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      Lucid Dream wild technique w/ deep meditation

      Finally had a lucid dream, Havn't had 1 in about 2weeks. So i wanted to Try the wild technique to help induce the LD state but as some of u many know its difficult to go into a deep enough state to literally walk into your dreams with no black out. So my wild technique turned into a deep meditation session in which i was relaxed enough to go back to sleep. I woke up with in the dream and ended up doing a reality check by accident. I noticed after going to a window and looking out that there were leaves on the ground inside the room i was in. I thought this to be weird but i continued on about my business non lucid, then for whatever reason i decided to go back to that window and look out a again and as i was walking away i asked my self where did the leaves go?? so i did double takes and concluded that i did see leaves at the window and now they were not there. I must be dreaming! yessssss. So immediately i went into my dream goal and tried to get a question i had answered through my higher self. I posed the question and i ended up getting a black box pop up like a thought bubble with dark dark dark gray words that i could not read. I posed the question again and the same box appeared. So i was a little disappointed that my dream goal was a no go this show so i just kind of slowly walked into another dream scence into what look to be like a work shop. i saw a man doing work shop stuff like cutting or something and i was still upset about my dream goal so i just told him what happen and he smiled. from that point i really didnt want to explore further i wanted to wake back up so i could research what i did wrong. within 2mins of waking up in my room, i went online and actually found the awswer i was looking for it just kind of poped out at me. so i will be trying again in the near future. thanx for listening please drop comments and feedback if u have any. namaste.
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