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    Thread: The Lucid Wave

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      The Lucid Wave

      I was able to call a giant wave up from the ocean by telling my dream to do so. Well at that point it seemed I was hearing God's voice in my dream, so along those lines came the wave's origin. This dream was destroying itself and I had to get away. Yes my DCs were in a panic too, it was like the end of the world stuff. Once the giant wave formed in the ocean, I was able to jump on it and surf it with just my feet. Although it only seemed like minutes on the wave, I had crossed the entire ocean and ended up in what I thought was Europe.

      This was a different spin on a lucid dream for me in that I just had to speak what I wanted and it came. Usually I have to exert my willpower to change stuff in my lucid dreams. Any thoughts on just speaking stuff into existence in your dreams?

      You can find my whole dream here: Reviving a dead guy & riding the wave

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      As you experience more and more lucids and have more and more time to practice dream control, you'll find that what you use to think about comes naturally, just like learning a skill. If you compare it to learning a language, at first you think a thought in your native language, then convert it to the language you're learning, and then you speak it. In a dream, you come up with an idea, use willpower and effort to make it a reality, and then you exert this willpower onto your surroundings to get the desired effect. Once you learn more and more of the language and use it more and more, you begin to think in that language and don't have to spend hardly any time translating your thoughts, they just appear in the new language. With dreams, this effort you had to put into it is now done almost subconsciously and you can just tell it what to do or think what you want it to do, and it'll happen easier.

      Practice make perfect, so the more you try and do things in your dreams, the easier they'll become and seemingly less energy they'll require to perform.
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      That sounds awesome, but I have an even cooler idea - surfing on a cloud, or in space.
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