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      First lucid experience, what can I do to keep them coming?

      Hey guys, happy to say I experienced a nice short lucid dream last night. Wish I had written it down in a journal because it was so vivid then but now I don't remember much of it.
      The thing is I was trying to get lucid dreams ages ago, never really got serious trying, just reality checks. I haven't tried any of it for months. Does anyone have any advice to help experience it again?


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      Hi Jason,

      Yeah, that tends to happen if you don't record them as soon as possible - like normal dreams, lucid ones tend to fade over time. Although you're conscious in the dreamspace, the memory of the dream itself is still formed like any other dream.

      As for tips, I'd recommend questioning reality and really asking yourself as to whether or not you're dreaming. Waking life feels real so we don't question it, but so do dreams - think about it - we accept everything in dreams as reality because we're not skeptical. If you get into this mindset in waking life, you have a better chance of becoming lucid. Even just looking around you and seeing if anything looks odd, combined with maybe a nose-plug RC or two, can work well to induce a DILD!

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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