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    Thread: Back at it after 20 years

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      Back at it after 20 years

      About 20 years ago or so I read a book about controlling your dreams. I don't remember it being called "Lucid Dreaming" and I also don't remember anything about reality checks. I don't know if those are newer concepts. Anyway, it did talk about dream journals so I did that until it just happened one day.

      I started being able to be lucid a couple times a week but then for whatever reason...probably the copious amounts of beer I drank...I just got away from it...lol. Recently a few of my friends started posting about lucid dreaming and out of curiosity I would click their links and what do you know...it was the same thing I used to do.

      I took a nap the next day after reading about it and found myself wondering if I was dreaming....checked my hands and they were all messed up. Had "HOLY ____!" moment and it all faded to black but kept my eyes closed and it happened probably about 8 more times in a row. Didn't happen again for about a week and then bam...now I have had them 4 out the last 5 days while napping.

      Every time though, I have false awakenings after a short time but immediately do a RC and find myself in another one. They are lasting longer and longer...maybe 3-5 minutes each (in dream time)...and I try to remember to ground myself by rubbing my hands or calming down. I've actually had a dream start to fade and I'll stop and relax...rub my hands together and I can actually watch the black fade away and go on with the dream. It is the weirdest thing.

      I actually went long enough this last dream to ask around for a guide and this scary looking dude said he was. I know that's not quite the way it's supposed to work...so who knows if he was or not....but I asked him to prove it and he told me to walk on the wall...which I did. Then he said to walk on the ceiling....so I did. I tried not to do anything too exciting so I went to a bowling alley and it was full. Told him I needed a lane and one appeared. Stuck my fingers in the ball and told him it didn't fit...so he told me to move my fingers around. I did and the ball was almost like jello, I guess you would say, until I got my fingers where I wanted and then it hardened up. Every ball I threw...no matter where I hit...was a strike. I always have these false awakenings though...each one getting more and more realistic until I finally realize I am awake...but then I'm not...lol.

      Hopefully I can get some more control over these things...but for now I'm trying to learn all I can. Came across this forum and it seemed like an awesome resource...so anyway...thanks for all the future help I will certainly get here in advance. Look forward to learning all that I can.

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      Hi there. Well, it sounds like you have a bit of experience, so i'll provide this link. It has all of the best lucid induction methods, and personally i don't know why this link isn't given to newbies automatically.
      An Overview of all Lucid Induction Methods - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      Anyway, Good luck to you.

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      Thanks Tradl3s...I'll definitely check it out

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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      Here are some new, staff recommended tutorials to help you get started. Please let us know if you need any help. Happy dreams

      Induction Methods and Techniques

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