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    Thread: Greetings!

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      Hi everyone!
      I'm Iluzjusz, and this is my first post/thread, and I will say something about myself

      Who am I?
      My name is Hubert, I'm 21 year old, and I'm from Poland. I'm starting studies now in Maritime University of Szczecin on navigation.
      I interested in survival, traveling, herbalism, cycling, geography, and of course dreaming

      My origin of oneironatics
      I was interesting in Lucid Dream 6 years ago, when I found my mother's book about Lucid Dream. I was never reading that book, because I don't like read books, but I fast found guide and forums in the Internet. I had my first LD after 1 week (in fact I had first 2 LD in childhood, but \_(ツ)_/ ), and I was interested more and more in dreaming.
      Unfortunately, administration mess was begining on my favorite forum, what in conjunction with my personal problems, I fizzled out. Sometimes I tried go back to my forum, but the forum just died.

      Why DV?
      My friends from Psajko (forum) multiple time ask me, why I don't emigrate to i-sen (the biggest polish dreaming forum). I don't know, but I just didn't want. Now I think, change my environment will be good for me, so I started thinking about forum choice: I-sen or something different.
      I want improve my english skills, and I like traveling, so I decided on more international. I think that consort with people from other countries will be more educated for me

      I and dreaming in nowadays
      I don't know how many I had LD, because I never count that. In last year I had regular 1 LD per 1.5 moon, with only passive technique, but my the best score in my life is 4 LD in 1 month.

      Interesting fact about my dreaming world
      - I have nightmares almost everyday, but I like this
      - My favorite technique for LD is combo WBTB + MILD + WILD
      - I sleep well every odd hours (e.g after 5, 7, 9h)
      - Darkness, suffering and death are my dream signs
      - I cannot fly (or control that, if I'm flying already) in lucid dreams
      - I'm in WL everyday before I fall asleep, as I can remember, and this is my technique for my natural "insomia" (waiting 20-40 min for sleep is normal for me, so I create strories in m head)
      - Sleep with pillow on my face is my sleep ritual, and I cannot fall asleep if I don't have something on my face
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