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      I Have Questions Regarding Lucid Dreaming Inside a Dream

      Last night i went lucid inside my dream, and for what i experienced, the lucid dream i had last night was much more stabil and long than the normal lucid dreams, and i wasn't at all anxious. Usually, when i went lucid, i would get excited easily and a bit anxious, i'd do things in a rush because of that (that's why they never last long enough).
      But last night was different. While i knew was dreaming (inside a dream of course, which i didn't know), i could relax, did a lot of things and just be amazed by the clarity of my visual dream.
      So here's the Qs :
      1. For those of you who have experienced the same thing (being lucid inside a dream), did you feel like it lasted longer and more stabil than your usual lucid dreams? If the answer is yes, then...
      2. Why?

      If the answer is no, then... maybe i just didn't go fully lucid (i honestly don't know if i was being fully lucid or not), so things got easier for me to regulate my emotion and therefore making the dream went more smoothly and longer. Idk though, hope to get some insight from you guys!

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      What do you mean by going lucid "inside" the dream? Did you recognize something that was bizarre or out of place and then realize it was a dream? If so, I know what you mean by the dream lasting longer. I recently experienced the same thing. A few weeks ago, I had a WILD which only lasted about 30 seconds because I got too excited. Then a few days after that, I had a lucid dream inside a dream (I became lucid early on in the dream. Also called a DILD- dream initiated lucid dream.) The whole experience was amazing and seemed to last for hours! I am not entirely sure why they last longer. It may have to do with you already being asleep for a while and thus, more relaxed anyway, whereas in a WILD started in the morning, one is more alert. I hope this is what you are talking about. If not, please correct me. I'm interested in what you have to say!

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      It sounds like you had a non-lucid dream about becoming lucid? That's pretty common - it happens sometimes if you've been thinking about lucidity a lot or trying to achieve it. And yeah, dreaming about being lucid can last a lot longer than actual lucidity, because it doesn't include that moment of excitement that so frequently wakes people up or ends the lucidity. It's disappointing though when you wake up and realize you weren't actually lucid, you just had a regular dream about being lucid!
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