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    Thread: Woohoo! My 3rd Lucid!!

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      Woohoo! My 3rd Lucid!!

      Just minutes ago I had my third lucid! I woke at 6:30am and went back to sleep, it's now 8am.

      So a few days ago IRL, my cat had to be put to sleep , so when I saw him in my dream I was really excited, but I knew he was dead IRL so, I immediately reality checked! Finger count. Once again, my fingers were all wrong!!! I was lucid, and it felt really strongly so! (Note to myself, I was by the garden pond when I saw the cat).

      So I straight away tried fire bending, for the second time it's proven to be too difficult. So then it was flying time.

      The first time I LD'd I tried flying, I shot off the ground probably 30ft into the air and got that sudden vertigo/stomach/height feeling that I totally wasn't prepared for. This time though, I was ready. I pushed off the ground and got into the air and managed to hover 15ft or so off the ground

      As the dream progressed I reality checked (finger count), SO
      MANY TIMES! I guess it became a way for me to stay lucid.

      Flying changed as well. It became more a glide with some possible propulsion. It was easiest to do if I had a run up or off building. Throughout the dream the main dream character was my grandma who constantly tried to catch me and stop me flying, she was really evil and sinister, it wasn't like a game.

      Later on, I met a friend from school in the LD, he too was a glider and we made our way to this place, a big clearing in slightly hilly grasslands. We discussed the fact that there was a gravity difference that made flying easier and had made this place somewhat of a Mecca for gliders.There was a whole subculture,typical extreme sport people. I made a comment about religion and potentially offended someone but they all just went along with the 'oooooooohs'.

      Me and my friend monkey gripped arms and spun around to try and helicopter off but there were people too close. I tried to solo kick off the ground really hard but my legs kicked IRL and woke me up.

      It felt like waking from the deepest friggen sleep! I'm pretty stoked though! Bring on number 4!!!
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      Awesome! Congrats on the ld, toomanychoices!
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      Excellent job TooManyChoices! Keep up the great work!
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