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      Good to see you around again and good to hear you are alright.
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      Haven't seen you in a while, hope you're doing alright.
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    I've have tried lucid dreaming for a long time now. I have joined a Discord server about lucid dreaming and have seen somebody talk about DreamViews and I became interested. And that's already the full story.


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    Recent Entries

    Fragment of a fragment | [25.07.2021]

    by Draeger on Yesterday at 05:15 PM
    Fragment of a fragment
    Some sort of pleasant emotion or feeling.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Shadow of the Colossus fragment | [23.07.2021]

    by Draeger on 07-23-2021 at 08:58 PM
    Shadow of the Colossus fragment
    Somehow, I "drop" into the world through a sort of panel¹. There, I drop on some sort of colossus who can apparently talk and I ask him something.

    1: It probably has to do something with the fourth spatial dimension and its geometric properties.

    Roaches, storm and transformations | [18.07.2021, 19.07.2021]

    by Draeger on 07-19-2021 at 03:46 PM

    Roach escape
    I am with my mother, caring for my pet roaches. Suddenly, there is thunder outside and, simultaneously, a roach presses itself through a small opening and my mother despairs as is usual with working with such escapists.


    I am at home, laying in bed. I look outside and see that there is a very dark and massive cloud there. Eventually, though, it moves away and I stand up, hoping to take a picture of a potential anvil. Then, I am back in bed and another storm comes around. This time, it does come to lightning here. My mother, who is scared of thunderstorms, says "Oh no.." as lightning impacts somewhere nearby, and the way the thunder sounds makes it sound like that there will be a second thunder that is much louder, but it doesn't come to that, so I comment that it probably wasn't a positive lightning strike.

    I am at home, somewhere past about 9 pm, using my laptop in the living room, where my mother is sitting as well, using her tablet. Then, I look to the left and see a bat on the wall. First, I comment on how none of us saw that then I put my laptop aside and run away in fear of the bat attacking me, and my mother tells me that they might bite or something like that. I come near the other end of the flat when I somehow grab the bat. For a few seconds, I am standing in a sort of large mansion with a pretty blue color palette used to paint the inside with the bat in my hand. Then I am back home, trying to handle the bat without it biting me. I think about killing it or something like that as I rotate it in my hands. A bit later, for some reason, I am the bat for a few seconds, and then there's a scene change.

    Apparently, I invited a friend over, who can make transformations or something. First, we are standing at night at the roach terrarium in the middle of the house and I transform into something there, but I don't remember what exactly happened. Then, after a small scene change where it is now somewhere mid- or late afternoon, we go into a room where we can probably be alone. There, the friend constructs the transformations from animal samples somehow, and I am eager to try it out. First, he wants to make one with snails (Gastropoda)¹, and I am one for a second. Then, there's a scene change again and I am back to normal. My mother wants something from me and I tell the friend to hide what he's doing, and then I go outside to distract my mother. Then, my father comes and wants something from the room so he just goes in, and luckily, the friend had hidden everything except the animals he was taking samples from, so my father asked what he was doing. As I woke up, I felt some disappointment, since it was pretty interesting.

    1: This was just because I stumbled across the term on Wikipedia yesterday.
    non-lucid , memorable , side notes

    Close call with ghost leviathan area and command and conquer with Angela Merkel | [13.07.2021]

    by Draeger on 07-14-2021 at 04:02 AM
    Close call with ghost leviathan area
    I am at the mountain island in Subnautica, and for some reason falling down into the water at the side like a rock. I am a bit scared of the reaper, but then I notice a hole, which I go in, but I notice the water color suddenly gets really dark and I am afraid a ghost leviathan might spawn so I quickly retreat.

    Command and Conquer with Angela Merkel
    I am on a sort of flat, circular island which is in its entirety surrounded by very spiky and cartoon-ish mountains, which also nearly split the island save for a ~10 meter gap. There is apparently a battle. It also seems to be a recurring dream, where last time there was an intense battle with mammoth tanks and artillery walkers, now it is that in my fraction the leader is Angela Merkel and apparently this time, after a short battle, for some reason they apparently realize they need to nuke each other, and so they do.

    Yeah, idk what that second dream was.
    side notes , non-lucid , memorable

    Survival in chaos and war in my home | [11.07.2021]

    by Draeger on 07-11-2021 at 02:09 PM
    Survival in chaos
    Dream fragment. There was some sort of survival situation, it seems to be happening with some sort of massive creatures or robots the dream itself compares to war of the worlds. At some point, at the location shown below (map day2_coast_09, Half-Life 2), a character imagined what it'd be like to be so powerful, which the dream illustrated. First, you saw a war of the worlds tripod emerge from the ocean, then, as it passed through an area where you can't see it, it turned into this large, bulky, and black robot and approaches something to fight it.

    War in my home
    There is a war in my home, and I am laying in a bed of sort with a friend who is fighting with me. He expresses his concerns if this position is safe, but I say that I can just play dead, but he doesn't feel safe so he runs away. Then, suddenly somebody discovers me, somebody with a female voice, who insults me and then crushes my skull. After just a second, it switches to the view of my friend.

    Then, there's a scene change. The war's over. A man is running around and complaining that he has to clean up. Apparently, there's a bunch of scorpions around because somebody broke a terrarium of sort. He puts away a few flower pots on the window sill and sees many small scorpions, which he crushes. Then, he sees what seems to be a dead tarantula on a cardboard box, which I know he thinks is a scorpion, which he whacks with something to make sure it's dead. Then, what appears to be an extremely agile spider jumps towards the man and I switch from spectator to active, as I then run away from the spider thing, which is now a butterfly or moth. It lands right in my face, and I try to wipe it off but it won't come off, which I explain to myself as the fact that it is way too flat. Then, somebody comes and gives me something which makes it easier to remove.

    Coast screenshot: