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    Thread: How to remember dreams?

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      How to remember dreams?

      For the last 10+ years I've "remembered" about 4 dreams a year, with often it just being the vague notion that I had a dream..
      I've thought about a dream journal, but I think it'll stay empty for a while. Are there any other ways to improve dream recall?
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      have a voice recorder like most phones have. When you wake up do not move at first. The dream will be fading and with in a minute will be almost forgotten. In that moment where you still have an idea of what you were dreaming record it. It can be hard to describe, because you just woke up. That is fine, simply record any words you can think of relating to the dream.
      Now, as the day goes on think of the words you recorded and try to remember any details.
      You are training your brain to think about remembering dreams. You will form new neural pathways to make it easier to remember dreams. Even just this one method should have good results getting your mind to adapt to the task of dream recall.
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      For me I was the same way. I started taking dreaming herbs and sleep aids. You might want to
      check into them at your health food stores. I never remembered my dreams. I started a dream journal because I want to Lucid dream but
      never had any entries. Now my dream journal is full. The best dreaming herb I found so far is Calea Z. I make a night time tea with
      a relaxing type of tea with passion flower, chamomile, etc and add drops from my Calea Z extract and every time I do I dream and remember dreaming. Last night I had 5 dreams I remembered. Still none Lucid yet but by dreaming and remembering my dreams I believe it will get me closer. I also have Mugwort but everytime I take it I feel like my brain pulses and I can't sleep but a lot of others seem to like it so I guess I am allergic to it.

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