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      I've already been member on this website for quite some time now, and my interest in lucid dreaming sparked around 2 years ago.
      Still, up till today I'm having a hard time getting lucid dreams. That's why I decided to start from basic, and here I am.

      Some background info on relevant subjects:
      I'm 25 years old and I'm a student. I go to bed between midnight and 1 am, and get up between 9am and 10am.
      I'm quite a smoker, up to ~ a pack a day, and I smoke weed/hash ~ 3 times a week. When I do so, it drastically influences my dream recall for the worse.

      I'm writing in my dream journal on and off. Usually because I can't remember a thing, but occasionally because 'tired me' doesn't feel like doing so.
      Yet, my DJ is filled for 1/3rd.

      Throughout the past 2 years I've tried quite some techniques, but haven't stick to one for more than 1 week. I've tried different mantras for MILD, I've tried WILD only during napping which resulted in failed naps, failed WILD attempts and 2 lucid dreams, I've tried WBTB a few times which resulted in 1 lucid dreams. I've tried awareness by using ADA (KingYoshis), and numerous other stuff.

      My main problem is discipline and motivation. I know I should stick to one technique for at least 2-4 weeks, preferable for months, but up until now I lack motivation to keep trying.

      So, here's my latest attempt at being a successful lucid dreamer. Any responses are welcome, even chitchat is encouraged.

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      Welcome to intro class! Have to admit that your username is quite hard for me to pronounce. Would you mind if we come up with a shorter nick, maybe Wou?

      Well, you pretty much outlined the issues you've been having when it comes to ld induction, motivation and organization-wise. Seems like some lifestyle choices may be affecting your recall too.

      For starters, I'd suggest to get nicely organized. You already have a journal, make it a regular habit to really write down anything you can recall, whether it's just a single item or a more detailed event. I think this should be the priority for now and you can combine this with reading interesting stuff on dv, something that will help you feel excited about dreams. Check out others' dream journals, our tasks of the month and year, etc.

      Take care and see you around!

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