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    Thread: How small is small? A simple proposition to be discussed

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      How small is small? A simple proposition to be discussed

      Hi everyone! My name is Duncan and this is my first post on these forums, I'm glad to be a part of this fantastic community and look forward to participating fully!

      Introductions aside, I have a test which I would like to discuss with everyone.

      My question is - How small can things possibly get? is there a limit?

      As scientists continue to explore and discover the world at smaller and smaller scales (quantum physics) and develop theorys about the nature of matter, I have begun questioning if there could could be a point where it is impossible to go any smaller?

      I do not pretend to know much at all about physics and I am sure there are already plenty of theorys on this matter, such as string theory. However I believe it could be interesting if this was explored with the aid of lucid dreaming.

      Not being an experience lucid dreamer myself (only achieved lucidity on a few occasions) I would love it if I could hear from someone more practiced if it would be possible to shrink yourself down in the dream state to a point beyond the sub atomic and see whats going on down there? Maybe by shrinking yourself to half normal-size and then repeating over and over?

      I understand that dreams are an extension of consiousness, what you dream is how you percieve things to be, or your version of reality and that this test could possibly just be a "mind filling in the blanks" type scenario, but I thought I would pose this question anyway.


      P.S Depending on feedback I would be prepared to organise and construct a valid experiment on this subject.

      Thanks everyone,


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      Wouldn't it be funny if we find out that atoms are composed of multiple arrangements of particles once we manage to magnify close enough

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      In one of my first lucid dreams I decided to take a very close look at my environment to see if I could figure out what it was made of. I was in my bedroom when I became lucid. I walked over to one of the walls and then leaned in very close and saw that instead of being solid, the wall was composed of billions of light particles that were so closely packed together that they made the wall look solid.

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      Anything under 6 inches is usually considered small.
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      There is always the half of something so I think you can go smaller and bigger ad infinitum. Take a look at the Fibonacci sequence, for example. Something that is slightly less than six inches can look large and engorged if it was minuscule pre-stimulation. The Fib sequence is everywhere.

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      How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

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