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    Thread: How do You Meditate in Your Lucid Dreams?

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      How do You Meditate in Your Lucid Dreams?

      In essence, meditation can be described as a state of mind that is focused on an object of mental awareness that is a cause of inner peace. It doesn't seem to imply closed eyes, or even sitting still for that matter. Also, in dreams, everything is an object of mental awareness.

      I've meditated a lot in the waking world. A lot a lot. Like 6+ hours a day for a year, then down to a few hours a day for a few years, and now at a more balanced 20 minutes a day (so I can maintain my health better). So I feel like I understand how to meditate quite well in the waking world. Only just recently I started trying it in lucid dreams. I've only attempted it a dozen or so times so far, and each time I've tried to meditate, I've immediately woken up as soon as I closed my eyes. Although, I have only tried doing fairly complicated meditations in my dreams. Next time, I'm going to start with a simple one and see how that goes.

      If you have tried meditating in lucid dreams, do you keep your eyes open or closed? Also, what do you meditate on?
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      Heyy Schmaven ^_^
      As much as I know its not a good idea to close your eyes in a lucid dream because you may wake up FAST! I haven't meditated in a lucid dream, but tried in the waking world. One thing I know is that a LD is not very long so you won't have much of that peacefull state of mind because you could wake up in any minute. So I don't suggest meditating in a LD unless you know that its very long like 10 to 20 minutes long or even more!
      And a little more to ask for myself. I really don't know how to meditate "properly". Like I get in my position and start concentrating on my breathing and start meditating. But at some point my back starts to heart A LOT! My feet too. So I am asking you if you could give me some guide on how to "properly" to meditate.
      Thanks a lot <3 ^_^

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      Charlie Morley - Explains in his book. That he started just by focusing on a breathing. He flew on top of building and sat down. Calm himself down and started to be aware of his breathing. He explains that a one night mediation in Lucid Dream is like a week meditation in Awaking life.
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      I have meditated in lucid dreams before and it's amazing! you go so much deeper within than IRL and it's pretty much instant. I just think to myself "I'm going to meditate now" and close my eyes and within seconds I am in a deeper meditation than could be achieved after an hour IRL.

      I once meditated inside the centre of the Earth. Again I just said "I'm going to meditate now" in my mind and closed my eyes, then I just sensed and visualised that I was inside the earth's core. Immediately I began to feel the rotation of the earth, the magnetic field, I could feel the different cores and crust moving in a spherical motion, each one moving a different direction. It was like I could feel all this energy moving gyroscopically around me, as well as feeling the pull of the moon and sun. One of the most amazing LD meditations I've ever done!

      There's no need to sit down or find a quiet place, although these things might help. You just simply need to intend on meditating with eyes closed, and intend on going deep within yourself finding that place of calm and serenity, resonating with the feeling of bliss.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Dragnets View Post
      Charlie Morley - Explains in his book. That he started just by focusing on a breathing. He flew on top of building and sat down. Calm himself down and started to be aware of his breathing. He explains that a one night mediation in Lucid Dream is like a week meditation in Awaking life.
      Charley's book is really excellent, I think. It has been quite helpful to me.
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      I've meditated a few times in lucid dreams. I don't think it is necessary to close your eyes. You are inside of your own mind and it may be beneficial to clear the dream as well as your thoughts. Robert Waggoner talks about white light dreams and pure awareness. Perhaps using the dream as the meditation rather than meditating as you would in waking life, could be enlightening.
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