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      Hi, don't know were to begin. but in the last year my experience with lucid dreaming has been very intensive and progressive. I have been lucid dreaming since i was 16, first i just wanted to fly, or just kiss girls, however flying was limited to max 4 times in a row.
      Nowadays I have encountered/created my own Eden'world' and this night/morning i have entered at least 8 times in this same world (i checked twice against realtime). Flying is not a problem anymore, although difficult, gravity is not an issue anymore. I am also now a magic user (not the one you see in movies or games, it's hard to describe, but i am still learning), I was called a zero-Omega Wizzard, at least they said i had the potential.
      I know this sounds very stupid, but most important perhaps is I now know i don't have to have 'dark' dreams anymore, I can choose to be good when a 'dark' spot (creatures/death experiences) or nightmares are upfront.

      Anyhow I have lucid dreams in the morning, and are able to enter the same dream/setting several times if this occurs (and if I want to). this happens 1-2 times a month, especially when i can sleep longer. Dreaming about awaking happes very often (but i am not), at least 10-15 times a month. I always remeber my dreams, even if they are not lucid, but normally forget them slowly during the day. Strangly i can remember in my dreams things that are only related to these dreams (dream in a dream?, it's difficult to describe). I always try to contact ONE person in my reallive, but the hints go nowhere,one dream he said he had a diner in Yellowstone (i still remember the diner, but it didn't check out). this night I needed to find a woman related to (or who created) a statue in Legoland, of an empty throne and an animal beside it (it looked like a wolf). It didn't check out.

      I don't know, it sound very stupid, I know.... but somehow I am trying to see if it's possible to contact other persons via lucid dreams.
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      Hi Pasquale! I went ahead and moved your post to your own introduction thread, as it seemed more appropriate.

      Welcome to Dream Views. It's always great to see new members who have a fair amount of experience lucid dreaming and can share their experiences.

      It's not stupid at all. If you ask me, I say it's absolutely possible. For a while I was a member of a dream sharing group with some members from here and on discord. It was an eye opening experience! And although we didn't lucidly meet in a mutual lucid dream, we did have some interesting lucid/nonlucid meetings, with either different settings, or even similar settings. We also had what we would call "hits" in our one sided lucid dreams, where we visited other people in the group. Hits referring to things that turned out to be relevant in the other person's life, but that we had no prior knowledge of. It's an interesting hobby, but one that requires a lot of trust and communication between the group members. I would not recommend doing this sort of thing unless the other person is on board with it.

      You can also read about dream sharing from various authors that talk about it. I know Robert Moss has some interesting experiences. In one of the stories I read, a woman was very sick in real life. Her friend lucidly dreamed about healing her. In her dream, the same night, a hand came out of the sky and reached for her, shining healing light upon her body. Or something like that - I might not have it perfectly. But, very interesting stuff.
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      Hi there, welcome to our little family of dreamers!
      None of that sounds stupid! It sounds very awesome.
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