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    Thread: Moving the WL 'real' body whilst lucid dreaming :?

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      Moving the WL 'real' body whilst lucid dreaming :?

      I've read from people on this forum that they've been able to feel their real WL (WL=waking life) body whilst having a lucid dream. and this has happened to me also; when I could feel my body last week, it made me wake up. This morning, however, it was even more intense, but I'm not sure if it was real or not.

      I went back to sleep about 6am with the intent to become lucid. I opened my eyes as soon as I fell asleep, knowing that I was dreaming. I was lying in bed, and could see my arms/hands hanging off the bed. I moved my left hand, but I could feel that my right hand was touching something hard, even though I could see nothing touching it in the dream. I thought 'hah. I must be touching something in my WL body back in bed. I must be careful that I don't wake myself up.' So, very carefully I rolled out of bed onto the floor (I sleep on a floor-level futon), and as I did so, I could feel my real WL body do the same! I worried briefly that if I went out of my room in my lucid dream I would wake up and find myself in the kitchen or outside. I was very careful moving around the room, and once I was sure I would not wake up, I 'teleported' somewhere else.

      When I woke up, I was safely in my bed, most definitely NOT on the floor. So, it does seem to me that I either 'dreamt' the whole thing, or that even though I could actually really feel my WL body, the sleep paralysis was preventing me from moving it. What do you think? Had any similar experiences?

      [N.B. In the past, including childhood, I have woken up from non-lucid dreams when I flung myself out of bed trying to leap away from some threat or other (one was a dream spider), so it is possible for me to move in my sleep.]
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      The part about feeling something hard was probably real and the rolling out of bed was only a partial attempt at turning. Your dream continued so you had an LD. It is a weird skill to move and feel both bodies, but this is how it develops. Good observations.
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