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      1st lucid (strange)

      well, last night i had my first lucid in quite awhile (years maybe) and it was really odd. first, I should say that I am a natural lucid dreamer, and that when i can remember my dreams i usually have a lucid one at least once in ten dreams usually more since I was a kid, as such I really haven't been trying any lucid techniques, but just trying to increase my terrible recall, and after about 7-8 dreams that i remembered fairly well, I finally had a lucid last night, and it was like nothing i have ever experienced.

      The dream was one scene, I was standing on the old wooden deck that used to be behind my house, but that was renovated a few years back, and it was overlooking mountain sunrise. The weird thing about this dream is that I was standing there, but could only feel myself laying in bed. The first thing I did was to make sure i was actually dreaming and lucid, I realized that the only component of my dream was visual, but it was far to vivid to not be a dream, and that I was definitely lucid. So i tried to do something, and quickly realized i could not move. I was not constrained but no matter how I move i never got anywhere at all, so i just looked around. the wooden railing in front of me seemed about normal, however if I looked out at the mountains i could never quite focus on them, they weren't blurry, but I was unable to see them for some reason.

      strangest dream I can remember lucid or not, has anyone else ever had a purely visual dream like this?

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      It sounds like you were halfway in the dream. If you're lucid in a dream, and pay attention to your real life body, you will start to feel it lying in bed and you'll most likely wake up. There's a possibility to stay in that "in between" zone though, and you can have split senses. Often what happens then, is just what you described. You're paralyzed, because you're still in Sleep Paralysis when this happens.

      Don't worry. Next time you'll be in it, and make sure to activate as many senses as you can when in the dream, and forget about your body in bed. Good luck!

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