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      My 6th or 7th lucid dream.

      Today I had my 6th or 7th lucid dream... yay!

      So, I was standing, listening to an overweight lady. I remember she said something like "Great so now you come visit us after 10 years ? I even bought you an Ipad!!!!" .. lol (I hate Apple btw). So, I walked outside the building thinking about "Who the hell is she?" and then I saw a huge park full of people. While I was walking, I realized that it's a lucid dream. I think I subconsciously realized it much earlier in the dream, because it was crystal clear, unlike my usual dreams. The first thing I did: I grabbed one of guys using the power of my mind. Sort of like using an anti-gravity gun except I used my hand. And tossed him into the air. Then I made everyone in the park join hands with me and other people. One of them asked "why are we doing this?" and my dream ended.

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