I was running from someone, or perhaps being chased, through a dark alley. It was very Gotham-esque, the city was decrepit and dark. My feet were kicking up rain water as I splashed through the puddles, and suddenly I had the odd feeling that one of them would be incredibly deep. As soon as I thought this, the ground fell out from under me and I splashed into an impossibly deep puddle. Why would this hole be in the middle of the damned alley? Something isn't right here. The water began to pull me down like tar, but I let it happen as I had pieced together that none of this was actually happening. As I gained lucidity I let out a gasp and the water disappeared, giving way to darkness. I was momentarily sleep paralyzed, so I just focused on the deafening sound of a raging waterfall that was assaulting my ears.

Finally I managed to keep myself asleep, and the sound of the waterfall lessened a bit. I opened my dream eyes and found myself on top of a large craggy mountain; one that looked like it belonged in New Zealand and the Lord of the Rings. I focused on my hands for a few seconds, and managed to gain almost perfect clarity. I shouted to the winds that I was now anchored in the dream, and finally let myself look around. I was at the summit of a mountain, but what I hadn't noticed before was that it was placed at the bottom of the ocean, and the summit was a few feet above sea level. Strangely, the water wasn't rushing over the mountain, but instead was falling away in a waterfall right at the base of the mountain. Imagine a circular Niagra falls, but with a mountain right in the middle.

The sight was so strange and beautiful that I just kinda stood there, looking at the incredible view. Normally I would have tried to find my dream guide, or a naked woman, or really anything; but this was one of the rare dreams where I just let the dream sweep me up. The air was humming with energy, and I could feel the rays of the sun recharging my spirit. I began to cry a bit at the beauty. Finally, I was gently stirred awake by the rays of the real sun, and lay in my bed contemplating my new favorite place.