13:04] <Caenis> You're right, it's turkey and milk. Potatoes too, apparently.
      [13:04] <Caenis> And pumpkin. All Thanksgiving foods.
      [13:05] <%opheliablue> haha funny
      [13:05] <Morten> Beef, chicken and pork
      [13:06] <realdealmagic|BRB> Maybe Thanksgiving food is based around Lucid Dreaming...
      [13:06] <%opheliablue> ok I got google on my phone now
      [13:06] <%opheliablue> you know realdealmagic, I'm curious what my DJ says the day after thanksgiving!
      [13:06] <%opheliablue> I got meat, fish beans and eggs on my search
      [13:07] == Bluehelix [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [13:07] <realdealmagic|BRB> Haha
      [13:07] <%opheliablue> hello Bluehelix
      [13:07] <Bluehelix> o/
      [13:07] <realdealmagic|BRB> Hey blue
      [13:07] <Bluehelix> huhh hava I missed something ?
      [13:07] <Bluehelix> whats going on here
      [13:08] <%opheliablue> this is a chat for the Dream Views Academy
      [13:08] <%opheliablue> you've stumbled into a classroom basically
      [13:08] <Bluehelix> I wanna be part
      [13:08] <%opheliablue> sure, do yuo lucid dream?
      [13:09] <%opheliablue> and we were just talking about food that you take before bed that helps you lucid dream
      [13:09] <Bluehelix> only once. in Nov 2011. But I try hard
      [13:09] <%opheliablue> have you started a dream journal?
      [13:10] <Bluehelix> I drunk Apple juice and Bannanas at least thats what I have heard
      [13:10] <%opheliablue> oh and I recommend looking at this week's syllabus, if you want to join the class: http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/begin...ng-now-130468/
      [13:10] <%opheliablue> yeah bananas are good
      [13:10] <Bluehelix> yes I write it every day.
      [13:11] <Bluehelix> I recall 2-4 dreams a night on avrage I would say.
      [13:12] <%opheliablue> oh cool, have you noticed anything in your journal that repeats? Dream Signs?
      [13:12] <%opheliablue> that's pretty good
      [13:12] <Morten> what about apple juice? I have heard that should give you more vivid dreams?
      [13:13] <%opheliablue> I know that the high carbohydrate level helps the body produce melatonin in the night, or seratonin in the day
      [13:13] <Bluehelix> yes my Family and my old school
      [13:14] <%opheliablue> andthe melatonin, like tryptophan, can makes dream recall better, and increase vividness
      [13:14] <%fOrceez|Asleep> Looks like i woke up at a nice time
      [13:14] == fOrceez|Asleep has changed nick to fOrceez
      [13:14] <%opheliablue> hey fOrceez!
      [13:14] <%fOrceez> 4am.. it'll do
      [13:14] <Morten> hey forceez!
      [13:14] <Bluehelix> o/
      [13:14] <%opheliablue> oh my gosh, crazy early!
      [13:14] <%fOrceez> Hey Oph! How are you all?
      [13:15] <%opheliablue> pretty good, I started class late because I slept in, still going for another 15 minutes
      [13:15] <%fOrceez> Yeah, just woke from a lucid
      [13:15] <%fOrceez> Nice
      [13:15] <%opheliablue> oh sweet! I had a brief one as well
      [13:15] <Morten> good. were just talking about bananas and thanksgiving food.
      [13:16] <%opheliablue> yes, thanksgiving should be National Lucid Day, even if yuo're not american
      [13:16] <realdealmagic|BRB> Hey fOrceez xD
      [13:16] <%fOrceez> Sup realdeal?
      [13:16] <realdealmagic|BRB> Just read Mancon's guide to flying.
      [13:16] <%opheliablue> ok I will be back in a couple minutes, bf is insulted that I haven't touched the eggs he made for me
      [13:16] <realdealmagic|BRB> The different methodical ideas I have for it... TOTALLY adds for motivation.
      [13:16] <%fOrceez> aww x)
      [13:16] <realdealmagic|BRB> !back
      [13:17] <%opheliablue> !brb 3 min
      [13:17] == realdealmagic|BRB has changed nick to realdealmagic
      [13:17] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [13:17] <%fOrceez> Have most of you guys decided on a technique yet?
      [13:17] <Bluehelix> I got a question regarding the dreamjournal in the forum.
      [13:17] <realdealmagic> I've decided on MILD I think
      [13:17] <%fOrceez> awesome, realdeal
      [13:17] <%fOrceez> go ahead, Bluehelix
      [13:17] <realdealmagic> but I'm still not sure
      [13:18] <Bluehelix> I write mine in a "paper" book. So I need to double write them.
      [13:18] <%fOrceez> Take your time, realdealmagic. Just make sure once you chose a technique, you say with it.
      [13:18] <realdealmagic> Yeah, will do.
      [13:18] <Bluehelix> Will anyone analyse them or what the point ?
      [13:18] <%fOrceez> Bluehelix: yeah, me too. I write just notes in my paper book and then write it down in story-form in my dream journal on Dreamviews
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> Nice
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> Thanksgiving food x)
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> Nah, that's not really the point
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> We're a dreaming community, we love to share dreams
      [13:19] <realdealmagic> I find that writing them down a second time helps me to remember more as well.
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> Dream journals can show your own progess and really encourage other people
      [13:19] <Morten> I have a paper book aswell blue. I haven't shared anyone dreams yet.
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> Like, i have been reading one person's dream journal for almost a year now
      [13:19] <realdealmagic> For instance, I read Hyu's dream journal, and that really is motivational.
      [13:19] <%fOrceez> His dream journal is what convinced me to start lucid dreaming because it inspired me that much
      [13:19] <Bluehelix> Iam not so well with english. And Iam not sure if I want to share my dream right now maybe in a later stage.
      [13:20] <Bluehelix> Is that a problem ?
      [13:20] <%fOrceez> ^ that's exactly who i'm talking about, realdealmagic.
      [13:20] <%fOrceez> Nah, that is okay.
      [13:20] <realdealmagic> Thought so fOrceez.
      [13:20] <%fOrceez> We respect your privacy, Bluehelix.
      [13:20] <Caenis> I've heard Hyu is great. I'll have to look at his DJ sometime.
      [13:20] <%opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [13:20] <%fOrceez> Not that we would make you share your dreams against your will x)
      [13:20] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      [13:20] <realdealmagic> I have trouble believing some of it, such as the dream sharing, but regardless of that, its incredible.
      [13:20] <Bluehelix> I am preaty sure I will write down my lucids
      [13:20] <%fOrceez> Yeah, realdeal, that's understandable.
      [13:20] <Morten> need to check out his dj.
      [13:21] <%opheliablue> so do I
      [13:21] <%opheliablue> I heard alot of great stuff
      [13:21] <%fOrceez> I lean more towards believing than skepticism
      [13:21] <%opheliablue> I don't go for the shared thing either, but it is always interesting to read about
      [13:21] <%fOrceez> Yeah
      [13:21] <realdealmagic> I like to think it is possible, but I'm always skeptical.
      [13:22] <%fOrceez> Being a skeptic is good, i think.. just so long as you actually take results into possibility if you have any.
      [13:22] <%opheliablue> yeah that's a good way to look at it, nothing wrong with keeping an open mind
      [13:22] <realdealmagic> Yeah ^
      [13:22] <%opheliablue> and I like how we don't force beliefs on this website
      [13:23] <realdealmagic> Yeah, it's all open ended
      [13:23] <%opheliablue> so any last questions in these last few minutes?
      [13:23] <Morten> i dont have any. thanks for the chat.
      [13:23] <%opheliablue> you are so welcome
      [13:24] <%opheliablue> I hope it's helpful
      [13:24] <realdealmagic> I don't have any either. Just nice to see a chat that's actually alive about lucid dreaming :L
      [13:24] <Caenis> I've been doing mantras while I fall asleep, but I find them a little distracting while trying to nod off. Should I just change to meditation before I sleep instead of trying to do the mantras while I'm drifting off?
      [13:24] <Bluehelix> !brb
      [13:24] == Bluehelix has changed nick to Bluehelix|BRB
      [13:24] <%fOrceez> Yeah
      [13:25] <%fOrceez> I wouldnt advise so, Caenis
      [13:25] <%opheliablue> caenis: I find that an incubated dream is less distracting than a mantra
      [13:25] <%fOrceez> Not unless you are good at meditation anyway
      [13:25] <%opheliablue> but that's if you really feel the meditation or mantras are a lost cause
      [13:26] <Caenis> All right. Thanks. I'll keep trying to do the mantras for another few weeks and see if I get used to it.
      [13:26] <%opheliablue> sounds good to me!
      [13:26] <%fOrceez> Yeah ^
      [13:26] <%fOrceez> Mantras get me lucid >70% of the time now
      [13:26] <%fOrceez> I'm just lazy >_>
      [13:27] <%opheliablue> oh really? that's cool fOrceez
      [13:27] <realdealmagic> Nice one
      [13:27] <Caenis> That's impressive.
      [13:27] <%fOrceez> Yuh x)
      [13:27] <%opheliablue> for me it's sleeping in, 5htp and incubating a 'happy place' lol
      [13:27] <%fOrceez> Nice!
      [13:27] <%opheliablue> oh bluehelix is brb
      [13:28] <%opheliablue> he's our class crasher for the day
      [13:28] <%fOrceez> Heheh. I had superdub do some crashing
      [13:28] <%opheliablue> yeah he was there last night
      [13:28] <%fOrceez> So what'd you do in your lucid, opheliablue?
      [13:29] <%opheliablue> ok internet is being a poop for me, so I'm going to save this in wordpad and post it later fOrceez ok?
      [13:29] <%fOrceez> Sure
      [13:29] <%opheliablue> I tried to go to Hogwarts
      [13:29] <%fOrceez> Lol!
      [13:29] <%opheliablue> it was a short one with bad control
      [13:29] <%fOrceez> My friend just came back from 'Murica the other day
      [13:29] <%opheliablue> I was hot all night, air is on the frizz
      [13:29] <%fOrceez> she went to Hogwarts World.. i am jealous! :/
      [13:29] <realdealmagic> Hearing things like that totally makes me want to LD so much more
      [13:29] <%opheliablue> hahaa
      [13:30] <%opheliablue> good! inspiration and motivation are huge for LDing
      [13:30] <%fOrceez> agreed!
      [13:30] <%opheliablue> ok I'm outta here, y'all can continue with fOrceez if he's staying
      [13:30] <%fOrceez> Yeah, i think i'll stay up for a while
      [13:30] <realdealmagic> Bu-bye Thanks for coming on
      [13:30] <%opheliablue> cool, see y'all later
      [13:30] <%opheliablue> np
      [13:30] <%fOrceez> Have a good one, Oph
      [13:30] <Morten> See ya.
      [13:30] <%opheliablue> you too
      [13:30] <Caenis> Bye opheliablue, thanks for the chat.
      @[email protected]|Away%fOrceez%opheliablueBluehe lix|BRBCaenisMortenrealdealmagic
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      Spoiler for 4/30 Chat Class:
      [Dreamviews Academy Chat Classes!]
      [19:47] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [19:47] == mode/#DVA [+h opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [19:51] == mydera [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [19:53] <%opheliablue> hi mydera
      [19:53] <%opheliablue> and syth406
      [19:53] <syth406> ?
      [19:53] <syth406> oh
      [19:53] <syth406> We starting now?
      [19:54] <mydera> Hey
      [19:54] <%opheliablue> i'm going to wait 5 more minutes
      [19:54] <mydera> brb
      [19:54] <%opheliablue> plus I have to use the restroom
      [19:54] == Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [19:54] <%opheliablue> hey caenis
      [19:54] <Caenis> Hello there.
      [19:55] <mydera> Sorry! I'm back!
      [19:55] <mydera> Hey Syth and Caenis! Nice to meet you!
      [19:55] <Caenis> Helly mydera. Nice to meet you too.
      [19:55] <%opheliablue> !brb 5 min, potty
      [19:55] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [19:56] <Caenis> !brb grabbing dinner
      [19:56] == Caenis has changed nick to Caenis|BRB
      [19:58] <Caenis|BRB> !back
      [19:58] == Caenis|BRB has changed nick to Caenis
      [19:59] <%opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [19:59] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      [19:59] <%opheliablue> hey guys
      [19:59] <%opheliablue> Mydera is new this week
      [20:00] <%opheliablue> and we're starting now, Caenis and syth406
      [20:00] <Caenis> So that's why I didn't recognize the username. Good to have you in the class, mydera.
      [20:01] <mydera> Thanks. I'm really excited to be in it
      [20:02] <%opheliablue> so anybody have questions about the lesson 2 I posted?
      [20:02] <%opheliablue> I know Mydera was going to try WILDs
      [20:03] <mydera> lol, I have a lot of questions, but some are from last weeks lesson as well, is it cool to ask those? or just stick with Lesson 2?
      [20:03] <%opheliablue> and Caenis is doing MILD/DILD
      [20:03] <%opheliablue> you can ask from either Mydera
      [20:03] <%opheliablue> that's why I do these chat times, they're supposed to be supplimental
      [20:04] <mydera> Awesome The first question I had was about supplements, you guys chated a bit about them last week
      [20:04] <mydera> I have a really hard time sleeping at night, I spend at least an hour or two in the dark trying to go to sleep
      [20:05] <%opheliablue> falling asleep initially, or do yuo wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep
      [20:05] <mydera> I'd like to try something to help me sleep, but I can't go too deep asleep because I have two little kids that I have to wake up for
      [20:05] <mydera> Kind of both, as crazy as it sounds, I sleep so much better during the day than the night. If I wake up and it's still dark, I'll toss and turn and not be able to sleep
      [20:06] <mydera> but If I'm taking a nap during the da, I'm out in five or ten minutes, lol
      [20:06] <%opheliablue> I'm the same way, though I can usually get to sleep right away, but I wake up too much after some REM cycles
      [20:07] <%opheliablue> I take 5-htp, and you might want to look into it
      [20:07] <mydera> I do wake up a lot during the night, and I don't mind because it helps me take notes and such... I just can't go back to sleep and there's where the problem lies
      [20:07] <%opheliablue> it's milder than melatonin
      [20:07] <syth406> I guess I give you the advice ophelia gave me. Banannas and milk.
      [20:07] <mydera> 5htp, can I find that in the pharmacy or walmart, or will I need to go to a vitamin specific store?
      [20:08] <syth406> Pharmacy or walmart I'm guessing.
      [20:08] <syth406> Lemme check
      [20:08] <%opheliablue> or whole foods
      [20:08] <%opheliablue> I get mine at whole foods because I work there and can get anything there, so I haven't checked other places
      [20:08] <syth406> Lol are they sponsored on dv now?
      @[email protected]|Away%fOrceez|Away%opheliablue Caenismyderasyth406
      [Dreamviews Academy Chat Classes!]
      [20:13] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:13] == mode/#DVA [+h opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [20:13] <Superdub49> hello
      [20:14] <%opheliablue> sorryyyyyyyy
      [20:14] <%opheliablue> internet being apoop
      [20:14] <mydera> Hey!
      [20:14] <syth406> It obviously takes a while to become used to meditation since you are never normally in such a relaxed state while conscious
      [20:14] <Caenis> No worries. Hey superdub.
      [20:14] <mydera> Welcome back
      [20:14] <syth406> Hey superdub
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> hi Superdub49
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> ok last thing was someone saying something about whole foods sponsering V?
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> DV*
      [20:15] <%opheliablue> do other stores carry 5-htp?
      [20:17] <mydera> Syth said walgreens has it, so I'm going to check there
      [20:17] <%opheliablue> awesome
      [20:17] <mydera> then Caenis suggested that I try meditation before bed
      [20:17] <%opheliablue> I prefer it to melatonin, because the body can get used to melatonin suppliments and stop producing it over time
      [20:17] <%opheliablue> but 5-htp is a precursor to melatonin
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> that was the next thing I was goibng to say
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> meditation, and even a special going-to-bed routine just for you
      [20:18] <mydera> Awesome
      [20:18] <syth406> Online it said that so idk if every store will but it should, its not a very uncommon supplement
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> I recommend no tv in the bedroom personally
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> as well
      [20:18] <%opheliablue> thanks syth406 for checking that
      [20:18] <mydera> No, we don't have a TV in the bedroom
      [20:19] <%opheliablue> oh that's good
      [20:19] <syth406> Or electronics of any kind for that matter
      [20:19] <mydera> My kids sleep in their toddler beds in our room, so we have a rule in the house that you can only go to the bedroom to go to sleep
      [20:19] <%opheliablue> yes exactly (@ syth406 )
      [20:19] <Caenis> That's a good rule, mydera.
      [20:19] <%opheliablue> well done
      [20:20] <mydera> b/c I want them to associate the bed with sleeping, nothing else so they don't grow up having sleeping problems like me, lol
      [20:21] <mydera> Ophelia, I know you have a kid as well, do you have a hard time waking up if you take the 5htp before bed?
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> now I would suggest a bedtime routine, I know it sounds childish, but it really works. Combine meditation with it
      [20:21] <mydera> Like if your child needs something, is it hard for him to wake you?
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> not at all, in fact I still wake up when I take it, I just fall BACK to sleep easier and faster
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> that's why I love it
      [20:21] <%opheliablue> plus it makes my dreams crazy vivid, and numerous, resulting in greater chances of attaining lucidity
      [20:22] <mydera> how long of a bedtime routine? We usually spend about 30 minutes getting ready for bed, and we always do the same thing... does that count as a routine?
      [20:22] <mydera> Or do I need to start thinking about bed an hour or so before bed?
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> so what else is going on with you guys, still with the runny nose syth406 ?
      [20:23] <%opheliablue> mydera: who's we?
      [20:23] <mydera> sorry, we being my husband, the kids and I
      [20:23] <Superdub49> me and her
      [20:24] == Superdub49 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [20:24] <%opheliablue> lol
      [20:24] <syth406> No I'm ok now, it was just sticking on, even after I felt physically fine. Annoying...
      [20:24] <%opheliablue> oh I meant a routine just for you specifically
      [20:25] <mydera> Ok, so like after I get the kids to bed, make my own ready for bed routine. I'm following you now I think
      [20:26] <%opheliablue> yeah, it's hard when you're a mom and have to dote on everyone else, but some YOUtime just before bed, no interruptions, helps with insomnia alot
      [20:26] <mydera> Glad your feeling better syth
      [20:26] <syth406> Thx
      [20:27] <mydera> Thanks ophelia, I will try that!
      [20:27] <%opheliablue> np
      [20:27] <%opheliablue> so syth406 , have you decided on a method? I know you wre looking into VILD, MILD or DILD
      [20:28] <%opheliablue> I mean DEILD*
      [20:28] <syth406> I'm gonna try all three, along with a slowly increasing ada
      [20:29] <Caenis> I was thinking of tacking on VILD too. The one time I managed to have an LD, I was imagining myself doing an RC in a dream. Mantras alone have had limited success for me, so I'd like to experiment with VILDing while using mantras and see what difference that makes.
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> Visually incubating a lucid dream can really do wonders
      [20:30] <%opheliablue> it really 'puts you there' before you even fall asleep
      [20:31] <syth406> You could incubate a dream with all five senses theoretically tho rite?
      [20:31] <%opheliablue> absolutely
      [20:31] <%opheliablue> I think the more the better
      [20:31] <Caenis> Yeah. I've been trying to narrow down what it was that helped induce my LD, so hopefully the VILD will help!
      [20:31] <%opheliablue> just have to remember to include the RC
      [20:32] <%opheliablue> so you imagined yourself doing a reality check before you fell asleep Caenis ?
      [20:33] <Caenis> Yes. I was trying to create a dream for myself, and in that I was RCing.
      [20:33] <%opheliablue> what was the RC if you don't mind me asking? the nose plug?
      [20:34] <Caenis> I was poking my palm with my finger and then counting my fingers. I've been using the noseplug more often, so I'll probably use that tonight while VILDing.
      [20:34] <%opheliablue> that's so cool that it worked by the way
      [20:35] <%opheliablue> I think anything with hands is better in my opinion: it utilizes physical sensation, as well as visual
      [20:35] <Caenis> Okay. Then I'll stick with poking and counting.
      [20:36] <%opheliablue> lol
      [20:36] <Caenis> I'll do whatever you think is better. :p I certainly don't know what would be best.
      [20:36] <%opheliablue> the nose plug is good too, I just threw that in there about the hands because seeing what you're doing in a reality check is so helpful, also it
      [20:37] <mydera> You could do both, in case one fails
      [20:37] <%opheliablue> is quite stabilizing once yuo've achieved lucidity
      [20:37] <%opheliablue> yeah sorry, I didn't mean either/or
      [20:37] <Caenis> All righty. I'll do them all!
      [20:38] <syth406> I want to see if I have a dream object that I can always bring with me and then just rc using that object
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> ^^
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> if you can do that, it's awesome
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> I do that with a mirror
      [20:38] <%opheliablue> my lucid mirror has been my best friend ever in dreams
      [20:39] <%opheliablue> potty break 5 minutes
      [20:39] <%opheliablue> !brb 5 minutes
      [20:39] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [20:40] <mydera> Do you get lucid, then summon the mirror, or do you carry a mirror around with you everywhere in waking life, so you know it's there when your dreaming?
      [20:40] <syth406> Hah yeah just have a little makeup mirror with you at all times
      [20:41] <mydera> what kind of item are you thinking about using Syth?
      [20:41] <Caenis> How reliable is using a token, anyway?
      [20:42] <%opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [20:42] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      @[email protected]|Away%fOrceez|Away%opheliablue Caenismyderasyth406
      [Dreamviews Academy Chat Classes!]
      [20:46] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:46] == mode/#DVA [+h opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [20:47] <%opheliablue> sorryyyy again
      [20:47] <mydera> It's ok
      [20:47] <Caenis> No apologies are necessary, milady.
      [20:47] <%opheliablue> time warner cable, normally it's not this bad
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> to answer your question Mydera, I summon the mirror
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> but I think syth406 means to keep something on you in real life as well
      [20:48] <%opheliablue> then something about a token?
      [20:48] <Caenis> We were wondering how reliable a token would be in helping a person attain lucidity.
      [20:48] <mydera> I think token was another way of saying the object your carrying with you to remind you to RC
      [20:49] <syth406> I just say dream object
      [20:50] <%opheliablue> good idea
      [20:50] <syth406> !brb
      [20:50] == syth406 has changed nick to syth406|BRB
      [20:50] <%opheliablue> something to keep in your pocket, and take out every once in a while and do an RC on it
      [20:53] <%opheliablue> so we have about 10 minutes or so left
      [20:53] <%opheliablue> anybody have any other questions or concerns?
      [20:54] <mydera> Do you suggest any certain WILD tutorials? or are they all about the same?
      [20:54] <%opheliablue> they're all about the same, just some are more thorough than others
      [20:54] <mydera> I kind of get the basic concept I think, concentrate on your breathing, don't move, and hope you fall asleep, lol
      [20:54] <%opheliablue> did you see the resources link I included in lesson 1?
      [20:54] <syth406|BRB> !back
      [20:54] == syth406|BRB has changed nick to syth406
      [20:54] <%opheliablue> wb syth406
      [20:55] <mydera> welcome back
      [20:55] <mydera> and I'm looking at the articles now
      [20:55] <syth406> Thx I hope my phone isn't annoying enough to distract me during my deild
      [20:55] <mydera> THanks for mentioning them, somehow I over looked that link
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> it's a link to a bunch of articles written by DV members over the years
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> here's page 3 with WILDs: Articles
      [20:56] <%opheliablue> I always liked Seeker's
      [20:57] <syth406> Also, just a general thought, idk if this will help you, but I have learned a lot from reading random peoples dream journals
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> I met Seeker in real life yo know, he was a compendium of lucid knowledge and experience
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> I was gonna ask that! then I forgot when my internet went on the out
      [20:57] <%opheliablue> other DJs are great, they give yuo ideas
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> and they keep you focused on dreaming throughout the day.. you know, actual DREAMS, and not just talking about how to dream and such
      [20:58] <%opheliablue> excellent thought syth406
      [20:59] <%opheliablue> 50 points to Gryffindor
      [20:59] <syth406> Hall points? Pweeze mommy?
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> haha
      [21:00] <mydera> SHould we read each others work books too? to see what's working for others trying the methods we're using and comment as encouragement as well?
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> you know, that's not a bad idea
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> to both
      [21:00] <%opheliablue> yeah I encourage yo uto read AND respond to the other workbooks mydera
      [21:01] <%opheliablue> as far as hall points, might not be a bad idea
      [21:01] <%opheliablue> hall points for the member with the 'best idea' in each chat session
      [21:02] == Caenis [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:02] <syth406> Haha well, gotta sleep, cya
      [21:02] <%opheliablue> night
      [21:02] == syth406 [[email protected]] has quit [Connection closed]
      [21:03] <%opheliablue> class dismissed til tomorrow
      [21:03] <mydera> Can I ask one more question really quick?
      [21:03] <%opheliablue> sure
      [21:04] <mydera> If your eyes drift open while your wilding in the dark, any suggestions for keeping them closed with out disrupting the process?
      [21:04] <%opheliablue> drift open? do you mean open in real life, or within the dream?
      [21:05] <mydera> that probably sounds weird, but sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep like that I find my eyes feeling dry then realize they've drifted open without me even realizing it. and I have to close them really quick
      [21:05] <%opheliablue> oh damn
      [21:05] <%opheliablue> think you could get used to those sleep masks?
      [21:06] <mydera> Maybe, I'll give it a try
      [21:06] <%opheliablue> I can see how opening and dry eyes would be really distracting
      [21:06] <mydera> I didn't think of that, lol
      [21:06] <%opheliablue> I have the same problem with my mouth sometimes
      [21:06] <%opheliablue> it opens and gets dry, and my throat gets sore, and it wakes me up
      [21:07] <mydera> Thanks for teaching this class Ophelia!
      [21:07] <%opheliablue> you are welcome!
      [21:07] <mydera> Good night
      [21:07] <%opheliablue> sweet LDs
      @[email protected]|Away%fOrceez|Away%opheliablue mydera
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      5/1 noon CST

      Spoiler for 5/1 noon DVA chat:
      DVA chat 5/1 noon

      [Dreamviews Academy Chat Classes!]
      [11:41] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:41] == mode/#DVA [+h opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [11:52] == Morten [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:53] <Morten> Hey!
      [11:58] <%opheliablue> morning Morten!
      [12:00] <%opheliablue> I will wait a couple more minutes then we can start
      [12:00] <%opheliablue> see if anyone else joins
      [12:02] <Morten> Okay.
      [12:06] <%opheliablue> looks like it's just you and me Morten!
      [12:06] <Morten> It looks like it. Maybe someone will join later.
      [12:07] <%opheliablue> hopefully
      [12:07] <%opheliablue> this time is more for people overseas, and I think forceez gets them
      [12:07] <%opheliablue> but anyway, how goes it? you read the new lesson yet?
      [12:09] <Morten> Yep, read it. I knew most of it already although i have never heard abut EILD and VILD.
      [12:10] <%opheliablue> yeah I included a couple more obscure ones for the eclectic members
      [12:10] <%opheliablue> off topic, I love firefox
      [12:11] <Morten> lol why is that?
      [12:11] <%opheliablue> I can type 151 Morten in the address bar, and yuor workbook pops up
      [12:11] <Morten> Really? that is awesome.
      [12:11] <%opheliablue> so I don't have to search through the subforums
      [12:11] <Morten> Hmm, can I do that in Chrome?
      [12:11] <%opheliablue> I don't know
      [12:12] <%opheliablue> that's with google right?
      [12:12] <Morten> Do you just type "151 Morten"?
      [12:13] <%opheliablue> yeah, what happens is it pulls up my browsing history
      [12:13] <%opheliablue> and f151 is the Intro sub forum where the workbooks are
      [12:14] <Morten> Chrome just leads me to my profile.
      [12:14] <%opheliablue> oh well
      [12:14] <%opheliablue> get firefox
      [12:15] <%opheliablue> anyway, you chose an induction technique?
      [12:15] <Morten> I also have Firefox, just like Chrome better.
      [12:15] <Morten> Yep I chose MILD.
      [12:15] <%opheliablue> fair enough
      [12:15] <Morten> Right now at least. If it doesn't work I might switch.
      [12:15] <%opheliablue> oh ok, cool
      [12:15] <Morten> How long should I try a technique before moving on?
      [12:16] <%opheliablue> ordinarily I would say a few weeks or even months, but I want you to treat this calss as an expirement
      [12:16] <%opheliablue> so pick one for the duration of the class.. you don't like the progress, then switch
      [12:17] <Morten> Okay, sounds good.
      [12:17] <Morten> I also thought about trying DEILD.
      [12:17] <%opheliablue> I love DEILD
      [12:17] <%opheliablue> I switched techniques for years before settling on DEILD
      [12:18] <%opheliablue> but my schedule finally allowed for it
      [12:18] <Morten> it just works for you?
      [12:18] <%opheliablue> yeah, but my lucids are really sleep sensitive.. i need to have the right schedule
      [12:18] <%opheliablue> basically, sleep in with no interruptions, and i get that 4 times a week
      [12:19] <%opheliablue> so I WBTB at about 7 am, then I end up chaining from about 9am to 10am or so
      [12:19] <Morten> Do you work night shift since your schedule changes?
      [12:20] <Morten> Do you get up at 7am and do some stuff before going back to bed?
      [12:21] <%opheliablue> I work 3 looong day shifts, then I'm completely off 4 days
      [12:21] <%opheliablue> and yes, I get up at 7 to see my son off to school, feed dogs.. about 30 minutes of stuff
      [12:22] <Morten> Oh okay.
      [12:22] <%opheliablue> then straight back to bed. I admit, I have a luxurious advantage there
      [12:22] <Morten> lol yeah.
      [12:23] <%opheliablue> how about you? what's your work and sleep schedules
      [12:24] <Morten> I try to always go to bed about 11pm, read an hour and go to sleep 12pm. I wake up around 9am.
      [12:24] <Morten> It's very rare I have to go to work before 10am.
      [12:25] <Morten> Most days i work from 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm.
      [12:25] <%opheliablue> o hthat's good
      [12:25] <%opheliablue> good that you have a night time routine too, I had bad insomnia until I learned that trick
      [12:26] <Morten> I have to admit my sleep schedule in high school was crap!
      [12:26] <Morten> Or I didn't really have a routine.
      [12:27] <%opheliablue> oh me too... especially when I was working 5 days a week
      [12:27] <%opheliablue> I never got to sleep in, because my days off were always weekdays, and I still had to get Chris to school
      [12:27] <%opheliablue> that killed my sleep, LDs, recall, everything
      [12:28] <Morten> LD was actually what made me change my sleep routine.
      [12:28] <Morten> I thought "well if I really want to do this I have do something about my sleep"
      [12:29] <%opheliablue> that's excellent motivation
      [12:29] <Morten> I have slept like a baby ever since.
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> DOH I just saw where you said MILD in your workbook. I read the entry too fast and missed it before
      [12:30] <%opheliablue> don't want you to think I don't read those things! I'm just bad at skimming
      [12:30] <Morten> Hah its okay.
      [12:31] <%opheliablue> do you ordinarily visualize a dream scene right before sleep?
      [12:32] <Morten> No, only when in SP. I experience all these flashing colours and try to imagine a dream scene
      [12:32] <Morten> Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
      [12:33] <%opheliablue> oh ok
      [12:33] <%opheliablue> I was just asking because I visualize while I'm DEILDing
      [12:33] <%opheliablue> well, just before the first of the chain
      [12:33] <Morten> ah okay, I haven't really done DEILDing before.
      [12:34] <Morten> But it sounds like a technique worth trying.
      [12:34] <%opheliablue> it might work well for you, since you don't have to get up super early, and you visualize, and experience SP
      [12:34] <Morten> Havent experienced SP since i moved. :/
      [12:34] <%opheliablue> DEILD is really like a bunch of mini-WILDs, so sometimes I even get the vibrations
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> that's ok, DEILDs can happen so fast, that I often skip the vibrations and SP
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> or I just don't notice because it's so fast
      [12:35] <Morten> that sounds great. I have to try it out.
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> yeah, keep that in mind if you find you don't really like MILDs
      [12:35] <%opheliablue> I never liked MILDs, but it's a personal thing
      [12:36] <Morten> the first night after I read about lucid dreaming I experienced SP.
      [12:36] <Morten> I had not read about it, so i was like "WTF!".
      [12:37] <%opheliablue> haha
      [12:37] <%opheliablue> did it scare you? or was it just interesting
      [12:37] <Morten> That was some scary shit. :p
      [12:37] <%opheliablue> what happened
      [12:37] <Morten> It scared me a bit. I thouhgt it might have some thing to do with ld'ing but i didnt know what.
      [12:38] <%opheliablue> did you get a feeling that there was a presence in the room with you as well? something creepy?
      [12:39] <Morten> I just lay in bed and thought about lucid dreaming and how cool it sounded and suddenly all the vibrations and flashing colours. No presence luckily!
      [12:39] <Morten> I didn't really know what to do so I just lay there in what felt like 30-45 minutes.
      [12:41] <%opheliablue> holy crap that's a long time
      [12:42] <Morten> I know! "Is this never going to end!?"
      [12:42] <%opheliablue> haha you poor thing.. my longest ever lasted maybe a minute
      [12:43] <Morten> wow one minute?
      [12:43] <Morten> Mine always last longer.
      [12:44] <%opheliablue> I guess it's because since I know it's SP, I try to wake up from it. I try my damndest to move, and eventually I am able to wake up into a lucid dream
      [12:45] <%opheliablue> I think others slip into it more naturally, but I'm mroe of a brute force kinda gal
      [12:45] <Morten> hah okay, I always thought you should just lay still and visualize?
      [12:46] <%opheliablue> ordinarily I would say yes to that.. but after 30-45 minutes of it? shit
      [12:46] <Morten> People always say "don't fight it! embrace it!"
      [12:46] <%opheliablue> again, it's different for different people.. you get to experiment with it
      [12:46] <Morten> that happened one time. It's not like every time I experience SP i lay there for 45 minutes.
      [12:46] <Morten> :p
      [12:46] <%opheliablue> ah ok
      [12:47] <%opheliablue> because that would be incredible! I would think I really was paralyzed
      [12:47] <%opheliablue> ok brb real quick, potty break
      [12:47] <Morten> okay
      [12:51] <%opheliablue> ok back
      [12:51] <Morten>
      [12:51] <Morten> I realized something yesterday; every time i have worked there is A LOT of emotions in my dreams!
      [12:52] <Morten> Maybe twice as much as what i experience days when i dont work.
      [12:52] <%opheliablue> really?
      [12:52] <%opheliablue> is work really stressful?
      [12:52] == DundeeWave|Away has changed nick to DundeeWave|BRB
      [12:53] <Morten> it might be because I work at a Service center, where i some times reject customers and they get pissed off
      [12:53] <%opheliablue> ohhhh bless your big fat heart
      [12:54] <%opheliablue> that's rough
      [12:54] <%opheliablue> I get nasty rude rich bitches at work myself
      [12:54] <Morten> yeah some times. But I have the law on my side. Makes it a lot easier. :p
      [12:54] <%opheliablue> I haven't noticed their effects on my dreams, i'll have to pay attention
      [12:54] <%opheliablue> oh well that's good
      [12:55] <%opheliablue> I wonder if you are working out some of the emotions in your dreams
      [12:55] <%opheliablue> that's what my dad the psychiatrist always says
      [12:55] <Morten> I think I am. It makes a lot of sense.
      [12:56] <Morten> No one else joined. oh well.
      [12:57] <%opheliablue> that's ok.. I've added so many chat time, eventually everyone gets in here
      [12:57] <%opheliablue> sometimes it's hard for me to answer everyone when 3 or 4 people are firing at me
      [12:57] <Morten> haha I imagine.
      [12:58] <%opheliablue> anyway it's nice to chitchat one on one occasioanlly
      [12:58] <Morten> But you've only had one chat before this since lesson II, right?
      [12:59] <%opheliablue> yes, yesterday
      [12:59] <%opheliablue> oh which reminds me
      [12:59] <%opheliablue> I need to post times for thursday and friday
      [12:59] <%opheliablue> and there's one mroe tonight as well
      [12:59] <Morten> Okay, cant join you there. Confirmation is coming up.
      [13:00] <%opheliablue> that's cool.. chat is optional anyway
      [13:00] <%opheliablue> any last questions before we stop?
      [13:00] <Morten> yeah i know.
      [13:00] <Morten> Nope. Thanks for the chat.
      [13:00] <%opheliablue> you are so welcome!
      [13:00] <Morten> Have a good day!
      [13:00] <Morten> and bye
      [13:00] <%opheliablue> you too Morten
      [13:00] == Morten [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      @[email protected]|BRB%fOrceez|Asleep%opheliablu e
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      Today noon was a no-show, so I used the time to read through workbooks.

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      5/3 8pm Class

      Spoiler for DVA chat:
      Status #LucidDreamingX #DVX #StaffX #DVAX
      (no topic set)
      [20:05] == opheliablue|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:06] <opheliablue|Away> hey guys!
      [20:06] <opheliablue|Away> sorry, I was in a meeting with the last admin
      [20:06] <opheliablue|Away> at it went over
      [20:06] <opheliablue|Away> anyway, here syth406|Away and realdealmagic
      [20:06] <realdealmagic> S'alright xD
      [20:06] <realdealmagic> The last admin?
      [20:07] <realdealmagic> syth406, as you may guess, is away
      [20:07] <syth406|Away> Well I need to run so cya
      [20:07] == syth406|Away [[email protected]] has quit [Connection closed]
      [20:07] <realdealmagic> He's stressed ^
      [20:07] <realdealmagic> Also, it's 2am here, so this MAY be a short one.
      [20:07] <opheliablue|Away> aw damnnn
      [20:07] <opheliablue|Away> that's ok.. why is he stressed?
      [20:08] <realdealmagic> School project.
      [20:08] <realdealmagic> Anyhoo
      [20:08] <opheliablue|Away> oh yeah.. lots of that going on now
      [20:08] <realdealmagic> Recall came back last night
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> Yeah :/
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> Well, I had one off night, then I got one dream yesterday
      [20:09] <realdealmagic> I've found that waking up like 6 hours after sleep is a good time for me to go straight back to dreams when I fall back asleep.
      [20:09] <opheliablue|Away> that's great! so study leave is a good thing
      [20:10] <realdealmagic> Indeed!
      [20:10] <realdealmagic> Although, study leave DOES include exams
      [20:10] <realdealmagic> Still keep getting frustrated when I wake up and realise I didn't go lucid even though lots of weird things were happening.
      [20:11] <opheliablue|Away> what kind of weird things
      [20:12] <realdealmagic> Breaking into a house from the top through the use of a ladder and a trapdoor
      [20:12] <realdealmagic> The house being one person's house, and then suddenly my aunt's and uncle's.
      [20:12] <opheliablue|Away> this was a dream?
      [20:12] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [20:12] <realdealmagic> Last night
      [20:12] <realdealmagic> Well
      [20:12] <realdealmagic> Technically this morning
      [20:13] <opheliablue|Away> yeah mine are mostly in the morning too
      [20:13] <realdealmagic> I think, on school days, I'm going to set my alarm for 1 hour early, and then every 20 minutes
      [20:13] <opheliablue|Away> so it's frustrating when you dream ridiculous things and don't get lucid, I know it
      [20:14] <realdealmagic> That'll give me at least 2 dreams
      [20:14] <realdealmagic> Yeah, it sucks
      [20:14] <realdealmagic> I just want to have my first already
      [20:14] <realdealmagic> Been at it for almost a month now
      [20:14] <opheliablue|Away> hey how did you first hear about lucid dreaming anyway?
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> Hmm
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> I heard about it ages ago
      [20:15] == opheliablue|Away has changed nick to opheliablue
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> Was looking into "Psionix" - telekinesis, various mad shit like that
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> Psionics*
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> And found LDing
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> Looked interesting, but I never followed it
      [20:15] <realdealmagic> This was about 3 or 4 years agho
      [20:16] <realdealmagic> And last month refound it and decided I would stick to it and get lucid
      [20:16] <realdealmagic> Consistently, and in time, nightly
      [20:16] <opheliablue> ever had any false awakenings or sleep paralysis of any kind that you remember?
      [20:17] <realdealmagic> No
      [20:17] == syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:17] <opheliablue> wb syth, sorry I was late
      [20:17] <syth406> I saw lightning and I was like fuck this
      [20:17] <opheliablue> realdealmagic: I'm going to have to try a different approach with you
      [20:17] <realdealmagic> Haha :L
      [20:17] <opheliablue> just give me time.
      [20:17] <realdealmagic> What do you mean opheliablue?
      [20:18] <opheliablue> can you meet tomorrow at noon CST?
      [20:18] <opheliablue> or next monday same time
      [20:19] <opheliablue> or tuesday
      [20:19] <realdealmagic> I might be able to make tomorrow, but probably not. Next Monday I'll be able to I think
      [20:19] <realdealmagic> If not any of those, PMs always work, along with the workbook.
      [20:19] <opheliablue> what time would work best for you, I can make it earlier or later or whatever
      [20:19] <opheliablue> brb 1 minutes
      [20:20] <opheliablue> k back
      [20:20] <realdealmagic> It would need to be rather late tomorrow, maybe about 11pm where I am = 5pm where you are
      [20:21] <realdealmagic> If my timing's right
      [20:21] <opheliablue> I can do 5pm tomorrow, if your timing's right
      [20:21] <opheliablue> I'm off all day so I should be able to find you
      [20:21] <opheliablue> gives me time to do some research
      [20:21] <opheliablue> hey syth406 , what's up
      [20:21] * realdealmagic is confused, but goes with it.
      [20:21] <realdealmagic> Okay
      [20:22] <realdealmagic> Right, so it's 20 past 8 where you are. +6 hours onto that = 20 past 2.
      [20:22] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [20:22] <realdealmagic> 5pm for you
      [20:22] <opheliablue> setting my alarm now
      [20:22] <realdealmagic> What for?
      [20:23] <realdealmagic> Like, obviously the chat, but why?
      [20:23] <realdealmagic> (why the chat, not the alarm is what I'm trying to say :L)
      [20:23] <opheliablue> because I get distracted P
      [20:23] <opheliablue> oh lol
      [20:24] <opheliablue> because I have never had a square-1 student before
      [20:24] <opheliablue> I don't mean that bad
      [20:24] <realdealmagic> As in, pre 1st lucid?
      [20:24] <opheliablue> hehe yeah
      [20:25] <realdealmagic> Don't worry, I won't take offense to anything like that :L
      [20:25] <realdealmagic> Okay then
      [20:25] <opheliablue> I just, need to figure some stuff out
      [20:25] <opheliablue> I'm hoping syth406 didn't get destroyed by lightening
      [20:26] <opheliablue> anyway, I'll stay o nthis channel until 9, but I understand if you need to sleep now
      [20:26] <opheliablue> on*
      [20:26] <realdealmagic> Yeah, I think Imma go
      [20:26] <realdealmagic> Tired as hell. Was at a show tonight as well xD
      [20:27] <opheliablue> see yo utomorrow then
      [20:27] <opheliablue> you*
      [20:27] <realdealmagic> Yup
      [20:27] <opheliablue> christ.
      [20:27] <realdealmagic> Bu-bye
      [20:27] <opheliablue> sweet dreams
      [20:27] <opheliablue> !brb 5 min
      [20:27] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [20:27] <realdealmagic> !asleep
      [20:27] == realdealmagic has changed nick to realdealmagic|Asleep
      [20:34] <opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [20:34] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      [20:35] <opheliablue> you still here syth406 ?
      [20:44] == realdealmagic|Asleep [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [20:46] <opheliablue> I'll stay until 9pm if you want to chat syth406
      [21:10] <opheliablue> boop.
      @[email protected]|Away%fOrwhopz|AsleepiBotopheli abluesyth406
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      An impromptu class with realdeal

      Spoiler for DVA Chat 5/4 2:30pm:
      DVA Chat 5/4 2:30pm

      Status #LucidDreamingX #DVX #StaffX #DVAX
      (no topic set)
      [14:24] == opheliablue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [14:24] <opheliablue> !brb 5 min
      [14:24] == mode/#DVA [+o opheliablue] by DreamBot
      [14:24] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [14:31] <@opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [14:31] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      [14:34] == realdealmagic [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [14:34] <realdealmagic> Screw it. We won't be going until it's getting dark, so we have at least 20 minutes
      [14:34] <realdealmagic> If not more
      [14:34] <@opheliablue> ok perfect
      [14:34] * realdealmagic shoves on some music.
      [14:34] <@opheliablue> so I was curious about what you said in your workbook
      [14:35] <realdealmagic> About the stuff this morning?
      [14:35] <@opheliablue> yeah, I didn't understand it. you said forceez thought it was HI?
      [14:35] <@opheliablue> elaborate
      [14:35] <realdealmagic> This morning I was lying in bed
      [14:35] <realdealmagic> I can't quite remember if I was awake or asleep
      [14:35] <realdealmagic> Or whether I was trying to get back to sleep, or just waking up
      [14:36] <realdealmagic> I think I was going back to sleep after being woken up
      [14:36] <realdealmagic> Anywayt
      [14:36] <realdealmagic> I started to find myself in a "dream", or just some scene I was imagining, I'm not sure what it was.
      [14:36] <realdealmagic> When I noticed, I also noticed my own body, my eyes were closed, but I wasn't asleep at all I think.
      [14:37] <realdealmagic> So in my "dream" I started to crawl to try and feel things, make it more stable, but I ended up waking up
      [14:37] <realdealmagic> It was odd.
      [14:37] <@opheliablue> oh wow
      [14:37] <@opheliablue> did the crawling and stuff feel like you were actually doing it, or just imagining it in your head
      [14:37] <@opheliablue> or kinda both
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> I'm really not sure
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> I'd say both
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> I was myself, usually when imagining things I have a hard time staying out of 3rd person
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> But this was first person
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> So it kinda felt like I was there
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> yet I was also aware of my eyes
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> Like, in real life
      [14:38] <realdealmagic> The feeling.. It was a carpet I tried to feel. It felt like carpet :L Like I would expect it to feel, but I could've been imagining that too
      [14:39] <realdealmagic> I wish I could reveal more about it, but that's all I know
      [14:39] <@opheliablue> no that's good
      [14:39] <@opheliablue> I'll tell you, alot of my lucid dreams start out that way, fading in and out of dreams as I'm waking up in the morning for good
      [14:39] <realdealmagic> Any idea?
      [14:40] <@opheliablue> you probably would have been able to do more, but you sound like you were at the end of your REM cycle
      [14:40] <@opheliablue> which is why you woke up completely from it
      [14:40] <realdealmagic> So do you think it was a dream then?
      [14:40] <@opheliablue> if it's anything like what happens to me sometimes, it was definitely a lucid dream, you just weren't able to stabilize it because you were too close to waking up for the day
      [14:41] <realdealmagic> Oh yay
      [14:41] <@opheliablue> so hard to tell for sure, but for SURE I want you to remember how that felt
      [14:41] <realdealmagic> Got a big smile on my face now
      [14:41] <@opheliablue> it will help you lock into it more strongly the next time it happens
      [14:41] <@opheliablue> me too!
      [14:42] <@opheliablue> remember every single detail about it, and how it felt, the carpet, the crawling, everything
      [14:42] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [14:42] <realdealmagic> It was a kinda "Oh shit, what do I do..."
      [14:42] <realdealmagic> Cos I could feel my awareness slipping to my own body
      [14:42] <realdealmagic> Remember that crawling was apparently good :L
      [14:42] <@opheliablue> haha I do that too.. what do I do
      [14:42] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [14:43] <realdealmagic> YAY
      [14:43] <realdealmagic> Slightly overjoyed, sorry :$
      [14:43] <@opheliablue> that's why some members have lists they memorize.. I just try to default to the task of the month
      [14:43] <@opheliablue> I am too, I want to be a good teacher, or some good influence at least
      [14:44] <realdealmagic> Well, y'are!
      [14:44] <realdealmagic> Seriously, you've been a massive help so far n_n
      [14:44] <realdealmagic> What was the "different approach" you were going on about yesterday?
      [14:44] <@opheliablue> thanks for sticking with it.. this is always the hardest part: not giving up if it doesn't happen immediately
      [14:45] <@opheliablue> well I have a friend on DV who's starting an autosuggestion thread*
      [14:45] <realdealmagic> I'm too motivated with all the possibilities to give up. What's a bit of work for a life of awesome?
      [14:45] <@opheliablue> agreed!
      [14:45] <@opheliablue> anyway, if the thread took off, I was considering working it into DVA somehow, and I was going to experiment on you
      [14:46] <realdealmagic> Ooh.
      [14:46] * realdealmagic is happy being a guinea pig.
      [14:46] <@opheliablue> haha
      [14:46] <@opheliablue> I was going to join in on it as well, since she and I both have had dramatic increases in lucid dreams when we spend alot of time on DV talking about LDs
      [14:47] <@opheliablue> I will let you know when it's posted
      [14:48] <realdealmagic> Okay
      [14:48] <realdealmagic> What's it about? Like, do you know any details yet?
      [14:49] <@opheliablue> I know it's going to be in Attaining Lucidity
      [14:49] <@opheliablue> and that's about it!
      [14:49] <@opheliablue> but the philosophy behindit, is the more you keep the topic of lucid dreaming in the forefront of your mind, the more likely you are to have an LD
      [14:51] <realdealmagic> Sounds logical...
      [14:51] <realdealmagic> that's what I thought was the principle anyway
      [14:52] <@opheliablue> it helps some people more than others, you know, because everyone is different. Members often complain of "dry spells" when they don't come to DV for a while
      [14:52] <@opheliablue> others have them no problem regardless
      [14:52] <@opheliablue> the autosuggestion thread will be more for those of us who really need that extra boost of daily awareness and reality checks etc
      [14:53] <@opheliablue> myself included, I'm not really a natural. I had LDs before I came to DV, but nothing like what I can do now, and it goes away if I'm not on DV all the time
      [14:56] <realdealmagic> But I'm motivated enough to get amazing.
      [14:56] <realdealmagic> I WILL get amazing :3
      [14:56] <@opheliablue> I believe you will
      [14:56] <@opheliablue> ughhh, DV is being a poop for me right now
      [14:57] <realdealmagic> How so?
      [14:57] <@opheliablue> so I'll post the chat log as soon as I can, with yuor permission
      [14:57] <realdealmagic> Of course!
      [14:57] <@opheliablue> it might be my internet, sometimes ONLY irc works
      [14:57] <realdealmagic> I can post it if you like?
      [14:58] <@opheliablue> I think it's a locked thread
      [14:58] <@opheliablue> I'll save it on my desktop for now
      [14:58] <realdealmagic> Okay xD
      [14:59] <realdealmagic> Impromptu one on one classes ftw.
      [15:00] <realdealmagic> Also, fOrceez said to say hi...
      [15:00] <realdealmagic> :L
      [15:00] <@opheliablue> yeah we're on opposite ends of the world
      [15:00] <@opheliablue> I say HI back
      [15:00] <@opheliablue> well i have to go get my son from school. I have a long work weekend, but I'll post more chat times for monday and tuesday
      [15:00] <realdealmagic> Okay
      [15:00] <realdealmagic> Bu-bye!
      [15:00] <realdealmagic> And thanks! :
      [15:00] <realdealmagic> *
      [15:01] <@opheliablue> anytime, and well done!
      @[email protected]@ShadyWave%fOrwhopz|Asleep%iB otrealdealmagic

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      5/8 8pm CST Class

      Spoiler for chat log 5/8:
      Status #LucidDreamingX #DVX #StaffX #DVAX
      [Dance classes! I mean.. Learn about Lucid Dreaming here!]
      [20:14] == opheliablue|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:14] <mydera> This is a great community!
      [20:14] <opheliablue|Away> I don't believe it, students!!!!
      [20:14] <mydera> Hey Ophelia!
      [20:15] <opheliablue|Away> sorry I'm late
      [20:15] <opheliablue|Away> !back
      [20:15] == opheliablue|Away has changed nick to opheliablue
      [20:15] <opheliablue> my cable dude just left, hopefully* my internet is now working
      [20:15] <RareCola> Hey
      [20:15] <syth406> Mm
      [20:15] <opheliablue> hi mydera RareCola and syth406
      [20:16] <RareCola> Did you get your internet upgraded then?
      [20:16] <opheliablue> nah, I have to call a 1 800 number for that.. at least for now, my internet is working at a bare minimum
      [20:17] <opheliablue> so how's everybody doing? Mydera, my my, crazy good recall
      [20:18] <opheliablue> syth406: btw thanks for pinging me, I had almost forgotten i nall the mayhem
      [20:18] <RareCola> I'm good, it's late here. Snackin' on a banana and some apple juice before bed.
      [20:18] <syth406> Well, I kind of left the internet for like 4 days cuz of school and my summer job which I just decided to start now on the weekends since I only have like 20 days left
      [20:18] <syth406> No problem
      [20:19] <syth406> I just like having an excuse to use caps
      [20:19] <opheliablue> haha
      [20:19] <opheliablue> you know, just prior to my LD last night, all my !'s and ('s were switched
      [20:19] <mydera> Thanks, all good here. I'm looking into getting an alarm to wake me up and switching to DEILD instead of WILD until figure out the perfect balance of awareness
      [20:19] <opheliablue> that's what tipped me off
      [20:20] <mydera> Trying to find an alarm for droid that'll last a couple seconds and turn it's self off
      [20:20] <RareCola> I just done similar, mydera. Found a nice auto-dismissing alarm clock on the android app store so I don't have to move to turn it off.
      [20:20] <opheliablue> awesome Mydera.. one of the reason I love DEILD's sp much, they kinda force you to get enough sleep to properly LD
      [20:20] <opheliablue> very cool RareCola
      [20:20] <RareCola> Ah, you have a droid too? Then I recommend this app, alarm clock plus.
      [20:21] <mydera> Awesome, I just downloaded that a few seconds ago, lol
      [20:21] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:21] <mydera> It works then I guess?
      [20:21] <mydera> I'm waiting for it to install
      [20:22] <RareCola> Yea, can have it auto-dismiss after your selected time period.
      [20:22] <RareCola> lots of other neat features too
      [20:22] <syth406> I should get a lucid dreaming app
      [20:23] <RareCola> I'm just trying to figure out the best time for me to set my alarm now. I either seem to set it too early and I'm tired as hell or too late and then unable to get back to sleep.
      [20:23] <opheliablue> RareCola: are you setting it everyday? or just on your days off?
      [20:24] <syth406> 4.5 hours of sleep is usually pretty good for DEILD
      [20:24] <RareCola> I haven't used an alarm the last few days, been trying out mantras instead which have been waking me up after about 5 hours sleep, but no luck with lucidity there.
      [20:25] <opheliablue> syth406: I personally need 7. I'm starting to hypothesize that it's based on age/metabolism
      [20:25] <RareCola> I'm a freelance graphic designer though so I'm fortunate to never have to wake up by a specific time
      [20:25] <opheliablue> very nice
      [20:26] <syth406> I've been considering doing that as a side job in college, I'm pretty decent in photoshop, but I don't have a lot of time to practice...
      [20:26] <opheliablue> can you pick 2 or 3 days to experiment with a sleep schedule? For lucid's sake
      [20:26] <syth406> And opheliablue you have a point, I don't usually deild, I just found that number on the internet, I'd probably need at least 7 hours as well.
      [20:27] <RareCola> Could do, I tend to find it pretty difficult to change my schedule though, usually takes a few days to change it up
      [20:27] <syth406> But I don't really kno
      [20:27] <syth406> G2g might be back soon cya
      [20:27] == syth406 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia http://www.kvirc.net/]
      [20:27] <mydera> Bye
      [20:28] <RareCola> Haha that was a sudden goodbye
      [20:28] <opheliablue> I admit I have the luxury of having 4 days off per week
      [20:28] <opheliablue> yeah that's syth for ya
      [20:28] <opheliablue> I'm just glad he alerted me
      [20:28] <mydera> lol
      [20:29] <RareCola> What did you have in mind for sleep schedule experimentation then?
      [20:29] <mydera> Hey ophelia, I have a question about DEILDing with kids, lol. My kids wake me up at least once or twice a night, if I just keep my eyes closed and tell them to go back to sleep, can I technically deild?
      [20:29] <mydera> Or is talking too stimulating for that?
      [20:29] <mydera> B/c most of the things I've read say to stay still, don't move, and keep your eyes closed
      [20:30] <mydera> but that's not always an option
      [20:30] <opheliablue> RareCola: try to set your alarm for at least 6 hours, stay up a bit for a WBTB, then go back to sleep for at least 2 more hours
      [20:31] <opheliablue> mydera: how old are your kids, just curious
      [20:32] <mydera> 2 1/2 and 5
      [20:32] <RareCola> How long do you personally stay up for WBTBs? You seem to have pretty similar experiences as me so I might copy. I've been doing about 20-30 minutes but thinking of shortening.
      [20:32] <mydera> old enough to wake up and ask if it's time to get up yet when it's still dark outside, lol
      [20:32] <RareCola> Haha, gotta love kids
      [20:33] <mydera> but usually I can just tell them no, go back to sleep, and they do, lol
      [20:33] <opheliablue> what time do they usually do that, at the earliest?
      [20:33] <RareCola> Reminds me of weekends in my house. Everyone wakes up at ridiculous times because of work and such, have terrible issues with dream recall and lucid attempts.
      [20:33] <mydera> my daughter gets up almost like clockwork at 3:30 am, lol
      [20:34] <mydera> and usually we go to sleep around 11 or midnight, so I've had only a few hours sleep, but that's when my longer dreams start, so I think that's when REM is begining
      [20:34] <opheliablue> your daughter is 21/2 or 5?
      [20:34] <opheliablue> 2 1/2*
      [20:35] <mydera> 2 1/2
      [20:35] <opheliablue> so odd that she wakes up at 3:30
      [20:35] <opheliablue> I wonder why that is
      [20:35] <mydera> lol, yeah, but she goes right back to sleep, it's like she's just checking to make sure everyones there, then passes back out
      [20:37] <RareCola> how funny
      [20:37] <opheliablue> awwwww
      [20:37] <RareCola> never heard of such a young kid having an internal clock so set like that
      [20:37] <RareCola> usually it's pretty scattered
      [20:37] <opheliablue> doesw she sleep alone now, but not not before?
      [20:38] <opheliablue> I'm just asking all these questions because I'm trying to see if it's a passing thing or not
      [20:39] <mydera> Sort of both, the kids beds are in the same room as ours... she started sleeping in her own bed about a year ago
      [20:39] <mydera> But she just sits up, and calls out to us, asking if it's morning, then we tell her shhh, it's still dark, go back to bed baby, and she goes right back to sleep
      [20:40] <opheliablue> awwww, that's kinda cute
      [20:40] <opheliablue> bad for sleep, but cute
      [20:40] <mydera> I usually roll over and go back to sleep, but I think that'd be a great time for me to try and remember not to move and try to deild
      [20:41] <opheliablue> true
      [20:41] <opheliablue> my personal belief is that yuo need at least 5 or 6 hours before a DEILD
      [20:41] <RareCola> I feel like I'd have such trouble not moving. I'm usually so scattered right when I wake up
      [20:42] <opheliablue> what time do yuo generally wake up RareCola
      [20:43] <opheliablue> mydera: also, what time do you have FA's when you have them?
      [20:43] <RareCola> Well, with my messed up sleep schedule, I pretty regularly go to sleep about 4:00 - 4:30am and since mantra'ing waking up about 9:30
      [20:43] <mydera> Usually I have my FA around 9:30
      [20:43] <mydera> lol, jinx
      [20:43] <opheliablue> haha
      [20:44] <RareCola>
      [20:45] <RareCola> Thinking about giving Oreoboy's techniques a try, the dream incubation / daydream awareness
      [20:45] <opheliablue> mydera: well ok, that's a good time for a DEILD then. Most of them occur when you would FA, or wake up normally.
      [20:45] <opheliablue> Oreoboy is a ridiculously great lucid dreamer.. I love his DDA technique
      [20:46] <RareCola> Yea he's been helping me out a lot in #LucidDreaming
      [20:46] <mydera> ok, then I'll try to set my alarm for 9:30 I usually wake up around 10-11 with the kids, so that'll give me 30 minutes in dream
      [20:46] == syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:46] <syth406> I have returned!
      [20:47] <opheliablue> mydera: you're situation will only get bette, when the kids learn to sleep in. I know when Chris was a baby, my only LDs occured during afternoon naps, if that helps.
      [20:47] <opheliablue> better*
      [20:47] <opheliablue> wb syth406 !
      [20:47] <opheliablue> you're starting to behave like a stealthy moderator >>
      [20:47] <opheliablue> <<
      [20:47] <syth406> Thx
      [20:47] <RareCola> I wanted to murder my friend this morning. I had just done my WBTB and was getting all relaxed, felt myself slipping into a dream and then my friend decided to call me. Just downloaded an automatic silent-mode app to stop that happening again, lmao
      [20:48] <syth406> Who?
      [20:48] <opheliablue> syth406: I meant because you keep popping in and out of chat so fast
      [20:49] <syth406> Oh well maybe I'm an undercover moderator!
      [20:49] <opheliablue> RareCola: that sucks. My dogs do the same sometimes. But you know, on some occasions, the random waking up helps me DEILD.
      [20:50] <opheliablue> OH look at that, the RWBTB technique
      [20:50] <syth406> Actually that's stupid because they can just read the chat logs but whatever
      [20:50] <opheliablue> might work for Mydera
      [20:50] <mydera> lol, I think animals are why I wake up so much during the morning too, ophelia
      [20:50] <opheliablue> yeah, evil peacocks
      [20:51] <RareCola> I never seem to be able to get to sleep after being shocked awake so late into my sleep schedule, though
      [20:51] <RareCola> Just lay there getting frustrated
      [20:51] <syth406> Haha it would be cool if you could train your dog to be a deild alarm
      [20:51] <opheliablue> you need something soothing, and calming
      [20:51] <opheliablue> syth406: I think my entire family is a DEILD alarm
      [20:52] <syth406> Haha
      [20:52] <RareCola> I'm amazed you ever sleep with young kids and pets, let alone lucid dream
      [20:52] <opheliablue> RareCola: what about something to lull you back to sleep, when there's frustrating noises waking you up?
      [20:53] <RareCola> Suggestions?
      [20:53] <opheliablue> Either something to eat, drink, listen too, think about
      [20:53] <syth406> Well, being used to sleep interruption can be an advantage
      [20:53] <opheliablue> ^^ go on
      [20:54] <RareCola> I find reading can help me get to sleep, but I'm currently reading a book with ridiculously long 40 minute chapters, not so sure if it's a good idea to stay awake that long
      [20:54] <syth406> Makes you a light sleeper, which is supposed to be a very good lucid dreamer quality
      [20:54] <opheliablue> (by the way I'm going 15 minutes after since I started 15 minutes late)
      [20:54] <syth406> K
      [20:55] <opheliablue> not bad syth, sadly I'm a very light sleeper. Makes work sucky, but makes my days off a lucid paradise.
      [20:55] <mydera> being awoken constantly give you more chances with DEILD and WILDing too
      [20:55] <opheliablue> RareCola: what time would you be reading these chapters?
      [20:55] <opheliablue> mydera: true true
      [20:56] <RareCola> I usually read before I go to sleep at night, but would it be wise to read during WBTB?
      [20:56] <syth406> Reading very visually descriptive books seems to help me get ready for my remz
      [20:57] <syth406> Rbtb?
      [20:57] <opheliablue> RareCola: perhaps.. when/if you have a friend call you and wake you up
      [20:57] <opheliablue> hah rbtb.. I like it
      [20:57] <syth406> Hmm... Me like
      [20:57] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:57] <mydera> lol
      [20:58] <opheliablue> I'm just trying to get you guys to think about when you wake up, or get woken up when you don't want to, how to turn that into a lucid dream opportunity
      [20:58] <RareCola> I have so many techniques I want to try out. Think I just need to stick to one
      [20:58] <syth406> You could switch off with a LD buddy, you call one day, just let it ring for like 9 seconds then hang up, and your friend does the same to you the next night
      [20:59] <opheliablue> oh wait, is that Random Back to Bed, or Reading Back to Bed
      [20:59] <syth406> Reading back to bed
      [20:59] <opheliablue> ok
      [20:59] <RareCola> I'd assume random would be the same as WBTB
      [21:00] <opheliablue> at any rate, synching yourself with your natural sleep rhythms can help you find the optimal time to try for lucid attainment
      [21:00] <opheliablue> I assumed random* back to bed from the friend calling thing
      [21:01] <RareCola> Yea, I guess it's just trial and error, patience and practice kind of thing.
      [21:01] <syth406> Mm
      [21:01] <opheliablue> it's difficult because our lives and schedules change so much, but you need to find out what works FOR YOU. And yes, practice, trial and error.
      [21:01] <opheliablue> And even getting your family to cooperate
      [21:01] <opheliablue> not always an easy task
      [21:02] <RareCola> Luckily most of the week I have a pretty quiet sleeping environment. Weekend is hell though
      [21:02] <opheliablue> me too! I work 10 - 14 hour shifts oon sat and sun.. so I just scrap LDs then. Just a good old fashioned night's sleep if possible.
      [21:03] <opheliablue> I save my LDs for when I have control over my life. No work, no kids, no nothin
      [21:03] <RareCola> Haha, we have a lot of similarities
      [21:03] <syth406> If theres bothersome noises I drown it out with binaurals
      [21:03] <opheliablue> I have a box fan set on 3 that creates enough white noise to drown out everything
      [21:04] <opheliablue> if need be
      [21:04] <opheliablue> hey, do you guys read any other dream journals?
      [21:04] <RareCola> I haven't been, no
      [21:04] <opheliablue> other members' dream journals that is?
      [21:04] <mydera> White noise, I never thought of that... I bet it'd drown out animals too
      [21:04] <syth406> Yeah, I do that a lot now I think I read yours
      [21:05] <RareCola> Yea it's a good idea, might bust out my desk fan.
      [21:05] <mydera> I do, I read the people on my friends lists, and what ever dream journals are on the list at the side of the forum when I log in
      [21:05] <opheliablue> mydera: white noise is a mother's dream.
      [21:06] <opheliablue> anyway, some great journals to raed are Oreoboy's of course
      [21:06] <syth406> O just read it off rss feed, because that way I can print just the text(don't like reading things on a computer screen a lot)
      [21:07] <RareCola> I need to get going anyway, thanks for all your help opheliablue, really appreciate it! With any luck I'll have my second lucid dream to share on my workbook.
      [21:07] <opheliablue> and Hyu's
      [21:07] <mydera> Bye cola!
      [21:07] <opheliablue> ok see you RareCola
      [21:07] <opheliablue> thanks for joining!!
      [21:07] <syth406> My dreams are slowly starting to get the vividness they used to
      [21:07] <RareCola> When's this happening next? Thursday?
      [21:07] <syth406> Baiiii
      [21:07] <opheliablue> yes, thursday 12 and 8
      [21:08] <opheliablue> friday 12 and 8
      [21:08] <mydera> I've read Hyu's before, b/c of a thread about special DCs
      [21:08] <RareCola> Alright, should hopefully be here again. Cya then
      [21:08] <opheliablue> ok 2 minute potty break
      [21:08] == RareCola [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Goodnight]
      [21:08] <opheliablue> !brb 2 minutes
      [21:08] == opheliablue has changed nick to opheliablue|BRB
      [21:09] <syth406> I should Get to sleep too, actually so bye guys
      [21:09] == syth406 [[email protected]] has quit [Connection closed]
      [21:10] <mydera> Bye!
      [21:11] <mydera> With only five minutes left anyways, I'm going to head out as well. Thanks for the class Ophelia!
      [21:11] <opheliablue|BRB> !back
      [21:11] == mydera [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [21:11] == opheliablue|BRB has changed nick to opheliablue
      @[email protected]%fOrwhopz|AwayiBotopheliablue
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      [11:42] == opheliablue^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:42] <opheliablue^> hey mydera and RareCola
      [11:43] <opheliablue^> I'm gonna post in my journal then I'll be back
      [11:43] <RareCola> <3
      [11:44] <RareCola> Did you have a good dream last night then?
      [11:44] <RareCola> I need to get to reading journals, may give me ideas for when I actually become lucid
      [11:46] == Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:46] <RareCola> <3
      [11:48] <Lunatide> Ohai
      [11:48] <Lunatide>
      [11:48] <RareCola> ophelia's writing her journal before we start
      [11:48] <Lunatide> Are there any rules about this class?
      [11:49] <Lunatide> Eg no spam ect?
      [11:49] <RareCola> Think just the normal chat rules apply
      [11:49] <Lunatide> Okay
      [11:49] <Lunatide> Have you ever had a class on here RareCola ?
      [11:50] <RareCola> Came to the one on Tuesday
      [11:50] <RareCola> D: Extra credit this week is to have a lucid dream, only got a few more days to have one!
      [11:51] <Lunatide> You'll get there!
      [11:53] <Lunatide> The thing I need to work on is being able to write my DJ
      [11:53] <mydera> Hey everyone! Sorry, I was trying to finish up my dream journal before class starts too!
      [11:53] == paigeyemps [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:53] <Lunatide> paigeyemps has returned to us
      [11:53] <paigeyemps> hello
      [11:53] <RareCola> So much for sleeping paige
      [11:53] <paigeyemps> ikr right
      [11:53] <Lunatide> Yeah Rose...
      [11:53] <Lunatide> God >
      [11:54] <RareCola> right right?
      [11:54] <paigeyemps> when i lie down, i have this feeling where i know if i wont be able to sleep for a while
      [11:54] <paigeyemps> lol
      [11:54] <paigeyemps> plus my mom brought midnight snacks
      [11:54] <RareCola> Haha
      [11:54] <paigeyemps> so
      [11:54] <paigeyemps>
      [11:54] <Lunatide> In the UK it's MUM
      [11:54] <RareCola> I'm jelly
      [11:54] <paigeyemps> is the chat ongoing?
      [11:54] <Lunatide> Right cola?
      [11:55] <RareCola> Yea, ophelia is just writing her journal
      [11:55] <paigeyemps> oh okay
      [11:56] <paigeyemps> ping me when she's back?
      [11:56] <RareCola> Will do
      [11:56] <paigeyemps> thank you very much :3
      [11:56] <Lunatide> What's ping?
      [11:56] <paigeyemps> Lunatide
      [11:56] <RareCola> ^
      [11:56] <paigeyemps> that ^
      [11:56] <Lunatide> ...
      [11:57] <paigeyemps> that pinging sound when your name is mentioned
      [11:57] <paigeyemps>
      [11:57] <Lunatide> I guess your name is meant to come up red?
      [11:57] <paigeyemps> brb food
      [11:57] <Lunatide> It has before
      [11:57] <paigeyemps> yep
      [11:57] <Lunatide> but not this time
      [11:57] <Lunatide> Still blck
      [11:57] <Lunatide> ack*
      [11:57] <RareCola> You're on the webchat though, right?
      [11:57] <Lunatide> Yeah
      [11:57] <RareCola> Yea not as great with pinging
      [11:57] <Lunatide> Okay
      [11:59] <Lunatide> 1 more minute, opheliablue^ should be done soon
      [11:59] <opheliablue^> ok done for now, will fill in details later
      [11:59] <Lunatide> Boom
      [11:59] <Lunatide> Speak of the devil.
      [11:59] <Lunatide> XD
      [11:59] <mydera> Awesome, Luna's psychic
      [11:59] <opheliablue^> I had some EPIC lucids this morning, so fun
      [11:59] <opheliablue^> how are you guys doing?
      [11:59] <RareCola> paigeyemps, pingpingping.
      [11:59] <Lunatide> ^
      [11:59] <mydera> or maybe we're in Luna's dream and she's sontrolling the chat
      [11:59] <RareCola> I'm good, still lacking lucidity
      [12:00] <mydera> *controlling, sorry
      [12:00] <opheliablue^> I haven't read the workbooks yet, the site was weird yesterday and I slept late today
      [12:00] <Lunatide> That's about right mydera
      [12:00] <paigeyemps> thanks
      [12:00] <Lunatide> opheliablue^: I couldn't connect to the site
      [12:00] <paigeyemps> hmm
      [12:00] <RareCola> I seem to be having a lot of success with apple juice, maybe just a placebo but it seems to have cured the issue I was having where I couldn't remember dreams from before my WBTB
      [12:01] <paigeyemps> yea DV was down about 21 hours ago
      [12:01] <opheliablue^> RareCola: so you feel overall your recall is improving then?
      [12:01] <paigeyemps> bananas and apple juice really work for me as well
      [12:01] <opheliablue^> yeah it was down, now the server clock is off
      [12:01] <Lunatide> I owned last week with recall
      [12:01] <RareCola> Definitely, it's gone up from 1 dream per night to usually 2 or 3 now. Today's dreams weren't as long though, kind of patchy.
      [12:01] <opheliablue^> the tech admins are working on it
      [12:01] <Lunatide> Maybe the week before I fergot
      [12:02] <opheliablue^> yeah I've noticed alot of improved recall overall
      [12:02] <opheliablue^> so what's your chosen technique again Rarecola?
      [12:02] <Lunatide> So what do bananas and apple juice have in them?
      [12:02] <RareCola> At the moment I'm sticking to WBTB+MILD
      [12:02] <paigeyemps> b6?
      [12:03] <Lunatide> b6 I think, yeah
      [12:03] <RareCola> I really want to WILD because sleep paralysis / hallucinations and all that sounds fascinating to me, but I'm too impatient I think
      [12:03] <opheliablue^> yeah b6
      [12:03] <Lunatide> I want to WILD too
      [12:04] <opheliablue^> I'm currently worshipping the 5-htp I've been taking
      [12:04] <Lunatide> Pretty much the same reason as cola
      [12:04] <mydera> the hallucinations are frustrating me, lol
      [12:04] <paigeyemps> i've read that sometimes you might be in SP and not know it
      [12:04] <opheliablue^> yeah I have to be honest, WILD is one of the most advanced, and most difficult
      [12:04] <opheliablue^> I don't even WILD that often
      [12:04] <paigeyemps> i dont think i will be focusing on WILD any time soon
      [12:05] <paigeyemps> i was thinking of familiarizing wbtb+mild first
      [12:05] <opheliablue^> what time to you wake up in your WBTB RareCola ?
      [12:05] <Lunatide> What do you use opheliablue^ ?
      [12:05] <paigeyemps> so when i try the other ones, and fail, i have something to go back to..or something
      [12:05] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: DEILD.. it falls naturally with my normal rhythm, therefore most successful
      [12:05] <Lunatide> Me and opheliablue^ are soul bound. I seem to ask a question when she does
      [12:06] <Lunatide> I also summoned her
      [12:06] <Lunatide> xD
      [12:06] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:06] <opheliablue^>
      [12:06] <RareCola> Today I tried 4hrs30m after I initially went to sleep, but I think I had my auto-dismissing alarm dismissing too soon because I didn't end up waking up until 5hrs.
      [12:06] <Lunatide> 5hrs sounds the best for WBTB
      [12:06] <opheliablue^> like I tell everyone, you probably need mroe sleep before the alarm.. if it's set too soon, you just crash immediately back to sleep
      [12:07] <opheliablue^> or just need to practice it moe to get used to it
      [12:07] <opheliablue^> I set mine for 6 or 7 hours
      [12:07] <mydera> Cola, are you still using alarm clock plus? I can't figure out how to set the time for it to auto dismiss, lol
      [12:07] <Lunatide> You have trouble speed typing more don't you opheliablue^ xD
      [12:07] <mydera> DId you download the free version with ads or the pay version without them? I wondered if the free one I downloaded might not have all the features
      [12:07] <RareCola> I'll try setting it later again tonight then
      [12:07] <opheliablue^> I do on the netbook, the keys are too tiny and i have long alien fingers
      [12:07] <RareCola> I have the free one, mydera
      [12:07] <opheliablue^> correcting typos xconstantly
      [12:07] <opheliablue^> see
      [12:07] <RareCola> Sec I'll tell you where to go
      [12:08] <Lunatide> I see
      [12:08] <mydera> Thanks, no need to tell me and waste your class time! You can just message me later if that's cool
      [12:08] <Lunatide> Speaking of classes. When does the acual class start?
      [12:09] <opheliablue^> actual class? meaning
      [12:09] <Lunatide> I have no Idea
      [12:09] <Lunatide> xD
      [12:09] <paigeyemps> hahaha
      [12:09] <opheliablue^> you're in it now!
      [12:09] <opheliablue^> no escape
      [12:09] <RareCola> I queryed you on here, mydera
      [12:09] <paigeyemps> so i noticed something
      [12:09] <mydera> Thanks cola!
      [12:10] <opheliablue^> what
      [12:10] <Lunatide> What happens in this class?
      [12:10] <Lunatide> Is what I meant
      [12:10] <Lunatide> In another way
      [12:10] <paigeyemps> i dont know if my recall is declining or what, but i seem to remember less dreams, but the ones i do remember are way longer than before
      [12:10] <RareCola> Basically you bring up any questions you have and ophelia is your personal guide~
      [12:10] <Lunatide> Oh I see
      [12:11] <opheliablue^> paigeyemps: I would consider recall more about quality than quantity. So I don't think your recall is getting worse at all.
      [12:11] <paigeyemps>
      [12:11] <opheliablue^> yes, what RareCola said
      [12:11] <Lunatide> oKAY
      [12:11] <Lunatide> okay*
      [12:11] <Lunatide> I joined DV on monday
      [12:11] <opheliablue^> after all, when you get lucid, it's better to have long fulfilling ones, than short crappy ones
      [12:11] <paigeyemps> opheliablue^: do you fall asleep quickly?
      [12:11] <mydera> Yeah Paige, your probably spending the same amount of time in dreams, but because they're longer your having less
      [12:11] <Lunatide> I had a short crappy one as my first xD
      [12:12] <opheliablue^> paigeyemps: in between DEILDs, yes
      [12:12] <mydera> like 1 dream being the length of two
      [12:12] <opheliablue^> not always right after a WBTB though, the first time I mean
      [12:12] <paigeyemps> lately, i've been having trouble sleeping. any tips?
      [12:12] <paigeyemps> though before, i can sleep and drift off easily
      [12:12] <RareCola> I should try out DEILDs, do you use a mantra to not move when you wake up, ophelia?
      [12:12] <Lunatide> Set a good zone to sleep in
      [12:12] <opheliablue^> at night when yhou first fall asleep? or later yuo wake up and can't get back to sleep, or both?
      [12:13] <opheliablue^> RareCola: no mantra, but I do incubate dreams occasionally
      [12:13] <paigeyemps> the former
      [12:13] <paigeyemps> when i WBTB, i have no trouble going back to sleep
      [12:13] <Lunatide> Oh yeah, what is mantra again? Is it saying stuff to yourself while trying to sleep?
      [12:13] <RareCola> I think I'd just forget to not move. And what about forgetting your dream, I feel like I would if I didn't journal it until after the DEILD
      [12:13] <RareCola> Yes, Lunatide
      [12:14] <opheliablue^> paigeyemps: I tell people to start a routine before bed. Reading, glass of milk, hot bath. Whatever calms you down. No large meals just before bed. Make your whole room uncluttered
      [12:14] <paigeyemps> D:
      [12:14] <Lunatide> "100 I'm dreaming, 99 I'm dreaming"
      [12:14] <Lunatide> ect...?
      [12:14] <paigeyemps> the last two ones.
      [12:14] <paigeyemps> hahah XD
      [12:14] <opheliablue^> RareCola: one disadvantage of DEILDs is that you tend to lose some details of the earler ones
      [12:14] <paigeyemps> but yes i will do that
      [12:14] <RareCola> It can be anything you want, Lunatide. For example if you wanted to recall more dreams you could use "I recall my dreams"
      [12:15] <opheliablue^> I made our bedroom look like a hotel room lol
      [12:15] <Lunatide> Okay RareCola thanks
      [12:15] <paigeyemps> nice :3
      [12:15] <opheliablue^> and I'll bring a glass of wine and vase of flowers to bed, and pretend it's from the concierge
      [12:15] <Lunatide> Our bedroom? opheliablue^ , I...
      [12:15] <paigeyemps> my bedroom is like hell..with fluorescent lighting
      [12:15] <Lunatide>
      [12:15] <paigeyemps> lol luna
      [12:15] <mydera> brb, my computer just went haywire
      [12:15] <Lunatide> I still have my space wall paper from when I was 5
      [12:16] == mydera [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [12:16] <Lunatide> And the matching curtain
      [12:16] <opheliablue^> you want your bedroom to be a place of relaxation, none of the daily stresses are allowed in there.
      [12:16] <paigeyemps> i think what's contributed a lot to my dream thingies is the fact that my room is TOTALLY DARK
      [12:16] <paigeyemps> when the lights are off
      [12:16] <RareCola> I find it also helps a lot if you use your bed purely for sleeping. I used to lay in bed with my computer and I read somewhere that if you do that, your body doesn't naturally think it's time to sleep when you're in bed.
      [12:16] <paigeyemps> like, no ray of light can be seen
      [12:16] <Lunatide> I need that paigeyemps
      [12:16] <paigeyemps> and i find it very...helpful
      [12:16] <paigeyemps>
      [12:17] <opheliablue^> some people have to have no light, I like a little sometimes
      [12:17] <opheliablue^> depends on the person
      [12:17] <RareCola> I can't sleep in pitch blackness, always had to have a little light
      [12:17] <RareCola> Possibly why I always tend to go to sleep in the early hours of the morning xD
      [12:17] <opheliablue^> oh totally, I can take naps in the day, or sleep in when it's light out, no problem
      [12:18] <opheliablue^> if I wake up at 5am before a work day, I'm fucked
      [12:18] <paigeyemps> oh i also have another question, hold on gimme a sec to type it out
      [12:18] <opheliablue^> ok
      [12:18] <Lunatide> Fix that mistake paigeyemps
      [12:18] <Lunatide> An that one
      [12:18] <Lunatide> That one too
      [12:18] <Lunatide> ***
      [12:19] <paigeyemps> so sometimes i like to attempt a WILD, and when i'm almost at SP, i start having random thoughts and stuff. but when i try to pull back from losing consciousness, i end up waking and the whole thing is destroyed
      [12:19] <paigeyemps> lol Lunatide
      [12:19] <paigeyemps> what should i do about that?
      [12:19] <paigeyemps> :'(
      [12:20] == mydera [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:20] <RareCola> I've had the same issues with WILD
      [12:20] <RareCola> welcome back mydera
      [12:20] <mydera> Back! sorry about that
      [12:20] <paigeyemps> wb
      [12:20] <Lunatide> wb
      [12:20] <mydera> Speaking of WILD< how do you get used to the halucinations?
      [12:20] <opheliablue^> it might be related to your sleep troubles paigeyemps
      [12:20] <paigeyemps> i haven't had any visual ones, only really disturbing audio
      [12:20] <paigeyemps> ohh
      [12:20] <mydera> Last night, I was doing really well, I was almost asleep, I saw a phone in front of me, I was opening it and looking at it, then it make a beeping sound and startled me awake
      [12:21] <opheliablue^> if you're having trouble falling asleep because of random thoughts, they might be interrupting your SP
      [12:21] <opheliablue^> oh cool mydera, the phone was in a dream right?
      [12:21] <paigeyemps> no no, i meant..random thoughts that im not controlling
      [12:21] <opheliablue^> oh HI?
      [12:21] <Lunatide> Do you have to have an empty mind when attempting WILD?
      [12:21] <mydera> Yeah, it wasn't a real phone, i was almost asleep
      [12:21] <opheliablue^> I mean hypnogogic imagery paigeyemps ?
      [12:22] <paigeyemps> yes, though they're not very..visual..more like..very hazy thoughts and stuff
      [12:22] <paigeyemps> just in my head
      [12:22] <RareCola> Haha so many people here today, must be disorientating for you ophelia
      [12:22] <Lunatide> I have not got past the 2nd stage yet
      [12:22] <Lunatide> in WILD
      [12:22] <paigeyemps> or something, if im making any sense at all XD
      [12:22] <opheliablue^> yeah you initiated a lucid mydera, you just may have been at the end of a REM cycle anyway, and easily awakened
      [12:22] <opheliablue^> RareCola: naaah
      [12:22] <opheliablue^> I love it
      [12:23] <paigeyemps>
      [12:23] <opheliablue^> paigeyemps: hrmmm
      [12:23] <Lunatide> You guys have nothing on me
      [12:23] <Lunatide> I happen to be soul bound to opheliablue^
      [12:23] <paigeyemps> hahaha
      [12:23] <opheliablue^> I know when I get the H.I., it's entirely visual (see my most recent DJ entry)
      [12:23] <Lunatide> So what type of stuff do you hallucinate?
      [12:23] <opheliablue^> so I'm not sure what the hazy thoughts are
      [12:24] <paigeyemps> that's alright i'll lurk the forums some more tomorrow haha!
      [12:24] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: it's always random, it's like my subconcious takes over and starts providing visual entertainment while I transition into the LD
      [12:24] <opheliablue^> this last time it was black and white movies
      [12:24] <paigeyemps> oooh
      [12:24] <paigeyemps> 1:30
      [12:24] <paigeyemps> i gtg guys
      [12:24] <opheliablue^> see ya paigeyemps
      [12:24] <RareCola> I had a pretty cool WILD nap experience where I was hopping in and out of pretty vivid "dream scenes" and could even hear the sounds from the dream, but was fully aware I was awake. Wasn't in sleep paralysis though. I just kept losing the dream scenes every few minutes.
      [12:24] <paigeyemps> thanks for everything, everyone!
      [12:24] <Lunatide> Seeya paigeyemps
      [12:25] <paigeyemps> goodnight my little lucid dreaming bananas
      [12:25] <Lunatide> LOL
      [12:25] <Lunatide> Goodbye Rose
      [12:25] <Lunatide> ;P
      [12:25] <RareCola> Cya paige <3
      [12:25] <mydera> Bye!
      [12:25] <opheliablue^> RareCola: I almost never get SP, just FYI
      [12:25] <paigeyemps>
      [12:25] <opheliablue^> or it's so quick I don't notice it
      [12:25] <RareCola> Yea I've heard some people don't
      [12:25] <opheliablue^> like some people get SP but not the vibrations
      [12:25] <opheliablue^> another reason why WILDs are a pain, different results for different people
      [12:26] <opheliablue^> you need to find what works with your natural rhythm.. that's what I wanted to focus on in Lesson III.
      [12:26] <opheliablue^> the pros and cons of each
      [12:26] <opheliablue^> I want you all to set yourselves up for success.
      [12:27] <Lunatide>
      [12:27] <RareCola> Yea, I think it'll just take me some time to discover what actually works well for me
      [12:27] <mydera> Thank you
      [12:27] <RareCola> I've only been practicing for 2 weeks today anyway
      [12:28] <Lunatide> I had mine randomly at your point RareCola
      [12:28] <Lunatide> I think mine was a lucky one
      [12:28] <opheliablue^> no worries, took me 7 years to realize DILED's were for me. before that it was random DILDs
      [12:28] <opheliablue^> DEILDs*
      [12:28] <RareCola> Haha, jeez
      [12:29] <opheliablue^> it's hard to get LDs to stop being random, instead of on purpose
      [12:29] <mydera> is it possible to dream your having a lucid dream and not actually be lucid?
      [12:29] <opheliablue^> mydera: I get that question alot, depends on what you mean. example?
      [12:29] <mydera> Like, I had this dream last night where I stopped and tole myself, "I remember this dream!"
      [12:29] <RareCola> I'm thankful I have dreamviews to help me with all the learning process. There's so many helpful people and information.
      [12:29] <mydera> even though I've never had a dream like that before,
      [12:30] <mydera> and I actually was telling what would happen in the story like a story
      [12:30] <opheliablue^> RareCola: me too! DreamViews worked for me!
      [12:30] <opheliablue^>
      [12:30] <mydera> *Happen in the dream like a story
      [12:30] <mydera> I'd say what's supposed to happen next, and then it would happen
      [12:30] <mydera> But, I never got that "Oh, I'm lucid!" feeling
      [12:30] <opheliablue^> as long as you are able to perform a reality check and realize yuo're in a dream, and what you're seeing isn't real, then it's an LD
      [12:30] <Lunatide> Be right back
      [12:30] <mydera> and I didn't do my usual thing that I do in lucids, I just kept telling myself what I thought would happen next in the dream
      [12:31] <opheliablue^> hrmm.. not sure.
      [12:31] <RareCola> I think many people get confused because they think lucidity is an on and off switch. Seems much more reasonable to assume it's more like a dimmer switch.
      [12:31] <mydera> It's like I was lucid enough to realize it was a dream, but I wasn't lucid enough to remember that I can change it
      [12:31] <mydera> So I keept telling myself what was suposed to happen and acting it out, like a script or something
      [12:31] <opheliablue^> RareCola: it can be both. There are times that it was super clear, like I hit a switch. Sometimes it's a transition. But yeah, confusing sometimes
      [12:32] <opheliablue^> mydera: ok this is something that I get alot. Lucidity and dream control are seperate things.
      [12:32] <opheliablue^> you can be lucid and not have control, and I've even had the opposite happen, where i was a superhero in a dream and could do anything, but I thought it was real life
      [12:32] <Lunatide> Okay I have a few questions
      [12:33] <mydera> SO I was controlling the dream, but not quite lucid right?
      [12:33] <RareCola> Well I mean, there can be multiple layers. ReeceJones87 on Youtube goes into great detail about his theory on lucid dreaming layers. He calls "Layer 2" where you are aware you're in a dream, but unable to control yourself or anything else in the dream
      [12:33] <Lunatide> I had that mydera
      [12:33] <Lunatide> last night
      [12:33] <opheliablue^> RareCola: oh cool. PM me that link if you please
      [12:33] <mydera> Can you send me the link too?
      [12:33] <opheliablue^> mydera: sounds more like you were lucid, but hadn't hit that "control layer" yet
      [12:34] <RareCola> I'll find it and just post it here, sec
      [12:34] <opheliablue^> ok thanks
      [12:34] <Lunatide> opheliablue^: What are hypnogogic images?
      [12:34] <mydera> Awesome
      [12:34] <mydera> Thanks cola!
      [12:34] <opheliablue^> kind of like out of control hallucinations
      [12:35] <Lunatide> When do you get these images?
      [12:35] <opheliablue^> I describe it as a TV screen on the underside of your eyelids, but your subconscious has the remote
      [12:35] <RareCola> Here's the playlist: The 5 Layers of a Lucid Dream (1/5) - YouTube
      [12:35] <opheliablue^> I get it right after the vibrations
      [12:35] <opheliablue^> awesome RareCola , thanks. I'll view it later.
      [12:35] <Lunatide> To round up all my questions about WILD. What am I to expect from WILD?
      [12:36] <opheliablue^> like, the steps?
      [12:36] <Lunatide> I think maybe a link to the best place would be ok
      [12:36] <mydera> I don't get vibrations usually, I get my hi as negative like images that move, and as I get closer to sleep they get more colorful and realistic... but I only remember them when I've been startled by them like this morning with the phone.
      [12:37] <opheliablue^> there are several different takes on WILDs, and several tutorials have been written on it. see which one best suits you. hold on I'll get the link
      [12:37] <mydera> if I fall completely sleep I can't remember them
      [12:37] <Lunatide> Okay thanks
      [12:37] <Lunatide>
      [12:37] <Lunatide> )*
      [12:37] <Lunatide> ***
      [12:38] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: Articles
      [12:38] <opheliablue^> scoll down, they're in alpha order
      [12:38] <Lunatide> I aslo have a question about wild. When do you know you have had a complete WILD?
      [12:38] <Lunatide> And thanks opheliablue^
      [12:38] <RareCola> CAN-WILD sounds like a good technique, similar to DEILD. Have you ever tried that, ophelia?
      [12:38] <mydera> Good question Luna! I'm wondering too
      [12:38] <opheliablue^> mydera: hrmmm... you may need more time to get used to the distinct phases of WILD
      [12:39] <opheliablue^> RareCola: I have not.
      [12:39] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: you'll know because yuo'll end up having a lucid dream!
      [12:39] <Lunatide> I don't get it though. How vivid are hallucinations?
      [12:39] <Lunatide> Are they like daydreams?
      [12:40] <RareCola> I think that varies between people
      [12:40] <Lunatide> Okay
      [12:40] <opheliablue^> the difference between HI and daydreams, is that daydreams are more inside your mind, but HI are right in front of you.. mine look as clear as something on TV
      [12:40] <RareCola> My friend scared themselves out of attempting WILDs because they had extremely vivid monsters crawling up onto their bed
      [12:40] <opheliablue^> also, you control your daydreams, but not necessarily HI
      [12:41] <Lunatide> I saw something which said that if you open your eyes while in SP you see stuff in your bedroom?
      [12:41] <opheliablue^> RareCola: oh yeah, HI can be very scary. I have stories myself lol
      [12:41] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: yeah hahaa that can happen
      [12:41] <Lunatide> Aw damn
      [12:41] <RareCola> I think that's amazing though, the power of the mind to do that. I'd love to experience it.
      [12:41] <opheliablue^> I get a regular visitor, I call him the DEILD Demon. He likes to bite lol
      [12:41] <Lunatide> Oh well, I guess if we were that interested in LDing we should just man up and fight them off.
      [12:42] <opheliablue^> it is so awesome rarecola, ocne you get over the being scared part hehe
      [12:42] <mydera> Luna, I think it's kind of like nightmares though
      [12:42] <RareCola> Thing is, you're paralysed. You can't fight them Luna
      [12:42] <Lunatide> I gathered that xD
      [12:42] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: yeah you should read my journal. I've had a few battles hehe
      [12:42] <Lunatide> haha I'll check it out later
      [12:42] <opheliablue^> oh yeah, I don't get the SP so much as others
      [12:42] <mydera> I mean, some people get them a lot, others don't get them much, don't let it scare you off
      [12:42] <Lunatide> ^
      [12:42] <Lunatide> That was my point pretty much xD
      [12:42] <opheliablue^> I remember one dude waited out his SP for like 45 minutes lol
      [12:43] <RareCola> If you don't get SP, if you moved would it stop your HH?
      [12:43] <opheliablue^> I think it was Caenis
      [12:43] <opheliablue^> can't remember
      [12:43] <opheliablue^> when I have my HI rarecola, I can tell I'm still in my bed. So I make myself move, because I know I'm in a lucid dream already.
      [12:44] <mydera> Can you clear up something about sleep paralysis for me? Is it literally not being able to move? Or is it like your arms and leggs are so heavy it's extra hard to move them?
      [12:44] <opheliablue^> All my LDs start in my bed, unless it's a random DILD
      [12:44] <mydera> or both?
      [12:44] <Lunatide> So when I tried a WILD like 3 weeks ago, I only saw tiny faint blue lines on my eyelids
      [12:44] <Lunatide> Is that normal?
      [12:44] <opheliablue^> mydera: both. I actually get the heavy feeling alot, but a couple times I couldn't move. I had to force myself awake
      [12:44] <Lunatide> It felt like ages but it was probably about 10 minutes
      [12:45] <RareCola> SP happens every night, it's a natural body reaction to stop you acting out your dreams, so technically it can be like full paralysis
      [12:45] <mydera> Sounds like hi
      [12:45] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: it might be. HI isn't always as clear as a TV show. It can look like screensavers, stuff like that
      [12:45] <opheliablue^> dots and lines
      [12:45] <opheliablue^> RareCola: this is true.
      [12:46] <mydera> I get the heavy having to try extra hard to move feeling a lot when I'm trying to fall asleep but can't turn my mind off
      [12:46] <mydera> but I can't turn my mind off enough to actually fall asleep, it's like I'm just laying there and my signals to my arms and legs aren't working, ha ha
      [12:46] <Lunatide> I think I'm done for questions for now. So I'm going to browse the forums.
      [12:47] <opheliablue^> ok see ya Lunatide
      [12:47] <opheliablue^> thanks for joining
      [12:47] <Lunatide> I'm staying in the chat but I will most likely not reply
      [12:47] <Lunatide> Thanks for the answers
      [12:47] <opheliablue^> sounds like you're gradually getting to the WILD mydera, just you have some annoying thoughts
      [12:47] <mydera> But I can move, I just have to try extra hard and really concentrate on it so I didn't think it was sp
      [12:47] <opheliablue^> sp is not concrete, I've broken out of it before
      [12:48] <mydera> ha ha, yeah... I'm ADD, and i've struggled with sleeping since being a kid, the doctors always told my parent that I can't shut my brain of
      [12:48] <opheliablue^> it's just hard to break out of it and not wake up completely
      [12:48] <opheliablue^> ahhhhhhhhh
      [12:48] <mydera> My thoughts are my biggest hurdle
      [12:48] <opheliablue^> hrmmm... ADD LDers I've talked to try to pick a single thing to focus on
      [12:49] <mydera> DILD is working great for me, as long as I stay focused on RCing throughout the da
      [12:49] <mydera> but I'd like to learn a technique that doesn't depend on chance
      [12:49] <RareCola> How long have you been LDing now, mydera?
      [12:49] <mydera> hence trying DEILD and WILD...
      [12:50] <mydera> I had a couple of lucids last year before I knew what it was,
      [12:50] <opheliablue^> DEILD might be more successful, because you benefit from the fact that you were already just asleep
      [12:50] <opheliablue^> you can transition between asleep, awake but still sleepy, then asleep again in a dream
      [12:50] <mydera> and then I've been on this site 3 months, it took a month on this site and doing RCs to get my first DILD
      [12:51] <opheliablue^> oh ok cool, I didn't know that
      [12:51] <RareCola> Ah, nice
      [12:51] <mydera> Now I've had about 10 since joining the site.
      [12:51] <RareCola> Anyway I think I best head off. 6:50pm here and I'm craving dinner.
      [12:51] <RareCola> Thanks as always for the class ophelia
      [12:51] <mydera> I just wish I could make them happen more often and on the nights when I want them to happen, lol
      [12:51] <opheliablue^> np
      [12:51] <opheliablue^> see ya RareCola
      [12:51] <mydera> Bye Cola!
      [12:52] <opheliablue^> Mine are always on my days off.. I don't even bother on workdays. Not nearly enough sleep to do it
      [12:53] <mydera> Yeah, 14 hour shifts sounds crazy!
      [12:53] <opheliablue^> downright nasty
      [12:53] <mydera> I'd probably be going to sleep as soon as I got home and still being sleepy the next morning
      [12:53] <mydera> lol
      [12:54] <opheliablue^> well you don't have to abandon DILDs.. they're a plesant surprise now and then, but
      [12:54] <mydera> So about the phone thing earlier, you think that was really a dream?
      [12:54] <opheliablue^> if you think DEILDs might fit your rhythm better, then set your alarm on your off days
      [12:54] <Lunatide> opheliablue^! I have a question
      [12:54] <opheliablue^> and do WBTB
      [12:55] <opheliablue^> I think it was HI that had just transitioned into an LD
      [12:55] <opheliablue^> hard to pinpoint exactly, I can only compare to my own experiences
      [12:55] <Lunatide> Just say I wanted to have creatures on my bed...when would I open my eyes during a WILD?
      [12:55] <mydera> yeah, I think DEILD is going to work best for me right now because of the kids waking me up. I had several chances to try it today because my daughter was having nightmares all night
      [12:55] <opheliablue^> lol Lunatide
      [12:56] <opheliablue^> awwwww, the poor thing
      [12:56] <Lunatide> I kinda want to see the creatures/monsters/nightmares for myself
      [12:56] <mydera> she climbed into my bed at 5 am, and every thirty minutes or so she'd start crying in her sleep. All I had to do was shh her and say it's just a dream, then she's quiet and I'd start to transition into sleep.
      [12:56] <opheliablue^> Lunatide: for now, I recommend selecting the induction method you want, and practice it
      [12:56] <mydera> WOW! Luna your brave!
      [12:57] <Lunatide> I think WILD is the mthod for me. But I guess I should experiment
      [12:57] <mydera> the phone thing happened between her nightmares, it was a good night to practice
      [12:57] <opheliablue^> pick one and stick to it for a while, to see if you make progress
      [12:57] <Lunatide> I'll stick to DILD then
      [12:57] <Lunatide> huehuehehue dildo....huehuheu
      [12:57] <Lunatide> I mean what?
      [12:57] <mydera> ol
      [12:57] <mydera> *lol
      [12:58] <opheliablue^> Alrighty then
      [12:58] <Lunatide> Wait.
      [12:58] <Lunatide> I need to unmask my first LD
      [12:58] <opheliablue^> I need to start lunch now.
      [12:58] <Lunatide> I randomly became lucid...is that a DILD?
      [12:58] <opheliablue^> yes, if it was random, then it was a DILD
      [12:58] <opheliablue^> in the middle of the dream
      [12:59] <Lunatide> Okay awesome Are there ways to improve this?
      [12:59] <Lunatide> RC's?
      [12:59] <opheliablue^> yep, RCs and daily awareness
      [12:59] <Lunatide> Okay, I think I will stick to this then.
      [12:59] <opheliablue^> awesome.
      [12:59] <mydera> ophelia, ar eyou still RCing to the color green?
      [12:59] <Lunatide> Okay, thanks a lot opheliablue^
      [12:59] <opheliablue^> np
      [12:59] <opheliablue^> mydera: no, it didn't do much for me
      [12:59] <Lunatide> Go have an awesome lunch.
      [13:00] <opheliablue^> RCs are more for DILDs, but since my DEILDing is so lucrative, I don't RC much on anything anymore
      [13:00] <opheliablue^> I do thegereral awareness though
      [13:00] <opheliablue^> sporadic awareness
      [13:00] <mydera> Awesome, I was struggling with green because I was either ALWASY noticing it, or not ever noticing it
      [13:00] <mydera> lol
      [13:00] <opheliablue^> haha
      [13:00] <mydera> *always, sorry my typing is horrible this morning
      [13:01] <opheliablue^> me too
      [13:01] <opheliablue^> Class Dismissed!
      [13:01] <mydera> Thanks for the class!!!
      [13:01] <mydera> ^_^
      [13:01] <opheliablue^> no
      [13:01] <opheliablue^> np*
      [13:01] == mydera [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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      [19:48:12] <OpheliaBlue> hey Caenis
      [19:48:26] <Caenis> Hello again, Ophelia.
      [19:48:46] <OpheliaBlue> any idea who else is joining tonight?
      [19:49:26] <Caenis> No idea. We still have ten minutes though, right?
      [19:50:05] <OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [19:50:20] <OpheliaBlue> I'm gonna gp post some stuff then I'll be back in 10
      [19:50:27] <Caenis> Sure.
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      [19:53:10] <OldSparta> ShockWave
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      [19:54:35] <Forsaken^> just ping him till he wakes up
      [19:54:37] <Forsaken^> ShockWave,
      [19:55:07] <OldSparta> OpheliaBlue: Just create a new room
      [19:55:18] <OldSparta> and refer every one there
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      [19:56:08] <OpheliaBlue> sparta you're a genius
      [19:56:17] <OpheliaBlue> or just more savvy that I
      [19:56:19] <OpheliaBlue> than*
      [19:56:34] <OldSparta> lol
      [19:57:00] <OpheliaBlue> I'll probably be ok though, haven't had any trolls in here to date.. but if I do, I'll create another room
      [19:57:08] <OpheliaBlue> thank you again as always
      [19:57:50] <OldSparta> lol
      [19:58:04] <OldSparta> Well, if they troll, take note and ban them later
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      [20:01:12] <OpheliaBlue> hey there
      [20:01:17] <RareCola> Didn't realise the time xD
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      [20:01:19] <RareCola> Hey
      [20:01:31] Exotiraan waves.
      [20:01:43] <OpheliaBlue> it's ok, not mandatory, just gave you a heads up is all
      [20:01:45] <Caenis> Hello Exotiraan and RareCola
      [20:02:03] <RareCola> Did you check out those videos I linked earlier, ophelia?
      [20:02:33] <OpheliaBlue> paige has been idle almost 2 hours so she may not arrive
      [20:02:47] <RareCola> I think she's at school, it's early morning there
      [20:03:04] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I didn't yet. But I wanted to include it tonight as a viewing.
      [20:03:08] <OpheliaBlue> hold on a sec...
      [20:03:41] <RareCola> It's a 5 video series, quite long and detailed, but very interesting
      [20:04:49] <OpheliaBlue> that's cool, I just wanted us to view the first one for today
      [20:04:56] <OpheliaBlue> at happened on another site i went to, they accidentally gave me full admin control panel to the site
      [20:05:02] <OpheliaBlue> oops, sorry
      [20:05:26] <OpheliaBlue> ignore that last bit hhaa, that was something forsaken said earlier
      [20:05:40] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:05:44] <OpheliaBlue> I just downloaded KVirc today and I'm still learning it
      [20:06:03] <OpheliaBlue> The 5 Layers of a Lucid Dream (1/5) - YouTube
      [20:06:15] <RareCola> Yea the first one is his theory on "Layer Zero", where your subconscious is telling you you're dreaming but you refuse to believe it.
      [20:07:10] <Caenis> Huh. That sounds really interesting. This kid sounds pretty knowledgeable.
      [20:08:02] <OpheliaBlue> ok mine is loading.. everyone have the link?
      [20:08:14] <RareCola> Is Exotiraan alive?
      [20:08:27] <Caenis> I'm watching it now.
      [20:08:31] <OpheliaBlue> ok me too
      [20:08:49] Exotiraan nods.
      [20:09:09] Exotiraan launches and waits for MPlayer to do its thing.
      [20:10:10] Exotiraan melts at the sound of his voice.
      [20:10:35] <RareCola> Haha, he has a really good radio voice
      [20:10:35] <Caenis> He does have a pleasant accent.
      [20:14:10] <OpheliaBlue> fantastic, I love how specific he is (I just paused it)
      [20:14:24] <OpheliaBlue> this is alot like what we talked about in DVA earlier today
      [20:14:31] <RareCola> Yea, it's a really nice way to sum up the different stages of lucidity
      [20:14:59] <OpheliaBlue> I think it was mydera who mentioned a lucid dream within a lucid dream, or talking about lucidity in a lucid dream
      [20:15:05] Caenis [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:15:14] <OpheliaBlue> GOBS of people on DV, for years, called that a semi-lucid dream, but I always disagreed
      [20:15:41] <RareCola> Yea I disagree too, as I said earlier it's more of a "dimmer switch" than just you are or you aren't lucid.
      [20:15:49] <OpheliaBlue> it's just another non-lucid, but I like this guy's classification system
      [20:16:34] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:16:34] <OpheliaBlue> ok I'm going to listen to the rest (my last comment sounded like I was disagreeing with yuo Rarecola but I wasn't)
      [20:16:56] <RareCola> Okay
      [20:16:58] <RareCola> Wb Caenis
      [20:17:20] <Exotiraan> me has had a few of those he would classify as zero-minor. Those are ones always make me facepalm when I wake up and realize what I did.
      [20:17:45] <Caenis> Hello again.
      [20:18:08] <OpheliaBlue> wb
      [20:18:24] <RareCola> I had what he calls a "Layer One" last night, which is where you realise you're dreaming then instantly wake up
      [20:18:33] <OpheliaBlue> ok I love that he mentioned layer zero major, because I get this asked alot too
      [20:18:42] <Caenis> I've had one or two zero-minor dreams as well. Never had a zero-major dream, not yet. Though I have had dreams where I'm in life-threatening situations and I'm not scared of dying. I'm scared, but I never think I'll die.
      [20:18:47] <OpheliaBlue> where you have a modicum of control in a dream, but not really aware you're dreaming
      [20:19:19] <OpheliaBlue> Caenis that's cool
      [20:19:47] <OpheliaBlue> I'm digging this layer system, wish I had seen it before writing the lessons
      [20:19:59] <RareCola> Yea he's a really smart guy
      [20:20:02] <OpheliaBlue> ok I'm going to listen to the rest now brb a min
      [20:20:10] Exotiraan also doesn't think he's had any zero-majors. I've only had two instances where I've 'died' in a dream.
      [20:20:27] <Exotiraan> And they were both accidents.
      [20:20:32] <Caenis> I don't think I've ever died. Did you wake up?
      [20:20:46] <Caenis> Or did you switch perspectives?
      [20:21:17] <Exotiraan> The first one, when it happened, I just got put back at the startpoint of the scenerio and continued on.
      [20:21:37] <Caenis> Hah, it was like a save point.
      [20:21:54] <Exotiraan> The second one, I accidently blew myself up and ended up in sleep paralysis.
      [20:22:24] <RareCola> Whenever I've "died" in dreams before, I've always woken up a split second before my death would actually occur
      [20:22:36] <OpheliaBlue> ok RareCola, that was brilliant, thank you so much
      [20:22:41] <Caenis> Oh that's cool. Did you get lucid after that Exo?
      [20:22:51] <Exotiraan> Nope, I woke up after that.
      [20:22:55] <OpheliaBlue> he really clarified things ALOT
      [20:23:01] <Caenis> These are good supplementary videos, Rarecola.
      [20:23:14] Exotiraan thinks he noted that moment in his Vim journal.
      [20:23:20] <RareCola> Yea I'd definitely recommend watching the other 4 when you have some spare time
      [20:23:38] <OpheliaBlue> I believe that spare time happens after this class
      [20:23:46] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:23:56] <OpheliaBlue> at any rate, 50 hall points for pointing it out to me, I really appreciate it RareCola
      [20:24:06] <RareCola>
      [20:24:07] <OpheliaBlue> ok I'm reading up now ^^
      [20:26:21] <RareCola> Btw Ophelia, I believe you're right about adding extra time to my sleep before I WBTB. I was checking my dream journal after you mentioned that and noticed my first lucid dream has a noted time of much later than I've been trying this week
      [20:26:51] <RareCola> So I'm going to leave the WBTB for about the 6 hour mark tonight
      [20:26:54] <OpheliaBlue> yeah? what time was it?
      [20:27:31] <RareCola> Well I done my WBTB 5hr30m into sleep, then went back to sleep about 6hrs and wrote the journal entry 40 minutes later
      [20:27:32] <OpheliaBlue> lol Walking Dead.. that show gave me zombie dreams too hehe
      [20:27:47] <RareCola> It's a great show though!
      [20:28:08] <OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, I had a huge crush on Shane until he killed that poor fat dude
      [20:28:19] <Exotiraan> OldSparta?
      [20:28:29] <RareCola> He went a bit insane in Season 2
      [20:28:34] <OpheliaBlue> oldsparta's not fat?!
      [20:28:45] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: yeah he did
      [20:28:57] <Exotiraan> I just saw 'Shane' and guessed.
      [20:29:02] <OpheliaBlue> oh HAH
      [20:29:15] <OpheliaBlue> yeah he'll get a kick out of reading this log
      [20:29:38] <OpheliaBlue> at any rate, I've noticed people having more and more luck with later WBTB times
      [20:29:59] <Exotiraan> I had a really short DILD this morning.
      [20:30:09] <Caenis> =D Congrats, Exo.
      [20:30:10] <Exotiraan> (After I went back to sleep.)
      [20:30:28] <RareCola> Did you manage to do anything interesting?
      [20:30:50] <OpheliaBlue> you did? I didn't see it in your workbook Exotiraan
      [20:31:17] Exotiraan still is due to update that. D:
      [20:31:42] <Exotiraan> I had the tap open, too, but got distracted by programming stuff and still forgot.
      [20:31:47] <Exotiraan> s/ap/ab/
      [20:31:49] <OpheliaBlue> damn dude, I'd be wrinkling my drawers to enter that into my workbook.. be proud man!
      [20:32:56] <OpheliaBlue> we might inherit a Lucidius
      [20:33:15] <RareCola> He's an interesting character
      [20:33:30] <OpheliaBlue> anyway Exotiraan, I'll make a notation that you achieved yuor extra credit this week. YAY I'm so excited
      [20:33:31] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:33:57] <RareCola> Hey Oreo
      [20:34:06] <Oreoboy1996> hello RareCola
      [20:34:09] <OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: hey!
      [20:34:12] <RareCola> I'm glad someone got the extra credit!
      [20:34:32] lucidius [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:34:34] <OpheliaBlue> that's at least 3 so far, but I still have to cross reference the DJs with the Workbooks to be sure
      [20:34:40] <lucidius> hi
      [20:34:50] <Oreoboy1996> hello lucidius
      [20:34:50] <OpheliaBlue> welcome welcome lucidius
      [20:34:51] <Caenis> Hey lucidius.
      [20:34:52] <Exotiraan> RareCola ("do anything interesting?"): Nope. I went outside and ran behind a duplex complex I uesed to live in when I was a kid, then tried to do the summoning-fantasy thing and broke the dream. :<
      [20:34:57] <lucidius> i made it
      [20:35:38] <lucidius> dream views A?
      [20:35:46] <Oreoboy1996> dream views academy
      [20:35:48] <lucidius> acadamy
      [20:35:52] <lucidius> !
      [20:35:53] <OpheliaBlue> hey Exotiraan, have you made a list of stabilization techniques to do next time?
      [20:35:56] <Caenis> Ah well. At least you managed to have a DILD, Exotiraan. Maybe you'll have another lucid soon.
      [20:36:02] <RareCola> Yea, I think trying drastic things is what broke my first LD too, Exotiraan
      [20:36:32] <OpheliaBlue> like looking at your hands for a good few seconds, moving them around
      [20:36:42] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:36:52] <lucidius> isit a hard thing to do...
      [20:36:53] <syth406> Hey guise
      [20:36:56] <Caenis> Hello syth406.
      [20:37:01] <RareCola> Hey syth
      [20:37:05] <lucidius> to remember dream while ill?
      [20:37:15] <RareCola> Big class tonight!
      [20:37:22] <Oreoboy1996> hello syth406
      [20:37:27] <lucidius> Class?
      [20:37:28] <OpheliaBlue> hi syth406
      [20:37:34] <lucidius> oh
      [20:37:39] <syth406> While sick? Usually easier for me
      [20:37:49] <lucidius> really?
      [20:38:05] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I have a cold and had some crazy DEILDs early this morning
      [20:38:09] <syth406> Well, you're sleeping the whole time,
      [20:38:13] <OpheliaBlue> course I also take 5-htp
      [20:38:25] <syth406> More recall oportunity
      [20:38:28] <RareCola> Weird that illness affects dreaming
      [20:38:28] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Not yet; ususally, when I get lucid, I end up just doing whatever without doing anything further.
      [20:38:30] <lucidius> htp?
      [20:38:36] <Oreoboy1996> i don't think i've ever really lost recall due to sickness
      [20:38:43] <RareCola> Maybe you sleep more deeply while ill for your body to cure itself?
      [20:38:53] <lucidius> actually
      [20:38:54] <syth406> Yes
      [20:39:01] <lucidius> dreams are in light sleep
      [20:39:08] <OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: I used to as well. Then I started forcing myself to remember the TOTM. Now I have a mini list, so I can remember better.
      [20:39:12] <lucidius> usually
      [20:39:30] <syth406> You're just generally more tired tho. I'm sure it depends on the symptoms as well.
      [20:39:33] <RareCola> TOTM?
      [20:39:40] <OpheliaBlue> task of the month
      [20:40:00] <lucidius> ddoes it come off and go to its job?
      [20:40:04] <RareCola> Ah yes, I can't wait to take part in those.
      [20:40:13] <OpheliaBlue> http://www.dreamviews.com/f43/task-m...2012-a-131336/
      [20:40:14] Exotiraan needs to remember to take Hyu's advice to hand if he ever gets lucid again, too.
      [20:40:20] <Exotiraan> WRT the fantasy stuff.
      [20:40:24] <lucidius> oh, month
      [20:40:34] <OpheliaBlue> what was Hyu's advice Exotiraan?
      [20:40:47] <RareCola> Maybe next month I'll be adept enough at LDing to actually attempt the basic task
      [20:40:52] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: To go look for it instead of trying to introduce it manually.
      [20:41:15] <lucidius> it is a goal?
      [20:41:32] <OpheliaBlue> you mean look for a thing in a lucid dream, rather than tryign to conjure it out of thin air Exotiraan?
      [20:41:53] <syth406> Ok, I'm gonna take a nap, I'll enter today's dreams tomorrow.
      [20:42:00] <OpheliaBlue> ok, see ya syth406
      [20:42:03] <syth406> Take a shower my nap
      [20:42:15] <OpheliaBlue> you have dirty naps?
      [20:42:15] <Caenis> Bye Syth. Enjoy your nap.
      [20:42:20] <RareCola> Take a nap in the shower
      [20:42:20] <lucidius> i am so dissy, so if i dont respond thay might be y
      [20:42:32] <lucidius> draownd?
      [20:42:42] <OpheliaBlue> no worries lucidius, this class is moving fast tonight, more folks
      [20:42:55] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: Yes.
      [20:43:01] <lucidius> ok
      [20:43:02] <syth406> Lol stupid autocorrect I live in cst... So I'm going to take a ten hour nap, cya guys
      [20:43:10] <OpheliaBlue> ok i'm going to take a 3 minute break, then I'll be back. I'll extend class tonight 15 minutes because we got more folks.
      [20:43:21] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [20:43:29] <Oreoboy1996>
      [20:43:32] <RareCola> Perfect timing, just needed to brb too.
      [20:43:43] <lucidius> i didnt even know this existed
      [20:44:02] <lucidius> this class
      [20:44:08] <Oreoboy1996> want me to help you facepalm lucidius?
      [20:44:19] <lucidius> yes!
      [20:44:25] Oreoboy1996 slaps lucidius in the face
      [20:44:31] <lucidius> outch
      [20:44:33] <Caenis> Ophelia/fOrceez hold them a few times a week. Read the lessons to see which days and times the classes are, lucidius
      [20:44:50] <lucidius> lessons?
      [20:45:00] <Caenis> Didn't you make a workbook in Ophelia's class?
      [20:45:07] <lucidius> yes
      [20:45:35] <Caenis> There are lessons stickied.
      [20:45:35] Exotiraan puts the bot down for a moment and import some dream journals.
      [20:45:37] <lucidius> forums dont like me
      [20:45:49] <lucidius> bot?
      [20:46:03] Exotiraan is writing an IRC bot.
      [20:46:03] <Caenis> You joined recently, right lucidius? Here's the first lesson: http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/begin...sson-i-130468/
      [20:46:25] <lucidius> YOU PROGRAMM?
      [20:46:40] <Exotiraan> http://github.com/wintervenom
      [20:46:50] <lucidius> anyways
      [20:46:57] <lucidius> witch link?
      [20:47:55] <OpheliaBlue> ack
      [20:47:57] <lucidius> brb
      [20:48:07] <lucidius> ok
      [20:48:13] <lucidius> im here
      [20:48:13] <OpheliaBlue> I mean back.. jesus I sound like Bill the Cat
      [20:48:25] <lucidius> meow?
      [20:48:45] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:48:56] <OpheliaBlue> ok Exotiraan, I like that idea, sometimes conjuring is hard. It took me 3 attempts to make a bagel and cream cheese appear last night
      [20:49:10] <OpheliaBlue> I should have just looked for a bakery haha
      [20:49:28] <lucidius> oh you mean obsorb the ides?
      [20:49:31] <RareCola> I have returned
      [20:49:35] <OpheliaBlue> wb
      [20:49:43] <RareCola> Looking for a bakery isn't half as fun though!
      [20:49:53] <Oreoboy1996> sounds fun to me actually
      [20:50:08] <lucidius> mission: fibnd bakery
      [20:50:29] <Caenis> Find a bakery made out of gingerbread.
      [20:50:34] <Caenis> And eat the bakery.
      [20:50:50] <lucidius> ooohh bad thought right now
      [20:50:56] <lucidius> *for me
      [20:51:04] <OpheliaBlue> lol Caenis
      [20:51:07] <RareCola> I really need to compile a list of things I want to do in my lucid dreams, actually. There's so much I feel like I'm going to be overwhelmed when I next have a LD
      [20:51:31] <Caenis> I'm making a list. I'm at about 50 goals currently. Helps with motivation too.
      [20:51:44] <OpheliaBlue> it's really really to get overwhelmed.. you're already "high" from attaining the lucidity. Memorizing a list is invaluable.
      [20:51:48] <OpheliaBlue> easy*
      [20:52:08] <Oreoboy1996> i don't have many goals on my list anymore i don't think
      [20:52:15] <RareCola> Yea, at least then I can prioritise what I want to try first and remember to do that without thinking about everything else when I'm in the dream
      [20:52:20] <OpheliaBlue> totally helps with motivation.. I noticed a spike in lucidity AND control when I focused on the TOTM
      [20:52:21] <RareCola> May do that tomorrow
      [20:52:27] <lucidius> i barely have a goal, fly
      [20:52:30] <OpheliaBlue> you're too seasoned Oreoboy1996
      [20:52:35] <Oreoboy1996> i know
      [20:52:41] <OpheliaBlue> flying is an excellent goal lucidius
      [20:52:43] <Exotiraan> consume gocr
      [20:52:51] <OpheliaBlue> lol Exotiraan, what?
      [20:53:02] <OpheliaBlue> eat the groceries or the grocer?
      [20:53:03] <Exotiraan> Wrong terminal.
      [20:53:28] <lucidius> the person who works at the grocier
      [20:53:41] <OpheliaBlue> where are you from lucidius, if I may ask?
      [20:53:45] Exotiraan is grabbing the optical character recognizer because he lost one of his dream-journal entries after restarting his browser, but had a screenshot somewheer.
      [20:53:51] <lucidius> US
      [20:53:52] <RareCola> Haha reminds me of a guy that was in #LucidDreaming the other day. We asked him what his goals for LDing were and he said he just liked sitting on a hill, he was too afraid to try anything like flying because it was too dangerous and he didn't want to risk it incase he was actually awake
      [20:53:55] <Exotiraan> I'm too lazy to re-type it.
      [20:53:59] <RareCola> </paragraph>
      [20:54:08] <Caenis> You took a screenshot of your DJ entry...?
      [20:54:08] <OpheliaBlue> lol RareCola
      [20:54:25] <Oreoboy1996> tell him he shouldn't fear waking up
      [20:54:26] <OpheliaBlue> a screenshot huh.. odd but handy
      [20:54:42] <lucidius> did you hear?
      [20:54:47] <Oreoboy1996> oh nvm read it wrong
      [20:54:53] <OpheliaBlue> I was afraid of flying and water for ages in LDs, because I had fears IRL
      [20:55:13] <lucidius> they are almost complete with tech to record dreams, like movies!
      [20:55:28] <Oreoboy1996> the only thing i fear too much in LDs are spiders
      [20:55:28] <RareCola> I've noticed a lot of people got over fears in LDs
      [20:55:33] <Caenis> Flying is the first or second thing I'm going to try. I figure it's a good first goal. Easy to remember too.
      [20:55:58] <Oreoboy1996> yeah flying is a really great first goal
      [20:55:58] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: yes, and Caenis: I agree
      [20:56:00] <lucidius> i fear mirrors
      [20:56:04] <RareCola> I flew in my first LD, such an awesome experience
      [20:56:14] <OpheliaBlue> sometimes I would spontaneoulsy float into the air upon attaikning lucidity
      [20:56:15] <lucidius> in ALL drAMS
      [20:56:20] <OpheliaBlue> god my spelling
      [20:56:22] <Oreoboy1996> i hit a tree the first time i flew -_-
      [20:56:33] <lucidius> lol
      [20:56:34] <OpheliaBlue> I see i'm not the only one
      [20:56:40] <OpheliaBlue> haha really?
      [20:56:49] <Oreoboy1996> yeah :/
      [20:56:49] <lucidius> that is someting i would do oreo
      [20:56:51] <RareCola> I had issues turning when I flew, almost hit a building
      [20:57:01] <Oreoboy1996> was like "check this out!" *crash*
      [20:57:06] <lucidius> SPLAT?
      [20:57:14] <OpheliaBlue> last night I had my son on my shoulders ( can't resist saying NO to his DC), and I landed on a bunch of people when I tried to fly because I was too heavy
      [20:57:24] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:57:34] <OpheliaBlue> but I fixed it
      [20:57:39] <Caenis> Haha, I'm sure they didn't mind.
      [20:57:43] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:57:48] <OpheliaBlue> they grunted in opposition, but I didn't care
      [20:58:12] <lucidius> guhrunted?
      [20:58:29] <OpheliaBlue> that's the first time I brought my son on a lucid excersion
      [20:58:43] <lucidius> i am a little neurologically not here tonight, sorry
      [20:58:43] <RareCola> Anyway I think I'm going to head off. You'll have to let me know what you think of those videos, ophelia!
      [20:58:45] <OpheliaBlue> excursion*
      [20:58:56] <Caenis> Good night RareCola. Sleep well.
      [20:59:02] <OpheliaBlue> I so will RareCola, I'll award your points right after class
      [20:59:20] <RareCola> Tomorrow's the next IRC class, right?
      [20:59:22] <lucidius> points?
      [20:59:38] <OpheliaBlue> I'll post Lesson IV on monday
      [20:59:55] <Caenis> Community Hall points. Ophelia/fOrceez can give out points if we accomplish tasks.
      [20:59:56] <OpheliaBlue> lots of ways to ear extra credit lucidius
      [21:00:02] <OpheliaBlue> earn*
      [21:00:15] <lucidius> ohhh my back brb
      [21:01:04] <Oreoboy1996> it's hard to say no to children in dreams i think
      [21:01:14] <Oreoboy1996> unless they're the annoying ones that bite your leg
      [21:01:20] <OpheliaBlue> haha
      [21:01:41] <OpheliaBlue> with my son it's weird.. he's always 4 or 5 in them, when he's 8 IRL
      [21:01:53] <Caenis> Huh. Strange.
      [21:01:55] <OpheliaBlue> probably some Freudian or Yungian crap
      [21:01:59] <lucidius> my stupid postire plus - mindset
      [21:02:07] <lucidius> anyway im back
      [21:02:18] <OpheliaBlue> wb
      [21:02:22] <OpheliaBlue> from the US you say?
      [21:02:23] <Caenis> But then again, my mom never looks like herself. I guess it's not unusual.
      [21:02:26] <lucidius> thanks
      [21:02:32] <Oreoboy1996> maybe it's some sort of way of saying that he's always going to be your little baby
      [21:02:50] <lucidius> ya from usa i am
      [21:03:23] <OpheliaBlue> I think so too
      [21:03:23] <lucidius> like your pyro offspring oreo?
      [21:03:46] <Oreoboy1996> ehh maybe
      [21:04:17] <Oreoboy1996> she's usually pretty young when i see her
      [21:04:41] <lucidius> like 2
      [21:04:59] <Oreoboy1996> maybe 5-7 years old i think
      [21:05:04] <lucidius> oh
      [21:05:06] <OpheliaBlue> you have a recurring firestarter daughter Oreoboy1996?
      [21:05:19] <Oreoboy1996> lol yeah
      [21:05:24] <OpheliaBlue> that's wicked cool
      [21:05:27] <Oreoboy1996> sadly she's not as frequent as other characters
      [21:05:39] <OpheliaBlue> what's some of your most frequent
      [21:05:48] <lucidius> y, is she fun to have around?
      [21:05:53] <Oreoboy1996> I think Chris and Claire are my most frequent
      [21:05:59] <OpheliaBlue> twins?
      [21:06:12] <Oreoboy1996> nah, those are just my dream guides
      [21:06:16] <Oreoboy1996> which i assume aren't related
      [21:06:30] <lucidius> what about crystal?
      [21:06:33] <OpheliaBlue> and how come you get 2?
      [21:06:35] <lucidius> wolf?
      [21:06:42] <OpheliaBlue>
      [21:06:48] <Oreoboy1996> lucidius: my daughter is fun to have around, but even though she is just a dream character i am attached to her
      [21:06:56] <Oreoboy1996> oh yeah krystal is growing more frequent
      [21:07:08] <Oreoboy1996> and Ophelia I don't know why i have so many DGs lol
      [21:07:22] <OpheliaBlue> I'd love to just run around that lucid brain of yours one day Oreoboy1996
      [21:07:23] <Oreoboy1996> i sort of found dream characters i liked and just hoped that they would stick around
      [21:07:29] <lucidius> i want at least 1
      [21:07:31] <OpheliaBlue> or I could just read your DJ
      [21:07:44] <Oreoboy1996> trying to catch my journal up
      [21:07:48] <Oreoboy1996> it's slightly outdated
      [21:07:51] <OpheliaBlue> at any rate, about 10 minutes left, any last questions
      [21:07:59] <Oreoboy1996> nope
      [21:08:02] <OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: Caenis
      [21:08:08] <lucidius> idk right now
      [21:08:40] <lucidius> oh
      [21:08:48] <lucidius> what of the workbook
      [21:08:58] <lucidius> what is it suposed to be 4
      [21:09:00] <Caenis> Hmmmm. I guess not. I had a dream the other night where I read about LDing in a book though. And the night before I think I had a LD.
      [21:09:01] <lucidius> ?
      [21:09:11] <Caenis> I'm happy that I made a little bit of progress.
      [21:09:31] <Exotiraan> Hm?
      [21:09:46] <OpheliaBlue> ooo you had a layer zero minor dream Caenis
      [21:10:06] Exotiraan is writing in his DJ.
      [21:10:09] <Caenis> Yeah, it was cool.
      [21:10:20] <Caenis> I hadn't had a zero-minor dream before that.
      [21:10:22] <OpheliaBlue> lucidius: the workbook is for listing reality checks, dream signs, links to yuor journal if yuo wish
      [21:10:38] <lucidius> oh
      [21:10:50] <lucidius> so i am useing it right
      [21:11:12] <Oreoboy1996> a layer zero?
      [21:11:16] Oreoboy1996 leans in close
      [21:11:20] <Oreoboy1996> new stuff to learn? O_O
      [21:11:27] <lucidius> layer?
      [21:11:31] <Caenis> The 5 Layers of a Lucid Dream (1/5) - YouTube
      [21:11:41] <Caenis> We all watched this video earlier in the class.
      [21:11:41] <Oreoboy1996> ogres and onions have layers
      [21:11:43] <OpheliaBlue> lucidius: yes you are doing it right
      [21:11:43] <Oreoboy1996> but dreams? :O
      [21:12:00] <OpheliaBlue> so do parfaits and cakes
      [21:12:13] <lucidius> and rock
      [21:12:14] <OpheliaBlue> check it oreo, I think it's an excellent learning tool
      [21:12:40] <Oreoboy1996> alright, i'll look at it later
      [21:12:56] <OpheliaBlue> ok
      [21:13:28] <RareCola> Haha, popped back quickly before I get to bed. I see the layers thing is going to spread all over DreamViews now
      [21:13:43] <OpheliaBlue> the layers thing is all the rave RareCola
      [21:13:54] <lucidius> rave?
      [21:13:59] <OpheliaBlue> was it ever posted before I wonder?
      [21:14:08] <lucidius> what the heck is rave?
      [21:14:15] <RareCola> Probably, he's pretty popular on YouTube
      [21:14:16] <OpheliaBlue> lucidius: how old are you?
      [21:14:26] <lucidius> 14
      [21:14:31] <OpheliaBlue> ah
      [21:14:41] <Caenis> Youngin'.
      [21:14:56] <lucidius> am i the youngest here?
      [21:15:00] <Oreoboy1996> oh so the layers thing is newish here?
      [21:15:06] <Oreoboy1996> that explains why i haven't heard it
      [21:15:13] <Oreoboy1996> lucidius: i'm 15
      [21:15:15] <RareCola> Yea, his videos have been posted on DreamViews before: http://www.dreamviews.com/f20/great-...inners-130232/
      [21:15:16] <OpheliaBlue> don't worry, yuo have a sponge brain when yuo're young, you'll soak this all up in no time
      [21:15:30] <lucidius> YAY
      [21:15:32] <Caenis> That's true.
      [21:15:35] <Oreoboy1996> yeah, it seems the younger you start practicing the better
      [21:15:39] <lucidius> i know
      [21:15:54] <lucidius> but my neurological speed has slowed
      [21:15:56] <OpheliaBlue> annnnd just a month ago RareCola.. I feel like a numb nutter
      [21:16:02] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:16:10] <RareCola> To be fair that video posted isn't about his layers theory
      [21:16:28] <OpheliaBlue> why lucidius, what are you doing to your neurological system?
      [21:16:32] <OpheliaBlue> wait, nvm
      [21:16:43] <lucidius> not enough stimulation
      [21:16:57] <lucidius> it is dterierateing
      [21:17:09] <lucidius> D:
      [21:17:17] <Oreoboy1996> wait, is this a serious medical thing? >.>
      [21:17:22] <lucidius> that is like my worst nightmare too
      [21:17:50] <OpheliaBlue> lucidius: we'll talk later
      [21:17:51] <lucidius> no, but it is y i got into LDing
      [21:18:06] <lucidius> ok
      [21:18:15] <lucidius> ok ophelia
      [21:18:18] <OpheliaBlue> in the meantime, RareCola, I'll move that thread to the proper forum, since it was asked to already
      [21:18:39] <Caenis> Yeah, no one would see it in the Introductions section.
      [21:18:53] <OpheliaBlue> what do you guys think, Attaining Lucidity?
      [21:19:09] <RareCola> Probably, as it's a beginner's introduction video
      [21:19:17] <OpheliaBlue> ok
      [21:19:31] <Oreoboy1996> oh let me look at it
      [21:19:40] <RareCola> I may make a thread with his layers series, seems a lot of people would benefit from it
      [21:19:46] <Oreoboy1996> yeah that would probably work well in attaining lucidity
      [21:19:52] <OpheliaBlue> ok one sec
      [21:19:54] <Oreoboy1996> seeing as it is about attaining lucidity...
      [21:23:24] <OpheliaBlue> ok done
      [21:23:32] <lucidius> is class over or something? no one is saying anything
      [21:23:33] <OpheliaBlue> thanks yet again for pointing that out rar
      [21:23:37] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola:
      [21:23:44] <OpheliaBlue> hehe, rar.
      [21:23:47] <lucidius> oh
      [21:23:56] <RareCola> I'm glad you find it helpful
      [21:25:25] <OpheliaBlue> I bumped it
      [21:25:47] <Oreoboy1996> i wish i could figure out why i feel like i'm dreaming whenever i go on my porch at night
      [21:25:55] <OpheliaBlue> ok unless there are any last questions, this class is dismissed
      [21:26:10] <OpheliaBlue> weird lighting oreo
      [21:26:19] <Oreoboy1996> possibly
      [21:26:20] <OpheliaBlue> not quite day, not quite night
      [21:26:20] <RareCola> You realise that thread you bumped is his "Lucid dreaming for beginners" and not the "Five layers of lucidity" ?
      [21:26:28] <OpheliaBlue> serious
      [21:26:30] <Oreoboy1996> but it sort of feels like my energy rc thing
      [21:26:32] <OpheliaBlue> balls, hold oko
      [21:26:35] <OpheliaBlue> hold on
      [21:26:44] <Caenis> Okay. Thanks Ophelia. Good class.
      [21:26:48] <Oreoboy1996> and it feels like there's a guy standing in the field
      [21:26:51] <Oreoboy1996> which creeps me out
      [21:27:07] <lucidius> r u near a semitary
      [21:27:14] Caenis [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [21:27:28] <RareCola> I'll go ahead and make a thread with the layers of lucidity videos specifically, opheliablue
      [21:27:32] <lucidius> it might just be the thought
      [21:27:47] <Oreoboy1996> nah i'm in the middle of nowhere on some old farm house
      [21:27:51] <lucidius> !brb
      [21:28:14] <lucidius> back
      [21:28:43] <lucidius> in a dream?
      [21:28:51] <lucidius> or real life????
      [21:29:13] <Oreoboy1996> in real life, when i walk onto my porch at night, I feel like i'm dreaming and it feels like someone is standing in the field
      [21:29:23] <OpheliaBlue> ... almost ...
      [21:29:28] <lucidius> hmmm
      [21:29:50] <lucidius> do you live ina prery?
      [21:30:01] <lucidius> if yopu dont mind
      [21:30:11] <Oreoboy1996> a prairy?
      [21:30:22] <lucidius> like a grassland?
      [21:30:40] <Oreoboy1996> nah it's just a field surrounded by forest
      [21:30:46] <Oreoboy1996> and i don't see the relevance...
      [21:31:03] <lucidius> invirament can play a huge roll
      [21:31:31] <lucidius> is it far from any towns?
      [21:31:59] <Oreoboy1996> just outside a small town
      [21:32:07] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: who is the op?
      [21:32:14] <lucidius> is it out of sight?
      [21:32:23] <RareCola> The op? Of this chatroom?
      [21:32:36] <lucidius> op?
      [21:32:36] <OpheliaBlue> no of the 5 layer post on DV
      [21:32:47] <Oreoboy1996> not really
      [21:33:00] <RareCola> I'm making a thread now, there's not one specifically for the five layers, only a few with his beginners guide to lucid dreaming
      [21:33:16] <OpheliaBlue> thing is, I can't move it unless I can find it, based on the date of the person who posted last on the same thread
      [21:33:32] <OpheliaBlue> really fucked up, but that's how research goes with older posts
      [21:34:33] <Oreoboy1996> anyways lucidius, I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone there
      [21:34:37] <lucidius> wait, i almost forgot
      [21:34:40] <OpheliaBlue> the thing is, you need to make sure it doesn't look like a repeated post RareCola
      [21:34:41] <Oreoboy1996> probably some weird hallucinatory de ja vu thing
      [21:34:54] <RareCola> there's not a post on it previously though, ophelia
      [21:34:57] <RareCola> not one that I've found anyway
      [21:35:17] <RareCola> As I said, just posts on his other videos that aren't about the layers of lucidity
      [21:35:23] <lucidius> are you far from other people?
      [21:35:40] <Oreoboy1996> yes...
      [21:35:51] <lucidius> that may be it
      [21:36:33] <OpheliaBlue> oh duh
      [21:36:38] <OpheliaBlue> http://www.dreamviews.com/f20/great-...inners-130232/
      [21:36:56] <RareCola> Shall I make the thread then?
      [21:37:02] <RareCola> Random blank message, woops
      [21:37:45] <OpheliaBlue> that's the link yuo gave me earlier RareCola
      [21:37:56] <OpheliaBlue> 17 minutes ago
      [21:37:57] <RareCola> Yea, click the link to the video, it's not about the layers of lucidity
      [21:38:05] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [21:38:08] <OpheliaBlue> no wonder I was so lost
      [21:38:18] <OpheliaBlue> I was looking for a post about the 5 layers on DV
      [21:38:25] <OpheliaBlue> dadgummit!
      [21:38:27] <lucidius> i shuld go, the computer screen is messing with my eres
      [21:38:28] <RareCola> That's what I'm saying, there isn't one!
      [21:38:33] <RareCola> I just wrote one, shall I post it?
      [21:38:44] <OpheliaBlue> then make one! what are you waiting for!!
      [21:38:46] <OpheliaBlue> just kidding
      [21:38:55] OpheliaBlue catches on after ages and ages
      [21:38:59] <lucidius> goodbye
      [21:39:04] <OpheliaBlue> see ya lucidius
      [21:39:05] <RareCola> Lmao
      [21:39:13] lucidius [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:39:35] <RareCola> The Layers of Lucidity
      [21:39:36] <RareCola> there we go
      [21:39:40] <OpheliaBlue> make it and I will of course respond with full enthusiasm
      [21:39:44] <OpheliaBlue> well.
      [21:43:03] <OpheliaBlue> ok now that i searched ReeceJones87 on DV, it has been mentioned before
      [21:43:42] <RareCola> It has? I couldn't find a thread
      [21:44:12] <OpheliaBlue> not 5-layer threads, just posts referencing his name
      [21:44:19] <OpheliaBlue> so it's probably fine
      [21:44:31] <OpheliaBlue> if you get any flame for it I'll back you
      [21:44:47] <RareCola> Yea, I didn't find any with the five layer theory specifically
      [21:46:56] <OpheliaBlue> ok thanks for checking, I wasn't sure because i was absent from DV for a while
      [21:47:11] <OpheliaBlue> didn't want any repeats
      [21:47:41] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
      [21:47:49] <OpheliaBlue> I can't thank you enough for showing that video to me RareCola
      [21:48:08] <OpheliaBlue> class is so incredibly dismissed
      [21:48:15] <RareCola>
      [21:48:19] <RareCola> Going to get some sleep now
      [21:48:29] <OpheliaBlue> ok, see you
      [21:48:32] <RareCola> With any luck, I'll have some interesting stuff to post in my workbook tomorrow
      [21:48:52] RareCola [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Goodnight
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      5/11 noon DVA Chat

      Spoiler for 5/11 noon:
      [12:13:58] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:13:58] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
      [12:13:59] kb5.keebali.com [*@*] has set channel mode +nst
      [12:13:59] Channel was created at Wed May 9 11:37:13 2012
      [12:14:02] <OpheliaBlue> sorry
      [12:14:05] <OpheliaBlue> slept in lol!
      [12:15:12] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola:
      [12:15:22] <RareCola> Haha it's fine, pretty dead anyway
      [12:15:42] <RareCola> Not sure if anyone else is in the other channels to join us today
      [12:16:48] <OpheliaBlue> ok Im gonna get some caffeine then brb and see ifmore show up
      [12:16:59] <RareCola> Alright
      [12:22:49] <OpheliaBlue> back
      [12:23:03] <RareCola> Welcome back
      [12:23:09] <RareCola> Think it's just us today
      [12:23:14] <OpheliaBlue> so anything new in the lucid world?
      [12:23:53] <RareCola> Alas nothing particularly interesting to share today
      [12:24:08] <RareCola> Just one moment last night in a dream where I had a scene transition to later in day
      [12:24:12] <OpheliaBlue> yeah me neither.. i had a few non lucids, and one really quick DILD
      [12:24:15] <RareCola> and I was aware of the scene transition for a moment
      [12:26:03] <RareCola> I also made my list of things to do in my lucid dreams, probably post that in my workbook today so I can keep the motivation up
      [12:26:41] <OpheliaBlue> so what was that transition like this time
      [12:27:59] <RareCola> It was strange... I had a moment in the dream where I was a photographer, only I had the camera the wrong way around so I was actually taking photographs of my nose
      [12:28:18] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:28:24] <RareCola> When I realised that I kind of just... jumped into night time in the dream where I was inside my house and thought to myself "That was a scene transition, interesting"
      [12:28:29] <RareCola> but then went straight back into the dream
      [12:30:11] <OpheliaBlue> so that's like, layer 0 in a way? I need to watch the rest of those videos today
      [12:31:20] <RareCola> Yea, I knew something was off but I didn't suspect it was a dream really
      [12:34:19] <OpheliaBlue> sorry, still here, my bf was just asking me a very long question
      [12:36:33] <RareCola> So you didn't watch those other videos yet then?
      [12:37:04] <OpheliaBlue> nah I got distracted last night with the KVirc I had just installed
      [12:37:33] <OpheliaBlue> I responed to the thread though
      [12:37:36] <OpheliaBlue> that you made
      [12:37:44] <RareCola> Yea I saw, someone made a transcript of the video too which was nice of them
      [12:38:46] <OpheliaBlue> oh i see that! very nice
      [12:39:01] <OpheliaBlue> especially like for me, and the computer at work has no sound
      [12:39:21] <OpheliaBlue> so what's in your list of things to do in your next lucid then
      [12:40:38] <RareCola> I thought I'd start really basic and try to eat some Marmite/Vegemite on toast. I'm allergic to it in real life but I love the stuff, so I thought it'd be something nice and easy to try in a dream
      [12:41:52] <OpheliaBlue> oh that's a clever idea, try stuff you're allergic to
      [12:42:36] <RareCola> Besides that, I want to see if I can initiate a scene transition myself. In my first lucid I just explored the world in front of me, I'd like to see if I can "teleport" myself somewhere through spinning or something similar
      [12:43:08] <OpheliaBlue> I've been successful changing scenes by going through doors
      [12:43:27] <OpheliaBlue> since I ALWAYS start my LDs in my room. Outside of the rare DILD
      [12:43:44] <RareCola> Yea, ReeceJones mentions the door technique when he talks about Layer Four. Seems to be quite reliable.
      [12:44:45] <OpheliaBlue> see now you're just rubbing it in (me needs to watch them)
      [12:45:19] <RareCola> Haha feel free to take the time from the class to watch them! I don't have much to discuss today.
      [12:46:21] <OpheliaBlue> awww.. it's ok, we're about to go shopping anyway
      [12:48:40] <OpheliaBlue> oh I was going to ask you, do you ever take any suppliments, like b6, or bananas before bed?
      [12:52:29] <OpheliaBlue> just curious RareCola because I take those 5-htp and have alot of success with it
      [12:52:47] <RareCola> Sorry, I've got things happening left, right and centre. Forgot about this chat for a moment
      [12:53:07] <RareCola> I've been drinking apple juice and eating a banana before bed, but I've done that for years.
      [12:53:23] <RareCola> Funnily enough that sort of thing has always been a bedtime snack for me
      [12:53:35] <OpheliaBlue> haha no kiddin
      [12:53:54] <RareCola> I don't take any supplements though
      [12:54:13] <RareCola> I'm not particularly fond of going to the extremes some people do with 10000% RDA, etc
      [12:55:05] <OpheliaBlue> fair enough
      [12:55:34] <RareCola> My dream recall seems to be getting a lot lot better though
      [12:56:00] <OpheliaBlue> from motivation?
      [12:56:27] <RareCola> I think I mentioned in my workbook, I've always had a hyper-sense of awareness, similar to KingYoshi's ADA technique. I think that definitely helps me out in my recall and general vividness of dreams
      [12:57:04] <OpheliaBlue> I know what you mean, I just didn't know if you had dome something different more recently, besides joining DV
      [12:58:03] <RareCola> I think just generally writing down my dreams and as you said, motivation to do so, has helped a great deal
      [12:58:40] <OpheliaBlue> good that makes me happy
      [12:59:00] <RareCola> For the entirety of this week so far I've remembered at least 2 dreams per day, as apposed to last week where I was only remembering 1 most days
      [12:59:03] <RareCola> So definitely progress
      [12:59:31] <RareCola> Although my dream journal entries have been shorter overall this week
      [13:01:56] <OpheliaBlue> any idea why that is?
      [13:02:28] <RareCola> I think it's just because I'm waking up a lot more frequently, only sometimes when I wake I forget the dream
      [13:02:54] <RareCola> So I think last week I may have had multiple dreams link together into what I thought was one, which is why I had longer entries
      [13:05:20] <OpheliaBlue> ah that makes sense
      [13:05:47] <OpheliaBlue> I believe I often link fragments together, unintentionally, if they have common elements among them
      [13:06:16] <RareCola> Yea, it's like the other day where I had 3 dreams but they all had the same theme and linked together
      [13:06:32] <RareCola> so if I had slept the entire way throgh I proabbly would have thought it was one dream
      [13:06:39] <RareCola> through* probably*
      [13:06:46] Morten [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [13:07:14] <OpheliaBlue> lol morten, your internal clock is off by 1 hours
      [13:07:24] <Morten> I forgot chat!
      [13:07:49] <OpheliaBlue> awww
      [13:08:10] <OpheliaBlue> maybe next week I'll send PM reminders to everybody
      [13:08:13] <Morten> *facepalm*
      [13:08:24] <RareCola> Haha morten
      [13:08:41] <Morten> I usually set my alarm.. oh well..
      [13:08:50] <Morten> I just have to read the chat log then.
      [13:08:53] <OpheliaBlue> ok I gotta go, I'll post this in the chat logs, all the way up to Morten's facepalm
      [13:09:50] <RareCola> Alright, cya later Ophelia
      [13:09:51] <Morten> lol ok, bye ophelia.
      [13:09:53] <RareCola> enjoy shopping
      [13:09:55] <OpheliaBlue> I'll post more chat times for monday and tuesday, I work all weekend again
      [13:09:55] <RareCola> thanks for the chat!
      [13:10:02] <OpheliaBlue> np
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      Spoiler for 5/11 8pm cst:
      [19:55:51] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
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      [19:55:52] Channel was created at Wed May 9 11:37:13 2012
      [19:56:21] <OpheliaBlue> I'm here, just finishing up an LD video real quick
      [20:01:59] <OpheliaBlue> realdealmagic: awake?
      [20:13:03] RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:13:15] <RareCola> 'ello
      [20:13:45] <RareCola> probably only be here for a bit tonight - are we alive?
      [20:14:12] <OpheliaBlue> not sure hehe
      [20:14:29] <OpheliaBlue> I'm watching 4/5 now on the layer videos
      [20:14:38] <OpheliaBlue> ping me if anyone else comes
      [20:14:50] <OpheliaBlue> ^^ that's for you RareCola
      [20:14:55] <RareCola> Alright, will do
      [20:15:04] <OpheliaBlue> and fyi, BAD rain here, hope we don't lose power
      [20:15:24] <RareCola> It's always bad rain here. England
      [20:15:26] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:19:15] <RareCola> I wanted to ask you by the way. I've just been reading up about DEILDs more in-depth out of interest. I feel like my first "actual" lucid dream was an accidental DIELD now
      [20:20:25] <RareCola> Because I was in a dream when I realised I was dreaming, had a false awakening and realised I was dreaming again and then actually woke up, but I didn't move and was in a really dazed/dreamy state and eventually my body became really light and I was just instantly back in an LD in my room
      [20:20:36] <RareCola> Would that class as a DIELD?
      [20:25:43] <RareCola> DEILD* rather
      [20:27:59] <OpheliaBlue> yeah that sounds alot like what I do
      [20:29:02] <OpheliaBlue> because of the tendency to have FAs in those later REM cycles (which is when you wake up and get out of bed in real life), you can turn FAs into an excellent chance of attaining lucidity
      [20:31:09] <RareCola> Heh
      [20:31:18] <RareCola> maybe I should try DEILDs more then, as I had success with that
      [20:31:47] <OpheliaBlue> it's funny, they say MILDs and DILDs are easier, but I think DEILDs are
      [20:32:29] <OpheliaBlue> you're already coming out of a dream anyway, the FAs are great for RCs, and yuo're still kinda tired and groggy so you can slip back into the dream
      [20:32:52] <RareCola> I think MILDs and DILDs are just something that happen effortlessly without really any trying, so people term it easiest
      [20:33:16] <RareCola> For me, who really has no obligation to get up in the mornings, I don't see any reason why DEILD or WILD would be harder
      [20:33:16] <OpheliaBlue> agreed. Do some RCs and one day you *might* get lucid
      [20:33:37] <OpheliaBlue> DEILDs require you to craft your sleep schedule in a way that it conducive to lucidity
      [20:33:42] <OpheliaBlue> is*
      [20:33:57] <OpheliaBlue> still easier than a straight up WILD though
      [20:34:12] <RareCola> And plus, it seems like you could still MILD and DILD while trying DEILD and WILD, right?
      [20:34:22] <OpheliaBlue> absolutely
      [20:34:37] <OpheliaBlue> many of the induction techniques are NOT mutually exclusive
      [20:35:22] <RareCola> Then I think I've finally found a technique I feel comfortable sticking to for a while
      [20:35:23] <OpheliaBlue> I always ain from DEILDs, but I still get the occasional DILD, and I still practice RCs and incubations when I'm awake
      [20:35:30] <OpheliaBlue> aim*
      [20:35:53] <RareCola> Just need to remember how I woke without moving now xD
      [20:36:00] <OpheliaBlue> well good for you. they say to *pick one and stick with it*, but so many techniques overlap
      [20:36:34] <OpheliaBlue> not moving is easy for me because i'm such a lazy sleep addict (I had a hard life )
      [20:36:35] <RareCola> Is it okay to open your eyes and such? When I first did that DEILD I remember opening my eyes, even moved my hand to check my fingers incase of another FA
      [20:36:42] <RareCola> but all guides say "Don't move at all"
      [20:37:04] <OpheliaBlue> ok good question, there's a yes and a no answer there:
      [20:37:53] <OpheliaBlue> when you first wake up and start the dream chain, that's a good time to do a true WBTB. You can get up, get some water, go to the restroom, feed the dogs, kiss the kids and send them off to school etc
      [20:38:24] <OpheliaBlue> I don't eat or consume any caffeine or anything with sugar. Don't want energy at this time,
      [20:38:27] <OpheliaBlue> THEN,
      [20:39:08] <OpheliaBlue> in between subsequesnt dreams, when you wake, fall back to sleep, back and forth, like when yuo hit snooze and keep repeatedly going back to sleep,
      [20:39:55] <OpheliaBlue> try not to move to much.. that's when I get some mini WILD vibrations, reenter the dream, and continue on in a state of awareness.
      [20:40:21] <RareCola> For that WBTB, recently I've found myself initially waking up about 3/4 hours after going to sleep and remembering my first dream. Is it worth doing the WBTB then?
      [20:40:36] <OpheliaBlue> different for everybody
      [20:41:06] <OpheliaBlue> I usually scrap the first 6 or 7 hours of sleep and dreams, because i know I can sleep in for another 3 or 4 on my days off
      [20:41:58] <OpheliaBlue> but my technique is built upon a schedule that is highly unusual, but can hopefully be adjusted and crafted for others
      [20:41:59] <RareCola> Thing is I usually can't sleep for more than 8 hours. Once I wake up at about the 7hr30m mark, I don't ever get back to sleep.
      [20:42:08] <RareCola> So doing the WBTB earlier may be beneficial
      [20:42:53] <OpheliaBlue> I noticed that through the years of my life, my WBTB's occured later and later. So it may be metabolism related as well.
      [20:43:03] <OpheliaBlue> earlier for the young, later for the old/parents/etc
      [20:43:07] <OpheliaBlue> make sense/
      [20:43:17] <OpheliaBlue> ?
      [20:43:19] <OpheliaBlue> *
      [20:43:30] <RareCola> Yea, it does. My metabolism is ridiculously high. I'm a bit of a nutrition nut.
      [20:43:37] <RareCola> So that could play a big role
      [20:44:03] <OpheliaBlue> Iv'e noticed that alot on DV, since this forum is mostly comprised of members in their teens and early twenties
      [20:44:10] <OpheliaBlue> the peak of health
      [20:44:54] <RareCola> You know, no guide I've found has offered as good advice as you do. You should definitely think about writing one yourself
      [20:44:57] <OpheliaBlue> so with a higher metabolism, you have to find ways to be relaxed, calm, and even a bit lazy, in order for DEILDs to work
      [20:45:11] <OpheliaBlue> well, live guides are always better than written ones
      [20:45:34] <RareCola> True
      [20:45:35] <OpheliaBlue> and you recommended Reecejones, who's my personal fav to date
      [20:45:54] <RareCola> Ah yes, did you finish the series then?
      [20:46:40] <OpheliaBlue> I'm on the last one but I'm confused
      [20:46:45] <OpheliaBlue> it's 5 layers right?
      [20:46:50] <OpheliaBlue> brb phone
      [20:47:41] <RareCola> Yea. Layer Zero through Four. He has a "Layer Five" too which is OBEs and Astral Projection but doesn't detail it in this video series because it's not scientifically proven.
      [20:50:30] <OpheliaBlue> ohhhhh gotcha
      [20:50:36] <OpheliaBlue> yeah that answers it for me
      [20:50:38] <OpheliaBlue> thanks
      [20:50:49] <OpheliaBlue> e is truly brilliant
      [20:50:59] <RareCola> He has the most interesting dreams
      [20:51:23] <OpheliaBlue> athough I have never had much experience with the layer 2 stuff, yes to the 0, 1, and 3 so far
      [20:51:42] <OpheliaBlue> yeah he does, I LOVE how he cites examples. Like reading someone else's journal and learning from it
      [20:51:57] <OpheliaBlue> that said, do you ever frequesnt anyone's journal on V?
      [20:52:11] <OpheliaBlue> DV*
      [20:52:37] <RareCola> After you mentioning it the other day, I read a couple.
      [20:53:01] <RareCola> Just need to find time to read some of them, people really go into detail!
      [20:53:28] <OpheliaBlue> hhaa yeah they do. That's why I'm so glad nina created the Share you dream in one sentence thread
      [20:53:40] <OpheliaBlue> that way you get a preview before delving in
      [20:54:23] <OpheliaBlue> might be beneficial to find a journal that best represents one's dreaming styles, and see what they do
      [20:54:23] <RareCola> I'd put mine up but I find a lot of my non-lucids somewhat personal
      [20:54:30] <RareCola> so I think I'll just put up all my lucids
      [20:54:58] <RareCola> Already put my first lucid up in detail
      [20:55:10] <OpheliaBlue> no worries, you dont' have to.. I do alot of "I dreamed I was in this place and saw a hot guy and *details details* then other stuff happened."
      [20:55:22] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:55:41] <RareCola> I think I may read your journal, as it seems i'll be copying your method for the most part
      [20:56:08] <OpheliaBlue> be warned, it can get a touch lewd at times
      [20:57:25] <RareCola> That's fine
      [20:57:32] <OpheliaBlue> potty break then I'll be back, and i'll read your journal entry
      [20:59:10] <RareCola> It's a bit all over the place because I just copied the scrawlings from my journal in my sleepy state
      [20:59:17] <RareCola> but you get the gist
      [21:01:30] <OpheliaBlue> k back
      [21:01:37] <OpheliaBlue> ok reading it
      [21:02:59] <OpheliaBlue> DOH overexcitement is such a bastard.. still reading
      [21:03:01] <OpheliaBlue> ...
      [21:03:07] <RareCola> Haha
      [21:05:21] <RareCola> I'll be back in a bit, just grabbing some food before bed
      [21:07:06] <OpheliaBlue> wow, cool dream
      [21:07:12] <OpheliaBlue> lots and lots of transitions
      [21:07:36] <OpheliaBlue> I was watching the Reece videos and it got me to thinking about some of that stuff
      [21:08:28] <OpheliaBlue> currently there's a school of folks who believe you should let the lucid dream happen as it would, and you just passivly follow along
      [21:08:46] <OpheliaBlue> but now I'm reconsidereing that. seems as if that's a set up for losing lucidity
      [21:09:27] <OpheliaBlue> that thought lets the dream take you, and you're part of it again, in a non-lucid state
      [21:10:25] <OpheliaBlue> it makes more sense to be able to control things once attaining lucidity, so that the environment is yours, the characters are yours, you yourself are yours,
      [21:10:39] <OpheliaBlue> not that semi awake, drunk lucid feeling he was talking about
      [21:10:49] <OpheliaBlue> I dunno, just a thought while you get your food.
      [21:11:27] <RareCola> Back, /reads
      [21:12:07] <RareCola> Yea, I definitely got lost in the story of the dream
      [21:12:27] <RareCola> Not sure if you've watched the part where he describes dream characters reminding you that you're dreaming though
      [21:12:48] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I got to that part, that was one of the phases that I some how skipped
      [21:13:08] <RareCola> Yea didn't seem to happen in my first lucid either, which I guess was a Layer 3
      [21:13:15] <OpheliaBlue> alternately, I've had several dreams where I knew I was dreaming and told the DCs that it was a dream, and they exploded
      [21:13:20] <OpheliaBlue> or something to that effect
      [21:13:33] <RareCola> LOL
      [21:13:35] <RareCola> that's... interseting
      [21:14:10] <OpheliaBlue> I even called one once, and I was so happy I reached him on the phone, that I proudly recited to him that I was lucid dreaming
      [21:14:26] <OpheliaBlue> he made sounds like a robot coming unwired or something
      [21:14:27] <OpheliaBlue> so weird
      [21:15:05] <RareCola> I think it's largely how we initially expect them to react
      [21:15:14] <RareCola> after all they are just your subconscious
      [21:15:33] <OpheliaBlue> indeed.
      [21:15:55] <OpheliaBlue> though I still have a soft spot for the DC version of my son
      [21:16:20] <OpheliaBlue> I never have nor ever will tell him it's a dream.. I just can't hehe
      [21:17:15] <RareCola> I'd imagine it's amazingly vivid to have your child who know the ins and outs of in your dream
      [21:17:58] <OpheliaBlue> usually he's either reduced in size or age or both.. easier for my sub to handle I suppose
      [21:18:08] <OpheliaBlue> at any rate
      [21:18:52] <RareCola> Interesting
      [21:19:11] <OpheliaBlue> I'll post this in the log and finish watching layer 4.
      [21:19:28] <RareCola> Yea, sorry, I always seem to drag the class on longer!
      [21:19:42] <RareCola> I tend to do that, I get carried away with discussion.
      [21:20:01] <OpheliaBlue> no worries, I dragged it out too
      [21:20:14] <OpheliaBlue> this was less of a class and more of a sharing of information
      [21:20:19] <OpheliaBlue> I like that
      [21:20:54] <RareCola> Yea, I can't wait to start this DEILD practice now.
      [21:21:32] <OpheliaBlue> I can't wait to see the results!
      [21:27:17] <OpheliaBlue> ok, if you don't have any last questions, I'll go ahead and copy/paste this in the DVA chat logs
      [21:27:40] <RareCola> Nope, I'm good! Thanks again for the discussion
      [21:28:31] <OpheliaBlue> np RareCola
      [21:28:36] <OpheliaBlue> happy dreaming
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      [12:02:37] <OpheliaBlue> howdy mydera
      [12:04:03] <mydera> Hey
      [12:04:15] <mydera>
      [12:04:43] <mydera> hows it going?
      [12:05:12] <OpheliaBlue> not bad, going to grab some caffeine and feed the dogs, give folks a few more minutes to get in here if they're coming
      [12:05:41] <mydera> Awesome, see you in a bit
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      [12:09:22] mydera [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:09:51] <mydera> Sorry, my computer spazzed out on me, lol
      [12:11:15] <OpheliaBlue> haha np
      [12:11:31] <OpheliaBlue> these noon times are kinda so, so it might be just you and me
      [12:11:57] <mydera> OK, I don't have a whole lot of questions so it might be pretty quick then, lol
      [12:12:28] <mydera> Do you think anyone will show up late?
      [12:12:50] <OpheliaBlue> sometimes realdeal does
      [12:12:57] <OpheliaBlue> that's ok though
      [12:13:06] <OpheliaBlue> what are your questions
      [12:13:33] <mydera> How often do you take the 5 htp?
      [12:14:01] <OpheliaBlue> 4 nights a week, only on the nights before I don't work
      [12:14:05] <mydera> I noticed the bottle says to take it twice a da, but I've only been taking it before bed, and I'm finding that since taking it I'm waking up at 8 am not able to go back to sleep
      [12:14:33] <OpheliaBlue> oh really, I only take it once. hold on, let me find the bottle, maybe the mg. is different
      [12:14:34] <mydera> I wondered if maybe I need to take it twice, before bed and then a few hours later to keep sleeping?
      [12:15:08] <mydera> Mines 100 mg
      [12:15:29] <OpheliaBlue> mine too, and mine says to take one before bedtime on an empty stomach
      [12:15:36] <OpheliaBlue> so you're taking double what i take
      [12:15:47] <mydera> Oh no, I'm not taking two, just one
      [12:15:49] <mydera> Before bed
      [12:15:55] <OpheliaBlue> ohhh ok
      [12:16:13] <OpheliaBlue> the one I take is really late, like midnight
      [12:16:19] <mydera> I wndered if I should be taking two because that's what the bottle said take 1 capsule up to two times a day
      [12:16:25] <OpheliaBlue> and I find it lasts all night
      [12:16:50] <OpheliaBlue> hrmmm, you could try it.. the only issue is that your body turns the excess htp in your system into seratonin in the morning
      [12:16:54] <OpheliaBlue> which wakes you up
      [12:17:03] <mydera> Wich may be why I'm waking up, lol
      [12:17:05] <OpheliaBlue> couldn't hurt to try, everyone is different
      [12:17:58] <mydera> We need to get the kids on a better bed time schedual anyways, right now we all go to bd around midnight and the kids and I wake up around 10-11 the next morning
      [12:17:58] <OpheliaBlue> I'm still new to taking it myself
      [12:18:13] <OpheliaBlue> oh that sounds like me and the dogs
      [12:19:02] <mydera> lol, don't dogs sleep all the time?
      [12:19:13] <mydera> :p
      [12:19:27] <OpheliaBlue> most of the day
      [12:19:44] <OpheliaBlue> cats and dogs
      [12:20:05] <OpheliaBlue> so have you had a chance to look over lesson 4 yet?
      [12:20:08] <mydera> The sleep schedual is the other thing I wanted to ask about, right now I find that most of my long and detailed dreams occur between 8 and 9
      [12:20:09] <OpheliaBlue> I just posted it yesterday
      [12:20:22] <mydera> Yes, I read it yesterday
      [12:20:29] <OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, mine do too
      [12:20:48] <OpheliaBlue> I mean, you can adjusdt it by going to bed earlier and waking earlier
      [12:21:10] <mydera> So if we go to bed earlier, say around 9, then my dreams will likely occure after midnight or so?
      [12:21:29] <mydera> I'm not going to lose them because I'm not sleeping during the same time anymore?
      [12:21:48] <OpheliaBlue> they would probably occur about 3 hours earlier than they do now, if yuo go to bed 3 hours earlier
      [12:22:11] <mydera> Awesome, that relieves a huge worry
      [12:22:12] <OpheliaBlue> usually the REM cycle lengths don't change, you just change when they occur when you adjust your schedule
      [12:22:39] <OpheliaBlue> I think the only people who have the most trouble are people who work night shifts
      [12:22:45] <OpheliaBlue> like my bf
      [12:23:00] <OpheliaBlue> it's hard to get the body to produce melatonin in the day, and seratonin at night
      [12:23:04] <OpheliaBlue> he has HORRIBLE recall
      [12:23:33] <mydera> But so long as I'm sleeping at night it shouldn't be a big issue?
      [12:24:06] <OpheliaBlue> I don't think so, your cycles will adjust
      [12:24:11] <mydera> Thanks! ABout the lesson, I do have a question about stabelization when you get too excited
      [12:25:03] <mydera> I run into that problem a lot, not so much about becoming lucid and then excited, but when certain things happen or I run into a certain dc
      [12:25:36] <mydera> and it's usually pretty instant, like within half a second or so of getting excited I wake up
      [12:26:23] <OpheliaBlue> that Reece guy put it in a way that I like
      [12:26:50] <OpheliaBlue> he explained the difference between enjoying what you're doing or feeling in an LD, and downright getting too excited
      [12:26:57] <mydera> It there a technique that can work that fast to prevent me from waking? because I feel like I'll have time maybe to pull away or stop what I'm doing, but not enough time to actually use the tecnique
      [12:27:07] <OpheliaBlue> I think you have to separate yourself from the experience slightly
      [12:27:16] <OpheliaBlue> yeah that's what i was thinking
      [12:27:46] <OpheliaBlue> pull away a bit, examine things logically and rationally
      [12:28:30] <OpheliaBlue> I've been doing that more and mroe lately, and practicing is helping alot, I'm havign much longer lucids now
      [12:28:50] <mydera> does pulling yourself away from the experience some effect your lucidity?
      [12:29:10] <mydera> Like, does it make it easier to accidently get caught back up in the dream?
      [12:29:20] <mydera> and lose lucidity?
      [12:29:44] <OpheliaBlue> yeah you gotta be careful not to lose lucidity, if you get too "3rd person", it could go back to being a regular non lucid dream
      [12:29:56] <OpheliaBlue> lucid dreams are all about finding all sorts of balances
      [12:30:03] <OpheliaBlue> as you can see
      [12:30:15] <mydera> yeah, I've got terrible balance, lol
      [12:30:39] <OpheliaBlue> the good thing about balance, is practice and experience really helps
      [12:30:41] <mydera> But I'm sure with practice it'll get easier
      [12:30:58] <OpheliaBlue> you learn that swinging to far to the left is bad, and too far to the right, until you find a comfortable middle
      [12:31:44] <mydera> yeah...
      [12:31:45] <OpheliaBlue> it will, and even the journey of getting better at it, for me, is also fun.. kind of like a game with myself
      [12:31:57] <mydera> My last question is about control,
      [12:32:02] <OpheliaBlue> ok
      [12:32:35] <mydera> in my very first lucid I had amazing control,
      [12:33:00] <mydera> I walked through walls, ran super fast, changed my appearence, it was great
      [12:33:08] <mydera> But everyone since, I've struggled with control
      [12:33:27] <mydera> I'll try to do something, but it doesn't happen quite right
      [12:33:34] <mydera> I can get a door, but it's locked so I can't open it
      [12:33:49] <OpheliaBlue> I wonder if in your first lucid dream, did you have to initially stabilize at all?
      [12:33:51] <mydera> I try to change scenes and instead bring a dream character from the scene I want to the scene I'm in
      [12:34:21] <mydera> No, I've never stabelized before, lol
      [12:35:01] <OpheliaBlue> well I don't know what made you luck out on the first one, but I find that if I can stabilize my dreams initially when I become lucid,
      [12:35:28] <mydera> Does stabelizing make control easier?
      [12:35:30] <OpheliaBlue> it calms me down and I can focus on controling things better.
      [12:35:58] <OpheliaBlue> yes it does.. it's easy to get distracted by all sorts of random stuff going on in a lucid
      [12:36:06] <mydera> Awesome! I will definitly make it a point to remember to stabelize then
      [12:36:22] <OpheliaBlue> also, try to think positive (hardest part lol) when you're about to get to a door for example
      [12:36:47] <OpheliaBlue> like telling yourself that it's unlocked and it will push open easily
      [12:37:02] <mydera> Awesome
      [12:37:23] <OpheliaBlue> I find that even as I get better at some things, I run into other obstacles. It's an ongoing process
      [12:37:34] <mydera> I've found that I can contro things I can't see so much better than things I can see... I guess because it's easier to believe it's right than to have it in front of you and be able to inspect it and find flaws
      [12:38:13] <OpheliaBlue> control things you can't see? like what out of curiosity
      [12:38:44] <mydera> Like, I had a lucid where I grew wings, and they worked and when I saw their shadow later in the dream they were right,
      [12:39:19] <OpheliaBlue> oh I see, because they were behind you.. hey you could try that with the door next time
      [12:39:19] <mydera> but they were behind my back where I couldn't see them
      [12:39:19] <mydera> I also changed a ring a few times, but I had to cover it with my hand to be able to change it
      [12:39:29] <OpheliaBlue> turn away from it, and reach behind you to open it
      [12:39:33] <OpheliaBlue> you never know
      [12:40:05] <mydera> lol, that's a good idea though! Maybe if I can't see it, it'll be easier to control
      [12:40:26] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I think you nailed it when you said you can inspect it for flaws if you can see it
      [12:40:45] <mydera> I can imagine walking through a door and feeling the room/place be it hot or cold and hearing it would be a lot easier to get it right
      [12:40:56] <OpheliaBlue> but I'm sure when your control gets better you won't have to look away from stuff.. just a temporary fix so you can get on with the dream the way you want to
      [12:40:58] <mydera> ten turn around when it feels right and see it
      [12:41:26] <mydera> Awesome, thank you for all your help Ophelia! That's all my questions actually
      [12:41:27] <mydera> lol
      [12:41:39] <OpheliaBlue> no problem.. have fun with it
      [12:41:46] <mydera> Oh ait, one more... how long will the class and chat logs stay up?
      [12:41:52] <OpheliaBlue> I think the experimentation process is just as fun as the accomplishments
      [12:42:01] <OpheliaBlue> hrmm...
      [12:42:06] <OpheliaBlue> good question
      [12:42:07] <mydera> since the session is technically over, will they be here for me to reference later, or should I save them all?
      [12:42:20] <OpheliaBlue> let me check something real quick
      [12:42:31] <mydera> ok, thanks!
      [12:43:57] <OpheliaBlue> ok yeah that's what i thought, they get moved into the graveyard
      [12:44:01] <OpheliaBlue> that's kinda sad
      [12:44:20] <OpheliaBlue> lol, that's where we toss old vote threads and spam and junk
      [12:44:54] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I'd recommend saving it, but if you didn't want to, you could always ask a mod or admin to dig up something for you
      [12:45:24] <mydera> OK, I will definitly save them then!
      [12:45:33] <mydera> Thank you so much for this class!
      [12:46:00] realdealmagic [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:46:06] <mydera> Hey realdeal!
      [12:46:21] <realdealmagic> Um, hey?
      [12:46:24] <realdealmagic> Oh, is a class on just now?
      [12:46:27] <realdealmagic> I'm not really available -,-
      [12:46:29] <realdealmagic> FS :L
      [12:46:37] realdealmagic [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia http://www.kvirc.net/
      [12:46:54] <OpheliaBlue> I knew he'd pop in here
      [12:47:03] <mydera> lol, well I've asked all my questions so I'm going to go too
      [12:47:05] <OpheliaBlue> oh then pop out
      [12:47:09] <OpheliaBlue> oh well, that's realdeal for ya
      [12:47:13] <mydera> LOL, Ophelia is psychic too
      [12:47:25] <mydera> Bye, thank you soooo much!
      [12:47:31] <OpheliaBlue> I'm good at seeing patterns
      [12:47:32] mydera [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:47:33] <OpheliaBlue> see ya!
      Mydera likes this.

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      DVA chat, 5/15 8pm-10:30pm.. we had a FULL HOUSE!! I love it

      Spoiler for chat:
      [20:21:23] <OpheliaG> in my bedroom
      [20:21:31] <Linkzelda> Does the biting help with awarness for you?
      [20:21:32] <OpheliaG> so he's just a temp thing
      [20:21:35] <Linkzelda> Ah okay.
      [20:21:40] <Linkzelda> awarenesS*
      [20:21:56] <Linkzelda> I'll stop for now, don't want to hog all the questions.
      [20:22:08] <OpheliaG> no it just pisses me off lol, but Oreoboy1996 is helping me with that haha. I need to be more calm during the transition, instead of trying to control it
      [20:22:12] <OpheliaG> that's when he bites me
      [20:22:27] <Oreoboy1996> lol nothing wrong with too many questions Linkzelda
      [20:22:29] <Linkzelda> I guess I should be grateful no demon wants to bite me xD
      [20:22:37] <Linkzelda> =P
      [20:22:41] <OpheliaG> yeah it's a pisser
      [20:22:45] <Alyzarin> sounds kinky to me X3
      [20:22:47] <realdealmagic> You're not hogging Linkzelda... It's good to read xD
      [20:22:47] <OpheliaG> so syth406, what you got
      [20:23:19] <syth406> Oreoboy mentioned fire breathing as a reality check, and it's working the best out of all of them so far.
      [20:23:35] <OpheliaG> oooo what's firebreathing??
      [20:23:36] <Linkzelda> I wish I could do those abstract things
      [20:23:44] <Oreoboy1996> i was just using that as an example that hundreds of things could be reality checks
      [20:23:47] <syth406> Whenever I yawn, I try to breathe fire, and I think I've done it once or twice in my dreams now.
      [20:23:48] <Oreoboy1996> but i'm glad it works for you lol
      [20:23:55] <OpheliaG> haha that's badass
      [20:24:14] <realdealmagic> Hmm. I might start with that
      [20:24:51] <OpheliaG> Link, it is quite possible you over think things. I bet I'm the first person to tell yuo that ever.
      [20:25:03] <Linkzelda> Alyzarin tells me that as well, hahaa
      [20:25:12] <Linkzelda> But I'm just really passionate with it.
      [20:25:17] <OpheliaG> and as a result yuo put alot of pressure on yourself
      [20:25:23] <Linkzelda> Yeah =/
      [20:25:44] <Linkzelda> ooooh
      [20:25:55] <Oreoboy1996> when you think about it, lucid dreaming a lot of time requires no thinking
      [20:25:55] <Linkzelda> OpheliaG: Have you had dreams where you were cooking and
      [20:25:58] <realdealmagic> Just think of it as, you're in a dream, you CAN do anything. Anybody can do anything. Imagine it? You can achieve it! Remember that, and you'll be fune
      [20:26:05] <Linkzelda> used the dreaming to destroy a "cooking" block?
      [20:26:09] <Linkzelda> and apply it to waking life?
      [20:26:23] <Linkzelda> Oreoboy1996: yeah, it's just with WILDing, the relaxation phase is just a pain.
      [20:26:27] <OpheliaG> I?! I have never had a cooking block!
      [20:26:36] <Linkzelda> Shifting into something that's usually unconscious is hard for me.
      [20:26:41] <Linkzelda> oh okay.
      [20:26:52] <Linkzelda> which is why I do the CANWILD to skip the relaxation phase.
      [20:27:00] <Oreoboy1996> when it comes to WILD the waiting part is the pain lol
      [20:27:05] <Linkzelda> yeah
      [20:27:10] <Linkzelda> that's what I meant, sorry.
      [20:27:14] <realdealmagic> I can never even reach teh SP
      [20:27:23] <Oreoboy1996> i'm going to experiment with WILD and try to master it next year
      [20:27:31] <Linkzelda> Good luck Oreoboy1996
      [20:27:44] <Linkzelda> realdealmagic: I think it's mostly because you're going through NREM
      [20:27:44] <Oreoboy1996> i think i'm getting close to creating the right WILD technique for me
      [20:27:56] <Linkzelda> because I think SP is when you're awake, and still feel your body being paralyzed
      [20:28:00] <Linkzelda> nice Oreoboy1996
      [20:28:07] <OpheliaG> realdealmagic: I know I have said this before, maybe not to you, I don't always get SP when I WILD or DEILD
      [20:28:17] <realdealmagic> Idk if you've said that or not xD
      [20:28:24] <realdealmagic> I tend to fall asleep though, that's my biggest downfall
      [20:28:26] <Linkzelda> Yeah, I usually get vibrations
      [20:28:36] <Linkzelda> or a fuzzy feeling when I go into a dream state
      [20:28:43] <realdealmagic> How do you stop yourselves from falling asleep?
      [20:28:51] <Linkzelda> Using an anchor
      [20:28:56] <Linkzelda> And that's hard for me D:
      [20:28:59] <realdealmagic> ...?
      [20:29:01] <OpheliaG> well that's just it, you DO fall asleep, you just maintain awareness as you do
      [20:29:08] <Linkzelda> realdealmagic: likee something to keep yourself aware
      [20:29:15] <realdealmagic> I can't maintain the awareness when I do, is what I mean ophelia.
      [20:29:20] <Linkzelda> It shifts you in the right path, while not relying on it too much.
      [20:29:22] <syth406> White noise can help
      [20:29:32] <OpheliaG> paying attention to every single level you go through between awake and sleep
      [20:29:44] <OpheliaG> syth406: oh totally, I have a box fan set on 2 all night
      [20:30:06] <Linkzelda> Hmm
      [20:30:15] <realdealmagic> I have a hard time paying attention to it without focusing on it as well.
      [20:30:20] <Linkzelda> It always amazes me when people can just listen to a fan as an anchor
      [20:30:24] <Linkzelda> yeah same here.
      [20:30:31] <Linkzelda> It usually makes distorting effect
      [20:30:36] <Linkzelda> Man I really do over think things.
      [20:30:46] <realdealmagic> I feel like I start to have the images in my head, but when I actually notice them, they go away and I'm back in stage 1.
      [20:30:50] <OpheliaG> yeah you need to be tired enough.. it always works for me if I have to wake up when I don't want to, then go back to sleep
      [20:31:04] <realdealmagic> WILDing Ophelia?
      [20:31:17] <OpheliaG> well it's DEILDing, which is a form of WILD
      [20:31:32] <realdealmagic> Right
      [20:31:33] <OpheliaG> like mini-WILDs and they link together, forming dream chains
      [20:31:40] <realdealmagic> Yeah, I've read on DEILD
      [20:31:43] <Linkzelda> realdealmagic: about the images, if you see the images next time, you can imagine yourself grabbing on to the image before it flees
      [20:31:45] <OpheliaG> ah ok
      [20:31:55] <Linkzelda> There was this guide on "fast-grab" technique, but I forgot the link
      [20:32:04] <realdealmagic> But when I do that, I start to imagine myself grabbing the image rather than the image itself.
      [20:32:05] <Linkzelda> Only worked once for me though
      [20:32:11] <Linkzelda> Oh.
      [20:32:18] <OpheliaG> when I say "pay attention to the levels", I meant that as an ongoing process, over time
      [20:32:35] <OpheliaG> aware of the different levels, apart from just "awake" and "asleep"
      [20:33:08] <OpheliaG> and it's very very personal.. there are som similarities from person to person,
      [20:33:20] <realdealmagic> Ah right, I understand I think.
      [20:33:22] <realdealmagic> http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/malacs-fast-grab-[mfg]-repost-96737/
      [20:33:27] <Linkzelda> omg thanks!!!
      [20:33:31] <Linkzelda> that's the link
      [20:33:40] <Linkzelda> I might use that along with the V-WILD when
      [20:33:44] <Linkzelda> I wake up from the alarm.
      [20:34:20] <realdealmagic>
      [20:34:34] <Linkzelda> OpheliaG: Regarding dream eyes, do you find yourself being challenged when testing to see if you can open them without worrying too much about waking life eyes opeining?
      [20:34:38] <Linkzelda> opening*
      [20:34:47] <Linkzelda> And if so, how do you normally defeat that challenge
      [20:34:48] <OpheliaG> totally, Link.
      [20:35:12] <OpheliaG> I defeated it by saying "fuck it" and opened them anyway.. and now I find I open them in a dream
      [20:35:41] <Linkzelda> Oh.
      [20:35:42] <Linkzelda> =X
      [20:35:44] <realdealmagic> See the "Freefall WILD" technique?
      [20:35:51] <realdealmagic> Have you read it?
      [20:35:51] <Linkzelda> By jeff realdealmagic ?
      [20:35:54] <Linkzelda> yeah.
      [20:35:55] <realdealmagic> Yeah
      [20:36:04] <Linkzelda> My body isn't that generous with me
      [20:36:06] <realdealmagic> Right, I don't understand what he means by illogical imagery.
      [20:36:16] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:36:17] <Linkzelda> Probably like abstract and fractals
      [20:36:22] <Linkzelda> things you're not used to seeing.
      [20:36:24] <Linkzelda> hey DreamBot
      [20:36:27] <Oreoboy1996> hello dreamerjon23
      [20:36:28] <Linkzelda> I mean dreamerjon23
      [20:36:37] <dreamerjon23> is it cool if I listen in?
      [20:36:44] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [20:36:45] RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:36:51] <Oreoboy1996> hello RareCola
      [20:36:55] <RareCola> Hey
      [20:36:55] <OpheliaG> hey RareCola!
      [20:36:56] <realdealmagic> RareCola! You're late >.> ;P
      [20:37:03] RareCola forgot the time... again
      [20:37:05] <OpheliaG> 5 points from Gryffindor
      [20:37:10] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:37:15] <RareCola> What have we been chatting about then?
      [20:37:18] <Linkzelda> Oreoboy1996: How do you normally overcome opening your dream eyes instead of your waking life eyes?
      [20:37:20] <Oreoboy1996> WILD
      [20:37:23] <OpheliaG> hey dreamerjon23, and sure
      [20:37:32] <dreamerjon23> kk
      [20:37:38] <dreamerjon23> hey OpheliaG
      [20:37:39] <Oreoboy1996> well I've only used WILD once or twice
      [20:37:57] <Oreoboy1996> the first time it happened to me i could just feel I'm dreaming and opened my eyes with confidence
      [20:38:04] <OpheliaG> Linkzelda: if it helps, usually if you open your eyes once you're getting the HI, you're golden.. that was the main boundry I had to cross
      [20:38:11] <Oreoboy1996> there's always this strange feeling around me when i dream
      [20:38:34] <dreamerjon23> hi Link
      [20:38:39] <Oreoboy1996> when i create my WILD technique I plan to enter the dream from a daydream
      [20:38:46] <Oreoboy1996> which is v-wild i think
      [20:38:57] <RareCola> Can't wait to start WILDing, Sageous' class is looking really good so far
      [20:39:00] <Linkzelda> Yeah, I'll have to use V-WILD in canWILD attempts
      [20:39:16] <Linkzelda> OpheliaG: I see
      [20:39:35] <Linkzelda> It's just the fear of seeing all the waiting for 30-45+ minutes
      [20:39:41] <Linkzelda> going to waste scares me to open them.
      [20:39:51] <Linkzelda> Guess I should be more confident then.
      [20:39:59] <OpheliaG> RareCola: hey is Sageous doing any chat classes?
      [20:40:19] <RareCola> I asked him about that, he didn't even realise he could use the IRC for classes. He said he was going to look into it
      [20:40:22] <RareCola> He's somewhat uninformed
      [20:40:25] <Linkzelda> =P
      [20:40:53] <RareCola> Btw Ophelia, were you asking about what the rollover signal was in my workbook?
      [20:40:56] <OpheliaG> let him know I can help with that if he wants, because I would love to sit in on a class or two, I've heard great things
      [20:41:28] <OpheliaG> and yes to your question
      [20:41:53] <Linkzelda> Yeah, I was worried Sageous might be overwhelmed as well.
      [20:42:07] <RareCola> It's that signal from the mind to the body to check to see if you're still awake. When you're laying on your back it's usually a strong sensation to roll over, it's what you choose to ignore to go into a WILD
      [20:42:15] <Linkzelda> yeah
      [20:42:23] <RareCola> When you're laying on your side though, the "roll over signal" is more of an urge to move your legs
      [20:42:42] <OpheliaG> hrmm...
      [20:43:10] <OpheliaG> so if you move your legs a bit but don't roll over, it's better for a WILD? Is that what you're saying?
      [20:43:28] <OpheliaG> and holy crap I had no idea Sageous was doing the WILD class all by himself O_O
      [20:43:35] <Linkzelda> Pretty much yeah lol
      [20:43:41] <Oreoboy1996> that's got to be hard O_O
      [20:43:43] <Linkzelda> except he's planning to make a thread
      [20:43:46] <Linkzelda> instead of workbooks
      [20:43:53] <Linkzelda> because there would be A LOT of checking lol
      [20:43:58] <OpheliaG> YEAH there would
      [20:44:09] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:44:13] <Linkzelda> Ihey syth406
      [20:44:16] <OpheliaG> wb syth406
      [20:44:16] <Linkzelda> hey*
      [20:44:26] <Oreoboy1996> what annoys me about WILD attempts is I sometimes get the feeling of 100 needles in my back
      [20:44:28] <syth406> hey guise
      [20:44:34] <dreamerjon23> !brb snack
      [20:44:35] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] is now known as dreamerjon23|BRB
      [20:44:36] <Oreoboy1996> and it's hard to resist not scratching it
      [20:44:36] <Linkzelda> Oreoboy1996: owch
      [20:44:39] <Linkzelda> yeah
      [20:44:41] <Oreoboy1996> i know
      [20:44:47] <syth406> WILDING raises my blood pressure
      [20:44:49] <OpheliaG> yeah Fredrik was complaining about the itching
      [20:44:51] <Linkzelda> And sometimes I might have an actual itch rather than the test signal
      [20:44:58] <RareCola> Well you go into WILD when your mind thinks you're asleep and paralyses your body. It checks this with "roll over signals", though despite the name it's not always a signal to roll over. If you respond to any of these roll over signals, including moving your legs, it resets the process because the mind then realises that you're not asleep.
      [20:45:11] <Linkzelda> syth406: It's natural when that happens though, it usually happens when you're unconscious
      [20:45:21] <Linkzelda> I had my blood pressure rise up for a while going into a dream
      [20:45:22] <RareCola> So I was getting insomnia because when laying on my side I would frequently move my legs, which told my mind I was awake and gradually kept making me more and more awake
      [20:45:29] <Linkzelda> but it usually settles down.
      [20:45:45] <Linkzelda> RareCola: do you ever take Melatonin to help with the Insomina?
      [20:45:54] <Linkzelda> Alyzarin: you know what I mean right
      [20:46:03] <RareCola> It's only insomnia when I WBTB, but I figured out the cause now, Linkzelda
      [20:46:08] <Linkzelda> Ah okay.
      [20:46:10] <Alyzarin> about insomnia?
      [20:46:15] <Linkzelda> yeah Alyzarin
      [20:46:20] <Oreoboy1996> I simply plan to use daydreams in my future WILD attempts because they keep my mind away from a lot of things
      [20:46:20] <Linkzelda> but he said it's only during wbtb
      [20:46:34] <Alyzarin> yeah, melatonin is great for insomnia, but it'd be hurtful during wbtb
      [20:46:39] <Linkzelda> I hope to use that method as well, the day rreaming
      [20:46:40] <Alyzarin> since it induces non-REM
      [20:46:42] <Linkzelda> dreaimg*
      [20:46:55] <Linkzelda> I've actually laid off the melatonin for that same raeson.
      [20:46:56] <Linkzelda> reason*
      [20:47:06] <RareCola> Basically the more you respond to roll over signals, like I was doing after my WBTB, the more awake it makes you because you keep telling your mind that you're awake
      [20:47:08] <Alyzarin> but that's why it's helpful when you take it at the right time >w<
      [20:47:23] <OpheliaG> Oreoboy1996: I use daydreams alot in between my DEILDs.. I just thought those were incubations
      [20:47:51] <OpheliaG> that's interesting RareCola.. I have alot of rollover-related insomnia
      [20:47:55] <Linkzelda> Alyzarin: yeah I always take it an hour before or 30 minutes before I sleep
      [20:47:56] <Oreoboy1996> i remember once I almost did a WILD with daydreaming
      [20:48:07] <Oreoboy1996> i felt sleep paralysis and decided to daydream to keep my mind off of it
      [20:48:10] <Linkzelda> Oreoboy1996: was it on the bed or
      [20:48:11] <Oreoboy1996> and then i got sucked into it
      [20:48:15] <Linkzelda> sitting on a desk
      [20:48:20] <Oreoboy1996> bed
      [20:48:23] <Linkzelda> ah oaky
      [20:48:24] <Linkzelda> okay*
      [20:48:26] <RareCola> Yea I've been researching all about roll over signals, they're really interesting. Cause most people's insomnia
      [20:48:33] <Oreoboy1996> i don't think i could WILD at a desk lol
      [20:48:49] <OpheliaG> haha
      [20:49:00] <OpheliaG> melanie can DEILD in a chair in her livingroom
      [20:49:05] <OpheliaG> I'm so envious
      [20:49:06] <RareCola> O_o
      [20:49:08] <Linkzelda> Yeah!
      [20:49:12] <Linkzelda> It's because of her schedule
      [20:49:13] <Oreoboy1996> although if i'm tired enough i can sleep anywhere
      [20:49:17] <Linkzelda> and rem rebound and all
      [20:49:36] <Linkzelda> And I see that's almost the same as you OpheliaG
      [20:49:45] <Linkzelda> working those shifts, and then having the other days to lucid dream.
      [20:49:58] <Linkzelda> I'm envious of that D:
      [20:50:05] <realdealmagic> I can't wait until these bloody exams are over.
      [20:50:08] <OpheliaG> yeah but I'm in a bed.. personal comfort is of the utmost importance to me
      [20:50:20] <Alyzarin> hmmmm
      [20:50:26] <Linkzelda> ah okay
      [20:50:30] <Alyzarin> is Melanie's chair one of those big comfy ones that leans back?
      [20:50:39] <Alyzarin> because I could actually seeing that as being easier than a bed X3
      [20:50:48] <Linkzelda> I've tried using pillows to shift my neck slanted so I don't have to do the swallow reflex as often for wild attempts
      [20:50:59] <Linkzelda> then the next challenge is the jaw stabilization without having conscious effort
      [20:50:59] <OpheliaG> not sure, it probably is.. I have this weird position that i HAVE to do
      [20:51:09] <Linkzelda> I just don't have another pillow to tuck into my neck unfortunately :/
      [20:51:10] <OpheliaG> or sleep is futile lol
      [20:51:18] <Linkzelda> Oh that sucks =/
      [20:51:22] melanieb [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:51:27] <Oreoboy1996> hello melanieb
      [20:51:28] <RareCola> speak of the devil
      [20:51:29] <melanieb>
      [20:51:32] <Linkzelda> yay you're on!
      [20:51:40] <melanieb> Just took me a little looking around
      [20:51:41] <Oreoboy1996> i can only sleep on my side/stomach
      [20:51:43] <OpheliaG> sweeeet! melanieb, were your ears burning just now?
      [20:51:53] <Oreoboy1996> which hurts my shoulder sometimes in the morning :/
      [20:51:57] <RareCola> We were talking about your awesome chair
      [20:52:00] <OpheliaG> lol
      [20:52:03] <Linkzelda> yeah melanieb
      [20:52:05] <Linkzelda> =p
      [20:52:12] <melanieb> Link told me
      [20:52:16] ExoG [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:52:18] <Oreoboy1996> and i think that shoulder pain usually translates to something hurting my shoulder in a dream
      [20:52:20] <realdealmagic> melanieb: Never seen you in chat. Hello n_n
      [20:52:21] <Oreoboy1996> hello ExoG
      [20:52:31] <melanieb> Just downloaded my IRC a few minutes ago
      [20:52:40] <RareCola> So many people here today! Guess everyone's hopping in as it's the last week
      [20:52:42] <melanieb> *waves* at everyone
      [20:52:49] Linkzelda waves
      [20:52:53] OpheliaG waves
      [20:52:54] ExoG also waves.
      [20:52:59] <Linkzelda> oh wow, hey ExoG
      [20:53:02] realdealmagic waves as well, only with two hands.
      [20:53:04] <OpheliaG> hey ExoG
      [20:53:09] <melanieb> So, what did I miss?
      [20:53:17] <OpheliaG> I'm gonna have to stay a bit past 9 me thinks
      [20:53:17] <Linkzelda> WILD, dream stabilization, daydreaming
      [20:53:24] <Linkzelda> dream character summoning
      [20:53:43] <melanieb> Summoning and stabilization, something I need to work on
      [20:53:47] <Linkzelda> Same
      [20:54:04] <Linkzelda> melanieb: when you used a reality check of your hands turning blue
      [20:54:10] <Linkzelda> do you think you could use that as a power in your dreams?
      [20:54:13] <Oreoboy1996> i have problems with those too but i plan to fix them
      [20:54:15] <melanieb> I have no trouble with Lucidity, just keeping myself focused enough to change more things
      [20:54:18] <Linkzelda> like absorbing a concrete wall
      [20:54:25] <Linkzelda> and your whole body taking the form of it.
      [20:54:36] <dreamerjon23|BRB> I have a trick for summoning
      [20:54:36] <melanieb> I don't know. First time I ever turned my hands blue
      [20:54:39] <dreamerjon23|BRB> !back
      [20:54:39] dreamerjon23|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as dreamerjon23
      [20:54:44] <Linkzelda> ah okay
      [20:54:49] <Linkzelda> wb
      [20:54:59] <OpheliaG> wow that was quick
      [20:54:59] <RareCola> I'd be quite happy just getting a second lucid dream right now! Maybe I'll have some luck tonight
      [20:55:13] <melanieb> Maybe if I could recapture that moment and how I did it.
      [20:55:14] <dreamerjon23> l===focus on it happening 2 or 3 scenes in from where you are in the dream
      [20:55:17] <realdealmagic> I'm gonna lucid tonight.
      [20:55:21] <dreamerjon23> that the dc will come in
      [20:55:22] <Linkzelda> gl realdealmagic
      [20:55:24] <melanieb> I credit my weird sleep schedule with my luck in dreaming
      [20:55:26] <dreamerjon23> wherever you end up
      [20:55:26] <OpheliaG> ok y'all keep chitchatting, I'm hanging here a while but I have to go to the bathroom
      [20:55:29] <OpheliaG> !brb
      [20:55:31] OpheliaG [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaG|BRB
      [20:55:37] <realdealmagic> Thank ya
      [20:55:48] ExoG remembered a part of a dream this morning; hopes he can keep remembering things.
      [20:56:04] <melanieb> Write down notes as you wake up, it'll help you recall
      [20:56:21] <melanieb> I use notes and key words when I don't have time to write my dreams down
      [20:56:24] <Oreoboy1996> my dream recall is getting a little shaky because i'm actually too lazy to write down notes -_-
      [20:56:25] <Linkzelda> Nice ExoG !
      [20:56:29] <dreamerjon23> ty Link
      [20:56:31] <ExoG> I was lucky enought to wake up before I was forced awake, so that probably helped.
      [20:56:37] <ExoG> s/ht/h/
      [20:56:54] <Linkzelda> That sucks, I think that's your greatest obstacle
      [20:57:05] <melanieb> When forced awake, simply close eyes, allow body to relax...it'll help
      [20:57:13] <Linkzelda> yeah
      [20:57:47] <melanieb> I wish you luck, realdealmagic
      [20:57:57] <realdealmagic> Thank you melanieb
      [20:57:59] <melanieb> It's so rare that I get lucid during my nighttime sleep period
      [20:58:08] <melanieb> YW
      [20:58:14] <Linkzelda> Maybe because you sleep late
      [20:58:36] <melanieb> I don't sleep late...I go back to sleep after taking my daughter to school
      [20:58:41] <OpheliaG|BRB> !back
      [20:58:41] OpheliaG|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaG
      [20:58:45] <Oreoboy1996> wb
      [20:58:51] <dreamerjon23> to say it a bit more clear - focus on a DC appearing 3 scenes later in the dream, then walk along until they do.
      [20:58:57] ExoG also plans to go to bed earlier today (if he can avoid getting caught up in programming stuff), so that should help, too.
      [20:59:23] <Linkzelda> dreamerjon23: So like, going through a door, walking into a dream environment, and that doesn't work, repeat until they come along with you?
      [20:59:27] <Oreoboy1996> i don't really have a plan
      [20:59:31] <Linkzelda> if that doesn't work*
      [21:00:09] <melanieb> I think going to bed earlier would make a WBTB easier in the night
      [21:00:11] <Alyzarin> alright, I need to go >w<
      [21:00:13] <dreamerjon23> ya, if they dont appear when you open a door just carry along through a few more rooms, or even go outside
      [21:00:15] <Alyzarin> see you guys!
      [21:00:17] <Linkzelda> take care Alyzarin
      [21:00:17] <OpheliaG> awwww
      [21:00:18] <dreamerjon23> they show up eventually
      [21:00:18] <Oreoboy1996> bye Alyzarin
      [21:00:19] <melanieb> Bye, Aly
      [21:00:19] <OpheliaG> by Alyzarin
      [21:00:21] <dreamerjon23> wb ophie
      [21:00:27] Alyzarin [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:00:35] <Linkzelda> dreamerjon23: I'll try that, thank you! It almost worked before.
      [21:00:41] <dreamerjon23> cool
      [21:00:45] <dreamerjon23> np
      [21:00:48] <RareCola> I've been failing with WBTB recently. Just end up going back to sleep after journalling in my laziness
      [21:01:21] <Linkzelda> Hmm
      [21:01:23] <realdealmagic> When WBTB'ing, for WILD, should you start WILDing straight away, or wait?
      [21:01:30] <Linkzelda> maybe you should do something more engaging realdealmagic
      [21:01:33] <Linkzelda> I mean RareCola
      [21:01:51] <ExoG> realdealmagic: I think it works best to wait a little bit.
      [21:01:51] <RareCola> Probably, find it hard to find things to do though
      [21:02:07] <OpheliaG> in my experience, when i WBTB before DEILDing, I am awake from 6:55am until about 7:30 am, doing random things around the house
      [21:02:14] <melanieb> For me it depends on timing and situation
      [21:02:16] <ExoG> RareCola: (And maybe think about what you want to do while you are at it.)
      [21:02:36] <Linkzelda> You could always doing some exercises
      [21:02:36] <melanieb> The more tired I am when I get to my WBTB the better chance I have of succeeding
      [21:02:37] <ExoG> That way, you won't be as likely to end up going straight back to sleep when you try to WILD.
      [21:02:40] <OpheliaG> and at first, I just go to sleep normally, then I wake up again, on and off, and have my first DEILD at about 8 or 9am
      [21:02:44] <Linkzelda> before you sleep to help with sleeping faster
      [21:02:54] <Linkzelda> so that you can feel a little more awake in your wbtbs
      [21:03:06] <OpheliaG> and yes to what melanieb just said
      [21:03:09] <melanieb> I find exercise wakes the body up too much
      [21:03:17] <Linkzelda> Do you set a timer around 8-9 am OpheliaG ?
      [21:03:29] <Linkzelda> melanieb: you mean before you go to bed?
      [21:03:34] <Linkzelda> not the wbtbs
      [21:04:11] <melanieb> Yeah, before bed. I do have a vogorous walk up to the school in the morning but I fall back into my REM cycle within 30 minutes
      [21:04:18] <RareCola> I'm still struggling to find the best time to wake up for my WBTB. I seem to always either wake up too tired or wake up too late in my sleep cycle and can't get back to sleep
      [21:04:21] <Linkzelda> oh :/
      [21:04:31] <Linkzelda> RareCola: you could set a timer
      [21:04:39] <Linkzelda> maybe try with 3.5 hours
      [21:04:43] <OpheliaG> Linkzelda: I don't, I just naturally wake up o nand off when I sleep in
      [21:04:43] <Linkzelda> and increase your way up
      [21:04:47] <realdealmagic> I'm the same RareCola.
      [21:04:54] <Linkzelda> OpheliaG: oh
      [21:04:55] <OpheliaG> but that's my personal thing, might be different for others
      [21:05:09] <OpheliaG> what about you melanieb?
      [21:05:10] <melanieb> For my I find 4 to 4.5 hours works well
      [21:05:14] <melanieb> me
      [21:05:17] <OpheliaG> ah ok
      [21:05:19] <Linkzelda> yeah
      [21:05:24] <Linkzelda> I normally go for that range too
      [21:05:27] <melanieb> But that's me
      [21:05:33] <Linkzelda> yeah everyone's different
      [21:05:36] <OpheliaG> yeah I'm a sleep addict in a major way
      [21:05:41] <Linkzelda> lucky you
      [21:05:48] <Linkzelda> Sometimes I wake up before the alarm I set
      [21:05:56] <Linkzelda> and it's 20 minutes or so before, always irritates me
      [21:05:59] <OpheliaG> but that's because I'm an insomniac on my work days
      [21:06:01] <RareCola> Is it best to stick to 90 minute periods for WBTB, e.g. 4.5hrs / 6hrs or can you adjust this a bit?
      [21:06:02] <Linkzelda> because I have to reset it to a new time.
      [21:06:03] <OpheliaG> a blessing and a curse
      [21:06:06] <melanieb> I also wake naturally in the night to pee, so if I stay up late and then have to wake early for school, getting 4+ hours of sleep sets me up perfectly for WBTB
      [21:06:21] <Linkzelda> RareCola: yeah that's what I do I normally get at least 3.5 hours of sleep, set it to 90 minute intervals
      [21:06:25] <OpheliaG> so what time are your lucids melanieb, if you had to take a guess?
      [21:06:42] <Linkzelda> because I usually get near the final levels of NREM that time
      [21:06:49] <Linkzelda> and start getting into the REM
      [21:06:54] <melanieb> Time of the morning/night?
      [21:07:18] <RareCola> Strangely though, with my first lucid I think my WBTB was at about 5 - 5.5 hours into my sleep cycle
      [21:07:25] <Linkzelda> I normally sleep around 11-midnight, wake up at 3:45 or so at 11pm or 4:45 am at midnight
      [21:07:33] <Linkzelda> for the wbtbs
      [21:07:35] <melanieb> ?
      [21:07:38] <OpheliaG> melanieb: yes
      [21:07:52] wana [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:07:56] <Linkzelda> hey wana
      [21:07:56] <OpheliaG> like, my DEILDs occur between 8-10am or so
      [21:08:01] <OpheliaG> hey wana, welcome!
      [21:08:14] <Linkzelda> Wait OpheliaG so what time do you go to sleep
      [21:08:14] <wana> hello secret organisation
      [21:08:26] <Linkzelda> lol
      [21:08:27] <wana> whats the topic about ?
      [21:08:27] <OpheliaG> Linkzelda: midnight or 1am
      [21:08:31] <Linkzelda> oooh
      [21:08:34] <melanieb> If I go to sleep at 2:30, like I did the other night, I might not recall a dream until I WBTB around 8:45A.M. I wake up at 6:30A.M. and I'm up until about 8:30
      [21:08:52] <OpheliaG> right now we're discussing at what time to set alarms for WBTB, and subsequently, what time our LDs normally occur
      [21:08:52] <RareCola> wana: WBTB and DEILDs
      [21:08:54] <Linkzelda> wana: wilding, daydreaming, dream stabilization, summoning, wbtbs, etc
      [21:09:00] <wana> yaay
      [21:09:02] <wana> my thing
      [21:09:12] <Oreoboy1996> my LDs normally in the night
      [21:09:14] <wana> gigs im going to get rpior sleep for a wild in some secs
      [21:09:16] <Oreoboy1996> that's all i can really say lol
      [21:09:18] <melanieb> I have a regular m-f schedule, like you Ophelia, so every morning I get up at the same time'
      [21:09:21] <Oreoboy1996> it's somewhat random to me
      [21:09:25] <Linkzelda> gl wana
      [21:09:34] <RareCola> I think i'll try my WBTB at 5hrs tonight, see how it goes from there.
      [21:09:36] ExoG goes to bed between 2300 and 0600 (sometimes later), averaging around 0300.
      [21:09:37] <OpheliaG> I think for straight up WILDs, the LDs occur at intervals durign the night
      [21:09:41] <Linkzelda> gl RareCola
      [21:09:41] <melanieb> What varies is when I go to sleep at night and if I go back to sleep at all
      [21:09:47] <OpheliaG> for DEILDs, it's early to late morning, depending
      [21:09:52] <realdealmagic> I'm gonna go get some shuteye. It's 3am :L
      [21:09:56] <realdealmagic> Night all
      [21:09:57] <Linkzelda> oh wow
      [21:09:58] <wana> hi melanieb
      [21:09:59] <Linkzelda> night realdealmagic !
      [21:10:01] <Oreoboy1996> good night realdealmagic
      [21:10:02] <realdealmagic> WBTB for 5.5 hours.
      [21:10:05] <realdealmagic> Will gain results!
      [21:10:10] <Linkzelda> it should
      [21:10:16] <RareCola> Highfive for living in the UK, realdealmagic
      [21:10:22] <realdealmagic> Hi5 RC! ;D
      [21:10:22] <Linkzelda> I remember sleeping for 6 hours for my first lucid with canwild
      [21:10:31] <RareCola> Goodnight, fellow brit
      [21:10:31] <dreamerjon23> night rdm
      [21:10:35] Linkzelda reality checks when he sees RC
      [21:10:36] OpheliaG 's cat HAS to give her arm a bath at this moment
      [21:10:37] wana [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:10:43] <melanieb> I had my WILD the other day, Sunday morning, because I stayed up way late (5:48A.M.) and then the noise from next door put me right into it
      [21:10:49] <OpheliaG> bye!
      [21:10:59] <realdealmagic> G'night
      [21:11:04] <OpheliaG> thanks for joining realdealmagic
      [21:11:10] <realdealmagic> Thanks for helping Ophelia
      [21:11:17] <melanieb> Bye, those who are leaving
      [21:11:20] <OpheliaG> anytime
      [21:11:26] <realdealmagic> BYE NOW
      [21:11:27] realdealmagic [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:11:32] <melanieb>
      [21:12:24] <OpheliaG> sooo many different ways to LD depending on sleep schedules and preferences and whatnot
      [21:12:25] <melanieb> Like I said earlier, I wake up naturally every night, which will usually be between 3:30 and 5:30 A,M,
      [21:12:29] Hukif [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:12:35] <OpheliaG> hey Hukif!
      [21:12:37] <Linkzelda> hey!
      [21:12:40] <Hukif> This? Oh yeah, this.
      [21:12:45] <dreamerjon23> hi Hukif
      [21:12:46] <Oreoboy1996> hello Hukif
      [21:12:53] <melanieb> That's my time to set myself up for a good LD
      [21:12:58] <melanieb> Hi
      [21:13:01] <OpheliaG> so you are able to enter a lucid dream after you get up to go to the batroom at that time melanieb?
      [21:13:05] <Hukif> hihi
      [21:13:13] <dreamerjon23> Oreoboy1996: what are you focused on right niow?
      [21:13:20] <melanieb> Sometimes yes, sometimes no
      [21:13:21] ExoG hears a Vim session full of code calling to him. "No! You shan't have anymore of my night!" He turns away momentarily. "Okay, just for a little bit."
      [21:13:33] <melanieb> Too many variables play into it
      [21:13:55] <Oreoboy1996> i'm focused on my goal of 500 LDs this year and crafting my magic necklace
      [21:13:59] <Oreoboy1996> that's really it right now
      [21:14:12] <dreamerjon23> mmh
      [21:14:16] <melanieb> It occurs to me I haven't even counted
      [21:14:28] <dreamerjon23> I used to like a magic ring that would appear in the sky occasionally
      [21:14:31] <Oreoboy1996> i like to count to keep track of my progress
      [21:14:32] ExoG lost count back in 2010.
      [21:14:39] <Linkzelda> I've only had 24+ lucid dreams out of 200+ entries
      [21:14:40] <Linkzelda> =(
      [21:14:49] <melanieb> That's good, Link
      [21:14:52] <RareCola> I had a goal for 2 more LDs before the end of May. Only 2 weeks left :l
      [21:14:52] <ExoG> And I didn't document all of them. :<
      [21:14:58] <melanieb> Lots of people on DV don't have that
      [21:15:01] <Linkzelda> well that's including last year too melanieb
      [21:15:05] <Linkzelda> not this year.
      [21:15:08] <Oreoboy1996> i wouldn't be surprised if a goal i have planned for the future comes first though
      [21:15:09] <melanieb> I know
      [21:15:09] <Linkzelda> not just this year*
      [21:15:13] <Linkzelda> oh
      [21:15:15] <melanieb> I saw when you joined
      [21:15:16] <OpheliaG> Since I was 8 years old, I've had LDs, but I know I've had dryspells that lasted years
      [21:15:18] <dreamerjon23> nice scholarship Link
      [21:15:25] <Linkzelda> what scholarship
      [21:15:28] <dreamerjon23> lol
      [21:15:31] <Linkzelda> oh the dream journal stuff
      [21:15:37] <Linkzelda> yeah I try hard in having a daily DJ
      [21:15:42] <melanieb> I have more LDs now that I've controlled my tendency to have migraines
      [21:15:57] <dreamerjon23> good
      [21:15:57] <Linkzelda> that's good =)
      [21:16:03] <OpheliaG> oh migraines? damn
      [21:16:03] <dreamerjon23> I have 23 entries :/
      [21:16:04] <ExoG> I wish I could use a recorder so bad. :<
      [21:16:09] <dreamerjon23> and been here 3 years!
      [21:16:09] <OpheliaG> glad you control them now
      [21:16:16] <Oreoboy1996> i have 65 maybe
      [21:16:18] <dreamerjon23> I removed a bunch though to be himest
      [21:16:22] <dreamerjon23> honest*
      [21:16:25] <melanieb> Started when I was a kid. Had to go through lots of medicines
      [21:16:30] <Oreoboy1996> and about 60 more to write -_-
      [21:16:32] <melanieb> Better now, only rarely
      [21:16:43] <ExoG> Dream Journaling after waking up is like, "Ugh," because the last thing I usually end up wanting to do when I wake up is trying to deal with English language.
      [21:16:47] <melanieb> Teeth time, kiddos...
      [21:16:52] <dreamerjon23> Oreoboy1996: :/
      [21:16:59] <Linkzelda> the dream journal system here: http://www.dreamviews.com/f26/dreamj...-dreams-91993/ helps a lot when you want to type some things out and save them to combine for later
      [21:17:16] <Linkzelda> I used to the old color font while editing on the DJ
      [21:17:20] <Hukif> I can't journal in anything else than english exo <.<
      [21:17:20] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:17:22] <Linkzelda> which got annoying until I used that program
      [21:17:37] <Oreoboy1996> i'm lazy about my DJ but I'm at least going to meet my goal of recording every lucid this year
      [21:17:45] <OpheliaG> oh what is that exactly Link?
      [21:17:50] <Oreoboy1996> that was kind of my new years resolution
      [21:18:03] <OpheliaG> yeah you should so record them Oreoboy1996
      [21:18:14] <Linkzelda> it's a program that someone made a long time that records your dreams you've entered and has a "publish feature" to instantly take you to the dj edit system
      [21:18:24] <Oreoboy1996> i get distracted from my dj and procrastinate a lot :/
      [21:18:25] <dreamerjon23> I use a bunch of colors
      [21:18:27] <Hukif> The one from banhurt?
      [21:18:28] <Linkzelda> and usually you have to minimize the window, and copy the clipboard to paste on the editing
      [21:18:29] <OpheliaG> the more dream details you remember, the more your subsequent dreams become enriched
      [21:18:39] <Linkzelda> yeah Hukif
      [21:18:54] <Linkzelda> I think it's important to recall my non-lucids instead of lucids
      [21:19:02] <Linkzelda> even if they end up being ridiculous
      [21:19:05] <OpheliaG> I never saw that banhurt thing before, I will check it out
      [21:19:07] <OpheliaG> thanks Linkzelda!
      [21:19:10] <Linkzelda> yw
      [21:19:17] <RareCola> !brb a few minutes
      [21:19:17] <Oreoboy1996> i write down basic notes that are like an outline after each lucid though
      [21:19:18] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [21:19:22] <Linkzelda> it helps with organizing, at least for me.
      [21:19:33] <Linkzelda> yeah I try to write down notes too as well
      [21:19:34] <Oreoboy1996> it allows me to remember most of the dream details
      [21:19:40] <Oreoboy1996> even months later
      [21:19:41] <Linkzelda> yeah
      [21:19:44] <dreamerjon23> OpheliaG: wisdom!
      [21:19:47] <OpheliaG> oh well that's better than nothing (and I should talk, all I did today is record my dream in that Share Your Dream thread lol
      [21:20:01] <Linkzelda> hahaha
      [21:20:27] <Linkzelda> Most people probably keep private djs anyway
      [21:20:29] <OpheliaG> so hey, I have a question for yuo guys
      [21:20:42] <Linkzelda> ;p
      [21:20:45] <Linkzelda> ;O*
      [21:20:48] <OpheliaG> kind of important because it takes into account some of what Reece said in his 5-layer videos,
      [21:20:56] <dreamerjon23> k
      [21:20:57] <Linkzelda> ok
      [21:21:00] <Linkzelda> I remember him
      [21:21:10] <Oreoboy1996> forgot to watch that D:
      [21:21:14] <Hukif> What video?
      [21:21:15] <OpheliaG> when you dream of DCs, especially characters that you love in real life, like mom, dad, son, daughter, etc,
      [21:21:42] <OpheliaG> do you find it hard to deal with them? like even though you're lucid, is it hard to separate them from your lucid experience?
      [21:21:48] <Linkzelda> Hukif: The 5 Layers of a Lucid Dream (4/5) - YouTube
      [21:21:56] <Hukif> "watchs"
      [21:21:57] <Linkzelda> it links to 4/5 but there should be all 5 vids there
      [21:21:59] <Oreoboy1996> not really
      [21:22:02] <OpheliaG> for example, I can't even deal with my son in an LD, because I'm afraid if I try to fly, I may drop him
      [21:22:14] <Oreoboy1996> a certain scenario happened once where i actually wanted to kill them all :/
      [21:22:20] <dreamerjon23> yes, I have to use a complete bugger off mentality, or they will try to take center in the dream
      [21:22:24] ExoG has had a little argument with his grandmother [in a dream] about dreaming before.
      [21:22:27] <Oreoboy1996> luckily i regained control of myself and stopped
      [21:22:31] <OpheliaG> Reece says that i nthe higher levels, even your DCs will tell YOU that it's just a dream lol
      [21:22:34] <Hukif> I just treat them like any other DC <.<
      [21:22:41] <melanieb> Putting kiddo to sleep
      [21:22:45] <Linkzelda> OpheliaG: Most of the time it's hard to avoid them in my dreams when I'm non-lucid, and I've had one dream where I was lucid and my mother distracted me to do small things like helping her getting some items.
      [21:22:45] <ExoG> Actually, that entry in in my DV dream journal, too, I think.
      [21:22:54] <OpheliaG> I just feel so damn protective of DC Chris
      [21:23:13] <Oreoboy1996> really? I almost always have dream characters that treat the world like they know it's just a dream
      [21:23:15] <OpheliaG> yeah and yuo can't exactly slap yuor mom, can you Link
      [21:23:25] <Linkzelda> I could always kill her.
      [21:23:27] <Linkzelda> in the dream that is
      [21:23:34] <Linkzelda> But I usually forget
      [21:23:35] <OpheliaG> yeah you have a really high level of lucidity Oreoboy1996, that's way cool
      [21:23:47] <Oreoboy1996> or just nice dream characters
      [21:23:51] <Hukif> lol yeah
      [21:23:53] <OpheliaG> that's one reason I'm taking advantage of you being here tonight
      [21:24:00] <Linkzelda> hahaha
      [21:24:01] <ExoG> [02 Oct 2010] Lucid, Apartment - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [21:24:04] <ExoG> ^ Found it.
      [21:24:09] <OpheliaG> and you too Hukif, I haven't forgotten that you're here
      [21:24:21] <Hukif> I don't have nice DCs though <.<
      [21:24:24] <Hukif> They are always non-lucid.
      [21:24:27] <Linkzelda> nice recall ExoG
      [21:24:33] <Oreoboy1996> you're not nice to your DCs either Hukif >.>
      [21:24:34] <Linkzelda> Same here
      [21:24:43] <Linkzelda> I've had some really nice blonde females with positive energy in my non-lucids
      [21:24:50] <Linkzelda> but when I'm lucid, absolutely NO ONE
      [21:24:52] <Linkzelda> =(
      [21:24:53] <Hukif> What about the non-human ones? I am nice to them <.<
      [21:24:55] <OpheliaG> haha, Hukif? you're mean to your DCs?
      [21:24:58] <Linkzelda> lol
      [21:25:04] <Hukif> Only the human ones lol
      [21:25:07] <Linkzelda> hahaha
      [21:25:12] <Oreoboy1996> well i'm just assuming he is
      [21:25:16] <Oreoboy1996> with him being evil and all >.>
      [21:25:20] <Linkzelda> I had an episode when trying out the FEILD method by Coder
      [21:25:27] <Linkzelda> where I killed a lot of people =/
      [21:25:33] <OpheliaG> ok brb real quick, dog issue
      [21:25:35] <OpheliaG> !brb
      [21:25:36] OpheliaG [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaG|BRB
      [21:25:45] <Hukif> Hm, how did that happen?
      [21:25:48] <Oreoboy1996> speaking of dog issues
      [21:26:04] <Oreoboy1996> i sometimes have dreams where my one dog knocks me over as i'm trying to stabilize -_-
      [21:26:19] <dreamerjon23> LOL
      [21:26:21] <dreamerjon23> classic
      [21:26:22] <OpheliaG|BRB> !back
      [21:26:23] <Linkzelda> Hukif: I used to use a mouse as an anchor for entering a dream, and when I let go of it, it meant I was going to drift to sleep. And the occasional holding on the mouse click probably made my mind associate that with PC video games
      [21:26:24] OpheliaG|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaG
      [21:26:26] <OpheliaG> lol
      [21:26:35] <Linkzelda> which compels me to having a lot of shooting and killing dreams.
      [21:26:45] <Linkzelda> like first person shooters or third person view
      [21:26:45] <Oreoboy1996> now that i think of it
      [21:26:52] <Oreoboy1996> i could have probably used her for stabilization
      [21:26:54] <RareCola|BRB> !back
      [21:26:54] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [21:27:02] <Linkzelda> and when I let go of the mouse, a music would play as well
      [21:27:04] <OpheliaG> wb RareCola
      [21:27:06] <Linkzelda> so that doubled as an anchor
      [21:27:12] <RareCola> Thanks
      [21:27:14] <Oreoboy1996> or just fly away or air blast her >.>
      [21:27:16] <Hukif> Oh, interesting.
      [21:27:25] <Linkzelda> lol Oreoboy1996
      [21:27:25] RareCola drastically tries to catch up with the conversation
      [21:27:31] <OpheliaG> ok I can stay for a few more minutes, then I have to give a chihuahua a flea bath lol
      [21:27:33] <OpheliaG> no joke
      [21:27:43] <dreamerjon23>
      [21:27:45] <Linkzelda> Hukif: yeah, but I couldn't do the technique for too long because I knew that having my hands on the mouse for too long would cause a strain on the wrist
      [21:27:53] <RareCola> Haha, poor chihuahua
      [21:27:56] <Linkzelda> lol haha
      [21:28:01] <Hukif> "is afraid of chihuahuas"
      [21:28:07] <Oreoboy1996> i was thinking poor Ophelia lol
      [21:28:20] <melanieb> Back
      [21:28:22] dreamerjon23 is afraid of water
      [21:28:30] <dreamerjon23> anyway
      [21:28:30] Oreoboy1996 is afraid of spiders
      [21:28:35] RareCola is afraid of nothing
      [21:28:40] <OpheliaG> she's a little softypoo
      [21:28:43] <melanieb> I'm afraid of ants
      [21:28:45] <Linkzelda> I'm actually afraid of deep water in my dreams
      [21:28:47] <ExoG> In dreams or for real?
      [21:28:48] <Oreoboy1996> RareCola I know you fear me >.>
      [21:28:50] <Hukif> I am just afraid of dogs in general <.<
      [21:28:53] <OpheliaG> I'm scared of pitbulls
      [21:28:57] <Hukif> And like 50 other things.
      [21:28:58] <Linkzelda> being underwater leads me to think of a huge sea creature
      [21:29:01] <OpheliaG> btu I was attacked once
      [21:29:06] <Oreoboy1996> i'm not scared of any dog
      [21:29:10] <OpheliaG> lol Hukif, dang
      [21:29:13] <Oreoboy1996> i'm really good with dogs
      [21:29:16] <melanieb> I used to dream about being sucked down pipes when I was little
      [21:29:28] <OpheliaG> oh that's scary
      [21:29:29] ExoG does not deal with beign under water in dreams very well (asphixiation) or with things tha remind him of schizophrenia very well.
      [21:29:33] <OpheliaG> and unusual melanieb
      [21:29:42] <Linkzelda> poor ExoG
      [21:29:43] <Linkzelda> =/
      [21:29:44] <melanieb> Dog attacks suck...I was attacked a couple times also.
      [21:29:47] <RareCola> It's weird, I never recall having nightmares. I guess just because I'm generally not afraid of much
      [21:29:50] <dreamerjon23> damn mario influence
      [21:29:52] <dreamerjon23> jkjkj
      [21:29:53] <Linkzelda> oh my melanieb =(
      [21:30:05] <Oreoboy1996> brb
      [21:30:19] <OpheliaG> ok I'll stay logged on, and you guys can chitchat in here if you want. I'll be back in 20-30 or so if any of y'all think of any more questions
      [21:30:23] <melanieb> Speaking of nightmares, I've had less than I can count on my two hands...in my life...is that unusual?
      [21:30:24] <OpheliaG> !brb
      [21:30:24] OpheliaG [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaG|BRB
      [21:30:29] <dreamerjon23> kk
      [21:30:30] <melanieb> I've been wanting to find others like me
      [21:30:31] <OpheliaG|BRB> that IS unusual
      [21:30:34] <Hukif> Eh, I don't recall many nightmares either, despite being a scaredy cat <.<
      [21:30:41] <Hukif> And pipes? Like mario?
      [21:30:44] ExoG should note that he isn't schizophrenic, as far as he knows, but his brain makes a big deal in his dreams for some reason.
      [21:30:50] <RareCola> Same for me, melanieb
      [21:30:57] <Linkzelda> Think I'll leave myself, take care everyone
      [21:30:59] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit:
      [21:31:14] <RareCola> Infact, I think I've only ever had maybe 1 or 2 nightmares, and even in them I wasn't particularly "terrified"
      [21:31:19] <melanieb> Pipes, like water pipes and drain pipes that let the water out of large pools...I had those dreams before Mario existed
      [21:31:20] <Oreoboy1996> back
      [21:31:50] <Oreoboy1996> the number of nightmares is different for everybody i'm sure
      [21:32:03] <Oreoboy1996> most of my dreams are nightmares i think
      [21:32:06] <melanieb> I have been thinking of starting a thread of people who do NOT have nightmares, and see how it affects dreams
      [21:32:13] <dreamerjon23> oh my mistake melanieb
      [21:32:19] <Oreoboy1996> but because i usually fight back and am not horribly scared i'm a little unsure
      [21:33:02] <RareCola> That'd be interesting, melanieb
      [21:33:12] <melanieb> My nightmares are rare, but they're probably all the more horrible when they happen.
      [21:33:55] <melanieb> I'm not exaggerating about the number...less than a dozen real nightmares. I find that unusual among people I know
      [21:34:31] <RareCola> Guess I'm more unusual, then
      [21:34:37] <Oreoboy1996> just about every night is nightmarish for me
      [21:34:40] <dreamerjon23> I had to adjust my attitude to be more aggressive around people, I think a few nightmares helped that, and I faught back like you Oreoboy1996
      [21:35:06] <RareCola> That's really weird Oreo.
      [21:35:11] <Hukif> Weird, I thought the normal was to not have many nightmares?
      [21:35:12] <Oreoboy1996> after a while i just got tired of the nightmare's crap and started to beat the hell out of it lol
      [21:35:12] <RareCola> Makes you wonder what affects it
      [21:35:28] <Oreoboy1996> like micheal myers
      [21:35:34] <Oreoboy1996> i used to run from him in nightmares
      [21:35:49] <Oreoboy1996> then i realized i can easily deal with him by breaking his neck or something
      [21:35:51] <ExoG> At least your nightmares are interesting.
      [21:36:02] <Oreoboy1996> or even kill him with a door
      [21:36:05] <Hukif> lol
      [21:36:19] <melanieb> I dreamed about Michael Myers once...one of my nightmares, actually
      [21:37:03] <Oreoboy1996> last time i dreamt of him, i killed him and then his spirit took over my body
      [21:37:12] <Oreoboy1996> he then tried to force me to stab a baby
      [21:37:15] <dreamerjon23> I still like the idea of facing a nightmare character and finding out what they represent
      [21:37:28] <Oreoboy1996> but i regained control and blocked the knife with my arm
      [21:37:33] <melanieb> He chased me through the Huck Finn (or was it Tom Sawyer?) tunnels and when I woke up I had a high fever and threw up. I was just a kid
      [21:37:42] <Oreoboy1996> i then banished his spirit from my body and i haven't seen him since
      [21:37:42] <melanieb> A baby?
      [21:37:45] <melanieb> Ick
      [21:38:02] <Oreoboy1996> yeah a while ago i was having a recurring theme of someone trying to kill a certain baby
      [21:38:32] <dreamerjon23> what are your nightmare cures everyone?
      [21:38:45] <Oreoboy1996> for most of them, fighting
      [21:38:45] <melanieb> Waking up
      [21:38:54] <Oreoboy1996> for that devil thing though, i had to seal him inside a crystal
      [21:39:04] <Oreoboy1996> because he kept coming back to life -.-
      [21:39:12] <Oreoboy1996> and micheal myers was similar i guess
      [21:39:16] <Oreoboy1996> since i had to banish the spirit
      [21:39:25] <dreamerjon23> ok quick story
      [21:39:27] <Hukif> Eating the cause of the nightmare for me.
      [21:40:45] <RareCola> Oreo has the most.... unique dreams
      [21:40:51] <dreamerjon23> I once had an old friend who used to haunt me in my dreams and represent malicious character, again and again I would beat him till he was just a force of hate attacking me
      [21:41:07] ExoG would probably be in spectator mode if Michael Myers were present in his dream.
      [21:41:16] <dreamerjon23> one time I got exausted and gave up
      [21:41:29] <dreamerjon23> after that the DC's smiled and it just passed
      [21:41:36] <melanieb> Cool
      [21:41:57] <dreamerjon23>
      [21:42:38] <Hukif> So all you had to do was give up? Now thats uncommon!
      [21:42:50] <melanieb> Odd that
      [21:43:08] <Oreoboy1996> i don't like giving up
      [21:43:10] <Oreoboy1996> too stubborn
      [21:43:18] <dreamerjon23> I tried to bottle the hate
      [21:43:26] <dreamerjon23> eventually I learned I was making it up
      [21:43:32] <dreamerjon23> :/
      [21:45:42] <Hukif> Well, thats a cool way to end a nightmare.
      [21:46:13] <dreamerjon23> ya I guess
      [21:46:21] <dreamerjon23> thanks
      [21:46:51] <melanieb> Nightmares should be banished
      [21:47:09] <melanieb> Still, I find they give me variety
      [21:47:20] <melanieb> Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have more nightmares
      [21:47:24] <Oreoboy1996> nightmares can be fun if you look at them with the right perspective
      [21:47:39] <Hukif> Do self induced nightmares count?
      [21:47:41] <Oreoboy1996> like how i fight and make a story out of them
      [21:47:41] <melanieb> Hmmm....stabilize a nightmare....
      [21:48:33] <RareCola> Why would you self-induce a nightmare?
      [21:48:34] <RareCola> Lmao
      [21:48:46] <melanieb> For the experience?
      [21:48:55] <Hukif> Yup.
      [21:49:05] <Hukif> And because I wanted to know what it felt like ot have no fears.
      [21:49:06] <dreamerjon23> !away 10 mins
      [21:49:07] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] is now known as dreamerjon23|Away
      [21:49:09] <RareCola> I guess, but kind of.. masochistic xD
      [21:49:09] <Hukif> So gave them away to a single DC.
      [21:49:13] <ExoG> Maybe one of those guys that feel sexy during nightmares.
      [21:49:30] <Hukif> My little, cute daughter fear =D
      [21:49:36] <Oreoboy1996> i become lucid easier in nightmares
      [21:49:42] <Hukif> Took me like a year to get over being afraid of her <.<
      [21:49:53] <Oreoboy1996> so if you were like that inducing nightmares could induce lucidity?
      [21:50:17] <melanieb> Inducing nightmares suggests lucidity to begin with
      [21:50:41] <Hukif> Well, if you dream of last thing in the night, not needed.
      [21:50:45] <Hukif> But in my case, had to be lucid.
      [21:52:42] <melanieb> So...winding down?
      [21:52:52] <dreamerjon23|Away> Hukif: ah the story of life ^^
      [21:53:03] <Oreoboy1996> seems so
      [21:53:09] <Hukif> winding down?
      [21:53:47] <melanieb> Winding down= almost time to quit for the night
      [21:54:01] <Oreoboy1996> although Ophelia may be back soon
      [21:54:06] <Hukif> Ah.
      [21:54:12] <melanieb> She may...I'm waiting
      [21:54:58] <melanieb> *sings* OPHELIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
      [21:55:05] <melanieb>
      [21:55:17] <RareCola> Wonder how the fleas are doing
      [21:55:29] <melanieb> fleas?
      [21:55:38] <RareCola> Her dog has fleas
      [21:55:43] <melanieb> On its knees
      [21:56:00] <RareCola> Probably got them from the trees.
      [21:56:36] <melanieb> Those trees are filled with bees
      [21:56:52] <RareCola> Really? Jeez.
      [21:57:04] <Oreoboy1996> saw a thread about high iq relating to lucid dreaming
      [21:57:10] <Oreoboy1996> thread didn't make sense to me D:
      [21:57:46] <Hukif> Debrajane linked 10% of above-average IQ to 10 estimate of lucid-dreamers, I think.
      [21:57:52] <melanieb> Not being able to experience any other intelligence level than the one I have, there is no way to get perspective on having a different IQ
      [21:57:54] <dreamerjon23|Away> I just remembered dream can be pretty amazing
      [21:57:58] <dreamerjon23|Away> !back
      [21:57:59] dreamerjon23|Away [[email protected]] is now known as dreamerjon23
      [21:58:25] <RareCola> Anyway, 4am here now. Think I'm going to sleep
      [21:58:33] <Oreoboy1996> why can't the 10 of lucid dreaming be mixed?
      [21:58:37] <Hukif> Have a lucid rare!
      [21:58:43] <Oreoboy1996> good night RareCola
      [21:58:51] <Hukif> Dunno... ask debra <.<
      [21:58:52] <RareCola> Yes, really hoping for a lucid tonight
      [21:58:53] <dreamerjon23> goodnight
      [21:59:01] <RareCola> I'm due a lucid! ;l
      [21:59:10] <RareCola> Haha, night guys
      [21:59:10] <melanieb> Goodnight, RareCola
      [21:59:28] <Oreoboy1996> i don't want to ask
      [21:59:30] RareCola [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Goodnight
      [22:00:21] <melanieb> Always best to ask the source
      [22:00:29] <Hukif> Yeah.
      [22:00:32] <Oreoboy1996> yeah but she's going based off of statistics
      [22:01:01] <Oreoboy1996> i was hoping for a logical explanation as to how the iq helps with lucid dreaming
      [22:01:32] <melanieb> Perhaps recognizing them as LDs?
      [22:01:39] <melanieb> I've no idea
      [22:01:42] <melanieb> Sounds silly
      [22:02:02] <Oreoboy1996> it actually makes some sense and i could probably come up with a theory on my own
      [22:02:03] <Hukif> It sounds like... relating totally unrelated stuff to em <.<
      [22:02:06] <Oreoboy1996> but i don't feel like it -_-
      [22:03:08] <dreamerjon23> ugh
      [22:04:33] Paigeyemps [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [22:04:42] <Oreoboy1996> hello paigey
      [22:04:50] <melanieb> Hi
      [22:04:56] <OpheliaG|BRB> hey Paigeyemps!
      [22:05:01] <OpheliaG|BRB> !back
      [22:05:02] OpheliaG|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaG
      [22:05:04] <Oreoboy1996> maybe it's something like iq = brain power so iq = more powerful logic center
      [22:05:05] <Hukif> haai
      [22:05:06] <Hukif> and wb
      [22:05:07] <melanieb> I was thinking about your name today
      [22:05:16] <Paigeyemps> Hi
      [22:05:18] <melanieb> Ophelia, wb
      [22:05:28] <Paigeyemps> Im at school right now
      [22:05:49] <melanieb> My clock says 10:06 P.M.
      [22:05:54] <Paigeyemps>
      [22:05:58] <OpheliaG> hey melanieb
      [22:06:01] <melanieb> boo
      [22:06:06] <OpheliaG> I'm 6 minutes late
      [22:06:27] <melanieb> Shame
      [22:06:30] <OpheliaG> I was sneaky and did dishes after the dog bath
      [22:06:32] <melanieb>
      [22:06:34] <OpheliaG>
      [22:06:37] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [22:07:15] <melanieb> So...any more questions for me, Ophelia? Did I iss anything at the beginning?
      [22:08:16] <@GWave|Away> oh this is nice and packed in tonight's classroom
      [22:08:23] <OpheliaG> probably not for you, this class is really beginner
      [22:08:36] <OpheliaG> I just have alot of accomplished LDes, such as yourself, in the class as well
      [22:08:43] <melanieb> I was just checking
      [22:08:59] <OpheliaG> several people have several different issues with attaining lucidity
      [22:09:09] <OpheliaG> not easy to knock out in a month
      [22:09:15] <OpheliaG> do yuo have to go to bed now ?
      [22:09:19] <melanieb> Weird thing is...I don't consider my LD habit as anything special. At least not yet. It's just the way I dream
      [22:09:26] <Paigeyemps> Dang gtg another test
      [22:09:28] <Paigeyemps> Cya later guys
      [22:09:30] <OpheliaG> that's what I love about you
      [22:09:33] <Oreoboy1996> bye paigey
      [22:09:33] <OpheliaG> be Paigeyemps
      [22:09:39] <OpheliaG> bye*
      [22:09:44] <melanieb> Bye, Paigeyemps
      [22:11:01] <melanieb>
      [22:11:05] <melanieb> Gets so quiet
      [22:11:23] <Oreoboy1996> ran out of things to talk about i guess
      [22:11:42] <Hukif> Nah, we miss paige too much.
      [22:12:07] Merro [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [22:12:07] Paigeyemps [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: i hid ten million dollars under the --
      [22:12:26] <Oreoboy1996> hello Merro
      [22:12:32] <Merro> Hey
      [22:12:33] GWave|Away [[email protected]] invites you to channel #OpheliasLipstick (double-click the channel name to join)
      [22:12:36] <OpheliaG> hey there
      [22:12:53] <Merro> How is everyone?
      [22:13:04] <Oreoboy1996> silent lol
      [22:13:05] <melanieb> Peachy
      [22:13:09] <Merro>
      [22:13:10] <melanieb>
      [22:13:21] <Merro> havent been in this channel for awhile now... :p
      [22:13:30] <OpheliaG> sorry, I'm here
      [22:13:47] <Merro> So what are we talking about tonight?
      [22:13:52] <melanieb> Skydiving
      [22:13:58] <Oreoboy1996> all kinds of things
      [22:14:14] <Merro> Hmm
      [22:14:24] <Oreoboy1996> not sure if i've ever intentionally sky dived
      [22:14:30] <Merro> lol
      [22:14:38] <Merro> skydiving in LDs? :p
      [22:14:40] <Oreoboy1996> except the first time i was flying
      [22:14:46] <Oreoboy1996> i hit a tree >.>
      [22:14:49] <Hukif> lol
      [22:15:05] <Merro> idk why I have my watch set to 11:15...
      [22:15:09] <Merro> owell
      [22:15:11] <Merro> Hit a tree?
      [22:15:12] <Merro>
      [22:15:16] <melanieb> Never hit a tree....just you and George of the Jungle
      [22:15:22] <Oreoboy1996> and the only time i can think of me jumping out of a plane was when it was landing
      [22:15:32] <Oreoboy1996> and it hurt...
      [22:15:45] <Merro> I remember this dream I had... It was kinda taking place from a different dream I had.
      [22:15:59] <Merro> Was out side and I was riding on something that could fly...
      [22:16:12] <Merro> Things were flooding around the area...
      [22:16:14] <melanieb> Pegasus?
      [22:16:16] <Merro> Could see it
      [22:16:19] <Merro> no it was a machine :p
      [22:16:43] <Merro> kinda like a ride you go on in a fair or w/e
      [22:17:01] <OpheliaG> o hwell hell it's not that important, go to bed man
      [22:17:11] <OpheliaG> oh shit
      [22:17:14] <Merro> hm?
      [22:17:14] <OpheliaG> sorry
      [22:17:15] <melanieb> Eh?
      [22:17:21] <Hukif> lol
      [22:17:22] <Merro> wrong chat huh? lol
      [22:17:26] <OpheliaG> that was SO not for this room lol
      [22:17:30] <Merro> LOL
      [22:17:33] <melanieb> So curious now
      [22:17:35] <Merro> Hey, Shit happens :p
      [22:17:47] <OpheliaG> yes, Go to bed, all of you!!
      [22:17:54] <Merro> You go to bed too
      [22:18:02] <melanieb> I'm going to stay up a bit and watch The Green Mile.
      [22:18:03] <Merro> lol
      [22:18:04] <OpheliaG> I am lauging so bad right now
      [22:18:09] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [22:18:14] <Merro> dont die while you laugh XD
      [22:18:17] <Merro> jk
      [22:18:36] <melanieb> See? It was a good night
      [22:19:06] <Merro> no more caffiene... Sorry if typo. :p
      [22:19:57] <melanieb> And yet we are still here
      [22:20:06] <melanieb> Any questions anyone?
      [22:20:17] <Oreoboy1996> hmm
      [22:20:27] <Merro> how long has this been?
      [22:20:34] <Merro> Silent for awhile?
      [22:20:58] <Oreoboy1996> it's been long enough that i can't even scroll up to the beginning of the chat
      [22:21:04] <Merro> :p
      [22:21:09] <melanieb> I came in late
      [22:21:14] <Merro> i just came in
      [22:21:15] <Merro> lol
      [22:21:26] <Merro> hmm
      [22:21:26] <Oreoboy1996> 2 hours 20 minutes i think
      [22:21:31] <Hukif> Someone, come up with a question quickly!
      [22:21:35] <Merro> I had an idea that would work for me but idk...
      [22:21:47] <OpheliaG> and what's that
      [22:21:50] <Merro> Writing down the weird dreams I can remember...
      [22:21:56] <Merro> I seem to remember them the most
      [22:22:03] <Merro> like the one I had this morning
      [22:22:12] <Merro> I remembered it quite well
      [22:22:23] <melanieb> I write down every dream, no matter how small...DV taught me that
      [22:22:35] <Merro> I need to get the hang of recall
      [22:22:37] <Oreoboy1996> i only write down lucids anymore
      [22:22:52] <Oreoboy1996> it's hard for me to throw in the non lucids on top of it all
      [22:23:07] <Merro> It was about me being stuck with a bunch of girls who really hated guys... I had to give my bed up for one of them. And had to sleep in the living room on the ground... -__-
      [22:23:31] <Merro> It was like, Wtf O.o
      [22:23:39] <Oreoboy1996> if they hate guys why were they in your house lol
      [22:23:42] <Hukif> You enjoyed it, don't lie <.<
      [22:23:44] <Merro> Seemed like a nightmare lol
      [22:23:48] <melanieb> If I pay attention to every dream than I recall better and I'm more likely to pay more attention to LDs
      [22:23:52] <Merro> I was being treated like shit lol
      [22:23:55] <Merro> in the dream
      [22:24:09] <Oreoboy1996> works differently for me i think
      [22:24:09] <melanieb> Maybe you like forceful women?
      [22:24:14] <Merro> Duno
      [22:24:15] <Merro> lol
      [22:24:26] <Merro> at least I recalled it, that counts huh? :p
      [22:24:46] <melanieb> We should start an obediance thread
      [22:24:51] <Merro> lol
      [22:24:52] <melanieb> Yep
      [22:24:58] <Oreoboy1996> Merro: at least you didn't have to worry about one of them sticking shards of glass in your ears while you sleep >.>
      [22:25:08] <Merro> lol damn
      [22:25:12] <Merro> now that does sound scary
      [22:25:12] <Merro> XD
      [22:25:18] <Merro> Wish I had my Katana with me....
      [22:25:20] <Merro> jk
      [22:25:31] <melanieb> My friend had sex with a girl, in real life, while lying on his sisters hair. She was too freaked out to tell him
      [22:25:37] <Oreoboy1996> had a dream a while back where a girl was mad at me and a group of guys
      [22:25:41] <OpheliaG> Sorry I've been sparse recently, had an impromptu admin meeting
      [22:25:41] <Hukif> I won't even comment on bad dream-girl experiences...
      [22:25:51] <OpheliaG> PM me if necessary
      [22:26:00] <Oreoboy1996> and one of them is like "don't worry the worst she has ever done to someone is stick sharp glass in his ears"
      [22:26:02] <melanieb> I probably will tomorrow,Ophelia
      [22:26:14] <Merro> A girl threatened me in a dream once when I got lucid...
      [22:26:25] <Hukif> O.o melanie that is, wow
      [22:26:28] <Oreoboy1996> claire threatens me all the time
      [22:26:31] <Merro> said not to stabilize it...
      [22:27:06] <Merro> melanie, your friend is weird...
      [22:27:08] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [22:27:18] <OpheliaG> oh I meant PM me in here.. I'm on KVirc and I don't get pings
      [22:27:29] <OpheliaG> but it's all code talk in there now so I'm back
      [22:27:37] <Merro>
      [22:27:47] <Merro> site issues huh?
      [22:27:48] <melanieb> It was at a party....drinking...the sister was lying on the floor with another girl, the sister passed out
      [22:27:51] <Merro> Still bugs loose?
      [22:27:58] <OpheliaG> troll issues
      [22:28:00] <melanieb> When she woke...her friend was doing it with her brother
      [22:28:00] <Merro> oh
      [22:28:04] <OpheliaG> at any rate, moving on
      [22:28:04] <Merro> them trolls...
      [22:28:06] <Merro>
      [22:28:14] <Oreoboy1996> troll infestation lol
      [22:28:20] <OpheliaG> you know it
      [22:28:24] <Merro> Like they say
      [22:28:25] <melanieb> Anyway, this has been neat
      [22:28:27] <Oreoboy1996> at least forsaken had fun
      [22:28:30] <Merro> DONT FEED THE TROLLS
      [22:28:30] <Merro>
      [22:28:38] <OpheliaG> if only we'd listened
      [22:29:07] <Merro> damn drinking parties are the worst... never know what your doing from what I heard.
      [22:29:09] <melanieb> Well, Ophelia, I do have questions...but I don't know if I have them all formed yet
      [22:29:18] <OpheliaG> that's cool
      [22:29:28] <melanieb> I had one for Matte87 that I asked in a PM...waiting on that to be answered
      [22:29:41] <Merro> Hes usually busy working
      [22:29:49] <OpheliaG> I'm going to wrap this up now then.. and he usually responds in a day or two
      [22:29:50] <Merro> so he doesnt get on much
      [22:29:58] <Merro> yep
      [22:30:00] <Oreoboy1996> alrighty
      [22:30:05] <melanieb> Coolio
      [22:30:07] <Merro> matte doesnt get on msn that much...
      [22:30:15] <melanieb> I have patience
      [22:30:23] <melanieb> The virtue of a parent
      [22:30:24] <Merro> I do have a question though
      [22:30:30] <OpheliaG> but definitely hit me up in a PM with any further questions.. I don't get many, so it's easy to reply
      [22:30:51] <Merro> Possible to make any weapons appear from a current dream you had eh?
      [22:30:52] <melanieb>
      [22:31:07] <Oreoboy1996> huh?
      [22:31:09] <Hukif> Hm?
      [22:31:17] <Merro> Like the Katana I had from a vivid dream.
      [22:31:20] <melanieb> Katanas? Or something more complex?
      [22:31:24] <melanieb> Jinx
      [22:31:28] <Merro> Katana's, Keyblades, etc.
      [22:31:29] <Hukif> Oh, making a past-dream weapon appear again.
      [22:31:31] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [22:31:36] <Oreoboy1996> oh that
      [22:31:44] <Oreoboy1996> i've done it with my crystal sword
      [22:31:48] <Oreoboy1996> so why not your katana?
      [22:31:54] <Merro> I was curious
      [22:31:59] <Hukif> I like to do that using teleportation.
      [22:32:08] <Merro> Hmmm
      [22:32:13] <Merro> Spell circles during lucids
      [22:32:15] <Merro> anime form
      [22:32:21] <Hukif> Use the form of Erza then!
      [22:32:24] <OpheliaG> ok you guys can discuss katanas, I gotta split.. 2 and a half hour class
      [22:32:25] <Merro> lol
      [22:32:29] <Hukif> Ex-equip from Fairy Tail.
      [22:32:38] <OpheliaG> thanks so much for joining to all of you!
      [22:32:40] <Merro> I need to finish watching that one
      [22:32:42] <Merro> your welcome.
      [22:32:44] <melanieb> I'm leaving also. Goodnight, all! Goodnight, Ophelia!~
      [22:32:49] <Oreoboy1996> bye
      [22:32:51] <Hukif> kk, cya!

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      [12:03:14] Lunatide|Away [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:03:28] <Lunatide|Away> Is there a class here o.o
      [12:03:30] <Lunatide|Away> ?
      [12:03:51] <Lunatide|Away> I'm typing my DJ and it's long haha
      [12:05:53] RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:06:05] <Oreoboy1996> hello RareCola
      [12:06:10] <RareCola> elo
      [12:06:14] <RareCola> is Ophelia running late?
      [12:06:18] <Lunatide|Away> Hey RareCola
      [12:06:27] <Lunatide|Away> I got it 3 minutes ago
      [12:06:30] <Lunatide|Away> Nobody spoke
      [12:06:38] <Oreoboy1996> she left to get breakfast/brunch/lunch
      [12:06:43] <Lunatide|Away> I'm busy, somebody ping me when they are on
      [12:06:46] <Lunatide|Away> pls?
      [12:06:48] <RareCola> Ah ok
      [12:07:05] <Oreoboy1996> sure
      [12:08:28] <OpheliaBlue|BRB> hey guys!
      [12:08:31] <OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:08:46] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:08:59] <Oreoboy1996> hello OpheliaBlue
      [12:09:02] <Oreoboy1996> !ping Lunatide|Away
      [12:09:16] <OpheliaBlue> I was justting some food real quick while waiting for folks to show up
      [12:09:20] <OpheliaBlue> didn't think anyone remembered!
      [12:10:05] <Lunatide|Away> Enjoy your meal?
      [12:11:14] Oceandrop [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:11:17] <Oreoboy1996> welcome Oceandrop
      [12:11:21] <Oceandrop> Thanks Oreo :-)
      [12:11:35] Lunatide|Away [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:11:50] <OpheliaBlue> so what's new, any more lucid dreams?
      [12:12:05] <OpheliaBlue> I had a quick one this morning.. my LDs are so quick when i'm sick
      [12:12:14] <Oreoboy1996> i had one last night
      [12:12:20] Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:12:25] <Lunatide> Damn internet.
      [12:12:27] <Lunatide> Fuuu.
      [12:12:28] <Oreoboy1996> where santa's elves were sniping me from the top of mountains and trees
      [12:12:33] <Lunatide> wut
      [12:12:35] <Lunatide> ...
      [12:12:36] <Lunatide> LOL
      [12:12:39] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:12:56] <OpheliaBlue> you were a naughty boy this year then?
      [12:12:57] <Oreoboy1996> i became lucid because i tend to slow down time automatically when bullets fly towards me lol
      [12:13:01] <Oreoboy1996> lol maybe
      [12:13:22] <Oreoboy1996> slowing down time is sort of a dream sign i guess
      [12:13:28] <OpheliaBlue> that's a good skill though
      [12:13:32] <Oreoboy1996> yep
      [12:14:06] <OpheliaBlue> in mine, I had a reandom DILD (I'll post in my journal the whole thing)
      [12:14:21] <Lunatide> I'm typing up my DJ. Almost done
      [12:14:22] <OpheliaBlue> but I saw an old friend of mine who, IRL, had really bad burn scars
      [12:14:39] <OpheliaBlue> in the dream after I became lucid, I wanted to see if I could make the scars go away
      [12:14:48] <OpheliaBlue> I conjured a jar of cream and it worked, kinda cool
      [12:15:00] <Oreoboy1996> nice
      [12:15:38] <Lunatide> That's awesome
      [12:15:55] <OpheliaBlue> so how about you guys, Lunatide, Oceandrop, RareCola.. any progress?
      [12:16:15] <RareCola> Oh hey, didn't realise you were back.
      [12:16:15] <Lunatide> Quite a lot OpheliaBlue
      [12:16:25] <RareCola> No lucid last night Recalled 5 dreams and a fragment of another, though
      [12:16:26] <Lunatide> But when I have finished this entry it will explain.
      [12:16:29] <RareCola> Recall keeps getting better
      [12:16:49] <Lunatide> Awesome RareCola
      [12:17:01] <OpheliaBlue> ok
      [12:17:10] <OpheliaBlue> cool RareCola
      [12:18:25] <OpheliaBlue> sorry, eating with one hand typing with the other
      [12:18:52] <RareCola> I almost went into sleep paralysis this morning though, I think.
      [12:19:11] <OpheliaBlue> oh yeah? what happened specifically?
      [12:19:27] <RareCola> Felt that sort of "led blanket" feeling starting at my feet, but it stopped at around my knees and went away completely
      [12:19:56] <OpheliaBlue> oh that's kinda neat
      [12:20:29] <OpheliaBlue> I remember the very fist time I recalled SP.. it was right after I watched Blair Witch Project
      [12:20:41] <OpheliaBlue> that movie freaked me out so bad lol
      [12:20:58] <RareCola> Yea, I think I'll stick to this WILD method for a while and see if I get anywhere
      [12:21:15] <RareCola> Seeing as I can never seem to stay still for a DEILD
      [12:21:31] <OpheliaBlue> sounds good, especially if you're beginning to zero-in on what SP feels like
      [12:21:56] <Oreoboy1996> the first time i experienced sp was when i was trying to wake up from my first lucid
      [12:21:58] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue I have some questions later
      [12:22:05] <Lunatide> Need to finish DJ, almost done
      [12:22:06] <OpheliaBlue> ok Lunatide
      [12:22:30] <OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: was the SP so strong that you couldn't get out of it? or were you finally able to
      [12:22:44] <OpheliaBlue> I mean, obviously you were FINALLY able to eventually lol
      [12:22:54] <Oreoboy1996> as i was in the dream i could feel my real body
      [12:23:02] <Oreoboy1996> and it felt just like someone was holding me down or sitting on me
      [12:23:13] <Oreoboy1996> it was extremely hard but i managed to break out of it
      [12:23:32] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I know the feeling.. takes evrey ounce of will to break out of it
      [12:23:38] <Oreoboy1996> exactly
      [12:23:54] <Oreoboy1996> and that was the only way i ever knew to wake up for a long time
      [12:24:05] <OpheliaBlue> damn that was a good wrap, I think I'm going to eat the other half
      [12:24:09] <RareCola> Really weird when you think about it. Because your body isn't actually paralysed, it's just severely restricted signals from the brain giving the illusion of paralysis
      [12:24:19] <OpheliaBlue> ^^ mhmm
      [12:24:29] <Oreoboy1996> actually sometimes i wake up in sleep paralysis and i simply can't move
      [12:24:38] <Oreoboy1996> and i'm "ughh not again"
      [12:24:39] <OpheliaBlue> probably a little adrenaline mixed with panic restores those signals lol
      [12:24:50] <Oreoboy1996> adrenaline solves everything
      [12:24:54] <OpheliaBlue> it so does
      [12:25:05] <OpheliaBlue> clears all those neural highways
      [12:25:28] <OpheliaBlue> so do you get SP quite often then Oreoboy1996?
      [12:25:44] <Oreoboy1996> yeah
      [12:26:00] <Oreoboy1996> seems like it's a little less frequently now though
      [12:26:00] <Lunatide> Okay I have finally finished this entry.
      [12:26:03] <Lunatide> here it is
      [12:26:03] <Lunatide> Forest Trolling. May 17th 2012. - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [12:26:18] <Lunatide> Which relates to my question. OpheliaBlue
      [12:26:40] <Lunatide> Why do my reality checks fail? It has happened twice
      [12:26:45] <OpheliaBlue> ok I'll read it after class
      [12:26:48] <Lunatide> I get so close to becoming lucid
      [12:26:52] <Lunatide> Sure
      [12:26:53] <OpheliaBlue> that's common
      [12:27:05] <RareCola> At least you're reality checking in dreams, I'm not doing it at all now
      [12:27:22] <Lunatide> The first few lines of the entry explains what happened
      [12:27:34] <OpheliaBlue> yeah it's really good that you're checking them while dreaming already, so I think these 2 things:
      [12:27:39] <Lunatide> I looked at my hands and thought it was real life
      [12:27:44] <OpheliaBlue> 1. have more reality checks to try
      [12:27:50] <Lunatide> Okay
      [12:28:01] <OpheliaBlue> 2. really mean your RCs when you do them in the day, don't just 1/2 arse them
      [12:28:13] <Lunatide> That's what i do xD
      [12:28:26] <Lunatide> I should look at my surroundings more when doing them
      [12:28:31] <OpheliaBlue> yes
      [12:28:46] <Lunatide> In the dream I just linked you, says what happened
      [12:28:49] <OpheliaBlue> and it never hurts to have a repertoire of different RCs
      [12:28:56] <Lunatide> Yeah sure
      [12:29:02] <Lunatide> I will try maybe 3
      [12:29:19] <RareCola> I'd quite like my subconscious to just give me a sign that I'm going in the right direction. Gets frustrating after a couple of weeks of nothing
      [12:29:22] <Lunatide> Palm check, nose pinch and finger through hand thing
      [12:29:30] <OpheliaBlue> Oceandrop: why you so quiet :p
      [12:29:39] <Lunatide> Derp ask a question x3
      [12:29:45] <Lunatide> Oceanderp lolol
      [12:30:20] <OpheliaBlue> just observing today
      [12:30:28] <Lunatide> Hehehe
      [12:31:09] BooHoo [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:31:13] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: now remind me again, you have had LDs i nthe past correct?
      [12:31:17] <OpheliaBlue> hi BooHoo
      [12:31:20] <BooHoo> hi
      [12:31:34] <Oreoboy1996> hello BooHoo
      [12:31:41] <RareCola> I've had 1 proper LD, and a couple others that would class as "Layer 0"
      [12:31:55] <RareCola> But nothing at all for the last 2 weeks
      [12:31:58] <OpheliaBlue> ah ok.. and the proper LD was a DILD?
      [12:31:58] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue I am leaving now! Thanks for the answer. I will try it out.
      [12:32:05] <OpheliaBlue> no, see ya Lunatide!
      [12:32:22] <RareCola> DILD -> False Awakening -> DEILD
      [12:32:29] <Lunatide> I'll still be on chat but just not in class
      [12:32:38] Lunatide [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:32:40] <RareCola> Woke straight up in the false awakening and DEILDed back in, basically
      [12:33:12] <Oceandrop> huh I was on the phone
      [12:33:15] <Oceandrop> sorry
      [12:33:39] <Oceandrop> and I'm not official in the Intro Class _ and don't have any questions
      [12:33:41] <OpheliaBlue> no problem, we were just wondering
      [12:33:54] <Oceandrop> okay (:
      [12:34:12] <Oceandrop> and I did not write my dreams down today and forgot them~
      [12:34:16] <Oceandrop> soo nothing to tell
      [12:34:25] <Oceandrop> lol nice RareCola
      [12:34:33] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: when you DEILDed right back in, did you just happen to get lucky and remain still?
      [12:34:38] <Oreoboy1996> i definitely need to get better at recall
      [12:34:48] <Oreoboy1996> but just can't seem to wake myself up enough to write stuff
      [12:35:06] <Oceandrop> I can't but when it was unpleasent dreams like today I sometimes don't want to xd
      [12:35:18] <Oceandrop> but then I regret it non the less later : /
      [12:35:23] <Oreoboy1996> if i could boost my recall i would probably find out i'm having more lucids than i thought
      [12:35:27] <RareCola> Well I didn't stay perfectly still. I opened my eyes and moved my arm to reality check, but was still very much dazed and sleepy and I just remember feeling my body suddenly become light without losing consciousness and going back into the dream
      [12:36:20] <OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: this is true.. when I was lazy with my journal, I would sometimes remember waaaay later in the day that I had a quick LD
      [12:36:26] <OpheliaBlue> I wonder how many I have forgotten
      [12:37:11] <Oreoboy1996> i can only remember one dream from last night which was that lucid
      [12:37:11] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, that tired/awake balance is the hardest thing when DEILDing.. that's why this cold is killing me. I keep coughing in the morning, and it wakes me up too much
      [12:37:20] <Oreoboy1996> so there was most likely another lucid or 2
      [12:38:10] <OpheliaBlue> could have been.. I didn't even remember the LD i had this morning right away.. At first I thought, damn I didn't have one. Then a few minutes of thinking about my dreams, I was all DERP i did!
      [12:38:40] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:39:09] <RareCola> My dream recall is great at the moment, if only I was actually having lucids to accompany it
      [12:39:30] <RareCola> I spent my entire WBTB just writing down my dreams this morning
      [12:39:48] <OpheliaBlue> I know you're sick of hearing this RareCola, but you are still on the right track!
      [12:40:16] <OpheliaBlue> in between my dry spells, I have alot of recall that eventually lead to LDs
      [12:40:34] <RareCola> Yea, just a matter of sticking with it
      [12:40:46] <RareCola> Luckily, I'm pretty good at self-motivation
      [12:41:08] <OpheliaBlue> yes, and enjoy the process.. I think nonlucid dreams are really interesting, and I love remembering them
      [12:41:22] <RareCola> Yea I had some really interesting ones last night.
      [12:41:50] <OpheliaBlue> do you journal them oon DV?
      [12:42:03] <OpheliaBlue> oh yeah you do
      [12:42:13] <OpheliaBlue> my bad, it's Morten that keeps them in an actual book
      [12:42:20] <RareCola> I dream journalled my lucid, I should do some of my non-lucids too
      [12:43:10] <OpheliaBlue> oh I see, may 4
      [12:43:18] <OpheliaBlue> so where do yuo journal your dreams now?
      [12:43:36] <RareCola> In my notebook
      [12:43:42] <RareCola> I write them down whenever I wake up and remember them
      [12:43:54] <RareCola> Just a matter of transferring them to my PC
      [12:44:21] BooHoo [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:44:54] <OpheliaBlue> you don't *have* to, just makes it easier for me to reference them
      [12:45:01] <OpheliaBlue> if necessary.. not a huge deal
      [12:45:15] <OpheliaBlue> somebody scared BooHoo
      [12:45:17] <RareCola> I had a really interesting one last night in an old english town, where a spirit rose up from a grave and lead me throughout the town on a "treasure hunt" of sorts, and at the end the spirit gave me a selection of five prizes, of which I chose to go on an all-inclusive cruise, alas woke up before I got to enjoy that part of the dream
      [12:45:38] <OpheliaBlue> haha a cruise, really?
      [12:45:44] <RareCola> I have no idea
      [12:45:46] <RareCola> I have whacky dreams
      [12:45:57] <OpheliaBlue> was probably a haunted cruise
      [12:46:55] <RareCola> Had another where I was on vacation and one of the sports at the resort was a water-walking race, and everybody was running across the top of the water on tip toes.
      [12:47:17] <RareCola> I have no idea how I don't question my reality in these dreams, lmao
      [12:47:20] <OpheliaBlue> wow, that would have been a cool one to get lucid to.
      [12:47:28] <RareCola> Yea
      [12:47:29] <OpheliaBlue> did you walk on water at any point in the dream?
      [12:47:37] <RareCola> Yea, I was part of the racing
      [12:48:17] <OpheliaBlue> that is cool.. do you remember what it felt like? Like the feeling if water beneath your feet, without sinking, etc?
      [12:48:52] <Oreoboy1996> walking on water is kind of cool
      [12:48:56] <RareCola> It was more like.. you had to move your legs and feet really fast to keep "bouncing" off the top of the water. Lots of splashing.
      [12:49:25] <OpheliaBlue> was it indoors or outdoors?
      [12:49:28] <Oreoboy1996> oh i just stand on it lol
      [12:49:44] <Oreoboy1996> i treat it as if it's a solid
      [12:49:45] <RareCola> Outdoors, in a lagoon type area
      [12:49:50] <OpheliaBlue> ooo like jesus, Oreoboy1996
      [12:49:57] <Oreoboy1996> yeah sort of
      [12:50:02] <Oreoboy1996> i was thinking like a ninja
      [12:50:11] <Oreoboy1996> or ninja jesus...
      [12:50:23] <OpheliaBlue> was it day or night, RareCola? and what was the weather like (I promise I'm going somewhere with this)
      [12:50:34] <RareCola> Day, sunny and tropical
      [12:51:08] <OpheliaBlue> and finally, were you lways 1st person in this dream? or back and forth from 1st to 3rd
      [12:51:22] <RareCola> Always first person
      [12:51:54] <OpheliaBlue> so your dreams are pretty vivid then, if you're remembering such detail
      [12:52:00] <RareCola> At one point I remember talking to somebody while standing still on the water too. I was struggling to keep my legs moving fast enough to bounce off the top of the water while standing still.
      [12:52:08] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:52:23] <RareCola> Yea, i'm having really vivid dreams now
      [12:52:28] <RareCola> it's great
      [12:52:33] <Oreoboy1996> oh i just remembered that dream i had where i was teaching paigey to walk on water
      [12:52:42] <Oreoboy1996> it was funny because she kept falling through lol
      [12:52:49] <OpheliaBlue> haha seriously?
      [12:52:51] <RareCola> Anyway, i need to go get some dinner. I'll be around for the chat later tonight though
      [12:52:55] <Oreoboy1996> yeah
      [12:53:09] <OpheliaBlue> ok see you then RareCola!
      [12:53:13] <Oreoboy1996> i sometimes tried ruining her concentration on purpose just for the fun of it lol
      [12:53:16] <RareCola> Cya later Ophelia, Oreo and anybody else still here
      [12:53:17] <Oreoboy1996> bye RareCola
      [12:53:22] <RareCola> !away Dinner
      [12:53:23] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [12:53:32] Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:53:36] <Oreoboy1996> hello Lunatide
      [12:53:38] <Lunatide> Hey
      [12:53:39] <OpheliaBlue> wb Lunatide
      [12:53:44] <Lunatide> Nothing else to do
      [12:53:46] <Lunatide> Thanks OpheliaBlue
      [12:53:57] <Lunatide> I think I will just sit back and observe
      [12:54:21] <Oreoboy1996> i don't think a whole lot will happen here if you just observe
      [12:54:41] <Lunatide> Okay, but I can't think of anything to ask xD
      [12:54:51] <OpheliaBlue> well now, yeah, because folks either left, or are just observing as well
      [12:55:12] <Lunatide> Hmmm
      [12:55:12] <Oreoboy1996> well we can make conversation that may lead to questions...
      [12:55:19] <Lunatide> Good idea.
      [12:55:30] <OpheliaBlue> I love RareCola's motivation... journaling, lots of recall, vividness, class participation..
      [12:55:35] <OpheliaBlue> he's bound to LD again
      [12:55:37] <OpheliaBlue> soon
      [12:55:38] <Oreoboy1996> i was just talking about walking on water in dreams and the time i taught paigey to walk on water
      [12:55:44] <Oreoboy1996> yep
      [12:56:03] <OpheliaBlue> I just wish there was a little red lucid button that i could just, push.
      [12:56:44] <Lunatide> RareCola|Away deserves the lucid dreams
      [12:57:21] <OpheliaBlue> indeed.
      [12:57:22] <Lunatide> I don't, I'm lazy but I started my DJ a few days ago so I should be getting some LD's soon
      [12:58:28] <OpheliaBlue> I'm sure you will if you stick with yuor journal, and don't give up
      [12:58:40] <Lunatide> I actually love typing it up.
      [12:58:53] <OpheliaBlue> I just realised I LD less when my boyfriend is sleeping in next to me
      [12:59:07] <OpheliaBlue> like if he has to get up early for work, I do better, I wonder why that is
      [12:59:25] <Lunatide> That's odd XD
      [12:59:33] <Lunatide> Hax
      [12:59:33] <Lunatide> ...
      [12:59:39] <Lunatide> OMGHAX
      [12:59:46] <OpheliaBlue> yeah.. I don't expect y'all to have an answer, you're youngsters
      [13:00:11] <Lunatide> I'm 15 almost 16 I'll have you know
      [13:00:14] <Lunatide> Wait.
      [13:00:17] <Lunatide> I guess that is young
      [13:00:54] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue:
      [13:00:57] <Oreoboy1996> i'm the same
      [13:01:12] <Lunatide> Would you like to read my DJ now? I guess there isn't anything to do
      [13:01:15] <Oreoboy1996> but i could probably come up with an answer if i thouht for a while
      [13:01:22] <Lunatide> Me too oreo xD
      [13:01:23] <Lunatide> Forest Trolling. May 17th 2012. - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [13:01:29] <Lunatide> Dat blue
      [13:01:29] <OpheliaBlue> I just meant too young to be in that kind of relationship
      [13:01:34] <Lunatide> -bites lip-
      [13:01:56] <OpheliaBlue> I will in a bit silly
      [13:02:15] <Lunatide> Okay
      [13:02:25] <Lunatide> Good girl OpheliaBlue, class > DJ's
      [13:02:28] <Lunatide>
      [13:02:34] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [13:02:43] <OpheliaBlue> haha ok
      [13:03:11] <OpheliaBlue> actually it's class > workbooks > DJs
      [13:03:16] <Lunatide> Fuck.
      [13:03:20] <Lunatide> I need to revise
      [13:03:23] <Lunatide> For exams
      [13:03:26] <Lunatide> Meh.
      [13:03:30] <Lunatide> I'll be okay ^_^
      [13:04:11] <OpheliaBlue> well if there are no more questions, I'll go ahead and log this chat
      [13:04:34] <Oreoboy1996> alrighty
      [13:04:38] <Lunatide> log?
      [13:04:45] <Lunatide> Could be taken the wrong way
      [13:04:47] <Lunatide> xD
      [13:04:50] <OpheliaBlue> thanks for hanging out in here again Oreoboy1996
      [13:04:56] <Oreoboy1996> you're welcome
      [13:05:14] <OpheliaBlue> I'll comment on your journal after I read it Lunatide
      [13:05:19] <Lunatide> Sure thing
      [13:05:20] <OpheliaBlue> thanks for coming!
      [13:05:24] <OpheliaBlue> !away
      [13:05:24] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [13:05:29] <Lunatide> Thanks for taking us
      [13:05:30] <Lunatide>
      [13:05:55] Oreoboy1996 runs back to #LucidDreaming
      [13:05:59] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
      [13:06:12] Lunatide [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""

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      [19:54:54] Channel was created at Wed May 9 11:37:13 2012
      [19:55:17] <RareCola> Wonder if anyone else is around or whether it'll be just us tonight
      [19:56:15] <OpheliaBlue> I never can tell
      [20:00:52] companypicnic [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:01:10] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:01:56] <RareCola> Not just us after all
      [20:05:00] <OpheliaBlue> hey guys
      [20:05:13] <OpheliaBlue> sorry I was chitchatting with sparta
      [20:05:20] <RareCola> Sparta?
      [20:05:26] <OpheliaBlue> hi Oreoboy1996 and companypicnic
      [20:05:32] <OpheliaBlue> OldSparta the chat mod
      [20:05:34] <companypicnic> hi there
      [20:05:41] <RareCola> Oh of course
      [20:06:37] <OpheliaBlue> so how is everyone?
      [20:06:50] <OpheliaBlue> don't think I've ever seen you in here before companypicnic, have I?
      [20:07:33] <RareCola> I'm good, had a hectic day. Hoping the stress doesn't affect my recall or lucid chances tonight
      [20:07:41] <companypicnic> no, I'm new, but interested in the DVA idea
      [20:08:22] <OpheliaBlue> awesome, welcome
      [20:08:31] <companypicnic> will I need to post up a workbook? and thanks
      [20:08:49] <OpheliaBlue> well the class is over in 4 days
      [20:08:57] <OpheliaBlue> I'm wondering if I should do it again
      [20:09:03] <OpheliaBlue> this class
      [20:09:12] <companypicnic> oh okay
      [20:09:14] <RareCola> We just need to convince Matte to extend the class!
      [20:09:47] <Oreoboy1996> so there's no more class in 4 days? :/
      [20:09:50] <OpheliaBlue> I was thinking about talking to Matte about that and another idea I had
      [20:10:25] <OpheliaBlue> something that I kidna want to talk to you about later RareCola actually
      [20:10:39] TreeFiddyWave|Away [[email protected]] is now known as TreeFiddyWave
      [20:10:42] <RareCola> oh really?
      [20:10:53] <RareCola> I'm intrigued
      [20:10:55] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, I'll get back to you on it later
      [20:11:02] <RareCola> Alright
      [20:11:28] <OpheliaBlue> at any rate, so I'm not sure RareCola or Oreoboy1996 has slept since 8 hours ago, unless I'm mistaken
      [20:11:50] <Oreoboy1996> hmm?
      [20:12:04] <Oreoboy1996> i woke up about 12 hours ago i think
      [20:12:13] <RareCola> Nope, 2:11am here. My usual bed time isn't until 4:00am because I'm a crazy person.
      [20:12:21] <OpheliaBlue> yeah ok, just checking
      [20:12:41] <OpheliaBlue> I just asked in case we could discuss any dreams since the last chat class
      [20:12:51] <OpheliaBlue> I'm getting used to y'all's sleep patterns
      [20:12:52] <Oreoboy1996> nope :/
      [20:12:55] <RareCola> I've been copying a few of my dream journal entries to my computer though. Probably going to post some up on DV tomorrow.
      [20:13:04] <OpheliaBlue> oh that would be great RareCola
      [20:13:54] <RareCola> It's hard to decipher my own writing sometimes, being completely blind without my glasses I tend to write and hope it's coming out okay... it's not in most cases xD
      [20:14:24] <RareCola> Amusing to see my scribbles though
      [20:14:25] <OpheliaBlue> are you nearsighted or farsighted? or just nearly blind all together
      [20:14:39] <RareCola> I have an astigmatism so all around blind
      [20:14:53] <RareCola> My sight itself isn't too bad, I just have a really oddly shaped eyed
      [20:14:54] <RareCola> eye*
      [20:15:16] <RareCola> I also happen to have two different colour eyes. Random fact~
      [20:15:29] <OpheliaBlue> really? what 2 colors?
      [20:15:41] <RareCola> Yep, a blue and a brown
      [20:15:50] <OpheliaBlue> that is so cool
      [20:15:53] <Oreoboy1996> sometimes i read my notes and it reads something like fiouhgi
      [20:16:00] <Oreoboy1996> and then i find out i meant to write fight
      [20:16:14] <OpheliaBlue> you know my whole immediate family has astigmatism, and we all DEILD
      [20:16:23] <RareCola> Haha same Oreo
      [20:16:24] <OpheliaBlue> lol Oreoboy1996
      [20:16:35] <Oreoboy1996> i have astigmatism
      [20:16:35] <RareCola> &Really Ophelia? That's interesting
      [20:16:56] <OpheliaBlue> hey, anyone here ever think to get a tape recorder, like the dictation kind, for journaling first thing in the morning
      [20:17:02] <OpheliaBlue> or for WBTBs
      [20:17:10] <RareCola> I really wish I could manage to stay still when I wake up. When I wake up naturally I'm so dazed I don't remember to stay still and alarms tend to shock me awake and I jump to turn it off.
      [20:17:13] <companypicnic> I did think of using my phone
      [20:17:18] <companypicnic> the voice recorder on it
      [20:17:43] <companypicnic> but it's too complex to get it running, the dream fades
      [20:17:44] <OpheliaBlue> companypicnic: yeah I wonder if that would be easier.. speaking a little vs having to write, engagin the whole arm and such
      [20:17:50] <OpheliaBlue> oh I see
      [20:17:55] <RareCola> I think I'd feel like an idiot talking to myself. Plus I think there's something about writing down your dreams that helps you remember because I often find as I'm writing more details come back to me than when I tried typing my dreams
      [20:18:19] <companypicnic> do any of you sketch anything from your dreams?
      [20:18:41] <OpheliaBlue> oh I did a funny as shit one once, where I was Danny Devito
      [20:19:04] <RareCola> I'm an artist so occasionally I pull inspiration from my dreams, but not really in my dream journal. Too dazed to sketch in the mornings.
      [20:19:25] <companypicnic> fair enough
      [20:19:31] <Oreoboy1996> i have thought of doing that
      [20:19:35] <Oreoboy1996> never tried it though
      [20:19:44] <Oreoboy1996> it would probably come out as a bunch of nonsense lol
      [20:19:45] <companypicnic> my drawings are all woefully 2D
      [20:20:01] <companypicnic> 2 days later and it looks nothing like the dream at all
      [20:20:03] <RareCola> I'll probably start sketching more when I have more lucids, because they're so much more vivid
      [20:20:06] <OpheliaBlue> companypicnic: yeah me too
      [20:20:21] <Oreoboy1996> i can't draw -_-
      [20:20:29] <Oreoboy1996> and practice hasn't made it better -_-
      [20:21:04] <RareCola> Haha, I used to be terrible at drawing. The problem a lot of people have is they naturally engage the left brain when drawing, but you can draw so much better with the creative right brain.
      [20:21:16] <RareCola> It's just a matter of learning to control your left/right brain activity
      [20:21:51] <Oreoboy1996> i can use my right brain just fine
      [20:21:58] <Oreoboy1996> the problem is putting it on paper
      [20:22:24] OpheliaBlue is still looking for that entry where I drew
      [20:22:27] <RareCola> That problem isn't really existent when you're fully engaging the right brain
      [20:23:02] <Oreoboy1996> i don't know enough of neuro science to figure it out -_-
      [20:23:08] <RareCola> Try turning a picture upside down, and then copying that picture while also drawing it upside down.
      [20:23:21] <RareCola> You'll find you copy the picture so much better than trying to draw it right-side up
      [20:23:27] <companypicnic> my brother mentioned something about that... it's like a trick where you can rotate your hands separately to eachother in circles?
      [20:23:36] <companypicnic> I could never manage it
      [20:23:51] <OpheliaBlue> here it is http://www.dreamviews.com/f23/draw-y...tml#post246733
      [20:24:11] <OpheliaBlue> and just FYI, there's a whole thread on drawing your dreams.. let me check to make sure it wasn't grandfathered and locked
      [20:24:21] <Oreoboy1996> i think the way that works is it teaches you to see things in shapes rather than a whole image
      [20:24:35] <RareCola> Haha Ophelia, that's... unique
      [20:25:00] <companypicnic> awesome dream lol
      [20:25:00] <OpheliaBlue> nope, it still lives... I'll see if it can be revived without getting a "necro" infraction, if anyoen is interested
      [20:25:14] <companypicnic> yeah sure
      [20:25:38] <RareCola> Not so much Oreo. Your left brain is accustomed to applying symbols to everything and tries to find reason, whereas your right brain views things purely as perspective, lines, lights and shadows. Right brain is more the "bigger picture".
      [20:26:29] <RareCola> I've noticed there's some really good artists on DreamViews
      [20:26:44] <RareCola> This thread proves that
      [20:27:11] <companypicnic> RareCola are you British? as you mentioned the time being 2:11am earlier
      [20:27:18] <RareCola> Yep
      [20:27:24] <OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, after mine of course, there are some great artists hehe
      [20:27:26] <companypicnic> nice, me too
      [20:27:38] <OpheliaBlue> and you guys are still awake?!
      [20:28:05] <companypicnic> being nocturnal is nice, it's more peaceful at this hour
      [20:28:14] <RareCola> ^
      [20:28:29] <Oreoboy1996> i'm going to assume that rarecola is saying i should draw without any concious thinking >.>
      [20:28:34] Oreoboy1996 starts drawing
      [20:28:35] <RareCola> Plus I'm generally on an american time schedule, thanks to being freelance
      [20:28:39] <RareCola> &Pretty much, Oreo
      [20:28:44] <OpheliaBlue> I know whaqt you mean.. I stay up after everyone has gone to bed
      [20:29:06] <RareCola> When you're drawing you don't want to be consciously saying "I'm drawing an eye" rather.. "I'm drawing a curved line which links onto more curved lines"
      [20:29:09] <OpheliaBlue> oh, that would be interesting, try to sketch something while half asleep
      [20:29:44] <Oreoboy1996> let me just get in a meditative state here >.>
      [20:29:49] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:29:53] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:29:54] <OpheliaBlue> hey Caenis!
      [20:29:58] <RareCola> Hey Caenis
      [20:29:59] Oreoboy1996 is serious
      [20:30:01] <Caenis> Sorry I'm late. I got lost in my shower.
      [20:30:04] <companypicnic> hey Caenis
      [20:30:10] <RareCola> Welcome to our class that's supposed to be on lucid dreaming but we're talking about art instead
      [20:30:11] <OpheliaBlue> woah, big shower
      [20:30:21] <OpheliaBlue> hey! it's still ontopic
      [20:30:28] <RareCola> Maybe his shower is the doorway to narnia
      [20:30:31] <companypicnic> lucid dream art
      [20:30:33] <OpheliaBlue> we were talking about sketching vs. journaling
      [20:30:38] <OpheliaBlue> lmao RareCola
      [20:30:41] <Caenis> It was. It was a Narnia spa.
      [20:30:46] <OpheliaBlue> niceeee
      [20:31:22] <Caenis> Oh okay, that's cool. I've been tempted to make proper drawings of my dreams, but some of the stuff would be really complex.
      [20:31:56] <companypicnic> I guess it helps picture a dream scene better, maybe, if you can do it right
      [20:32:01] <Caenis> I'm not a talented artist. I just make some stick-figure sketches instead of memorable bits.
      [20:32:38] <OpheliaBlue> I think they meant when you are still half asleep
      [20:32:49] <OpheliaBlue> like, not really looking at the paper, am I right?
      [20:32:57] <Oreoboy1996> well that drawing looked like crap
      [20:33:22] <companypicnic> brain screenshots would be epic
      [20:33:34] <Caenis> If I drew something while half asleep, it'd just be squiggles.
      [20:33:43] <Caenis> Like my writing.
      [20:34:21] Oreoboy1996 tries again
      [20:34:23] <Caenis> So the idea is to close your eyes while half-asleep and sketch what you remember?
      [20:34:26] <OpheliaBlue> companypicnic: totallyyyy
      [20:34:42] <OpheliaBlue> something like that Caenis
      [20:35:01] <RareCola> It would be epic, that's why one of my long-term lucid dreaming goals is to use them for inspiration in my artwork
      [20:35:10] <OpheliaBlue> for folks who already practice writing in a journal right when they wake up, or between cycles, it might be interesting to include a sketch or two
      [20:35:21] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: yuo're an artist?
      [20:35:37] <RareCola> Artist / Graphic Designer
      [20:35:52] <OpheliaBlue> cool
      [20:35:55] Oreoboy1996 throws notebook across the room
      [20:36:01] <RareCola> Haha poor Oreo
      [20:36:01] <Oreoboy1996>
      [20:36:06] <OpheliaBlue> lol what are you doing Oreoboy1996
      [20:36:15] Caenis takes the notebook and throws it out the window.
      [20:36:15] <Oreoboy1996> drawing without thinking
      [20:36:31] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I don't think I could do that either
      [20:36:35] <RareCola> If you really want to learn to draw, I highly recommend the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"
      [20:36:40] <companypicnic> RareCola do you normally do your art on the computer or do you paint, sketch...?
      [20:37:11] <OpheliaBlue> oh shit I just remembered, I can't do the class tomorrow at noon
      [20:37:28] <OpheliaBlue> gotta get new tires put on the car
      [20:37:30] <RareCola> I'm not a particularly traditional artist. Most "traditional" art I do is in my sketchbook. I'm more into digital painting and such
      [20:37:47] <OpheliaBlue> which means tomorrow night is the last class
      [20:37:57] <Caenis>
      [20:37:57] <RareCola> Oh no!
      [20:38:02] <OpheliaBlue> last #DVA chat class that is
      [20:38:21] <companypicnic> <_< I always join things too late
      [20:38:26] <OpheliaBlue> so think up some questions
      [20:38:38] <OpheliaBlue> don't worry, there will be other classes, I'll find out when
      [20:38:48] <RareCola> We need to write a petition to Matte
      [20:39:02] Oreoboy1996 throws notebook at matte
      [20:39:04] <OpheliaBlue> and I'll answer any and every PM I get, if y'all ever need anythihng after the classes are over
      [20:39:11] <OpheliaBlue> lol Oreoboy1996
      [20:39:24] <Caenis> Thanks Ophelia.
      [20:39:35] <OpheliaBlue> easy there's he'll probably say yes anyway
      [20:39:39] <OpheliaBlue> he's cool like that
      [20:39:54] <companypicnic> thanks... sounds cool
      [20:40:00] <Oreoboy1996> i just needed something to throw my notebook at >.>
      [20:40:20] <RareCola> Frustration won't help you with drawing either
      [20:40:21] <Oreoboy1996> hmm]
      [20:40:33] <Oreoboy1996> what if art is one of the rare skills that can be trained in a dream...
      [20:40:38] <companypicnic> surely emotion feeds art?
      [20:40:43] Oreoboy1996 adds tha to the list of goals
      [20:40:49] <RareCola> When you're truly drawing with the right brain, you begin to not even think in words and you lose all sense of time.
      [20:40:54] <Oreoboy1996> i don't much emotional expression companypicnic
      [20:41:08] <Caenis> Hm. Well, OpheliaBlue, do you find that your lucids come in spurts? Or do you have them regularly?
      [20:41:38] <Caenis> Last week I had 1 lucid, and then about 3 layer zero dreams, but nothing this week. Was wondering if it's like this for most people.
      [20:41:52] <OpheliaBlue> when I first joined DV, they were really few and far between, plus I had no idea what they were Caenis
      [20:42:30] <OpheliaBlue> then after I joined, it was more like a roller coaster.. I'd get a bunch, then none, then a few, then a long dry spell, but I noticed it mirrored my life
      [20:42:41] <OpheliaBlue> I had a spastic life until a few years ago
      [20:42:56] <Oreoboy1996> layer zero at least means you're on the right track
      [20:43:03] <OpheliaBlue> now that I'm comfortable and happy, I'm having LDs like crazy
      [20:43:03] <Oreoboy1996> i've had plenty of layer zeros
      [20:43:06] <RareCola> Don't worry Caenis, 2 week dry spell for me.
      [20:43:29] <OpheliaBlue> life turmoil leads to LD turmoil
      [20:43:36] <OpheliaBlue> in my experience
      [20:43:39] <Caenis> I'm not worried. I'm happy with the progress. Just curious about others' experiences.
      [20:43:40] <RareCola> Just gotta stay motivated and I'd assume they'll come in their own time
      [20:44:15] <companypicnic> true, I don't tend to remember my dreams when stressed so lucid dreams probably wouldn't have a chance
      [20:44:21] <RareCola> What techniques are you practicing though, Caenis?
      [20:44:23] <OpheliaBlue> ok good, last thing I want is for anyone to get worried or discouraged.
      [20:44:37] <OpheliaBlue> the progress is as fun as the success
      [20:45:09] <Caenis> Thanks Ophelia. And I agree, progress is interesting to observe! I like remembering more of my dreams now too.
      [20:45:33] <Caenis> RareCola: I use a little of SAT, MILD/DILD, WBTB, and I've been trying Oreoboy1996's DDA method.
      [20:45:37] <Oreoboy1996> unfortunately i can't google "how to draw" because i'll just get "practice, practice, practice"
      [20:45:46] <OpheliaBlue> me too... like that Danny Devito one, it was one of the silliest ever, but it was totally nonlucid, and a product of regular journaling Caenis
      [20:46:33] <companypicnic> OpheliaBlue, how vivid is audio in your lucid dreams? And is it as simple to control as the visual element of the dream?
      [20:46:48] <RareCola> Yea MILD/DILD are definitely more sporadic methods, seems to have steady MILDs and DILDs you'll have to wait a good few months
      [20:47:23] <RareCola> &Oreo: It's not something you'll learn in a day It'll take months
      [20:47:37] <Caenis> Yeah, that's true. So long as I keep seeing progress, I'll be able to remain motivated.
      [20:48:01] <Oreoboy1996> practice doesn't make drawing better if you don't have a clue as to how to do it in the first place -_-
      [20:48:20] <RareCola> That's why I said read the "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" book
      [20:48:32] <RareCola> Gives you the best base possible for drawing basics
      [20:48:36] <OpheliaBlue> for me audio is unremarkable, it's vivid enough to be unnoticable, but never something I felt I needed to try and control. But interesting question
      [20:49:06] <OpheliaBlue> because I just aread a journal entry where someone snapped their fingers to make the sound louder, but then it was too loud. I think it was Paige
      [20:49:18] <Caenis> Yes, it was Paige.
      [20:49:28] <RareCola> Sounds like the issue I had in my first lucid where I tried to make it brighter and blinded myself
      [20:49:34] <Oreoboy1996> sound is vivid in my dreams i think
      [20:49:46] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, that stuck out to me because I am always so focused on my visual surroundings, that I never stopped to pay attention to audio
      [20:49:48] <Oreoboy1996> i need it to know when an enemy is sneaking up on me >.>
      [20:49:51] <Caenis> Haha, that sucks Rarecola. Amusing though.
      [20:49:55] <companypicnic> thanks... I never seem to be able to recall sound very well from dreams
      [20:50:15] <Oreoboy1996> i'm always paying attention to audio in real life, probably more than sight
      [20:50:17] <companypicnic> dialogue yes, but not sound
      [20:50:22] <Caenis> Same here, companypicnic. Last night I remembered one phrase, and that's unusual for me.
      [20:50:28] <OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: really?.. why's that?
      [20:50:35] <companypicnic> and even dialogue is very very choppy
      [20:50:45] <Oreoboy1996> i don't know, i guess i just enjoy that sense more
      [20:50:48] <RareCola> Sound is very prominent in my dreams. I get everything, including background noise.
      [20:50:55] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:51:00] <OpheliaBlue> interesting
      [20:51:02] <OpheliaBlue> hey Linkzelda
      [20:51:02] <Oreoboy1996> like being able to know where someone is without even seeing them
      [20:51:04] <Linkzelda> heeey
      [20:51:09] <RareCola> Hey Linkzelda
      [20:51:09] <companypicnic> hey
      [20:51:17] <Oreoboy1996> right now i can here my mother is printing something in the office
      [20:51:26] <Oreoboy1996> and i don't even have to look to know that
      [20:51:26] <OpheliaBlue> we're discussing paying attention to audio in dreams or lucid dreams
      [20:51:52] <companypicnic> I can remember attending a concert in a dream once and what little I remember of the music sounded extremely distorted
      [20:51:55] <Oreoboy1996> and in laser tag i can tell when someone is trying to sneak behind me
      [20:52:17] lucidius [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:52:26] <Oreoboy1996> hello lucidius
      [20:52:30] <lucidius> i got in!
      [20:52:39] <companypicnic> hey lucidius
      [20:52:43] <OpheliaBlue> hey lucidius
      [20:52:49] <lucidius> y you keep saying 07?
      [20:52:49] <RareCola> Audio is something I think would get better if you meditated
      [20:53:14] <lucidius> hi
      [20:53:18] <Oreoboy1996> maybe, but doesn't meditation focus on cancling out your senses?
      [20:53:31] <companypicnic> I think some people are inclined to be more visually or auditory inclined... may be wrong, though... just a curiosity in the mind perhaps
      [20:53:34] <RareCola> There are lots of forms of meditation
      [20:53:48] <RareCola> You could adapt the meditation to focus on sounds
      [20:53:59] <RareCola> I think that would be a good way to bring up your sounds in dreams
      [20:54:00] <companypicnic> isn't there a bit of that in ADA?
      [20:54:03] <lucidius> i have tryed breathing meditation
      [20:54:23] <RareCola> Yea, company, but ADA focuses on all of your senses
      [20:54:27] <Oreoboy1996> i'd probably pick to go deaf rather than blind, but as long as I have both I find the audio more useful
      [20:55:02] <RareCola> if you particularly want audio better in your dreams, then I think shutting out all other senses for a bit each day and focusing on purely sound would be beneficial
      [20:55:06] <OpheliaBlue> I agree Oreoboy1996.. I would feel more helpless if I were blind as opposed to deaf
      [20:55:10] <lucidius> Oreoboy1996, y you 07ing?
      [20:55:19] <Oreoboy1996> i'm 07ing
      [20:55:24] <Oreoboy1996> that's your glitch not mine
      [20:55:34] <lucidius> oh
      [20:55:37] <OpheliaBlue> what is 07?
      [20:55:48] <Oreoboy1996> he has some sort of irc glitch where i keep saying 07
      [20:56:10] <Oreoboy1996> i'm not* 07ing >..
      [20:56:11] <lucidius> evrything he says has 07 before it
      [20:56:11] <Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [20:56:35] <OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [20:56:54] <lucidius> you just said on my screen"07>€>"
      [20:56:58] <Oreoboy1996> just work with it
      [20:57:05] <companypicnic> abstract, huh
      [20:57:15] <lucidius> òk
      [20:57:31] <OpheliaBlue> ok any last questions in the last few minutes?
      [20:57:58] <Oreoboy1996> do you think artistic skills could be trained in a dream?
      [20:58:00] <lucidius> ï wî‚‚ wôrk wīth įt
      [20:58:17] <RareCola> Where do we get our weapons to charge upon Matte to force him to extend this class?
      [20:58:18] <Oreoboy1996> kind of like exercise for the right half
      [20:58:25] <RareCola> &Definitely, Oreo.
      [20:58:33] <Oreoboy1996> we have to go into the dream world to craft them
      [20:58:34] <RareCola> But you'd need to know what you were training first
      [20:58:38] <Oreoboy1996> drawing
      [20:58:44] <OpheliaBlue> I think anything is possible in dreams. I mean, if we can train ourselves to lucid dream better, while in the dream, then definitely
      [20:58:46] <Oreoboy1996> i'm training myself to draw stuff >.>
      [20:58:50] <Caenis> OpheliaBlue: Would it be okay if I kept writing in my workbook after the class is over?
      [20:59:01] <lucidius> i feel like i have been robbed OpheliaBlue
      [20:59:01] <RareCola> I mean, you have no idea how to draw nor the basics of it... you can't just "draw", there's so much more to it.
      [20:59:20] <OpheliaBlue> Caenis: yes.. I will check about the protocol for grandfathering DVA classes
      [20:59:28] <lucidius> by myself
      [20:59:34] <Oreoboy1996> well actually i've noticed i randomly get the urge to draw sometimes
      [20:59:46] <Oreoboy1996> and i draw a lot better than what i was previously able to
      [20:59:55] <Oreoboy1996> but then it dies out again
      [20:59:58] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [21:00:08] <lucidius> i draw all the time
      [21:00:31] <Caenis> Thanks Ophelia. I've grown to like writing down my progress. And if I can't continue it, I might just join another class and make a new workbook.
      [21:00:39] <lucidius> çan ÿou read this?
      [21:00:41] <Oreoboy1996> learn to draw - bottom of my lucid task list
      [21:00:44] <RareCola> There's a part of the mind that's innately good at drawing in anyone, but largely, it's a skill that has to be learnt.
      [21:00:56] <lucidius> lernt?
      [21:01:01] <RareCola> You're not going to become a master artist just by training it in dreams, basically
      [21:01:11] <Oreoboy1996> well i can try
      [21:01:19] <Oreoboy1996> seems more logical than learning music in a dream
      [21:01:25] <companypicnic> lol
      [21:01:28] <companypicnic> definitely
      [21:01:32] <OpheliaBlue> you're welcome Caenis. I'll talk with Matte and find out about more classes and such
      [21:01:49] <lucidius> go ahead and try, i want to know the results
      [21:01:57] <RareCola> 24 more hours and we'll be wrapping up our last IRC chat! So sad
      [21:02:05] <Oreoboy1996> it will probably be a while before i try
      [21:02:21] <Oreoboy1996> have other things to do that i consider more "important"
      [21:02:23] <OpheliaBlue> dudes, why did I never think of singing opera in a lucid dream.. I used to do it IRL
      [21:02:36] <Caenis> Makes me sad too, Rarecola. You did a very good job with the class, Ophelia.
      [21:02:49] <RareCola> Haha, opera would be interesting to do in a dream
      [21:02:53] <OpheliaBlue> why thanks
      [21:02:55] <lucidius> do i only have 24hrs to read lessons?
      [21:03:05] <Oreoboy1996> this class has helped many newbs grow i'm sure lol
      [21:03:12] <RareCola> &Yes definitely, these classes have been great and you're an awesome teacher, Ophelia!
      [21:03:17] <OpheliaBlue> yes lucidius, now chop chop!!
      [21:03:24] <Oreoboy1996> i thought he had 4 days to read
      [21:03:33] <OpheliaBlue> I changed it to 24 hours
      [21:03:38] <OpheliaBlue> I'm kidding
      [21:03:46] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:03:49] <OpheliaBlue> just 24 to read it until the last #DVA chat
      [21:03:56] <Oreoboy1996> go read anyways lucidius
      [21:04:11] <lucidius> now?
      [21:04:13] <Oreoboy1996> it's good knowledge
      [21:04:14] <Oreoboy1996> yes now
      [21:04:16] <Oreoboy1996> NOW
      [21:04:17] <OpheliaBlue> immediately!
      [21:04:21] Oreoboy1996 kicks lucidius in the kidney
      [21:04:32] <OpheliaBlue> throw the notebook at him!
      [21:04:42] <lucidius> hmmmm
      [21:04:43] Oreoboy1996 throws the notebook at him like a ninja
      [21:04:51] <OpheliaBlue> haha
      [21:05:09] <OpheliaBlue> I would kick him just to be funny, but that's an abuse of powers
      [21:05:16] <lucidius> i wonder how i read that on THIS device
      [21:05:34] <Oreoboy1996> when i practice dream drawing i'll probably make DCs stand still for hours
      [21:05:37] <OpheliaBlue> anyway lucidius, I will see about a future class, then let yuo know ok?
      [21:06:02] <lucidius> what?
      [21:06:24] <OpheliaBlue> a future Intro to lucid dreaming class
      [21:06:28] <RareCola> Lucidius is probably one of the most derpy people I've ever met
      [21:06:30] <RareCola> Haha
      [21:06:33] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [21:06:37] <OpheliaBlue> he's special and precious
      [21:06:54] RareCola pats Lucidius
      [21:06:56] <Oreoboy1996> lucidius: there's a pretty good chance that there will be another one of these classes in the future
      [21:06:59] <Caenis> lucidius is our little Derpyhooves.
      [21:07:06] <companypicnic> if there's a future class I'm definitely game
      [21:07:08] <lucidius> i am actualy considered GT
      [21:07:28] <Oreoboy1996> GT?
      [21:07:34] <OpheliaBlue> gifted and talented
      [21:07:39] <Oreoboy1996> oh
      [21:07:44] <lucidius> yep
      [21:07:49] <Oreoboy1996> well i'm me
      [21:07:52] <Oreoboy1996> so that's better
      [21:07:54] <OpheliaBlue> we are all GT here, ok?
      [21:08:01] <OpheliaBlue> which is like saying none of us are haha
      [21:08:09] <Oreoboy1996> paradox ^
      [21:08:29] <OpheliaBlue> on that note, I'm going to log this
      [21:08:34] <Oreoboy1996> alrighty
      [21:08:35] <OpheliaBlue> you guys have been great
      [21:08:44] <OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:08:45] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [21:08:47] <RareCola> Alright
      [21:09:07] <RareCola> Feel free to query me about what you wanted to talk about, Ophelia. I'm up for another hour or so
      [21:09:16] <lucidius> if i read now, i cant chat
      [21:09:26] <RareCola> Otherwise just PM me whenever
      [21:09:32] <Oreoboy1996> chat is sort of over lucidius
      [21:09:33] <OpheliaBlue|Away> np RC
      [21:09:35] <Oreoboy1996> so go read now
      [21:09:36] <Caenis> Multitask, lucidius!
      [21:09:56] <lucidius> i cant
      [21:10:07] <lucidius> not on this device
      [21:10:09] <RareCola> !brb a few minutes
      [21:10:10] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [21:10:21] <Oreoboy1996> then find a better device >.>
      [21:10:26] <lucidius> the software wont let me
      [21:10:54] <lucidius> this is the only one i have right now
      [21:10:57] <Caenis> That's inconvenient. Then yeah, class is over. Just try to read some of the lessons before the last IRC chat tomorrow.
      [21:11:05] <Oreoboy1996> you'd think browsing the internet would be easier than a web chat
      [21:12:06] <lucidius> well considering just to join this chat i had to input tons of stuff
      [21:12:35] <lucidius> at least it dosnt glitch any more though
      [21:13:22] <lucidius> i shuld read but, well
      [21:13:41] <lucidius> hmm
      [21:14:02] <companypicnic> its worth reading
      [21:14:14] <companypicnic> you'll find out about the shower that transcends dimensions
      [21:14:31] <lucidius> shower?
      [21:14:39] <companypicnic> yes
      [21:15:05] <Oreoboy1996>
      [21:15:12] <lucidius> what if i just copy the text for future observation?
      [21:15:16] <companypicnic> *head spins around*
      [21:16:21] <lucidius> when summer break rolls around i will have plenty of time
      [21:16:39] <lucidius> that is in like a week
      [21:16:50] <Oreoboy1996> i guess you could, but i recomend reading it as soon as possible
      [21:16:54] <Oreoboy1996> it's very useful information
      [21:17:55] <lucidius> how much text is there combind with all 5
      [21:18:47] <RareCola|BRB> !back
      [21:18:47] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [21:19:14] <lucidius> RareCola, wb
      [21:19:20] <RareCola> 'ello
      [21:19:48] <companypicnic> wb
      [21:20:01] <OpheliaBlue|Away> just fyi, I'm a derp
      [21:20:03] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [21:20:07] <lucidius> did you read lessons RareCola ?
      [21:20:16] Connection to server lost
      [21:20:30] opheliablue [[email protected]-18983313.res.rr.com] has joined #DVA
      [21:20:30] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
      [21:20:45] <opheliablue> woah
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      [21:20:47] Channel was created at Wed May 9 11:37:13 2012

      I was going to say, the Draw Your Dreams thread still lives.

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      [19:54:47] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [19:54:51] RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [19:55:05] <RareCola> 'Ello
      [19:55:25] <RareCola> Just got my dream journal entry up, it's really long
      [19:56:23] <OpheliaBlue> hey
      [19:56:23] <OpheliaBlue> ok
      [19:56:32] <OpheliaBlue> i'll read it while we wait for folks
      [20:00:04] <OpheliaBlue> haha oh man
      [20:00:15] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:00:20] <OpheliaBlue> that bad conversation last night worked its way into your dream
      [20:00:27] <OpheliaBlue> I kidna feel bad about that, sorry
      [20:00:36] <RareCola> Yep :l Lmao
      [20:01:19] <OpheliaBlue> damn good control on the lucid part.. going through walls, flying, turning cars over
      [20:01:46] <OpheliaBlue> took me a hell of alot more than 2 LDs to be able to do half that stuff
      [20:01:49] <OpheliaBlue> well done
      [20:02:01] <RareCola> I seem to have good control of that kind of stuff, but no control at all over keeping myself lucid
      [20:02:04] <RareCola> I just get lost in the dream
      [20:02:41] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:02:59] <OpheliaBlue> hy man!
      [20:03:10] Exotiraan waeves.
      [20:03:13] <OpheliaBlue> a round of applause for RareCola's second LD
      [20:03:14] Exotiraan even waves.
      [20:03:20] <OpheliaBlue> hehe
      [20:03:23] Exotiraan claps.
      [20:03:27] <RareCola> Hey Exotiraan
      [20:03:39] Exotiraan had his first DEILD today.
      [20:03:55] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I noticed you lost lucidity when you were in the car, right?
      [20:03:55] <RareCola> Do you see why it takes me forever to write in my dream journal now, Ophelia? xD
      [20:04:01] <RareCola> Yea
      [20:04:26] <OpheliaBlue> I wonder if the spinning like yuo say was disorienting, but also the fact that someone else was driving
      [20:04:28] <RareCola> I jumped into the back of the car and the dream character was spinning the car around trying to drive away, I get flung out and lose lucidity
      [20:04:59] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, if I lose my equilibrium in an LD, same thing happens to me
      [20:05:26] <RareCola> I think I was beginning to get caught up in the dream before that anyway, though
      [20:05:32] <RareCola> Because I was feeling guilty for the guy and his children
      [20:05:33] <OpheliaBlue> so hard to stabilize.. I might do my hand-thing many many times in a dream to keep it me from losing it
      [20:05:40] <RareCola> I should have realised that it was a dream and it didn't matter
      [20:05:42] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:52] <OpheliaBlue> I knoooooow... I get attached to DCs and their well being too, especially my son
      [20:06:00] <OpheliaBlue> hi Caenis!
      [20:06:00] <RareCola> Hey Caenis
      [20:06:04] <Caenis> Hello all.
      [20:06:41] <OpheliaBlue> Caenis: did yuo see my reply about your tingliness
      [20:06:45] <OpheliaBlue> that sounded funny
      [20:07:49] <Caenis> I'm reading it now.
      [20:08:05] <OpheliaBlue> ok cool
      [20:08:09] <OpheliaBlue> so what's new Exotiraan
      [20:08:41] <RareCola> So what did you think of the dream overall, Ophelia? I noticed I seemed to recall so many minor details this time. Before this dream I had a lot of issues remembering faces, but I seem to grasp a good picture of all my dream characters here.
      [20:09:14] Exotiraan is trying to figure out how to deal with the second dream as he types in his DV dream journal.
      [20:09:37] <Caenis> I'll have to try that, if I get the tingling again. I'll let you know if I make any progress, Ophelia. There were a few times where I felt like I was close, but just couldn't get there.
      [20:10:09] <Exotiraan> To go into detail or to not go into detail. That the question.
      [20:10:37] <OpheliaBlue> it's a kind of 'focus inward' feeling Caenis.. as long as your tired enough. and yes please let me know
      [20:11:29] <OpheliaBlue> RareCola: overall the dream was pretty epic. A DILD, if I'm not mistaken? You not only exhibited great control, but you increased your abilities from the last LD.
      [20:11:45] <RareCola> Yea, a DILD
      [20:12:00] <OpheliaBlue> and what do yuo mean by having trouble remembering faces?
      [20:12:24] <RareCola> I think I mentioned in my workbook. In all my dreams I'm pretty good at remembering details apart from people
      [20:12:25] <OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan: definitely go into detail
      [20:12:36] <RareCola> I can never recall what people really looked like or what clothes they were wearing
      [20:12:49] <RareCola> Just a vague sense of general build and gender
      [20:12:56] <RareCola> But I got so many more details in this dream
      [20:13:19] <OpheliaBlue> do you mean DCs that are made up by your subconscious? or the ones that exsist also in real life, like your mom for instance? or both
      [20:13:31] <OpheliaBlue> sorry if I didn't remember from yuor workbook
      [20:13:36] <OpheliaBlue> soooo many workbooks
      [20:13:46] <RareCola> Ones that exist in real life are generally clearer, but still pretty blurred
      [20:15:50] Alyzarin [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:15:53] <Caenis> Maybe that's because your subconscious has a difficult time recreating things, so it just makes your DCs generic or unfocused?
      [20:15:58] <OpheliaBlue> woohoo hey Alyzarin
      [20:15:59] <Caenis> Hello Alyzarin.
      [20:16:05] <Alyzarin> hey
      [20:16:20] <OpheliaBlue> I agree, and wonder why that is Caenis
      [20:16:38] <OpheliaBlue> I also notice I have a hard time remembering someone's face that I know, if it's been a while since I've seen them
      [20:17:32] <OpheliaBlue> I think that's why I'm not a skilled drawer, unless I have something right there to look at
      [20:17:40] <Caenis> I'm like that too. My visual memory isn't very good unless I really focus and think about it.
      [20:17:41] <OpheliaBlue> kind of the opposite of photographic memory
      [20:17:55] <Alyzarin> ^^ yeah, I can remember lots of things really well but faces get me a lot too
      [20:18:01] <OpheliaBlue> I bet that translates into fuzzy LDs
      [20:18:06] <Alyzarin> even people I've known for years and years and years, it's blurry if I'm not with them
      [20:18:17] <Alyzarin> obviously still better than people I haven't known for long, but still
      [20:18:20] <OpheliaBlue> interessssting
      [20:18:41] <OpheliaBlue> too bad we can't bring pictures with us into our dreams
      [20:18:51] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:19:08] <RareCola> I think it has a lot to do with the left brain, as I was describing to Oreo last night.
      [20:19:29] <OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, the left and right brain stuff
      [20:19:42] <OpheliaBlue> brb 5 minutes, I have to heat up a pizza for the boys
      [20:19:44] <OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:19:45] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:20:28] <RareCola> The reason people have so much trouble drawing, generally, is because the left brain symbolises everything. When you think of an eye you think of an oval with a circle in the middle because that's how the left brain symbolises it. The right brain on the other hand, realises that everybody's eyes are uniquely different and the different lines, shapes and details. It doesn't even view the eye as an 'eye', just a bunch of lights, shadows, dep
      [20:20:29] <RareCola> and shapes.
      [20:20:52] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:21:04] <RareCola> If only I could learn to dream with my right brain like I do when I draw, that'd be awesome.
      [20:21:11] <RareCola> &Hi Linkzelda
      [20:21:17] <Linkzelda> hey RareCola
      [20:21:21] <Caenis> Hey Linkzelda.
      [20:21:27] <RareCola> Ophelia is AFK for 5 minutes.
      [20:21:27] <Linkzelda> hey
      [20:21:30] <Alyzarin> hey Link ^_^
      [20:21:33] <Linkzelda> hey aly
      [20:24:58] <OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:24:58] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:25:05] <OpheliaBlue> hey Linkzelda!
      [20:26:00] <OpheliaBlue> so hey now that a bunch of you guys are in here, just wanted you to know that I *might* get to teach another Intro class
      [20:26:39] <RareCola>
      [20:26:41] <Caenis> Congrats, Ophelia. That's very good news.
      [20:26:43] <OpheliaBlue> which is especially good since several members joined kinda late
      [20:26:44] Exotiraan can see things in his head just fine when he wants to draw a particular things and even have creatures model for him. Trying to render it on paper (or by mouse) is another story.
      [20:26:49] <Exotiraan> (re: "drawing")
      [20:27:03] CompanyPicnic [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:27:03] <OpheliaBlue> haha Exotiraan, I understand
      [20:27:08] <OpheliaBlue> hey CompanyPicnic
      [20:27:14] <CompanyPicnic> hi... apologies for lateness
      [20:27:37] <OpheliaBlue> no worries
      [20:27:54] <RareCola> Luckily for you Ophelia just announced that she *might* get to teach another Intro class
      [20:27:55] <OpheliaBlue> oh and i need to talk to RareCola after the class real quick
      [20:28:16] <CompanyPicnic> that would be awesome
      [20:28:18] <RareCola> How mysterious~
      [20:28:32] <OpheliaBlue> I'm pretty sure I will, since the forums are slow right now, and it doesn't interfere with my admin duties
      [20:28:57] <OpheliaBlue> the only catch would be if it suddenly got too busy, then I'll just have another teacher take over
      [20:29:08] <OpheliaBlue> just details at this point.. I'll make an official announcement later
      [20:29:29] <OpheliaBlue> also, did you guys see that I added one more chat time for monday at noon CST?
      [20:29:37] <RareCola> I didn't!
      [20:29:38] <OpheliaBlue> just to replace the one from earlier today
      [20:30:00] <Caenis> I read that, yes! I'm hoping to get a lucid in before that chat.
      [20:30:01] <RareCola> That's awesome, gotta love these chats
      [20:30:11] <RareCola> Good luck Caenis!
      [20:30:58] <Caenis> Thanks.
      [20:31:09] <RareCola> How long has it been since your last?
      [20:31:10] <OpheliaBlue> I know you'll get there Caenis
      [20:32:20] <Caenis> Not too long, I think like ten days. But it'd be nice to have another before the class ended.
      [20:33:03] <RareCola> yea, i'm glad i got one more in before the end of the class
      [20:33:15] <OpheliaBlue> me too
      [20:33:24] <RareCola> maybe i'll get super lucky and have another over the weekend xD
      [20:33:33] <OpheliaBlue> so what's new CompanyPicnic, Linkzelda?
      [20:34:03] <CompanyPicnic> nothing really... dreamed about this class last night albeit in a bizarre environment for it, but didn't become lucid from it
      [20:34:13] <Linkzelda> Same here, boring dreams
      [20:34:17] <Caenis> That'd be great, Rarecola. Focus with all your might, and I'm sure you can do it. Challenge yourself to get another LD over the weekend!
      [20:34:59] <RareCola> At least your dream didn't involve the genitalia discussion from #DV, CompanyPicnic
      [20:35:12] <CompanyPicnic> lol
      [20:36:03] <Caenis> !brb
      [20:36:04] Caenis [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis|BRB
      [20:36:36] <OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:37:54] <RareCola> So did you have any good dreams, Ophelia?
      [20:38:06] <RareCola> We always tell you about ours!
      [20:38:18] <OpheliaBlue> I don't really dream that much.
      [20:38:25] <OpheliaBlue> I'm just playing
      [20:38:29] <Linkzelda> lol
      [20:38:52] <OpheliaBlue> I had an interesting DEILD this morning
      [20:39:12] <RareCola> Oh really?
      [20:39:18] <OpheliaBlue> I've been struggling with this demon type creature, who was, for lack of better terms, cock-blockign my DEILDs
      [20:39:29] <RareCola> Haha
      [20:39:32] <CompanyPicnic> lol
      [20:39:37] <CompanyPicnic> do you lucid dream most nights?
      [20:39:46] <Exotiraan> Ooh! Demon creature, huh?
      [20:40:06] <OpheliaBlue> I've tried all kinds of fighting and confrontations, which work temporarily, but then he comes back
      [20:40:07] <RareCola> You have very sexual dreams, I've noticed
      [20:40:31] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, female in her 30's, best to ignore that part
      [20:40:32] <Exotiraan> Send him to me!
      [20:40:48] <RareCola> haha
      [20:40:54] <OpheliaBlue> well I talked to oreoboy about it, decided less is more, and i just relaxed and let it take over
      [20:41:13] <OpheliaBlue> it worked, I got to ask him questions and got some answers, and didn't get bit once
      [20:41:42] <RareCola> So you had sex with the demon?
      [20:43:41] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, it's complicated
      [20:43:50] <RareCola> I... can imagine.
      [20:44:15] <OpheliaBlue> hahaa.. the point is though, I crossed a really frustrating obstacle
      [20:44:30] Exotiraan looks for an appropriate reaction GIF...
      [20:44:35] <RareCola> "obstacle", is that what you call it?
      [20:44:37] <RareCola>
      [20:46:26] <OpheliaBlue>
      [20:47:35] <RareCola> sudden awkward silence
      [20:47:48] <OpheliaBlue> so you guys are all pros, don't need MY help anymore
      [20:47:55] <OpheliaBlue>
      [20:48:01] Exotiraan settles for: https://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr...calo1_500.gif\
      [20:48:16] <RareCola> I need your help!
      [20:48:24] <OpheliaBlue> big fat error message Exotiraan
      [20:48:28] <CompanyPicnic> let's face it, we all do
      [20:48:33] Exotiraan fixes:
      [20:48:35] Exotiraan settles for: https://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr...7calo1_500.gif
      [20:48:59] <RareCola> O_o
      [20:49:23] <CompanyPicnic> lol
      [20:49:32] <Alyzarin> interesting >w<
      [20:49:40] <RareCola> So CompanyPicnic, how long have you been practicing lucid dreaming?
      [20:49:45] <RareCola> I don't think you said before
      [20:49:46] <OpheliaBlue> HAHA Exotiraan
      [20:50:06] <Caenis|BRB> !back
      [20:50:07] Caenis|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis
      [20:50:14] <OpheliaBlue> wb Caenis
      [20:50:30] <CompanyPicnic> 2 or 3 weeks... I've not been beyond layer zero minors so far, although I was lucid by accident years ago
      [20:50:44] <CompanyPicnic> wb Caenis
      [20:51:00] <Caenis> Thanks.
      [20:51:04] <RareCola> Ah I see
      [20:51:10] <CompanyPicnic> you're fairly new here as well, right, Rare Cola?
      [20:51:27] <OpheliaBlue> what kind of lucid was it CompanyPicnic?
      [20:51:33] <RareCola> Yea, I'm just over 3 weeks into my lucid dreaming journey
      [20:51:42] <Alyzarin> layer zero minor, that's from that guy on youtube right?
      [20:51:53] <OpheliaBlue> yes Alyzarin, Reece
      [20:51:54] <CompanyPicnic> I got it off RareCola I think
      [20:51:56] <OpheliaBlue> soemthingorother
      [20:52:00] <RareCola> Yep, I'm glad more people are adopting the layers of lucidity theory .
      [20:52:11] <Alyzarin> ah, cool :3
      [20:52:22] <Alyzarin> he seemed to know what he was talking about it
      [20:52:26] <OpheliaBlue> it's a really great reference
      [20:52:42] <RareCola> Makes it so much easier to explain the kind of dream you had too
      [20:52:43] <CompanyPicnic> the layers definitely do seem to make sense, and it's a nice way to think about your progress too I guess
      [20:53:04] <Alyzarin> I don't know if I'd agree with everything he said exactly, but it is a pretty good resource
      [20:53:45] <OpheliaBlue> yeah not everyone will be able to relate to every single layer, but I agree CompanyPicnic, it's a great way to see your progressions mroe clearly
      [20:53:58] <OpheliaBlue> rather than just, oh I had a lucid! or awwww I didn't have a lucid
      [20:54:21] <OpheliaBlue> more awareness translates to mroe lucidity
      [20:54:31] <OpheliaBlue> in your waking life and dreamign life
      [20:54:32] <RareCola> Knowledge is power and all that
      [20:54:41] <OpheliaBlue> and knowign is half the battle
      [20:54:50] <OpheliaBlue> ./G.I. Joe
      [20:54:53] <OpheliaBlue> heeheee
      [20:54:54] <Alyzarin> X3
      [20:55:18] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit:
      [20:55:29] <RareCola> Off he goes again
      [20:55:34] <RareCola> Never with a goodbye!
      [20:55:42] <OpheliaBlue> busy guy
      [20:56:07] <OpheliaBlue> you know, I notice that I'm alot more focus on this class when by boyfriend isn't here trying to win back my attention
      [20:56:32] <OpheliaBlue> (he's so NO deprived by the way)
      [20:56:35] <OpheliaBlue> NOT*
      [20:56:52] <RareCola> Does he know you're having demon dream sex? xD
      [20:56:58] <Caenis> That's nice that he's jealous of the attention the Internet gets though. =p
      [20:57:15] <Caenis> I get a little jealous if my fiance spends a lot of time online too, actually.
      [20:57:46] <OpheliaBlue> normally he's at work now
      [20:58:12] <OpheliaBlue> and he gets me back when he plays Black Ops for hours
      [20:58:40] <RareCola> slap him with a cod.
      [20:59:01] <OpheliaBlue> he's allergic to fish
      [20:59:08] <RareCola> Perfect!
      [20:59:13] <RareCola> </terrible joke>
      [20:59:22] <OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:59:24] <CompanyPicnic> that was a joke?
      [20:59:36] <OpheliaBlue> yeah, because then he's be slapped AND itchy
      [20:59:58] <RareCola> Well it's Call of Duty: Black Ops... Y'know, COD? ... no? ... Just me? ......
      [21:00:02] RareCola goes to his corner
      [21:00:04] <Caenis> Oh, but he wouldn't die. If that's the case, fish slapping is acceptable.
      [21:00:04] <CompanyPicnic> yeah, I was joking, but it was even worse than his
      [21:00:18] <OpheliaBlue> oh do they mention cod in the game?
      [21:00:39] <RareCola> Call of Duty abbreviates to COD
      [21:00:44] <OpheliaBlue> wow.
      [21:00:47] <Alyzarin> I thought it was funny X3
      [21:01:01] <OpheliaBlue> I would have if I wasn't so damn dense
      [21:01:19] <RareCola> Haha
      [21:01:21] <OpheliaBlue> ANYway I gotta go, movie time
      [21:01:32] <RareCola> Alright, thanks as always Ophelia
      [21:01:37] <Caenis> Bye Ophelia, have fun.
      [21:01:40] <CompanyPicnic> bye, and thanks
      [21:01:48] <OpheliaBlue> anytime guys.. sorry today was more goofing than help
      [21:01:55] <OpheliaBlue> I blame Exotiraan
      [21:02:13] <RareCola> It was good regardless
      [21:02:34] <Alyzarin> alright, see you later Ophelia ^_^
      [21:03:31] <Alyzarin> guess I'll log off too
      [21:03:46] Alyzarin [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:05:30] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:05:41] <CompanyPicnic> hi Oreo
      [21:05:44] <Oreoboy1996> hello
      [21:05:49] <OpheliaBlue> ^^ late
      [21:05:49] Exotiraan hopes to be able to find his own demon (or naga... or both) in one of his future lucids.
      [21:05:51] <OpheliaBlue>
      [21:05:56] <Caenis> Hey Oreoboy1996. You're a bit late. Ophelia left to see a movie.
      [21:06:05] <OpheliaBlue> ok gonna log the chat now
      [21:06:05] <Oreoboy1996> :/
      [21:06:07] <OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:06:07] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [21:06:10] Oreoboy1996 facepalms
      [21:06:42] <RareCola> haha oreo
      [21:07:02] <Caenis> Exotiraan: Maybe you should try to find a demon in reality to seduce you. Or someone to cosplay a demon. =p
      [21:07:09] <RareCola> Hey Oreo, did I tell you that i had a second lucid?
      [21:07:18] <Oreoboy1996> don't think so
      [21:07:28] <Exotiraan> Caenis: In Texas? Impossible!
      [21:07:38] <RareCola> It was pretty awesome, just added it to my dream journal
      [21:08:12] <Exotiraan> (Especially not where I live; even the gay guys are too conservative for that sort of thing here.)
      [21:08:26] <Caenis> Ah, that's a shame.
      [21:08:53] <Caenis> They must not be aware of the wonders of dominating and being dominated. Poor fools.
      [21:09:20] <Caenis> RareCola: I'm reading your DJ now. It's really detailed.
      [21:09:43] <RareCola> Yea I remembered a lot of detail
      [21:09:53] <RareCola> Took me forever to write it down x_x
      [21:10:08] <RareCola> Think it helped that it was my only dream that night, didn't have anything else fogging my memory
      [21:11:11] <Caenis> I stopped writing all of the details down in my DV DJ. I just write the relevant or interesting stuff down, and keep all the details in my paper DJ.
      [21:12:11] <Caenis> That way I don't have to write out huge amounts of text twice.
      [21:12:20] <RareCola> I'm kind of the opposite. I write enough in my paper DJ to remember everything clearly, then when I get on my computer I copy it and add in absolutely every detail
      [21:12:32] <RareCola> my DV DJ just contains my lucids so far, though
      [21:13:51] Exotiraan does that, too; write outline in Vim journal; de-outline at some point.
      [21:15:34] Exotiraan needs to start putting modelines in his dream-journal so it won't try to hard-wrap the text at seventy-nine characters.
      [21:16:36] <Caenis> That sounds like a pain to do.
      [21:16:40] <RareCola> !brb a few minutes
      [21:16:40] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [21:20:52] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] is now known as Oreoboy1996|Away
      [21:24:05] Caenis [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [21:25:53] CompanyPicnic [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [21:27:12] fOrGeez|Away [[email protected]] is now known as fOrGeez
      [21:27:57] <RareCola|BRB> !back
      [21:27:58] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [21:34:14] Oreoboy1996|Away [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
      [21:54:13] ShockWave [[email protected]] is now known as ShockWave|Asleep
      [21:54:44] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Sexy server system sequence "shutdown" successfully sent. Stopping services...

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      Last #DVA chat class for Beginner's Intro *sniff*

      Spoiler for TschuessDann = OpheliaBlue:
      [11:56:26] TschuessDann|BRB [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:56:27] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
      [11:56:28] kb5.keebali.com [*@*] has set channel mode +nst
      [11:56:28] Channel was created at Wed May 9 11:37:13 2012
      [11:56:43] <TschuessDann|BRB> here still eating..
      [11:59:56] <Ouschendrop> TschuessDann when are you doing the Class?
      [12:00:28] <Ouschendrop> Just curious, not inpatience
      [12:00:39] <Ouschendrop> *impatient lol
      [12:01:36] <TschuessDann|BRB> right now!
      [12:01:38] Merro [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:01:39] <TschuessDann|BRB> !back
      [12:01:40] TschuessDann|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as TschuessDann
      [12:01:59] <TschuessDann> hi Merro and Ouschendrop
      [12:02:08] <Merro> hey
      [12:02:14] <Ouschendrop> hey hey
      [12:02:17] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:02:20] phillyEmps [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:02:24] <phillyEmps> ta-da
      [12:02:27] <TschuessDann> hey guys!
      [12:02:37] <phillyEmps> hello
      [12:02:43] <TschuessDann> so a round of applause for Miss Emps and her 3 lucids this week
      [12:02:44] <Exotiraan> /whois TschuessDann
      [12:02:47] TschuessDann claps
      [12:02:49] <Merro> duno if ill have time to stay here
      [12:02:56] <TschuessDann> awwww
      [12:02:58] phillyEmps claps
      [12:02:59] <TschuessDann> I'm opheliablue
      [12:03:02] <Merro> gotta leave soon
      [12:03:04] <Merro>
      [12:03:05] <phillyEmps>
      [12:03:08] <phillyEmps> aww mer
      [12:03:12] <Merro> Any ways
      [12:03:16] <Merro> Something amazing happened by accident
      [12:03:17] Exotiraan claps and hugs phillyEmps.
      [12:03:20] <Merro> this morning
      [12:03:29] <TschuessDann> oh yeah? what
      [12:03:41] <Merro> I should thank my dad lol
      [12:03:49] <Merro> He was trying to wake me up in a middle of a dream
      [12:03:57] <Merro> And I became aware more because i heard his voice
      [12:03:59] <Merro> And I got lucid
      [12:04:02] <Merro> For a moment
      [12:04:05] <TschuessDann> oh sweet
      [12:04:11] <Merro> He was trying to wake me up
      [12:04:16] <phillyEmps> congrats again on the lucid mer '
      [12:04:23] Ouschendrop claps for Miss Emps
      [12:04:26] <Merro> thanks
      [12:04:28] Exotiraan hugs Merro, too.
      [12:04:34] <Merro> Everything became clear and it looked kinda realistic
      [12:04:39] <Merro> I was surprised
      [12:04:41] <Merro> I wanted to explore
      [12:04:51] <Ouschendrop> nice Mer
      [12:04:57] <Merro> So i was thinking
      [12:05:04] <Merro> Maybe this is what a LD looked like
      [12:05:18] <Merro> It was through a DILD I think
      [12:05:19] Exotiraan 's WILD attempt this morning failed. But he did remember quite a few dreams from both his morning's sleeps.
      [12:05:36] <Merro> nice
      [12:05:38] <Exotiraan> (read: three)
      [12:05:53] <TschuessDann> that's ok, I had a rough night sleep, and I had some failed DEILDs.. I was geting the vibrations just fine, but they'd just kinda fizzle out
      [12:06:22] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:06:27] <Merro> Been practicing WBTB often.
      [12:06:27] <phillyEmps> hi Caenis
      [12:06:32] <Caenis> Hello everyone.
      [12:06:33] Exotiraan also dreamt about someone here.
      [12:06:38] <Merro> Who?
      [12:06:42] <phillyEmps> who?
      [12:06:48] <Exotiraan> Evo.
      [12:06:49] <phillyEmps> D: DREAMBOT!!!
      [12:06:51] <phillyEmps> oh
      [12:06:55] <phillyEmps> lol nvm
      [12:06:58] <Merro> lol
      [12:07:11] <TschuessDann> hi Caenis!
      [12:07:16] <phillyEmps> so many DV people in my dreams lately
      [12:07:17] <phillyEmps>
      [12:07:28] <Merro> I couldnt sleep well last night so had to take some melatonin -__-
      [12:07:28] <TschuessDann> and Exotiraan
      [12:07:32] <Merro> Didnt get to sleep till 1am
      [12:07:33] <Caenis> Hello, TachuessDann.
      [12:07:43] TschuessDann misplaced her 5-htp lol
      [12:07:51] <Merro> lol
      [12:07:55] <phillyEmps> oh and TschuessDann = opheliablue
      [12:08:14] <Caenis> Oh okay.
      [12:08:17] <TschuessDann> I blame mydera because she waned me to look at the label, so I didn't put it back. Now it's ?? where. I dunnno.
      [12:08:44] <TschuessDann> yeah we're all a little sore from the name-rapes this morning
      [12:08:50] <Merro> Well good thing is I've been actually trying to have a LD lately.
      [12:09:00] <TschuessDann> ah I read you had one the other day
      [12:09:04] <Merro> yeah
      [12:09:04] <TschuessDann> well done Merro
      [12:09:08] <Merro> thanks
      [12:09:10] phillyEmps claps
      [12:09:11] <Merro> Got excited though
      [12:09:12] <Caenis> Yeah, congrats Merro.
      [12:09:16] <Merro> thanks
      [12:09:24] <Merro> I need to break the excitement habbit
      [12:09:28] <Merro> Well I have a question to ask
      [12:09:38] <TschuessDann> ok shoot
      [12:09:43] <Merro> Thought you might be the expert to answer
      [12:09:53] <Merro> Well I was preforming WBTB the other night
      [12:10:01] <Merro> I woke up at 3:22am in the morning
      [12:10:04] <Merro> And after that I fell asleep
      [12:10:06] <Merro> and woke up again
      [12:10:10] <Merro> it showed the same time
      [12:10:12] <Merro> It was blurry
      [12:10:14] <Merro> pitch black, etc.
      [12:10:24] <Merro> Usually the moon shines through my room
      [12:10:25] <TschuessDann> DOH false awakening
      [12:10:27] <Merro> But it was really dark
      [12:10:33] <Merro> I could see my clock
      [12:10:37] <Merro> ah FAs...
      [12:10:48] <Merro> Something told me to do a RC...
      [12:10:57] <Merro> But I failed at it and everything just blanked out
      [12:10:59] <TschuessDann> that's why it's good to perform RCs when you look at the clock in the day
      [12:11:07] <Merro> Yeah
      [12:11:13] <TschuessDann> never know when you migh have a FA and look at the time like you just did
      [12:11:19] <Caenis> You were so close, Merro!
      [12:11:22] <TschuessDann> but at least you thought to do one! that's a positive step
      [12:11:22] <Merro> Yea
      [12:11:32] <Merro> I tried to do Nose Pinch but I stopped and it failed.
      [12:11:38] <phillyEmps> oh hey TschuessDann, what foolproof RCs do you use?
      [12:11:47] Exotiraan uses hand-check.
      [12:11:48] <Merro> Everytime this happens
      [12:11:50] <phillyEmps> because some of my RCs are starting to not work
      [12:12:00] <phillyEmps> and im looking for some foolproof ones :3
      [12:12:01] <Merro> Something always reminds me to do a RC when things get dark like that
      [12:12:13] <TschuessDann> there's not really a "fool proof" one per say, each person is unique to their successful RCs
      [12:12:31] <Merro> Nose Pinch helped me became lucid several times
      [12:12:38] <Merro> Last time I became lucid a DC was staring at me funny
      [12:12:39] <Merro> lol
      [12:12:41] <TschuessDann> I don't RC as much as I do sporadic awareness
      [12:12:51] RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:13:02] <RareCola> Afternoon
      [12:13:12] <TschuessDann> so I'm usually aware the moment I enter a dream.. part of the whole DEILD thing
      [12:13:15] <TschuessDann> hey RareCola!
      [12:13:25] <Caenis> Hello Rarecola.
      [12:13:39] <TschuessDann> but I do check out my hands alot phillyEmps, if that sorta answers your question
      [12:13:41] <phillyEmps> hi RC
      [12:14:01] <phillyEmps> oh alright thank you
      [12:14:05] <Merro> Im some what lazy at doing RC's during the day...
      [12:14:09] <TschuessDann> I had a loooong work weekend, so forgive me as I'm still catching up on y'all's workbooks while I'm in here
      [12:14:19] <RareCola> so much nameraping, was confused for a second, haha
      [12:14:25] <TschuessDann> lol
      [12:14:38] <phillyEmps> oh i also have another question
      [12:14:48] <TschuessDann> yeah I opened my big mouth to say something german, thought it would be cute..
      [12:14:56] <Merro>
      [12:15:01] <TschuessDann> ok sure phillyEmps
      [12:15:22] <Merro> I remember being in the dream and I saw a hall way that looked realistic. Kinda surprised me.
      [12:15:34] <phillyEmps> so when I started LDing, i read a lot about stabilization, and even did some successful ones, but forceez said that thing about schema thing
      [12:15:38] <RareCola> It's really awesome when you get the extremely vivid moments in dreams
      [12:15:43] <Merro> yep
      [12:15:52] <Merro> though I was lucid this morning so yea
      [12:15:56] <Merro> Dad woke me up >_>
      [12:16:01] <Merro> im like no!!
      [12:16:04] <Merro>
      [12:16:05] <Merro>
      [12:16:11] <TschuessDann> yeah, there's a couple schools going on there.. basically, that's the one thing fOrceez and I don't agree on
      [12:16:14] <phillyEmps> so now im slightly confused as to whether i should practice stabilizing or try to learn the schema thing so i dont have to stabilize
      [12:16:15] <phillyEmps>
      [12:16:38] <Merro> Ah I have a problem with stabilization too
      [12:16:39] <phillyEmps> am i making any sense at all? XD lol
      [12:16:49] <TschuessDann> I say, go with both. I think people are different, some don't have to stabilize, some do, some only sometimes
      [12:16:52] <Merro> I always forget when I become aware.
      [12:16:53] <TschuessDann> yeah you are
      [12:17:01] <RareCola> Speaking of stabilisation, does anyone know any tricks to remember to do it when you become lucid? Both lucids I get excited and just forget to stop and stabilise. Been searching and couldn't find anything other than to do it.
      [12:17:12] <TschuessDann> I mean, try both. They say if you "have to stabilize" then you're setting yourself to have to every time
      [12:17:14] <TschuessDann> but,
      [12:17:28] <TschuessDann> it doesn't hurt to have some techniques up your sleeve anyway, just in case
      [12:17:45] <Merro> I have a question
      [12:17:58] <phillyEmps> ahh alrighty then, gonna be a bit hard to learn both i think, but hopefully i find one that works well
      [12:17:59] <phillyEmps>
      [12:18:09] <TschuessDann> of course it would be great if we never had to stabilize ever, so the schema thing can't hurt, right?
      [12:18:12] <Merro> I always forget to stabilize in a dream when I become lucid. And I get excited also.
      [12:18:25] <Merro> rubbing my hands dont seem to work for me
      [12:18:25] <phillyEmps> yep! :3
      [12:18:37] <RareCola> Yea Merro, then I end up losing the lucidity at some point. Sucks.
      [12:18:42] <RareCola> Guess it might just take practice
      [12:18:42] <Merro> stabilization seems to help with words
      [12:18:59] <phillyEmps> RareCola: i had the same problem, i tried the thing where i include "stabilize" in my mantras, and they worked well for me
      [12:19:17] <Exotiraan> It sucks when you lose the dream right in the middle of the best part.
      [12:19:19] <Merro> I tried saying a mantra last night but I couldnt sleep
      [12:19:28] <Merro> Yea Exo I agree
      [12:19:30] <TschuessDann> and since you have lucid dreams frequently phillyEmps, you can afford to experiment on schema without getting frustrated
      [12:19:41] <RareCola> I've just been using a "I do reality checks in my dreams" mantra recently, no more luck since Friday though.
      [12:19:45] <Merro> Also another question
      [12:19:47] <TschuessDann> I thought about it myself too. I just don't think it's as black and white and some folks think.
      [12:19:58] <Merro> About dream signs and vivid dreams if its ok.
      [12:20:29] <phillyEmps>
      [12:21:10] <TschuessDann> yeah ask away
      [12:21:25] <Merro> I usually have vivid dreams once in awhile... And sometimes its hard for me to recognize my dreams signs, I've been trying to get lucid but it always fails. So I dont know what im doing wrong.
      [12:21:49] <Merro> I mostly have allot of dream signs in my dreams
      [12:22:01] <Merro> Its hard to notice them
      [12:22:38] <TschuessDann> always fails? what do yuo mean, I thought you just had a lucid dream the other day
      [12:22:45] <Merro> I did
      [12:22:50] <Merro> But I didnt see any dream signs
      [12:23:00] <Merro> I just noticed I was dreaming so I got excited
      [12:23:00] <TschuessDann> oh
      [12:23:07] <RareCola> I've had no luck with dream signs either, tbh
      [12:23:08] <phillyEmps> i've noticed most of the time i dont get lucid through my dream signs, i get lucid usually from awareness or something, and it's only when i get lucid that i realize "oh! this is one of my dream signs!"
      [12:23:18] <TschuessDann> dream signs don't account for 100% of lucid attainment
      [12:23:26] <Merro> oh
      [12:23:26] <TschuessDann> yeah what phillyEmps said
      [12:23:35] <Ouschendrop> dreamsigns are just another tool to get maybe lucid?
      [12:23:39] <TschuessDann> exactly
      [12:23:41] <RareCola> I know all my dream signs and always RC when I see them irl, but I never notice it in dreams
      [12:23:57] <TschuessDann> and you pick the tools that work best for yuo, and don't stress abotu the tools that don't work as well
      [12:24:06] <RareCola> plus my dream signs seem to just be disappearing lately, or just completely changing, not had my most frequent ones for a while
      [12:24:12] <Merro> Reality Checks worst best for me so yeah.
      [12:24:15] <Merro> work"
      [12:24:16] <Merro> lol
      [12:24:35] <Caenis> Yeah, I think I'm finding the most luck with RCs and SAT.
      [12:24:40] <TschuessDann> RareCola: my dreamsigns change alot too, and they changed when I changed my induction method as well
      [12:24:55] <Caenis> I almost got lucid this morning. I was so close!
      [12:25:02] <Merro> What about dream characters? How would you react to them once you get lucid?
      [12:25:09] <TschuessDann> Caenis: yeah? what happened
      [12:25:20] <Merro> grats Caenis
      [12:25:47] <Merro> im mostly afraid of DCs...
      [12:25:53] <Merro> Encountering with them, etc.
      [12:26:03] <Ouschendrop> O_O why?
      [12:26:05] <RareCola> DCs are awesome
      [12:26:07] <Merro> Which is why I lose my confidence
      [12:26:10] <Merro> Well they threaten me
      [12:26:11] <Merro> lol
      [12:26:34] <Merro> I try to talk to them like a real person but they dont react really nicely towards me lol
      [12:26:38] <TschuessDann> haha
      [12:26:46] <RareCola> Haha, your subconscious hates you
      [12:26:48] <Merro> Its like GTFO lol when I go lucid
      [12:26:50] <Merro> hah
      [12:26:51] <TschuessDann> getting bullied by your DCs.. I laugh because it happens to me too
      [12:26:53] <Caenis> I was in science class, and the teacher was suddenly talking about lucid dreaming. There were even LD photos in his powerpoint presentation. I suddenly realized that something was off, so I used the noseplug RC. It wasn't successful the first time, so I tried again. I could feel the air coming through my nose. Then my alarm went off.
      [12:27:09] <phillyEmps> lmao mer
      [12:27:10] <TschuessDann> BALLS
      [12:27:18] Xyvoch [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:27:25] <TschuessDann> damnit Caenis that would piss me right the hell off
      [12:27:29] <TschuessDann> hey Xyvoch
      [12:27:29] <phillyEmps> balls indeed
      [12:27:32] <Xyvoch> hey
      [12:27:48] <Merro> lol
      [12:27:53] <TschuessDann> but excellent progress Caenis, nevertheless
      [12:27:55] <Merro> Hey Xyvoch
      [12:28:01] <Xyvoch> Hey Merro
      [12:28:06] <Caenis> Yeah. >_< But I almost succeeded at my goal of getting an LD before this last chat!
      [12:28:06] <Merro> How are u?
      [12:28:14] <Xyvoch> Fine thx and you?
      [12:28:20] <Merro> good
      [12:28:22] <Caenis> So I'm pleased that there was almost an LD.
      [12:28:36] <TschuessDann> Caenis: well ok I'll give you 1/2 credit then
      [12:29:00] <Merro> I think I had a dream about being in class once... I remember being picked on by some guys I think...
      [12:29:04] <Ouschendrop> Uhm what is this sheme thing about, someone has a link to a thread on the forum for me?
      [12:29:07] <Caenis> Yay! You don't need to, I'm just happy I made some more progress.
      [12:29:08] <Merro> Idk when it comes to situations like that I always forget to RC...
      [12:29:18] <TschuessDann> I am a firm believer that every step towards lucidity counts big time.. it helps you get feelign and senses that you can lock onto, making it more concrete in your mind
      [12:29:29] <TschuessDann> something to anchor to the next time you "get close".
      [12:29:44] <phillyEmps> derp, the schema thing? hold on gonna look for a link
      [12:29:47] <Merro> What are some tips to get you to RC more often in dreams?
      [12:29:51] <Ouschendrop> thanks Paigey
      [12:29:56] <RareCola> Of course, can't take leaps unless you first take the steps to the ledge
      [12:29:56] <Merro> Out of curiosity
      [12:29:59] <TschuessDann> Merro: RC more in the day
      [12:30:08] <Merro> Been trying to do it
      [12:30:15] <Merro> Do you know some good ones I could practice?
      [12:30:21] <phillyEmps> oh and btw goyysss if i suddenly quit, i must've crashed and might not get back
      [12:30:29] <TschuessDann> haha ok phillyEmps
      [12:30:30] <Ouschendrop> :/
      [12:30:31] <Merro> I already know nose pinch and finger through the hand
      [12:30:50] <Ouschendrop> I just check my hand as RC and count my fingers, is that enough?
      [12:30:53] <Ouschendrop> o_o
      [12:31:04] <TschuessDann> Merro: what about SAT? Like having a greater sense of awareness throughout the day, or sometimes during the day
      [12:31:09] <Ouschendrop> and ofc awareness thingy LaBerge wrote about in his book
      [12:31:13] <TschuessDann> rather than a selection of RCs
      [12:31:18] <Merro> Kinda like ADA?
      [12:31:18] <RareCola> As long as you're truly questioning your reality when you RC, I don't it matters what you do, really.
      [12:31:27] <TschuessDann> ^^ true
      [12:31:27] <Ouschendrop> oh okay thanks Rare
      [12:31:33] <Merro> Also havent tried SAT. is it posted on the forum?
      [12:31:34] <Ouschendrop> that answered my question :-)
      [12:31:43] <TschuessDann> yes, sporadic awareness technique
      [12:31:51] <Merro> Can I have a link?
      [12:32:18] <TschuessDann> looking..
      [12:32:24] <Merro> k
      [12:32:35] <RareCola> Puffin's DILD Guide - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [12:32:43] RareCola is a google pro
      [12:32:46] <Merro> Ah Puffins guide.
      [12:32:47] <Merro>
      [12:33:41] <RareCola> I'll have to read this later, haven't heard of SAT before
      [12:33:42] <TschuessDann> thanks RareCola
      [12:33:45] <RareCola> is it like ADA but just.. sporadic?
      [12:33:50] <Ouschendrop> me neither Rare
      [12:33:57] <TschuessDann> I thought there was another one by another author, but I can't find it
      [12:34:14] <TschuessDann> yeah, it's like ADA, just only at certain times
      [12:34:20] <TschuessDann> I do that every day
      [12:34:46] <TschuessDann> I just rendomly pick a time, and gather all my surroundings in, and my vision gets this kidna Hitchcock Vertigo effect
      [12:35:05] <TschuessDann> I become aware of everything as if I'm looking at it for the very first time ever
      [12:35:18] <TschuessDann> it's the closest feeling to the feeling I have when I'm lucid
      [12:36:00] <RareCola> Interesting
      [12:36:28] <RareCola> I'm pretty good at ADA in general but really focusing on it sporadically may help more with lucidity
      [12:36:37] <TschuessDann> It's kinda like brain exercises. Stretches it out every once in a while.
      [12:36:39] <Ouschendrop> ah thats kinda what LaBerge describes at the beginning, with the being aware of what you see, feel and stuff
      [12:36:48] <TschuessDann> it could RareCola, experiment with it
      [12:36:48] <RareCola> ADA just becomes more like habit and increases my dream vividness rather than helping lucidity, I feel
      [12:37:02] <TschuessDann> I see.
      [12:37:33] <TschuessDann> Exotiraan: why you so quiet
      [12:38:13] <RareCola> Probably too busy staring at the hot guys thread
      [12:38:15] <TschuessDann> and yes to Ouschendrop.. are you reading the book now? or already read it
      [12:38:20] <TschuessDann> HAHA
      [12:38:25] <Ouschendrop> I am reading it now
      [12:38:44] <TschuessDann> awesome, excellent LD resource
      [12:38:59] <TschuessDann> Xyvoch: why YOU so quiet?
      [12:39:03] <RareCola> I need to finish EtWoLD, when I actually get a moment to sit down and read
      [12:39:35] <RareCola> I feel some techniques are a little over the top though, like that 61-point relaxation method he mentioned
      [12:39:35] <TschuessDann> I should make everybody read it and write an essay
      [12:39:54] <Ouschendrop> xD
      [12:39:58] <RareCola> Well the PDF is still free, right? It'd be a great required reading
      [12:40:00] <TschuessDann> I'm gonna do that for the next class, as an extra credit assignment haha
      [12:40:01] <Exotiraan> Is that going to be our final?
      [12:40:12] <TschuessDann> YES.
      [12:40:22] <TschuessDann> oh I didn't know that RareCola, would be great if it was
      [12:40:48] <RareCola> http://users.telenet.be/sterf/texts/...d_dreaming.pdf
      [12:40:50] <RareCola> yep
      [12:41:05] <TschuessDann> damn man
      [12:41:08] Exotiraan «wget»-s.
      [12:41:09] <TschuessDann> 50 points to Gryffindor
      [12:41:12] <Caenis> Huh. i just assumed I had an illegal copy.
      [12:41:19] <TschuessDann> haha
      [12:41:30] <phillyEmps> omg i cant find the schema thing, Ouschendrop but this might help A Unifying Theory of Dream Control - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [12:41:44] <Exotiraan> phillyEmps: I think I have it.
      [12:41:44] <Ouschendrop> okay thanks Paige
      [12:41:47] <Ouschendrop> thanks for searching <3
      [12:41:55] <phillyEmps> np ah coolio, exo
      [12:42:15] <TschuessDann> thanks for lookin phillyEmps.. I cac get the link from forceez too when he wakes up
      [12:42:38] <phillyEmps> ah awesome, will you link me ask well?
      [12:42:53] <TschuessDann> I sure will
      [12:43:12] <TschuessDann> although I really like the link you just posted too, I like the part about the attention shifts
      [12:43:12] <phillyEmps> thanks XD
      [12:43:22] <TschuessDann> you guys have given me so much to read arrrrrrgh
      [12:43:22] <phillyEmps> ah same
      [12:43:30] <RareCola> Haha
      [12:43:32] <phillyEmps> ahahaha sorryy :')
      [12:43:40] <TschuessDann> it's all good, make me a better teacher for the next class
      [12:43:55] <Exotiraan> Never mind; I don't.
      [12:43:59] <RareCola> Bet teaching these lessons helps with your motivation too, must be hard to keep that after so many years
      [12:44:30] <TschuessDann> it so does RareCola... having people depend on me keeping my act together is great motivation hehe
      [12:44:31] Exotiraan tries Googling «site:dreamviews.com intile:schema».
      [12:44:53] <TschuessDann> also reading about all your different styles, and obstacles, and successes, makes me a better dreamer all around
      [12:45:05] <TschuessDann> very inspirational.
      [12:45:09] <RareCola>
      [12:45:36] <TschuessDann> did that work Exotiraan?
      [12:45:52] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:46:04] <Linkzelda> Hey everyone
      [12:46:23] <Caenis> Hey Linkzelda.
      [12:46:27] <phillyEmps> hey link
      [12:46:38] <Exotiraan> https://encrypted.google.com/search?...title%3Aschema # I don't think it's either ot these.
      [12:47:11] <TschuessDann> hey Linkzelda!
      [12:47:14] Exotiraan forgot an 's' in that URL.
      [12:47:16] <RareCola> Anyway I need to head off.. thanks for the class! Do we have any more information yet on when/if the next one is starting?
      [12:47:18] <TschuessDann> I see that lol
      [12:47:25] <phillyEmps> seeya RC!
      [12:47:28] <TschuessDann> Probably June 1
      [12:47:39] <TschuessDann> I will PM you guys/make announcements etc
      [12:47:47] <Linkzelda> Wait, am I in the wrong session
      [12:47:51] <TschuessDann> and I'll talk to you later RareCola about what I talked to Matte about
      [12:48:01] <RareCola> Alright, awesome
      [12:48:06] <RareCola> !away
      [12:48:08] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [12:48:12] <Linkzelda> Is this for OpheliaBlue and fOrceez class?
      [12:48:17] <TschuessDann> hehe yeah
      [12:48:20] <Linkzelda> Wait
      [12:48:23] <Linkzelda> you're ophelia?
      [12:48:26] <TschuessDann> yeah
      [12:48:29] <TschuessDann> heeheeee
      [12:48:33] <Linkzelda> Oh! Sorry, I was confused
      [12:48:37] <TschuessDann> we all are
      [12:48:55] <TschuessDann> hey Linkzelda, did you just get that feeling you get when you walk into the wrong classroom?
      [12:49:09] <Linkzelda> TschuessDann: So the next class will be something similiar to the one we took? Or will it be an extension from it
      [12:49:11] <TschuessDann> and everyone is looking at you like dafuq are you?
      [12:49:15] <Linkzelda> Lol TschuessDann, yes hahaha
      [12:49:27] <phillyEmps> lmao
      [12:49:43] <Linkzelda> almost want to do a reality check to be honest
      [12:49:50] <Linkzelda> but I figure I should enjoy this moment either way
      [12:50:14] <TschuessDann> Linkzelda: I haven't worked out all the details yet, but more than likely it will still be beginner level, with some tweaks. I'm initiating an additional program which I'll let you all know about later too when it's final
      [12:50:20] <TschuessDann> it's kind of an extension.
      [12:50:40] <Linkzelda> TschuessDann: gotcha, thank you. And you seem to have your hands full too
      [12:50:41] <TschuessDann> all kinds of DVA happenings to come!
      [12:50:43] <Linkzelda> hope things work out for you.
      [12:50:50] <Linkzelda> Yeah, glad to hear
      [12:50:54] <TschuessDann> thanks Linkzelda, also I have something for you
      [12:50:57] <Linkzelda> ?
      [12:50:58] <TschuessDann> if yuo're interested
      [12:51:03] <TschuessDann> I'll PM you after class
      [12:51:07] <Linkzelda> Okay
      [12:51:18] <Linkzelda> hey phillyEmps, any lucids?
      [12:51:39] <phillyEmps> nope, but had some cool waterbending last night
      [12:51:41] <phillyEmps>
      [12:51:49] <TschuessDann> is that like that avatar kid?
      [12:52:07] <TschuessDann> airbending and firebending and such?
      [12:52:17] <Linkzelda> nice!
      [12:53:09] <phillyEmps> yup!
      [12:53:10] <phillyEmps>
      [12:53:18] <phillyEmps> oreo is a certified firebender
      [12:53:20] <phillyEmps> and im a waterbender
      [12:53:36] <phillyEmps> and rarecola (i think? or someone else i forgot) is an earthbender
      [12:53:36] <TschuessDann> Exotiraan: phillyEmps: here's something interesting from another site
      [12:53:40] <TschuessDann> Infinite Minds - Lucid Dreaming - The Lucid Dream Schema
      [12:53:41] <Linkzelda> I think I might be more of lightning
      [12:53:55] <Linkzelda> but that's because of my spirit animal being a variant of a Thunderbird
      [12:54:03] <TschuessDann> I can breathe underwater in dreams, does that make me a waterbender?
      [12:54:10] <Merro> Sorry for not talking >_>
      [12:54:11] <Linkzelda> =P
      [12:54:15] <Merro> I want to kill my land lord >_>
      [12:54:23] <TschuessDann> that's ok Merro, I like everyone's input
      [12:54:39] <Merro> Im trying to keep it low leveled
      [12:54:45] <phillyEmps> oh this is nice! thanks for the link
      [12:54:47] <Merro> Just got an eviciton notice on the door
      [12:54:59] <Merro> 3 days or where out of here and we dont have the money -__-
      [12:55:00] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:55:16] <Linkzelda> TschuessDann: thanks for hte link there
      [12:55:18] <Merro> then hes gonna over charge us
      [12:55:19] <Merro> -__-
      [12:55:25] <Caenis> o.O Jeez, that sucks Merro. Sorry to read that.
      [12:55:34] <TschuessDann> hey Oreoboy1996
      [12:55:35] <Merro> Im trying to keep my temper down
      [12:55:35] <Linkzelda> the*
      [12:55:36] <Oreoboy1996> hello
      [12:55:47] <Merro> I would probably get arrested right now for going up there but i didnt went there.
      [12:55:50] <Merro> >__>
      [12:55:52] <TschuessDann> that does suck Merro
      [12:55:55] <Merro> Someone needs to kick his ass
      [12:56:01] <Merro> fucking tired of his shit
      [12:56:03] <TschuessDann> that's what your lucid dreams are for
      [12:56:13] <TschuessDann> kick his butt in an LD hehe
      [12:56:17] <Oreoboy1996> what?
      [12:56:17] <phillyEmps> merro
      [12:56:18] <Linkzelda> hahaha
      [12:56:35] <Merro> Well says we owe over 600 bucks and if we dont pay hes gonna take us to cort and make us pay another 900 fucking dollars so thats like 1k something -__-
      [12:56:45] <Linkzelda> owch :/
      [12:56:48] <Merro> Im like wtf? We already made arrangements
      [12:56:55] <Merro> Seriously they need to back off
      [12:57:19] <Merro> Sorry >_>
      [12:57:25] <Merro> freaking out right now
      [12:57:30] <Linkzelda> It's no problem man
      [12:57:37] <Linkzelda> Hope this get worked out
      [12:57:41] <Linkzelda> things*
      [12:57:44] <TschuessDann> yeah me too
      [12:57:53] <Merro> Hope so
      [12:58:00] <TschuessDann> so any last questions folks before I log this chat?
      [12:58:08] <Merro> Hoping I wont go and beat the fuck out of him >_>
      [12:58:10] <Merro> blood pressure
      [12:58:11] <Merro> blah
      [12:58:13] <Merro> need to calm down
      [12:58:26] <Merro> Sorry trying to keep things on topic
      [12:58:26] <TschuessDann> just breathe merro......
      [12:58:30] Caenis shush paps Merro.
      [12:58:41] Ouschendrop [[email protected]] is now known as Ouschendrop|BRB
      [12:58:41] <TschuessDann> lol what's a shush pap?
      [12:58:51] Exotiraan digs for the reference...
      [12:59:02] <TschuessDann> he's like a mini Sherlock
      [12:59:05] <Caenis> Pat his face and say "shhhhhhhhh" or "shush".
      [12:59:22] <TschuessDann> ah ok
      [12:59:30] <Linkzelda> TschuessDann: Well, thanks for being a good teacher, it's helped me a lot with trying to pay attention to my actions in my dreams. How you set it up, even though it was set for a super beginner level, it helped with organizing my thoughts, and keeping a log kept me motivated to increase my recall, or at least sustain the peak of it.
      [12:59:33] Ouschendrop|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Ouschendrop
      [12:59:42] <TschuessDann> wb
      [12:59:59] <Linkzelda> You really did well, and I hope you have fun teaching more students.
      [13:00:07] <TschuessDann> well I enjoyed having you Linkzelda, all you guys have been great. DVA is such a little hot spot right now, I love it
      [13:00:16] <Linkzelda> =)
      [13:00:46] <TschuessDann> ok I'll keep you guys posted on future stuff.. expect something in about a week
      [13:00:58] [Entering away status]: You have been marked as being away
      [13:00:58] <Exotiraan> TschuessDann: MS Paint Adventures
      [13:00:59] <Oreoboy1996> yay
      [13:00:59] <Caenis> Awesome.
      [13:01:00] <Ouschendrop> thanks TschuessDann
      [13:01:08] <Exotiraan> (cc: Merro)
      [13:01:09] <Linkzelda> sweet
      [13:01:32] <Caenis> Good job, Exotiraan!
      [13:02:02] Caenis places a cookie in Exo's hands.
      [13:02:24] <Caenis> Such a good interwebz Sherlock.
      [13:03:22] <Merro> g2g guys
      [13:03:23] <Merro> later
      [13:03:27] <Linkzelda> take care man
      [13:03:27] <Oreoboy1996> bye Merro
      [13:03:29] Merro [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [13:03:44] Exotiraan nipples on the cookie.
      [13:03:44] <Linkzelda> I'll see you guys sometime in the future hopefully in another class
      [13:03:44] <Linkzelda> take care
      [13:03:49] Linkzelda [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
      [13:03:55] <Exotiraan> s/p/b/g
      [13:04:46] <phillyEmps> what.
      [13:04:50] <phillyEmps> just. what
      [13:05:25] <Oreoboy1996> i don't think i slept well last night :/
      [13:05:39] <phillyEmps> cookie in 3..2...1...
      [13:05:51] <Oreoboy1996> hmm?
      [13:06:00] <phillyEmps> nvm
      [13:06:01] <phillyEmps>
      [13:06:36] cookieh [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [13:06:40] <cookieh> ...oh hello
      [13:06:42] <Oreoboy1996> hello cookieh
      [13:06:59] <Oreoboy1996> class is over D:
      [13:07:07] <phillyEmps> awwyeaaa
      [13:07:08] <phillyEmps>
      [13:07:12] <Oreoboy1996> but we're still here anyways
      [13:07:28] <cookieh> what really?
      [13:07:33] cookieh flips a table
      [13:07:40] <cookieh> this was the last time wasnt it?
      [13:07:43] Oreoboy1996 throws table out the window
      [13:07:52] <Oreoboy1996> i think so
      [13:08:09] <cookieh> i managed to miss even the last one.
      [13:08:13] <cookieh> congrats, me
      [13:08:25] <cookieh> you've done a GREAT job at missing things
      [13:08:29] cookieh [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "For a good, it's a good - SornaBot"
      [13:09:00] <Oreoboy1996>

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      #DVA Chat Times

      Please join me in #DVA on Monday, June 4, at 8pm CST, and Tuesday, June 5, at 12noon and 8pm CST.

      More chat times to be posted soon!
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      Impromptu class today at noon, Thanks OreoBoy for helping out!!!

      Spoiler for 6/4 #DVA:
      [11:43:18] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:43:18] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
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      [11:43:19] Channel was created at Sat Jun 2 03:29:01 2012
      [11:44:09] RommiH [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:44:13] cookieh [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:44:15] Lunatide [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:44:19] <Lunatide> Ladies
      [11:44:20] <OpheliaBlue> hey guys!
      [11:44:26] <Lunatide> Hey OpheliaBlue ^_^
      [11:44:30] <cookieh> hellooow
      [11:44:35] <RommiH> Hello!
      [11:44:36] <Lunatide> Looking forward to this class
      [11:44:37] <cookieh> my first chat session D
      [11:44:41] <OpheliaBlue> impromptu class, I was going to list one for today at noon anyway, then changed my mind, then changed it back
      [11:44:41] Oceandrop [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:44:44] <Lunatide> My third I think
      [11:44:46] <OpheliaBlue> hey cookieh
      [11:44:59] <Lunatide> Brb need a pee
      [11:45:00] <RommiH> First for me too
      [11:45:29] <cookieh> i think you made a typo in the chat times post anyways, it said "june 3rd, at 8" but it should've been jube 4th
      [11:45:31] <Oceandrop> what was asked?
      [11:45:42] <cookieh> nothing was asked
      [11:45:50] <cookieh> i just mentioned that it's my first chat session
      [11:45:53] <Lunatide> jube?
      [11:45:56] <Oceandrop> oh I thought because of Lunatides "third" and RommiHs "first"
      [11:45:57] <cookieh> june
      [11:46:02] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I just fixed it
      [11:46:05] <cookieh>
      [11:46:13] <Lunatide> jooob
      [11:46:15] <Lunatide> noob
      [11:46:16] <OpheliaBlue> haha
      [11:46:50] <Lunatide> When is this class starting then? Can we start early?
      [11:46:54] <OpheliaBlue> ok who's got a question, say about reality checks, or journals, or even just the definition of lucidity in general?
      [11:46:58] Lunatide squees
      [11:47:06] <OpheliaBlue> it has started Lunatide already
      [11:47:12] <Lunatide> Oh good
      [11:47:13] <Lunatide>
      [11:47:33] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue I can tell you a story, and maybe you can help me with what I did wrong?
      [11:47:41] <Lunatide> It is on topic
      [11:47:43] <Lunatide> xD
      [11:47:44] <cookieh> Do we have to journal in the DV DJ or is it reaaally okay if we don't post everything there?
      [11:47:54] <Oceandrop> yea same question as cookieh
      [11:48:03] <Lunatide> No. you MUS post in the dv dj
      [11:48:07] <Lunatide>
      [11:48:15] <cookieh> i kind of like that tag cloud thing, but i don't want to spam my online dj with non-lucids <.<
      [11:48:22] <Oceandrop> I don't think my english is strong enough for making decent DJ-Entries
      [11:48:23] <Oceandrop> :S
      [11:48:31] <cookieh> it is, derp
      [11:48:33] <OpheliaBlue> no you can keep DJ entried private by not posting them
      [11:48:38] <Lunatide> Oceandrop as long as you can read it, then it's ok
      [11:48:44] <OpheliaBlue> just put what ever you want to help yuo for the class purposes
      [11:48:46] <Lunatide> The DJ is there to help YOU
      [11:50:08] zeracook [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:50:24] <OpheliaBlue> hey zeracook
      [11:50:33] <Lunatide> Anyway, OpheliaBlue, Last night I had a dream. I'll cut to the point. I was just about to go down a slide and I remember my dream I had before of being on a slide. So I jumped down the slide and performed a RC. It didn't work because I was bouncing around on the slide too much
      [11:50:35] <RommiH> i have my dreams scattered about in 3 separate journals
      [11:50:38] <OpheliaBlue> it was just a last minute thing
      [11:50:59] <zeracook> Hello opheliablue I'll brb I have to finish this Journal Entry
      [11:51:15] <OpheliaBlue> Lunatide: I try to keep my RCs a bit more simple.. like a simple touch, or action
      [11:51:35] <Lunatide> I looked at my hands, but kept almost falling over
      [11:51:40] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [11:51:41] <Lunatide> so I had to stop
      [11:51:45] <RommiH> what RCs do you recommend ?
      [11:51:57] <Lunatide> Nose plug seems simple
      [11:52:06] <Oceandrop> counting fingers it is for me
      [11:52:12] <RommiH> i use that one a lot
      [11:52:13] <OpheliaBlue> i've been talking with Hyu lately, and I'm starting to lean toward a combinded senses reality check, I did one last night
      [11:52:15] <Lunatide> But palm check worked like a charm for me in my 2 lucids
      [11:52:19] <RommiH> th nose plug one
      [11:52:29] <Oceandrop> combinded senses reality check?
      [11:52:40] <OpheliaBlue> combine visual with feeling and sound for example:
      [11:53:00] <OpheliaBlue> I snap my fingers loudly, WHILE lookign at them
      [11:53:12] <Lunatide> Seeing, touching and hearing?
      [11:53:17] <OpheliaBlue> if nose plug works fine then keep it luna
      [11:53:31] <Lunatide> I have never tried nose plug, only palm check
      [11:53:37] <Lunatide> nose plug will be my back up
      [11:53:44] <cookieh> would knocking on something work ofr example?
      [11:53:46] <cookieh> for*
      [11:53:51] <OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [11:53:53] <Lunatide> cookieh: I think it would
      [11:53:58] <Lunatide> Damn you OpheliaBlue >
      [11:54:02] <OpheliaBlue> these can also be used after you're lucid for stabilization if necessary
      [11:54:15] <Lunatide> Oh that sounds good
      [11:54:25] <OpheliaBlue> that way, if say you snap your fingers and you can feel it but there's no sound, you may be dreaming
      [11:54:28] <Lunatide> Walking through a cave BOOM. Kick the wall
      [11:54:32] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [11:54:43] <Lunatide> No sound
      [11:54:44] <Oceandrop> but I don't understand, how could you become lucid by something like that in a Dream? I see how Palm Check and Nose Plug works, for example to many fingers, but just snapping fingers while looking at them?
      [11:54:45] <OpheliaBlue> if it hurts, then you're not dreaming
      [11:55:04] <Lunatide> Lol
      [11:55:05] <Lunatide>
      [11:55:13] <cookieh> Oceandrop: because there might not be sound for example
      [11:55:23] <OpheliaBlue> that was just an example.. but Oceandrop, if you're going to say, count your fingers in a feality check, touch them too asyou count them
      [11:55:28] <OpheliaBlue> while counting aloud
      [11:55:31] Lunatide snaps his fingers
      [11:55:36] <Oceandrop> ah yes I did not read what Ophelia said after Lunatides "Oh that sounds good"
      [11:55:38] Lunatide has wonky hands now
      [11:55:42] <RommiH> i just remembered a dream fragment about a little turtle
      [11:55:43] <Lunatide>
      [11:55:49] Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [11:55:55] <OpheliaBlue> the more senses involved, the more effective the reality check can become
      [11:56:00] <OpheliaBlue> hey Oreoboy1996
      [11:56:01] <Oceandrop> okay
      [11:56:02] <Oreoboy1996> hello
      [11:56:04] <Oceandrop> hey Oreo
      [11:56:10] <cookieh> hai Oreoboy1996
      [11:56:11] <RommiH> hey oreoboy
      [11:56:16] <Lunatide> hai oroe
      [11:56:20] <Lunatide> oroe is correct
      [11:56:24] <Lunatide> don'r judge me guys
      [11:56:28] <cookieh> lol
      [11:56:28] <Lunatide> don'r is too
      [11:56:33] <zeracook> haha
      [11:56:42] <Oreoboy1996>
      [11:56:50] <Lunatide> dat pokerface
      [11:57:01] Oreoboy1996 searches for lord of the rings box set
      [11:57:06] <OpheliaBlue> niiiice
      [11:57:18] <OpheliaBlue> post your fragment RommiH
      [11:57:43] <OpheliaBlue> what other questions have you guys got, I know this was kinda last minute
      [11:57:49] <RommiH> all I remember is a turtle walking across a shelf and me thinking, how cute
      [11:57:53] <Lunatide> Ummmmmm
      [11:57:56] Lunatide is thinking
      [11:58:01] <Lunatide> Oh yeah!
      [11:58:02] <cookieh> i also might have a new dream sign, my childhood home
      [11:58:03] <Lunatide> I have one
      [11:58:08] <cookieh> or well, home village
      [11:58:13] <Oceandrop> haha Cookieh me too!
      [11:58:21] <RommiH> i did have this long epic too i'm not done writing it though
      [11:58:26] <Oreoboy1996> that's also a dream sign of mine
      [11:58:37] <cookieh> the school dreams have disappeared 2 days into summer vacation
      [11:58:39] <Oceandrop> Just when I updated my Pc Dream Journal, I just thought that I had many dreams in my home village
      [11:58:44] <OpheliaBlue> college is one for me, I had a nonlucid about being back at college last night lol
      [11:58:44] <Lunatide> How do you know when you have sucseffully WILD'd?
      [11:58:45] <Oreoboy1996> I have many dreams where I'm in Loudonville, which is where i grew up
      [11:58:47] <OpheliaBlue> I hate classes
      [11:58:48] <RommiH> my grandparents' house in kentucky for me
      [11:59:04] <Lunatide> sucsessfully*
      [11:59:09] <Lunatide> Still wrong?
      [11:59:18] <cookieh> Lunatide: how? you're aware of it all the time
      [11:59:19] <Lunatide> I'm not getting any sucsess in life
      [11:59:20] <Oceandrop> sucessfully
      [11:59:25] <cookieh> success*
      [11:59:26] <Oreoboy1996> oh my grandparents' house is another dream sign of mine because i used to stay there a lot
      [11:59:29] <cookieh> successfully
      [11:59:37] <Oceandrop> oh with two c's okay
      [11:59:39] <RommiH> same oreoboy
      [11:59:43] <zeracook> What is a workbook and what do we do for it? I'm kind of intimidated about taking this class
      [11:59:45] <cookieh> yeah, i know it doesn't make sense xD
      [11:59:51] <RommiH> used to spend the night with them a lot
      [11:59:55] <Oceandrop> I actually have one question but don't know if anybody can answer that
      [12:00:02] <cookieh> bring it, derp
      [12:00:15] <Oreoboy1996> bring it on!
      [12:00:21] Lunatide passes a note to zeracook. "Hai zeracook. Teacher is hot lolz"
      [12:00:27] <Oreoboy1996>
      [12:00:32] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:00:32] <Oreoboy1996> thank you Lunatide
      [12:00:38] <Lunatide> ...
      [12:00:40] <Oceandrop> sometimes I am just an Observer in dreams, like I have no Ego and just watch a Movie, is there maybe a technique to gain lucid from it.. or just general awareness and the other stuff?
      [12:00:40] <Oreoboy1996>
      [12:00:43] <cookieh> luna you perv
      [12:00:44] <OpheliaBlue> zeracook: the workbook is mainly for you to track your own progess
      [12:00:47] <Lunatide> Give me my note back OpheliaBlue
      [12:00:48] <Lunatide> wait
      [12:00:50] <Lunatide> wrong tab
      [12:00:55] <Lunatide> STAY OUT OF THIS OpheliaBlue.
      [12:00:55] <OpheliaBlue> and I can see how yuo're doing as well
      [12:01:02] <Oceandrop> Because I can logically enough not perform an RC without Body :/
      [12:01:05] <Oreoboy1996> i have that sometimes Oceandrop
      [12:01:15] <Oreoboy1996> there is a way to deal with it
      [12:01:22] <cookieh> Lunatide: stop talking off-topic, pls, it sucks to follow the chat
      [12:01:27] <OpheliaBlue> yeah I switch from 3rd to 1st alot too
      [12:01:32] <zeracook> I do that to Oceandrop, just watch, I like it and its fun
      [12:01:33] <Lunatide> Calm it cookieh
      [12:01:35] <Oreoboy1996> just haven't found a consistent technique for me to use since it doesn't happen to me a lot
      [12:01:51] <OpheliaBlue> cookieh is right Lunatide
      [12:01:51] <cookieh> i am calm -__-
      [12:01:52] <Oreoboy1996> i know, find an object in the "movie"
      [12:01:54] <Oreoboy1996> like a person
      [12:02:01] <Lunatide> I still have trouble with my RC's
      [12:02:02] <Oreoboy1996> and try to zoom into them and posses their body
      [12:02:06] <Lunatide> They never work
      [12:02:16] <Lunatide> It's pretty disheartening
      [12:02:17] <Oreoboy1996> and then transform back into yourself or whatever
      [12:02:18] <cookieh> Lunatide: well, you're doing them half-assed, im guessing
      [12:02:23] <OpheliaBlue> I thought you said nose plug works for yuo Lunatide
      [12:02:32] <Lunatide> No palm check does
      [12:02:33] <Lunatide> But
      [12:02:34] <Oceandrop> no palm check works four luna I thought lol
      [12:02:34] <cookieh> have you tried ada?
      [12:02:37] <RommiH> you've seen my workbook opheliablue. what else is expected now?
      [12:02:39] <Lunatide> It fails me all the time
      [12:02:42] <Oceandrop> btw thanks @ all and Oreo
      [12:02:47] <Lunatide> Only by luck does it work
      [12:02:47] <Oceandrop> nice to see that I'm not the only one
      [12:02:53] <OpheliaBlue> I like that idea Oreoboy1996.
      [12:02:53] <Oreoboy1996> Lunatide maybe you should just try a bunch of different rcs and keep mixing it up a little
      [12:02:54] <Oceandrop> brb
      [12:03:01] <Lunatide> Hmm maybe
      [12:03:15] <Oreoboy1996> after i do my energy check rc, i do a second rc where i try out a random dream power just to be sure
      [12:03:17] <cookieh> yeah, try to read things in real life, look away, is it the same
      [12:03:26] <Lunatide> It's just, I do really good reality checks irl, but in dreams they turn out really shitty :/
      [12:03:28] <Oreoboy1996> like earlier i tried using the illumina spell after using the energy check
      [12:03:46] <OpheliaBlue> RommiH: hang on, let me scan your WB again real quick
      [12:03:59] <zeracook> I do what cookies does, and I try to fly or move something with my mind as my second or if nothing to read is around.
      [12:04:02] <RommiH> alright
      [12:04:24] <Lunatide> Guys theres not much I can ask right now
      [12:04:30] <cookieh> o__o
      [12:04:35] <Lunatide> Maybe that's why I'm going off topic
      [12:04:45] <cookieh> yeah, then just follow the chat
      [12:04:52] <Lunatide> I'm feeling a little sad for no reason
      [12:04:58] <cookieh> know that feel :/
      [12:05:08] <cookieh> sudden puberty.
      [12:05:11] <RommiH> im that right now lunatide too
      [12:05:12] <cookieh> like kraid puts it
      [12:05:13] <cookieh> xD
      [12:05:19] <RommiH> haha
      [12:05:23] <Lunatide> Puberty? I hit that ages ago
      [12:05:33] <Lunatide> I think when i was 12 or 13
      [12:05:39] <cookieh> and off topic we go >.>
      [12:05:49] <RommiH> waaaaay off topic
      [12:05:58] <Lunatide> Well I keep fucking up your classes, so of I go
      [12:06:02] <Lunatide> bye guys
      [12:06:04] <cookieh>
      [12:06:08] <OpheliaBlue> RommiH: ok after yuo'vei journaled your dreams, the workbook is a place to include and lucids you may have had, reality checks that worked or didn't work, successes and/or failures of any kind, questions for me or Caenis or Rarecola,
      [12:06:22] <OpheliaBlue> any dream signs that might have appeared.
      [12:06:25] <Lunatide> hope you get your questiions answered
      [12:06:28] <Lunatide> bai
      [12:06:30] <cookieh> no dont leave
      [12:06:33] <cookieh> come on
      [12:06:36] <cookieh>
      [12:06:42] <OpheliaBlue> If you got nothing other than "I did my reality checks today" then that's all that need be in there
      [12:06:45] <Lunatide> I'll keep it open
      [12:06:56] <Lunatide> wait no
      [12:06:57] <RommiH> Ok so I should post links to my DJ if i had any interesting experiences?
      [12:06:59] <Lunatide> seeya later guys
      [12:07:01] Lunatide [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:07:03] <cookieh>
      [12:07:04] <OpheliaBlue> baby.
      [12:07:13] <Oceandrop> Baby?
      [12:07:16] <cookieh> baby.
      [12:07:20] <Oceandrop> o_o
      [12:07:24] <Oreoboy1996> bababa ba?
      [12:07:28] <Oceandrop> He just leaved because off-topic?
      [12:07:30] <OpheliaBlue> RommiH: oh yes, links are good. that way I don't have to search your entire journal for a point, good idea
      [12:07:38] <cookieh> Oceandrop: he was in a bad mood, it happens
      [12:07:43] <RommiH> hahaha
      [12:07:45] <Oceandrop> Mh okay
      [12:08:30] Mindraker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:08:30] <OpheliaBlue> better that he left if he's in a bad mood, since I can't kick him because ShockWave|Away forgot to op me for #DVA >
      [12:08:44] <Oceandrop> ^^'
      [12:08:45] <cookieh> hahaha
      [12:08:46] <Oreoboy1996> hello Mindraker
      [12:08:49] <OpheliaBlue> i Mindraker
      [12:09:01] <Mindraker> Hello (again) Oreoboy1996 *chirp*
      [12:09:06] <Oceandrop> I have another question about how MILD exactly works, because I'm not sure If I do it right
      [12:09:17] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:09:21] <cookieh> hai exo
      [12:09:23] <Oreoboy1996> hello Exotiraan
      [12:09:27] Exotiraan waves.
      [12:09:39] <OpheliaBlue> the M can be for "mantra" Oceandrop, is that what you're doing?
      [12:09:42] <OpheliaBlue> hey Exotiraan
      [12:09:52] <Oreoboy1996> the M can also be for Mnemonically
      [12:09:58] <OpheliaBlue> trueeee
      [12:10:05] <RommiH> well I have something i want to discuss: In last night's dream there were many opportunities for me to become lucid. Like there were so many odd and freakishly bizarre occurrences. WHy is it that i dont question anything in a dream?
      [12:10:11] <Oreoboy1996> defining MILD seems to always get complicated to me
      [12:10:18] <cookieh> can you repeat the mantra when meditating?
      [12:10:23] <Oreoboy1996> of course cookieh
      [12:10:26] <Oceandrop> So when I try MILD I normally say a Mantra in my thoughts like I will in my dream, remember that I dream and after some time I drop that and start to Imagine a Dream I had where I did not became Lucid and daydream of a sort what would happen to when I would have become lucid --> Then Sleep
      [12:10:27] <cookieh> alrighty
      [12:10:28] <Oreoboy1996> i think that's actually prefered
      [12:10:38] <OpheliaBlue> RommiH: I'm not sure there's a single clear answer for that.. happens to me alot too.
      [12:10:43] <cookieh> i never really got how you'r esupposed to mild
      [12:10:48] <cookieh> you're*
      [12:10:53] <Oceandrop> Thats how I understood MILD in LaBerges Book, but I'm not sure :S
      [12:11:00] <OpheliaBlue> but I believe it getts better if yuo increase your daily awareness, and REALLY be aware when you do your daily RCas
      [12:11:00] <RommiH> Its just weird how i am so accepting of eveything..
      [12:11:02] <OpheliaBlue> RCs*
      [12:11:10] <RommiH> yeah...
      [12:11:21] <Oreoboy1996> RommiH: i think you just need to practice longer and improve your overall awareness
      [12:11:26] <Oceandrop> RommiH do you daydream alot?
      [12:11:44] <RommiH> oh yes
      [12:11:49] <RommiH> like crazy haha
      [12:12:04] <OpheliaBlue> RommiH: I think very few people (maybe just oreoboy) actually pick up on every single chance to become lucid in a nonlucid
      [12:12:07] <RommiH> I think so too oreoboy1996
      [12:12:23] <Oreoboy1996> Oceandrop: your MILD attempts sound good to me
      [12:12:40] <RommiH> haha yeah
      [12:12:40] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:12:41] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:12:41] <OpheliaBlue> that's why I really like DEILDs.. they give me the chance to turn FAs into lucids.
      [12:12:45] <dreamerJon23> sorry Im late
      [12:12:47] <OpheliaBlue> hey dreamerJon23
      [12:12:52] <dreamerJon23> hi ophie
      [12:12:57] <Oceandrop> I think there could be a connection between that you don't become Aware in Bizarre Dreams because of Daydreaming like crazy, because your Brain like accepts these crazy things, because you're also kind of experiencing them in Real Life through Day Dreaming
      [12:13:04] <OpheliaBlue> you're not late, this class was impromptu
      [12:13:11] <cookieh> would clapping work as a reality check?
      [12:13:13] OpheliaBlue never gets tired of saying impromptu
      [12:13:17] <cookieh>
      [12:13:19] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] has set mode +o OpheliaBlue
      [12:13:24] <dreamerJon23> lol kk
      [12:13:27] <RommiH> like i saw a kitten run up to its mother to feed. It mother was a Chihuahua with an insane haircut
      [12:13:32] <cookieh> hahahah
      [12:13:38] <Oreoboy1996> i think so too Oceandrop, but if you taught yourself to be aware in those daydreams it could completely reverse it i'm sure
      [12:13:47] <@OpheliaBlue> cookieh: maybe... should combine it with other things. Clapping alone is better for stabilization probably
      [12:14:02] <cookieh> hmm
      [12:14:03] <Oreoboy1996> not sure how clapping would work as a reality check
      [12:14:10] cookieh shrugs
      [12:14:13] <cookieh> just wondering
      [12:14:14] <Oreoboy1996> because clapping in a dream can easily be the same as real life
      [12:14:19] <Oceandrop> Dunno, I now just try to daydream when I need it, like figuring something out or preparing for exam, then it helps me when I imagine it, or making a speech etc.
      [12:14:23] <Oreoboy1996> unless you were trying to do a super sonic clap thing lol
      [12:14:27] <cookieh> lool
      [12:14:32] <Oreoboy1996> or what paigey was doing
      [12:14:38] <Oreoboy1996> clapping to make apples falls
      [12:14:40] <@OpheliaBlue> that's funny RommiH
      [12:14:42] <cookieh> haha
      [12:14:46] <RommiH> i dont understand how you can be aware in a daydream.. because, at least for me, daydreams are created by me and i do what i want
      [12:14:49] <@OpheliaBlue> lol oreo
      [12:14:55] <Oceandrop> agree RommiH
      [12:14:56] <RommiH> at my own will
      [12:15:11] <Mindraker> For me, just having the letter "a" for "awake" on my hand doesn't do much for a reality check. It's like 'so what?' But when the ink rubs off... *that* catches me.
      [12:15:16] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm confused by that question.. how can you NOT be aware in your own daydream?
      [12:15:17] <RommiH> so im aware in the first place
      [12:15:25] <Oreoboy1996> RommiH I've noticed that after daydreaming for a while you forget about the real world and therefore you lose awareness
      [12:15:26] <RommiH> exactly
      [12:15:31] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I see
      [12:15:40] <Oceandrop> Mhhh I see what you mean Oreo
      [12:15:40] <cookieh> Mindraker: yeah i agree, the a thing seems pretty pointless to me
      [12:15:43] <Oreoboy1996> and that's where the teacher slaps his hand on the desk and snaps you out of it lol
      [12:15:56] <cookieh>
      [12:15:59] <Oceandrop> But how do you then don't forget the real world because of your Daydreaming and reverse it?
      [12:16:02] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [12:16:22] <Oreoboy1996> wait what?
      [12:16:36] <@OpheliaBlue> but I think yuo're more likely to remember to perform RCs in your own daydream, therefore hopefully translating to remembering more often in a dream, am I getting that right?
      [12:16:41] <Oceandrop> How do you .. eh being aware in Daydreaming? God my english x.x
      [12:16:50] <Oreoboy1996> yeah ophelia
      [12:16:58] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:17:03] <Oceandrop> :')
      [12:17:08] <@OpheliaBlue> hah maybe i don't daydream deep enough (I get distracted alot)
      [12:17:14] <Oreoboy1996> basically you want to always remind yourself that you're daydreaming
      [12:17:19] <@OpheliaBlue> it's ok Oceandrop, I understand you
      [12:17:26] <Oceandrop> Yoyo
      [12:17:29] <Oceandrop> okay Oreo
      [12:17:32] <cookieh> lol
      [12:17:41] <Oceandrop> maybe I will do both, reducing daydreaming + reminding
      [12:17:56] <Oreoboy1996> why would you reduce daydreaming?
      [12:18:02] <@OpheliaBlue> what kinds of daydreams are we talking about by the way?
      [12:18:12] <Oceandrop> All kinds, I think?
      [12:18:21] <Oreoboy1996> the vivid daydreams i guess where you try to activate all senses
      [12:18:21] <Oceandrop> I don't know what you guys uses daydreams for so
      [12:18:25] <Oceandrop> huh
      [12:18:40] <Oreoboy1996> like daydreaming of flying through the air as a dragon for example
      [12:18:42] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah i need to up mine then from trashy romance novels
      [12:18:44] <cookieh> my daydreaming is..like letting my mind wander?
      [12:18:54] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [12:18:55] <Oceandrop> yea or, preparing for something
      [12:19:07] <Oceandrop> I used it a lot for preparing for public speech and try to remember
      [12:19:12] <Oceandrop> in school
      [12:19:14] <Oceandrop> I mean
      [12:19:17] <Oreoboy1996> i think the key of DDA is to not let your mind wander too much cookieh
      [12:19:22] <Oceandrop> speech in school ~
      [12:19:26] <Oreoboy1996> that's probably the best way to put it
      [12:19:38] <cookieh> yeah
      [12:19:41] <@OpheliaBlue> like, don't let it wander out of awareness?
      [12:19:43] <Mindraker> LOL, when I'm in bed, my mind is running all over the place
      [12:19:43] <cookieh> wait dda?
      [12:19:46] <@OpheliaBlue> not too much anyway?
      [12:19:54] <Oreoboy1996> DDA = Daydream Awareness = my technique
      [12:19:55] <@OpheliaBlue> day dream awareness
      [12:19:57] <cookieh> oh
      [12:20:27] <Oceandrop> As Kid it was easy to know when you where dreaming :/
      [12:20:28] <Oreoboy1996> and yeah ophelia, you don't want to let your mind wander away too much and lose attention to everything
      [12:20:37] <@OpheliaBlue> I like that technique.. kind of like incubating a dream all day long
      [12:20:40] <Oceandrop> It was just like oh I dream because I'm not longer in Bed
      [12:20:46] <Oceandrop> and I sleep still
      [12:20:48] <Oceandrop> so simple
      [12:20:48] <Oreoboy1996> i found it harder as a kid i think
      [12:21:20] <Oreoboy1996> yeah that's what i love about it ophelia, you can also use it to incubate a dream you want
      [12:21:54] <@OpheliaBlue> really cool..I think I'd pay $5 to walk around that mind of yours Oreoboy1996
      [12:21:57] <Oceandrop> yea Oreo thats a neat Idea, actually I did that with thinking about how my Dream-Base/Workshop thingy should look like x) But until now I didn't get it into my dreams :p
      [12:21:58] <RommiH> i tell myself that at night. that if i am doing anything other than laying in bed.. then i must be dreaming
      [12:22:18] <@OpheliaBlue> that might be a little to vague though RommiH
      [12:22:25] <Oreoboy1996>
      [12:22:34] <Mindraker> RommiH: my kleenex box might disagree
      [12:22:42] <@OpheliaBlue> lmfao
      [12:22:46] <Oreoboy1996> O_o
      [12:22:47] <cookieh> LOL
      [12:22:53] <RommiH> yeah but its true to a certain point
      [12:23:02] <RommiH> haha
      [12:23:38] <RommiH> and whats dream incubation?
      [12:24:04] <@OpheliaBlue> creating the dream you want in your mind while yuo're awake
      [12:24:10] <Oceandrop> One question about Lucidity, if you're afraid that some action you could do in a dream actually might wake you up because it could fail, did you already lose some of your lucidity there?
      [12:24:21] <zeracook> I want a Sense Deprivation Chamber, I think I could get Lucids really easy that way and never lose conciousness
      [12:24:24] <@OpheliaBlue> often performed just before bed, but you can do it throughout the day as well
      [12:24:57] paigeyemps [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:25:00] <dreamerJon23> got my book marked up
      [12:25:02] <Oreoboy1996> Oceandrop: it's not good to worry about something waking you up
      [12:25:03] <RommiH> ooooh okays
      [12:25:04] <cookieh> hehe paigey late
      [12:25:06] <cookieh>
      [12:25:08] <dreamerJon23> hi paigeyemps
      [12:25:12] <@OpheliaBlue> Oceandrop: no I don't think so, it's normal to be afraid something might wake you up for real. Especially if it's a really active something. I say just go for it anyway.
      [12:25:14] <Oreoboy1996> because that will make you more likely to wake up
      [12:25:22] <@OpheliaBlue> and yes, what oreo just said
      [12:25:23] <paigeyemps> hello sorry im late, pc went haywire
      [12:25:30] <Oreoboy1996> hello paigey
      [12:25:32] <@OpheliaBlue> hey paaige
      [12:25:40] <Mindraker> So dream incubation would be me intentionally trying to have a dream about Pink Elephants by looking at a picture of Pink Elephants before I go to bed?
      [12:25:46] <RommiH> hello paigeyemps
      [12:25:55] <Oreoboy1996> something like that Mindraker
      [12:26:00] <Mindraker> Ah ok
      [12:26:11] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: if that's your chosen dream, then yeah haha
      [12:26:24] <Oceandrop> mh okay Oreo and Ophelia
      [12:26:31] <Oreoboy1996> have you ever dreamt of something from a movie, tv show, book, or a video game after viewing it?
      [12:26:36] <Oreoboy1996> that's like dream incubation
      [12:26:40] <@OpheliaBlue> also, have a sort of fantasy about it, creating a while story in your mind, how you want it to manifest as a dream
      [12:26:50] <Oceandrop> If you're curious I was afraid of flying through the ceiling
      [12:26:57] <RommiH> i'll try that tonight
      [12:26:57] <Mindraker> OK yeah
      [12:27:05] <Oceandrop> I have Oreoboy
      [12:27:07] <paigeyemps> oh hey something interesting happened this morning
      [12:27:09] <Oceandrop> Game of Thrones ftw x)
      [12:27:11] <Oreoboy1996> nothing scary about ceilings >.>
      [12:27:28] <Oceandrop> Nah I thought if I try to get through, and it would be like a long dark tunnel I might wake up
      [12:27:29] <@OpheliaBlue> Oceandrop: you should try it anyway. You'd be surprised.. you could either punch through it, or pass right through it, or the ceiling could vanish
      [12:27:36] <Oreoboy1996> if you guys are interested in dream incubation, this may help http://www.dreamviews.com/f45/dream-...torial-130133/
      [12:27:44] <zeracook> I flew though a ceiling once. It made me wake up....
      [12:27:46] <paigeyemps> i dreamt that i was talking to a DC about a very old dream of mine, and as i was telling her the story, i flashed back to the original dream, the one i had years ago
      [12:27:54] <cookieh> D:
      [12:27:55] <cookieh> cool
      [12:27:55] <Oreoboy1996> i prefer to turn into a shadow cloud and phase through things
      [12:27:56] <paigeyemps> it's amazing i still had that memory somewhere
      [12:28:02] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's cool paigeyemps
      [12:28:02] <paigeyemps> and it was really vivid too D:
      [12:28:10] <RommiH> wow reaally cool
      [12:28:16] <Oceandrop> thats neat Paigey
      [12:28:16] <paigeyemps> it was like, gaaaaa i was still in high school then
      [12:28:17] <zeracook> Thats really cool I want to relive some of my dreams
      [12:28:27] <dreamerJon23> Oreo have you read Exploring TWoLD's?
      [12:28:28] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's a good idea Oreoboy1996.. change yourself into something compatible instead of changing your surroundings to fit you
      [12:28:45] <Oreoboy1996> nah i haven't read any dream related books
      [12:28:50] <Oreoboy1996> i plan to buy one in the future though
      [12:28:51] <dreamerJon23> oh ok
      [12:29:00] <Oreoboy1996> but i'll probably just put it on a shelf to look fancy >.>
      [12:29:04] <paigeyemps> lol
      [12:29:05] <dreamerJon23> I had the copy from few years ago
      [12:29:07] <RommiH> i read it dreamerjon23
      [12:29:09] <Oceandrop> You can also download the Book as .pdf as it seems, I saw it in one of the Intro Classes threads :S
      [12:29:10] <dreamerJon23> just marked it up
      [12:29:14] <dreamerJon23> to refresh
      [12:29:17] <dreamerJon23> cool RommiH
      [12:29:17] <@OpheliaBlue> I linked to the PDF in the homework class if you want to read it
      [12:29:21] <Oceandrop> ah yes
      [12:29:28] <Oceandrop> right
      [12:30:11] <dreamerJon23> so do you remember if that section on flight is any good?
      [12:30:17] <Oceandrop> I have also a hardcopy of the book dreamerjon
      [12:30:17] <dreamerJon23> I might read that first
      [12:30:22] <@OpheliaBlue> well I have to head out, if you have any other questions, save them for the next class, or put in yuor workbook, or you can PM me at anytime
      [12:30:36] <Oreoboy1996> bye OpheliaBlue
      [12:30:37] <Oceandrop> Have fun Ophelia :-)
      [12:30:40] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks for joining last minute guys!
      [12:30:40] <dreamerJon23> bb ophie
      [12:30:42] <Oceandrop> thanks for the class
      [12:30:46] <dreamerJon23> ^^
      [12:30:49] <cookieh> baii ophelia
      [12:30:56] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [12:30:56] <RommiH> bye!
      [12:30:57] <paigeyemps> seeya OpheliaBlue!: D
      [12:30:58] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

      I love it when kids like a class SO much, that they hang around after and it's still on-topic

      Spoiler for "more #DVA"[12:31:07:
      Exotiraan scribbles down notes and idles.
      [12:31:44] Oreoboy1996 goes back to searching for the box set
      [12:31:52] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:31:54] dreamerJon23 is learning to fly
      [12:31:59] Mindraker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:32:13] <paigeyemps> what shall we talk about now?
      [12:32:19] <zeracook> Flying is the greatest feeling I ever Experience
      [12:32:21] <Oreoboy1996> you're just now learning to fly? D:
      [12:32:23] <zeracook> d
      [12:32:45] <cookieh> i learned to fly 2 lucids ago
      [12:32:46] <Oceandrop> You guys ever being shot in a dream?
      [12:32:46] <zeracook> Some people have trouble flying in there dreams Oreoboy
      [12:33:04] <cookieh> i jumped up and flew
      [12:33:04] <Oreoboy1996> I learned flying the first time i tried it
      [12:33:06] <Mindraker> It's kind of the "leap of faith" thing.
      [12:33:08] <cookieh> hahah
      [12:33:10] <zeracook> I was only shot by a Rocket Launcer that the Joker was using
      [12:33:12] <cookieh> exactly
      [12:33:18] <Oreoboy1996> and then i crashed into a tree when i tried pulling off stunts
      [12:33:48] <Mindraker> When I dream, I dream perfectly real environments, and I have no reason to believe that I can up and fly
      [12:33:49] <Oceandrop> I am being shot several times now lol
      [12:33:52] <paigeyemps> i rarely even fly really high anymore
      [12:33:56] RommiH [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:34:03] <zeracook> haha thats kool I did it the first time I got Lucid, It was how I knew I was lucid, but I dreamed of flying before that
      [12:34:04] <paigeyemps> i like low-flying because i can poke people's heads haha
      [12:34:18] <Oceandrop> lol Paigey
      [12:34:24] <cookieh> i remember flying high into the clouds, the clouds were like..different dreams i could enter
      [12:34:33] <cookieh> sadly, i dont remember anything else much from that dream
      [12:34:42] <Oreoboy1996> i sometimes like low flying too
      [12:34:59] <Oreoboy1996> but that's mostly because i won't fall to my death if i break my wing or something
      [12:35:28] <Mindraker> I mean, right now... if the world around you were a dream, would you jump off a building? (No.)
      [12:35:34] <Oreoboy1996> yes
      [12:35:39] <Oceandrop> I would like to use a cloud thingy for flying :3 like Sun Wukong
      [12:35:40] <Oreoboy1996> if i was lucid i might as well
      [12:35:43] <Oceandrop> or however his name is spelled
      [12:36:21] <Oceandrop> Yea I agree with Oreo
      [12:36:27] <Oceandrop> if you're lucid and you know its a dream
      [12:36:28] <Oceandrop> why not?
      [12:36:51] <Oreoboy1996> i've died in so many dreams that if I knew i was dreaming it wouldn't be a big deal
      [12:37:19] <Oreoboy1996> i'm confident in my ability to transform into a dragon and grow wings by the way
      [12:37:49] <Mindraker> But I guess that's the trouble I have... my dreams are of real-life environments that I know (my room, a nearby road, my nearby city...) so it's difficult to distinguish if it's "real".
      [12:38:07] <cookieh> yeah
      [12:38:10] <dreamerJon23> later dva
      [12:38:14] <cookieh> bye jon
      [12:38:17] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:40:43] <Oceandrop> Mindraker what about a RC?
      [12:41:06] <Mindraker> Well, I'm trying to work on Reality checks... that's why I have my "a" on my hand...
      [12:41:12] <Mindraker> I even have an "a" on my wall
      [12:41:40] <Mindraker> And that's when I realized that the "a" really didn't do squat, until the letter rubbed off with my glove.
      [12:41:58] <Mindraker> And then I had kind of a "realization" moment of "oh, wait, it's supposed to be there!"
      [12:42:40] <Mindraker> It's the "absence" of the letter that's the reality check, not the presence of it... it's weird.
      [12:43:50] <Oceandrop> haha nice
      [12:45:15] <Oreoboy1996> i think i'll make cookies later
      [12:46:04] <cookieh>
      [12:46:12] <Oreoboy1996>
      [12:46:16] <cookieh> lol
      [12:47:02] <Oreoboy1996> i need to melt the chocolate chips though >.>
      [12:48:06] <Mindraker> Warm chocolate chip cookies... God's gift to mankind
      [12:48:46] <Mindraker> Had some creepy guy at the grocery store today... old fart at the checkout aisle. 3 aisles were open.
      [12:48:49] <Oreoboy1996> it's a chocolate chip cookie recipe, but i plan to use melted chocolate chips to turn the whole cookie chocolate
      [12:48:59] <Oreoboy1996> and then i'm going to try to put a mini marshmellow in the center
      [12:49:03] <Mindraker> 2 teenage chicks were operating the other 2 aisles.
      [12:49:38] <Mindraker> I went for the aisle closest to me (with the teenage chick), and the old fart who has been working there for years seemed a little disgruntled.
      [12:49:50] <cookieh> hahaha
      [12:50:00] <Oreoboy1996> poor old man
      [12:50:14] <Mindraker> So I told him "aw, but you're still the most handsome!" And the guy came over and said, "yeah, I like the gals with the long hair comes down to their boobies!"
      [12:50:23] <Mindraker> I was like WTF OLD MAN
      [12:50:32] <cookieh> lol
      [12:51:24] <zeracook> haha
      [12:51:31] <zeracook> messed up stuff
      [12:51:48] <Mindraker> Ah, well, at least the geezer still takes his Viagra, I guess.
      [12:53:04] <Mindraker> A neighbor threw out his old computer by the dumpster... should I go get it and see if he/she cleaned out his/her hard drive
      [12:53:30] <Oreoboy1996> no
      [12:53:34] <zeracook> Still? I thought you weren't supposed to take Viagra till you were an old geezer
      [12:53:55] <Mindraker> LOL people take it "to increase their performance"
      [12:56:10] <zeracook> haha Silly kids, needing a boost
      [12:56:32] <Oreoboy1996> wait, would the marshmellows catch on fire if i put them in them middle of the cookie? D:
      [12:57:41] <Mindraker> Shouldn't everything burn at a high enough temperature?
      [12:59:38] <Oreoboy1996> yeah but i think marshmellows catch on fire easier
      [12:59:57] <Oreoboy1996> but maybe the cookie will protect the marshmellow
      [13:00:06] <cookieh> i will eat it.
      [13:00:09] <cookieh> >
      [13:00:24] <paigeyemps> i will eat your face
      [13:00:25] <paigeyemps> =)
      [13:00:27] <paigeyemps> LOL
      [13:00:30] <cookieh> ....=)
      [13:00:34] <cookieh> =|
      [13:00:39] zeracook [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [13:00:40] <Oreoboy1996> O_O
      [13:00:43] <cookieh> >=(
      [13:01:05] <paigeyemps> (:~
      [13:01:10] <Oreoboy1996> well i guess the worst thing that can happen is i light the entire kitchen on fire
      [13:01:27] <paigeyemps> i've been having recurring dreams where my house is one fire
      [13:01:35] <paigeyemps> not the whole thing, like one room at a time
      [13:02:00] <Oreoboy1996> i've been having recurring dreams of transforming into a dragon
      [13:02:09] <cookieh> D:
      [13:02:11] <paigeyemps>
      [13:02:13] <paigeyemps> but that's like
      [13:02:15] <cookieh> that must suck, paige
      [13:02:23] <paigeyemps> normal dream environment for you oreo
      [13:02:27] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [13:02:28] <paigeyemps> yea it does cookie! D:
      [13:02:34] <cookieh> i would freak like hell
      [13:02:35] <paigeyemps> when i put out one room, it just comes back
      [13:02:40] <paigeyemps> and it's very vivid too
      [13:02:43] <paigeyemps> so i really really panic
      [13:02:45] <cookieh> D:<
      [13:03:03] <paigeyemps> and also
      [13:03:07] <paigeyemps> there is no water
      [13:03:12] <paigeyemps> i put it out with stuff
      [13:03:16] <paigeyemps> and my hands
      [13:03:38] <Oreoboy1996> i think things being on fire is normal in my dreams
      [13:03:45] <paigeyemps> you're a firebenda
      [13:03:52] <paigeyemps> i need to learn to morph soon
      [13:04:02] <Oreoboy1996> i'm a dragonborn, so i can do a lot more than that
      [13:04:37] <Oreoboy1996> and i shall train you to become a powerful dragonborn!
      [13:04:39] Oreoboy1996 laughs evily
      [13:06:39] <paigeyemps> yeaaaaa <4
      [13:07:00] <Oreoboy1996>
      [13:09:41] Mindraker [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [13:11:54] zeracook [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [13:16:57] <cookieh> dis is boring.
      [13:17:01] <cookieh> why are we still here.
      [13:17:45] <Oreoboy1996> idk
      [13:17:55] <paigeyemps> because
      [13:18:07] paigeyemps [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Crazy? I was crazy once. My parents locked me in a round room and told me to sit in the corner. Corner? I couldnt find a corner! That bugged me. Bugs? I hate bugs. They drive me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once..."
      [13:18:50] Oceandrop [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
      [13:20:15] cookieh [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "Bananas."
      [13:24:35] <zeracook> We were never dismissed,
      [13:24:46] <zeracook> Even though I snuck out, but came back
      [13:29:10] <Oreoboy1996> [13:31:11] <@OpheliaBlue> well I have to head out, if you have any other questions, save them for the next class, or put in yuor workbook, or you can PM me at anytime]
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      Ridiculously FULL class today. Thank you SO MUCH Caenis, Oreoboy1996, and Burke for answering a bunch of the questions. Chat was moving pretty fast there at times. Went a bit longer than an hour due to the higher than usual number of participants.

      Spoiler for #DVA 6/4 8pm Class:
      [20:04:18] <OpheliaBlue> no but seriously, I do like to fly alot in lucids, always came natural and spontaneous to me
      [20:04:37] <Fourced> with wings or do you just "float"
      [20:04:41] <Idionym> this is just making me sad lol
      [20:04:47] <Idionym> cuz
      [20:04:50] <Idionym> i havent had 1
      [20:04:53] <OpheliaBlue> just a float thing, but sometimes a run and jump momentum thing
      [20:04:53] <cookieh> does the TOTM have to be done in a lucid or can it be a non-lucid as well?
      [20:04:54] <Burke> you will
      [20:04:59] <Idionym> i agree
      [20:05:00] <dreamerJon23> fly with a blanket cape xD
      [20:05:04] <OpheliaBlue> TOTM is lucid only
      [20:05:07] <Oreoboy1996> well the goal of this class is to help yo have your first
      [20:05:07] <cookieh> ah i c
      [20:05:12] <Coolb3rt> I have a question, what is a dream?
      [20:05:14] <ldobe> what it TOTM
      [20:05:17] LeapOfFaith [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:19] TTYaensis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:21] <cookieh> ldobe: task of the month
      [20:05:22] <OpheliaBlue> hey LeapOfFaith
      [20:05:23] <Fourced> or first in a while(me)
      [20:05:23] <dreamerJon23> ?? totm
      [20:05:30] dreamerJon23 is noob
      [20:05:30] <Burke> http://www.dreamviews.com/f43/task-m...2012-a-132393/
      [20:05:34] <Burke> ^ totm
      [20:05:36] <OpheliaBlue> thanks Burke
      [20:06:02] <LeapOfFaith> hola
      [20:06:04] <Idionym> i got 1
      [20:06:06] <OpheliaBlue> ok let me ask yuo all this.. anyone in here NEVER had a lucid?
      [20:06:10] <Idionym> ne
      [20:06:12] <Idionym> me*
      [20:06:25] <LeapOfFaith> i was kinda confused on how to get here.. i'm glad i made it
      [20:06:28] <OpheliaBlue> ok, Idionym, what's your question then?
      [20:06:29] <dreamerJon23> have you works on your dream recall at all?
      [20:06:33] <Fourced> ive only had 1
      [20:06:36] <Mindraker> I've had _vivid_ dreams but not _lucid_ dreams.
      [20:06:37] <TheElusiveHobo> I had a couple years back, but I really don't now what I'm doing. I haven't remembered a thing in a week.
      [20:06:38] <ldobe> ive never had a lucid where i could really do anything
      [20:06:45] <Idionym> whats the difference between lucid and semi lucid
      [20:06:51] <Fourced> ldobe same
      [20:06:54] <Superdub49> Perseption
      [20:06:57] <dreamerJon23> lol LeapOfFaith glad you made it
      [20:06:58] <Superdub49> Perception
      [20:07:01] <Chrysalis> Same as Idobe and Fourced
      [20:07:20] <ldobe> i want my first enjoyable lucid thats why I joined
      [20:07:26] <OpheliaBlue> Idionym: there's alot of speculation, but there are some people who think that a dream where lucidity is discussed is a semi lucod, or where you have control, but don't realize it's a dream is a semi lucid
      [20:07:28] <LeapOfFaith> how long is this chat going to be up for?
      [20:07:29] <Oreoboy1996> Idionym: the term semi lucid usually refers to when you know you're dreaming but don't have full awareness and understanding
      [20:07:46] <OpheliaBlue> or you are aware it's a dream, but little control or clarity, that could be a semi-lucid.. ever have anythign like that Idionym?
      [20:07:48] <Oreoboy1996> oh that's what it is OpheliaBlue?
      [20:07:49] <Coolb3rt> semi ludid means your screwed and your going to wake up
      [20:07:54] <Fourced> i literally got on dreamviews .com and tried to look up dream control but it didnt work
      [20:07:56] <Idionym> well
      [20:07:58] <Coolb3rt> no seriously I'm just kidding
      [20:08:00] <TheElusiveHobo> Yeah, that was me. I've never been fully lucid.
      [20:08:02] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:08:08] <dreamerJon23> Idionym: lucid ~ aware you are dreaming ; semi lucid ~ falling in and out of that knowelege
      [20:08:11] <Oreoboy1996> hello Caenis
      [20:08:11] <cookieh> hi Caenis
      [20:08:13] <Idionym> the closest iv been was either when i questioned somthing or had a dream about lucid dreaming
      [20:08:18] <Oreoboy1996> wow this room is so full
      [20:08:19] <Caenis> Hey all. Sure is packed tonight.
      [20:08:23] <Fourced> jon i agree
      [20:08:26] <OpheliaBlue> hey Caenis! your help is much needed tonight!
      [20:08:40] <dreamerJon23> close enough anyway
      [20:08:44] <Caenis> Happy to be of service!
      [20:08:48] <Coolb3rt> um
      [20:08:51] <Oreoboy1996> time for some hardcore teaching >.>
      [20:08:56] <dreamerJon23> welcome Caenis
      [20:09:02] <Chrysalis> Question: How do you guys summon people? I've tried to before, and it either never works or the person who arrives isn't who I wanted at all.
      [20:09:02] <ldobe> so what is going to be on the agenda for this class?
      [20:09:03] Superdub49 takes pants off
      [20:09:04] <OpheliaBlue> Idionym: those are considered low levels of lucidity in *some* schools of classification
      [20:09:04] <Coolb3rt> I think I'mma go cuz I'm pretty wiped out from algebra today
      [20:09:10] Coolb3rt [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:09:21] <Superdub49> Oh.. not that kinda teachin?
      [20:09:22] <Fourced> i had a dream about something that has happened in a dream before that i thought was happening later in real life.
      [20:09:43] <Idionym> i dont consider them XD
      [20:09:47] <Burke> Chrysalis: a technique is to walk around a corner or door expecting a person to be there. The person will most likely be there and if it isn't then you can always try again. just be sure to believe he will be there
      [20:09:49] <Idionym> i didnt really get to do much
      [20:09:50] <OpheliaBlue> idobe go to DVA and click o nthe intro class.. look at the homework thread and lesson I thread
      [20:09:52] <Burke> it also works for objects
      [20:10:03] <Oreoboy1996> Chrysalis: i have trouble with summoning people
      [20:10:15] <Oreoboy1996> i can summon some of them by shouting their name though
      [20:10:27] <Chrysalis> I tried shouting their name before.
      [20:10:34] <Oreoboy1996> i'm only good at summoning ones i'm attached to though like my dream guides
      [20:10:35] <OpheliaBlue> Chrysalis: I have had alot of success with calling on the phone, if you can believe it. I usually don't even dial a number.. just pick up a phone and expect them to be there
      [20:10:37] <Chrysalis> I got an old man in a pink shirt for some reason.
      [20:10:46] <Caenis> There are a lot of different methods, so you'll just need to experiment and find what works best for you, Chrysalis.
      [20:10:47] <cookieh> hahaah
      [20:11:00] <OpheliaBlue> old man in a pink shirt? lol
      [20:11:20] <cookieh> was it a nice shirt at least?
      [20:11:27] <Chrysalis> No. :/
      [20:11:35] <OpheliaBlue> ok, things were moving kind of fast there for a minute, anybody miss getting a question answered?
      [20:11:37] <cookieh>
      [20:12:03] <Superdub49> How do i unlock my psychic powers?
      [20:12:08] <Superdub49>
      [20:12:21] <dreamerJon23> Chrysalis: walk along in the dream expecting them to be there, just keep walking expecting them more blatantly
      [20:12:21] <Oreoboy1996> in the dream right? >.>
      [20:12:22] <OpheliaBlue> that's for Beyond Dreaming, duh
      [20:12:30] <Superdub49> Tis a joke.
      [20:12:34] <TheElusiveHobo> I have no specific questions, just a general frustration with my almost complete lack or recall.
      [20:12:38] <OpheliaBlue> Tis a detention.
      [20:12:43] <cookieh>
      [20:12:52] <Fourced> ophelia does remote viewing related to lucid dreaming?
      [20:12:54] <Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:12:58] <Fourced> is*
      [20:12:58] <OpheliaBlue> TheElusiveHobo: yuo have a journal yet?
      [20:13:00] <Burke> I believe apple juice is good for recall. try drinking a little bit before bed
      [20:13:01] <Superdub49> Lets talk about
      [20:13:04] <Oreoboy1996> it is related Fourced
      [20:13:06] <Superdub49> Visualization
      [20:13:08] <Fourced>
      [20:13:09] <Oreoboy1996> but again, beyond dreaming stuff
      [20:13:09] <cookieh> CHEESE!
      [20:13:12] <Fourced> oh
      [20:13:12] <Superdub49> n day dreaming
      [20:13:16] <LeapOfFaith> Has anyone else finished typing up a long DJ entry then accidentally hit previous page somehow? i'm in the middle of re-typing everything ._.
      [20:13:23] <Oreoboy1996> o
      [20:13:25] <cookieh> yes
      [20:13:27] <Superdub49> And WILDinh
      [20:13:28] <Burke> yes :S
      [20:13:29] <Caenis> Yeah, I've done that LeapOfFaith.
      [20:13:32] <Oreoboy1996> i've done that like 5 times LeapOfFaith
      [20:13:35] <Chrysalis> urke: I tried apple juice before, and I didn't notice any difference.
      [20:13:36] <Superdub49> Thats why you type in word faith
      [20:13:38] <Oreoboy1996> and my dreams are really long
      [20:13:41] <Superdub49> And then paste
      [20:13:41] <Chrysalis> *Burke
      [20:13:47] <OpheliaBlue> LeapOfFaith: YES I hate that. Happens on my netbook all the time. Do a word.doc journal first then copy/paste
      [20:13:52] <Fourced> ON TOPTIC?
      [20:13:53] <LeapOfFaith> haha at least it'll be ingrained into my memory since I already wrote it in my physical journal too
      [20:13:59] <Oreoboy1996> yes this is on topic
      [20:14:01] <Caenis> TheElusiveHobo: what have you been doing to help your recall?
      [20:14:05] <Fourced> oh..
      [20:14:12] <LeapOfFaith> ooh good idea Ophelia
      [20:14:12] <TheElusiveHobo> I'm keeping a DJ, but I've had nothing to write in it for a while. I take all the prescribed steps, really.
      [20:14:17] <Chrysalis> I always write in my physical journal, so I haven't had any problems.
      [20:14:33] <OpheliaBlue> TheElusiveHobo: what is your sleep schedule like?
      [20:14:41] <Mindraker> Have you tried keeping a regular sleep pattern? For example, going to bed at the exact same time every night?
      [20:14:46] <Burke> Chrysalis: try laying there a bit before you get up. After you wake up just lie there for about 5 minutes trying to remember everything you can. Once you think you have enough details get up, write them down and get on with your day.
      [20:14:52] <Fourced> i definatly need to start writing in my dj but do you guys have trouble writing with neat handwriting when your half asleep
      [20:15:12] <dreamerJon23> burke got that one
      [20:15:12] <Chrysalis> Burke: I never said that I had any problems.
      [20:15:12] <Oreoboy1996> yeah Fourced
      [20:15:13] <Idionym> i always have bad handwriting
      [20:15:23] <Burke> xD my bad, lol
      [20:15:23] <ldobe> i have trouble with my handwriting fully awake... but at least i can read it
      [20:15:29] <TheElusiveHobo> I get ample time to sleep, and go to bed at a fairly consistent time. Sometimes I oversleep, but less so since I've been doing this.
      [20:15:30] <Fourced> lol
      [20:15:32] <Burke> hopefully it will be of use to someone
      [20:15:32] <Oreoboy1996> i tried writing "fight" and it came out fegh*gibberish*
      [20:15:38] <OpheliaBlue> Fourced: yeah.. I've actually been practicing something gab does, and trying to remember key words instead of writing, if i'm inbetween dreams
      [20:15:52] <Caenis> TheElusiveHobo: http://www.dreamviews.com/f15/dream-...endium-132328/
      [20:16:01] <Fourced> important points instead of irrelevant stuff?
      [20:16:07] <OpheliaBlue> lol Burke.. someone DID ask that though
      [20:16:14] <Burke> good
      [20:16:21] <OpheliaBlue> and good idea... just prior to getting up for the day
      [20:16:30] <Oreoboy1996> when i write my dreams down in the middle of the night i've always just wrote keywords
      [20:16:31] <OpheliaBlue> we forget SO much even in the first minute of waking up
      [20:16:32] <Caenis> There are some good ideas in that link, so check that out. Like improving your waking life memory, writing down old dreams to try to jog your memory for new dreams, mantras.
      [20:16:40] <Mindraker> Yeah my journal is pretty sloppy. But it's enough for me to read what I wrote
      [20:16:43] <TheElusiveHobo> Yes, I'm definitely at 'Rock Bottom'.
      [20:16:45] <Oreoboy1996> didn't make sense to try writting out the whole thing when i could remember it just by writing a few words
      [20:16:50] <Fourced> my dad says he doesnt dream.. /facepalm
      [20:16:54] <OpheliaBlue> good link Caenis, thx
      [20:17:06] <Burke> one more tip for recall: keep a waking journal. yes that's a diary. it works wonders if you'll try it
      [20:17:08] <cookieh> i like it when im thinking of dj'ing the dream while im still in the dream. i mean, what?
      [20:17:15] <Fourced> *he doesnt remember dreaming
      [20:17:28] <OpheliaBlue> cookieh: oh that's cool
      [20:17:29] <Idionym> i still have crappy recall and iv had a journal for like 2 weeks
      [20:17:39] <cookieh> it has happened a couple of times
      [20:17:43] <cookieh> i find it funny xD
      [20:17:49] <OpheliaBlue> that's fucking cool... if you're lucid, why not think about what yo're going to write down while yuo're still in it
      [20:17:54] <Caenis> Sometimes it takes a little while, Idionym. Keep trying! You must persevere!
      [20:17:56] <OpheliaBlue> GOLD STAR
      [20:18:01] <Fourced> i like it when i wake up from my timer and sleepily turn it off and go back to sleep
      [20:18:21] <Fourced> wasting a whole night..
      [20:18:24] <Idionym> thats what happens every night
      [20:18:25] <Idionym> for me
      [20:18:28] <TheElusiveHobo> I do a mantra and try to stay focused on my intent to remember as I drift off.
      [20:18:37] <OpheliaBlue> ou should actually GET UP and do something for a few minutes
      [20:18:45] <TheElusiveHobo> It usually doesn't work.
      [20:18:49] <OpheliaBlue> go pee, get some water, check the weather on your phone
      [20:18:58] <Fourced> well im so tired i say fu** it and go back to sleep lmao
      [20:19:03] <ldobe> i know i want one so bad but my half asleep brain just tells me to go to sleep and im like ok bam im asleep no lucid
      [20:19:12] <Fourced> ldobe lmao same
      [20:19:15] <OpheliaBlue> oh well that's a will power thing, not a lack of lucid induction ability
      [20:19:21] <Fourced> yup
      [20:19:24] <ldobe> i know haha
      [20:19:30] <TheElusiveHobo> I've tried WBTB, that doesn't work either.
      [20:19:32] <dreamerJon23> question
      [20:19:35] <Mindraker> Sounds like you're overtired
      [20:19:36] <Burke> you can have terrible recall and still have many lucids. you jsut may not remember them...
      [20:19:39] <Oreoboy1996> yes?
      [20:19:39] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client closed the connection
      [20:19:40] <dreamerJon23> what are some tips on getting to sleep?
      [20:19:41] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:19:42] <OpheliaBlue> yes that too Mindraker
      [20:19:42] <Fourced> thats why DILD works better for me
      [20:19:48] <Caenis> TheElusiveHobo: You could try using the mantra during the day. Or as Burke stated, keep a diary. Remembering the main points in your day will improve your memory, adn potentially your dream memory.
      [20:19:54] <Oreoboy1996> i find that meditation helps me become tired
      [20:19:54] <Superdub49> Rofl
      [20:20:01] <Burke> http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/concio...n-lder-127135/
      [20:20:03] <Burke> for getting asleep
      [20:20:06] <Burke> works wonders
      [20:20:07] <Fourced> one thing i dont get is meditaion.
      [20:20:09] <Superdub49> I find dateline
      [20:20:16] <Superdub49> Makes me fall asleep
      [20:20:21] <OpheliaBlue> nie one again, thanks Burke
      [20:20:32] <LeapOfFaith> OpheliaBlue: instead of getting up and walking around for a few minutes.. could trying to go into sleep paralysis eventually get you into a lucid dream state? that's what I tried doing last night
      [20:20:36] <OpheliaBlue> not sure meditation is for everyone, I never do it
      [20:20:37] <Fourced> when someone says meditation i think of just some indian sitting with their legs crossed
      [20:20:39] <Idionym> Burke why u so overachieving?
      [20:20:46] <Burke> i just came back from a hiatus
      [20:20:49] <Burke> and i have a lot of energy
      [20:20:52] <Idionym> lol
      [20:20:54] <Oreoboy1996> you don't have to sit with your legs crossed
      [20:20:56] <cookieh> xD
      [20:20:57] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Bye
      [20:20:58] <Idionym> i came back from finals
      [20:21:02] <Oreoboy1996> just sit or even lay in a comfortable position
      [20:21:04] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:21:06] <Idionym> and have no energy
      [20:21:07] <cookieh> you sit in whatever position you feel good in
      [20:21:11] <Fourced> hmm
      [20:21:13] <Superdub49> Fuck
      [20:21:18] <Fourced> listen to anything?
      [20:21:25] <OpheliaBlue> LeapOfFaith: I find that sleep paralysis isn't something that i *Try* do to persay.. more like a sympton of having the correct degree of tired and wakefulness
      [20:21:31] <OpheliaBlue> and a properly incubated dream
      [20:21:34] <Fourced> i never feel sp
      [20:21:47] <Fourced> nevveerrr
      [20:21:51] <Idionym> iv never gotten far enough to get SP
      [20:21:53] <TheElusiveHobo> I actually have a very good long term memory while waking. I will definitely start a waking journal though. Thank you.
      [20:21:54] <OpheliaBlue> I like Burke's energy.. class is crazy full
      [20:22:02] <cookieh> hahah
      [20:22:13] <Caenis> Fourced: How long have you been trying to WILD?
      [20:22:15] <OpheliaBlue> no worries, I often skip the SP phase, or the vibration stage, or both
      [20:22:36] cookieh flaps her hands excitedly
      [20:22:48] <cookieh> i got to the hallucinations the last time i tried
      [20:23:01] <Caenis> =D Congratulations, that's great.
      [20:23:08] <ldobe> hypnogogia i think its called
      [20:23:08] <Fourced> Caenis: umm i never really stick to a certain thing so if i try a wbtb ill try to wild but if i doesnt work ill rely on a DILD lmao i need to stick to one
      [20:23:14] <Burke> SP is the best when doign DEILDs. you aren't scared or anything and you just get to enjoy it knowing a LD is likely coming
      [20:23:19] <OpheliaBlue> yes, hypnogogic imagery = HI
      [20:23:24] <Mindraker> I can usually tell by the muscles in my face how successful I'm going to be with my dream. If my face is all crunched up with stress, it's not going to work. I need to relax and let go.
      [20:23:41] <cookieh> it felt like someone was pouring hot sand really suddenly on my legs
      [20:23:46] <OpheliaBlue> yes the only time I've ever felt SP was during my DEILD chains
      [20:23:51] <cookieh> and i heard this low humming as well
      [20:24:01] <Caenis> It's more beneficial if you try to stick to one or two techniques, Fourced. But the class will cover that in the next lesson I believe.
      [20:24:18] <ldobe> is this considered lesson 1?
      [20:24:22] <Caenis> Experimenting is good, but it's difficult to see results if you don't try for at least a few weeks.
      [20:24:30] dreamerJon23 is Rc'ing from sleepiness
      [20:24:31] <Caenis> Yes ldobe.
      [20:24:33] <Fourced> my sister heard me talking about lding one time and she was like ya whenever youre loud and wake me up, i usualy go back into the dream i was in. i was like ffuuuuuccccckkkk!
      [20:24:49] <Fourced> she DEILD's without even trying
      [20:24:50] <Mindraker> lol
      [20:24:56] <cookieh> >.>
      [20:24:58] <OpheliaBlue> stick to one technique, yes, but you might want to research for a bit first before selecting one.. they are based on sleep patterns, schedules, personal preferences etc
      [20:24:58] <Burke> DEILD and wILD is about balancing consciousness with unconsciousness
      [20:25:00] <Oreoboy1996> I DEILD without even trying now
      [20:25:14] <Fourced>
      [20:25:17] <Fourced> lucky lol
      [20:25:21] <Burke> though i find DEILD easier because you're already there, you jsut have to maintain it for a minute or two
      [20:25:36] <Oreoboy1996> the key is to learn to know right when you're awake and just fall back asleep aware
      [20:25:37] <Mindraker> Fourced: is your sister younger than you? Kids may have an easier time with dreams...
      [20:25:44] <OpheliaBlue> Burke: precisely
      [20:25:57] <Fourced> thats one of the techs i wana try cus i wake up so many times in the early morning. and Mindraker she 18, im 16
      [20:25:58] <dreamerJon23> I have to go guys, time for be. Thank you for class OpheliaBlue
      [20:26:06] <OpheliaBlue> sure, see ya dreamerJon23
      [20:26:07] <dreamerJon23> bed*
      [20:26:10] <Oreoboy1996> good night dreamerJon23
      [20:26:11] <Mindraker> Curious
      [20:26:13] <cookieh> bye jon
      [20:26:13] <Fourced> bye
      [20:26:16] <TheElusiveHobo> Bye.
      [20:26:16] <Caenis> Bye dreamerJon23.
      [20:26:17] dreamerJon23 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:26:19] <Fourced> yupp i know
      [20:26:27] <OpheliaBlue> what Mindraker
      [20:26:47] <Burke> if you can teach yourself to realize when regular dreams end you'll be golden
      [20:27:00] <Mindraker> Oh, I was thinking that Fourced was referring to a much younger sibling. I was mistaken... he was referring to an /older/ sibling.
      [20:27:02] <Oreoboy1996> i'd say silver >.>
      [20:27:03] <Burke> then you technically get lucid for like the last 2 seconds and that allows you to prepare for a DIELD
      [20:27:12] <OpheliaBlue> Burke: I found myself, that with DEILDing, I learned to turn my FA's into lucid opportunities
      [20:27:32] <Fourced> sometimes ill do what a deild basically is because a dream was cool, but i feel like i never fully go into a dream because i move too much
      [20:27:34] <Idionym> i had an FA last night
      [20:27:46] <ldobe> FA?
      [20:27:47] <Burke> DEILD require complete mitonlessness
      [20:27:50] <Burke> not even your eyelids
      [20:27:52] <OpheliaBlue> Fourced: yeah gotta resist moving
      [20:27:56] <OpheliaBlue> FA = false awakening
      [20:27:59] <Chrysalis> Idobe: False Awakening
      [20:28:00] <ldobe> ahh
      [20:28:05] <Oreoboy1996> mitonlessness?
      [20:28:09] <Idionym> motion
      [20:28:13] <OpheliaBlue> where you think yuo've gotten up and started your morning routine.. that's a false awakening
      [20:28:15] <Oreoboy1996> oh
      [20:28:19] <Burke> the lack of motion
      [20:28:21] <Oreoboy1996> i move sometimes when I DEILD
      [20:28:25] <OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:28:25] <Burke> oh oops, lol
      [20:28:28] <Fourced> ya, ill end up moving around and trying to do the stuff i was, but i can never fall asleep. then i lose awareness and find myself waking up again
      [20:28:32] <Oreoboy1996> the state of mind is what's important to me
      [20:28:39] <OpheliaBlue> we're all typing fast here
      [20:28:41] <Oreoboy1996> just roll over without a care and fall back asleep
      [20:28:54] <Fourced> a mantra would help right?
      [20:28:59] <Burke> but if you move then your body realizes that you're awake and will not go into a dream so easily and you'll essentially have to WILD
      [20:29:06] <Oreoboy1996> probably Fourced
      [20:29:08] <Burke> mind* not body
      [20:29:15] <TTYaensis> is this a classroom
      [20:29:24] <Burke> more of a open discussion but yes
      [20:29:25] <Oreoboy1996> not for me Burke
      [20:29:26] <OpheliaBlue> it's probably different for everybody.. I do better when I DON'T move in a DEILD chain
      [20:29:28] <Caenis> Yes it is, TTYaensis.
      [20:29:35] <Oreoboy1996> i can roll over and scratch my nose and go right back to sleep
      [20:29:44] <OpheliaBlue> doh, when did Sorn get in here
      [20:29:48] <Burke> if it works for you then awesome, but for most you shouldn't move
      [20:29:57] <Fourced> could i combine a daydream awareness with a deild technique?
      [20:30:02] <Burke> that's what experimenting is for though
      [20:30:04] <cookieh> i always fall back to sleep when i think "yeah, i could try a DEILD nao!"
      [20:30:05] <OpheliaBlue> absolutely Fourced
      [20:30:09] <cookieh> sigh
      [20:30:15] <Idionym> lol
      [20:30:21] <Oreoboy1996> Fourced: yes
      [20:30:27] <Idionym> when i used to try dields i would always open my eyes
      [20:30:28] <Fourced> i feel like deild would be amazing once mastered cus you wake up so often
      [20:30:29] <Idionym> i would be like
      [20:30:29] <OpheliaBlue> do the DDA in the day, and practice DEILD whenever yuo WBTB
      [20:30:30] <Oreoboy1996> i did that once and got sucked into the daydream
      [20:30:35] <Idionym> ugh
      [20:30:36] <Oreoboy1996> but i lost awareness when that happened
      [20:30:46] <Burke> Idionym: that's the hardest thing to train yourself to do
      [20:30:56] <Idionym> i stopped tho
      [20:31:01] <Idionym> im trying DILD
      [20:31:10] <OpheliaBlue> I find DIELD is schedule-based.. if you can afford to sleep in, then you're golden
      [20:31:16] <Burke> ^^
      [20:31:25] <Burke> you can do both
      [20:31:31] <OpheliaBlue> totally
      [20:31:33] <Fourced> ya i can afford to chain for hours lmoa i have all day all summer
      [20:31:36] <Burke> DILD can be mixed with pretty much any technique
      [20:31:36] <ldobe> 7 days then i can sleep in
      [20:31:46] <Idionym> ya but idk my REM times and stuff
      [20:31:50] <OpheliaBlue> I find that if I screw up my schedule, or I'm sick and DEILD doesn't happen properly, I end up DILDing randomly
      [20:32:07] <OpheliaBlue> but I practice awareness all day
      [20:32:13] <Fourced> thats cool, idionym my first lucid was a dild
      [20:32:21] <Idionym> nice
      [20:32:21] <OpheliaBlue> awesome ldobe
      [20:32:26] <Oreoboy1996> i've noticed that now that I have the chance to sleep in as late as i want
      [20:32:34] <Caenis> Idionym: Keep track of when you wake up. If you tend to wake up 5 hours after you go to sleep, that's the end of your REM cycle.
      [20:32:34] <Oreoboy1996> i keep getting that morning sp again
      [20:32:38] <Oreoboy1996> and it's driving me nuts
      [20:32:56] <Idionym> i barley wake up in the middle of the night and remember it
      [20:32:58] <TTYaensis> is this a classroom
      [20:33:01] <cookieh> YES
      [20:33:02] <Oreoboy1996> yes
      [20:33:05] <cookieh> it is a classroom
      [20:33:05] <OpheliaBlue> yes to what Caenis is saying.. keep track of the times
      [20:33:06] <Idionym> maybe once a month
      [20:33:17] <Oreoboy1996> i keep getting sp in the morning where it feels like i'm being squeezed to death
      [20:33:21] <Oreoboy1996> and then i break out of it
      [20:33:24] <Fourced> Caenis: when i set a timer for 4.5 hours after i go to bed i already remembered a really long dream
      [20:33:24] <OpheliaBlue> and shockwave STILL didn't give me op, now I can't kick Sorn
      [20:33:29] <Caenis> You could try a mantra for waking up after a dream. Or you could go to bed a few hours earlier.
      [20:33:31] <@ShockWave|Away> wtf
      [20:33:32] <Burke> you don't have to use a timer/know your rem cycle to DEILD
      [20:33:35] <@ShockWave|Away> I gave you it before
      [20:33:36] <Oreoboy1996> and not only do i feel exhausted from that, but i get mad because i broke out of sp
      [20:33:37] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] has set mode +o OpheliaBlue
      [20:33:39] <Burke> but it does help
      [20:33:44] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks love
      [20:33:47] <@ShockWave|Away> and what's sorn doing?
      [20:33:52] <cookieh> this..is....
      [20:33:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I was kidding about Sorn
      [20:33:56] cookieh waits for it
      [20:33:59] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] has set mode +h Oreoboy1996
      [20:34:00] <cookieh> awh
      [20:34:00] <@ShockWave|Away> lol
      [20:34:02] <@OpheliaBlue> he's just being retarded
      [20:34:10] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [20:34:19] Oreoboy1996 suddenly got lost in the speedy chat
      [20:34:26] <Fourced> lol
      [20:34:26] kraid [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:34:31] <%Caenis> Yeah, I can't keep up very well. o.O
      [20:34:32] <%Oreoboy1996> noooooo not more people D:
      [20:34:33] <cookieh> greetings.
      [20:34:35] <cookieh> kraid.
      [20:34:35] <@OpheliaBlue> well hey Kraid
      [20:34:43] <Burke> hai
      [20:34:44] <%Caenis> Welcome kraid.
      [20:34:50] <%Caenis> The more the merrier!
      [20:34:55] <@OpheliaBlue> yuo admins can run the show for a sec with Caenis and oreo while I go get something
      [20:34:56] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:34:56] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:35:04] <%Oreoboy1996> yay...
      [20:35:06] <@ShockWave|Away> oh no idk what this is even about
      [20:35:09] Burke hides
      [20:35:10] <@ShockWave|Away> erm erm
      [20:35:16] <Idionym> HAHA TEACHERS GONE
      [20:35:18] <@ShockWave|Away> so class
      [20:35:19] <cookieh> lucid dreaming.
      [20:35:19] <Idionym> PARTY!!!!
      [20:35:20] <Fourced> does anyone randomly jump and wakethem selved up right as theyre entering a dream?
      [20:35:26] <%Oreoboy1996> Idionym: no, i'm sort of like a teacher
      [20:35:27] <cookieh> TELL US MORE, WISE SHERLOCK WAVE
      [20:35:28] <@ShockWave|Away> What have you learned today class?
      [20:35:31] kb5.keebali.com [*@*] has set mode +qo DreamBot DreamBot
      [20:35:33] <Idionym> D=
      [20:35:35] <%Caenis> I don't. I'm a heavy sleeper.
      [20:35:37] <%Oreoboy1996> seeing as i have enough knowledge to answer most questions
      [20:35:46] <cookieh> okay
      [20:35:51] <Burke> Fourced: sometimes, it's just a matter of discipline and practice
      [20:35:52] <cookieh> TELL US MORE, WISE OREOBOY
      [20:36:01] <Idionym> i guess i can try DEILD tonight
      [20:36:05] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:36:06] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:36:07] <%Oreoboy1996> ask me a question or something, silly cookieh >.>
      [20:36:08] <@ShockWave|Away> Oreoboy1996: you run the show
      [20:36:11] <@ShockWave|Away> oh OpheliaBlue is bacj
      [20:36:11] <Idionym> set my alarm for 6 hours
      [20:36:13] <@ShockWave|Away> back*
      [20:36:13] <Fourced> noooo, i have to go
      [20:36:13] <TTYaensis> Is this a class
      [20:36:13] <%Oreoboy1996> well that didn't last long
      [20:36:13] <cookieh> Oreoboy1996: lol
      [20:36:14] <@OpheliaBlue> no parties Idionym.. only detentions
      [20:36:15] <TTYaensis> ...?
      [20:36:20] <Idionym> haha
      [20:36:20] <Burke> TTYaensis: yes
      [20:36:20] <Idionym> k
      [20:36:22] <cookieh> TTYaensis: Positive.
      [20:36:23] <%Oreoboy1996> ...
      [20:36:33] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis, care to do the honors?
      [20:36:34] <%Oreoboy1996> now i know why you mentioned kicking him
      [20:36:34] <cookieh> Fourced: bye
      [20:36:41] <Fourced> bye everyone good class see ya for the next one
      [20:36:42] Oreoboy1996 kicks TTYaensis in the kidneys
      [20:36:46] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Fourced
      [20:36:46] <%Oreoboy1996> bye Fourced
      [20:36:49] <@ShockWave|Away> bye Fourced
      [20:36:51] <%Caenis> Of what, kicking TTYaensis?
      [20:36:52] <Burke> bye, happy lucids
      [20:36:58] <Fourced> thx
      [20:36:59] <@OpheliaBlue> yes
      [20:37:01] Fourced [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:37:02] LeapOfFaith [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:37:06] TTYaensis [[email protected]] has been kicked from #DVA by Caenis [[email protected]]:
      [20:37:11] <@OpheliaBlue> HAHA
      [20:37:12] TTYaensis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:37:13] <cookieh> n__n
      [20:37:14] <%Caenis> =D I haven't done that in years.
      [20:37:16] <%Caenis> I'm so old.
      [20:37:16] <TTYaensis> um
      [20:37:18] <cookieh> D:<
      [20:37:20] <@OpheliaBlue> doh!
      [20:37:23] <TTYaensis> so I can't participate then?
      [20:37:26] <TTYaensis> whatever
      [20:37:27] TTYaensis [[email protected]] has left #DVA: "WeeChat 0.3.7"
      [20:37:30] <@OpheliaBlue> you weren't participating
      [20:37:36] <@OpheliaBlue> baby.
      [20:37:37] <cookieh> oh well.
      [20:37:39] <Chrysalis> Chrysalis: Damn, I missed a lot. :<
      [20:37:44] <@OpheliaBlue> I wonder why that didn't work.
      [20:37:45] <cookieh> loool
      [20:38:02] <%Caenis> I don't know why, I thought that was the Sornabot. >_>
      [20:38:09] <%Caenis> Hm. Oh well.
      [20:38:10] <cookieh> i ejoy talking to myself as well, Chrysalis
      [20:38:11] <Burke> !brb
      [20:38:12] Burke [[email protected]] is now known as Burke|BRB
      [20:38:13] <cookieh> enjoy*
      [20:38:18] <@OpheliaBlue> oh well, should work on other trolls
      [20:38:56] <Idionym> o i forgot
      [20:38:59] <%Caenis> So how has everyone else been finding the class? What other comments do you have about the lesson 1 or your recent dreams?
      [20:39:02] <%Oreoboy1996> after watching lotr i'm probably going to talk about trees even more
      [20:39:05] <Idionym> i have like 10 hours to sleep
      [20:39:10] <%Oreoboy1996> they're apparently pretty bad ass
      [20:39:15] <Idionym> when should i set my alarm(s) to DIELD?
      [20:39:17] <@ShockWave|Away> [02:37:24] <TTYaensis> so I can't participate then? <- of course you can
      [20:39:26] <cookieh> he's not in here
      [20:39:29] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I love the trees and the ents
      [20:39:32] <@ShockWave|Away> damn
      [20:39:38] <Burke|BRB> !back
      [20:39:38] Burke|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Burke
      [20:39:38] <@OpheliaBlue> ShockWave|Away: he also wasn't participating, just trolling
      [20:39:40] <%Caenis> Hmmm. Idionym, 6 hours is probably a good time.
      [20:39:44] <@ShockWave|Away> ah
      [20:39:45] <TheElusiveHobo> Ophelia, what exactly is meant by "practising increased awareness"?
      [20:39:46] <@OpheliaBlue> and Caenis's kick only lasted 2 seconds
      [20:40:11] <@OpheliaBlue> brb dog puked
      [20:40:13] <Idionym> ok
      [20:40:17] <%Caenis> o.o
      [20:40:20] <cookieh> lol
      [20:40:24] <Idionym> haha hate when that happens
      [20:40:28] <Idionym> i hate 3
      [20:40:32] <Idionym> have*
      [20:40:36] <%Oreoboy1996> Idionym: you should set your alarms when at times you're known to dream
      [20:40:39] <%Caenis> Anyway, what I do is I set my phone alarm to vibrate, and it wakes me up every twenty minutes or so.
      [20:40:40] <@OpheliaBlue> k
      [20:41:06] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't really like alarms though
      [20:41:08] <Idionym> idk when im know to dream
      [20:41:21] <@OpheliaBlue> TheElusiveHobo: I mean, during the day, be extra aware of your surroundings.. take extra time to absorb the 5 senses
      [20:41:31] <@OpheliaBlue> I even do what I call the Hitchcock Vertigo effect
      [20:41:32] <%Oreoboy1996> ADA?
      [20:41:36] <TheElusiveHobo> Okay, that's what I thought. Thanks.
      [20:41:40] <%Caenis> Most people dream a lot during the last two hours of sleep, so after 6 hours should be good Idionym.
      [20:41:41] <@OpheliaBlue> sure
      [20:41:46] <%Oreoboy1996> oh my god
      [20:41:48] <%Oreoboy1996> thank you ophelia
      [20:41:48] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Bye
      [20:41:52] <%Oreoboy1996> you helped me remember the third lucid
      [20:41:56] <Idionym> ok
      [20:41:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I did??
      [20:42:08] <%Oreoboy1996> birds were attacking people like in hitchcock's move
      [20:42:13] <@OpheliaBlue> uh oh, hope it wasn't
      [20:42:15] <@OpheliaBlue> lol it was
      [20:42:19] <@OpheliaBlue> The Bird's
      [20:42:26] <@OpheliaBlue> that's terrible haha
      [20:42:27] <%Oreoboy1996> i haven't been able to remember it all day
      [20:42:41] <%Oreoboy1996> it's terrible but yet i'm happy
      [20:43:08] <%Oreoboy1996> i'll make sure i write it down this time so i don't forget again
      [20:43:26] <TheElusiveHobo> I'm starting to think my biggest block for recall and vividness is my frustration with it. I start to wonder of there's something wrong with me.
      [20:43:29] <%Caenis> DawgBone: I haven't seen you talk since I came in. Had any interesting dreams lately?
      [20:43:52] <DawgBone> Had a good one last night.
      [20:44:05] <Burke> TheElusiveHobo: one of the biggest things about LDing and dreaming in general is mindest. If you're positive, you'll do well. If you're negative, you're only hurting yourself. Just stay positive.
      [20:44:10] <%Oreoboy1996> i think the key is to live without worries TheElusiveHobo
      [20:44:19] <%Caenis> There's nothing wrong with you, TheElusiveHobo. Sometimes a break can be the best thing for a person. But hopefully this class will help you get over the frustration and find enjoyment in dreaming again.
      [20:44:23] <%Oreoboy1996> or what Burke said
      [20:44:27] <DawgBone> Caenis: it's in my journal
      [20:44:44] <%Caenis> I'll be sure to read it after this class.
      [20:44:47] <Idionym> so for this class
      [20:44:51] <Idionym> are the lessons very basic?
      [20:44:56] <Burke> also try reading other's DJs, especially the epic ones
      [20:44:59] <TheElusiveHobo> That might be the problem. I'm an extremely anxious and negative person. I'm trying to get over it.
      [20:44:59] <%Oreoboy1996> they look basic to me
      [20:45:01] <Burke> they'll help keep you motivated
      [20:45:04] <%Oreoboy1996> since they're about basic stuff...
      [20:45:08] <%Oreoboy1996> this is the class of basics really
      [20:45:16] <Idionym> ok
      [20:45:30] <Idionym> cuz over the past like 4 months iv read like so much on DC
      [20:45:30] <@OpheliaBlue> TheElusiveHobo: when and what was the last dream or fragment you remember?
      [20:45:32] <Idionym> DV*
      [20:45:54] <%Oreoboy1996> that's good Idionym
      [20:46:24] <%Oreoboy1996> i like it when people actually read the things on here rather than immediately asking something like "what is sleep paralysis"
      [20:46:31] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^
      [20:46:33] <@OpheliaBlue> amen my brother
      [20:46:42] <TheElusiveHobo> The last thing I can recall dreaming is looking at a ad for a DVD and observing that it looked like a bootleg.
      [20:46:56] <@OpheliaBlue> it's easy to do when you're new.. but eventually all should make the attempt to research all the great stuff on this site
      [20:47:10] <@OpheliaBlue> when was this TheElusiveHobo?
      [20:47:14] <%Caenis> So you know a lot! Good. You'll know a lot that's in the lessons, but keep in mind that Ophelia (or Rarecola/myself/the other experienced LDers in the class) can discuss anything you want and give you feedback.
      [20:47:24] <TheElusiveHobo> May 30th.
      [20:47:37] <Idionym> oh should i make a workbook?
      [20:47:57] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^yesss
      [20:48:04] <%Caenis> Yeah. I found the workbook and chats to be the most useful parts about the class.
      [20:48:11] <Idionym> ok
      [20:48:17] <Idionym> i do that after this
      [20:48:32] <@OpheliaBlue> TheElusiveHobo: oh ok, cool, that wasn't too long ago. I apologize if I haven't caught up yet on all the workbooks and DJs, but have you posted or recorded it yet?
      [20:48:34] <%Caenis> The lessons give the basic information, and then the chats and workbooks really help.
      [20:49:04] <@OpheliaBlue> yes, the lessons are the courses, and chats are labs
      [20:49:09] <TheElusiveHobo> The only thing I've posted is my workbook. I didn't think older dreams were relevant.
      [20:49:21] <%Caenis> That's a good way of describing it, Ophelia!
      [20:49:48] <Idionym> except these are actually fun =D
      [20:49:54] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [20:49:57] <TheElusiveHobo> I can only recall a few seconds of it, anyway.
      [20:50:07] <@OpheliaBlue> TheElusiveHobo: ok cool.. next thing I need for you to do is to record everything yuo can remember about it
      [20:50:21] <@OpheliaBlue> like, was the ad in color or in black and white?
      [20:50:31] <@OpheliaBlue> was it day or night when yuo were looking at it
      [20:50:38] <TheElusiveHobo> Where should I record it/
      [20:50:41] <@OpheliaBlue> what room were yuo in?
      [20:50:52] <@OpheliaBlue> have yo started a DJ on the site yet?
      [20:50:59] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] has set mode +o kraid
      [20:51:12] <%Caenis> Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - Member DJs - Dream Journals
      [20:51:18] <%Oreoboy1996> !dj TheElusiveHobo
      [20:51:23] <%Oreoboy1996> oh no bot
      [20:51:40] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I'm trying to get Caenis's and oreoboy's 1/2 ops fixed
      [20:51:45] <%Oreoboy1996> TheElusiveHobo: make one NOW! D:
      [20:51:51] <@kraid> huh?
      [20:51:53] <TheElusiveHobo> Okay, I'm recording it now.
      [20:52:17] <@ShockWave|Away> Oreoboy1996
      [20:52:19] <@ShockWave|Away> hang oon
      [20:52:20] <@OpheliaBlue> make a DJ, record not just the subject of the dream, but details, like weather, time of day, clothing, feelings, etc
      [20:52:28] <%Oreoboy1996> i already checked
      [20:52:29] iBot [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:52:31] <@ShockWave|Away>
      [20:52:33] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] has set mode +h iBot
      [20:52:36] <%Oreoboy1996> yay ibot
      [20:52:39] LeapOfFaith [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:52:48] <%Oreoboy1996> hello again LeapOfFaith
      [20:52:48] <@OpheliaBlue> I think yuo're an experiment kraid
      [20:53:01] <%Caenis> Hello LeapOfFaith.
      [20:53:02] Mindraker needs to close up for the night. Sleep tight, all.
      [20:53:04] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry for all the construction folks, it will all be over soon!
      [20:53:14] <@kraid> I am confused
      [20:53:14] <cookieh> bye Mindraker
      [20:53:18] <LeapOfFaith> hola. my internet went byebye for some reason
      [20:53:20] <cookieh> you're a labrat
      [20:53:21] <cookieh> i mean.what
      [20:53:29] <Idionym> was the construction because of the hacking?
      [20:53:29] <@OpheliaBlue> a sexy swedish labrat, rawr.
      [20:53:32] <%Oreoboy1996> good night Mindraker
      [20:53:35] <Burke> =O
      [20:53:36] <%Caenis> Bye Mindraker!
      [20:53:36] <@kraid>
      [20:53:37] <%Oreoboy1996> O_o
      [20:53:40] Mindraker hugs all
      [20:53:43] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:53:49] <@OpheliaBlue> Idionym: oh noooo. that's long gone
      [20:53:55] Exotiraan eeps.
      [20:53:56] <Burke> i hate when people leave right as I'm typing goodbye >.>
      [20:54:00] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:54:05] <cookieh>
      [20:54:14] <Idionym> i still remember that day when I couldn't log in
      [20:54:20] <Idionym> and i was so confused
      [20:54:29] <cookieh> it was like a horror movie, wasn't it?
      [20:54:31] <cookieh> rofl
      [20:54:35] <Idionym> ya
      [20:54:43] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:54:57] <Idionym> redirecting the stuff was a pain XD
      [20:54:59] <cookieh> or a nightmare. yeah, that works better.
      [20:55:02] <@OpheliaBlue> there's still a few things here and there being worked on, but the tech admins are rockstars
      [20:55:06] <@OpheliaBlue> so son't even worry about it
      [20:55:18] <Burke> i just hope the time stamp thing gets fixed soon
      [20:55:20] cookieh imagines them actually being rockstars o__o
      [20:55:24] <cookieh> the..hell..
      [20:55:28] <Burke> i keep thinking no posts have been made in hours
      [20:55:38] <@ShockWave|Away> cookieh: who says we aren't?
      [20:55:43] <cookieh> DUN DUNN DUNNN
      [20:55:44] <@ShockWave|Away> just because we use computers??
      [20:55:48] <cookieh> ...
      [20:55:49] <Idionym> ya\
      [20:55:51] <cookieh> lol
      [20:55:55] <%Oreoboy1996> they're techno rockstars >.>
      [20:56:00] <cookieh> ahaha
      [20:56:16] <@OpheliaBlue> ok focus kids
      [20:56:22] Oreoboy1996 focuses
      [20:56:25] <cookieh> on what
      [20:56:29] <%Oreoboy1996> the birds in my dream ate a girl
      [20:56:33] <@kraid>
      [20:56:34] <%Oreoboy1996> so i killed them
      [20:56:35] <cookieh> isn't it ending in..3 minutes.
      [20:56:39] <Idionym> NOOOO
      [20:56:40] <cookieh> LOL
      [20:56:41] <@OpheliaBlue> who's in here that's new but hasn't asked anything
      [20:56:51] kraid raises hand
      [20:56:55] <cookieh> xD
      [20:56:55] <DawgBone> Got to go. Thanks for the class Ophelia!
      [20:56:56] <@OpheliaBlue> Chrysalis: DawgBone
      [20:56:57] <Idionym> i want to ask more =*(
      [20:56:59] <@OpheliaBlue> balls
      [20:57:04] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:57:06] <%Oreoboy1996> bye DawgBone
      [20:57:07] <@OpheliaBlue> ask away Idionym
      [20:57:11] <Burke> bye DawgBone
      [20:57:11] <cookieh> balls lol
      [20:57:14] <@ShockWave|Away> bye DawgBone
      [20:57:16] <%Caenis> Bye DawgBone.
      [20:57:18] DawgBone [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:57:20] <Idionym> i feel im bad at wilding
      [20:57:26] <Idionym> because i can never like clear my mind
      [20:57:27] Fourced [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:57:34] <@OpheliaBlue> wb Fourced
      [20:57:35] <cookieh> wb Fourced
      [20:57:36] <Idionym> and then it wanders and stuff
      [20:57:39] <%Oreoboy1996> i still don't think a clear mind is what you're after
      [20:57:40] <Fourced> hey
      [20:57:40] <Idionym> and i go to bed
      [20:57:42] <@OpheliaBlue> and then you fall asleep
      [20:57:44] <Idionym> well
      [20:57:45] <%Oreoboy1996> i think you need an anchor to focus on
      [20:57:50] <Idionym> i cant focus on one thing
      [20:57:58] <Idionym> for to long
      [20:58:01] <%Oreoboy1996> i choose to focus on my pulse for example
      [20:58:10] <Fourced> idionym we have another in common
      [20:58:15] <%Oreoboy1996> well no human can
      [20:58:15] <Idionym> =D
      [20:58:17] <cookieh> Idionym: could you do the SSILD thing where you focus on what you see, then what you can hear and then what you can feel?
      [20:58:29] <%Oreoboy1996> i also tend to switch focus to another thing real quick and then return to my pulse
      [20:58:32] <Fourced> pulse is a good idea
      [20:58:33] <Idionym> i tried that
      [20:58:36] <%Caenis> Idionym: I saw a WILD technique where you actually just let your mind wander as much as it wants, but you have to pull yourself back from falling asleep at the very end.
      [20:58:37] <Idionym> but again
      [20:58:38] <cookieh> i do that, cause i need to get some distraction
      [20:58:40] <Idionym> i just drifted off
      [20:58:42] <Idionym> oh ya
      [20:58:46] <cookieh> and it works for me
      [20:58:47] <Idionym> the free fall
      [20:58:59] <Burke> I focus on the dream i want to have
      [20:59:00] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: where did yuo see this technique?
      [20:59:04] <Idionym> the SSILD just doesnt do much for me
      [20:59:07] <Burke> since I can't focus on my body
      [20:59:07] <Idionym> well
      [20:59:12] <Idionym> i usally just fall asleep
      [20:59:13] <Idionym> or wander
      [20:59:15] <Fourced> that feeling is prilly what makes me jump
      [20:59:18] <%Caenis> I have no idea. I'll dig it up. Somewhere on DV, in the many WILD tutorials. o.O
      [20:59:20] <%Oreoboy1996> why would you stop yourself from falling asleep
      [20:59:28] <%Oreoboy1996> you need to sleep to dream...
      [20:59:36] <@OpheliaBlue> haha ok, please PM me whenever you find it, doesn't need to be this second
      [20:59:36] <Idionym> fine
      [20:59:37] <TheElusiveHobo> Okay, it's posted. The DVD Ad - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [20:59:39] <Idionym> "pass out"
      [20:59:41] <Chrysalis> Damn, I really shouldn't try to multitask during these chats.
      [21:00:00] <%Oreoboy1996> i think i've learned that in the end the WILD tutorials aren't enough
      [21:00:06] <Chrysalis> I have to go as well, though.
      [21:00:08] <%Oreoboy1996> people need to try to figure it out for themselves it seems
      [21:00:08] Chrysalis [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:00:14] <Fourced> idionym I tend to pass out too
      [21:00:15] <cookieh> yeah
      [21:00:16] <%Caenis> Chrysalis: All of the chats will be posted. If you miss anything, you can find it in the Chat logs thread.
      [21:00:20] <%Caenis> And...oh, oh well.
      [21:00:21] <cookieh> and now it's 5 am and im going to bed
      [21:00:25] <cookieh> cya guys later
      [21:00:28] <Burke> night
      [21:00:28] <%Oreoboy1996> good night/morning cookieh
      [21:00:30] <TheElusiveHobo> See ya.
      [21:00:31] <%Caenis> Night cookieh.
      [21:00:31] <Fourced> bye
      [21:00:36] cookieh [[email protected]] is now known as cookieh|Asleep
      [21:00:38] <Idionym> were the hell do u guys live lol
      [21:00:44] <cookieh|Asleep> im in finland
      [21:00:47] <Burke> all over the world
      [21:00:49] <Fourced> ohio
      [21:00:50] <%Oreoboy1996> and once the chat dies down i will bake cookiehs that will possibly explode
      [21:00:54] <TheElusiveHobo> Alberta.
      [21:00:55] <cookieh|Asleep> o__o
      [21:00:56] <Burke> mainly europe and the U.S.
      [21:00:59] <Burke> and canada
      [21:01:03] <Idionym> ok
      [21:01:09] <cookieh|Asleep> and australia
      [21:01:09] <Fourced> used?
      [21:01:17] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm putting marshmellows in the cookies so i don't know if they'll explode or light on fire yet >.>
      [21:01:21] <Fourced> wow woops
      [21:01:27] <%Oreoboy1996> only one way to find out
      [21:01:32] <Fourced> you?
      [21:01:37] <Idionym> and im impatient to do wild alot
      [21:01:49] <LeapOfFaith> woo i offically posted my first DJ entry. but this time.. without deleting it when i got finished typing it all out hah
      [21:02:00] <%Caenis> =D Good job, LeapOfFaith.
      [21:02:18] <TheElusiveHobo> So did I, if anyone missed the message.
      [21:02:28] <%Caenis> I'm reading it now, TheElusiveHobo!
      [21:02:34] <TheElusiveHobo> Okay, thanks.
      [21:02:36] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: I think the part about pulling yourself back from falling asleep at the last minute was to prevet yourself from falling asleep without being aware
      [21:02:43] <%Oreoboy1996> oh
      [21:02:56] <%Oreoboy1996> somewhat makes sense
      [21:03:14] <Idionym> iv tried counting and focusing on breathing
      [21:03:26] <Idionym> i saw that guide and it didnt really help
      [21:03:35] Merro [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:03:40] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Merro
      [21:03:43] <%Caenis> =D Legend of Korra? Good man, TheElusiveHobo.
      [21:03:44] <@OpheliaBlue> hey merro
      [21:03:45] <%Oreoboy1996> you pretty much missed classs
      [21:03:46] <Merro> Hello.
      [21:03:47] <%Caenis> Hey Merro.
      [21:03:50] <TheElusiveHobo> Heh, thanks.
      [21:03:51] <Fourced> as I always think to myself idionym: there's always that time when you want to do something so badly and it seems like it will never happen but you always seem to make it happen eventually. that's how it was with me
      [21:03:54] <Merro> I know I was gone all day.
      [21:04:14] <%Caenis> We're still chatting about stuff Merro, you're good.
      [21:04:22] <Idionym> it just seems that i cant do wild XD
      [21:04:26] <Merro> Dealing with emergency stuff.
      [21:04:27] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I'm hanging a bit longer because class was so full
      [21:04:29] <Merro> Its good now.
      [21:04:32] <Idionym> i never got far into it
      [21:04:35] <Idionym> in the stages
      [21:04:42] <Idionym> or really anything
      [21:05:01] <Burke> I'm off to bed. see you guys later
      [21:05:05] <Idionym> im gonna try DEILD now tho
      [21:05:06] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Burke
      [21:05:08] <%Caenis> Bye Burke.
      [21:05:09] <TheElusiveHobo> See ya.
      [21:05:09] <%Oreoboy1996> good night Burke
      [21:05:10] <@OpheliaBlue> thank yuo so much for yuor help
      [21:05:10] <Merro> Hmmm... I was wondering something...
      [21:05:11] <Fourced> I've never been good at wild customers I don't seem to have an ability to stayvawake long
      [21:05:11] <%Caenis> Thanks for joining us!
      [21:05:16] <Burke> yep
      [21:05:19] <Idionym> it seems tahat works for alot of people
      [21:05:25] Burke [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [21:05:25] <%Oreoboy1996> yes young merro?
      [21:05:36] <Fourced> typo.. not customers, cus
      [21:05:40] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [21:05:43] <@OpheliaBlue> I was so confused
      [21:05:59] <Fourced> autocorrect
      [21:06:15] <Idionym> and with SSILD
      [21:06:20] <Merro> Im watching E3 and saw the Book of Spells for harry potter on the PS3. It teaches you how to use Harry Potter spells, etc. I was wondering if that would be good to learn to use them in your lucids.... lol I must sound silly...
      [21:06:20] <Idionym> i have my loud fan going
      [21:06:28] <%Oreoboy1996> i really don't know what ssild is all about
      [21:06:30] <Idionym> and i never see anything or feel anything
      [21:06:33] <%Oreoboy1996> haven't really had an interest in it
      [21:06:35] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] is now known as ShockWave
      [21:06:41] <%Caenis> TheElusiveHobo: That's cool that you noticed something was wrong with the flyer/poster in your hand. You just need to think a little harder on that next time, perhaps!
      [21:06:51] ShockWave [[email protected]] is now known as ShockWave|Away
      [21:06:53] <@OpheliaBlue> will you please.. stop.. the god.. damn.. hammering!!
      [21:07:00] <TheElusiveHobo> I think I woke up right after that.
      [21:07:06] <%Oreoboy1996> Merro: sounds good to me
      [21:07:18] <Fourced> so ophelia you've been in the game for a while now