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    Thread: Greetings!

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      Hey everyone,

      I got into lucid dreaming about a year ago at lunch when a coworker mentioned it. I thought immediately of Inception, the movie, and did not believe it was a real phenomenon. He recommended reading Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, and I was off to the races! Well, sort of.

      I had a few lucid dreams within the next two months. There was one problem: in the short period of the time I was lucid, I never actually saw anything - I didn't have any vision. I was so annoyed with how LaBerge claimed that it was exactly like real life. Until one night, when I became lucid and made the realization that my eyes were closed. Boom! Opened them and hello brave new world!
      I was stunned at how this was the first time something had lived up to the hype. And how there are actually endless possibilities...
      After that initial breakthrough, I experimented with a few techniques over the next months. However, I have since then gone to a pure DILD approach with auto suggestion and a mantra before bed. I guess I got lazy, or simply wanted to keep doing it with the least amount of mental energy - since it took a lot for a while. I have taken up meditation as well, and found that it has improved my rate of lucid dreams too.
      So, the things I do daily are meditation, Laberge's MILD pre-requisite exercise, mantra, and of course dream journaling.
      The one thing that I'm pumped for is how I see that there are many people here on DreamViews that have had many, many years experience and have some awesome stories to tell. I am excited that if I just have the perseverance and persistence to practice a little bit each day, that one day I will be able to also have the same lucid dreaming skills and perspective.

      Anyways! Expect to see me around, I am already excited that I decided to join after being a lurker for the last 3-4 months!

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      Welcome! Don't worry, there's lot of us novices around too, trying to get our next lucid dream!

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      Welcome to the forum!

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      Welcome! Great to have you here!
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      Welcome to the forum!

      That's awesome that you've already had such an amazing experience with lucidity, and it sounds like you've got a pretty good plan to keep improving. Let us know if you have any questions, and stop by our IRC chat if you want to discuss any and all things lucid dreaming.
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