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    Thread: Goodbye

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      In the last several years I had dedicated lots of time to lucid dreaming: practicing, forums, reading, studying. I did have many LDs, but very unstable and short, and with dissapointing degrees of lucidity. I did have one incredible WILD directly from waking and transitioning fully concious into the dream, and it seemed to last for a long, long time. I do admit that LD, as an internal, virtual reality machine is one of the most amazing things in the human experience.

      Yet I want to say goodbye to everything related to LD. I actually got a confirmation about this in a dream. I was walking in a campus setting full of people about to go down some stairs: I was asking myself how to go on, how to continue in life, when I heard a very audible voice tell me to focus on the Word of God. I became a Christian when I was 20 years old, so this was not something new to me. Knowing Christ is the best, the top-most thing in the human experience. But I realized I was sowing the wrong seed (time, interest, heart, soul, mind) into the wrong field (LD), in spite of how amazing it could be.

      The Kingdom of God will soon be here on earth, and I need to focus on sowing that which will yield eternal life. For sure His Kingdom will be priceless, infinitely better that any LD experiences. And to receive the reward of the inheritance in the Kingdom, well, it requires everything: whole heart, mind, soul, strength.

      So goodbye LD, I canīt delete all my posts, but I do in principal; no more initiating LDs, out of the groups, no more practicing, studying, commenting. Hopefully somebody will read this and also be prompted with the same understanding. LD is nice, but all dreams will come to an end, and the real Paradise, the Kingdom of God remain forever. Over and out, Christ is coming.

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      How are the two things not compatible?
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      Time and attention, I imagine. Where you focus your attention is where a great deal of your passion is.
      I get that. I struggle with it as well. I've become obsessively interested in MBTI and it's offshoots. I spent all my time (when not gaming) with others who are interested in the topic. I don't study the Bible- I "study" philosophy and sociology.
      A person can't be a slave to 2 masters.
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