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      Alarm clock for WBtB followed by intermittent waking?

      Hey guys, I'm looking to brute force my way into having lucid dreams. I've had them before but it has been a while.

      So, the method I have chosen is the intermitent waking method after the initial WBTB. Not sure what the official name for this technique is but I learned about it from several sources, the last being saltcube.

      Anyways, I was wondering if you guys knew of a good app for this. I need something that can wake me at 4-20 minute intervals and turn off without me having to move after like 30 seconds or so.

      Sorry if this topic has been explored to death already.

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      I think I used to use an app that could automatically shut off but I couldn't find it. I read that Lucid Waker might have what you need but I haven't tried it.

      I would like to add that brute forcing usually ends in failure. It is better to keep a stedy pace of awarness rather than trying to force it all at once. Getting the habits that allow you to keep a steady pace takes time. I wish you luck on your journey!

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      Try Lucid Scribe - I made a Deep Playlist feature that plays an audio track at configurable intervals over the media channel, so it can play when the phone is in silent mode with the screen off.

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