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      Dream control easier when angry?

      So I had this dream weird as hell.. I was in some kind of room, sitting with a girl just talking and stuff. I wasn't lucid at the time and we seemed to like each other. This went on for a few minutes everything was going great when suddenly I thought ''wait a second this can't be a dream can it''?

      I was so mad that it was a dream. I made the girl dissapear (something that I have a problem with usually) and the dream control was amazing. I was so very angry that I basically killed 3 people with fireballs (something I could have never done before) and had sex with 2 girls (most of the time when I try that the dream fades away and I wake up).

      This happened a few weeks ago and I still couldnt replicate this. Its weird and silly but could there be any truth to this?

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      This is interesting, and I'm trying to think if I have any experience with this.
      It seems that when angry in a lucid dream I may have more control over the dream elements, but not as much control over my own actions. Maybe that just means I'm less lucid when angry.

      The last time I remember being angry in a lucid dream was when some guy jumped out and scared me and pointed a gun at me. I wasn't scared, but angry that he scared me. So I twisted his arm to make the gun point into his mouth. I told him I was not afraid of a gun in a dream. Then I twisted and tied his limbs into knots.

      That was some pretty good dream control, so maybe there is something this.
      Your post reminds me to try using emotions more in my lucid dreams to help with control and obtaining goals.
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      I believe it could be something to do with having a more clear intention when you are angry. Your emotions are more intense and you tend to focus more on one thing to vent your frustration so it could just be a method of increasing your concentration on the task at hand.

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      Yeah, sounds like more clear intention and expectation, but, i don't think that"s something that worth working towards, because truly, one has less overall control when that much angry.
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