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      Greetings Fellow Dreamers

      I have been a long time lurker here on the forum and have decided that I would like to become a more active member of your community by actually participating. My practice has been off and on for four years now but feel like I am just beginning to really wade into the deep water. So I'm ratcheting up my level of discipline. Recently my dreaming has become less about seeing what fantastical things I can do and more about examining the details and subjects of my dreams. What do they have to tell me? What mysteries could the world of dreams possibly hold? It seems that the more I take a silent observant approach the more my mind seems to throw the strangest happenings at me. Things that I could never have seen coming.
      On a humorous note, I've been in a bit of a frustrating dry spell lately and last night I had a dream that I was giving a PowerPoint presentation before my coworkers about why the company I work for should invest more money in researching lucid dreaming...we're a tech company. Never even became aware I was dreaming.
      I very much look forward to learning from all of you and talking about our experiences together.

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      Hi there! Welcome to DV! That is very funny about the dream. It is a good sign that your thinking about lucid dreaming enough for it to influence your dreams.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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      Sivason is right, that's a definite good sign. I'd definitely say, get back in with that momentum and question reality as much as you can through the day, you're ripe for more success

      Just remember, don't be afraid to ask questions on the forum, there's always at least one person with a helpful answer.

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