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    Thread: lucid dream within a dream??!!

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      lucid dream within a dream??!!

      i just had the most wierd xperience!!! i had a dream where i went lucid, but i did it from a dream!! actualy i traveled between 3 dimensions!!!

      i think that i where in this (the physical universe) once or twice!
      i could feel the body of the one lying in a bed(in a dream) and one standing on a field(also in a dream) and i could hear the sounds from my bedroom with my sleeping girlfriend!!!

      in this world im color blind! but in one of the worlds i was traveling tonight, i was NOT!!! it was an amazing xperience!! and i could fell the tears running down my cheaks, in the dimension i was dreaming from!!

      i could travel from one dimension to another and i was fully aware that i did so!! but i diddent acualy think about it or i dident analyze on it!!

      i dont recall all as i could the first time i was aware here in the fysical U! should not have been so lasy!! should have put it on paper as soon as i could!!! damn

      i also beagan to think about the oputunities that i had!! i thought about having sex or fly!!

      a split sek. after i was standing in a semi crouded place, some of the people i knew and some of them i diddent.. my mom was there and i tryet too explain to her what was going on!! she diddent belive me so i demonstrated some poor flying skills to her a part of my thinking was not free of the postulated fact that humans cant flylol...so my flying was pretty funny.. like a small baby bird

      i hope and look forward to have a lot of these xperiences!! nice to know that we all have the opotuninty to freely chose our own realety

      by the way.... when i was going to sleep prior this xp i was havving a weird headache and i still have it!!???

      fell free to comment with love charlie
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      That sounds awesome im jealous. I know that feeling of trying to fly but not really pulling it off haha, i remember hitting the floor once or twice.

      Ehh about that headache they say it occurs when you are opening ur third eye chakra or crown chakra, one of these. I used to have headaches when i was young.
      When i try WILDing there's a heavy sensation just above my physical eyes. It feels like there's a piece of metal on my head and it gets heavier the deeper i focus on it.
      Anyway when i have a headache and i connect it to my third eye it doesn't hurt anymore and it actually feels pretty good.

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