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      Arrow Hypnagogia and distracting ass swirls.

      I read a bit about Hypnagogia from World of Lucid Dreaming. It says you can induce lucid dreams from hypnagogia, which is true, but i seem to have difficulty doing so. Not excessively difficult, it's just that whenever i try to "Access my hypnagogia", i end up/i am already seeing light swirls. Sometimes i even see the swirls without closing my eyes. My lady informs me that i can induce Astral Projection from this,(Is that true?) but that's besides the point. I want to know how i can get past the distraction of these swirls. Any of you ever have this problem? Your help is appreciated. Thank you

      --For those who don't know--
      Hypnagogia is the specs of light you see when your eyes are closed. Specifically when you are tired/at night time. By making them shapes/changing them, you can go deeper and deeper into a form of meditation. World of Lucid Dreaming explains it well, unlike the rest of the things they have on there. Ahem.
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