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    Thread: ScottiesDreamin - Workbook

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      ScottiesDreamin - Workbook

      It's been 4 years since I've visited the site or even thought of LDing seriously. I don't remember seeing these tools being around at that time although the information was certainly there. Thanks for taking the time to post such wonderful tools.

      So, here's to using them.
      Just making the template for now - if something pops into my head I'll add it here; otherwise, will have to edit at a later time

      Reality Checks

      Dream Signs

      S/T Goals
      - Being able to recall dreams readily
      - Becoming aware of REM sleep cycles
      - Get that first LD out of the way

      L/T Goals
      - Be able to LD and have dream control at will
      - Start out having a couple LDs a week
      - Get to the point of having a LD a night

      LD Recall History

      Current Techniques
      That's a future lesson I believe
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      Dreams are we make our own reality......

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      Well..... first evening in. I know there were 4 dreams I went through. I can barely remember some of the stuff that happened in one of them. Grrrrrr..

      Not a good first happening. Maybe better things in store tonight.
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