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      1st Semi-lucid dream? Unsure if it counts, Please read!

      My dream last night:
      I was with 2 children and they were not mine but became mine. We were playing at a park. I saw zombies coming out of no where I tried to yell to the others that there was a breach. I grabbed the children’s hands and started to run. I was not getting far and zombies became enclosing. It half occurred to me that the kids will be alright if I leave them. But I still ran for my own sake. The herd was enclosing and one reached and grabbed my hair as I ran past. The enclosing herd now became less threatening and I realized I could make them disappear.
      I did not think “this is a dream”. I started melting pieces of the environment away just as fast as the thought formed. Like whipping off food from a plate when you are cleaning it. The canvas was blank and I started to fill it with sky. I took off in it but did not feel extremely aware that I was in control.
      I tried to forced scenery onto the canvas and for some reason it was not working. I drew a large scene with futuristic building and dome like buildings like something out of star wars. I didn't want to play in it, the notion was “Oh come on! I have been here 1000 times!”. I flew away, or backed away, or I erased it, I can’t remember, but I got frustrated and went into the sky (daylight sky).
      I just went higher and higher, not knowing what to do with myself. I went so high that I found large empty plastics. Large plastic bottles and containers with lids attached. They were in big batches, sticking together. These batches were just floating in the sky. I knew I went to high, or didn't want to get to high in the sky for fear I would get stuck. I stopped ascending and started to swim down. literally, swim down. It was difficult and I started losing my sense of direction of up and down.
      The dream ended, I think. I do not remember feeling the wind on my face or exhilaration from flying. But I was able to get away from and OUT of a zombie dream. I have a pattern of zombie dreams and this was the first time I did not have an entire dream of zombies.

      I do not know if I was in full control of my dream because I got lost in the sky and did not recognize that these plastic bottle clouds were odd.

      I was disappointed upon waking up that I either did not know how to create my own dreams, so I defaulted to letting my dream just happen, after going into the sky.

      Thank you for reading this

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      This sounds like a semi-lucid. The things tipping me off are that you never had a "breakthrough" moment (i.e. "This is a dream!") but you still had some awareness that what you were experiencing was not real. Also, you had some control. I agree with your assessment of the floating Tupperware things

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