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      First time lucid dreamer. Problem.

      Hi, I had a problem with my first lucid dream. So during my normal dream I was driving in a car with my friend when some Canada Geese crossed the road in front of us, they weren't normal because they had long legs like an ostrich and that's when I realized I was dreaming. I got all excited and told my friend that I was dreaming and I can do what ever I wanted and suddenly I was on the side of the road alone. It was so real, I noticed things such as gravity and wind blowing and I had all my own thoughts. I also noticed that the world was fading away and I was about to wake up (which I understand happens to first timers a lot) so I was think of anything I could do or create. Then I thought that I could create something frightening and I felt this presence behind me. I didn't want to turn around all the way, but I saw something out of the corner of my eye (I thought it would be a monster from Amnesia: The Dark Decent or something) and I was terrified so I woke up.

      Does this happen a lot in lucid dreams when you let your mind wonder? And do you have any suggestions to how to keep your mind clear? By the way this is the first time I posted on any kind of forum.

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      Well, I've never thought to summon something to purposefully scare myself, so I can't say that that generally happens, to me anyway. To keep your mind clear you just have to calm down and try not to get too excited, as that can be detrimental. Try focusing on elements of the dream, something that has to do with your senses, so really focus on what you see or what you hear, smell, etc. That will help you anchor in your lucidity and combined with intermittent stabilization techniques you should be able to do what you please, to a degree, of course you won't have perfect control while first starting out.

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      Congrats on your first Lucid! Exciting.

      The best thing you can do though, is to remember that you don't have to be afraid of anything in a dream.

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