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    Thread: Weird sleep paralysis experience. Not sure how it happened.

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      Weird sleep paralysis experience. Not sure how it happened.

      I tried wild again today. I couldnt fall back to sleep so i changed position and tried again. Suddenly i heard a dog howling and i opened my eyes i saw a dog laying right beside me in my bed. I noticed the dog was crying so i calmed it down and went back to sleep. But then i realized wtf? I dont have a dog!! I opened my eyes again did reality check and it wasnt a dream. Everything was normal no dog anywhere. I couldnt tell what it was. dream? Sleep paralysis? But i moved my hands and calmed the dog down. Hallusination? if it was it was all senses because i felt and heard the dog. Very confusing experience. It must have been a dream but i would say it was most realistic one i have had. As soon as i decided to go back asleep i realized i didnt have a dog and made sure was it real but nothing was there and i did multiple reality checks and wrote dream journal so when i did them it was reality.
      Have anything like this happened to you?

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      Iv had crazzyyyyyyy experiences with seeing things and not sure if they were real or not. Im still under investigation lol as to the things we see are real while undergoing sleep paralysis.

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      Sounds like hypnagogic hallucinations - HH. Nothing to be affraid off. It can happen when falling asleep or WILDing. If you know about them, then you can just enjoy them. Happy dreams

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