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    Hey. I am a weird hobby scientist, mostly chemist that wants to lucid dream since the real world is boring sometimes and can't give me all I wish. Closest thing to really getting it is lucid dreaming. Also I need fume hood.
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    Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany
    Hobby science(chemistry mostly), Gaming, other things that vary
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    I have tried lucid dreaming for a long time now. I joined a Discord server about lucid dreaming and have seen somebody talk about DreamViews and I became interested. And that's already the full story.


    I need fume hood.


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    Me and my cats running from demons at a recurring school | [02.08.2020]

    by Draeger on 08-02-2020 at 04:09 PM
    Me and my cats running from demons at school
    Someone I don't remember has brought me to school, and I trust him but he's involved in some magic ordeal. He might have
    brought me there since he thinks I'll be safe there for a while. I am supposed to do my homework, which I do. I also seem to
    have brought my cats and am supposed to take care of one other cat which I don't know. They all just jump on the window
    sill and watch the outside world as I continue to do work. But then there is something, I think it's an animal which is
    possessed, suddenly starts banging on the window, slowly breaking it, but for a few seconds I don't really notice. But then I
    do notice and quickly push the cats off the sill and tell them to follow me, which, surprisingly, works on all of them. I run into
    the wrong direction, and then quickly turn around. I push the cats a little to hurry them and run out the door into some sort
    of teacher hall. It's only about 3-5 meters long and there's a room at the end and on both sides, both right in the middle of
    the two side walls. A woman comes up to me and looks at me with a confused expression. Suddenly the plot changes a bit, and I simply don't know where I have to be, but I am still running from a demon. She says that she doesn't know, in a sort of "You should know that yourself..." undertone.

    I just noticed that I have a recall streak, which is pretty cool.
    The school is also a recurring location. I'm excited to map it out once I get to have consistent lucids.

    Updated 08-02-2020 at 04:12 PM by Draeger

    non-lucid , memorable

    Subnautica related dream with intense feelings | [??.??.2019/2020]

    by Draeger on 08-01-2020 at 05:11 PM
    Subnautica-like dream
    I am in some sort of very dark abandoned hospital, nearly everything made out of stainless steel, even floor and walls, with no sign of decoration or anything else that would make one feel in any way happy, or even at all positive. There's blood everywhere, and it's too silent. I walk through it, and I think I discover another person.

    Next thing I remember is looking for something outside in the water in a small submarine, like the seamoth, in some sort of kelp biome reminiscent of Subnautica, but different. I get whatever it was that I was looking for and go back to some sort of base, which you enter by going under a sort of large hydraulic opening which opens as you approach it, and you go through to the surface of the water, and it closes again, and you are inside and can swim a few meters to dry land. There were other people, and we were working on something.

    Then, the next thing we do is go to some exceedingly exceedingly large cave, in which a creature just a bit smaller lives. It's literally many many kilometers large and we do some sort of research mission. Then I wake up.

    During the entire dream I felt really curious and excited, and in the hospital part very disturbed, hence the title.

    Otherworldly computer chip adventure | [01.08.2020]

    by Draeger on 08-01-2020 at 04:29 PM
    Otherworldly computer chip adventure
    I am in Subnautica, and some option I accidentally selected transports me to the void, there might even have been a ghost leviathan already spawned. I panic and press another button and it sends me to the Aurora and again I panic since suddenly there's a reaper leviathan.

    Then, the scene changes to me and a younger version of a guy I know, Ethan, in some place I can't discern. I can only see that there's the eponymous computer chip and another object, possibly also computer related. I take the computer chip, and Ethan and I suddenly travel through a little tunnel in the chip to some more degenerated version of reality. I find out that it does just that, it's supposed to. I travel through it again and see a sort of weird sea creature from the perspective of the sky.

    Suddenly, I am in the living room of my waking home and open the cupboard of my father. The scene might have changed slightly so that the cupboard and I are standing in a cafe. In any case there was some sort of woman, maybe my mother, and if the cafe existed she was co-owner with me. I pulled the chip out of the cupboard and we travelled to a sort of grassy plains area. Now the purpose of the chip was simply to travel to another dimension and back. We walked around a bit, and not even ten seconds after that she suddenly found a large, beautiful diamond. We were very happy and returned. We suddenly then had lots of money to spend and did so. I don't remember how, though.

    I might have done something relating to chemistry.

    Criminal minds fragment | [31.07.2020]

    by Draeger on 07-31-2020 at 12:04 PM
    Criminal minds fragment
    I am some sort of detective from the series Criminal Minds. Somebody is threatening to throw someone from somebody's family off a skyscraper. I don't remember much else.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Saving a creature and distilling sulfur trioxide | [30.07.2020]

    by Draeger on 07-30-2020 at 03:42 PM
    Saving a creature
    It's something about the game Drunk on Nectar getting new things added to it. Suddenly, the dream changes to it being about saving a large creature in space. The first officer from the Orville somehow wants to change the opinion of some other woman that is of a higher rank. The woman wants to do something that would kill the creature. In the end she is standing in a chamber with a large window together with the first officer, looking out at the creature, and shortly before doing her decision in the way that the creature would die the first officer changes her mind and she decides not to do it.

    Distilling SO3
    I am seemingly distilling something, the condensation line of a white substance, what I think is sulfur trioxide, rising up the ground glass apparatus to the Liebig condenser.