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    Thread: Consistent back to back lucid dream tech

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      Consistent back to back lucid dream tech

      I've hit upon a relatively straightforward tech that has been helping me get back to back lucid dreams.

      I had my first lucid dream in years 4 weeks ago, and fell in love with it. Several since then. 2-4 short ones each night on weekends (I've made dream journal entries).

      Daily dream journaling. I have a wristband says 'Are you dreaming?' and I check in all through the day.

      I have an Amazon Echo, and ask it to wake me up with a voice reminder 'You are in a dream' 'You are dreaming' or anything like that.

      I'm often not dreaming when it goes off, but it pervades my dream consciousness for a couple of hours.

      This makes me constantly aware to check if I'm dreaming. I don't even have to reality test. I just ask myself the Am I dreaming question, or wonder if I'm in a dream, and soon realise I am, and get Lucid immediately.

      I swing in and out back to back lucid dreams.

      The downsides are that I'm new at this, I swing out pretty quick as the dream dissolves when I get excited, cant use my limbs as well for complex movements in dreams, or when the dream shifts locations (cue more meditation, and researching dream stabilisation techs and commands).

      But yep, setting up Alexa or any other voice prompt to go off works to pervade the sleep world with the Am I dreaming cue and helps get back to back lucids.
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      good idea WBTB's, reminder of lucid dreaming and dream recall - all this higher your chances to get lucid after falling asleep again

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      That's a really good idea.

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