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    Thread: Slow Motion?

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      Cool Slow Motion?

      Skipping to the fun part of this lucid experience.. I was having general dreams, woke up around 9am, relaxed myself and somehow fell back asleep for another 2 hours.. I was actually in and out of a dream state at this point, my brother was getting married. I had no control of the scenes of marriage, but soon after it was me, my brother and a close friend, we were sitting on a couch facing my dad's old shed watching rain pour off the awning from above. I could actually focus really hard and controlled the speed of the water pouring off, everything else around me was normal speed. I slowly inched my way towards the water as it was starting to sputter slow and then fast and somehow just gained control of it and "imagined" it going super slow, and it did. I waved my hand through it and could feel the coldness of it wrap around me, I watched as it was almost like zero gravity, the water was clumping together into a shapeless sphere, moving exactly where my hand would take it. My brother and friend sat there like it was normal and my brother says,"Wow, it's just matter, whoopdie doo."

      Anyone have a clue as to what happened..? This was strange, indeed.
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      Congratulations on the lucid dream and cool dream control! Sounds like it was fun

      Haha, I like what your brother said

      Quote Originally Posted by iamtalon View Post
      Anyone have a clue as to what happened..? This was strange, indeed.
      You used some cool dream control to slow down and control water, congrats on that level of control
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