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      A "little" of my experiences with lucid dreaming.

      Hi, so basically I have been into lucid dreaming about 6 months now. I had pretty many lucid dreams in my childhood, but I couldnt get the most out of them. 6 months ago I bumped to the whole lucid dreaming subject on the internet. I was really excited because I remembered some of the lucid dreams I had when I was little and they were really awesome and I wanted to make them even better! So I started reading everything about lucid dreaming and immediately started keeping dream journal. Keeping the DJ was really easy because I have had pretty good dream recall throughout my life.

      I dont remember how long did it take for me to have my first DILD, I think it was couple of weeks after I started reading about lucid dreaming. It was really short moment of lucidity, I became lucid then lost it almost immediately because becoming so excited. I was really excited after waking up because I saw my first intended lucid dream, and wanted to have more!

      But then days passed over, "days turned to weeks and weeks to months" and I was getting frustrated that I couldnt see more lucid dreams. Then after about 1,5-2 months I saw my second DILD it was a bit longer and I could almost summon an object in the dream, but I got frightened because I was so unfamiliar with the dream world and then the dream slipped into a non-lucid dream.

      After the 2nd DILD, I did everything that I usually did related to LD, I did realitychecks, I tried to become aware of "everything" during the day, I kept dream journal and read about lucid dreaming, but again many weeks passed and I didnt get any lucid dreams.... I tried to forget about lucid dreaming, but it didnt seem to help. I became angry and just tried to get over with the whole lucid dreams. After about 2-3 months I had again a DILD but it was literally 1 second long and there was nothing special about it...

      Now again I havent seen any lucid dreams in looooong time, but now that it is holiday I've tried to WILD couple of times, but havent been succesful, yet...

      But now that I have started to forget about lucid dreaming I feel like my dream quality has become better, but I guess its just temporary...

      Somehow im just obsessed with lucid dreaming maybe its because im an escapist, so I really want to lucid dream but it feels like I just cant....

      Felt pretty good to write this and post it, hope it will help somehow?.

      tl;dr : Guy whose been "into" lucid dreaming for quite a while but hasnt been so succesful. and seeking for help.

      Also im a 16 year old guy from Finland!!

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      I understand your frustration, I would hate it when I am unable to LD. Have you ever tried WBTB? It's a great technique. I really hope you start having more and more LD's as you seem to be very interested. Good luck!

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