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    Thread: Returning dreamer

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      Returning dreamer


      I was here two and a half years ago as a fairly cringy teenager and was trying to learn how to LD, but after a series of increasingly vivid and disturbing but not quite lucid nightmares, as well as issues with self-doubt and anxiety, I gave up.
      Years later, though, I've decided to return to this practice as a fresh newbie, so I can actually experience all the things I read about that got me so fascinated in the first place. I still have anxiety and self-doubt, but I'm determined to figure this out this time. I'm looking forward to seeing my skills improve over time and becoming a part of this great community!

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      Welcome back, and good luck with your new journey.

      Whatever it is you want to reach for or achieve, just remember that you will get there, it's a matter of patience and diligence, like with any other skill.
      Singled out from some of my favourite quotes from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri: "Risks of [Planet] flowering: considerable. But rewards of godhood: who can measure? - Usurper Judaa'Maar: Courage: to question."

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      Welcome Back to Lucid dreaming and this forum!! You got this! You can do it!
      Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

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