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    Thread: Welcome back to me

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      Welcome back to me

      Hi to anyone reading this.

      I signed up to this lovely forum in 2014 & this is my first post in around 6 years. So great to find this forum still running.
      I thought I'd introduce myself again. I'm Steve, 52, farty old male based in the UK. Smoker, drinker, defo could do with some exercise! I first became lucid 5th April 2015.

      It was a game changer to my being.

      I struggled so much in those early days. LD is another place, as you may agree, & once I had experienced it I wanted it, every night, like a drug. Defiantly an addiction.
      The first LD & I was in a house, random, I manipulated a 12" Tv into a 120" tv with my hands / mind.
      I was hooked.

      At the time I experimimented with everything, galantomine, mug wart, lucid dream life, hyperzine, valium, anything that had lucid in the title or somebody suggested on a forum I bought & tried. I wanted to LD everynight. None of them really helped although for me Nicorette patches were the strongest things for dream recall. And dream recall is the best thing for writing a dream diary.

      Having been into my dreams all my life I started a dream diary on Sunday 27th November 2005. It's a word document that I protectively back up to dropbox, google drive & one drive religiously & so far haven't lost. I will one day, & I'll be gutted.

      I lost interest in LD 2016, regular life got in the way, my LDs were unreliable, rare. My last LD to this point was 17th May 2016.

      The odd LD or two would occur but I put no work into it, their occurrence was random. I had no control.

      Something happended 2019 & the LDs switched on, forever, so far. And I love it, adore it. Everynight I go to bed & I plan where I'm going.

      The dreams / memories are as real as my physical life, but,,, better. I'm not hunting for fuel, worried about wearing a mask or being jabbed. My body doesn't ache, the water in the sea is warm & inviting, I can fly, feel the air, feel the damp on the air, but...

      I'm lonely, everyone I meet is a dream character.

      So I'm reaching out to this forum, is there a way to lucidly meet, or is this whole lucid world really in our head?
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      Welcome back!
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      From my perspective the quickest way to grasp the reality of the worlds experienced while asleep is through astral projection (whatever it actually is). Generally, and unlike in "dreams", I have found the "astral" experiences to be so "real" that doubt about their "reality" seems pointless.

      My favourite way to go astral from lucid dreaming is by yelling a mantra "Ommmmmmm!" very loud and with the thought that the entire dream world is yelling it along with me (the acoustics are terrific). This invariably closes down the dream instantly, whereupon a new scene gradually emerges from a point in front of me. Eventually the new scene envelops me, and this new environment is a LOT more "real" than the dream I just arrived from.

      There are plenty of other approaches.
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      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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      Welcome back!!
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      Welcome back, TechHeadSteve! I'm happy to hear you've been bitten by the lucid dreaming bug again. Good luck with your lucid dream journey
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      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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