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    Thread: this was from october 6 (sorry its kinda long and fragmented)

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      Question this was from october 6 (sorry its kinda long and fragmented)

      Ok so this is the strangest dream I have ever had. From October 6.


      Had connor in stroller
      He had blues clues blanket
      Grocery store
      Danielle...ex girlfriend
      Another girl. I guess hher new girlfriend.
      cheapest water bottle because I only had a dollar
      Danielle offered to pay
      Found a book I wanted
      Did not have library card
      Danielle let me use hers
      When we were leaving store she said her mom wanted her to go to.school to be a professional robber
      I told her I was sstudying to work in the legal system
      go outside library
      Somehow Connor is in his stroller out in cold
      Start walking to her apartmment
      Some sort of bridge seemed flimsy
      became afrqid of heights
      Got down to Connor's level realize he is not with blanket
      She offers to help pay for one
      start walking to store
      I ask why she is doing these things for mme
      She says she is not because she is not really there
      Sstarted walking was alone
      See little kid with Connor's blanket lay down to sleep with it behind a dumpster
      somehow get home I think at my dads
      Turn on a dream record app because Connor asleep and i am tired
      Go to bed
      Dream about a train going inand out of a wall
      dream about something scary unsure
      Wake up look at clock 10:26 pm...THOUGHT I WAS REALLY AWAKE
      Went to talk to my dad he ask why did I send him strange pictures
      They are of train
      but they had sound
      played sound it was me panting talking scared help me help me
      reverts back to bed
      Wake up look at clock 10:39 pm... THOUGHT I WAS REALLY AWAKE
      Kay sitting on island in fear
      reverts back to bed
      Wake up look at clock 10:47 pm... UNSURE OF STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS
      run straight towards the wall
      Beating my head on the wall trying to wake up in real life
      Finally woke up


      I tried the clock RC and I could still read clock as you can see. Also tried hand RC, five fingers on each hand, all where they were supposed to be, so I don't know.

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      Yeah, false awakenings can be tricky, but you have realized that you were dreaming, even if for a bit, so congrats!
      Lucid dreams will definitely get longer with practice. As for reality checks, when you do them in waking life do you believe that you might be dreaming and do you expect them to work? If not, do so and actually question reality, here"s a good tutorial to check too: http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-...hecks-rcs.html
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      Thanks for the link, I will check it out. As for being lucid, I'm getting better and better all the time. I tried WILD during an afternoon nap today and was lucid for the entire 2.5 hour nap. I said "I need a 4 bedroom apartment" and bam there it was. It was great.
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