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      first controllable LD, but questions?

      hey there DVers

      so this is my 4th lucid dream.. first 2 were DILDs and I'm not certain about the other 2

      here is how it went:
      I was taking a nap trying to do WBTB method.. and then after 10~15 minutes I felt like I entered dream state (without feeling anything.. it felt just like i was sleeping and the next second I was lying in the bed and felt like getting out) I glanced at my right hand which had 10 fingers and pinched my nose to be extra sure I'm dreaming.. yup could breathe.. I walked to the middle of the room and tried summoning Megan fox but I couldn't (meh) I tried to change the dream scene but instead an old TV was summoned with the scene I wanted.. I yelled out (Summon LED TV) but it only made the old TV bigger again I yelled out (Increase TV sound) cuz it was muted (I have no idea why I was so busy with this tv lol)
      and it did.. but I lost interest and went to the balcony and thought of flying but I just didn't want to .. then I woke up

      so the question is: is this a WILD? can I go into dream state by WILD without all these floating and strange feelings?

      many thanks DVers

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      It could have been a WILD and yes you can definitely have a WILD without "floating and strange feelings.."
      Anyways, keep at it and good luck!

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