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      Valerian Root

      While I don't remember any dreams that I had, Valerian Root did give me the best sleep that I've had in awhile. I was certainly aware of going to sleep, but I guess my problem was that I was possibly too tired and exhausted from last week with work.

      I also noticed that my IBS wasn't bad this morning when I woke up. I also felt a lot better after an hour or so of being up.

      Has anyone had better luck with Valerian Root and lucid dreaming?

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      The stuff gave me weird dreams, but not lucids. I was not fond of the dreams it caused.
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      I have taken Valerian a few times.

      It helped me sleep, but I did not remember my dreams while on it, nor do i think it ever caused me to become lucid.

      If a small enough amount was taken before sleep so that it wore off within 5 hours and if it is used in conjunction with the WBTB method one may be able to take advantage of a re-bound effect. This is only speculation.
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