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    Thread: I'm new! Sort of...

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      Cool I'm new! Sort of...

      I'm new to this forum. My name is Sina, and I'm sort of a rookie to lucid dreaming. I've had two lucid dreams so far after practicing for two months. Both were natural awakened DEILDs (Dream-Exited Induced Lucid Dream). The first dream lasted 4 minutes or so in my bedroom, and I completely failed at dream control I rushed with the stabilization and still had worries about waking up my parents, even though I knew it was a dream.
      Second time was an accident, and lasted a couple seconds before the whole dream just crashed like a computer.
      I'm currently practicing ADA (All day awareness) with reality checks to increase my chances of getting a dild.
      Done my research on a lot of this stuff and I'm taking the whole process of finding what technique works for me pretty well. Any tips would be appreciated and I look forward to discussing lucid dreaming with anyone who doesn't think I'm crazy :geek:

      By the way, I'm not a spambot I copy and pasted this from my bio because I'm too lazy to come up with a new introduction
      Anyways, this about summarizes my experience with lucid dreaming.
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      Welcome to the forum! It's common for your first couple lucids to be short and end prematurely from over-excitement, but typically your stabilization attempts will become more effective the more experience with lucidity you have.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to swing by the IRC chat.
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      Welcome to the forum!
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      Don't forget to Reality Check everytime you see this!!

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