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      Cool Hello, time to do it !!!

      Hello people !

      First of all, sorry if my english is a bit weird because my native language is spanish.

      Im from chile, i do three things every day:

      • 1. Work
      • 2. Constant training to reach lucid dreams (ADA + MILD)
      • 2. I play Battlefield 5, like 6 hours daily, im a high-performance gamer (I have many non-ld dreams inside the game, traveling the maps, sometimes having weapons in my hands, i remember when a plane throwed a bomb in my head)

      I discovered this forum recently, i had previous lucid-dream training time ago but i loss the motivation (and i can loose motivation in any activity or hobbie because sometimes im a very negative person), i got my first lucid dream 5 days after i start the training.

      But why i returned to the training ?

      When i completely abbandoned the training, like 7 months later i got two lucid dreams, the first i got lucid because my house keys was of a strange color, decided to spawn a DC from a videogame (Cassie, from Paladins) behind me, when i turned i see it, was incredible, i took her hands and the feeling was so real... but my dream has fade-out and i wake up, and the second was the same thing, but i took her hands more time and i say to her (hey, go let's fly)... and the wind in my face... taking her hand... so real... was really wonderful, i take her in my arms, started to kissing and... faded and i woke up.

      I said inside my mind... this is so wonderful, i must return.

      Started the training again and i got a lucid dream in the first night !!!

      I got LD because was a false awakening and i felt something weird, i performed and RC and i turned lucid, i walk to the balcony and started to fly, dream faded out and i woke up (i forgot to stabilize), two days later i got another LD, and i know was a dream without performing RC, i started to stabilize with touching the ground, walls... verbal commands etc... the lucid dream lasted like 30 sec, was about zombies coming to kill me, blood and guts, diferent zombies of many sizes, wasnt terrifyng or a nightmare, was felt like a game inside a dream, on the lasts seconds of the dream i said.

      Where are the zombies ? why they stopped coming ?

      I got alone in the scenery, the zombies stopped coming when i turned lucid, some seconds later the dream started to fade-out, rubbed my hands trying to stabilize but i woke-up inevitably.

      For me was a incredible successfully results, i think will not be hard for me... i really want think that
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      ¡Hola! Bienvenido al foro! Espero que disfrutes tu estancia aquí.

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      Welcome to Dreamviews, FrancooO! It is good that you have become lucid quickly when you do try to. Good luck on your journey.
      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      You clearly seem to be talented for it. I'll be looking forward to read about your progress.

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      Because, if you can do that, you can do anything».
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