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      Interesting LD don't know what to make of it.

      I am usually pretty down to earth about my beliefs about lucid dreaming. I have had dozens of them over the years many very vivid that I still remember to this day, I have become pretty good at it. I have always viewed them for being what they are just dreams that I was aware of and nothing more. I have been fascinated over the years by the awesome power of the unlocked human unconscious which we have access to when we dream. This is what keeps my interest in the subject.

      Recently I have been going through a drought of sorts, so earlier this week I purchased some Melatonin and B6. I have been taking 200mg B6 and 10mg Melatonin. The first two nights of taking it, I do remember dreaming but not becoming aware of the dream until after the fact. The dreams those nights where pretty vivd but not lucid by any means.

      Then came last night, and it was very interesting ... I took the same dosage of my vitamins. I woke up around 3:00am I was clearly conscious not a false awakening. This seemed pretty normal for me since I have a clock set to go off at 5:00am to wake me up so I can try to WILD back into being lucid. My internal clock (not my physical alarm clock woke me up this time) so I turned off the alarm for 5am.

      When I laid back down, I laid there perfectly still while focusing on nothing but my breathing and staying conscious, this is typically how I WILD. I don't remember feeling any vibrations or hearing any noises or visualizing any transition images, I just remember going from being awake in my bed and straight into a conscious dream. I was a 100% aware of my surrounding and myself but I knew it was a dream. I had all my senses feel, touch sight smell it felt incredibly real. I was in a hall way of an abandon building, with the end leading out to an open area outside. I began to talk toward the outside I was drawn there for some reason.

      Another usual thing was, that it was dark out and there was a full moon. Usually when I LD it is light outside. I walked down this hallway of the abandon building, I rubbed my hands and looked at them to attain my lucidity but everything was so vivd I really did not have to do anything to attain lucidity, which felt pretty unusual to me.

      When I walked outside it was still dark out but I could tell the sun would be coming up soon. I walked down a hill towards a wooded area, and there seemed to be a cave of some type in the distance. I walked toward the cave and some people came out of it. I identified myself (I don't even know why I felt the need to identify who I was to these people) I told them that I was from another dimension and I got there through a dream. These people appeared to be 100% humanoid, they seemed to be intrigued by me. I was not afraid of their presence, I almost felt a sense of community with them.

      One of them, maybe a leader of some kind among the group said that they were from another dimension as well (I think he might of informed me which dimension I was from or he said which dimension he was from or both ... One thing I remember clearly is him saying something about the 3rd and 4th dimensional planes). After that he said that he could help me reach a higher level of conciseness.

      Me already being lucid and feeling pretty conscious, and not knowing much about these people made me pretty freaked out about become even more conscious than I was. I ran from the cave or what ever it was, but I did not feel chased or threatened in anyway. In fact when I got away from the cave it became light out side. For some reason I thought back to a dream in which I felt a clear presence from God. The thought of that dream caused a light to come down from the sky and shine on me and I felt God's presence, it felt incredible just like that dream I was thinking of I had before. I calmed down and then the light that was on me went away.

      It became dark again, I remember looking at the sky at the stars and then trying to fly, for some reason all the vividness and conciseness I had started to fade when I tried to fly, even when I tried to rub my hands everything started to fade. I then lost my lucidity and the dream was over. I had a normal dream after that. It was vivid and about meeting some girl in a diner and trying to give her my phone number by writing it on her arm which she felt was charming for some reason. Then I woke up and that was it, I didn't dream anything after that for the rest of the morning.

      As I said in the first paragraph lucid dreams to me are just dreams and nothing more. I think those people who I met in the first dream that I ran away from where probably just projections of my sub conscious. I wanted to believe that they could help me "reach a higher level of consciousness" but you know what? I think I was afraid of the whole idea of leaving the dream plane and going somewhere even deeper, because really what if they were real? where would they have taken me? what the hell would happen to my physical body? and most importantly even though I felt like I could trust these people why would I eventually run from them and think of God?

      I still feel intrigued by the dream though what if these people if I would have stayed would have showed me an even deeper rabbit whole? Probably all just a lucid dream but it kind of made me think enough to share my LD.

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      Do have a Dream Guide? If not, maybe the leader figure was to be your Dream Guide.

      On a less physical note, you might have met entities from the Astral Plane or whatever people call it. I haven't been Lucid Dreaming enough to explore concepts like the Dream Plane and Astral Plane and other various concepts.

      On an even more physical note, you may have simply had an intense dream.
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      Do you regret not going with them? I'm sure it was scary but imagine...this definitely says something about your spirituality.

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