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    Thread: Real Shared-Dreaming

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      Real Shared-Dreaming

      Important discussion about real Shared-Dreaming

      Quote Originally Posted by EbbTide000 View Post
      Post #31 of "Shared dreaming invitation" opened by "relevart"

      3rd dream I posted on Dreamviews.

      first attempt *(to go to Chicken Itsa) to share dream with other DreamViewers.

      EbbTide000 post date 12-Augu-2011 (320 Views)

      It is 3:33am and just woke from first nightmare in decades.

      Was walking home through back streets of (unknown) city.*

      As I was climbing outside stairs to my apartment I noticed groups of 2 and 3 standing around on street, glancing at me.

      As I came inside I was feeling a little scared and said to my family, of many, wearing blue tops,

      "please! Don't go out side tonight. There are teams of people in red spoiling for a fight. Please just stay inside till it passes".

      But, somehow, it didn't sunrise me that all of my very big family left the large highrise apartment building to fight the red's on the street.

      Then a third gang, all Negro's, male and female came into my families highrise, (after all my family had gone). They didn't want much. They all just wanted me to join there black-gang, and fight on there side as one of them.

      I felt my only choice was to say "No" and stick to my guns. If I wavered I'd be stuck among a group of people that I didn't want to be with forever. Like, if I.pretended to join them, just to stop them hurting me then I'd be permenately stuck in a war with this darkskined gang and would have betrayed my own family.

      I had a gun in my hand. It was from Sean Lee's blog, "timeisnotlinea.com".

      I visited there for the first time last night.

      I used the butt, cos I didn't want to shoot or kill anyone. I kept wacking the skinny brown shoulders of this Negro. He was being hurt, and I felt sorry for him, but he was not going to quit.

      I realised that, sad as THEY were about it, they were determined that I join them or Die. Them was the only options.

      They pushed me higher and higher up the scaffolding of this building, till I was very alone and scared.

      I looked down. It was a long way down. They intended to murder me.

      I knew I had to die to stay free.

      God, was my freedom worth dying for (!!!!!?!!!!!)

      No! They were not going to force me to join them and fight with them, as one of them.

      They were sad for me but them's the rules and I was bundled into an open cart and the cart was sent hurtling down a long steep rocky mountain to a.dump.

      Then I was watching me on the cart, hurtling to my doom.

      Then woke-up.3:33am.

      This was my first attempt at dreaming of being with you guys at the ( Chicken Itsa) pyramid*

      It is now 4:39am Saturday 13/ Aug/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia.

      first attempt - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views


      Here is the forum for share dreaming here on Dreamviews:




      And I'll let them know about the existence of this share-dream thread.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Dthoughts View Post

      Hey EbbTide.

      About this dream. I admire ur courage to stand up to principals and not fight. But dying?
      How about joining the fight. I mean, it's just a dream. Why not?


      If I can think of a very good song to share dreams on a beach. I'll link it
      Post #34

      When he's had his fill of fighting, I'll walk him through the night (in his dreams)

      Quote Originally Posted by EbbTide000 View Post

      Well ... I don't know ... But:

      The good Lord made man,
      then he rested for a little while

      Said look what I've done, ain't he pretty,
      then he cracked a smile

      I'll watch him grow, I'll hear him talk,
      learn to love and fight

      But when he's had his fill of these
      I'll walk him through the night

      To someplace green (someplace green)
      Someplace nice (someplace nice)
      Someplace that I (ooh-ooh) call paradise
      Growin' greener in the rain
      Waitin' there for man to claim

      The good Lord looked down on the earth one afternoon and frowned
      Said man ain't learned an awful lot since I carved him out of ground
      He's built a lot of steeples of clay and rocks and sand


      he hasn't learned to get along with his fellow man

      And someplace green (someplace green)
      Someplace nice (someplace nice)
      Someplace that I (ooh-ooh) call paradise
      Is growin' greener in the rain
      Waitin' there for man to claim

      The good Lord's been around a while,
      Eternity at least
      And I guess he'll be around a while, when time and tide have ceased
      Lookin' down from somewhere, tryin' hard to find
      If man has earned his paradise
      the other side of time

      And someplace green (someplace green)
      Someplace nice (someplace nice)
      Someplace that he calls paradise
      Is growin' greener in the rain
      Waitin' there for man to claim
      Yes growin' green, green, green in the rai-ai-ain
      Waitin' there for man to claim


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      32 replies | 725 view(s) 2:33pm Sun 7/6/15
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      Quote Originally Posted by Dthoughts View Post
      Yes. Cool lyrics. I was thinking of the "fight" that we must do to partake in heaven. I believe that is the crux of existence.
      The above posts are from this thread:



      If there is an afterlife, then, when I'm dead I don't have a body t0 to protect. I can't get hurt or die. In dreams I cant get hurt or die. So fighting is a fear response. It reminds me of that line in "R U Going to Scarborough Fair" where it says


      Scarborough Fair (Blue) Lyrics

      (On the side of a hill in the deep forest green)

      (Tracing a sparrow on snow-crested ground)

      (Blankets and bedclothes a child of the mountains)

      (Sleeps unaware of the clarion call)

      Tell her to find me an acre of land

      (On the side of a hill, a sprinkling of leaves)

      Parsely, sage, rosemary, & thyme

      (Washed is the ground with so many tears)

      Between the salt water and the sea strand

      (A soldier cleans and polishes a gun)

      Then she'll be a true love of mine

      (War bellows, blazing in scarlet battalions)

      (Generals order their soldiers to kill)

      ( And to fight for a cause they've long ago forgotten

      [b]Sleeps unaware of the "clarion call"[/u]


      In dream shareing we have the opportunity to leave behind the fears of the physical world and the physical body. The clarion call is that "the body's dead or sleeping" safely. Therefore, we are Freeeeeeee. No need to hurt another to protect ourselves or eat, or sleep, or poop or pee or..

      Share dreaming is the personifacation of this famouse love song:


      Lyrics are under the Youtube
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      Your posts are always a pleasure to read, Ebbtibe000

      I don't know, I think, We fight because of the fear we have for dying. so we fight to stay alive. fight to live in the moment and fight to last all eternity. I fight what keeps me from becoming a better person and a better lover. So eventually it feels like the gift of life is worth it. We fight not in the literal sense.. But to keep the dream alive and not become lazy or apathetic and wither but become magical and honest. Even in dreams when there is no body there will be fears and doubts. And I hope to overcome. In a shared dream the reality of another world.
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