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    Thread: Just had a weird small LD tonight

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      Just had a weird small LD tonight

      Hi there,

      Well, tonight I had a small LD, but not so small as some other times, and I have to say it was vivid enough to be acceptable.

      Anyway it happened in weird circumstances, so I'm not sure if it can be called DILD, or maybe even that I was dreaming I was lucid... in any case, I think I somehow was.

      The thing is that I'm in a square room, not small, with some projections on the walls, like static images. My mom and grandma were there (with the DJ I discovered I dream a lot with family members...). I don't know why or how, or what we were talking about exactly, but I remember talking to them about something related to dreams, LD, etc.. and that I was going to enter lucidity.

      The next thing is that I go lucid knowing it's a dream, don't know if due to being in that room, or doing something else, and I start flying in the room in circles, slowly. "See? I'm flying". They got surprised and say something like "How lucky!" (because I could do it, to get "lucid").

      Then I just decided to go on my own. I read on a post on a forum (in reality) about jumping into mirrors and see where they lead, so I said "Oh... I didn't know there was a mirror in that wall" (while pointing at a wall behind me, without looking), then I turned around and a narrow, vertical long mirror was on the wall. I said goodbye to them, and jumped in the mirror.

      Suddenly all went black. I remained calm and opened my eyes using my hands. I could see a hand silouette in the blackness. I found myself laying in my bed, in the dark room. Being aware of FAs, I did an RC which failed, so I got up from bed, created another mirror in the wall, and jumped. Again, all dark. "Not again", I thought. I opened my eyes and I was in bed again, in my dark room. This time the RC succeded, and as I though I was done because I was awake, I suddenly woke up for real (it happened just in 2 seconds).

      Anyway I guess I was on some REM state and near my waking up hour, because first I woke up at 5.50am, noted a couple glimpses of a dream in the journal, and went back to sleep at 6.00am. My alarm hits at 7.00am but before this small LD, I had a really long dream which must have happened in around 30 minutes, because after the fake awakenings I woke up at around 6.45am without alarm, and sit ther untill 7.25am writing 4 journal pages from the long dream....

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      Congrats on your lucid!

      *Moved to Lucid Experiences

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      Congrats on lucid dream!
      False awakenings can be really weird sometimes, but they are also can be turned lucid like that, well done!
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