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      First Lucid dream

      I had a weird contortion dream right before and got woken up. Then after going back to sleep I started dreaming the weird contortion stuff again, so this time I was partially aware and did the nose RC. As soon as I realized I could breathe I tried to move, but it was like being in mud, and then it started to fade, so I quickly I brought my hands together Goku style and fire a kamehameha... was disappointed that it damaged nothing. About a second later I was staring at the ceiling.

      It lasted about a minute in all but it was exciting.

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      Cool, congrats on the lucid! It sounds like you're getting the hang of dream control, even if the dream itself didn't last very long or wasn't of good quality. If you find yourself in a strange, distorted or otherwise unclear dream, visualize and try to imagine your surroundings shifting into a more discernible appearance - concentrate on blending the shapes (or noise) into a coffee shop, for instance. You can also try summoning a door (regardless of whether it too is distorted) and imagine opening it into a crystal clear location.

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