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    Thread: WoooHooo! Another lucid dream!

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      WoooHooo! Another lucid dream!

      PRE-LUCID: I am in a huge, round, open, very green grassy field with natural hills at least 1/4 mile in circumference bordered by a forest. It forms a natural bowl and is perfect for a Woodstock-like concert. There are several young men setting up vinyl strap beach chairs with cup holders with cigars in them as if they are getting ready to watch some kind of event. Through the tree line I see diesel powered military-type vehicles with large caliber guns mounted on them slowly, almost stealthily weaving their way between the trees into the open field with some difficulty, along with a number of uniformed, green camouflaged ground troops composed of both men and women. I am entirely unarmed so I duck out of the field into the forest to hide and watch. The vehicles and troops make their way into the open field, and from my position behind their lines, they form a long, thin vulnerable line, so I attack. I run along their line and, like a child, make a machine-gun sound and yell “You’re dead...and YOU'RE dead!” and they fall down as if really shot. As I run, I go off of a rise in the land and....I’m flying!!! I go 100% lucid at this point. Holy crap! I’m dreaming! This is a dream!

      I don’t like the war scene responsible for my lucidity, so I fly off superman style at a pretty high speed, in decent control. I spot what looks like an elementary or middle school from the air and fly right down to about waist high right at the brick outer wall. I remember FryingMan’s words that you have to KNOW that the wall is no more substantial than dream air, so I figure either this is going to work or it will hurt and I’ll simply wake up. I succeed in penetrating the wall. For the first one or two feet, there is some light and visible (but not realistic) structure to the wall's interior. As I go deeper, it turns black and I feel a bit concerned and disoriented. I think I’m still going straight, so I keep going. After what seems like a LONG distance (maybe 30 feet) I break through into a well lit gymnasium with a nice wood floor finished in a high gloss.

      Initially I am alone. I try to conjure up a woman with whom I can have sex, but she is ugly and misshapen - looking very much like a baby bird with too large a head which is nearly bald, and limbs far too long and thin and bird-like to be appealingly human. I try to get her to look attractive and human by yelling “clarify” and “more detail” but it doesn’t work...she still looks alien and bird-like. I yell out “Is there anyone here who wants to have sex?” and a very attractive woman of appropriate age (maybe 30)with short dark hair and a blouse with a plunging neck line showing substantial cleavage appears on a balcony. I tell her “You will do nicely” and she appears through a ground-level set of double doors. As I’m going down on her I start to feel embarrassed and ashamed, not to mention uncomfortable laying face down on the gymnasium’s wood floor. I change my mind about sex and decide to try and get back outside by phasing once more through the gymnasium wall. I manage to penetrate the wall, but get lost in the blackness on the way out. I start to feel lost and fearful in the dark, and this caused me to wake. Wake time = 4:40am

      Although short, I am celebrating this achievement because it comes fairly soon after my most recent LD. My LD's are coming more often! YAY!

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